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carnivora vid

750x90 $1,495/mo - With 60 Second Network Radio Commercials...$1995

750x90 $1,495/mo - With 60 Second Network Radio Commercials...$1995

750x90 $1,495/mo - With 60 Second Network Radio Commercials...$1995


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National Radiation Tracking Center
Updated 365 Days A Year
See 'Hottest' Cities In US

Devvy Kidd

PCR Lawsuits – Should Hospitals Be Included?

2020 Election Audits
What's the End Game Plan?

COVID-19 Shots - The Dead Have Names

The U.S. Not Prepared for Mini Ice Age:
Wake Up

Covid 'Vaccines' and Auto Immune Diseases
These 'Vaccinations' Are Against Federal Law

COVID Vaccines: Dead Must Be Autopsied

Deaths: States Must Stop
Their Vaccine Programs

Covid Kill Shot…Rising Deaths, Serious Injuries,
Spontaneous Miscarriages And Stillbirths

H.R. 1 vs States Rights

Texas Disaster - What Americans Need to Know

State's Rights Seventeenth
Amendment - Part 4

COVID-19: Request Investigation at State
Legislatures Health/Science Committees

Stolen Election:
States Need Not Comply, Pt 3

Stolen Election: States Must Act Now, Pt 2

Stolen Election: States Must Act Now

Massive Tech and CorporateCensorship:
Bite Back

GA Senate Run-offs
Can Lin Wood Prevail in New Lawsuit?

President Trump, Take Kraken to the
American People Live On Television



Mitchell Henderson

The Coming UFO-ET Contrived Invasion

WW3 Getting Closer And Putin's Plea
To Europeans For Peace

The Latest On China-Taiwan
And Ukraine-Russia Wars

WW3 And Nuclear Fallout - The Real Risks

Jeff & Mitchell Henderson
War Rapidly Approaching, Vax Update - Pt 10

Jeff & Mitchell Henderson - Update On
China-Taiwan And Covid Vax Latest - Pt 9

Jeff & Mitchell Henderson - Pt 8

Jeff & Mitchell Henderson - Mass Pscyhological
Warfare On America - Pt 7



Erica Khan

The Growing Concern And Fear About Being
Dosed With Spike Proteins By The Vaxxed

Spike Protein Shedding...And Dr Don Yeadon

The Passing Of Something...Spike Protein Or
Virus (Or Both) ...from The Vaxed To The
UnVaxed...Is Clear And Resulting Serious Illness
Is Now Clear - Worse By The Day

New Reports Of The Vaxed Transmitting
Synthetic Spike Proteins To The Unvaxed
Causing Severe Reactions - Esp In Women

How The Vax Will Make Your Immune System
Attack And Destroy Your Own Body - Listen

Erica Khan, NanoScientist
Terrible New 'Vaccine' Revelations

Jeff & Erica Kahn
'Vax' Deaths And Injuries

Jeff & Erica Khan
Deadly News On The 'Vaccine' & Virus

Jeff And Erica Khan
Truth About The 'Vaccine' and Virus


Tucker Carlson
Video Commentaries

Tucker On Mother's Day And 'Birthing People'...

Tucker Carlson Shatters Media Silence
And Asks Why Are Thousands Of People
Dying From Covid Vaccine?

Tucker Responds To Buffoon Chelsea Clinton's
Asinine Criticisms Pfizer CEO Says People May
Have To Get The mRNA 'Vaccine' Every YEAR

Tucker Blasts The Democrat Effort To Change
The Entire National Voting Demographic

Canada's COVID Internment Camps Violate
'the Most Basic Human Rights'

Everything Biden Said Was False,
Racism And The Corporatocracy

Biden-Obama Raises Your Taxes
While He Dodges His Own - Watch

Tucker Hits S. Dakota Governor Kristi Noem
for 'Caving' to the NCAA on Tranny Bill

Tucker rips into Fauci on social distancing
And calls out health officials for double
standards on BLM riots

Tucker slams woke generals over
pregnant woman's claim the Pentagon
is a 'mockery of the US military'

Tucker ROASTS Media And Dem Lawmakers
For 'Playing Up' Imaginary QAnon Invasion In DC

Tucker Says George Soros Is Trying To
Take My Show off The Air

Tucker Injection Rollout - 'Tons of Celebrity
Endorsements...Not a Lot of Science'

How Democrats Are 'Flat-Out Lying'
About January 6

Biden Border Invader Policy Seems Designed
To Hurt The United States As Profoundly As
Possible - Watch

DeSantis's Big Tech Crackdown Will Set
the Standard for the Rest of the Country

Tucker Carlson Rails Against White Nationalist
Crackdown, Warns Viewers - 'That's YOU'

Big Tech, Big Business And The Dems
About to DESTROY America as We Know It

Tucker Exposes Media Organizations And
Reporters Who REFUSED To Report
On Degenerate Pervert Hunter Biden...
To Help Creeper Joe Get Elected

The Media RIGGED The Election!
Tucker On The New Hunter Biden Scandal



Frosty Wooldridge

Critical Race Theory:
If You're Black, You're a Victim
If You're White, You're a Villain

America Is NOT Prepared For The Future;
Nor What's Coming

What About the Confusion in Washington DC?

When Stopped by Cops, Don't
Fight or Run from the Law

Is Anyone Angry About Biden's Inviting
An Invasion Of Our Borders?

Critical Race Theory: Write a Letter to Your Editor!

Critical Race Theory: Turning Reality
into Something Beyond Understanding

Joe Biden WAY Past the
Threshold of Senility & Fragility

Immigration Is An Act of War:
With Violence Delayed

The Irony Of The Statue of Liberty Inviting
Endless Immigration Into America

Dismantling America's Culture:
Kermit The Frog As a Racist

Write A Letter To Your Congressional
Representatives In DC

America's Leaders and Citizens Fail To Grasp
The Enormity Of Our Predicament

Mathematics Is Now A Racist Equation:
White Privilege vs Black Privilege

America Is A Nice Prison...
If You Don't Like It, You Have Choices

114,000 Needless Military Suicide
Deaths Via Iraq and Afghanistan Wars

What's Really Going On In America?

Tyranny Of Resistance:
Cubicle Poster To Real Life

Curious Feelings About Losing America's

Blacks Are Superior to Whites:
Said Head of Civil Rights Division
Kristen Clarke

Biden As the Post Turtle President of America



Dick Allgire

Allgire's Remote Viewing Hits Archive

Allgire Scores Again...
This Time The Navy's UFO

Alligire And The 'Woke' CIA Agent - Watch

More Incredible Dick Allgire
Remote Viewing Hits

Allgire Foresaw The Glacier Collapse In India
Which Has Left Over 200 Missing

New World Order Plans Announced This
Week At Davos Conference - Watch

Allgire - News Commentary & Bitcoin At $100,000?

Allgire Remote Viewed The Capitol False
Flag A Full Month Before It Happened

The DEFI Network Graphic

Allgire Saw Capitol Chaos In Early December

Dick Allgire Sees Trump Giving A Deadly
Serious Nationwide Address From Oval Office

Dick Allgire Saw The BAD Vax Reactions
In Those Taking The Shots



Yoichi Shimatsu

10 Years After Fukushima
The Official Deception Is Discredited

China-Cartel Duo Throws Opioid Drones
And DACA Satanists At The USA

The Cartel-China-Dem Drug Alliance
...Turns Dreamers Into Killers

Jeff & Yoichi Shimatsu
Shocking Events At The Mex Border

Biden-Linked Jesuits Wrecked Arecibo SETI
To Avenge Their LUCIFER Fiasco

The Biden-Obama-Rice NSC team funded
COVID biosynthesis - A Shocker - Part 28

Biden Is A Brutal Enforcer Of The
Jesuit-Illuminati Globalist Warmongers

Why Fukushima Will Soon Lump Even More
Radioactive Water Into The Pacific Ocean

Immunity Due To TB Inoculation Points Directly
To Coronavirus BioEngineering - Part 27

Defective Three Gorges Dam Adds To
China's Year Of Misery


David Icke

‘Harms’...The Trojan Horse
To Full Blown Fascism

Hypnotised Humanity
In The Covid Era

Human Antenna Broadcasting
The Vaccine Frequency

'Third Wave' Of Sickness And Death
Will Be Dominated By Those Who Have Been

Fascism Or Football... Which Matters Most?

Vaccine Depopulation - Must Watch

The Walls Of Fascism Are Closing In Fast
Stop It Now Or Forever Live In Slavery

Why The Cult Agenda Is So Anti-Human

Murder By Vax Evidence Mounts Daily - Watch

The War On Men And Women

QAnon Is A PsyOp Wake Up, People!

You Won't Believe What
Is Next

All Who Take The Vaccine
Will Be Human Lab Rats

There IS No Virus, The Latest PROOF

Top Iranian Nuclear Scientist Assassinated
In Tehran - Guess Who Might Have Done it...

New Definition Of Insanity
Taking The Gates Vaccine

There Is No Virus
When That Penny Drops, All Else Follows


Kelleigh Nelson

The COVID Jab, a Genocidal Weapon of
Mass Destruction

Mandela's Communist Hatred Of Whites
Grows In American Soil

Officer Derek Chauvin - Human Sacrifice
to Marxist Mobs

Mandela's Communist White Hatred
Germinates In American Soil

Unraveling the Lies and Dropping the Masks

America's Vaccine Passports and China's
Social Credit System

The Demonic Carnage of Vaccines Part Three

Blood Lust - Covid Vaccines and
Culling the Population - Part Two

Blood Money Experimentation For Profit

If It Bleeds It Leads - The Morbidity Of The 'News'

America's Medical Guinea Pigs, Depopulation
and Eugenics - Part One

Rabid Marxists Dominate America's Judiciary

Satan's Minions - The Financiers of
Michael R. Pence - Part 3

Mike Pence - Waterboy For
The Deep State - Part 2

Judas Pence Joins Aaron Burr
And Benedict Arnold - Part 1

The Real Virus Is Not Covid,
It's Communism

The Biden-Harris Treasonous
Marxist Revolution

America's Subversion Factor,
The Cancer Of Comunism

Courageous Patriots Challenge
the Invisible Government

Stealing The Presidency: Deep State And


Dr. Eric T. Karlstrom

The NSA Global Spy Network - Episode 1
Opening the Five Eyes - Exposing the Spies

Episode 2 - Opening The Five Eyes
...Exposing the Spies

Episode 6 - Opening the Five Eyes
Deciphering UK's JTRIG (Joint Threat
Response Intelligence Group)

Episode 10 - Opening the Five Eyes
...Exposing The Spies - Episode 10

Dr. Charles Morgan Speech Highlights
...PsychoNeurobiology And War

Behind the Lies That Blind

The Global Gestapo - Intro by Dr. Eric Karlstrom

A Race of Cybernetic Slaves

Dr. Rauni Kilde’s Warning To Humanity

The National Security Racketeering Network

Converstion Between a Perp and a Target
(from 'Bright Light On Black Shadows' 2015)

On Recruits (Perps) By Dr. Rauni Kilde

Testimony of Stephen O’Keefe (Targeted Individual)

TI Tom Dooley (Targeted Individual)

Mama Don’t Allow No Gangstalkin’ Round Here



Bill Gheen ALIPAC

Rense And Gheen 1-27-21

Koch Brothers Organizations Targeted For
Supporting Amnesty for Illegal Aliens

Encouraged Illegals + Discouraged Americans
Equals Destruction For GOP and America - ALIPAC

15 Pro Amnesty Republicans Targeted
By ALIPAC Defeated in 2018

ALIPAC Backed Candidates ask AG to
crack down on non-citizen voters

ALIPAC Packet Cover Flyer for Operation
Squeaky Wheel in DC On October 2-4



Gilad Atzmon

The Gibraltar Covid Massacre

Everything You Need to Know about Israel
and its Mass 'Vax' Campaign

Israeli Politics and the Metaphysics
of the Shtetl

Hot off the Press - Pfizer CEO
Albert Bourla admits Israel is the 'world's lab'

Bibi Pfizer and the Election

Israel's Third Lockdown
A Spectacle Of Failure

Israel leading Scientist Admits The Vax
'may not be as effective as we thought'

A Brief Examination of Some Facts
Related to Mass Vaccination

The Fascist Scale Revisited

Being 'Chosen' vs Being 'Ordinary'
in 2020s America

The Interpretation Of (Left) Dreams

The Democratic Facade

Israeli Arms Trade...The Lobby...and the
Meaning of Chosenness



Jordan Maxwell

Everything Explained! Full 2 Hours

Everything Explained! - Photos

Great Laughlin NV Presentation

Brilliant Lecture - July 17, 2020

Order out of Chaos video

Dawn Of A New Day!



  Betty Martini - Aspartame!

Print Out This Hospital Form Demanding
NO Aspartame Under Any Circumstances

Censorship even at the Post Office on
Aspartame - How far will they go to hide
the truth?

The Missing Coronavirus - No Reward,
but let us know if you find it
Read Pfizer's Own Records!

New Aspartame Book - 'Double Blind'
...By Ralph Walton MD

Warning! Diet Soda Can Kill Older Women

Mike Yeadon, ex VP And Chief Scientist
of Pfizer For 20 Years: 'You do not vaccinate
people who aren't at risk for a disease'

Dr Betty Martini And Catherine Austin Fitts
Win The NHF Health Freedom Hero Award
Bravo! - Two Of The Greatest Honored

Morgellons Moving Nanotech Fibers
Are In The Covid-19 Test Swabs!

Is the Pandemic over? Doctors, nurses and
other medical employees explain the truth!

Your Health In A Vax Jab?
Brave Doctor Speaks Truth

Rescinding Aspartame's FDA Approval
Depends on Maryland's Federal Chief

September Aspartame Awareness Month
Rumsfeld's Pandemic

The Untold Deadly Truth Of Diet Coke

What Happens To Your Body Within Just
One Hour Of Drinking Diet Sodas

Critical Information for Pilots
Aspartame Pilot Alert



Bernard Grover - The Great 'Q' Psy Op

Real Slavery

A Qvian Finally Responds
...Stirring The Hornet’s Nest

Bernard Grover, Catherine Austin Fitts
& Dr. Joseph Farrell Q & the Qult
An Analysis Of The Insidious QAnon PsyOp

White Lies, Damn Lies...And Statistics

Pre-Qognition - There's Truly A Perfect Storm

Mainstream Q

Is QAnon the newest American religion
...A Political Cult?

Time To Q The Revolution

The Game Is Afoot

Q d'Etat



Dean Henderson

The Current View From South Dakota

Henderson Interview On 5G And Corona Virus

Illuminati vs Iran

Dirty Money & The Anunnaki

Illuminati, Nazis & The Illegal State of Israel

The Federal Reserve Cartel...The Illuminati Roundtable

Mumbai, Socialism & The British Raj



Mike King - RealHistoryChannel

Stupid-19 Suddenly Discovers India. Why?

Commie 'Cancel Culture' Comes
for the Great Napoleon

Killing the Kennedys - A Shocking History

Real History 1939 - Hitler's Astonishing And
Incredibly Sincere Peace Letter to France

Big Media Bosses Behind US Entry Into WW2

The Newhouse Family of Fake News

Marxist-Libtard Twofer - 'Climate Racism'

1940 - Hitler Airdrops Peace Leaflets Over
London While The British Were Already Bombing

The Rats Are Rising Rapidly Through Ranks
of The US Military

Bill Gates of Hell Now Pushing the Climate Con

France Invaded Germany 3 Times - 1914, 1923, 1939

Post Election Fraud - Military Coup in Myanmar

The Phony 'Pastors' Who Opposed Hitler

Stupid-19 Meets The Holohoax

Sen Lankford & Bill Belichick
Profiles in Cowardice



Charlotte Iserbyt

Jeff & Charlotte Iserbyt And Dr. Lorraine Day
Nailing Down The TRUTH Of Covid & The Vax

Charlotte And Jeff Reveal The
Pilgrims Society - Listen!

