New Decipher Of General
Ramey's Roswell Message
George A. Filer
Director, Mutual UFO Network Eastern
MUFON Skywatch Investigations
Filer's Files #09 3-4-00 - Chuck Warren Webmaster
Neil Morris writes that Christopher Farmer was able to decipher some of the message held in General Ramey's hand and photographed by Bond Johnson in 1947. The General was posed in his office for the photo in front of the Roswell crash debris fifty years ago. Chris was able to spend considerable time with the photograph and utilizing new commercial software has deciphered one line of the message. Chris states, "I was able to conclusively come up with the following in Line 2 of the message. It isn't exactly the way you have it on your website and I quote. The first word of that line which is not indisposed to be analyzed is "extract". The second word is "the" So the line actually reads: EXTRACT THE VICTIMS OF THE WRECK AND CONVAY ON TO THE" (Ft. Worth, TX). We looked at that line by the pixels so we hope this helps. When I have time I will look at the other segments. Thanks to Neil Morris and Chris Farmer. Editor's Note: Victims and a wreck seem to rule out a balloon and infers some type of craft crashed in 1947 at Roswell. The story below also confirms this theory.
Researcher Tom Carey reports, "I was able to interview Mr. Marion Brimberry a little over six months ago. It was clear to me that he was sorry that he ever said anything about it in the first place. It was like pulling teeth to get him to say anything to me. In brief, all he would tell me was that, back in late 1947 or early 1948 when he was stationed at Ft. Worth Army Air Field, he was part of a flight crew waiting on the tarmac for a B-29 to taxi up for boarding. In the group waiting was General Roger Ramey who was talking to some of the officers in Brimberry's crew. Brimberry told me that he overheard Ramey tell one of the officers that, "It [the weather balloon story] was the biggest lie they ever made me tell.", and that the real stuff was really, "Out of this world." That's basically all that I could get out of Mr. Brimberry who is a very reluctant witness. Thanks to Tom Carey
Tim Cooper's writes concerning "The Majestic-12 Report". The controversy within the United States UFO community and to some degree, the United States government itself, is whether in the late 1940's a super-secret extraterrestrial technology intelligence collection and research and development program was created by a special classified executive order and whether such an entity exists today." One could say that the military attempted communications with extraterrestrials as early as 1924 with the Army's Signal Corps radio experiment documented in the archives of the National Security Agency when William F. Friedman, father of American cryptology, first reviewed graphs and images taken from a crude television recording of what has been reported as coded transmissions and images from Mars. ( For further updates and reports. Please see .. Thanks to Tim Cooper and Robert Collins.


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