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Disc-Shaped Craft Hovers Over O’Hare Airport - NUFORC

Tucker - UFOs Turn Out To Be Real, We're Not Kidding - Vid

Why I Believe In UFOs And You Should, Too - Vid

UFOs, Tesla, DeLonge, ETs, Covert Ops

UFO Disclosure - The Insider Game Of 'Reliable Sources'

Secret UFO Program Recorded Encounters
With Unknown Objects

The Secret UFO Program And Absolution

UFO Reports Change With The
Technology Of The Times

Multiple UFOs Captured On Video Over Evansville

NASA Cuts Live Feed As SIX UFOS Creep Past The ISS


Dwarf Planet Ceres May Host Alien Life

Alien Bugs Won't Escape On Earth

J Allen Hynek And A Canadian UFO Study

Police Investigate UFO Sighting In Spain

Aliens Almost Certainly Existed - Churchill

Navy Says No UFO

New Vision For ET Disclosure

UFO Experiencer Billy Meier Cult Exposed By Ex-wife

Groundbreaking Chilean Navy UFO Footage

Silent Triangle UFO Spotted Over California Town


Forty UFO Sightings Debunked By Air Force

UFO Research Against Skeptics

Top Secret Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit
Report (IPU) On The Two Roswell Crashes To
MAJIC Signed By Directors Of CIA & NSA
- pdf

Look - JFK Orders A Complete Report On
All UFO Data Made Just Before His Murder

Moon & ISS UFO Videos & Mitchell 'UFOs Are Real'

UFO Reported Near British Nuclear Weapons Facility

(Some) UFO History

UFOs Over RAF Welford

Plane In Evasive Maneuvers To Dodge UFO

UFO Sighting Causes Commotion In Peru


UFOs Reported Over Saigon – 1948

Signature of Past Life on Mars?

Bomber Pilot Encounters UFO, Loses Power - April 1945

UFO Radar Intel Summary IR 29-52 - Korean War 1951-52

Mysterious Roving Light Puzzles Roswell 1932

Malfunctioning Nuke Missile, Fear Launch 1984

Is That An Alien Signal?

‘UFO’ Filmed Over Vienna; Frightened Onlookers Call Police

Hunt For ET Joined By China’s FAST Radio Telescope

UN Interest In UFOs In WikiLeaks Documents


UFO Cluster Over La Meridian Hotel, Charlotte NC

Wiki - Podesta Emails That Involve Ed Mitchell And ET

UN Interest In UFOs Revealed In WikiLeaks Documents

UFOs Over La Meridian Hotel In Charlotte NC

UFO Lights Over North Carolina

The Lake Tiorati UFO 1966

ETs And The Spiritual War In The Heavens

UFO Tracked On Radar, B-29 Chases 1950

Witnesses Chase UFO At New Albany, Indiana?

UFO Sightings In The DC Area


Horseshoe-Shaped UFO Hovering Over Pikes Peak

Huge UFO Over First A-Bomb Explosion Site 1957

Air Force Managed To Slither Out Of UFO Research

UFOs Filmed Over Athens, Greece - Vid

Huge UFO Scares West Texans - Vid

UFOs Over Over the Iguazú Falls

First Organized 'UFO Alert' In Yucatán

NASA's Manned, Solar-Powered Airships To Venus

UFO Photographed Over Caserta, Italy


Alleged Classified ‘Phoenix Lights’ Vid EXPOSED

NASA’s Orion Arrives Back At Kennedy - Vid

Project Core, UFO Community, Professional Research

Two Sphere UFOs Over Colorado Springs

UFOs, Nuclear Weapons -The Documentary - Vid

1st Alien Planet Of New Mission, Found By Kepler

Fast Moving UFO(s) Passes Over Costa Mesa

Chile UFO Probe Aided By French Aerospace

France, Chile Start Joint Exploration Of UFOs

UFOs Began Nuke Missile Launch Countdowns

Huge Oval UFO Over A-Bomb Bunker 1957

Jim Marrs - Remote Viewing Aliens And UFOs - Vid

Set Priorities For Declassification, Study Urges

Gadget That Could Help Us Breathe On Mars - Vid

UFOs Photographed Over Leicester

New UFO Hotspot: Medellin, Colombia - Vid

UFO And ‘Little People’ On Ground

'FAKE' Phoenix Lights UFO Vid In The UK

UFO Shuts Down Witness’s Car


MUFON Questions UFO Activity At Nuke Missile Site

Rebuttal To Claim UFO Activated A ICBMs -Twice

80s, 90s NASA Videos Showing UFOs Released - Vid

Balloon Or UFO Over Statue Of Liberty? - Vid

Earth Quarantine Force Field Discovered By NASA?