Shut Up About The Deep State, It Calls
Itself The Pilgrim's Society...
That Is Its Specific Name And The Vax
Nightmare Is Its Biggest Game

The Pilgrim Society
Created Lenin & Communism!

Charlotte's Remarkable Ramblings

Charlotte's Magnificent 'Green Dress' Interview
The Deliberate Dumbing Down Of Our Schools
And Children From The Truly Brilliant Charlotte

Communist Presidents Since Calvin Coolidge?

The Devil's Thirteen-Pronged Fork

The Plan to Collapse Local Government

Rense Interview 12-17-2020

The President's News Conference

Trump's Love Affair With Israel's Netanyahu
And Trump's Obedient Remarks As President
Of The Zionist Israeli States Of America

Soviet Russia Was Interested In A Trump
Run For President Back In 1988 !

Donald Trump...Just Another Sinner Born Again

Euro Federalists Are Financed By US Spy Chiefs

My Robin's beautiful nest and three beautiful eggs



Dave Martin

A Korean Doctor Zhivago

Giuliani (song parody)

Ken Starr's Contempt for Your Intelligence

Crisis in Ukraine and the Nordstream II
Gas Pipeline

They Want to Take Me Away (song parody)

Thomas Merton
Enemy of the Warfare State - Vid

DC Dave - 'Moderna' (song parody)

Intimidated Witness Forgives Kenneth Starr

Jefferson Davis In His Own Words

YouTube Censorship (song parody)

The Actual Dark Side of Dr. Seuss?

All Star 1996 Panel on Vince Foster's Death

CIA Election Meddling

Vince Foster, Race and Davidson College Snowflakes

Joe (song parody)

Kavanaugh Stabbed Supporters And The Nation
in the Back over Vote

Undeserving Respect

Covid Vaccine (song parody)

Swamp Creature (song parody)

Letter to William Styron about Vince Foster's



Charles Smith

Softwar Enews - Secure Two Factor Encryption For SMS

Triton - Son Of Stuxnet



Frosty Wooldridge Adventures

Riding Toward the Horizon

No Ordinary Moments - Your Epic Life

There's a Patience in the Wild
...Dogged Tireless Persistent

To All The Frustrated Step-Fathers In America

How to handle anyone who drives you nuts

Follow Your Dreams No Matter What Your Age:
A Response

Follow Your Dreams No Matter What Your Age

Raging Headwinds, Magic of a Moonbow,
Boot Dropped into a Canyon, New Zealand:
You Can't Pedal Slowly Enough

Shearing Sheep And Eating Mutton
In The Paradise Of New Zealand



John Barbour

Top Investigative Journalist, Wayne Madsen,
reviews John Barbour's Fabulous Book!

Percy Westmore Painting
Robinson, Jaffe & Douglas

The USA's 10.5 Worst Presidents

John Barbour's New Book Now On Kindle!

That Awful Quiz Show - Watch

John Barbour On The National Enquirer - Vid

Shrine Of The Tortilla - Watch

John Barbour On JFK, Words And Wecht

John Barbour Recalls Golfing
with Sean Connery

Mt. Rushmore from N of the border

John Barbour Makes His Views Clear On Trump

John Barbour With Bryant Gumbel - Watch



Ted Twietmeyer

The Most Common Reason All Electronics Fail

Evidence America Is Secretly Under Martial Law

Was The World Hit With An Ethnic BioWeapon?

What You Don't Hear About Is
What May Destroy Recovery

Loss Of UK Revenue Now Worries The EU

Company Admits Your iRobot Is Spying on YOU

Why A Manned Mars Mission May Be Deadly

Get Angry - Global Tax On Consumers Being Studied

Inside Look At A New LED Streetlight
A 5G Weapon System Being Installed In
The UK... Evil And Potentially Deadly Mind
Control Devices Complete With Scanning
Antenna - Watch



David Oates - The Stunning World
Of Reverse Speech

More RS Revelations On The Evil Ones
Who Are Pushing The Vax Genocide Plan

RS Exposes Oz PM As A Heartless,
Evil Globalist Fraud

Jeff And David Oates
Reverse Speech Shreds Fauci


Dr. Joseph Chiappalone, MD

Karmic Debts Due

Again With The 2 Agendas - Part 1
A Clearer View Of Good And Evil
And Their Final Battles

The Coming Wars!

END of SPIRITUAL WAR is in Sight!
The Current Status Quo!

Suffering In The Animal Kingdom As Seen
Through The Eyes Of A Gnostic - Pt 2

Suffering In The Animal Kingdom As Seen
Through The Eyes Of A Gnostic - Pt 1

The Four Phases Of Finality!

The Blind Can't See - Part One

Our Metaphysical Anatomy Is Complex

End Of The Earth
...And All Physical Things Part Three

End Of The Earth
...And All Physical Things Part Two

End Of The Earth
...And All Physical Things Part One



Stefan Verstappen

How It Went Down
7 Dire Warnings from the Future

Liberalism Explained

How It Will Go Down - Agenda 2030

3 Reasons to Have Hope

How It Will Go Down - Anniversary Edition, Full Podcast

How to Spot Lies and Deception


Preston James, PhD

Can 5G Wireless Takedown Of America Be Stopped?

Smoking Gun Proof Mideast Terror is
well-financed organized crime

What Exactly Are The King's New Clothes?

Preston James - Secret And Silent Frequency Wars

If I'd Only Known Then What I Know Now




David Dees

Estate Sale - Art And Things!

David Would Often Perform For Those
In Extended Care Facilties

Dees Art Gallery

Tribute By Jeff Rense
Photos Of Graveside Memorial
Comments From Friends And Fans

See Trailer For An Outstanding
Short Film About David - Here

Jeff And David - Wonderful Radio Shows


Patty Doyle PhD

Some Words And Pictures Celebrating Our
Greatly-Missed And Irreplaceable Patty Doyle



Stephen Lendman

The Truth About Nixon & 'Watergate'

ICE - An Unwanted Alien Instrument Of State Terror

Justice Kennedy's Retirement Assures
Greater Injustice in America

Trump Wants Unwanted Aliens Denied Due Process and Equal Protection

Trump Regime Plans New Concentration Camps for Unwanted Aliens

For All Of Stephen's Latest Columns
Click Here!


Texe Marrs

Jeff & Texe Marrs - Jewish Instigated
Revolutions Throughout History
Facts Are Facts

Jeff & Texe Marrs - Robot Supremacy
And Man's Destiny

Communist Subversion - A Plan For
Total World-Wide Control

Fake Pandemics And BioWeapons
The Pandemic Master Plan

Communism is Judaism Unfolding



Professor Doom

My Cancer Story...
How Modern Medicine Killed Me

The Master's Degree Bubble Has Burst

Departmental Academic Diversity Officer
...The New Campus Commissar

Media Spin On A 'Racistsexisthomophobe' Prof

A Look At A Corrupted State University

A Scholarly Look At The Social Justice
Takeover of Higher Education



Dr. Alan Cantwell MD

Cantwell - Does A Germ Cause Alzheimer's?

Robert Strecker Memorial

Cancer And Most Diseases Are Caused By BACTERIA



 Joe Tells It Straight

JoeTalk - 26 Million - Vid

JoeTalk - China Will Attack US With AI

JoeTalk - Communist Dems Are Destroying America
Through Treason And Gun Confiscation - Vid

Joe Warns Americans 'Hide Your Protection'

No More Rock And Roll - Vid



Anthony Lawson - (Five Stars - Rense)

In Memory Of Anthony Lawson - Vid


Vital Data

State Dept Says #1

Declared Communist
Goals In US - Familiar?

The Eve Of Destruction

Images Of Heroic
American Activists

Spilling The Beans -
The Trouble With Soy

Jeffrey Smith - GM Food
Danger, Potential
- Vid

Benjamin Freedman -
Facts Are Facts

An Alternate Look At
WW1 & WW2 - 1/4

An Alternate Look At
WW1 & WW2 - 2/4

An Alternate Look At
WW1 & WW2 - 3/4

An Alternate Look At
WW1 & WW2 - 4/4

Jesus Was NOT A Jew -
Benjamin Freedman

Confessions Of A
KGB Master Spy

How A Zionist-Communist Takeover Happens - Vid

The Dark Side
Of The Internet

Click Here

Vike UFO Archive

Click Here

Turkey - Stunning UFO
Video - The Best Ever?

140 Years Of UFO
Sightings - Part I

140 Years Of UFO
Sightings - Part II

140 Years Of UFO
Sightings - Part III

Eustace Mullins

Click Here

Royal Raymond Rife

Rife Documentary Trailer #1

Rife Documentary Trailer #2

Rife Documentary Trailer #3

Rife Therapy Treats Lyme Disease

Dutch TV Talks Rife


The Battle Of LA 1942

Click Here

  Disclaimer And Fair Use

See How The SAME Handful Of Huge Institutional
Investors Own The World's Controlling Industries...
In FACT Only TWO Companies Control The Planet
While World's Richest 1% Own 82% Of World's Wealth


Are We Being Set Up for Mass Depopulation?
Dr. Michael Yeadon Thinks So - Analysis Mercola

Is This a Possible Covid Vaccine Antidote?

Fauci Project Mgr Confesses To Organizing
Gain Of Function Studies In Wuhan, China

Fauci-Funded Researchers Headlined Wuhan Lab
'Gain Of Function' Conference

Klaus Schwab Wrote The Script For Covid
Lockdown Takeover

Pentagon says leaked VIDEO showing mysterious
spherical UFO is genuine & under investigation by
The Navy 'UFO task force'

66% Americans think Govt Is Lying About ET

Allgire Scores Again...This Time The Navy's UFO

Black Men Have Lower Cognitive Skills Than Whites
NFL Asserts In Brain Injury Lawsuits - Finally the NFL
Tells the truth about Something

Comrade Psaki - Teaching '1619 Project' Critical Race
Theory In College Is 'Responsible'


MN Black School Choice Movement 'Explicitly
Rejects' Narrative That America Is Racist

'Violent extremists' could 'exploit' lifting of Covid
restrictions & attack large gatherings - US officials warn

Demand For Active Shooter Insurance Soars
As Post-Pandemic America Reopens

House Lawmakers Propose Creating $200 Million
Quick Reaction Force for US Capitol Security

Max Waters Accused of Abusing Air Marshals
Services, Leaving Flights Without Security

White House Says Investigating Reports
Invader Kids Housed in Buses Near Federal Facility

'Short-Fuse' Biden Reportedly Lashed Out at
HHS' Becerra During Meeting on Invader Crisis

No garden for American heroes, yes to censorship And
monument destruction? Biden revokes more Trump Eos

American Medical Association Embraces Critical
Race Theory, Rejects Meritocracy

Biden's Green 'No' Deal Exposes Virtue-Signaling
Americans NIMBY Views On Wind Power


Biden Admin Sued Over Alleged Discrimination
Against Certain Bar And Restaurant Owners

The Sequel To The Fall Of The Cabal - Watch

Gates – Buying the Press to Hide his True Nature

Illegal Invader Crosser Bought Property Where
He Crossed Now Allows Illegal Invaders To Enter
US Through It

Nearly 90% of Washington DC gas stations
are out of fuel - The PUNY $5 million Ransom
Shows It Was A False Flag Op

Pipeline panic is preview of Cyber Takedown
of The US infrastructure

Biden Energy Secy on Colonial Pipeline Crash
'If You Drove an Electric Car, Not a Problem'

Ray Jason - The Voyage Begins

A Korean Doctor Zhivago

Is This a Possible Covid Vaccine Antidote?


covid, pine needles, Native Am medicine & more

30 Yrs Ago, Dr. Robert Willner Accused
Anthony Fauci Of Genocide - Watch

10,570 Murdered, 405,259 Injured - Euro Database
of Adverse Drug Reactions for Covid Kill Shots

CDC Death Toll Following Experimental COVID Injections
Now at 4,434 – More than 21 Years of Recorded Vaccine
Deaths from VAERS - Remember VAERS Only Gets 1%
Of The Actual Incidents Happening

Stop the carnage now - Children & the Kill Shots
'CVS Pharmacy, Walgreens & Rite Aid all announce
Appointments Are Open To adolescent Children

Uncovered - A Direct Link Between the CCP
Military and a Major Pentagon-Funded Virus
Research Center - they are ALL in on it!

Update On Spike Proteins Being Transmitted
From Vaxxed To Unvaxxed People

Icke - Broadcasting The 'Vaccine' Frequency
...Many Are Now Human Antennas

COVID Vax Transmission Phenomenon
...A Deeper Look

Take COVID Lab Theory Seriously - Top Academics
Covid Is A Blatantly Obvious BioWeapon


Tucker calls for criminal investigation
of Fraud Fauci

Pro-Vaxers Find Anti-Vaxers MORE scientific
and rigorous in their thinking compared to
dumbed-down mask wearers

Scientists Question Need For COVID 'Booster
Shots' As Vaccine Makers Lock In Sales

Yankees - 8 Fully-Vaxxed Players, Staff Test Positive

About 50% Of CDC, FDA Workers Have Refused
The Kill Shots - Think They Might KNOW?

The Who Endorses Lockdowns Forever

The focus on Covid variants becoming an obsession

US Discusses Patent Waiver on COVID Vaccines
With WHO Chief, Trade Office Says

Delta To Force All new employees To Take Kill Shots

Americans Rejoice at Relaxed Mask Rules
...Wary of Cheaters


Rachel Maddow Says She Will Have To 'Rewire'
Her Brain To Not View Maskless As A 'Threat'

UK PM warns public that Indian Covid variant
could disrupt England's way out of lockdown

Is COVID-19 Seasonality Driven by Pollen?

Western Medicine Is Dead

'A glorified drug cartel whose dealers wore lab coats,
suits and ties' - how Big Pharma made Americans
addicted to opioids

Common Mycoplasmas - Now Weaponized, Pathogenic
And Deadly - 2001 - NIH Involved Fauci?

Cybersecurity tycoon Kaspersky claims CIA
hackers could actually be behind US Colonial
Pipeline attack blamed on Russian group

CIA spying scandal in Switzerland shows the
best way for intelligence services to read your
messages is to OWN the platform

Military Vets - 'We Are So Screwed' As Both CIA
And Army 'Woke' Recruitment Videos Shows Why
Our Adversaries Are Laughing At Us

71% Of Eligible Gen-Z Don't Qualify For Military
Due To Obesity, Criminal Records And Other Reasons


Cryptocurrency Is Now Worth More Than
All US Currency in Circulation

Biden-Obama State-Sponsored Labor Shortage

Restaurants Begin To Automate Amid Labor Shortage

Coast Guard Reopens Lower Mississippi River
After Closure Sparks Massive Barge Jam

TSMC Set To 'Double Down' And Vastly Increase
US Semi Production Investment In Arizona

Semiconductor chip shortage expected to cost
automakers $110 billion in revenues in 2021

Tesla Hit With Class-Action Lawsuit Over
Huge Solar Roof Price Hikes

COVID 'Billionaire Boom' Has Seen Aggregate
Wealth More Than Double To $13 Trillion

The End Of The LBMA Is Nigh

Did China Just Kill The Commodity-Craze?


