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2017 - Mankind Must Face September 11 Truth

By Ted Wilson


Once we squeeze all we can out of the United States, it can dry up and blow away.'
- Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Quote Source - Wayne Madsen Click Here

It is difficult for many Americans to break free of the narrative about September 11 told in the initial hours of the atrocity.  That day the US Jewish-dominated media spun a yarn of an evil Muslim, living in a remote cave at Tora Bora, Afghanistan -Asia's poorest country- who masterminded the most complex terror attack of all-time.

Don't mind that no evidence whatsoever was found of a modern airliner at either the Pentagon or Shanksville, Pennsylvania.  Don't mind that mobile calls don't transmit above 1200 feet - and that a modern aircraft is traveling at such a speed it's leaving one cell tower's reception almost as soon as it arrives.  Don't mind that three of the world's safest skyscrapers -all 267 floors- were reduced to dust.  That's thousands of tons of concrete, glass, and  reinforced steel disintegrated to crumbs.  In physics, that just does not happen.

We were all grieved by the television pictures.  Good-hearted Americans were most concerned with the loss of life.  It was difficult to think otherwise.

And yet the greatest hoax perpetrated against modern man was underway.

Sixteen years later, on the anniversary of that terrible day, it is more evident than ever that the crime was planned over many years and executed by a racial group driven to dominate our world.

What follows will convince you of that fact.

Alan Sabrosky is the former head of the United States' Army War College at Carlisle, Pennsylvania.  And he is of Jewish heritage:

They Did It - Dr. Alan Sabrosky (Jewish) Israel did 9 11
Dr. Alan Sabrosky (Jewish) Israel did 9 11

Christopher Bollyn is an investigative journalist, native of Illinois, and the most thorough truth seeker concerning that terrible day.  He is the target of repeated death threats by Jewish groups, and his talks are sometimes given in seclusion.  Zionists bellow "Anti-Semite" but refuse his offers of open debate.  Should you wish to attend a presentation on his current September - October US tour, please let me know:

Christopher Bollyn Speaks at Portland Community College
The 9/11 Studies Club hosted guest speaker Christopher Bollyn at Portland Community College where he discussed the predicament Americans face with a two-party system
Bollyn fields questions at the same talk, given at Portland, Oregon in 2016:

Christopher Bollyn's Q&A Session at Portland Community ...
The 9/11 Studies Club hosted guest speaker Christopher Bollyn at Portland Community College where he discussed the predicament Americans face with a two ...
Stephen E. Jones (Phd; Physics, Vanderbilt 1978) is the BYU professor who provided the initial proof that nano-thermite particles were thick amid the remains surrounding the fallen Towers.  Below is his story.  Does this mild and thoughtful man impress you as bigoted?  Yet Jews destroyed his career, threatened his family, and sent him to academic exile:

MUST SEE Professor Steven Jones on the Controlled Demolition Of WTC Demolition
Dr Steven Jones Deserves a medal for his efforts to bring out the truth. Born: March 25, 1949 (age 63) Education: Cornell University, Brigham Young University ...
Pictured are 11 Jewish supremacists who masterminded, carried out, and covered up the crimes of 9-11-01.

Netanyahu is the world's greatest international terrorist.

Kissinger, Wolfowitz, Perle, Kagan, Abrams, and Kristol conceived the atrocity over many years and knew of the plan in advance.  Chertoff led the concealment.

Silverstein is the LaGuardia Airport strip club owner who defrauded insurers for approximately $8 billion as the Towers' new lease holder.

Hellerstein and Feinberg abused the families of September 11 victims and were central in dismissing all investigation.

These 11 men should be immediately arrested, charged with crimes against humanity, and imprisoned awaiting trial at the International Criminal Court at The Hague in The Netherlands.

After quietly digesting all that is presented here, I hope each of you can contemplate what does your soul tell you?  It's enormous horror, tremendous evil, yet the future of mankind lays in balance.

Thank you.

Benjamin Netanyahu

Henry Kissinger

Paul Wolfowitz

Richard Perle

Elliot Abrams

William Kristol

Michael Chertoff

Larry Silverstein

Alvin Hellerstein

Kenneth Feinberg