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The Most Hated Man In History
Was Also The Most Loved

The world will never witness another like him.
He was a man of God who gave his people hope and they loved him for it.

"He was a great human being.
He was perfect in everything.
I'll never see the likes of him again."
- Appropriate Hamlet (modern text)

One of the Comments...

For so long, I believed all the propaganda and lies about Adolf Hitler. But, then 9/11 and the internet happened. And slowly, but surely, the truth was, and still is, being unravelled. It turns out that Hitler is a contender for the greatest leader in history. Who fought against, warned us about, and tried to protect us from, the greatest personification of evil in the history of mankind:- the Luciferian, Talmudic, Kabbalahistic jews. The very same evil cult that is today destroying and murdering everything that is White, Christian, and Godly. In the eyes of many, Adolf Hitler should be a Saint. And if he was, he would likely be the one Saint that the Civilised White Western Christian World would be praying to today. Knowing now how right and truthful this angel of a man truly was.