Stage Is Set For 'Dramatically Higher Inflation'
As Transportation Costs Spike Even Higher

Musk's fortune thins by $20 BILLION since his
appearance on 'Saturday Night Live'

Proof-Of-Stake Coins Surge After Musk
Trashes Power-Hungry Bitcoin

Dogecoin Co-Creater Calls Elon Musk
'Self-Absorbed Grifter'

Psych Warfare – UK Govt Docs reveal how Brits
have been manipulated into complying w/Medical Fascism

French Court Upholds Police Ban on Pro-Palestinian
Protest Planned in Paris for Saturday

About 500 People Take Part in Anti-Israel
Protests in Berlin

Did BoJo stoke up racial tensions on the streets
of Glasgow to undermine Sturgeon's bid for
Scottish independence?

BoJo Reportedly Mulls Scrapping All Checks on
Goods Crossing Irish Sea Over EU's 'Maximalist' Stance

UK police arrest three suspected right-wing extremists
over 3D-printed firearm in counter-terrorism raids


Prince Harry angers Americans after
calling First Amendment 'bonkers'

Prince Harry's Podcast Jab at Prince Charles
For Inflicting 'Genetic Pain' Riles Palace Insiders

UK Supermarkets face fruit and veg shortage
over Govt not letting in enough foreign pickers

Zelensky Targets the Russian-Speaking
Opposition With 'Treason' Charges

Ex-Ukrainian Social Policy Minister Suggests
Zelensky Could Call Snap Election in August

Kiev may offer Moscow to exchange Medvedchuk
for Ukrainians convicted in Russia

Ukrainian army violates ceasefire 5 times, LPR says

Ukrainian army shells western part of Donetsk,
four buildings damaged, DPR says

Prague slams Russia's decision to include Czech
Republic into list of unfriendly states

West molding Ukraine into 'anti-Russia' & West
turns blind eye as crackdown on opposition makes
Donbass peace impossible - Putin


US plans 'large exercise' in central Europe
...attacks Russia

Blinken-Lavrov Summit to Discuss 'Totality' of
US-Russia Relations, State Dept Says

Designated Foreign Agent Radio Liberty Says
Bank Accounts of Its Moscow Bureau Frozen

Chinese lander touches down on Mars in
Beijing's first mission to Red Planet

China's Tianwen-1 Probe Touches Down
on Mars in Historic First

Tornado Blasts Through China's Wuhan,
Killing 6, Injuring Over 200 - Video

Back-to-back tornadoes kill 10 in China

Shenzhen Is Building One Cool Tower - Vid

Flaws Found In Australian Electronic
Voting Software - Gosh

Cyclone Tauktae Set to Intensify Into Severe Storm
Hit Parts of India and Pakistan


India administers first dose of Russian-made
Covid-19 vaccine Sputnik V as country battles
with more than 300,000 daily new cases

Venezuela calls for UN action against Israel

Ecuador Gets Russia's Go-Ahead for Sputnik V
COVID-19 Vaccine Supply

Two giant cracks in the ground close down
highway in Mexico - video and photos

Israel is deliberately obliterating media buildings
in Gaza to cover up the war crimes that will follow

Israeli Army Deplores Twitter Refusal to Publish
'Repetitive' Post About Sirens in Beersheba

Weaponizing fake news? IDF accused of misleading
Western media about 'Gaza invasion' to bait a
deadly trap for Hamas

Watch Israeli Jews, Arabs Stage Joint Rallies
to Try to Stop Spiraling Violence

SIX children & 2 women killed in Israeli
airstrike on crowded Gaza refugee camp

11 Palestinians killed by Israeli forces in West Bank


Death toll from Israeli strikes on Gaza Strip
climbs to 139

Over 1,330 Palestinians Injured During Escalation
Of Fighting With Israel, Red Crescent Says

'It's not over,' Netanyahu says, as Israel continues to pound Gaza with airstrikes

Israeli troops kill Jordanian after attacking anti
occupation rally on Jordan border

Jordanian police disperse pro-Palestinian
And pro-Hamas protesters marching towards
West Bank border

Hamas Military Wing Says Opened Rocket
Fire at Israeli Hatzerim Airbase

Hamas 'Ready' for Israel's Possible
Ground Attack in Gaza Strip

We oppose our money being used to fund
Israeli aggression - US lawmaker

'Terrorist state' Israel must be stopped - Erdogan

People March in Ankara in Support of Palestinians
Amid Escalation of Gaza Strip Conflict


Turkey's Erdogan Claims 'Virus' of Islamophobia
Turning Europe Into 'Open-Air Prison' for Muslims

The Many Modalities of Mushroom Retreats

Food as Medicine - The Answer to Mounting
Health Crises

Nearly a Fifth of Earth's Surface
Terraformed since 1960

mysterious stone structures in Saudi Arabia
are older than the pyramids

Israel Launches Air And Ground Operations
From Its Borders Into The Gaza Strip

Watch - A Hard Look At AI Which Is Loose All Over
The Net - AI Is 'Learning' Thousands Of Times
Faster Than Humans - There Is No Way To Stop It
The Smarter It Gets The Faster It Gets Even Smarter

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny About The Great Deception
96 Out Of 107 Pregnant Women Miscarried After
Taking The Kill Shot Vax - Watch

We Can Be Held Hostage At Any Time - Revealed
Hacked American Colonial Pipeline Paid Hackers
$5 Million In Ransom To Restore Operations

Colonial Pipeline Paid Hackers $5 Million In
Crypto Ransom Hours After Attack

Braindead Biden Wants to Discuss Colonial Pipeline
Hack With Putin - Doesn't Think Russia Was Involved

Ex-Trump Official Claims 100 Prominent Republicans
Ready to Break Away From GOP and Form New Party

CDC Announces There Is No need to wear a mask
if you are fully-vaccinated - New Guidelines

COVID 'Vaccines 'Must Be Stopped
Immediately Says Renowned Toxicologist

Rand Paul - Fauci's Wuhan Bat Research May
Make Him Culpable For Entire COVID Pandemic


Israeli Study - Pfizer vax causes catastrophic
damage to EVERY system of your body

'Significant Discrepancies' Discovered In AZ Audit
Ballots Off Up to 17.5% - 'Likely Biden Did Not Win'

Maricopa Audit - Withheld Routers, Missing Passwords
& Allegedly Removed 2020 Election Database

Susan Rice has assumed The role of shadow
president And Obama Is Pulling Her Strings

Nephew of Italian Prime Minister Alleges
CIA And Leonardo SpA Involvement In US
November 2020 Election Fraud

Sizzling Heat Building In Southwest

Pentagon Evacuates 120 Personnel From
Israel As Security Situation Unravels

Encore - Black Cop Who Murdered Ashli Is
Identified...A White-Hating BLM Militant

Encore - Antifa Protester - I Can't Wait Until
Black People Lynch White People'

Kabbalist...Gal Gadot Ripped Apart by
Entertainment Media for Pro-Israel Comments


Icke - 'Harms'...The Trojan Horse To Full Blown Fascism

American Farmers - Not Every Story Is An Easy One

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny About The Great Deception
96 Out Of 107 Pregnant Women Miscarried After
Taking The Kill Shot Vax - Watch

DeSantis to pardon those charged
for defying COVID rules

We Won! Sprouts Markets Drop Mandatory
Mask Policy Nationwide

Toxic Food Peddler McDonald's to encourage
'vaccine hesitant' Americans to get lethally
injected for a free cancer burger

The Deadly, Massive Covid Vax Coverup
...Huge Numbers Of Dead And Injured

Johns Hopkins Confirms Reality Of Self
Spreading Vaccines

Eric Clapton after Kill Shot - 'I should
never have gone near the needle'

NYT Fact Checks 'Deceiving' CDC on
Masks and Outdoor Transmission


WY Is 11th State To Ban Injection passports

Worry About Contracting COVID-19
Hits New Low in U.S.

Polly - BOOM...Guess Who Fauci's Wife is!

Former VP Of Pfizer, Mike Yeadon, Drops Terrifying
Bombshell On Vaccine Scheme - 'Entirely Possible
This Will Be Used For Massive-Scale Depopulation'

Google fined $120 million by Italy's antitrust
authority for abusing market position to block
rival's smartphone app

Foreign tech giants to be forced to open office
in Russia as officials look to stop companies
ignoring demands from regulators

Bitcoin sell-off wipes $365 BILLION
from crypto market

Bitcoin Plunges Further As Musk Claims
Energy Usage Trend Is 'Insane'

Crypto Mania - Dawn of a New Era

Cryptos Slide After Report Binance Under
Investigation By IRS, DOJ


Billionaires, Crypto Traders Fume Over Elon
Musk's Nonsensical Bitcoin Reversal

Goodbye Elon, Hello Steve Cohen - Point72
To 'Get Big' In Crypto

Pro-Lockdown Elite Are Sinking Their Money
Into New, Bigger Yachts

Boris Confirms 'Nothing' is Ruled Out
in Responding to Indian Variant - How
Worried Should We Be?

Almost Five Million People Waiting to Start
NHS Hospital Treatment in England Alone

Partners Don't Use Blackmail - Top German
Lawmaker Slams US Attempts to Block Nord
Stream 2

Swedish Police Suspect Ten Times More Drugs
Getting Smuggled In Than Previously Thought

'Prison imam' praised bin Laden & preached
destruction of 'satanic' Vatican in Italy – police

'No immigration for five years' - Ex-EU negotiator
Barnier's bid for French presidency is straight from
the Brexit playbook

Ex-UK Prime Minister David Cameron Says
He Was Paid More by Greensill Capital
Than He Earned as PM


Prince Harry Reveals He Wanted to Quit Royal
Service in His 20s Because 'Look What It Did
to My Mom'

More than a quarter of EU adults reluctant
to get Covid vaccine, survey finds

Oxford, Pfizer COVID Vax Cocktail Prompts
More Frequent Yet Mild Side Effects - Study

Top scientists denounce Big Pharma for implying
annual Covid booster shots are crucial

Putin hands down instructions to tighten
requirements for civilian gun ownership

Putin, Guterres discuss Palestinian-Israeli conflict

Russia calls on Israel to 'immediately' end
settlement of Palestinian territories & maintain
peace at Jerusalem's sacred sites

Kremlin emphasizes no alternative to diplomatic
settlement of Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Sputnik V approved for use in Republic of Maldives

Belarus to purchase, manufacture Russia's
Sputnik Light COVID-19 vaccine


Western messaging about 'rules-based intl order'
designed to undermine UN And To circumvent
international law, says Russian FM

Russia has no plans for 'taking over' Donetsk,
Lugansk republics — Kremlin

Moscow Decries Arctic Militarisation, Concerned
About Recent US Submarine Activity Near Russia

Russian Actress Heads to International Space
Station to Shoot First Film in Space

SolarWinds Hacking Claim a 'False Flag'
by US Intel Seeking More Funding, Moscow Says

Zelensky targeting opposition leaders for 'treason'
won't help Ukraine's unity problems – but could
shatter the country for good

Azerbaijani Military Tried to Move Their Posts
Deeper Inside Armenian Territory, Yerevan Says

Japanese government sued by South Korean
fisheries over planned release of deadly,
Radioactive Fukushima water into Pacific

Tokyo's vaccine tsar blames rigid jab-approval
processes for Japan's lagging Covid Vaxxing

China aiming to reuse 60% of urban
household refuse by 2025 as Beijing
strives for less wasteful future


China's Top Economic Planner 'Indefinitely Suspends'
High-Level Economic Dialogue With Australia

Chinese Stocks Tumble After Beijing Vows To
Crack Down On Surging Commodity Prices

More Senior Bankers Are Abandoning London
In Favor Of Europe

US Producer Prices Surge Most On Record

The Numbers Tell Us That Airline Passengers
Are Coming Back

Mice plague in Australia is biblical in videos

Panic Grips Uttar Pradesh After Bodies Found
Buried in Sand on Banks of Ganges River - Vid

Colombia's Minister of Foreign Affairs
Claudia Blum Resigns

'Iron Dome is Doomed' - Outrage as Pakistan
Actress Tweets Hitler's Quote About Killing Jews
Amid Israel-Gaza Violence

Bella Hadid receives widespread support for
statements condemning 'ethnic cleansing'
of Palestinians


Bella Hadid Sparks Anger as She Accuses Israel
of 'Colonisation, Ethnic Cleansing' of Palestinians

Hamas missiles target Israel's Ramon Airport
in retaliation for aggression against Palestinians

New surprise awaiting Israel? Hamas says has
yet to unveil main military assets

Qassam Brigades - 'No red lines' exist for
protecting al-Aqsa mosque, Pal territories

Israel Orders 'Massive Reinforcement' Of Reserve
Troops To Quell Riots - Ground Forces mass Near Gaza

Israeli airstrike targets sr Hamas official's home

Israeli forces destroy Hamas internal security

IDF seemingly celebrates leveling Gaza
residential block with 'before & after'
meme on Instagram

Israeli media in hot water after state TV
broadcasts 'lynching' of 'Arab' by Jewish mob

Rouhani - Islamic countries must cooperate
in defending Palestine against Zionist aggression


Zarif Reportedly Doubts Iron Dome's Effectiveness
as Israel-Hamas Tensions Grow

Moscow, Damascus blast US for triggering
radicalization in major Syrian refugee camp

US Deploys F-18 Fighters to Saudi Arabia
Amid Escalating Violence in Mideast

Houthis Claim Shelling Saudi Border
City of Najran, Aramco Oil Facility

Freed Traitor Jonathan Pollard Calls Biden
Admin An 'Enemy' That Must Be Destroyed

Why And How They Plan To Kill Seven Billion
By Dr. Vernon Coleman - Watch

Amazing Polly - This Isn't About A Virus

Sixth Man to Walk on the Moon Says Aliens
Prevented a Nuclear War on Earth to Ensure
Our Existence

America Is NOT Prepared for the Future
Nor What's Coming

Devvy - PCR Lawsuits...Should Hospitals Be Included?

Biden to Reporters - 'You Guys Are Bad, I'm Not
Supposed to Be Answering All These Questions
...I'm Supposed to Leave' - Vid

Colonial Pipeline Says Operations Restarted

The Colonial Pipeline Cyberattack
...Things To Ponder

In Midst of Massive Gas Shortages Crazy, Insane
MI Governor Whitmer Orders Shutdown of Pipeline


BRAVE AZ Rep Paul Gosar Stands Up For Ashli
Babbitt, Demands Name Of Cop Who Executed Her

Cop Who Murdered Ashli Is Identified
...A White-Hating BLM Militant

Antifa Protester - I Can't Wait Until Black
People Lynch White People'

Antifa chants 'death to America,' burns American
flag to protest Police appreciation dinner in DC

Racist Biden Officials Ignore BLM-Antifa Riots
Say 'White Supremacy' is Greatest Threat to US

The Fatal Pathology Of Liberalism

Wooldridge - Critical Race Theory - If You're Black
You're a Victim - If You're WhiteYou're a Villain

Donald Trump Touts UK Voter ID Reform
...Says US Should Adopt One, Too

Border Patrol Union - Impossible To Protect
American Public With Open Border

House GOP Votes to Oust Liz Cheney
From Party Leadership Post


White House Edits Its Own Quotes Before
Press Allowed to Publish Them, Report Says

Van Morrison Is Being Blacklisted For His
Latest Act Of 'WrongThink'

Countdown to mass FAMINE has begun
and people you know will starve and die

Tara Reade - Sexual assault allegations are a
career death sentence for anyone... except an
establishment Democrat

Ghislaine Maxwell's Sex-Trafficking Trial
Pushed Back as Prosecutors Add New Charges

State Pupils in TX Set to Receive Limited Exposure
to Critical Race Theory After Passed Bill

Texas officials support resolution to posthumously
pardon George Floyd over 2004 drug arrest

Nine Republican-Led States Reject All
COVID-19 Unemployment Benefits

'Economist' Proposes 'Re-Employment Bonus'
To Bribe Government-Sponsored Couch-Sitters
To Get A Job

Discovery Of Massive Bridge Crack Forces US
Coast Guard To Close Portion Of Mississippi River


Millennials commit fewer crimes than boomers
And Gen X Says new study

AZ election audit becomes 'black swan' event

The Fourth Turning - Where Are We Right Now?

