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Updated 7-1-04

This Month In UFO History - JULY
UFO Photographed In Italy
Flying Triangles And The Black Holes On My Fridge
'Incredible' UFO Performance Over Chilean Mountains
UFO Seen Over Punta Arenas, Chile
Discs And Triangles Sighted
UFO Over Durban Captured On Video
Crop Circles - Letters Under Our Door
Update On Los Angeles KFI 'Fireball' Story
HBCC UFO Research Recently Reported Sightings
Circle Of Lights UFO Hovers Over Chilean Town
The Kentucky Abductions
HBCC UFO Research - Recently Reported Sightings

'Absolutely Enormous' Silent UFO Over Ireland
The Mystery Of The 'Morphing UFOs'
Strange UFO Lights After Phoenix Power Outage - Photos
When A UFO 'Wedge' Is A Moth
HBCC UFO Research - Recently Reported Sightings 
Filers Files - Images of Discs
HBCC UFO Research - Recently Reported Sightings
Glowing Rectangle - Douglasville Georgia
1956 Scoop Marks - Evansville, Indiana
This Month In UFO History - JUNE
3 Days Before Roswell, Portland Buzzed By Saucers
Luminous UFOs In Chemtrails
UFO Sighting In Galicia And Portugal
HBCC UFO Research - Recently Reported Sightings
UFO Accidentally Filmed During Shooting Of 'Sniper's Ridge'
UFO Captured On Cellphone Camera In UK
Sonora, California - UFO Caught On Film
Silver Disc In Daylight Videotaped Over Venice, CA

Disc Caught InDaylight Photo
Saucer Captured In Alabama Sunset Photo
Librarian Captures UFO On Film In Utah
UFO PhotographedNear Crop Circle In UK
Saucer Photo From Oz
Close Encounter Of The Third Kind In Poland - Photos
Daylight Saucer Photographed Over Brzostek, Poland
Mexico - 11 UFOs Captures By FLIR Cams By Military Pilots (Full DataPage)
UFO/Cessna Midair Collision?
UK 'Cigar' UFO Mystery Solved
Mysterious Shaped UFO Makes Another Appearance
UFO Trip Report From Chulucanas Peru
HBCC UFO Research - Recent Reported Sightings
UFO Crashes In Venezuela?
More UFO Reports From HBCC UFO Research
HBCC Recent UFO Sighting Reports
HBCC UFO Research - Recently Reported Sightings

Havana Residents Claim To See UFO
UFOS Reported Over South Texas Skies
Despicable US 60 Year UFO Coverup Finished
Glowing UFO Photographed In Poland
UFO Over UK During Rush Hour
FL Woman Watches Cat Attack Tiny Backyard UFO
Rumsfeld's Surprising UFO Connection Discovered
Cincinnati Enquirer On Norwood 'Searchlight UFO' Of 1949
New Ohio Weird UFO Incident - Full Report & Police Tapes
New Ohio UFO 911 Police Tapes Now Online 
New UFO Sightings & Experiences In British Columbia
Texas Man Catches UFO On Tape 
Cigar Shaped UFO Photographed In UK
Strange UFO Reappearance?
Significance Of Iranian UFO Reports For US In Iraq
This Month In UFO History - MAY
Sonora, California Family Under UFO Siege - Photos
HBCC UFO Research - Recently Reported Sightings
UFO Sighting in Ucu, Yucatan
Nazi UFOs & The Hacienda Dignidad By Ernst Zundel
Iranians Dazzled By Dozens Of UFO Sightings
UFO Fever Grips Iran After Dozens Of Sightings
UFO Photo Found?
Curious Cluster Of Consecutive Canadian UFO Cases

HBCC UFO Research - Recently Reported Sightings
UFOs Believed Sighted Over Iran
Fascinating Cases From The National UFO Reporting Center
Wave Of UFO Reports In Indiana
The Reality Of Triangular UFOs - Not Ours
HBCC UFO Research - Recently Reported Sightings
UKs Current UFO 'Hot Spot' 
Scottish Town Named UFO Capitol Of UK
HBCC UFO Research - Recently Reported Sightings
Aliens Did It Says Canada Circle Investigator
Mysterious Shaped UFO Photographed Yet Again
UFO Filmed Over Moscow's Red Square : )
This Month In UFO History - APRIL
UFO Like '50,000 Spotlights' Crashes In Central Queensland
UFO Crash In Russia - Fragments Said Tested
HBCC UFO Research - Recently Reported Sightings
Canada PM's Plane In Close Encounter With UFO
Cincinnati UFO Reported To Wright Patterson AFB Tonight
Michigan UFO Sighting Confirmed By More Witnesses
HBCC UFO Reports Recently Received 
Cincinnati UFO Sightings - March 11 And 17

Argentina - UFO Over The River Plate
Chemtrails - And A UFO - Over South Elgin, IL
Former Top US Govt UFO Investigator Dies
Mystery Train Thought To Contain UFO Parts
UFO Streaks Through Martian Sky
UFO Sightings By US Astronauts
UFOs Over British Columbia
UK UFO Magazine Gone
New UFO Sightings In Puerto Rice
China UFO Videotaped
UK Children Have UFO Encounter
Euro Remote Viewers Successfully Predict UFO Event
This Month In UFO History - MARCH
UFO 'Landing' Trips 'High Alert' At Indo-Pak Border
HBCC UFO Reports - Oldies But Goodies
UFO Witness Intimidation - Debunkers Basic Weapon
Pilot UFO Sighting Reports
Fiery UFO Incident Special Report - Nancy Talbott

Taiwan's UFO Society Out To Trump Doubters 
Oz Man Wants Help With 32 Year Old UFO Encounter
Caller Says Monsanto Reverse-Engineered UFO Parts
Worldwide UFO Maps
USMC Manual Shows What To Do If UFO Observed
Study Finds UFO Sightings In Canada At All-Time High
More Than 30 Years On, Oz UFO Mystery Continues
UFOs Call Australian Town Home
UFOs and Prince Philip (pdf)
UFOs and Prince Phillip II
UFOs Disappear From Northern Norway
When UFOs Arrive What Will You Do?
Cluster Of Eight UFOs Seen Over Mexico City  
This Month In UFO History - FEBRUARY
Beirut, Lebanon City UFO Sightings - Pictures 
UFO Caught By Oz City Worker's Digital Camera
Soviet Army Fought UFOs
Mini Cigar Shaped UFO Approaches Vehicle In Pennsylvania
UFO Taped Over Kansas City - NORAD Saw Nothing
UFO Secrets

Major UFO 'Light Show' Over Eastern NC
UFO And 'Rolling Shadow' Over Clermont County, OH
Half Of Chinese Population Believe In UFO's
Three Police Officers Have Very Close Encounter With UFO
UFO Over Rosario - Photos
Big Daylight UFO Sighting Over Huntington, IN
'Frightening' UFOs Taped Over Sicamous, British Columbia
Fireballs Falling Over Spain
Mystery Pulsing Colored Night Lights Finally In The Press
This Month In UFO History - January
Fred Crisman - Key Man In JFK/UFO Coverup
Anthony Wood's Latest UFO Footage From UK - 2004
Filers - Happy New Year - UFO Sightings Pickup in Canada
Russians Send Copter To Check Reported UFO Landing
Low-Flying UFO Right Next To Highway Stuns Motorists

'Screaming Woman' UFO 911 Dispatch Tapes Received
Filers - UFO Reports Around The World
The Real Deal! - Ufology: An Audio Primer 1939-1959
Malaysian Villagers Claim UFO Sighting
Chinese Scientists Find Merit In UFO Research
'Woman's Screams' UFO KY Report
KY Screaming Sounds Firmly Linked To UFO Sighting
Gumbel Studies Rendelsham Forest UFO Special
Did UFO Land In Rainhill?
Filers - UFO Sightings High In Netherlands & Florida
Secret Committee Linked To UFOs In 1948?
Professional Skeptics Group Proves UFOs Real
Sci-Fi Backed Researcher Sues NASA For UFO Files
'Eiffel Tower' UFO Over Brooklyn
SciFi Channel's UFO Invasion At Rendlesham Due Friday 
Unusual Markings Show Up On Israeli UFO Investigator
Filers - UFOs Over US, Korea & The Moon
Some UK Police Report UFOs - Most Keep Quiet
Photo Of 'Huge' UFO Over Minnesota

2003 Reports PA UFO Sightings And Other Anomalies 
UFOs In Japanese Skies
More Canada UFO Sightings Reported
Airline Pilots Have Close UFO Encounter Over China
Chemtrails - And UFO - Over Ohio
Australian UFO Research 2003 In Review
New Mexico 1945 UFO Crash - EXCLUSIVE!
UFO Follows Three Mechanics In Salta, Argentina
Did UFOs Cause 'Radar Disturbances' Over White House?
Exclusive - Auburn, CA Man Captures UFO On Film
New Mexico UFO Crash Encounter In 1945 Pt. 1 & 2
Filers - UFOs Reported During Eclipse - Week's Sightings
Sci Fi Channel Poll On Kecksberg UFO Crash Results
New Mexico UFO Crash Encounter In 1945 Pt. 1
New Mexico UFO Crash Encounter In 1945 Pt. 2
1978 UFOs Over New Zealand
Cylinder Near Navy Base - Week's UFO Reports
Central Minnesota Glowing Oval UFO Photo
West Central Missouri UFO Flap Of Early Fall 2003

