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DHS Boss Mayorkas Punishes Border Patrol
Officers For Enforcing U.S. Law

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive To Rense

At long last, members of Congress are fulfilling their duty to question and hopefully remove the conniving Department of Homeland Security boss Alejandro Mayorkas, an adoptive citizen of dubious “Jewish Cuban” origin (as in Mafia crook Meyer Lansky’s Copacabana casino in Havana) with a onerous record of unlawful interference with Border Patrol enforcement procedures and torching open the steel plates of the Border Wall. Those courageous border officers have been told that any discussion of official DHS sabotage of federal regualations will result in discipline, firing and implied worse threats. As put by an officer during my reporting journey to the school shooting site of Uvalde, Texas, “There’s nothing but interference with our duty from politicians.”

As DHS chief, Alex Mayorkas has served as the ultimate protector of foreign drug smugglers, homicidal criminals and sex traffickers, which is unsurprising given his familial origins in Cuba during the dictatorial Batista regime. As an ally of Lansky, the head of the Jewish mob, uber-corrupt dictator Fulgencio Batista transformed Cuba into a fantasy island whorehouse replete with high-stakes betting on roulette wheels, horse-races and sadistic torture of dissenters. The services of the Yiddish mob was of such value to the dictatorship’s image in Miami and New York that Batista gave Lansky the deed and keys to Havana’s ritzy National Hotel. After he was deposed by Fidel Castro’s revolution, the much hated dictator had by then provoked the ire of President John F. Kennedy, who cancelled air-support for the Bay of Pigs invasion. (The Vatican more recently absolved the Castro brothers as the “clean Jews” dedicated to public welfare and therefore a cut above the mortal sinner Batista.) Everything Cuban from salsa to rum and cigars is a study in conflicting values and moral contradictions, including the DHS’s Jewish boss Majorkas, a graduate of a Catholic university in California.

As the head of border control, Majorkas is truly a disciple of Lansky and Batista, opening the USA to all comers and risk-takers no matter how penniless to try their luck at filching and cheating naive Americans out of their dollars. This open-gates policy, which is not-so-secretly aimed at winning the political loyalty of border-crossers to vote Democrat, has ironically been most hotly opposed by Hispanic-American officers who are especially targeted for violence by the Mexican drug cartel thugs. One of the more horrifying incidents was the machete butchering of a Hispanic border agent in Arizona, chopped to pieces. On orders from Majorkas’s HQ, the killer got away to strike again at other officers while threaten civilians in southern New Mexico state. The message is clear: As Hispanics, you should be helping all comers from Latin America rather than doing your duty to the Anglo USA. Question: Isn’t that racism?

Another recurrent threat has been Cartel gunmen who wave made-in-China AK-47s in challenges to outgunned U.S. Border Patrol agents. One of those AKs was used to assassinate New Mexico’s top Highway Patrol officer in an ambush along I-10 (an incident that I covered in minute detail). The military-grade firepower in the hands of demented killers is best recalled in a friend’s drive from his grandad’s Luna County pecan grove to visit his cousins near Ascension, Chihuahua. Two gunmen with AKs stopped him to rob him of everything - money, ID, phone and clothing other than underwear. After the shakedown, he proceeded onward but about 2 miles later, two other gangsters with Chinese automatic weapons blocked his path and were outraged to learn that he’d already been robbed, saying “Those guys did not have our permission to work this road - this is our turf!” They protect their border, but we don’t do the same for ours, thanks to Alejandro, a wannabe dictator like Santa Ana (perpetrator of the Alamo slaughter).

17 Dead or Maimed Officers a Year

I’ve taken it on myself to report on these unspeakable crimes, since truthful accounts of what’s been happening and why the Border Patrol officers are so angry with Majorkas and his administrative lackeys who have ruined morale by siding with Cartel hitmen, drug smugglers, pedophile transporters, car thieves and outright bandits.

On average along the Tex-NewMex frontline,every passing year has seen foreign criminals inflicting an annual 17 or more life-threatening injuries and deaths on Border Patrol agents, who are burdened by ridiculous (and unconstitutional) INS rules against self-protection. The majority of foreign-born attackers go unpunished on orders from politicians or released from detention by corrupt sold-out liberal judges, of whom there is no shortage in this impoverished and mismanaged region. Border Patrol agents have been muzzled by an official rule of silence, under blatant official censorship that prevents the American public from realizing the open border for foreign felons and demented killers is merely a transfer point for aggressive occupation and welfare robbery of towns and cities across the USA.

