Note - The following are extracted from Brad's wonderful Shadow World book and are being made available at his request. These items are copyrighted and may not be reproduced in any other media...
SHADOW WORLD Spiritual Encounters That Can Change Your Life
By Brad Steiger
Surrounding Yourself With A Positive Energy Field
If you should sense the presence of negative entities in your environment, practice this exercise:
Immediately visualize yourself slamming a door between you and the negative presence.
Next, visualize a golden energy of light moving upward from the bottoms of your feet to the top of your head. See it moving over your legs, your hips, your chest, your neck, right up to the top of your head. Then see the energy cascading down around you in sparks of golden light, as if you are being enveloped by the shimmering, sparkling outpouring of a roman candle.
Impress upon your consciousness that those "sparks" of golden light represent a new, positive energy field that surrounds you and forms a vital protective shield against all discordant and negative entities.
A Prayer of Protection from Negative Entities
O beloved [say here the name of your guardian spirit or holy figure], send your protective light energies around me at once.
Erect a shield of love and light around me that is invincible, all powerful, and unable to be penetrated by any evil force.
Keep me totally protected from all things that are not of the Light of God.
Keep me immune from all negative and hostile beings.
Banish at once the spirit that I see [or feel or sense] before me!
So be it! Amen