Venezuela - UFOs Over Caracas
Argentina - UFOs Taped Over Jujuy
Dominican Republic Alleged UFO Crash
UFO Sighting Parkersburg, WVA - Wood County
Japanese Skies Busy With UFO Sightings
Durango CO Man Reports Boomerang UFO 
Photos Of Two Daylight UFOs Over Cincinnati
UFOs And Llamas
This Month In UFO History - November
Solar Flare Passing Yields Flood Of UFO Reports
Where Have All The Flying Saucers Gone?
Vivid New Brunswick UFO Encounter
Cariboo Airspace A-Buzz With UFOs
I Saw The Kecksburg UFO!
Filers - Massive Solar Flares Reduce UFO Sightings
Central Minnesota Glowing Oval UFO Photo
More UFO Stalking And Visitations In BC
1955 LOOK Magazine Article On Man-Made Flying Saucers

UFOs Over Iraq, UK, US, And South America
Worldwide UFO Sightings Continue
UFO Watchdog Prevails In Court
Attacking UFOs Impossible
Week's UFO Sightings Report
'UFOs Are Here'
UFO Sequence From Stan Romanek
New, Vivid Northern BC UFO Sighting Reports
Goldwater's Request For Wright- Patterson UFO Data
UFO Sightings Continue Strong Before The Storm
Brazil's Information On Urandir UFO Project Portal
NASA Reward For Chupa Capture? - Big Hunt Underway
Three Cows, Bull Calf Mutilated In Nebraska
More Mutilated Cattle In Argentina

Peru Military Actively Investigating New UFO Sightings
Calama, Chile - More UFOs & Strange Airport Activity
UFO Wave & Humanoid Sightings Hit Northern Chile
More Oz UFO Sightings
UFO Sightings - OZ Files
50th Anniversary - Loss Of 2 US Airmen Chasing UFO
UFO Sightings Expected To Increase
Aliens, UFOs - The Truth Is Has Always Been There
Help Solve The Kecksburg, PA UFO Mystery
Filers - UFO Sightings Continue High
HOAX? UFO Causes Fender Bender In Scotland
New Police 911 Dispatch UFO Tapes Obtained
NH Case Called 'Flagship' In UFO Abduction Annals
More UFO Spheres Sighted Over UK
UFO Sightings Continue High
UFO Smear - Portentous Penn, Tedious Teller
Cordell Hull Saw Aliens In Glass Containers
 'Alien Genes' Amongst Us
The Face Of ET?
ET's May Receive New Mexico State Honors
UFOs In 15th Century Paintings
UFO 'Fleet' Reported Over Buenos Aires?

Dancing UFOs In Korean Skies
Dazzling UFO Overflies Eastern North Carolina
Space Shuttle Video-tapes UFO
UFO Sightings Surge For The Holidays
Composites Show Rapid Flight Of UFO
Update - UFO Inside DC Restricted Airspace 
UFO Sightings Increase As Year Winds Down
ET Existence As Seen In Christian & Baha'i Writings
Children Defend Father's 1955 Kentucky ET Encounter
ET Siege At Hopkinsville
NE Scotland Residents See 'Ball' UFO Dive Toward Sea
Filer's UFO Report For The Week & Happy New Year
ET-Cloning Cult Spreads Atheism
UFO Cylinder Photos
Chile - Retired General's Encounter With Giant UFO
Mystery Surrounds Photos Of Mt. Herman, AR UFO
The Lockheed UFO Connection
UK ET Abduction Saga
UFOs - Harbingers Of Good Or Evil? 
'Startling' UFO Images To Be Revealed In UK

Variety, Heavy Volume Ongoing UFO Sightings
1650 Irish UFO Account
 LA Woman Chased By Fake ET Sues Reality Show
UFO Sightings Hold Steady - Wave Predicted In March
Sacramento Paper Does First UFO Story In 27 Years
Disc Photographed Down Under
UFO Caught On NASA Camera
1944 UFO Crash Report From Peter Davenport
First Oz UFO Files Of 2003
UFOs - Demonic Deception?
Vivid UK UFO Encounters Continue
UFO Sightings Continue In Buenos Aires Province
Saucers And Soldiers? Amazon Scenario Examined
Flying Saucer Photographed? You Be The Judge
US Air Force's Nuclear Flying Saucer
UFOs And Certainty
ET Existence As Seen In Christian & Baha'i Writings
Latest ET Photo Hoax Exposed
Former NASA Astronaut Mentions ETs At Area 51
UFO Sightings Increase Worldwide
Wisconsin Reports 10 UFO In January
Latest On Yukon UFO Sightings

Worldwide UFO Sightings On Upswing
Magnetic Field Anomaly Over Seattle - UFO?
UFOs In The Land Of The Rising Sun
UFO Sightings Continue To Surge Worldwide
Record Year For UFOs In Canada
Strange UFO Sightings Reported
UFO Landings And Physical Trace Cases In France 
Alien Memories Leave Real Scars 
Worldwide UFO Sightings Continue At Very High Rate
Did A UFO Buzz Australia In 1868?
Lawsuit Aims To Silence Voice Of Critic In UFO Debate
100' Glowing Disc Hovers 60' From Oregon Home
Dancing UFOs In Korean Skies
UFO 'Fleet' Reported Over Buenos Aires?
UFOs In 15th Century Paintings
Rendlesham 'X-Files' Released Under Freedom Of Information Act
MoD Accused Of Rendelsham Forest UFO Cover Up
Man Abducted In Brazil - Amazing Photos Of Scene
Aryan UFOs And Antarctic Bases - A Realistic Appraisal
Aryan UFOs & Antarctic Bases

Is A Utah Ranch The Strangest Place On Earth? Part 1
Is A Utah Ranch The Strangest Place On Earth? Part 2
UFO Sightings Remain Plentiful And Spectacular
Swede Offers Norway UFO Video Explanation
The Bedhampton UFOs Of Anthony Woods
Pre-Crash Roswell UFO Photos?
Roswell - Hoover FBI Memo Discusses 3 UFOs & Bodies
Roswell Incident Had Victims Says Sci-Fi Program 
'UFO' Spotted, Taped Over Asker, Norway
UFO Caught On Film During Roswell Crash Dig?
UFOs - Demonic Deception?
2.9 Million In US Report UFO Abduction Symptoms
New Compelling Evidence Of Roswell UFO Crash
UFO Flying Cities Aren't Fantasy
Huge UFO Over Champlain - Remarkable Sightings Abound

UFOs - Proving The Phenomenon Is Real
Did A UFO Destroy A Potentially Disastrous Meteor?
The Roswell Crash - New Documentary, New Evidence
ET Might Be Right Among Us
Did Sci-Fi Channel Archeologists Find Roswell Smoking Gun?
UFO Sighting Over Lilydale, Oz
UFO Sightings Increase Worldwide
Cluster Of About 15 Lighted Discs Baffles Yuma Couple
Massive 3-Sphered UFO Close Encounter In Italy
Three Discs Sighted Near Milan
UFO Cluster Sightings Highlight A Busy Week
Holloman AFB UFO Landing Film Revisited
Pascagoula UFO Abduction Case Withstands Test Of Time
10 UFOs Above O'Hare, OZ Car Encounter, MO Green Triangle
FBI Grabs Fox UFO Video - Expert Certifies Object Real
Astronaut Saw Numerous UFOs During 5 Months In Space
Project RedStar - Martian Colonies Smoking Gun Evidence
Some USAF Thought UFOs 'Interplanetary Ships' In 1952
Build Your Own UFO for Halloween
UK Family In Major UFO Encounter 
UFO Emits Light Beam Near Tyrone, PA

Clinton Aide Rips Pentagon's UFO Secrecy
UFOs In Russia - Witness Statements And X-Files 
Oregon UFO Photo Analysis Inconclusive
Strange UFO Sighting Over Havant, England
TR-3B Antigravity Physics Explained
Triangle Sighted In Eastern Europe
UFO Photographed Over Oregon Coast 8-10-02
Radar/Videotape Capture Strange Rectangular UFO
More Anomalous Lights Photographed Over Spokane
The Late (?) Dr. Dan Burish And Q94-109A
Mystery Area 51 Scientist, Dan Burish, Said Dead
Photos Of Advanced Stealth Or Aurora?
UFO Sightings Continue High Most Everwhere
July 26th DC UFO F-16 Scramble - USAF Rules Out Flares
Another Mysterious Chupacabra Attack In Puerto Rico
Peter Davenport Special Report On Mystery Death
NUFORC Report On PA Man's Strange Death
'Fireball' Over CO - Second Night In A Row
Group Of UFOs Flies Over Georgian Town
Diamond-Shaped Craft Sighted In Canada

Deluge Of UFO Sightings Around US Continues
1905 Report Of Flying Triangle Found In Diary
Peruvians Seek Discovery - And Profit - UFOs
Enormous Black Triangle Seen Over Salt Lake City
Wave Of UFO Sightings Continue - Heaviest Along East Coast
Vivid UFO Activity Continues - Sightings Pour In
Crop Circles Continue To Baffle Scientists
UFO Prevents Blast At Chernobyl Nuclear Plant
Astounding Daylight UFO Photos
Prolific UFO Sightings Continue Around The World
Photos Inside Roswell's Famous Hangar 84
Possible ET Abduction And Death Of PA Man Reported
Mystery Object In High Earth Orbit?
Tenth Crop Circle Formation In Canada Reported
Spain: Man Hits UFO Sphere - Explosion Of Multicolored Lights
Remarkable Wave Of Low-Flying UFOs Continues Over BC
Brighton, UK UFO Video Footage Shot By Police Helicopter
Video Confirms UFO At Chile International Air Show
New MAJESTIC 12 Documents Revealed
UFO Sightings Continue Near Youngstown, Ohio
Did A UFO Crash In Angola? - The Week's UFO Sightings