Given the horrific accounts that I’ve picked up along the southern border of the USA, my opinion is that it’s insufficient to merely remove the accomplice Majorkas from his parrot perch. As one of the nation’s top law enforcement officials, he is infinitely more guilty of the border-zone crime wave than your average coyote (driver for illegals). Blatant violation of his official responsibility when silencing and punishing his staffers is tantamount to high treason. In any civilized society, Mayorkas would receive the death penalty as a traitor. And most Latinos on this side of the line, who have everything to lose from the ongoing invasion, would probably agree with this harsh opinion.

How Border Treason affects our communities

Criminal activity being introduced knowlingly by Majorkas is interconnected in many ways not only with crime but also unfair trade agreements that undercut the income and jeapardize the livelihood of American ranchers, farmers and their temporary workers from Mexico. Just this past week, I had to dispose of a ton of grown-in Mexico fresh tomatillos (a cousin of bilberries used as a condiment on burritos), which were left at a church-based charity. The task of giving away these highly valued vegetables was accomplished in one afternoon by my barging into thrift shops and discount stores to inform Mexican American housewives of the vegetal treasure trove. I personally disposed the leftovers during the next two days with my peeling and freezing packets of the fruit. I dropped off three hand-packed boxes of tomatillos to a local Mexican-American clan whose burrito stall had been torched by native Mexico food-truck vendors allied with the Cartel.

The shipping crate had a label that the tomatillos had been shipped from near Mexico City via Los Angeles, only to be dumped near the border in New Mexico. My informal distribution effort proved something of greater importance that the profits of trade, which is that bilateral cooperation on food processing is the most effective means of economic competition against the Cartel’s drug activity, which is sustained by endemic poverty in rural Mexico.

Instead of futilely trying to cut the drug supply train in local American communities, a serious suppression effort starts at the root of the problem - which is that Mexican farmers and farmworkers should receive a fair share of export profits rather than being treated (as usual) as peons. (While I worked at a Del Monte ketchup plant in Indiana, I was for a while a member of Cesar Chavez’s United Farm Workers union and helped raise funds for a band of tomato pickers who lost their autumn income due to heavy rains to pay for the gas to return to their Bend region in Texas.)

While using a small knife to peel the paper-thin husks and thick green rind off tomatillos, a disturbing question hit me. Who in the hell would abandon a container of Mexico-grown veg after shipping them Hidalgo north of Mexico City to Los Angeles a distance of more than a 2,000 miles? And then convey them another 700 miles to NM? Was the acrid scent of these fruit used to cover the stench of marijuana buds and maybe a few boxes of fentanyl?

I should explain here that the Mexico-USA-Canada free trade agreement signed by President Joe Biden allows unchecked import of questionable food products. I’ve seen endless trucks of chiles aboard Mexican trucks rolling across the border without inspection, heading for Hatch (the world champion of “local grown” green chiles, Hah!). Hatch is located on Highway 25, the corridor to Texas, Colorado, Kansas and Oklahoma. Food safety and drug suppression must happen every step along the chain from farm to table. Though I’m not an advocate of getting high, I can say the legal marijuana sector does ensure profits go to growers and vendors rather than smugglers and gunmen. And this methodical approach to ending the lethal drug scourge is exactly what AM has utterly failed to do by opening the US-Mexico border to the Cartel and indy fentanyl smugglers.

Bike Thieves and Court-house Bombers

One of the more sinister activities of the Cartel has been to befriend and enlist Caucasian dope addicts, many of them loser spawn of long-established pioneering families, who serve gangland interests as street dealers, thieves, car-jackers and lookouts in exchange for a limitless supply of fentanyl and recreational marijuana. One of my acquaintances who drifted down this hellish slope was the son of a famed leader of a band of Texan cowboy musicians and he is now serving a prison sentence related to his secondary drug dealing along with theft of high-priced bicycles to trade with dope suppliers with the Cartel. Mexican kids as young as 3 years old are trained to pilfer the shelves at WalMart and other big box stores. All sorts of illicit financial and economic activities are related to and supportive of the drug trade. Cutting down a few branches of the evil tree does little to halt trafficking, when what’s needed is a clean sweep of the crippling moral-ethical dependency on instant gratification rather than personal enjoyment of challenges in real life experience.

