Strange Sounds Worldwide Datafile



Strange Sounds Banff Alberta Canada - Vid

Weird Sky Sound In Saskatoon Again - Vid

Eerie Noises Over Regina, Sask - Vid

Strange Noise Over London - Vid

Bizarre Sounds Over Illinois - 1 - Vid

Bizarre Sounds Over Illinois 2 - Vid

Abnormal Sounds Now In Sunnyside New York - Vid

Strange Sounds Over Rochester, MI - Vid


Mainstream Reporting Strange Noises Heard Around The World

Click HERE To Listen To A Collection Of The Strange Sounds - MP3

Eerie Sounds Over Battleford, Canada Make TV News - Vid

Eerie Sound In Rural DC Suburb - Vid

Strange Sounds Near Buffalo, NY - Vid

New Worldwide Map Of Bizarre Sounds

More Weirdness - This Time In The Ocean Off Hong Kong - Vid

Eerie Sounds Set Off Car Alarms In Germany - Vid

Mystery Sounds Over Rural Poland - Vid

Rense & Charles Smith - Chiling, Frightening Sounds - Vid

Lorie Kramer - Strange Sounds Map Of The World  -  Vid


A Collection Of The Sounds Only - Vid

The Next Voice You Hear...And Strange Sounds -  Vid

Strange Sounds In Sky Over Tennessee - Vid

More Sounds Over Czech Republic - Vid

Big Noise Over Sao Paolo, Brazil - Vid

Strange Sound Over Boca Raton FL - Vid

Scary Sounds Over Spain - Vid

Loud Sky Sounds Over The UK - Vid

Weird Sounds Over Clearfield County, PA - Vid

Overview Of Worldwide Apocalyptic Sounds -  Vid


Eerie Sounds Over Nottingham, England - Vid

Strange Sounds Above London - Vid

UFOs (?) And Sounds Over L.A. - Vid

Opinions On The Strange Sounds - Update

Strange Sounds Over Thunder Bay, Ontario - Vid

Eerie Noise Over Chile - Vid

Night Sounds Over Costa Rica - Vid

Bizarre Sounds Over Lviv - Vid

Creepy, Eerie Sounds Over Manitoba, Animals React - Vid 

Compilation Of Strange Aerial Sounds In Late 2011 - Vid

Strange Sounds Over Winnipeg, Canada - Vid

Huge Triangle UFO - Similar Chilling Sounds? - Vid

Shimatsu - Eerie Sounds - The Haarpies Orchestra Of Woodwinds And Brass -  Vid

Bizarre Sounds In The Skies Of Czech Republic - Vid

Weird Sky Sounds Over Sweden - Vid

Scary Sounds In The Czech Republic - Vid

More Chilling Mystery Sounds - Budapest, Hungary - Vid

Sci-Fi Like Creepy Sounds Over Indonesia - Vid

Eerie Sounds In The Sky In The Black Of Night- Vid

Canada Workers Hear Frightening Sounds In Forest - Vid

Same Frightening Sounds In Canada Heard In Kiev - Vid

Weird Sounds In Odessa, Ukraine - Vid

Strange Sound Also In Colorado Mountains - Vid

Bizarre, Scary Sound Late At Night - Vid

Same Eerie Sounds In Daylight Montreal - Vid

Strange, Worldwide Mysterious Sound Summary -  Vid

Same Chilling Sounds Heard Over Borneo Jan 11 & 12 -  Vid