UFO Activity Continues Very High Worldwide
Argentine Fireman & Police Officer Hit By Beams Of UFO Light 
Idaho Mystery Light Taped - 'See That Light Over My Shop?'
Villagers Flee As 'UFO Falls With Thunder'
Historic UFOs - Flying Saucers: Serious Business -1966
India's 'Face-Scratching' UFO Continues To Sow Terror
3 Exsanguinated Goats Found In Argentina
Ghost Blimp Mystery Still Unsolved After Sixty Years
Alleged Chupacabras Kills Three Goats In Argentina
India's Mysterious 'ET Attacks' Injure 65 People
Crop Circles In Maine - Photos
Aurora, Texas Mystery Medallion Initial Study Results
UFO Sightings Continue To Increase - Remarkable Reports
UFOs - To Be Or Not To Be
India - Ball Lightning Blamed For Claw Marks On Villagers' Faces
An Alien Artifact From The 1897 Aurora TX Spaceship Crash? 
Huge Bright UFO Slowly Flies Around Northern BC Farm 
Indian Villagers Say UFO Attacked - But Police Blame 'Insects'
Japanese TV Said After ET Body In Russia For $200,000
UFO Fireball Said To Have Killed 3, Wounded Dozens In India

Greek Farmer, Other Residents Claims UFO Landed In His Field
UFO Sightings Continue To Surge Around US
Draft Of Top Secret UFO Memo Now Public
US Mainstream Media Avoids UFOs
The History Channel - "Alien Aversion" Week 
Crop Circles Appear In Quebec Barley Field
Efforts To Explain Black Triangles As Black Ops 'Blimps' 
'Mystery Object' Skimmed Ukraine Jet
Cellphone of the Gods?
Huge Triangle Flies Through LAX Approach - Sightings Abound
UFO/ET Mania Sweeping Beijing
Historic UFOs - Now Australians Are Seeing Flying Discs -1947
Jimmy Carter's UFO Sighting
Peter Davenport And NUFORC Featured In Nationwide Story
Colin Andrews Report From Crop Circle Country
Verbatim Fox News Report Of The F-16 UFO Pursuit
F-16 Scramble - Interview with NORAD Command Spokesman
AF Jets Chase Bright Blue UFO Over Maryland
UFOs Over The White House Fifty Years Ago
55 Years Later, Roswell Remains A Mystery
Multiple Daylight UFOs Photographed Over Oz

How Sophisticated Crop Formations Might Be Hoaxed
Spokane UFO Photos - Part 3
Spokane UFO Photos -Part 2
Spokane UFO Photos - Part 1
Historic UFOs - Original July 8, 1947 Army Has Flying Disc Story
Cosmonauts Saw UFO - Believe ET Is Here
Argentina - Large, Luminous UFO Stops Cars, Electronics In City
Mysterious Lights Make Appearance At UFO Daze
6 Months Of Anomalous Night Lights In Spokane - Photos
Mystery Lights In The New Mexico Sky - Photos
Disney Will Fake Crop Circles For 'Signs'?
ETs Live Among Us Says Ex-China Foreign Ministry Official
UFO Sightings Surge Over Much Of Country
Fractals And Crop Circles
UFO Buzzes Chilean Town - Photo
Crop Circle Co-Creation 2001
Explosion Of Crop Circles In Germany
Wisconsin Has Second-Highest Number Of UFO Sightings
Chupacabra Report Prompts Fear, Doubt From Local Residents
Latest UFO Sightings Worldwide
Historic Aurora, Texas UFO Crash Site 

Disney, UFOs And Disclosure
Chupacabras Blamed For Mysterious Lamb Death In Chile
Enormous New Crop Circle In England
From Wobblers To Triangles To Orbs - Week's UFO Report 
700 Foot Crop Circle Laid Down In England
More Vivid, Close Eyewitness UFO Sightings Around US
UFOs In Historic Artwork
In Nevada, People And Aliens Get Acquainted
Annual UFO Festival Underway In Roswell 
Chupa Attack On Chickens In Brazil?
Another Close Chupacabras Sighting In Calama, Chile
Scotland Top UFO Sighting Location On Planet
Extraterrestrials in Qinghai, China? - Bizarre Things Found
Latest UFO Sightings - Delaware Disk, Penn Lights, Sri Lanka Aliens 
The State Of Disarray Of The UFO Research Community
Chilean Mayor Declares Region A UFO Tourism Zone
NJ Cylinder Hovers Above Fishermen - Big Triangle Flies Low In OK

More On Ancient Atomic Wars & Flying Machines
Roswell - The Final Declassification
Bigfoot, Chupacabras And Other Strange Creatures
False UFO Reports From Turkey
UFO Sightings - Oz Files
Tesla's Revolutionary Flying Machine
Bush's Speech UFO - Just A Street Lamp
The Kreskin Fiasco
Kreskin's UFO Prediction Set For Thursday Night
PA Lights, VA Cylinder, WA UFO Sightings & Photos Continue
NY Double UFO Sightings, Florida Missing Time - Week's Reports
Lots Of Variety In This Week's UFO Sightings Report
Andorra: UFO videotaped Over Andorra
Kreskin Predicts Largest UFO Sightings Ever In May-June, 2002
New Digital Images Of Chupacabras From Chile
Electrician Alleges UFO Abduction In Southern Chile 
UFO Disc Photographed On Colombian Mountainside
Filer Visits Roswell - The Week's UFO Sightings
US National Media Sidestep UFOs

McMinnville Gears Up For UFO Festival
The Week's Top UFO Sightings
Spokane Attorney Takes Over 1000 UFO Photos
Roswell Vs The Critics
FO In 1939 Family Album Photo
More UFO Sightings Over Angol
Enormous Cigar-Shaped UFO In Argentina
Oz Files - Recent UFO Sightings From Australia
Heavy UFO Activity Reported Over Cuba
 'Dr. Jonathon Reed' Is A Fraud - ET Story Crumbles
Vivid UFO Sightings All Around US As Activity Increases
Four 'Spiraling, Sparkling' UFOs Sighted Over Beijing 
Latest World And US UFO Sightings
UFOs Seen Over USAF Missile And Nuclear Facilities

Week's UFO Sightings
First Crop Circle Of The Season - A Circle
Area 51 Workers' Attorney Appeals To Supreme Court
Spielberg Target Of Hoaxed Report
Strange Lights In Sky Baffle Bavarians 
V-Shaped Objects Fly Over MI Home - UFO Sightings Abound
Canada UFO Wave Continues - US Sightings Increase
UFOs Are Serious Science To Chinese Researchers
Chilean Chupacabras-UFO Update - Report Of First Human Victim
Latest UFO Sightings US And Abroad
Strange New Morphing Craft At Bedhampton
Derbyshire/STS UFO
Anthony Woods' UFO Footage
Russian/STS UFO Connection?
Dazzling Flying Triangle Visits South Coast Of England
The Zeta Reticuli Star System - Home For Some ET Visitors?
MJ-12 Papers - Calculated Disinfo Or Insiders Revealing True Data?

Remarkable UFOs On NASA's Open Satellite Broadcasts
UFO Fleet Taped Over Bedhampton, England
Solar Symbols Said Found In Crop Circle Formations 
UFO Debunkers Have To Get It Right Every Time
Kal Korff's Hungarian UFO Photographs!
Document Shows 'NSA Code-Breaking Of Alien Codex And...'
Oldest UFO Photo Ever Purchased - Weekly Sightings Rundown
Maysville, KY UFO Flies Around Power Plant - Investigation Stymied
UFOs Continue To Visit Nuclear Energy Sites
UK UFO - Military HelicoptersBuzz Witnesses Home
More UFOs And Geological Phenomena In Northern Chile
Canada UFO Sightings Jump By 42% Last Year
More UFO Sightings over Tartagal
Skeptical Chilean Photographs UFO - He Now Believes - See Photo

Chupacabras Attacks Coastal Chilean Town
Mysterious Aerial Lights Attend Quake In Central Turkey
First International UFO Museum Opened In Istanbul
UFO Over Viriginia On January 8 - Photo
Big UFO Over Summit Hills, San Juan, Puerto Rico
Brazil - Astonishing UFOs In Pernambuco
New UFO Wave Hits Belgium  Three Discs Photographed Over New Mexico
Vatican Astronomer - 'It's Madness To Believe Man Is Alone'
Man Seeks $10 Million For Piece Of UFO - Interesting
Intriguing New UFOs Photographed Near Popo Volcano
MoD Set Up Ultra Secret UFO Investigation Group In 1950s 
Major Crop Circle Film Starring Mel Gibson Due 
Philadelphia Experiment Debunkers Debunked
'Super Area 51' Said Being Built In Colorado
Chilean UFO And Chupacabras Report
Nancy Talbot's Witnessing Of A Crop Circle Being Formed
Chupacabras Kills Six Cats In Chilean Town 
Pictures Of The Avrocar VZ-9V Flying Disc
New 1973 Pascagoula UFO Witness Found - Gives Vivid Interview
UFO And ETs Haunt Construction Site In Chile 
Secret UFO Report To Churchill Revealed After 50 Years
Chupacabras Said To Have Been In Chile Since 1970's 
Chupacabras In Chile - 'My Wife And I Saw It!'