Saucer-Shaped UFO Over Forest In Colombia? - Vid

UFO Fires Red Light Beam At Earth - Vid

Female Astronaut Tells Of Seeing UFO…And Faints - Vid

Extraordinary UFO-UAP Sighting In Oz

Latin America’s Legendary UFO Cases - Pt 1

Latin America’s Legendary UFO Cases - Pt 2

Stan Romanek Declared Competent To Stand Trial

Hovering Rod-Shaped UFO Spotted Over Pennsylvania

Journalist Tweets Classified Phoenix Lights UFO Images? - Vid

'Classified' UFO Video Released By Fake News Channel

New Footage Of Phoenix Lights UFOs - Vid

The Roswell Slides And Premature Disclosure

Men In Black Encounter? – McKay Confession Tape - Vid

UFOs Flying Above Aberdeen, UK - Vid

Boomerang UFO Zigzags Over NH


Dr Bruce Maccabee And The CIA

Florida Disc UFO ‘Gives Off Energy’

Aykroyd Endorses UFO Kickstarter Campaign - Vid

A 1790 Colonial UFO Sighting

UFO Engulfs Witness In White Light

Alien Abduction Or 'Accidental Awareness'

Analysis Of The Hollywood Pyschodrama ‘Nightcrawler’

US Nukes Subject Of UFO Surveillance - Vid

Did UFOs Cause ‘Angel Hair’ To Fall? - Vid

Frightened Residents Shoot At UFOs 1947

UFO Photographed Following Brazil Airliner

Triangle UFO Hovers Over Alabama Bridge

Activist Demands Congressional Action On ETs

Fireball Caught Over Oklahoma City - Vid

Roswell ET Slides Involved Hacking, Surveilling

Do Slides Show A Glass-Encased ET Cadaver?

'Roswell' Image Of ET Body Dated To 1947

Bulgarian Academy Sciences Invetigates UFOs

Roswell Researcher Says He Has Alien Photos - Vid

UFOs And Nukes Author Creating Documentary - Vid

Look Who Was Born 9 Months After Roswell

UFOs And Churchill's Horse In Official Papers

Mystery Of Mysterious Burst Of Light Over Russia

Is 'Mystery Object' A Space Weapon? - Vid

Can Life Evolve On Planets Without Water?

Mystery Of The Very Spooky Pattern In The Universe

10 Cases Of Alien Abduction - Vid

First Update Of Catalog Of UFOs/USOs

UFO? Meteor Blast? Massive Light Flash Russia - Vid

Eerie Flash Over the Sverdlovsk Region - Vid

Radar Shows Navy Pilot Buzzed By UFOs - 1954

Security Guard Snaps Pics Of UFOs

MJ-12, CIA, NSA, Secrecy & UFOs

Mum Catches 'UFO' On Camera - Vid

Rosetta Mission Comet 'Is ALIEN craft?

Ryan Wood And The Majestic Documents

Government About To Spill Alien Conspiracy Secrets

Passenger Records UFO Right Under Jetliner Over Iran

UFO Photographed Over Huntingdon

Honors Class Takes A Serious Look At UFOS

It Came Out Of The Sky - Vid

UK Councilor Raised by Mantid ETs Talks - Vid

The Monte Grande Conspiracy Continues



Standing Eight Count for the MJ-12

Triangle UFO Caught On Video - Vid

UFO Filmed On Flight Over Iran? - Vid

Mystery Boom, Debris Field On Radar - Vid

Majestic Documents - Forensic Linguistic Report - Pt 1

Sightings.com - Original Site & Domain For Sale

MoD Discovers 18 New UFO Files - Pt 2

France Has Full-Time, State-Run UFO Dept

More Mystery Drones Over French Nuke Plants - Vid

Daylight Fireball Over Southern USA

ET Want Nothing To Do With US - Aykroyd

UFO Flies At High Speed Over Denver 1911

UFO Lit Neighborhood Ground Orange

Bright, White 'UFO' Haunting S CO Sky

Medieval Scientist - UFOs In The 15th C.