Why Are Gates and Pentagon Releasing
GMO Mosquitoes in Florida Keys?

USDA May Allow GMO Trees to Be Released
Into the Wild

Five Year Old Report Discusses Weaponizing
Coronavirus In 'Chilling' Detail To Fight WWIII

Gates Foundation, DARPA funding self-replicating,
weaponized vax tech that began under Apartheid,
to exterminate Blacks...Is Now powering covid vax

New Documents Prove Fauci And
The NIH Funded Wuhan Labs

McDonald's & Uber Going To Help White
House Encourage Vaccine

OH Gov DeWine Bribes Citizens Who Agree To
Take The Kill Shots With A $1 Million lottery


Post Vax Mammograms Showing Alarming
Cancer Signs In Healthy Women

Woman, 35, dies from brain bleed days after Vax
Thousands have died but Biden continues to push
the deadly injections

57 Yr Old Syracuse Man Mocks 'Anti-vaxxers'
DEAD Seven Days After J&J Kill Shot

Dr. Cole On The covers kill Shots - More Deaths from
This Shot That All Vaccines In Last 20 Years

OSHA Tells Employers They May Be Liable For
'Any Adverse Reactions' If They Force Covid Shots

No COVID Vax, No College? Should Young
People - Risk their Health and Fertility Just
to Attend College?

Soybean Oil Is More Obesogenic & Diabetogenic
than Coconut Oil and Fructose in Mouse

High-fructose corn syrup enhances intestinal
tumor growth in mice

Instagram will now let users choose pronouns,
reportedly from more than 40 options - but some
think the list is too restrictive

What Is the Internet of Bodies?


124 Retired Generals Warn of Communist Threat

124 American Generals - US Will Not Survive
Biden's Assault on Our Constitution

Nearly Half of Female Soldiers Still Failing WOKE
Army Fitness Test, While Males Pass Easily -
Alpha Male Soldiers Will Eat Them For Lunch

Why the Super Blood Moon Eclipse
on May 26 is a very big deal

list of major consumer goods that are
hard to get, why and for how long

Catastrophic Shortages In Days Ahead As Food
Spoils & Disaster Movie Plays Out Before Our Eyes
Supply Chain Hits Across Board Show Preppers Right

Shocking News on Inflation - 'largest in 40 years'

Corn Prices Are Up Roughly 50% In 2021 As
Americans Brace For Years Of Horrific Food Inflation

Steven Donziger won one of the largest oil company
lawsuits in history - and in response lost everything.

Le Pen Warns Macron - 'Danger of Civil War'
Unless Islamist Problem Tackled


80% Of Canadians Support Vaccine
Passports for Freedom - Poll

Netherlands Euthanized More People
Than Ever in 2020

Gates funded Telegraph's Global Security
Correspondents Claim No Trade Off Between
Lockdowns and the Economy

UK Economy Shrinks by 1.5% in 1Q of 2021

UK Government Unveils Action Plan Recognising
Animals as Sentient Beings

Covid pandemic 'could have been prevented' if
governments had taken quicker, stronger measures

Sweden records 30,000 suspected Injuries
from Covid vaccines, with AstraZeneca's jab
linked to more than half of all reports

Canada's Ontario province halts use of
AstraZeneca's Covid-19 vaccine after risk
of blood clots proves higher than expected

Pfizer and Moderna Vaccines to Be Offered
to UK Under 40s From Thursday

French Military Chief of Staff Hints Soldiers
Who Signed 'Civil War' Letter Should Resign


Emmanuel Macron's Party Bars Muslim Candidate
Who Wore Hijab From Running in Local Election

Bonn Police Boost Security at Synagogue
After Several Arrested for Vandalism

Obsessed with his place in history, EU negotiator
Barnier's Brexit diaries reveal reaching an amicable
deal was never a goal

UK Labor Party Will 'Die' Without 'Total Deconstruction
and Reconstruction', Tony Blair Claims

Nuclear Reactions At Chernobyl 'Cause
For Concern'

Russia Launches a One-Shot 'Lite' Version
of Its non-mRNA Vaccine

Russian Black Sea Fleet warships beef up naval
presence over NATO's increased activity

Russian Su-27 Intercepts Another Three French Air Force Planes Over Black Sea - Video

Gunman in Russia's Kazan Diagnosed With
Brain Disease Last Year, Investigators Say

Russia - American 'Germ Warfare' Could Kill Millions


Russia to revise gun laws after Kazan school
shooting - Putin orders audits & politician calls
for reintroduction of death penalty

Top Russian lawmaker mulls ending internet
anonymity after threatening online posts emerge
from suspect in Kazan school shooting

Estonia Becomes Centre Stage Of Anti-Russia
Military Exercises

Moscow decides to expel vocal US Embassy
press secretary, as part of tit-for-tat response
to American purge of Russian diplomats

China shares Russia's alarm over US
research into biological weapons

China's 'Far East' Is Emptying Out Faster
Than Russia's

Situation in China's Xinjiang 'One of the Worst
Human Rights Crises of Our Time' - UK's UN Envoy

'We're still more populated than US & Europe
combined' - China dismisses Western media
claim that nation faces 'demographic crisis'

Manila claims nearly 300 Chinese militia vessels
have swarmed Philippines-held islands in latest incursion

Brazil Suspends AstraZeneca Vaccine After
Pregnant Woman Dies, New Study Links Vaccine
to Blood Clots, More Countries Hit Pause


India Braces for Third COVID Wave...
Allows Vaccine Trials for Children Aged 2-18

Germany Deal to Buy Sputnik V Dead
but India to Receive 360 Million Doses

Colombian unrest is a silent revolution against
the unjustified & unwanted US oppression of
South America

'May Their Progeny Be Erased!' Israelis Celebrate
As Fire Rages Near Al-Aqsa Mosque On Jerusalem Day

The Israel Narrative Is Crumbling Because of
Phone Cameras and the Internet

'This is Only the Beginning' - Netanyahu Vows
to 'Inflict Blows That Hamas Has Not Dreamt Of'

Israel rains down bombs on Gaza, resistance
responds with 1000 Plus rockets

Israeli intelligence sends threatening text
to Palestinians

IDF will fight until there's 'complete silence'
before any truce is possible, says Israeli
defense minister

Hamas Offers Immediate Ceasefire 'On Mutual
Basis' As Fighting Spirals Into Full-Scale War


Hamas military wing says it launched 15 rockets
near Israel's Dimona nuclear reactor site

Hamas Says Several Top Military Commanders
Have Been Killed in Israeli Strikes

53 Killed In Gaza & 5 Israelis Dead As
UN Warns 'Full-Scale War' Imminent

The Israel Narrative Is Crumbling Because
of Phone Cameras and the Internet

Iran's IRGC vows 'more powerful' support
for Palestine

Whose Coast Are You 'Guarding'? Iran Lashes
Out at US Coast Guard Over Hormuz Incident

IAEA - Iran enriched uranium to up to 63% purity

Ex-Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
Registers for June Elections

Angola Approves Use of Russian Single-Dose
Coronavirus Vaccine Sputnik Light

Ellen DeGeneres to Cancel Talk Show Amid
Plunging Ratings After Bullying Scandal


Protect Your Brain With These
Natural Substances

Ecotherapy - Benefits of Nature Therapy
And How to Do It

Stunning new images of Jupiter reveal atmosphere
details in different light - Video

Do We Know Earth's Global Temperature?

America's Frontline Doctors warn that covid
vaccinated can transmit spike proteins into the air

Dr. Carrie Madej reveals Covid vaccines contain
'exotic nanotech' for tracking and bio-control

Don't Believe There Are Nanotech Machines Being
Injected Into People Who Take The Kill Shots? WATCH...

Israeli Iron Dome Strikes Down Barrage of
Rockets in Sky Over Tel Aviv - Watch

Pro-Israeli & pro-Palestine protesters FIGHT in NYC
as inflatable Tank parades through DC - Watch

Hundreds March to White House in Support
of Palestinians - Videos

Idaho Gov Signs Bill Barring Enforcement
of Biden Gun Controls

How 'Woke' May Be Leading Us To Civil War

Arizona Governor Signs Law Designating
Gun Stores As Essential Firms

Restaurant owners blame unelected moron
Biden unemployment scheme for staff shortage


US Develops Individual Biological Weapons
Plans for Different Countries, Russia Says

'Lines Down The Street' - People Wait Five
Hours To Fill Up Amid Gas Shortages

US Issues Emergency Fuel Waiver for Areas
Hit By Colonial Pipeline Shutdown

Sean Hannity Calls Jimmy Kimmel an 'Ignorant
A*shole' for Attacking Caitlyn Jenner

13 % of Maricopa County AZ Ballots
Counted in Audit So Far - Official

'They Sent Everyone Home & Rebooted
the System on Election Day'

MI Votes Intentionally Switched

More On MI Election Fraud

Why the Commucrats Are Totally Panicked
About the Arizona Audit

Newsom Running Scared From Recall,
Resorts to Bribing the Taxpayers He
Stiffed on the Last Stimulus


BLM-NBA TV Ratings Continue To Tank Due To
White Fans Rejecting BLM Racism & Stop Viewing

Governor of US State of Georgia Suspends Gas
Taxes After Colonial Pipeline Cyber Attack

Trump - 'Bombshell Pleading' Allegedly Proves
Votes Were Stolen From Him in Michigan

Buchanan - Has The Backlash Against
Police-Bashing Begun?

Police arrest driver after chasing FLAMING
truck through Los Angeles - Watch

Head of US 'SWAT Team of Nerds' Steps Down
After Mysterious IP Address Decision

School principal criticizes critical race
theory for demonizing white kids - Vid

Candace Owens rips into Meghan Markle, Michelle
Obama for acting like 'victims' on YouTube

DeSantis signs bill banning gun regulations
by local governments

The COVID Jab, a Genocidal Weapon of
Mass Destruction


Tell this to your doctor - This Is The Antibody
Dependent Enhancement Reaction

57 Top Scientists And Doctors Demand
Immediate Stop to ALL Vaccinations

Woman In Background Of Video Showing Large Vax
Center Drops Over DEAD - Watch

How Covid Demons Are Destroying Little
Children's Hearts And Minds - Watch

Canadian Doctor Blows Whistle on Neurological
Side Effects of Moderna Vaccine

Unhinged Leftist Bette Midler Threatens
To Kill Unvaccinated Kids

NYT Calls Out CDC Over Disingenuous
COVID Guidance

Simple Dot-Graphic Puts Covid Hoax in Perspective

Hydrogel nanotechnology biosensors collect
data for Artificial Intelligence world control


Majority of Covid Hospital Admissions Over Winter
Were Vaxxed, PHE Study Shows

Melinda Leaks She Had 'Concerns' Ever
Since Gates Met Epstein in 2013

Melinda Gates Breaks Silence in First Twitter
Post Since Divorce Announcement

'His Womanizing Was Well Known' - Flood-'Gates'
Open As Biographer Details Microsoft Founder's
Salacious Past

NASA Has Kept Life On The Moon A Big Secret

Satellite Imagery Captures 1,000s Of Unfinished
Ford Trucks Stashed At Kentucky Speedway

It Has Never Been More Difficult For Small
Businesses To Fill Job Openings

Tesla Shares Plunge Almost 7% After Company
Reportedly Halts Plans To Expand In China

Global World Currency

EOS Soars As Thiel-Backed Group Inject
$10 Billion Into Decentralized Crypto Exchange


VZ's PDVSA Reportedly Needs $77.6 Billion
to Rebuild Decaying Oil & Gas Industry

Iron Ore Price Soars as China-Australia
Trade Uncertainties Linger

Lower Chamber of Russian Parliament Revokes
Tax Agreement With Netherlands

Suez Canal announces plan to expand southern
stretch following six-day Ever Given blockage

Pro-Palestine demonstrators shut down London's
Downing Street

COVID-19 Digital Certificates to Signal 'Freedom
and Mobility' Across the EU, German Official Says

Desperate tourist-reliant EU nations reopen their
'Covid-free' zones - But can enough holidaymakers
actually reach them?

Travellers Complain of a Deterioration in Their
Mental and Physical Health While Staying at
'Prison-Like' Quarantine Hotels

Lockdown Restrictions to be Eased Across
Most of Scotland on Monday

Ministers 'Haven't Ruled Out' Ending Mask-Wearing
Requirements on June 21st, Says Matt Hancock


Unthinkable Thoughts

New Military Letter Warning Of Civil War In
France Gains Over 220,000 Signatures

French govt backs harsher penalties for people
who attack police, as it pays tribute to latest
officer killed on duty

As the French military attack Macron with Second
'civil war' warning, how really likely is an
Islamist-fuelled internal conflict?

Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier suggests 5 YEAR Halt
to immigration into Europe...but not for Invaders!

Craig Murray Jailed for Eight Months for Contempt
of Court Over Alex Salmond Trial

Polish Supreme Court Evacuated After Bomb Threat

Nine confirmed dead in bloody attack at high school
in Russian city of Kazan, 19 Yr old lone shooter
captured alive by police

'I am like a God' - Kazan school shooter's chilling
message revealed as Putin orders gun control probe
after nine killed in attack

Putin submits bill for Russia to quit Open Skies Treaty
confirms Moscow to withdraw from 'spying agreement'
a year after US left


Russia Expels Romanian Diplomat in Response
to Bucharest's Actions

Russia intercepts French jets over Black Sea as
country detects four foreign military aircraft near
border in just one day

More people dying at home from Covid-19 in Japan
as hospitals struggle to cope

Australia joins military drills with France, Japan
And US as tensions with China intensify

China's Census Reveals Slowest Population
Growth in Decades and Hints at Potential Crises

Suspicious Norwegian Ship That May Be Spying
for US Spotted Near China, Analysts Say

Philippine President Declares Nationwide State of
Calamity Over African Swine Fever

Change in Treatment Strategy - Goa to Use US-Disapproved
Drug 'Ivermectin' to Treat COVID Patients

Some RECOVERED Covid patients dying from
'black fungus' infection in India in new deadly twist

State Authorities in India Mum After Hundreds
of Bodies Found Floating in Ganges River


The Ganges Has Been Washing Up Hundreds of
Bodies for Decades - How Is This News?