UFO Hovers Over Singapore Apartments 15 Minutes
Norwegian Woman Watches UFO Land On Her Lawn - Then Take Off
ET Among Us - Nearly A Million Americans Say They've Been Abducted
'Angel Hair' And ETs - Linked As Food? 
MS TV Station Remembers The Hickson-Parker UFO Abduction Case 
More Cattle Mutilations In Montana - 'Something Weird Going On'
Mystery Object Filmed During Attack? 
 Chilbolton 'Arecibo' Crop Formation Analysis
 UFOs - Is There A Middle Ground Between Skepticism & Belief?
 Another UFO Sighted In Calama, Chile
 Bainbridge, Ohio Woman Tapes UFO
 The Zarate UFO Case In Cuba
  Mystery Booms Rattle North Carolina Since 1850s
 Historic UFOs - Lonnie Zamora's Big White Egg -1967 
  Mistakes In the 'Arecibo' Crop Circle At Chilbolton?
  Mysterious Triangle Holes Found In Rocks
  Answer To 'Arecibo' Crop Circle? - A Clever Hoax?
 Report Of Rendlesham Forest UFO Crash 'Had MoD In A Panic'
  Eerie Lights And Sounds In The Sky Above Maine
  'Radio Telescope' Crop Circle Found
 'Photo Image' Crop Circle 'Face' Laid Down In England 

  The CIA's UFO History
  Cheney Promise For UFO Disclosure Still Pursued
  MOD Releases Files On UK's Most Famous UFO Incident
  Fireball Seen Blazing Across Sky Was Not A Comet Or Meteor
  Utterly AWESOME Crop Formation Laid Down Near Alton Barnes
   NUFORC - Multiple Objects Overfly Victoria, BC
  Vivid UFO Encounter Over Franklin, Ohio
  Reports Of Glowing Discs, Orbs And Strange Beings Around Ontario
  More Unique "Dropa Stone" UFO Shapes On Film
  Woman's ET Missing Time Yields 20 Years Of Paranormal Activity
 eBay Daylight UFO Footage Over LA Offered At $75,000 
 Illinois UFO, January 5, 2000 Real Player Short Film On Web
  New Montana Cattle Mutilations - Sheriffs Asks NIDS For Help
  UFO Videotaped By Lexington, KY News Station WTVQ
  The Reed ET Tale - How Many Lies Are Enough? 
   Mystery In The Skies - ET UFOs Or Human-Made Aerial AI? - Part I
   UFO Seen Over Nicaragua
   NUFORC - Black Triangle Seen Near USAF Station In San Diego
  Mass 'Meteor' Sighting PA To NY, Huge Triangle Seen, Fireball, Smoke 
  Object Lands In Farmer's Field In PA

Bright Object Flys Over PA - Burned Corn Linked To It? 
  NUFORC - Three New Reports Of UFO Events On July 23, 2001 
  Two New UFO Reports From Wisconisn
  Mass UFO Sighting Over New Jersey Remains A Mystery
  New Jersey Lights - More Eyewitness Accounts
 New Jersey Mystified By UFO Sighting 
  NUFORC Reports On The Major UFO Event Near Newark, NJ & NYC
 Vivid New UFO Sightings From Coast-To-Coast
  Photo Of Russian Crop Circle
 A History Of US Presidents' Comment On UFOs 
  Dramatic UFO Sightings Around The US And Europe This Week
  The Public's Perception Of The UfO Phenomenon
  UFO Reports Down In US But UP Worldwide
  Forensic Proof Of ET-Related Live Human Mutilation
  Another Report Of ET-Related (?) Human Mutilation
  Project Hessdalen Researchers To Step Up UFO Hunt
  Shag Harbor UFO Returns - Via A Postage Stamp
  ET Landing In Alberta?
 Some Older UFO Newspaper Stories Of Note 
  Chilean Ufologists Request Their Government Release UFO Documents
  Argentina UFO Video Considered Legitimate
  UK Woman Tapes Giant UFO - US Triangles, Balls Of Light, & More
  NIDS Becomes Sole Reciever Of FAA UFO Reports - Controversy Ensues
  Bizarre - Unidentified Swimming Objects
  Twilight Photos Of Low-Flying Disc Over Oz?
 Ufologists Worldwide Watch Chilean Senator - And Chupacabras
  UFO Sightings Continue Increasing Coast-to-Coast

 UFO Visits Chilean Supermarket 
  Second NIDS Study Links Triangle Sightings Near Military Bases
 UFO's Apparently Routinely Photographed Near Volcano
  Continued UFO Sightings In Calama, Chile
  Did Shakespeare Mention Crop Circles?
  UFOs No Strangers To Korea
 UFO Reports Continue To Raise Questions And Eyebrows
  UFO Sightings Coast To Coast - And In Space
 UFO Flies Right Over Witnesses At Barrio Hoyos, San Juan, P.R. 
  Huge Objects Orbiting Saturn's Outer Rings?
  Russian Reseracher Says UFO Crashed In Siberia
  Interest In UFOs Gets Qualified Teacher Fired?
 Latest UFO Sightings From Oz 
  UFO Investigator Probes 'Best Close Encounter' Yet
 Worldwide International UFO Research Day Coming June 24
  New Police/UFO Tape Transcripts Of Ohio UFO Incident 4-24-01
  UFOs Over England, France, Brazil And The US
 Hoax? Carlos Diaz' Dubious 'Alien Contact' Experiences
 When UFOs Land 
  Historic 1947 Roswell Coverup News Story
  Flying Saucers Seen In 36 States - July 7th, 1947
  Government Is Covering Up UFO Evidence, Group Says
  Disney Wants Mel Gibson For First Film Dealing With Crop Circles

 Was JFK Removed To Prevent UFO Disclosure?
  Extraordinary Ice Ring In Maryland
  Former Government Employees Say It's Time to Reveal UFO Evidence
  Another Hot Week Of UFO Encounters Around The US
 UFOs Taped Over Cardenas Home In Washington
  Pilot Encounters & Near Misses With UFOs - Study Challenges Secrecy
  Greer's CSETI UFO Disclosure News Conference Set For May 9
   Men In Black Appear In Wake Of Chile Chupacabras Activity
  UFO Reports Pour In From Across US And Worldwide
  Triangular UFO Sightings Plotted Close To 17 US Air Force Bases
  UFO Close Encounter In Granada, Spain
  Oz UFO Sightings Increase
 A Saucer Photo Hunt!
  UFO Photographed At Stinson Lake, Rumney, NH In Februray, 2000
 Strange Space Metal Found On Farm - Billions Of Years Old 
  Major UFO Wave In Midwest Including 'Fleet Of Discs'
  British UFO Bureau Shuts Down - Claims Lack Of Sightings
  Major UK UFO Sighting Report
 Sen. Glenn's Amazing Statement On 'Fraser' 
 New UFO Filmed Over Popo Volcano
  Powerful Solar Flares And Increased UFO Sightings
 Brazil-Argentine UFO Sect Suspected Of Mass Murder 
 Seattle Chat Club Exposes More Facts On Reed/Raith 'Dead ET' Hoax
 Reed-Raith UFO - 'Dead ET' Story Said Hoaxed
  More Huge UFOs Observed On East And West Coasts

  UFOs Over Arica, Chile Pique Scientific Curiosity
  Bizarre Cloud Observed Over White Sands - ET Haunts Roswell?
  Low Flying Triangle UFOs Termed Serious Safety Hazard - NIDS
  Reed-Raith UFO - 'Dead ET' Story Said Hoaxed
 Chupacabra Kills Chickens In Puerto Rico - UFO Flies Right Over Farmers
   Bolivian UFO Identified As High Altitude Research Balloon
  Some Of The Week's UFO Sightings
  Are UFOs A Threat To Air Safety? - USAF Loses Men And Planes
  Stanton Friedman Packs The House At U. New Mexico
  Happy Springtime For UFOs In The Northern Hemisphere
 Six 'Saucer-Shaped' UFOs & Face-To-Face ET Contact In LA In 1957 
  High Speed, Low Level Metallic 'Burnt Orange' UFO Wows Seattle Residents
   Who Decides If It Is 'Coincidence'? - UFOs And Dropa Stones
  Vivid UFO Sightings Continue In Space And Worldwide
  NSA Releases UFO Info Under Freedom Of Information Act
  UFOs Pictured In Historical Artwork
  Photo of Strange Star Over Amarillo, TX - Similar To STS UFO Images
  Diamond-Shaped Craft Over NY - UFO Reports From Chile, Australia
  Latest On The Arkansas Fireball
  Photos Of UFOs Encountered During NASA STS Missions
 Controversial UFOWatchDog.com Receives Attacks - Demands Apology 
 Radar Operators Track 12 UFOs Around DC In 1952
  UFO Again Spotted Over Mt. Popocatepetl With Volcano Cam

  Long John Nebel's 1950's UFO Radio Shows Now Online
  NIDS: UFO-Helicopters Connection Has National Security Implications
 UFOs Flew Directlly Over Washington DC For Six HOURS In July, 1952
 UFO Sightings Include Ovals And Lots Of Triangles
 UFOWatchdog.com - 'Exposing UFOlogy Frauds, Dirtbags, Dupes, & Morons'
 Vivid UFO Sightings Increase Across The US And UK
  UFOs Pictured In Historic Art
 Malaysian UFOs Identified
 UFO 'Cigars' Over Maine & SC, & Triangles Over IN, IL, & AR
  NIDS Publishes Blue Book Chief Quintanilla's Book Manuscript Online
  UFO Sightings Increase Worldwide
 British MOD Warns Americans About UFO Book
 Family Says UFO Seen On Return Trip & Now Above Home
 Family Videotapes UFO Close Encounter In Texas 
  UFO Shuts Down Russian Airport For Almost 2 Hours
  Week's UFO Sightings Sparse But Interesting
 'Alien Choir' Photo Defended By Its Promotors
 Six ETs Photographed On Alabama Garage Roof?
  Parade Magazine's 'Ask Marilyn' ET Comments
 Vivid UFO Sightings Including Huge Triangle Over Maine
  UFOs Captured On Video Over Rockford, IL - Photos