UFO Above Kochi, India

UFO Hovering Over Neighbor’s Tree - Pic

'UFO That Stopped An Italian Soccer Game Cold'

Farmer Witnesses UFO Crash & Survivor - 1873

Socorro Witness Interviews - 1978

JCS/CIA Telegram On UFOs Entering Ocean

UFOs Tracked On Radar Over 1000 mph

Rocket Genius - UFOs May Be From Off Planet 1954

UFO Turns Brazil Night To Multi-Colored Day - Vid

Air Force Probes ‘Crashed UFO’ In AZ Desert

Mid-Air Crash Leads To Mexican UFO Encounter

Large UFO Sighted Over Highway 13

Mass UFO Sighting Stops Play in Soccer Stadium 1954

Crash Of 'Compartmented Craft w/Hieroglyphics' 1865

Hovering 'UFO' Found In 16th Century Painting

Incredible UFO Case Is A Mystery - Vid

Deputies Chase A UFO – 1974

UFOs - The Secret Story – Robert Hastings

3 Football-Field Sized UFOs Fly Low Over Several

Roger Wescott, Roscoe Hillenkoetter & MJ-12

Wave Of Flying Triangles Over Poland

Pilots Report Flying Man?

Worst Enemy Of UFO Community Is UFO Community

Ultra Secret German UFO Technology At Roswell?

Germans Flew Flying Saucers In 1944 - Engineer, 1954

Strange Object Startles Residents Of Peru

Campers Encounter UFO At Ground Level

‘Shape Shifting’ UFOs Over Massachusetts

Mysterious 'UFO' Seems To Watch Astronauts - Vid

Man Catches UFO On Cam - Vid

Foreign UFO Sightings Intercepted by NSA

UFOs Cause Panic On Airliner - 1954

UFO Over Meridian Has Locals Puzzled - Vid

UFO Spotted Over Swansea - Vid

Would Finding Alien Life Change Religion?

He, Too, Began To See MSM Doesn't Cover UFOs

Oppenheimer Hearing Declassified in Full -1954

MJ-12 - The Hoax That Quickly Became A Disinfo Op

Why Planes Vanish - Vid

MARS: Rare Comet Encounter To Be Captured By Spacecraft

Considerations Of The Work Of James Carrion

Another UFO Over Lorain County? - Vid

Multiple UFOs Over I-85 In Georgia? - Pic

Why ‘Aliens Landed’ In Russia 25 Yrs Ago

CO-UT Low Flying Orb UFOs - Multiple Witnesses

UFO Encounter Claimed By Olton Dog Walker

UFO Video In Erie Goes Viral

UFO Radar Data - Proof Of Near Mid-Air Collision?

MJ-12 Debate - Alejandro Rojas Rebukes Friedman

MJ-12 Debate - Randle's Final Word On The Matter?

UFO On Video From Passenger Plane - Vid

UFO Spotted Over Clwydian Range

MJ-12 Debate - Friedman Counters

MJ-12 Debate - Kevin Randle Queries Friedman

Military Jets Chase UFO Orbs Over CO Springs?

NORAD - 'No Anomalies' Re Breckenridge UFOs - Vid

Iceland - 'Loch Ness' Monster Video 'Authentic' - Vid

UFO 'Went Upward Until It Completely Vanished'

Colonel Howard McCoy And MJ-12

Jet Pilot Spotted A UFO Near Pune

Two UFOs Photographed Over Lake Ontario

UFOs In NY And North America – A 2014 Report

Police, NORAD Probe UFOs Over Breckenridge - Vid

MoD Forced To Release More UFO Docs In 2015

Incredible Picture 'Proves' Aliens Do Exist

Mystery Fireball Lights Up The Utah Sky - Vid

Triangular-Shaped UFO Reported By State Trooper

China's Shocking UFO History - Vid

Video Of Captured Alien Goes Viral - Vid

MoD Discovers 18 New UFO Files - Pt 1

Encore - Intelligently Made Items On Mars?

Encore - Curiosity Finds Weird Ball On Mars

Did UFOs Invade Renaissance Art?

UK UFO Witnesses Exposed To Radition

British MoD Still With-Holding Secret UFO Documents

Finding Aliens And Its Impact On Society

New 'Nazca Lines' Discovered in Kazakhstan

UFO Hovers Over Alaskan Town

Trent UFO Photos...The 'Best' - Finally Busted?

Modern Physics May Explain How UFOs Travel To Earth

UFO Over Mar del Plata Argentina - Vid

One Of The Most Remarkable UFO Cases - 1962

Additional UFO ‘X Files’ Uncovered in UK

UFOs Photographed Over Seattle

Creators Of UFO Hoax Come Forward

Man Sees Strange Object At Back Of Jetliner - Pics

UFO Caught On Sky Watch Camera - Vid

Next Generation Spacesuit Like Second Skin

UFO Spotted Hovering Over Neighbor's Home

Passenger Films ‘Mystery Lights’ Beside His Plane

UFO Photographed Over The Skies Of Portsmouth

UFO Photographed Over St Helens

UFO Triangle Recorded Over Pagosa Springs, CO

UFO Reported Over FL Town, Loud Humming Sound

UFOs Over Asheville, NC

Photo Of Bellocq, Argentina UFO Confirmed

Photo Analysis Of Bellocq Argentina UFO - Pic

Are We Doing Enough To Learn UFO Truth?