Smearing yourself in cow dung won't cure Covid
Indian doctors warn, as country's seven-day case
rate hits new high

2 Brazilian states Stop giving Covid Jabs To Expectant
mothers after death of pregnant AstraZeneca recipient

Watch - Huge BLAZE at Israeli oil pipeline reportedly
hit by rocket strike from Gaza

Gaza tower block COLLAPSES after Israeli airstrikes
respond to Hamas rockets - Videos, Photos

Another Gaza tower reportedly goes down,
Israeli Iron Dome intercepts dozens of missiles
in night of tit-for-tat strikes - Videos

Israeli Iron Dome Strikes Down Barrage of
Rockets in Sky Over Tel Aviv - Watch

'Civil war' - Israeli mayor laments 'Kristallnacht' as
Netanyahu sends troops to Lod, gripped by rioting & clashes

Hamas Fires 130 Rockets On Tel Aviv...
Israel Collapses 13 Story Building In Gaza

The One State Reality


Never Has a Vaccine Injured so Many - Israeli People`s
Committee Report of Deaths and Injuries following the
Pfizer Experimental COVID Kill Shots

Israeli TV reports DIRECT HIT on Tel Aviv building
as Pals launch 'hundreds' of rockets from Gaza - Vid

Netanyahu vows to step up 'might and frequency'
of Israel's attacks on Gaza

Israel To The Biden-Obama White House
...Stay Out Of Jerusalem Crisis

Violence between Israelis, Palestinians
continues to rage across the country

Instagram & Twitter apologize for 'system errors' that
deleted pro-Palestine posts, but critics say they are still 'censoring'

US labels seven Lebanese nationals as specially
designated global terrorists over alleged links
to Hezbollah

Khamenei - Zionists only understand language of force,
Palestinians should build up power

Iran's Revolutionary Guard blames Washington
for Gulf incident that saw US ship firing warning
shots at its gunboats

US military contractor announces exit from
Iraq amid growing attacks


Enormous Sequoia tree is still smoking months
after California's catastrophic wildfires and this
year could be even worst

What happened to Van Morrison? fall from eccentric
genius to conspiracy Researcher (Zionist hit piece)

Panic over declining global sperm counts blown
out of proportion says new Harvard study

New Gert Vanden Bossche Video Explaining How
The S Protein Causes The Immune System To Fail
Direct Spot begins at 9:40

Doctor Explains 'Vaccine Regret'...
There Will Be Much More About This Soon

Comrade Chelsea Clinton Demands Complete
Censorship of ANYONE Who Questions Vaccines

America, The New Soviet Union?

Traitor AG Barr Threatened to Quit if Trump
Fired Pro-ANTIFA FBI Director Chris Wray

The Shape of Things to Come

CBS Urges Stacey Abrams To Run For
President She 'Got Even' With GOP

Big As A House Radical Stacey Abrams...
Watch Out Kamala, I'm Running for President!

Staggering Video Shows Biden-Obama Communist
Invader Doctrine And What It Will Do To America

DeSantis Warns Antifa, Portland Rioters
'Stay out of Our State'


US fuel pipeline hackers say They
'didn't mean to create problems'

Wooldridge - What About the Confusion in
Washington DC?

US fuel pipeline hackers say They
'didn't mean to create problems'

Has The Mainstream Media Finally Turned
Against Bill Gates?

Melinda Began Divorce Proceedings in 2019
Due to Bill's 'Intimate' Relationship With Child
Rapist Jeffrey Epstein

Melinda Gates Trashes Bill Gates Over
Ties to Jeffrey Epstein

After Bill Gates Says 'No' to Tech Transfer,
His Philanthropy Organisation Sings a Different Tune

Biden Rolls Back Trump Proposal To Limit
Work Permits For Immigrants Ordered Deported

GOP Governors Slash Unemployment Benefits
As Businesses Plead For Workers

Shocking Chart Shows Most Workers Now Make
More On Unemployment Than From Work


29 Whites Murdered In April, Most By Blacks
Another Month In The Death Of White America

More Unprovoked black on white violence

Black Man 'Carried Out Dozens Of Burglaries'
In White Face Throughout SoCal

The War on Whites

Biden administration makes 'gender identity' a
protected class in healthcare, forbids discrimination

Not so long ago, feminists wanted women to
compete with men in sport. Now they're furious
at having to take on trans athletes

Vivica A. Fox's sorry accusation of a 'racial insult'
is a naked and belated attempt to cancel Ivanka Trump

Censored! Who needs a totalitarian state when zealous,
woke workers ensure that books with 'invalid opinions'
never get an airing?

Service with Pride or more Woke-Washing? CIA
recruitment ad featuring gay agency librarian
prompts backlash

Russian F1 driver Mazepin takes knee to honor
WWII victims, gets accused of swipe at BLM


'Are we in 2021 or 1810?' Football celebrity Nara
launches feminist tirade after steamy Instagram
snap removed (PHOTOS)

LAPD Topanga Division firebombed by
suspect using Molotov cocktails

Millions of Groundwater Wells Could Run Dry

Brave Citizen Who Took His FREE COVID Kill Shot
Vile Out Of CVS For Independent Analysis Arrested
For Stealing A FREE ITEM! - Vid

Doctor explains 'vaccine regret' - Watch

Klaus Schwab Calls For Global Health Pass
Based on Implantable Microchip

Fauci Was Funding Wuhan Facilities While Chinese
Military Discussed Weaponizing Coronavirus

Study - Pfizer vax causes catastrophic damage
to every system of your body

7 Paralysis Cases Reported After Pfizer
Injection As More Schools Require Shots

How Spike Protein Interactions With Amylidogenic
Proteins Can Lead To Mad Cow Disease


The Deadly, Massive Covid Vax Coverup
...Huge Numbers Of Dead And Injured

Johns Hopkins Confirms Reality Of Self
Spreading Vaccines

Fauci Says It's 'Possible' That Mask
Mandates Could Last Indefinitely To Fight Flu

Vaccination with Sputnik V enables San Marino
to reduce COVID-19 cases to zero level

Situation with CV stable in Russia - Putin

Arm that got The Covid jab attracts A magnet

About 21.5 Million People in Russia Vaccinated
Against COVID-19, President Putin Says

Blessed Are the Covidians

China Boasts Lead in 6G Internet Technology
Development Race - 30x Faster Than 5G

Bezos New 417 Foot Superyacht Is A Testament To
The 'K-shaped' Recovery (And Despicable Greed)


Court Battle With Amazon May Force Pentagon
To Scrap 'JEDI' Cloud-Computing Program

Massive Amazon Fake Review Scam Exposed
In Data Breach

Google Selling Personal Data of Users Despite
Promise Not to Do So, Lawsuit Claims

Automakers Are Ditching High Tech Features
Amidst Unprecedented Semi Conductor Shortage

NTSB Issues Preliminary Report On Fatal Tesla
Wreck Says 'All Aspects' Remain Under Investigation

6G Will Combine AI With Real-Time Speeds
Of 1 Terabyte A Second

Bitcoin's Rival Ether Soars to $4,000
For First Time

Crypto Markets Got Monkey hammered

JP Morgan, Deutsche Bank Sued By 1MDB
As Malaysia Looks To Recover $23 Billion

BioNTech says 'no evidence' it needs to change
its Covid-19 jab formula despite new mutations


Covid-19 Vax by J&J And A-Z Should Be Excluded
Over Potential Side Effect - Norway Experts
AstraZeneca should be excluded over potential side effects – Norwegian health experts

EU to hit AstraZeneca with second lawsuit over
Covid-19 vax delivery delays, spokesperson says

New Postcard From Back To Normal
Promotes Ivermectin

UK Health Minister Opposes Mandatory
Vax for Care Home Staff

Covid Recovery Group Calls on Boris to
End All Restrictions on June 21st

UK Covid Alert Level Should Be Lowered
to DefCon 3 Say Chief Medical Officers

Boris Announces Next Step in Reopening as Daily
Covid Deaths in England, Scotland and Northern
Ireland Fall to Zero

'Civil war is brewing in France and you know it'
French military launches another salvo at Macron
with new open letter

French Army Rejects 'Non-Credible' Claims
of 'Brewing Civil War' in France

Johnson Faces New Sleaze Claims Over Caribbean
Trip 'Facilitated' by Tory Donor


George Galloway - Here's why there WON'T
be a second referendum on Scottish independence
anytime soon

Hugging lesson? BBC gets pilloried for giving
tips on how to 'safely' embrace one another

Cyprus lifts 3rd lockdown, introduces Covid
'safety pass' for citizens to return to some
form of normality

German interior minister catches coronavirus
AFTER vaccination

Outdoor bars to be open in days, as France proceeds
with easing restrictions amid falling ICU cases

Ireland's Deputy Prime Minister Hails 'Day of Freedom'
as Restrictions Are Partially Eased – but Hotels, Pubs
and Restaurants Will Remain Closed Until June

Agent Orange complaint against multinationals
including Monsanto and Dow Chemical rejected
by French court as 'inadmissible'

Professor Suspended After Denying Canada Is
A Racist Country And Criticizing BLM

Western media outlets raise familiar Russian
hacker bogeyman in ransomware attack that
shut down 'safety risk' US fuel pipeline

Reported disappearance of Navalny doctor sends
Western Russia-watchers into overdrive...until
he's found alive and well, that is


Russian Su-27 fighters shadow French tactical
aircraft over Black Sea

China slams Western double standards over
rocket debris and NASA criticism, with reminder
about SpaceX rocket that fell on farm

Tourist rescued after being trapped on glass
bridge that SHATTERED in China - Photo

Trade with China is key to Europe's economic
recovery, so why is the EU harming that trade
with pointless political posturing?

Canberra's controversial ban on Australians
returning home from India upheld by judge

'Nothing to suggest' this is a domestic terrorism
event, says Idiot PM Ardern, after four stabbed in
Dunedin supermarket, New Zealand

Dismembered Great White Shark Found
on New Zealand Beach

Indian COVID Strain Declared 'Global Concern'
As Data Show It's Vaccine-Resistant

America is to blame for the bloody violence in
Jerusalem & it just shows that state-led oppression
is fine if you're a US ally

Jerusalem Unrest Escalates To Rocket Fire
As Israel Activates Troop Battalions


Fire erupts outside Al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem
amid clashes between Palestinian protesters and
Israeli police - Vid

Gaza health ministry says 9 Palestinians killed
in Israeli air strikes, including 3 kids, many Hurt

Israeli driver RAMS Palestinian after car is
reportedly pelted with stones in East Jerusalem

Jewish visitors BANNED from Temple Mount on
Jerusalem Day as tensions soar over Palestinian
evictions & hampered Muslim pilgrimage

Jerusalem Day - Israelis Parade Through Old City

12+ Iranian Gunboats Swarm 6 US Warships
Dozens Of Warning Shots Fired

Iran Officially Confirms Holding Negotiations
With Saudi Arabia to Mend Ties

Why MBS Suddenly Wants to Talk to Iran?

How White Helmet's Cashbox Mayday
Profited Off Syrian Regime Change Op
at Expense of EU Taxpayers

Fire at Kuwait's largest oilfield is latest in
series of blazes at oil sites across Middle
East, but 'no impact on production'


At least 13 killed in two bus bombings across
Afghanistan as Taliban announces three-day
EID ceasefire


The Myths that Hint at Past Disasters

The Mythical 'Little People' of Hawaii

Scientists discover 'living fossil' thought to
have been extinct for 273 Million years on
ocean floor near Japan

Critically Important - Dr. Sherri Tenpenny
20 Kinds Of Covid-19 Injection Injuries You
May Suffer Or Already Being. Suffering From

How to make GMO people and patent them
...Vaxxed People Are Now GMOs

Mandela's Communist Hatred Of Whites
Grows In American Soil

Critical Infrastructure Of US Hit By
DarkSide Hackers

Blinken Urges Russia to Fight against CCP with US

Gingrich Makes Stunning Comments on
FOX About 2020 Irregularities After Being
Previously Censored

US Census Bureau Confirms HUGE CONFLICT
in Total Number of Voters in 2020 Election

Feds Say Violent Mexican Cartel Is Trying to Gain
Foothold in Seattle And The Northwest - Vid

Merrick Garland's DOJ Vows To Send
Derek Chauvin to Death

Stacey Abrams - 'Absolutely'. My Ambition Is
to Run for President


The Deep State War Part 6...PEDOGATE
...A Film By MrTruthBomb

Most of CA Suddenly in 'Extreme' Drought

CA San Joaquin Valley, once fertile farming
ground, now succumbing to drought

92% Of Texans Say Child Sex Changes Should
Be Illegal, But Abbott, Phelan And Burrows Are
Stalling The Bill To Ban Them

Kentucky Derby Winner Medina Spirit Fails
Drugs Test...Legendary Trainer Suspended

PolitiFact 8 Times as Likely to Defend
Biden Than Check His Facts

Biden-Obama Admin Reportedly Awarded
Huge 'No-Bid' Shelter Contracts Amid Child
Migrant Surge

Sarah Silverman falsely claims no difference
between biological males and females in failed
attempt to shame Caitlyn Jenner

D'Souza - Emerging Totalitarian Mindset Seen
In People Reporting & Snitching On Neighbors

The Hate Speech Fabrication as
Orwellian Thought Control


Why, all of the sudden, is there Asian
hate in America? Here is the answer

NY court threatens to take away child
over confederate flag rock - Incredible

Virginia Military Institute To De-Person
Stonewall Jackson, Re-Attribute His Quotes
in A Soviet-Style Purge

Herschel Walker warns That NBA, NFL and MLB
are supporting Communist BLM groups that burn
Bibles and the American flag

How the New York Times publishes lies
to serve a biased narrative

Giuliani - DOJ is Now a 'Secret Police'
for The Biden Regime

DC Dave - Giuliani (song parody)

'Keep spreading that fear, buddy' - Citizen
totally BUSTS reporter on camera Playing
The Mask Game and he has NO defense

Scary video shows armed SWAT taking down
Christian pastor headed home from church
...for 'INCITING' Worship

Dr. Ben Carson Delivers Brilliant Op-Ed on
'Irreparable Damage' Caused By Critical Race
Theory, How America Will Succeed



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New Gert Vanden Bossche Video Explaining How
The S Protein Causes The Immune System To Fail
Direct Spot begins at 9:40

Doctor Explains 'Vaccine Regret'...
There Will Be Much More About This Soon

How Spike Protein Interactions With Amylidogenic
Proteins Can Lead To Mad Cow Disease

Critically Important - Dr. Sherri Tenpenny
20 Kinds Of Covid-19 Injection Injuries You
May Suffer Or Already Suffering From

19,000 Eye Disorders Following The Vax

Bombshell Salk Institute science paper reveals
the covid Spike Protein is what's causing deadly
blood clots...and it's in ALL the covid vaccines

The Shedding SPIKE PROTEINS To The
UnVaxxed Causes Neurodegeneration
& Increases Chances Of Prion Brain Disease

Dr. Lee Merritt - Forced Vaccines Are a Holocaust
Level Crime Against Humanity - Watch

Form for Employees Whose Employers Are
Requiring Covid-19 Injections

Form for Students Attending Colleges or Universities
Requiring Covid-19 Injections

Dr. Palevski - More Proof Of Covid vaccine shedding
Spike Proteins on unvaccinated people - Watch

A COVID Lifeline Is Being Severed (Mercola)
...The War On Ivermectin And Hydroxy

Former Naval Medical Doctor, Dr. Lee Merritt Says
Forced Vax Is A Holocaust Level Crime Against Humanity

Remember How 60 Minutes Exposed The Swine Flu
Vax Tragedy Of 1976 - Fraud Then, Fraud Now - Watch

How Did Claudia Stauber Know To Warn Us
About The Coming Pandemic And Vaccine
In September 2019 - (Strong Language)

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About The COVID Vaccines And The Spike Protein

The Covid Vaxxed Must Be Quarantined
Expert Doctor Group's Consensus Of Opinion

The spike protein is the bioweapon - Why vaxxed
people are making HEALTHY people sick - Pfizer
document admits vaccinated people shed Particles

NEW - Dr. Carrie Madej Explains The Satanic Attack On
Humanity - 'They' Will Kill Us ALL Unless WE Stop It

Jeff And Dr. Judy Mikovits - How We Got Here
And What To Do

Scientists Find The Exact 2 Step Process How
AstraZeneca Shots Cause Blood Clots

New Closeup Video Of Nose 'Schwabs' With Fibers

Dr. Vernon Coleman - A Syringe Full Of Death

Dr. Bhakdi - Covid Vaccines Will Decimate The World

Stay Away From The Vaxed - It's Official From Pfizer's
Own Documents - Read This

Supreme Court Rules Vaccine Makers have
legal rights to Covid Vax recipients DNA!