  Black Spheres, Odd-Shaped Objects In Contrails, Disappearing Craft
 Did ET Fears Cause Fisherman To Walk Off Boat To His Death?
 Incontrovertible Proof Of UFO Landings Claimed 
 Good UFO Sightings In December - New Millennium Begins
 UFO Photographed Over Mammoth Mountain Area In CA
 The Amazing French Report On UFOs And Defense - A Summary 
 Cow Survives Mutilation - Questions Abound - pdf file
  Gersten Of CAUS Generates More Strange Messages
 Two Major Recent UFO Sightings In Colorado Disclosed 
 UFOs Photographed Over Newly Erupting Mexico Volcano!
 New Oz Files UFO Sightings
 The Definitve Account Of The Rendelsham Forest UFO
  Manmade Flying Saucers - Photos
  Mystery Ice Ring Found In Delta, Ontario
 Are UFOs The Clouds, Angels, And Heaven Of The Bible?
 Truth Is Still Out There In Shag Harbour 
 America's Nuclear Flying Saucer
 An Illustrated UFO Sighting - Arkansas, 1969
 1991 Gulf War UFO Mass Sighting By American Troops
 Hoax? Carlos Diaz' Dubious 'Alien Contact' Experiences
 Big Triangle Over NY - I Taught I Taw A Putty Tat...

 Mystery Of The Fireball From The Sky Deepens
 Strange Loss Of Time In Texas
 Two Dramatic Mid-Air UFO Near Misses In 1967
 The ET Link To World Religions
 Mt. Adams Hotbed For Daily UFO Sightings
 27% Of Americans Feels ET Has Visited
 IBM Sells Air Force New Supercomputer To Identify UFOs
 Bogus UFO Contactee Prepares To Flee Brazil
 Spacemen In African History?
 UFOs And Air Safety - A Serious And Neglected Issue
 Russian Army Units Jeopardized by UFO?
 'Mile Long' UFO Passes 150' Over Oklahoma Farm House
 MUFON Opens New Location In Denver
 US Carrier Carrying Nuclear Weapons Buzzed By UFO In 1954
 Physics Analysis Of TR-3B
 Amazing Sony UFO Ad - Cattle Mutilation Disinfo? 

 Major New Evidence In The Cattle Mutilation Phenomenon
 Plane-Like Object Undergoes Strange Transformation
 'Winked Out' - UFOs Or High Tech Camouflage?
 Police Make First Arrest Over Crop Circles
 US Naval Officer's UFO Experience
 UFO Photos Of NASA STS Shuttle Missions
 Crop Circles 'Amaze' NASA Space Station Project Manager
 Chile's Loa River Area Alarmed By Overflight Of Multicolored UFOs
 New Roswell Evidence Deciphered In Gen. Ramey's Memo
  Rendelsham Forest - Yes, They Were Here
 1680's French Coin With UFO Hovering Over Countryside
 Amazing Soviet-Era UFO Sightings In And Over Water Bodies
 Mojave Desert - Black Projects And UFOs
 The Definitive Account Of The Rendelsham Forest UFO Mystery
 Was An ET Found By A Russian Woman In 1996? (off site link)
 Strange, Spectacular Lights And Fireball Over Kansas
 A UFO Close Encounter During A Night Fishing Trip
 Eyewitness Reports Of 1800's Airship Sightings (offsite link)
  US Air Force's Nuclear Saucer Revealed
 Aliens Perform Tracheotomy On Woman - Photos (offsite link)
 Astonishing Daylight UFO Video Over NY - Incredible Maneuvers
 A Dark Entity Near The Sun
 Area 51 And Gordon Cooper's 'Confiscated Camera'
 For Any Who Still Believe Humans Are Creating All Crop Circles...
 Multiple UFOs Dazzle Crowd Of Onlookers In Ohio
 Cooper Says Disc Landed, Filmed At Edwards - UFO Reports In NE US
 Three Year Old Encounters, Draws UFO In 1946 - Before Roswell

 Four Fingers On The Bedroom Mirror?
 No Human DNA In ET Fingerprints On Window In Australia
 Three Sightings Of UFOs And ETs Stump Phillipine Scientists
 More On The Adamski/Brown Photo Controversy
 1967 Photos Show Ring-Shaped UFO Cloaking Itself In A Cloud?
 Another Marvelous Crop Circle In Southern England
 New Digital UFO Stills Taken at 2200x1800 3.3 megapixel
 Dazzling August Crop Circles In England
 Moosomin, Saskatchewan Crop Formation Photos
 The Mystery Airship Of 1896
 National Policy Of Debunking UFOs Began With The Robertson Panel
 Were UFOs Pakastani Ghauri-III Missile Fragments?
 Another UFO Sighted Over Pakistan
 UFO Wreckage Said Recovered By Pakistan Air Force
 Amazing 1897 Encounter: Arkansas Deputies Meet Aliens?
 Ufology Loses A Treasure
 The Linkage Of Psi/PK Activity And Exposure To UFOs
 Area 51- The Best Evidence
 R.I. Pilot's Near Miss With UFO - More Strange Aircraft Stories
 ET Encounters of the Ouija Kind
 Aurora Texas UFO Crash Of 1897 - Myth Or Mystery?
 Russian UFO Research Revealed
 A Year Of UFO/ET Disclosure...Or Disinformation?
 Another Amazing Crop Formation In England
 Cheshire UFO Daylight Video Now Online
 Crop Circles Puzzle Canadian Farmer
 Strange "Top Hat" UFO Photo Captured By Chemtrail Photographer
 "Top Hat" UFO Photographed In Mexico
 More Orbs And Discs Showing Up In Chemtrail Photos
 MUFON Looks To Open Major UFO Museum In Denver
 Actual CNN transcript Of Gov. Bush Promising UFO Disclosure
 'A Great Light in the Night' - First UFO Sighting In N. America
 Stress Management For Ufologists

 Bush Says Cheney 'Knows' About UFOs
 The UFO - Chemtrail Connection
 Huge New Telescope To Boost Hunt For Alien Life
 Blue Book File Copy Photos Of The Lubbock, Texas Lights, 1951
 Gordon Cooper Talks UFOs And More In New Book
 Bush Says 'Yes' To UFO Clarification On CNN
 Sunspots And Their Relation To UFO Sightings
 Polish Village Refuses To Pay UFO's Power Bill
 Ohio Motorists 'Surrounded And Paced' By Multiple UFOs
 CIA UFO Files Could Be Declassified Under New Legislation
 Foreign Technology Division/Wright Patterson AFB: 'Alien Graphics'?
 11Fold Geometry Crop Formation Appears In England
 Another Astonishing, Mind-Boggling Crop Formation - Incredible
 Human Mutiliation Case - Did Aliens Do This?
 Puerto Rico Disc Seen Taking Up Seawater - Euro Sightings Up
 1942 'Battle Of LA' - Biggest Mass UFO Sighting In History? - New Photo Analysis!
 Orange Lights Dance In Oz Skies
 'Best UFO Video Ever' Said Captured By UK Man
 'Heel-Shaped' UFO With Lights Witnessed In Ohio
 North Dakota UFO Buzzes B-52 And Missiles In 1968
 Former Iberia Airline Pilot Reveals Amazing UFO Encounter
 Suppression Of ET Knowledge & Translation Of The Bible Conspiracy
 Seth Shostak On UFOs And SETI

 Flying Orange Lights 'Freak' Multiple Witnesses In Oz
 Validating The New Majestic 12 Documents
 UFOs And ETs Said Sighted On Puerto Rican Island
 Resistance To Reporting UFOs Remains A Major Issue
 Strange Days Indeed! - Celebrity UFO Encounters
  Return! -- (Ode To The Abducted - FINAL)
 New UFO(?) Circles In Canada Discovered
 High Solar Activity Cuts UFO Sighting Report By Half
 Renewal! (Ode To The Abducted - Part VIII)
 Irish Newspaper Runs Major Article On France's COMETA UFO Report
 Amazing '3-Dimensional' Crop Circles Appearing In England
 NIDS Special Report - A Two Year Old Cow Survives Animal Mutilation
 Actual Skulls Of The Nephilim And Their Offspring?
 Letter From Barry Goldwater About UFO And Wright Patterson
 MUFON's Larry Bryant Files ET Invasion Lawsuit Against The Governor Of Virginia
 The Starchild Debate: Point-Counterpoint

 Russians Mystified By Crop Circle And UFO Landing
 To Serve Man - Aliens And The New World Order
 UFOs And The US And UK Governments
 1557 Woodcut Of UFO Over Arabia
 Physicians Take Survery - 11% Patients Have Seen UFOs
 Cylinder With Estimated 400 Lights Over NY - UK Activity Increases
 The First Known Italian Abduction - 1954
 Suspected UFO Photographed Over Salina, Kansas
 Estimate Of The Situation 2000 - The Black Triangles
 Area 51 Possible UFO Photographed On June 6
 More Strange Lights Seen On Surface Of The Moon
 Daylight UFO Video Over London!
 New Shuttle UFO Sighting? - California Triangle Returns - Other US Sightings
 Watching The Watchers - 'Science Fiction Is Obsolete'
 Bingo! STS-101 Shuttle Mission UFO Observed For 5 Minutes
 Amazing UFO/ET Eyewitness Cases Of The Last Century
 Key Lockerbie Witness Les Coleman - 'I Got My Integrity Back'