As for the recent hushed-up bombings in law-court facilities in Albuquerque, Las Cruces and the bast inside the parole office in Deming, NM, was orchestrated by a young Caucasian woman from a long-time hard-working family. Her refusal to speak a word about her source of weaponry is typical of the delusional “loyalty” demanded by “friends” in the Mexican mob. Obviously, she could not have planted bombs in three towns separated by road distances of 56 miles Deming-to-Cruces and more than 70 miles Deming-to-Albuquerque, the latter the state capital. She is simply a dupe of an orchestrated campaign of terrorism on American soil. Notably, less than an hour after the bombings, two cars were spotted rushing along at high speed on country roads to evade I-10 and head toward the Santa Teresa border crossing on the Tex-NewMex state line, which is near the Sunland race track.

Later that same day, I counted three police cars outside a women’s hospital in Las Cruces, presumably where the foolhardy suspect was treated for a suicide attempt or wounds inflicted by her masters from the Underworld. The old network of long-established pioneering American families in the region obviously sought media silence about this sad affair, but that self-protective stance is plain wrong when there are hundreds of high-schoolers and even schoolchildren under intense pressure from the Cartel’s runners and dealers to do their criminal errands. Here again, the threat must be to cut off flagrant criminality at its roots or drug trafficking and gunfire will become a national epidemic as it has throughout the border states. Familial strictness is, under these conditions, the best policy in any home. And if punks affiliated with the Cartel, try to put your daughter to work as a whore in some club or son as a dealer, then by all means take necessary action rather than leaving the kids and the police to get shot by thugs. This is still the Wild West, hombre.

Possibly linked to this sordid affair, the ethnic Mexican mayor of the railroad town of Deming was recently ousted by disgusted town residents for his many expensive “improvement projects” (all boondoggles of disappearing “construction” funds). That useless crook was a member of the Banditos motorcycle gang, which served as the model for the Netflix series “The Mayans” Latino bike gang. Deming was a favored location site for Hollywood movies aided by the former NM state governor Bill Richardson, a crony of Bill Clinton and friend of pedophile pimp Jeffrey Epstein, whose Zorro Ranch north of state capital Santa Fe remains a mystery hideout, protected by Governor Luhan Grimsham, a recent divorcee now married to the owner of a chop shop garage.

Low-life gangsterism is by now the Easy Rider state’s third major industry along with dubious legalized marijuana storefronts and gas-and-oil extraction, such fine examples of the “green revolution”, which is less realistic that the digested hay from a horse’s arse. Meanwhile, cattle grazing is being threatened by voracious federal BLM land takeovers and “green energy” projects that are constantly changing hands among millionaires to grab tax credits. Yeah, pass the pipe. Thus the plight of Border Patrol agents has been ignored in the constant poker game of federal-enabled scams by the like of Mayorkas, who tore out steel panels of the Border Wall to facilitate entry of his beloved Cartel goons.

Abetted by the deliberate laxity of Mayorkas’s open border policy, the Cartel is making threatening inroads into American society across the Southwest. The net result is last year’s nearly daily gunshot murder rate in Albuquerque and surrounding Bernallilo county. Notably, the one effort to buck the trend has come from the cross-stateline Navaho tribal nation to raise demands for investigation of disappearances of young Indian women over recent decades, a page out of the book on the murdered Osage women in the Oklahoma oil fields, the subject of the DeCaprio movie “Killers of the Flower Moon”. That’s not ancient history here, not when the bodies of seven young Hispanic women caught in the sex trade were exhumed from “The Mesa” west of Albuquerque.

You may wonder if Mayorkas and Hunter Biden might, despite their soon-to-be “reported deaths” while escaping over a tequila-soaked desert dune to rejoin Epstein and Bill Richardson for their journey into the borderland sunset in the footsteps of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid - because around here a big lie still rings truer than a fairy-tale, just like way back then, Once Upon a Time in The West.