Clif High - Covid Kill Shot spongiform encephalopathy
discussion - Start At 32:00 Go To 46:00

The Vaxed Are Shedding Spike Proteins That
Attack Women's Reproductive Organs Among
Other Organs In The Body - Watch

'This Is Not A Vaccine, This is NOT A Vaccine'
'The Synthetic Spike Protein is a BioWeapon'
And Can Attach To Receptors All Over The Body

Clif High On Synthetic Spike Protein Shedding - Start Watching At 10:15

Nurse Warns Why The UnVaxed Need
To Stay Away From Vaxed People...Watch

Video Proof - Pfizer Vax Contains Highly-Organized
Nano BioMachinery 'Organisms' That are Injected Into
People - Watch The Little Round 'Cells' In The 'Machine'
Grow & Move 'Upward' And Then Enter A 'Tube'...

Clif High - More On Shedding & Contagious Vaccinosis

Clif High On mRNA - Extremely Bad News
From Mad Cow Prions To Female Cancers
And More...Wake-Up! -Watch

Mikovitz Latest...The CV mRNA Vax Is A
BioWeapon Killing Machine! - Watch

Women Complaining of Severe Menstrual
Disorders post COVID Injections – Even if
They Did Not Get the Shots - Transmission!

Dr Tenpenny And Dr. Lee Merritt - The Medical
Industry Has Now Been Fully-Weaponized

mRNA Vaccines May Trigger Mad Cow Prions
To Grow In Your Brain Leading To 'Zombie
Apocalypse' On The Streets Of America

Four Videos Prove Nano Fibers & Nano Tech
Have Been Put In The Test 'Schwabs' That Are
Shoved Up Peoples' Noses And Sinuses

WARNING - Man Proves Covid-19 Tests
Are Cancerous - This Is No Joke - Watch

Three Videos To Challenge The Un-Vaxed
And Your Friends And Loved Ones To Watch

Jeff & Cliff Mickelson - Morgellons Style Nano Fibers
In Covid Face Masks And Nasal Swab 'Test' Kits

Blue Chip Cardiologist Issues Dire Warning
...Experimental Vaccines are Ineffective and
Could Cause Mad Cow Disease (Death)

LOOK - Mask & Swab Morg-Type Nano Fibers Under
5600x Power Magnification - Doesn't Look Like Human Tech...

Six Videos Of Moving Nano Fibers In Face Masks
You Are Inhaling Them Or They Are Crawling Into You

Plandemic - Plans For 'Vaccine Passports' Were
In Place 20 Months Before COVID-19 Outbreaks

As Rense Said...Now Here's Johns Hopkins PROOF
PCR 'Test Swabs' Can (And Are) Being Used To Vax
Refusers...Any Kind Of Nanotech Or Drug Can Be
Implanted Via The Nasal Swab - Refuse The 'Tests'!

Ex Pfizer VP - 'Your government is lying to you in a
way that could lead to your death' - And The Lie Of
'Dangerous Variants' - There IS A Conspiracy That
May Cause Far More Carnage Than All 20th C Wars

Devvy - Covid 'Vaccines' Are Against Federal Law

World Shocked By SPARS 2025-2028 Document
Disease Horrors To Begin In 'Nearly A Year' After
Kill Shots Have Been Injected - Mental Retardation,
Mad Cow, Many Catastrophic, Deadly Diseases

Top Immunologist Bart Classen Sees MAD COW Prions,
Types 1 And 2 Diabetes And Many Other Disease States
Coming Out Of The Grave 'Peril' Of mRNA Injections

Dr. Bart Classen's Paper On The mRNA Prion Risk

Another Revelation Of The Coming SPARS
Pandemic - Watch

Watch - Dr Ryan Cole confirms Severe Danger Of
Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) Reactions
In Vax Kill Shots

Vaccine Refusal Text

Dr. Lorraine Day MD Wraps It ALL Up - From The
Covid Lie To Communism - Watch - Start At 3:50

WATCH - Video Proof Covid 'Test' Swabs Are Full
Of Nano Tech Which Will Likely Enter The Brain &
Full Body...And Then Deploy - Mass Genocide?

PCR - Test Swabs May Contain 'star-shaped
Microdevices' That Are Secretly Vaccinating
the 'vaccine Hesitant'

Erica Khan - How The Vax Will Make Your Immune
System Attack And Destroy Your Own Body - Listen

Dr. Vernon Coleman - Fighting For Our Lives Against
The Greatest, Deadly Hoax In Human History - Watch

Hideous Propaganda Vax Videos To Push People
To Take Their Kill Shots - Nauseating To Watch

EXTREMELY Slick And Evil Mind Control Cartoon To
Make Children WANT to take the Kill shot! - Watch

Dr Steven Hotze MD Exposes Deadly Fraud
Of Covid 19 'Vaccine' - Govt Is LYING To You

Dr Sherri Tenpenny Reveals The mRNA Vax Creates A
Rogue Spike Protein Antibody Which Attacks And Kills
28 Specific Human Body Tissue Cell Types - This Can
Lead To Mass Autoimmune Deaths - Start At 19:00

Geert Vanden Bossche - How The Curves Will Evolve!
The Impact Of Ongoing Mass Vaccination Campaigns
On Infection And Morbidity Rates

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny Explains How The Corona Vax
Will Destroy You - Watch

URGENT...Italian Researchers - 'Vaccines' Won't Work
Because Covid-19 Is ALSO Entering & Replicating
Itself Inside Common Human Digestive BACTERIA

Dr Vernon Coleman - Covid 'Vaccines' Are Weapons Of
Mass Genocide And Could Wipe Out The Human Race

Geert Vanden Bossche - Former GAVI And Gates Fdn
Vaccine Creator Sounds Worldwide Warning About
The Covid 'Vaccine' - Humanity Is On The Line

Del Bigtree On TOP Virologist & Vax Scientist Bossche
Now Warning World To STOP The Kill Shots - He Sees
The Genocide Plans And The Catastrophe Ahead And
Explains HOW 'Vax' Will Destroy Your Immune System

CDC US Update - 1,524 DEAD 31,079 Injured After
Taking Experimental mRNA Kill Shot 'Vaccines'
Now Multiply Those Figures By At Least Double

vaccines Anywhere In The world! - Effort To Increase
The Vax Genocide Is Now at Maximum Push - Resist!

US Has Now given Over 100 Million mRNA Kill Shots
Mass Carnage Will Manifest Over The Next 1-3 Years

GOP Pro Kill Shot Lawmaker Demands Answers
on Vaccine Distribution slow down among military
(The plan Is Obviously to Kill off the US military)

COVID 'Vaccine' SHOCKER - Scientists at Sloan
Kettering Learn mRNA inactivates tumor suppressing
proteins...meaning it can promote cancer!

Proof There ARE different 'Vaccines' Made For Different
Races! Zambian Leader Finds Bottles Marked 'Not For
US In EU or USA' - Selective Genocide! - Watch

Essential Documentary - 'Once We Were The Living'

Huh? Pfizer revises ultra-cold storage for Vax
Suddenly Says It Doesn't Need - 94 Storage
And is stable at 'refrigerator temperatures'

Five Questions To Ask Your Friends
Who Plan To Get The Kill Shot

Masks don't work, are damaging health & being
used to control population - Top Doctors panel

Dire Warning From More Of The World's Top
Doctors Say The Covid Vax Is Dangerous And
the is NOT A Global Medical Pandemic - Watch

United Health Professionals Issue International
Alert Message about COVID-19

Jeff & Erica Khan
Deadly News On The 'Vaccine' & Virus

LOOK - CDC Hiding Information - 1,170 Are DEAD
Following COVID Injections - Wake Up…Or Die

Dr. Lee Merrit - Calls The Vax Weaponized Medicine
Probably A Binary BioWeapon Which Will Kill Most
People Via 'Antibody Dependent Enhancement'
When The Next 'Killer Virus' Released

WHO Says A New 'Disease X' will be worse Than
Covid - Will Appear Every Five Years And Kill Tens
Of Millions - How Do You Think They Know...?

J&J CEO Says Annual Covid Vaccine Will Be
Needed 'For Years' As MSM Warns Virus Will
'Circulate For Decades' - Fear Porn Greed

Disturbing Mask Worship Brainwashing - Watch

Covid Test Swab Fibers Are Clearly Morgellons
Nanotech Fibers That MOVE - Swabs Also Coated
With Smart Dust - The Vax Is A LETHAL Pathogen

Icke - Murder By Vax Evidence Mounts Daily - Watch

Clinical Lab Scientist - CV19 Is Fake - Wake Up America
1,500 Supposed Samples Of Covid Were ALL Influenza!

Once We Were The Living - Documentary

45 Yr Old Italian Doctor In Perfect Health Drops
DEAD After Pfizer Covid Shot, 39 Yr Old Nurse
And 42 Yr Old Surgical Tech Also DEAD

Watch - Guy uses very simple technique to prove
masks do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to prevent The
spread of viruses

Dr. Faustus Now Says - I Wear Two Masks
'Nothing Wrong' with It

Mask Order Will Be 'Further Enforced'
by 'Federal Authorities' - CDC

Federal mask cops To Begin targeting
barefaced Americans - Worse Than USSR

Scientists Warn COVID is Reducing Fertility
Big Story - This may Have Been One Prime
Objective All Along

Moderna's COVID Vax Is causing A Number
Of bizarre side effects

WHO Adviser 85% Sure COVID Came from Lab

Study - Long-Term Mask Use May Contribute
To Advanced Stage Lung Cancer

Jeff And Erica Khan
Truth About The 'Vaccine' and Virus

Dr. Bhakti - The Vax Will Send You 'To Your Doom'
What Is Going On Is 'Absolute Nonsense' - Watch

How COVID-19 'Vaccines' May kill Millions - Anyone
With Inflammatory, Autoimmune Disease, Arthritis,
Is At HIGH Risk Of Dying From The mRNA 'Vaccines'

At Least 329 Deaths and 9,516 'Other Injuries'
in US Already Reported Following COVID Vax

Former Pfizer CEO DESTROYS The Covid LIE
The PCR Test Is 'Monstrously Unsuitable' - Watch

Watch - Potentially DEADLY Co2 In Masks - Severe
Warnings Range 2,000 To 5,000 PPM - Over 5,000
PPM Effects Include Cerebral Injury, Coma, & Death
Test Shows Nearly 10,000 PPM Co2 In ONE Mask!

Idiotic Doctor Tells NBC that Americans
Should Think About Wearing FOUR Masks
...Another Genocide Tentacle Reaching Out

'If You Are Not Wearing At Least Five Masks
...You Are A Killing Machine'

Fauci Wants Everyone To Double Mask
A Review Of This INSANITY Of This Crap

Lipid Nanoparticle Delivery Technology for mRNA
This Is Pure, Insidious Evil - It is NOT A Vaccine

UK Professor Who Warned WHO About COVID-19
Says 'Disease X' Pandemic (The SECOND Virus
We've Warned About) Is Just Around Corner

53 Reported DEAD In Gibraltar After Taking
The Pfizer mRNA Covid Death Vax - Coverup
In The US Of Deaths & Sides Effects Continues

Nursing home fires workers for refusing
COVID-19 'vaccination'

Dr. Dolores Cahill Explains How Coronavirus
'Vaccines' Kill People With mRNA

Dr. Lee Merrit Explains Deadly Dangers Of 'Vaccine'
And How 100% Of ALL Test Animals Died In Trials

RNA 'vaccine' really GMO implants That can
Easily Pass the Blood-Brain Barrier - What
Nano Machines Are being put in your Brain?

Enraged Doctor - Masks Are Killing You, Take 'em Off!

55 Americans Have Died Following COVID
Vaccination, Norway Deaths Rise To 29

Shimatsu - Covid Vox - a cure worse than the disease - Part 29



The Incredible Story Of Marianne
Shenefield, The Abductee Given A
ET Mind As Told By Her Longtime
Friend James Martinez

Jeff With James Martinez...
Marianne's Friend And Confidante - Part 1

Hour 1

Hour 2

Jeff With James Martinez...
Marianne's Friend And Confidante - Part 2

Hour 1

Hour 2


Time Out For Music

Jeff Shares The Wonderful Voice Of Tony Williams
...The Lead Singer Of The Platters - Enjoy


David E. Goldberg Final Warning
Before He Was Eliminated
Critically-Important Videos
Not To Miss

David E. Goldberg's Final Warning Recorded In
June 2019 Shortly Before He Was Eliminated
Too Many Americans Are Aware Of Zionism
And Israel - The Horrors Just Ahead

Trump Has, Indeed, Declared Himself 'King Of

Shortened, Edited Goldberg's Final Warning Video Courtesy Andrew Carrington Hitchcock

Ghislaine & The Head Of The Snake - Les Wexner,
Maxwell's Mossad And The Mega Group - One Of
Most Important Video Expose's You’ll Ever See

Black Lives Matter Is A LIE - Watch This Video

Celeste - Coronavirus Is Disruption By Design
...The One World Government Is At The Door Special Home Page
UFO-ET & Mars Photo Stories


UFOs-ETs - We Are Most Definitely Not Alone

Image Scientist Analyzes Video of Three 'Very Large'
Objects Seen Flying Around the Moon - See, Especially,
the last video in the article - Amazing

Watch Three LARGE Craft Fly From The Backside Of
The Moon Around To The Front...SHADOWS Below

Remarkable, Stunning UFO San Diego Sphere
Full Witness Testimony - Watch

San Diego UFO Sphere - Full Resolution - Vid

Sensational Daylight Orbs Over Colorado - Watch

Mysterious UFOs Flashing in Houston Sky Leave
People Startled - More And More Sightings - Watch

Miami - Another Group Of UFO Lights Split Up In
Different Directions - Many Observers Here? - Watch

100s Of UFOs Pass ISS Heading To Earth - ISS Video
Not CGI - Then Footage Of Them Coming Down Over
Chile & Mexico - Are They Here To Witness Something?


Watch Three Large Craft Fly From The Backside Of
Moon Around To The Front...Casting Shadows Below

Stunning, Rare George Adamski Daylight
Films Of UFO Sightings - Vid

The Nimitz UFO Encounters Off San Diego


Mr. Nano And Jeff Rense
Startling Nanotech Revelations!

Conversation And Revelations 2

Conversation And Revelations 1



See US Govt Stop
And Destroy A Hurricane!