Transparent UFO Caught On Night Vision - Vid

NJ Diamond-Shaped UFO At Tree-Top Level - Pic

20 Yr Mystery Of Universe's Brightest Objects Solved

Multiple, Pulsating UFOs Affect Electronic Equipment?

Wanted - Astronomer With Top Secret Clearance

UFO Filmed Over Lake Havasu City - Vid

Quick Response Team To Investigate UFO Sightings

UNIDENTIFIED - The UFO Phenomenon - Review

Carl Sagan On Life, Learning And The Universe

'Mirage Men’ Operates On Premise UFOs Are Hokum

UFO Filmed Over Villaguay, Argentina - Vid

Two Boomerang-Shaped UFOs Over Cowpens, SC

Triangular UFO Caught On Night Vision - Vid

Top Scientists Gathered For 'Secret' UFO Conference

'The Science Of Ufology Is Dead'

UFOs Over San Francisco de Bellocq, Argentina?

Mystery UFO Sighting Over Cinnamon Brow

The Roswell Rock

Replicating the Roswell Rock - Vid

Mystery UFO Caught Baffles Police - Vid

‘UFO’ Spotted Hovering Over Melbourne - Vid

Britain’s X-traordinary Files

Black Ops Technology, ETs And Free Energy

UFO Black Triangle Over Garage Roof In Ontario

Aliens Reported In Captivity 1954

UFOs In Ottawa County Remain Unexplained

‘Carbondale UFO’ Drew Police Officers, Military

The End Of UFOs

‘UFO’ Photographed Over Romford

Clue To 36-Year Valentich Plane Mystery?

UFO Sphere Reported Near Ground Level

Aliens Could Live in Oily Goo

Second Mental Competency Eval for Alien Abductee

Noted Skeptic Gets Prison For Wire Fraud

Analysis Of Brian Dunning’s Explanation

Triangle UFO Above Germany Leaves Questions - Vid

'Green Beam' UFO Sighting Over Hinckley

Take A Virtual Tour Of Mars And The Moon

Shag Harbor UFO Festival Could Be Last

700 UFOs In Saskatchewan Over 25 Years

UFO Spotted Over Wrexham - Vid

Roswell UFO Crash - Friedman vs Carrion

von Daniken's 'ET' Assertions Gain Credibility

Woman Takes Photo of Very Strange Object in CA

Ex MUFON Director And Stanton Friedman At Odds

Scientists & A Select Few Ufologists Gather in France

UFO Photographed Over Ukraine

Gary McKinnon Warned Over Visiting Father In Scotland

Alien Abductee Stan Romanek In Court Wednesday

Physics-Defying 'Space Drive' Tested By NASA

The Little Green Men Of La Plata

UFOLOGY Has Little Influence In The Scientific Community

UFO Seen Hovering Over Neighbor's Home In PA

Apollo 14 Astronaut Ed Mitchell Is Looking Up - Vid

Sects, Cults And UFOs

Top UFO Cases From 2013

Wright-Patterson UFO-ET Stories True - Grandmother

Getting Straight Answers On UFO From Oz AF - Pt 1

'The Aztec Incident - UFO Recovery At Hart Canyon'

Roswell, UFOs And Project Pandora

Alien Artifacts On The Moon

William Moore - UFO Opportunist Or Disinfo Agent?

NASA Creating Largest Rocket Ever - Vid

TV Interference During UFO Flyover 1957

ET May Only Be Found On Worlds With Oceans

Large Circular UFO Chased By USAF Jets 1957

Another Flying Saucer Seen & Photographed

US Filmmaker Records Robbert's Anomalous Photos - Vid

Govt Is Secretly Probing UFOs 1977

What Was The UFO Apollo 11 Spotted? - Vid

Apollo 11 Flight Plan In Its 353 Page Entirety

TV Show - Weird UFO Twists To Apollo Tales - Vid

First Pictures From Inside Giant Hole In Siberia - Vid

UFO Sighting Confirmed By FAA, Air Force Radar 1986

JAL 1628 UFO Sighting By Capt. Terauchi On 11-17-86

10,000 Yr Old Indian Cave Paintings Of ETs, Spaceship

Is This the Oldest Known UFO Photo?