 The Other Roswell
  Reconstruction! (Ode to the Abducted - Part VII)
 The Phillip Schneider Investigation
 Utah's Time/Space Warp Gadianton Canyon Encounter
  Abductees With Urge To 'Build Spaceships' And Saucers
 CNI News Says Farewell
 Amazing! Bill Northern Correct About Fusaichi Pegasus' Right Front Foot
 NY 'Chinese Lantern' UFO - Mass Disc Sighting In N. Dakota - UFO Stops Car 
  Revision! (Ode To The Abducted) - Part VI
 The Famous Coso Artifact Found To Actually BE A Sparkplug
 Third Secret Of Fatima Revealed On Instruction Of Pope John Paul II
 People's Rally Again To Be Held In Nevada, Near AREA 51 & Groom Lake
 Mussolini Said To Have Formed Secret UFO Study Group In 1933
 Contact! - Ode to the Abducted, Part Three
  Review Of Jim Marrs' Hot Book 'Rule By Secrecy'
 You Don't Have To 'Believe' In UFOs Any Longer
 USAF Planned To Nuke The Moon - (No Wonder ET Told US To Keep Away...)
 'Area 51' - What's In A Name?
 Nuclear Physicist's Ohio State U. Lecture Debates Aliens' Existence
 Was JFK Silenced Over His UFO Knowledge?
  Britain's UFO Secrets Revealed
 The Billy Meier Case - The Simple Farmer Who Talked With Star People

 UK Pilot Films UFO In Near-Miss Above Mohave Desert
 Stunning French COMETA UFO Report Makes major US Newspaper
 Thirty Years Of Alien Invasions - In The Movies
 Flying Triangle Reports Increase In Face Of Solar Storm Action
 McMinnville UFO Photos 50 Years Later - Still A Mystery
 50th Anniversary Of Legendary McMinnville, Oregon UFO Sighting
 Montauk Mind Control Victim Interview
 What We Learned From Area 51 Satellite Photos
 Arkansas Mystery Fireball Crash Of 3-9-00 - 'Case Closed' (?)
 An Ode To The Alienated Abducted (Part One)
 The ET Question - Do We Really Have A Need To Know?
 Did Eisenhower Meet ET At Edwards AFB In The 50's?
 Jim Marrs On Remote Viewing, ET Agenda, JFK, Illuminati
 UFOs And Beams Of Light Over Argentina
 STS-75 Shuttle 'Tether' Video Analysis
 Response To James Oberg's Analysis Of STS-75 Footage
 UFO Sightings Said Ignored By Georgia Congressman
 JFK, The Assassination, And UFOs?
 Alan Alford Interview - 'When The Gods Came Down'
 Stress Management For Ufologists
 Best Canadian UFO Cases Of 1999a
 Mystery Balls Fall From The Sky In South Africa

 Courtroom Witness Describes Art Bell Slander Suit Hearing
 Triangle UFO With 7 Colored Lights Only 100' Off Ground Visits Ohio
  Art Bell Prevails In Defamation Hearing
 NASA Shuttle Video Said To Show ET Craft
 Serious Progress Hinted In Secret Anti-Gravity Projects
 New Mexico...The UFO State
 UFO Enthusiasts Flock To Nevada Desert To Witness Planetary Alignment
 Some UFO Researchers Not Impressed With Area 51 Photos
 Reagan And Pilot Chased UFO In 1974 - Deer Mutilation In Maryland?
 UFO Group Declares DoD Search For 'Triangle' Records A Sham
 Dead Calves Mystery In Oregon Continues To Baffle Officials
 Britain's 1950's 'Flying Saucer' Stealth Craft Revealed
 Missouri UFO Ballot Initiative Language Certified
 X-ray Of Government Microchip Implant In Woman's Head 20 Years Ago
 Most Detailed Groom Lake/Area 51 Images Show Major Expansion
 Exclusive Area 51/Groom Lake Color 1-METER Resolution Photos Coming Sunday
 Chilean UFO Leaves A Giant Triangular Mark
 New Round Of Midwest UFO Sightings
 Franklin Mint's Roswell Craft Commemorative
 Montana Man Reveals UFO Sighting During WWII

 Art Bell Retires
 STS-63 Anomalies
 Hangar 18 At Wright-Patterson - Fact Or Fiction?
 Space Shuttle Tether UFO Visitors Evidence Grows
 Recent Pennsylvania UFO Reports
 Presidential Candidate Harder Issues Formal UFO Statement
 Excellent Daytime UFO Photo From Brazil
 Amazing 1952 UFO Newspaper Article - Your Help Requested
 Illinois UFO Sighting Of January 5 Still Making News
 'First Authentic' UFO Photograph Analysis By NIDS
 Levitation Physicist John Hutchison Raided At Gunpoint By Canadian Police
 French Defence Ministry Releases Radar UFO Info
 Another Stunning Yukon UFO Sighting Reported
 Another New Roswell Witness Comes Forward - More On Ramey Message
 UFO Lawsuit Dismissed By Federal Judge In Phoenix
 UFOs Over San Juan, Puerto Rico
 When UFOs Controlled The Night Above Washington DC
 The French COMETA Report On UFOs And Defense - A Summary
 New CIA MJ-12 Document Surfaces
 What Is A UFO? - A Beginners Guide To UFO Spotting

  Comments On Mystery Arkansas Crash/Fire
  Arkansas Crash/Fire Photos From Al Collier 
  Disney's Legendary 'Alien Encounters' Sneak TV Documentary Quotes
  Shadowcraft - UFOs, Spy Planes, or Something Else?
  UFO Shoots Object At Indiana UFO Researcher Taping 'Huge Disks'
  Firefighters And UFOs
  Recent BC And Yukon UFO Sightings
  Large UFO Lands Near Village In West Maylasia
  UFOs And Capitalism - A Classic Case Of Chicken & Egg, Fact & Fiction
  The Pine Bush Landings - Dr. Bruce Cornet Answers The Skeptics 
  It's A Great, Big, Wonderful World We Live On... And Some ETs Are Trying To Help
  Huge UFO Slowly Passes Over, Dazzles Lima - Taped By TV News
  New Decipher Of General Ramey's Roswell Message
  Wilhelm Reich's Contact With Space
  Cosmonauts: UFOs Are Real - NASA UFO Video Footage - US Satellites Catch UFOs
  Icke Book Signing Canceled After Threats By Canadian Censorship Groups
  Fingerprint Expert Tries To Debunk Bigfoot - Reaches Opposite Conclusion
  UFOs Over Massachusetts, Georgia, NY, Saudi Arabia, & UK 
  UFOs Are Out There, Professor Says
  New Physical Abduction Evidence - Proof ETs On Europa Claimed
  The Windsor UFO Fireball Incident - Crash And Subsequent Cover-Up

  A Few Strange Ones...
  UFOs And The Unexplained In Saskatchewan
  Physical Evidence Of Alien Abductions May Exist In Household Dust
  16 Yr. Videos UFOs Over Rockford, Il For Seven Minutes
  Strange Military (?) Craft Caught In Daylight Video Frames Over Ohio 
  The Fox News O'Reily UFO Report Transcript - 'A Travesty'
  NIDS Reply To Philip Klass' Claims Illinois Officers Saw Planet Venus
  Proof Of Top Secret Underground Vaults At Wright-Patterson AFB
  Some Of World's Best UFO Videos Online - See For Yourself
  Dr. J. Allen Hynek And The 1957 Levelland, Texas Sightings 
  LIFE Magazine UFO Cover Story Blasted
  Bizarre Report Claims Black Triangle Shot At By Fisherman
  The 9th Alleged ET Implant Removal By Dr. Roger Leir And Team
  US Judge Sides With UFO Activist Group Against DOD 
  The Boyne Island 1997 UFO Encounter
  Green Fireballs? Not again! 
  The Amazing 'Phoenix Lights' Event Sequence Of 3-13-97 
 Catch-22...Do They Walk Among Us? 
 Post Abduction Syndrome (PAS) - An Emerging Syndrome 

  Argentine UFO Crash Site Pinpointed - UFOs Shine Beams Of Light - Other Sightings
  How Alcohol During Pregnancy Causes Brain Damage In The Unborn
  Making A Federal Case Out Of UFOs
  Mason's Memory Missing Many Minutes
  District Judge Gives UFO Group Its Day In Court 
  Alien Invaders Are Stealing Our Brains 
  Multi-Witness UFO Sighting Over Hollywood 
  Clinton Extends Maximum Security And Protection To Area 51
  US District Court Reserves Decision On Triangular Craft
  UFO Shoots Beam At Four Boys
  Historic' New NASA UFO Shuttle Footage With 'Stark ET Evidence'
  A History Of Unidentified Flying Objects On Television
  Missing Time In CT - Major Sightings FL And TN - UFO Passes Beneath CG Cutter 
  UFOs Are NOT Blimps 
  Detection And Identification Of UFOs Using Existing Technology
  New Oz UFO Sightings 
  Major TV Station Joins Jose Escamilla In Search For 'RODS'
 Outstanding Overview Of UFOs And The 'Majestic Documents' 
 The Awakening That Life Is From Space 
  Controversy - An Open Letter To The International UFO Congress
 The 'Alien Breakdown Syndrome' - Bizarre UFO/ET Encounters 
 Is This The Aurora? 