Watch Hurricane Lane Smashed By HAARP-Like
EMF Just Before It Was To Hit Military Bases On Oahu
Edited By Jeff Rense

Mind-Boggling NASA Satellite Photos Absolutely Proving Massive Global Weather Control - Click Here


Mad Deer CWD (Mad Cow Disease) Spreading Through US Deer, Elk And Moose Population

Michigan's hunting restrictions expected to
worsen deadly Mad Deer disease

State Biologists Explains The Transmission, Incubation And
Decades Long Life Of A Mad Deer-Mad Cow Prion Protein

Mad Cow In Dear Growing In US - Great Danger
To Hunters And All Who Eat Deer Flesh

Mad Cow Disease In Deer (CWD) Spreading 
And Poses A Distinct Threat To Humans

US Gov Lies And Many Venison Eaters
Will Die Of CWD Mad Deer Disease

Experts Worry CWD Mad Deer Disease Threatens 
$1 Billion MN Deer Hunting Industry

CWD Threatens The Public - Not Just Hunters

Mad Deer Disease Threatens AL Deer Pop

Man Eats Squirrel Brains, Now Dying From VCJD
Squirrel Likely Had Mad Cow-CWD

CDC Denies 3 Men Who Ate Deer Died 
From CWD Mad Deer Disease - Coverup

Mad Deer Disease Kills 30 Yr Old UT Hunter



The Las Vegas CIA
Mossad Massacre

Vegas Massacre 3rd Year 'Anniversary' - Multiple
Shooters, Many Locations, ENDLESS LIES - Watch

Horrendous Lies About The Horrific Vegas Massacre
MANY Hotels Were Attacked - Lone Shooter TOTAL BS
'What Happens In Las Vegas Stays In Las Vegas' - Watch

Las Vegas Massacre - FBI Docs Reveal Eyewitness Saw
Second Shooter Firing Automatic Weapon Into The Crowd

Vegas Massacre Conspiracy Proof - Two Women Heard
Laughing & Describing The Vegas Op As 'Shooting Fish
In A Barrel'...30 MINUTES BEFORE The Massacre

Jesus Campos Story Morphs Again
Now Says Paddock Shot Him In Leg With A ‘Pellet Gun'

Jeff's YouTube Videos

Jeff & Gary Holland - Those Who Deny People Died
In Vegas Are Either Intel Assets Or Fools

Jeff & Gary Holland - The Campos Scam On Ellen & More

Helicopter Stories - Here

General Stories - Here

Live Fire Videos Proving Multiple Shooters - Here

Rense Photo Analysis - Click Here

Eyewitness Accounts - Here

Jesus Campos Stories - Here

Witnesses Who Have Died Since October 1 - Here

Rense Las Vegas Videos - Here


Jeff With William Mills Tompkins
...Historic Revelations

.. Selected By Extraterrestrials

Bill Tompkins Incredible...
Breathtaking Space 'Flow Chart'

Jeff And Frank Chille In A
Tribute To Bill Tompkins

Book - Selected By Extraterrestrials

Listen As Bill Reveals To Jeff The
Astonishing ET Derived Technology
Of Our Secret Space Program And So
Much More - A Treasury Of Disclosure
From William Mills Tompkins!
Visit The Huge William Mills Tompkins
Archives Which Include All Of His Gripping
Conversations & Enormous Revelations
With Jeff… Click Here!


Jeff With Brothers Mark And Brett
Incredible UFO And ET Encounters

Jeff With Brett And Mark - Program 1
Face-To-Face With A Grey

Hour 1

Hour 2

Jeff With Brett And Mark - Program 2
The Voice Of ET?

Hour 1

Hour 2

Are These The Handprints Of An ET Visitor?

Stunning Audio-Video Clip Of Mark Being Knocked Out And Down...By?

Amazing Photos

Jeff With Brett And Mark - Program 3
More Remarkable UFO-ET Encounters

Hour 1

Hour 2

Hour 3



Jeff With Joe Foster


Jeff and Joe Foster - Hour One

Jeff And Joe Foster - Hour Two

Jeff And Joe Foster - Hour Two

The Mystery Of Bell Labs Super
Tech Breakthroughs

Jeff and Joe Foster - Hour One

Jeff And Joe Foster - Hour Two

Trying To Save The Bell Labs
Holmdel facilities

Pentagon Fails To Capture Data
About Alien Orbs

Joe Foster And Dr. Robert Lucky


Clifford Stone - UFO Revelations


Dr Raymond Keller PhD

Jeff With Ray Keller - Prof MacDonald & Missing UFO Experiencers 7-19-18

Hour 1

Hour 2

- Mormonism And ET Gods
- Are Aliens From Venus Coming Back To Earth?
- Dr. James E. McDonald And The ET Hypothesis
- The Disappearing UFO Experiencers

Alien Messages File

Hour 1 - Dr Ray Keller PhD - The Venus Conspiracy

Hour 2 - Dr Ray Keller PhD - The Venus Conspiracy



Sugar Ray Robinson
The Greatest Ever

Sugar Ray Robinson - Greatest Fighter In Boxing History
LIGHTNING Fast, Knockouts With Either Hand - Dazzling
Personality - Muhammed Ali Fashioned Himself After Ray


Massive Fukushima Extinction
Level Event Underway

Enormous Losses Of Insects And Animals
From Fukushima...And GeoEngineering Worldwide

Jeff and Mitchell Henderson - Latest On The Fukushima Extinction Event

TEPCO Pretends It Isn’t Dumping Radioactive Fukushima
Water In The Pacific - A Million Tons In Rusting Tanks

Fukushima Disaster - TEPCO Nuclear Executives
All Found Not Guilty In Japan - Same Old Story

Tempers Flare Over Fukushima Plan To Dump
Radioactive Water In Ocean - (Like They Haven’t Been Doing So All The Way Along)

Shocker - West Coast Tide Pools Before & After Fukushima

Shimatsu - Fukushima Year 8...Racing To Global
Genocide At The Tokyo Olympics

Tokyo 2020...The Radioactive Olympics Of Death

Fukushima - Japanese Swim Star Hit With Leukemia
2020 Tokyo Radioactive Olympics On Schedule

Insect Collapse - 'We Are Destroying Our Life Support Systems'

The Insect Apocalypse In Here

A giant insect ecosystem is collapsing due to humans.
It's a catastrophe

Where Have All The Insects Gone?

We've Been Warning For Years, Fukushima Radiation
Has Destroyed 75% Of The North American Insects

Fukushima Radiation - Plummeting
Insect Populations Could Ravage Life On Earth

Massive (Fukushima) Die-Offs Around The World
86% Of ALL Insects In German Parks Gone

Catastrophic Losses Of Northern Hemisphere Insects

Vanishing Insects & Birds...Real And Widespread

Scientists Warn Of ‘Ecological Armageddon'

As We Have Warned Since Fukushima - Plummeting
Insect Populations Could Ravage Life On Earth



No Bugs, No Birds!
Read Reports From All
Around US...Your Reports Welcome

Photos Showing The Almost Complete Extinction
Of Bugs During 6 Las Vegas To LA Round Trips
Over 3 Months And 4000 Miles…No Car Wash!



Geological & Radiation

Million A Week Club - Your Cumulative Radiation

Russian nuclear firm wins contracts
to Work On Fukushima Cleanup

Long Term Radiation To Japanese Cattle 12 Miles
From Fukushima Daichi - Interesting

NYT Magazine - The Bug And Bird Apocalypse
The Coming Biological Annihilation Of The Planet?

Even After Fukushima Calamity, nuclear energy
stages comeback in Japan

No Good Bugs Left In Upper Peninsula Of Michigan

Fukushima Update 2018 - 'It's All Dead!' - Vid

60 Minutes Australia Feature On Fukushima
Claims Not One Death From Radiation! - Vid

Dana Dunford Exposes The Fraud 60 Minutes
Australia Report On Fukushima - Vid

Death Radiation Still Pouring From Fukushima 7yrs On

Million A Week Club - Your Radiation This Week In US

6 and 1/2 Years Later…Japan No Solution To Fukushima
Radioactive Liquid Death Piling Up In Rusting Tanks

Fukushima Radioactive Death Water Grows 150 Tons
A Day And Japan Doesn't Know What To Do With It

Hawaii Hit With 200x More Fukushima Rad That Expected

Japan Fukushima Coverup Hiding And Ignoring
Leukemia, Cancers, Sudden Heart Attacks

We've Been Warning For Years, Fukushima Radiation
Has Destroyed 75% Of The North American Insects

Fukushima Radiation - Plummeting
Insect Populations Could Ravage Life On Earth

Massive (Fukushima) Die-Offs Around The World
86% Of ALL Insects In German Parks Gone

Catastrophic Losses Of Northern Hemisphere Insects

Vanishing Insects & Birds...Real And Widespread

Scientists Warn Of ‘Ecological Armageddon'

As We Have Warned Since Fukushima - Plummeting
Insect Populations Could Ravage Life On Earth



Gary Holland
Overwhelming 5G Dangers And
Mass Mind Control Applications

5G - The Documentary You MUST See - Vid

Utility Companies Warn That 5G for Unlicensed WiFi
Applications Will Threaten Wireless 'Smart' Meters

Danger! 100s Of Respected Scientists Sound 5G Alarm

5G - Scientists Sound Major Alarm Over Dangers From
Completely Untested 5G Networks Going Up NOW

Will 5G Undermine Weather Prediction?

Is 5G Worth The Risks?

5G Rollout And 'Kill Zones' Being Set Up In Big Cities

5G - The Big Picture

China to UK Amid 5G Leak Row...
Don't Discriminate Against Huawei

US cyber officials threaten to stop sharing
information with EU allies over Huawei 5G

US Working to Make Theresa May Backpedal
on Huawei 5G Deal

Trump Must Reverse His Support Of Dangerous 5G

Human Wetware & The 5G Computer Weapon

The Fed’s 5G Blockchain Enslavement Plan

"5G Is The Stupidest Idea In The History Of The World"
Says WA State Biochemistry, Medical Science Prof
Not One 'Single Biological Test' Has Been Performed

Dr. Martin Pall Tells The NIH - "The 5G Rollout Is
Absolutely Insane” And Produces Devastating Effects
On Human Health - It's Total Domination And Control

French farmers sue the state over mystery cow
deaths they blame on electromagnetic fields From
Cell Phones And WiFi - 5G Will Be FAR Worse

WATCH - 16 Yr Old Patent Proves 'They' Can Easily
Remotely Hijack Your Nervous System & Thinking

5G Cellphone Towers Signal Renewed Concerns
Over Impacts on Our Health

Verizon Announces First 5G Cities
...And This Is How Much You'll Pay

Max Igan - 5G Will Blanket Earth And Be Able To
Deploy Most Any Military Tech On Humanity - Vid

Barry Trower On 5G Cell Tower Microwave
Weapon Systems - Vid

Veteran MD Drops Bombshell About 5G
Dangers At 5G Hearing - Vid

20,000 Satellites for 5G To Send Beams Of
Microwave Radiation Over The Entire Planet

5 Key Things You Need. To Know About 5G - Vid

Smart Phone In Your Pocket Is Seriously Dangerous
Severe EMF Dangers - Major Wake Up Call - Vid

Inside Facebook's Suicide Algorithm

What You Need To Know About 5G - Vid

WATCH - G5 Millimeter Waves 24-7...BAD News - Vid

5G Network Will Use SAME EMF As Pentagon
Crowg Control Systems - You WILL Be CALM

Your Smart Phone Is A Mass Mind Control Weapon

Trump Wants 5G Deployed As Soon As Possible - Vid

Jeff Rense - Major Update On Exploding
Microwave Mind Control Technology - Listen

Gary Holland - Mind Control Update - Listen

Mind Control And Targeted Individuals - Vid

5G Is An Israeli Creation Of Mass Mind Control And More Key Companies Involved All Traceable To Israel

The US Military KNEW 50 Years Ago How EMF Destroys
Human Reproduction And Breaks The Entire Body Down
Read This US Naval Medical Research Institute Report 1971


The Incredible Ingo Swann

Jeff & Ingo Swann - February 1999

Jeff & Ingo Swann - March 1999


Mass Mind Control Over America
All Real, All The Time

Mind Wars By Targeted EMF- Electronic Harassment,
ADS, Bio-Effects And The Enormous Cost This Crime - Vid

Your Smart Phone Is A Mass Mind Control Weapon

Mind Control And Targeted Individuals - Vid

5G Is An Israeli Creation Of Mass Mind Control And More Key Companies Involved All Traceable To Israel




Jan Smith - America's
Greatest Morgellons




Your Are Being Controlled By Your TV

More Proof Of Mass Mind Control Through TV & Monitors




The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion

Click Here To Listen To The Full, Shocking Audiobook






David Oates Reverse Speech!
Political Newsmaker Reversals

MP3s, Videos, Articles

CIA Publishes Theory Of Reverse Speech -
David John Oates 34 Yrs Of Work Vindicated

A New Documentary Film On

David John Oates
and the Incredible World of REVERSE SPEECH !
Voices From The

Video Of David Oates Reverse Speech
Presentation In Ashland, OR 5-27-17

6-20-17...David John Oates - CIA Validates Reverse Speech



Stunning, Historic JFK Programs
Oates, Marrs & Allgire


JFK Murder Solved By Reverse Speech PART 1
David John Oates, Jim Marrs & Dick Allgire
Click HERE

JFK Murder Solved By Reverse Speech PART 2
David John Oates, Jim Marrs & Dick Allgire
Click HERE

Remote Viewing JFK - Whodunnit?
Jim Marrs
- World's #1 Scholar On JFK Assassination
Dick Allgire - One Of World's Premiere Remote Viewers

12-9-15.. Hour 1 MP3
2-9-15.. Hour 2 MP3

Photos 1 ... Photos 2

1-4-15.. Hour 1 MP3
1-4-15.. Hour 2 MP3

Photos 1...Photos 2

Jim Marrs, Courtney Brown & Remote Viewer Daz Smith - Revealing More Answers To The JFK Murder

12-29-15..Hour 1 MP3
12-29-15..Hour 2 MP3



Remote Viewing The
Death Of Adolf Hitler -
Jeff Rense, Jim Marrs,
Dick Allgire & Harry Cooper

Join Us For Time Travel Back To WW2 Germany And Then Forward To The Final Moments Of The Life Of Adolf Hitler With Remote Viewer Dick Allgire And Historians Jim Marrs and Harry Cooper. A Classic Program!

5-13-16...Hour 1
5-13-16...Hour 2


Hitler In Argentina
Harry Cooper

Sharkhunter Books

Listen FREE
Jeff with Harry Cooper & Jim Marrs - Hitler In Argentina - mp3

Sharkhunters Hot Mail!

PHOTOS *for program above*

Hitler In Argentina - Buy The Book Here!

Reviews Of Cooper's 'Hitler In Argentina' Show Truth Wins

Jeff & Harry - Hitler In Argentina - mp3

Harry Cooper's History-Shaking New Book - Hitler In Argentina

Hunt For Hitler's Stolen Pistol Which Is Worth Millions

Argentine Officer Diary Of Taking Secret Papers To Hitler In 1950s

Amazing Memories Of Argentina's Ambassador To Berlin 1932-39



Dr. Michael Salla PhD

Amazing FOIA Data Backing Up The Bill Tompkins Revelations

12-16-16 .. Hour 1 .. Hour 2

FOIA Files

Flash Frozen Civilization Found In The Antarctic?

On Tompkins & The Navy League
ET Special Projects In Medford OR 1985-1999

6-26-16 .. Hour 1 .. Hour 2

Navy League ET Special Projects From 1985-1999


World Exclusive
John Lenard Walson Spaceships?
Whose? And Structures On The Moon

Incredible Video Of Space Ships Parked In Orbit Above Earth

John Walson Still Frames Of US? Space Ships In Orbit

...John Lenard Walson Part 2 .. Hour 1

6-26-17 ...John Lenard Walson Part 2 .. Hour 2

6-19-17 ..John Lenard Walson & Marcel King/Part 1 .. Hour 1

6-19-17 ..John Lenard Walson & Marcel King/Part 1 .. Hour 2

John Lenard Walson YouTube Channel

John Lenard Walson - LIVE Netcast
Of UFO Spacecraft In Orbit

World Exclusive - Space Vehicles
Imaged By John Lenard Walson

Page 1.... Page 2.... Page 3

Please Help Discover More
Spacecraft In Orbit & Moon Structures!

Eminent Scientists Validating John Lenard Walson's Images

The Mysterious, Amazing Videos Of John Lenard Walson - Vid

Walson Visits The Moon Through His Telescope - Vid

Walson Finds New Lunar Anomalies...Strange - Vid


Herbert Dorsey

Jeff And Herbert Dorsey
German UFOs, Free Energy And New Physics

Herbert Dorsey with Jeff On 5-16-19
UFOs, Free Energy And The New Physics

Hour 1

Hour 2

Tesla And Alexanderson A Century Ahead Of Einstein

Standard Model Of Physics And ECE

Important Websites To Visit

German Flying Saucers - Film & Photos - Jeff Rense

Book - Secret Science & The Secret Space Program

Rense UFO-ET-Black Ops Disclosure!

6-23-16 ..Astonishing Technology & German Flying Saucers ..Pics

6-6-16 ..Secret Science & The Secret Space Program

5-25-16 ..Our Secret Space Fleet

5-24-16 ..The World Is Not As We're Told



The Pickering Bros

The Strange Story Of Richard Continues

2-6-18..Hour 1 MP3
2-6-18..Hour 2 MP3
The Fail Safe Program
1-30-18..Hour 1 MP3
1-30-18..Hour 2 MP3
The Navy Deep Black - Pt 1
1-16-18..Hour 1 MP3
1-16-18..Hour 2 MP3
1-16-18..Hour 3 MP3
Clay Pickering At 2010 Navy League Meeting
SOM 1-01- PDF




Karen Stewart - NSA Whistleblower
GangStalking & Deadly Electronically
Targeted Individual (T.I.)

11-16-16 ....Karen Stewart - NSA Whistleblower, Gang-Stalking Victim pt 1

11-17-16 ....Karen Stewart - NSA Whistleblower, Gang-Stalking Victim pt 2

11-21-16 ....Karen Stewart - NSA Whistleblower, Gang-Stalking Victim pt 3
Hour 1 ....Hour 2


There IS Life After Death And
The Magnificent Thomas Paine







The Legendary Walter Bowart

Operation Mind Control - Walter Bowart - pdf

Report From Iron Mountain - pdf

The Invisible Third World War - pdf


How You're Being Mind Controlled
And Don't Know It

Walt Disney, MTV & Hollywood & Mind Control - Vid


The Stark Reality Of Precision Scientific Individual & Mass Mind Control

The Hollywood MK Deception Series - Vid

MK-Ultra And The Laurel Canyon Hippies

Hippies And Mind Control - Vid


Mind Control - An Exact Science
FREE Listen MP3

Dr. Colin Ross - Mind Control, How Easy, How Deadly

The Hollywood MK Deception Series - Vid

The Horror Of Satanic Ritual Abuse & Multiples - Pt 1

The Horror Of Satanic Ritual Abuse & Multiples - Pt 2

The Horror Of Satanic Ritual Abuse & Multiples - Pt 3

Ventura - Artificially Created Multiple Personality Killers - Vid

Mind Control - A Piece Of Cake - Vid

Trauma Based Culture - Vid


The Mysterious Charles Dellchau

Incredible Drawings & Descriptions Of 1850s Flying Machines



Listen MP3
Jan Smith/Cliff Mickelson - Shocking New Morgellons Photos - mp3

Morgellons Nanotechnology Exposed

Jan Smith's Morgellons - CDC Says It's 'Delusional Parasitosis'

Elizabeth's Morgellons Samples

Destructive Wiki Editing Keeps Morg Sufferers In Dark

Jeff And Cliff Mickelson - CDC Liars Say Morgellons Doesn't Exist - mp3

Stunning - BLINKING, ILLUMINATED Morgellons Particle Pulled From Chin - Vid

Official CDC Denial - Morgellons Does Not Exist



When Radio Was King

Here Is A Major Collection Of All The Great Old Time Radio Shows - LISTEN!


Must Viewing - Incredibly Important

Jeffrey Smith's 'Genetic Roulette' Full Documentary - Vid


Battle Of LA - UFOs Over Los Angeles

Eyewitness Testimony To 'Battle Of LA' Huge UFO

Footage Of UFO Being Fired On In 'Battle Of LA' - Vid

1942 Battle Of LA - Biggest Mass UFO Sighting In History



Ingo Swann Passes
Into Great Beyond

FREE Listen MP3s
March 1999 with Jeff Rense & Ingo

Hour 1 - Ingo Swann - Legendary Remote Viewer

Hour 2 - Ingo Swann - Legendary Remote Viewer

Hour 3 - Ingo Swann - Legendary Remote Viewer

Ingo Swann, Father Of Remote Viewing (1933-2013)



More Corn Ethanol...More Harm To Consumers, Environment

E10 Ethanol Gas Destroys Engines...Proof - Vid

E15 Ethanol Gas Even More Destructive Than E10 - Vid


Eustace Mullins

Eustace Mullins - How The Rothschilds Created Israel

Jeff & Eustace Mullins - Power Of The Rothschild Bankers

Jeff & Eustace Mullins - Drugs, War & Manipulation - Vid

Jeff & Eustace Mullins - WW2...Orchestrated Slaughter - Vid

Jeff & Eustace Mullins - Complete Show (July 21, 2003) - Vid

Jeff & Eustace Mullins - Complete Show (July 31, 2003) - Vid

National Socialism + Zionism = NAZI - Vid


GM Yellow Corn Equals
Tumors, Cancers & Death

New Study Links GMO Food To Leukemia

Justice Kagan Rules For Monsanto In Farmer GMO Case

Nestle Folds To SA Consumer Pressure Over GMOs



Stop Eating Meat And Dairy

McDonalds Kids Watch Slaughterhouse Videos - Vid


Dr. Alan Cantwell MD

Are Bacteria The Secret Cause Of Cancer?

Gays, Fake News...And Man Made AIDS

Virginia Livingston MD's Cancer Cure

Cancer And Most Diseases Are Caused By BACTERIA

Cantwell - Rigged Science And Manmade AIDS

Dr. Alan Cantwell - Why Doctors Ignore Bacterial Cause Of Cancer

'Watchful Waiting' Just As Effective A Treatment For Prostate Cancer

Toxins In Skin Bacteria Help Lymphoma Cells Spread

Bacteria As A Primary Cause Of Breast Cancer

The Incredible & Unrecognized Germ Of Cancer

Breast Cancer Is Caused By Pleomorphic Bacteria

Coccoid Forms Of Bacteria & The Cause Of Cancer

World Man-Made AIDS Day - December 1

Ignored Bacteria And The Cause Of Lymphoma Cancer

Bacteria Cause Cancer...The Microscopic Evidence - Photos


Creepy, Weird Otherworldly
Sounds...Vanished Again

Strange Sky Sounds Return - Watch

Those Strange Sky Sounds Are Back
Heard Over Texas 1-1-19
(Before And After Jet Flies OverHead) - Vid

Those Bizarre ‘Apocalypse' Sky Sounds Are Back
This Time In Chile, Scaring People, Animals - Vid

Apocalypse Sky Sounds Back - Terrify Hawaii Locals - Vid

Eerie Strange Sky Sounds Are Back Again

Sky 'Trumpets' In The Netherlands

Strange Sounds Over Tangiers, Morocco

Eerie Sounds Over Casablanca

Creepy Sounds Over Bristol, England

Those Otherworldly, Bizarre Sounds Of Jan 2012 - Vid

A Chronology Of The Eerie, Strange Sounds Of Jan 2012 - Vid

Eerie Sky Sounds Validated By Russian Scientists

Bizarre Noises Over Cambridge, England - Vid



The Platters

Time Out For Beautiful Music With Jeff - Part 1
The Dazzling Voice Of Tony Williams and The Platters

Only You 1956 - Vid

The Great Pretender 1956 - Vid

Twilight Time 1958 - Vid

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes 1958 - Vid

Remember When - Vid

My Prayer - Stereo - Vid

Only You - Stereo - Vid

The Great Pretender - Stereo - Vid


Johnny Mathis

Chances Are - Vid

It's Not For Me To Say - Vid

Wonderful, Wonderful - Vid

The Twelfth Of Never - Vid


Hollywood's Golden Days

Legendary Hollywood Stars & Their Fabulous Cars

A Drive Through LA Of The 1940s

The Last 'Red Car' Ride In LA In April 1961 - Vid

The Great Pacific Electric Red Cars Of LA...
The World's Largest Electric Railway System - Vid

A Drive Through Beverly Hills In The Early 1930s

Wonderful Vintage Hollywood Photos... pdf

Great Vintage Hollywood Photos

Fabulous Hollywood Stars And Their Classic Cars

The Original Hollywood Sign Read Hollywoodland - Pic

Round About Hollywood 1931, Color - Vid

Wonderful Color Photos Of 50s & 60s LA/SoCal - Pics



MARS - The Mysterious

Jeff's Mars Photos

Frank Jacob's Mars Photos

Unequivocal Proof Of Buildings On Mars

Must See - Life On Mars…Water, Trees, Cities

This Is Mars - 2015

Stunning - The Best Mars Discoveries, Part 2

They've Hidden Entire Mars Cities From Us

Clearly A Intelligently-Designed Relic On Mars

Reaching Mars In A Few Days? Yes! Says NASA

Oh, My - Hidden By NASA - Stunning Structures On Mars

NASA Coverups On Mars Continue - Clear Structures

Explosive Mushroom Cloud On Mars By Indian Orbiter

Encore - Obvious Valve Found By Curiosity On Mars - Vid

Leaked Mars Photos Loaded With Signs Of Life - Vid

Trees On Mars Coverup - Vid

Amazing Photos On Mars 2014 - Vid

Train Wheels, Axle On Mars - Vid

Tomb, Cross, Platform, Relics Found On Mars - Vid

Looks Like NASA Hid Entire Cities On Mars - Vid

Mars' Greatest Mystery

LIFE On Mars - Forests, Lakes, Rivers In Stunning Photos - Pics

Jeff And David Oates FREE Listen Click Here

Fascinating Mars Structures, Cities, Plant Life?

Mars Structure Found - The Real Reason For The US Vendetta Against Gary McKinnon?

Obvious, Unquestionable Tracks On Mars - Object On Track? - Pics

MSNBC Picks Up The Mars Structure Video

Stunning Mars Anomalies 

Mars Life, Water, Vegetation, Anomalies


World's Best

The Ten Most Influential People In The Alternative Media


The Timeless George Carlin
(graphic language)

Carlin - War Culture And The Sham Of Democracy

George Carlin On The Rothschilds - Vid

The Genius George Of Carlin - Vid

George Carlin On NASA Plans For Mars - Vid

George Carlin On Civil Liberties In America - Vid

George Carlin - It's Over - Vid


Robert Hastings

Stunning Navy Pilot Video Of Triangle UFO
Parked On US Aircraft Carrier flight Deck? - Vid

Mind-Boggling Daylight UFO Over Japan From Airliner - Vid

10 UFOs Cavort Above US Nuke Missile Base

Jesse Marcel Jr. - Roswell Eyewitness
FREE Listen - Jeff With Jesse Marcel, Jr

Peter Davenport , Noe Torres & E.J. Wilson - Roswell 2010! - Very Special Guest - Col Jesse Marcel, Jr - MP3

Jesse Marcel Jr. - Veteran, Patriot & Roswell Witness Passes On

Memories Of Jesse Marcel By Kevin Randle

Phoenix Lights Witness Remembers Jesse Marcel, Jr - Fortson

Remembering Jesse Marcel, Jr - Balthaser

Mainstream Media Homage To Jesse Marcel's Passing

Dr. Roger Leir
Astonishing UFO Over Turkey

Roger's Personal Photo Video Analysis Showing ETs

Non-Humans, ETs, Shown Inside Turkey UFO

All Known Videos Of The Turkey UFO

Spectacular Turkey UFO - Information Site

Inarguable - UFOs Zoom In Front Of Argentine
Pilot's Private Plane - Broad Daylight - Vid

Third Government UFO Video Released - Vid

The Military Keeps Encountering UFOs. Why Doesn't the Pentagon Care? Vid

Deconstructing A 1950 UFO Fake

Scientist Says He?ll Prove NASA Coverup Of
ET Life On Mars With Bombshell Report

Mr. President - Start Tweeting About UFOs,
Now...Before It?s Too Late

Department of Defense UFO Program
Luis Elizondo and The Chain of Custody

What UFOs Can Tell Us About Fake News

Why Top UFO Researchers Chose
Tom DeLonge As Their Mouthpiece

'Aliens Over Milwaukee' - Bizarre Moving
Lights Seen in US Skies - Vid

Nixon Wanted To End The UFO-ET Coverup And Left
A Secret Letter Hidden Deep Beneath The White House

Yorkshire UFO Crash Mystery Solved

UFOs And Space Time Metric Engineering - Vid

UFOs Invaded The Tri-State - 1963

Iran Reports Of 'UFO Dogfights' Over Nuke Complex

Navy Pilot, Who Chased A UFO, Says
‘We Should Take Them Seriously'

O'Hare UFO Eye Witness Appears In
Silhouette on CNN - Vid (Redux)


Roundup's Chemical Apocalypse – Sixth Mass Extinction

The Deeper Reason For Drug Ads On Television

Shocking Study - Penicillin Changes Childrens'
Brains Making Them Grow Up Angry And Violent

Scientists - People Will 'Love' Black, Arab Muslims
When Dosed With Oxytocin - Why No Resistance!

Oxytocin Put In Dairy - Forces Public To Be Passive

Public Being Dosed With Oxytocin Which Reduces
'Xenophobia' - The Urge For Self-Protection!

Chicken Nuggets, Cereal, Bacon Linked To Cancer

New AI Can Predict Your Death

Simple Blood Test Detects Eight Types Of Cancer

Latest Study On Water Fluoridation Again
Links It To Lowered Children's IQ's

Ketamine Is A ‘Rapid-Fire' Treatment For Depression?

Study - People Prefer Legal Weed Over Alcohol



Vegan Recipes

Vegan Hummus

Raw Recipe - Avocado Tropical Salsa...Addictive! - Vid

Easy Vegan Quinoa Recipes


Rense Featured Stories Catalog

James Fetzer's Nobody Died At Sandy Hook

Crisis Actors & Fake Mass Shootings?

Crooked Hillary, The Cheat Earbuds, Hand Signals, More

Watch - Clinton Cash...The Full Movie

Hillary's Failing Health

Evalion Shakes Up The Net

Joseph Skipper's Incredible Mars Research

RFK Assassination - Oates, Marrs, Teagle

JFK Jr Told The World Who Murdered His Father

The Trouble With Sandy Hook

Microwave Mass Death Technology

The Greatest - Ali

John Barbour's 'Garrison Tapes'

Kubrick Confession?

David Haynie & Jim Wyrick - Ghost Voices

Online Destruction Of Innocent People

Jesus - The Israelite

Solid 3D Proof That Apollo Photos Were Faked

Robert Felix

EMF Effects On Your Cells And Tissues

DARPA & Google Plan Total Control


Aspartame Deaths & Suffering Must Stop

Dane Wigington

Humans In An Inhuman War

How To Respond To An Anti Conspiracy Theorist!

Crucial 9/11 Videos

The James Holmes Conspiracy - Vid

Ritual Child Sex Abuse, Pedo Conspiracy Of Silence - Vid

The Great Organic Deceivers

Color Photos Of WW 2 Heroines

American Graffitti In LA

A Dream Lost

The Death Of Clean US Mass Transit

The Fraud Of Digitized 'Beauty' - The Big Lie - Vid

Poor Man's Guide To Survival Gear

Thunderbolts - The Electric Universe


Dennis Wise Astonishing Documentaries

The Greatest Story Never Told - By Dennis Wise

This Brilliant Film Can Be Seen At The Following Links

Greatest Story Never Told - Link 1

Greatest Story Never Told - Link 2

Greatest Story Never Told - Link 3

Greatest Story Never Told - Link 4

And His New Film

Communism By The Back Door by Dennis Wise

Communism By The Back Door - Link 1

Communism By The Back Door - Link 2

Communism By The Back Door - Link 3

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Jewish Rabbi Explains How Dennis Wise Was Right!

Are We A Country Or A Joke?

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