  Are We Truly Alone?
  Cattle Mutilations Story In Silicon Valley Paper
  Official Millstadt, Illinois Police Department UFO Report
  More Major Media Attention To Illinois Sighting
  Silver Spheres, Gazing Balls, UFO's And Me
  NIDS Ongoing Investigation Into Major Illinois Police UFO Sighting
  UFO Experts Fly East To Work With Eyewitnesses To Major Illinois Sighting
  Major Media UFO Breakthrough Continues
  Ohio UFO Executes Strange Maneuvers In Brief Appearance
  WWII German Flying Disk Schematic Drawing Found
  Some Triangle Sightings Explained As Satellites
  New Jersey Disc Caught On Digital Camera - Three Cylinders Over Pennsylvania
  Air Force UFO Policy Directive 10-20 - The Stone Disclosures, Pt 2
  Klass Scores Coup With Secret Government UFO Documents
  Front Page NY Times Story On China UFO Wave
  UFO Disclosure: How To Become A 'Terrorist'
  Forbidden Disclosure - A True Story

  The Exeter Puzzle Case From The 1967 TRUE Report On Flying Saucers
  Strange Case Of Missing Time And Melted Ice Cream In NJ
  Fatima UFO-Like Apparitions Of 1917 Examined In New Book
  UFOs In China, New Zealand, SoCal, And Maine
  Illinois Police See Huge 'Arrowhead' Shaped 'Starfield Camouflage' UFO
  China Enters Millennium On Serious UFO Quest
  Lloyd Pye On The 'Starchild' Skull DNA Results And Hominoid Research
  Wave Of UFO Sightings Underscores China's Scientific Search For ET
  Canada Researcher Chronicles A Century Of UFO Reports
  Huge UFO Over RCMP Officer's Head In Kamloops, BC - 1979 Report Released
  New Zealand Wild Night Lights Mystery
  ET...No Need To Phone Home Anymore - Human Interest Sky High
  China UFO Flap Continues - Taken Very Seriously
  Canadian Crop Circle Summary Report 1999
  UFOs And The New Century - A Great Awakening
  Billy Meier's Son, Methusalem, Speaks Out For The First Time
  30 Years After Project Blue Book, Is It Time To Look Again?
  Roswell North? - Did Saucers Crash In Canada In 1947? 
  Oklahoma's Amazing UFO Sightings 
  Most FOIA Requests Used To Crack The UFO Cover-Up
  New Mexico City UFO Sighting Caught On Video
  OZ UFO 'Ferris Wheel Spaceship' Sighting Solved
  The Pine Bush, NY Phenomenon Is Alive & Well
  UFOs Near Shuttle Launch? - NY Security Officers See Craft
  Friedman Jabs 'History Channel' Over Roswell Documentary
  Forensic DNA Test Results Of 'Starchild ET' Skull
 The Skies Admit Their Truth 
23 Of 38 Mars Missions Fail - UFO Sightings Around US
Air Force Officially Takes Over Area 51 Land In Nevada
Major Donald E. Keyhoe DataPage

Triangles From New York To Holland
UFOs - Some Things Never Change
Oz Guyra 'UFO' Identified As A Meteor
China Reports Sudden Surge In UFO Sightings
UFO Author And Roswell Expert Speaks At University Of Wisconsin
New Stealth Seen At Groom Lake? Latest Developments 
Is ET Capturing Our Spacecraft? 
Police Officer Sees Triangle Up Close - Another Officer Sees Diamond Light Group
Visitors Now & Forever - Part I, II, III & IV 
Historic Australian UFO Sightings And Encounters
Intelligent Signals From Space - SETI Correction
Photo Of Shanghai UFO Now Available - Overflew City For 90 Minutes
New UFO Classification Guide Proposed
Cattle Mutilations Continue In New Mexico 
Are UFOs Stampeding Thousands Of Oz Cattle?
J. Allen Hynek's Final Essay On The Hudson Valley Sightings Discovered
Strange Craft Overhead, Indeed - UFOs Reports Abound During Week
Stunning Oliver's Castle Crop Circle Video Withstands Closest Analysis
Daylight Sighting Of Silver Cigar UFO Near San Diego
Varginha UFO Crash - Brazilian Army Claims 3 Girls Saw 'Deformed Human'
Thousands Watch Huge 'City In The Sky' UFO Over East New Britain
Physiological Abnormalities In Abductees Revealed
Discs, Fireballs, Rods, Missiles Mark Week Of Heavy UFO Activity
The Incredible Journey Of Jane Lead - 17th Century Abductee?

 'D-Notice' Blackout In Effect For UK Black Triangle Reports
 Thousands In New Guinea Area See HUGE UFOs...Some Just Meters Above The Sea
 Mexican UFO Sightings Continue - - Wave Began In 1991
 11-16-99 - Hundreds Of UFO Reports In Kentucky/Cincinnati And Eastern US
 UFO Crash In 1865 - Craft Wreckage Still There?
 Alien Toxins At Area 51 Kill Two Workers? - One Developed Painful 'Fish Scales'
 Forbidden Disclosure - A True Story
 The Great Highway Mystery
 The Sgt. Stone Disclosures
 Air Force UFO Policy Directive 10-20 - The Stone Disclosures, Pt 2
 Opening The Secret U-Files
 UK Defence Minister To Open Britain's 'X-Files'
 UFO Crash In 1865 - Craft Wreckage Still There?
 Excellent Video Frames Of Night UFO In Burnaby, BC
 Latest UFO Sighting Reports From BC
 Amazing Florida UFO Sighting - Two Big Triangles Seen Near 990 Location
 Five Men Charged After Claiming 'Supernatural' Encounter
 Visitors Now And Forever Part 2
 Visitors Now And Forever Part 3
 Three Austalian Fishermen Claim To Have Videotaped UFO
 Mjr. Donald E. Keyhoe DataPage
 Mars 'UFO' Shadow - Just Phobos Passing Overhead?
 Historic UFOS - All Shapes And Sizes
 We Flew Above Flying Saucers

 Space Vehicles Arrive - But Whose?
 War of the Worlds: Could It Happen Now?
 Exotic UFO Sightings Abound - Deer Hunters Claims To Have Seen ETs In Woods
 Latest Australian UFO Sighting Reports - The Oz Files
 War of the Worlds: Why the Hoax Worked
 Streiber Calls For Serious Scrutiny Of UFO Evidence
 War of the Worlds: Why Do We Fear Martians?
 Worldwide UFO Video And Film Clips Now Viewable On The Net
 New Roswell Evidence - Stunning Triangle Sightings Around The US
 NY UFO Sightings Subject Of MSNBC/WNBC Report
 Sheriff Reveals 1966 UFO Encounter And Death Of Dog
 Firmage Still Looking For UFO Answers
 'Rumbling' Fireball Streaks Through Atlantic Sky
 Warren: Gleason Told Me About Nixon Showing Him Alien Bodies
 Florida Today Attacks SETI's Shostak's Attitude Toward UFOs
 New UFO Crash In Brazil Forest? - Explosion, Devastation...But No Wreckage
 When Disclosure Serves Secrecy
 Mjr. Donald E. Keyhoe DataPage
 Costa Rica's Mystery Spheres Go Home
 Alien Bodies Recovered After UFO Crash In Wales?
 Neil Armstrong Convinced Life Thrives Elsewhere
 UFO Eludes Navajo Officers
 Hitler's Stealth Aircraft And UFOs
 IMAX NASA Film Shows Saucers? - Vivid Sightings Across US - Filer's Files #42
 Canada Crop Circles Become More Frequent, Complex
 TV Special: Celebrities Have Close Encounters, Too

 Triangle Observes HS Football - Octagon Craft Over Georgia - Cops See UFO Show
 Amazing 1897 'Airship' Article Unearthed
 More Top Secret Majestic UFO Documents Arrive This Summer
 Two UK Ufolgists Homes Targeted By Burglars
 NASA Quite Curious About Firmage's Private Top-Level Meeting
 UFO Timelines - Visitors Now And Always
 Giant UFO Over Long Island Again - Busy Sightings Week
 UFOIN - A New Start For British UFOlogy
 Abductions - The Truth
UFO Researcher Maxwell Burns Responds To Drug Conviction
Firmage To Hold Private High Level Meet On Propulsion Technologies
Enormous UFO Seen By 22 Witnesses In The Yukon
Discs, Huge Triangles Sighted - Canadian Reports ETs On Ground
Falun Gong Leader Paints Grim Picture Of ETs
 Robert Bigelow Responds To Winston Abduction Ad
 Firmage Still Searching For UFO Answers
 Canada's 'Avro' Flying Saucer - And German Disc Technology
 Whitley Strieber Rallies UFO Faithful - Rails Against 'Denial'
 Walt Andrus - MUFON's International Director To Retire
 UFOs Sightings In Wisconsin, Missouri, Michigan, Tennessee
 Vivid, Up-Close 20 Yr Old LA Sighting Revealed
 The AIDS-ET Connection
 UFO Report Reveals Rifts At CIA
 MJ-12 Documents - Cooper Fails Lie Detector Test

 450 Years Of Observable Strange Activity On The Moon!
 More Than A Million Worldwide Use Computers To Search For ET
 CIA Said To Rue Its Longterm UFO Cover-Up
 Sightings Increase In Eastern US, Canada and Brazil
 Recent UFO Sightings From Scotland
 Plan Nine From Outer Space
 Bigelow's UFO Research And Space Plans Subject Of Major WSJ Article
 Stunnng High Level French Government Report On UFOs And Defense
 Professor Predicts First Contact With ET Soon - Urges Preparations
 Huge Triangle UFOs Mark Busy Sightings Week
  1964 Ann Arbor UFO Photos Given New Hi-Tech Analysis
  More Extraordinary UFO Events In Vancouver BC
  Strange Object Crashes To Earth In Holland -What Is It?
  Crop Circle Report From UK - Daily Mail Hoax Angers Many 
  Busy Skies - More Unusual Sightings During The Past Week - NY To Oregon
  'Black Manta' USAF Triangle Photo?

  Roswell ET Craft Said To Have Helped Develop Our Spy Planes
  First 1999 Crop Circles in Canada!
  The Real 'Truth' - Why It Is So Hard To Find
  Sightings: Some Old, Some New; Some Silver, Some Blue
  ISSO Appoints NASA Veteran Creon Levit As Director Of Research
  Firmage Elaborates On ISSO Plans To Media
  Two Excellent UFO Photographs Examined  
  Yukon UFO Investigator Kept Busy
  Terrific Mexico UFO Daylight Live TV Photos
  The Failure Of UFO Skeptics - Prosaic Explanations
  Overlooked Israeli Strange Phenomena
  Project Sign/Grudge - First Official USAF UFO Investigations 
  UFO Triangles: Theirs or Ours? BOTH!
  Of Visiting ETs, Wormholes, Sightings, Electricity And Crop Circles
  Statement From Joe Firmage, Chairman ISSO
  ET Landings In The Giza Desert? Photos! 
  Ex-NASA Worker Says Space Agency Knows About UFOs
  Another Astonishing Crop Circle In England
  Crop Circle Comes Down In Nashville, TN
  Australian UFO Flap Underway

  Regarding Some Apollo Astronauts Allegedly Seeing UFOs On The Moon.... 
  Boy In Holland Claims To Have Witnessed Crop Formation
  The Week's UFO Sightings - Crop Circle Eyewitness?
  More Strange UFO Sightings In Sandusky County, Ohio
  Recent Ontario, Canada UFO Sighting Reports
  Bizarre 1971 UFO Encounter Over Texas Uranium Mine 
  Enormous Triangle Over Connecticut - 'Football Field' Disc Over New Jersey
  Staggering 1024' Long Crop Formation Comes Down In England
  Extensive New Animal Mutilation Report Issued By NIDS
  More Remarkable UFO Sightings In British Columbia 
  Major UFO Sightings In The Famous 'Surrey Corridor' In British Columbia 
  More Puerto Rico Chupacabras Attacks - Fresh UFO Sightings Around US
  Tarzan's Guide To The Search For Alien Intelligence 
  UFO Info Direct From Ukraine And Eastern Europe Now Available
  UFOs and JFK - The Conspiracy Question
  Israeli Engineer In Phone Contact With Aliens? 
  Recent Remarkable UFO Sightings In Scotland
  Roswell - New Evidence Said Disproves Mortician Dennis' Story
  How Would Humans React If ET Landed? - NIDS Roper Poll 
  John Schuessler - Keeping His Eye On Close Encounters 

  UFOs And Confrontations In The North Atlantic 
  Strange UFO Captured On RAF Radar In Scotland In 1965
  UK UFO Secrets Act Breakthrough Announced By Nick Redfern
  Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Crosses Atlantic - Sparks UFO Reports
  50 Years Of UFOlogy - What Have We Really Learned?
  1989/90 Belgian Triangles Revealed As Secret Military Craft?
  An Answer To The Airship Mystery Of 1896?
  Western Pre-20th Century UFO Sightings
  Joe Firmage Subject Of NBC News TV Feature
  The Truth Is Out There
  Ten Great Places To Have A Close Encounter
  Strange Craft Caught On Film Morning Of People's Rally At Area 51 
  Jane Lead's UFO Close Encounter Of 1678

  UFO Info Direct From Ukraine And Eastern Europe Now Available
  Rockefeller Funding Serious Crop Circle Investigations
  Top Secret 'Aurora' Contrails Caught On Film?
  UK Media Finally Warming Up To Serious Study Of Crop Circles
  A UFO Visits Ohio In 1858 In 'The Ilustrated Silent Friend'
  Jet Crew Tell Of Close Encounter With UFO
  Israeli Media Discovers 'Alien Healing'
  People's Rally (June 5-6) At Area 51 To Expose Global Governance
  Vivid UFO Sightings Around US Continue 
  Florida Officer's Amazing UFO Encounter

  High-Flying UFOs Make Numerous Appearances Around US
  Two Fascinating Historic Interviews With Nikola Tesla
  Steve Neill, Renowned UFO Researcher and Artist, Quits UFOlogy 
  UFO Sighting Reported To Fremont, Ohio Police
  Triangle Ground Landing/Hovering Trace In Croatia?
  Is This The First Video Of A UFO Crash?

  Possible UFO Landing Near Blind River, Ontario
  More Fascinating UFO Sightings Around The US This Week
  England's Mystery Lights - Flashlights On Foxes, UFOs, Seismic Stress?
  Famous Men Mention ET 'Powers' - Latest Sightings From US And The World
  British Charter Jet Encounters 'Battleship Size' UFO - Pilot, Crew In Shock
  George Ritter's UFO Video Images
  Do Some ET Craft Display Insignias? - Latest UFO Sightings
  Vivid UFO Seen Over LA - Missing Time In NJ - Hot UK Activity
  UFO Scotland Posts Best UFO Video Clips Yet - See Them Now
  MUFON Supports UFO Ballot Initiatives - Variety Marks US Sightings
  Another Israeli Crop Formation Found
  Strange UFOs Appearing Over US - Cylinders To Glowing Lights
  Alien Sex
  Family Sees Amazing UFOs Over LA - Sightings Continue To Pour In
  Wave Of UFO Sightings Around Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

  Joe Firmage And 'The Truth Files' Come To Jeff Rense's Sightings
  Is There A Connection Between CFS And The ET Abduction Experience?
  Balkans Crisis May See UFO Increase - New Reports From Maine To California
  Dr. Len Horowitz On Contrail Controversy Possible Hoax
  Firmage - International Space Sciences Organization Debuts In May
  US Infantryman Said UFOs Seen Over France During WWI
  Classic Hoax 'Alternative 3' Editorial Director Reveals His Part
  Did A UFO Cause The New Kimberly School Roof To Collapse?
  Joe Firmage - Silicon Valley CEO Turns UFO Evangelist
  UFOs Over Quebec/Ontario - Wild Week In Brazil - Big Ohio Sightings
  Lots Of New UFO Sightings Around The US - Abductions Linked To CFS?
  Human Engineered Flying Triangles - Many Names, Hidden Programs
  Contrails - Lab Reports Show 3 Distinct Pathogens
  Strange Haze - Chemtrails Or Contrails? - The Latest
  First 'Philadelphia Experiment' Crew Reunion - 'It Never Happened'
  WWI British Pilot UFO Sightings Described
  Update On OHIO UFO Reports W/Military Helicopter Consideration
  Strange UFO Light Show Over Unionville, Michigan
  The Dark Side Of UFOs
  Mysterious Contrails In The Sky Explained (?)
  US UFO Sightings Increase - Peru Reports 'Mother Ship' Out Of The Ocean
  UFO Elk Abduction Said Witnessed In Washington State 
  ET Or Hybrid Skull (?) Photos Drawing Much Interest 
  Some More Thoughts On The Flying Triangle Phenomenon
  Did Egyptians Mummify An ET Along With King Tut?
  'ET/Hybrid' Skull And 'Slaughter' Skeleton Stir Controversy 
  Crowds Chased UFOs In Michigan This Day In 1966
  Stunning 1982 New Jersey Sighting Reported
  New Ohio UFO Triangle Sighting Police Report Acquired

US UFO Sightings Increase - Peru Reports 'Mother Ship' Out Of The Ocean
UFO Footage from STS-61 - The Hubble Telescope Repair Mission
How Emotions Spread Through And Poison Families
Report Says The More Sex Couples Have - The Younger They Look
Did Egyptians Mummify An ET Along With King Tut?
Orange Spheres Hover And Fly In Formation Over England
2nd Anniversary Of The Amazing 'Phoenix Lights' Incident
Bizarre Flying Disc Over Scotland Shakes Witnesses
Phoenix Lights Anniversay Overview From Bill Hamilton
Oliver's Castle Confession Video To Air On Nippon TV
F-18 In Near Miss With UFO - CA UFOs Seen Entering/Leaving Ocean
HOAX - UFOSC Foils Cheshire, UK 'UFO Landing' Fraud
Lammer's Hot New Book On Military 'Alien' Abductions
NY Campers UFO Sighting Still Intrigues
Famous UK UFO Photo Hoax Now Said To Be Genuine
Peru UFOs Caught On Video - Giant Cylinder Seen Near Heathrow
Canadian Defence Department Scientists On Alien Alert

San Luis Valley Update - 'Enter The Valley' Now In Bookstores
Venus-Jupiter Said Cause Of 2-24 Italian UFO Flap
450 Years Of Observable Strange Activity On The Moon!
1998 Canadian UFO Survey Results - Nearly 200 UFOs Last Year
Mufon Skywatch Monthy Report
Sergei Korolyov And Russian UFO Secrets
Swissair Flight Just Missed By UFO Or Missile Off NY In 1997
Sharp Increase In Worldwide UFO Sightings
Most Dramatic UK UFO Footage Ever In Scotland?
UFOs Visit Russia - Big Wave In Italy - Strange SA Sighting
Roswell 'Smoking Gun' Been Found? Don Schmitt Says YES
Two Young People Have Sightings - No One To Talk To...
Exclusive - WWII German Flying Disk Schematic Drawing Found
Wild New UFO Sightings In Europe And The US This Week
Jimmy Carter's UFO Report - Remarkable NC Triangle Sighting Revealed
'Silver Veil' Satellite Data To Be Released By Robert Stephens
STS-48 - Science Battles Wishful Thinking
Trumbull County UFO - Reverse Speech - And Honesty

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