Laser Sparks Fly On Mars - Vid

UFOs Over Southern France? - Vid

Huge UFO Over Canadian Air Base 1954

UFOs - Documenting The Evidence

Details Of Alleged Roswell Alien Slides/Photos

UFO Files Of German Secret Service Revealed

UFO Over Australia Identified - Vid

Mystery 'Meteor' Burning Over Oz Sky Baffles Watchers

Further Evidence Of Dry Ice Gullies On Mars

Aircraft Carrier Sized UFO Over NYC 1988

Arecibo Detects Mystery Radio Burst

80% Of The Light In Space Is Missiong - NASA

Intrusion Into Top Secret Area 51 Base - Vid

UFO Hovers Over Lake Erie

Buzz Aldrin Talks About 'UFO' Encounter

The Stephenville Lights & Men In Black

UFO 'Bigger Then A House' Over Joplin MO

Fast Moving UFO Filmed Over CT Concert - Vid

UFO Caught Over Santa Clara - Vid

Peru UFO Files - 'Your Need To Know' – Vid

Should We Try To Contact Intelligent ETs? - Vid

Mysterious Night-Shining Clouds Over N Ireland

UFO Sightings & U-2 Spy Plane Program

UFO On Mars Curiosity Rover Cam? - Vid

Radio Signals From Jupiter Help ET Hunt

NASA Spacecraft Engines Fired After 36 Yrs

UFO Sighting In Chile Officially Recognized - Vid

Perth Near Miss with UFO - 2014

Lot Of UFO Sightings In New England

Aviation Safety And UFOS

MSM UFO Coverage Doesn’t Get Much Better

The Smear Campaign Against Extraterrestrials

UFO Hovering Near Home - Vid

‘UFO Orbs’ Over Sherman Oaks, CA - Vid

Residents Claim UFO Sighting in Altoona - Vid

UFO Hovering Over Bushey, Hertfordshire

UFO Sighting Over Murrieta - Temecula, CA - Vid

Two New Programs To Listen For Aliens

NASA UFO-Like Spaceship Test Successful - Vid

Legendary Ufologist, Stan Friedman Suffers Heart Attack

The Myth Of MJ-12 - Appendix A – Pt 1

The Myth of MJ-12 - Appendix A – Pt 2

The Myth Of MJ-12 - Appendix A – Pt 3

The Myth Of MJ-12 - Commentary By Barry Greenwood

Three Prominent UFO Researchers Debunk MJ-12

A Tribute To Great Investigative Journalist Terry Hansen

Alien Abductees Get Dowsed In Hastings, England

Triangle-Shaped UFO Sighted Over Lakewood, Ohio

Low Flying UFO Spotted Over Austin, Texas

Triangle Over Lakewood, Ohio

Birth Of Flying Saucers, UFOs - 67th Anniversary

Project Grudge Report On 'Incident 17'

Mystery Of The Pink UFOs Explained - Vid

Message For ET To Be Carried On NASA Craft

UFOs Spotted Over NZ Harbor

Mysterious UFOs Over Camp Pendelton - Vid

Mysterious Stone Spheres In Costa Rica

Mystery Of The Pink UFOs Explained - Vid

Mystery Object in Lake On Saturn's Moon Titan

Mysterious 'Noctilucent' Clouds Have Returned

UFO / Alien Landing Pad Dedicated In Hawaii

Colonizing Mars Key To Finding ET Life

UFO Witnesses, Miles Apart - Similar Physical Effects

67 Years Of Research - Anniversary Celebrations?

UFO Is An Airplane Says Analyst - Vid

Underwater ET Base Off The Malibu Coast? - Vid

Man Who Introduced US To Flying Saucers

New Model To Detect Alien Life Developed

Black UFO Above Playa del Carmen - Vid

UFO Triangle Hovers Over Couple's Car

Rare Footage Of Budd Hopkins & Abductees - Vid

Are Human Beings Alien To Planet Earth?

Rectangular UFO Moves Over Home

Human-Alien Hybrids Connect

A Close Look At Otis T. Carr's 'Ultron' - Vid

Large UFO Over Army Ammo Plant – Witnesses Talk

UFO Incident Causes Sensation In China - 1982

UFO Spotted Flying Over Foord Road

Humanoid Pilot In UFO - US Coast Guard Sailor

There Is No Doubt That UFOs Are Real

UFO Researchers Find Censorship Epidemic

ET Abduction & New John Mack Film

UFO Sightings Over Colfax, California

Hunt ET Discussed In Congressional Hearing - Vid

Werthimer Catchphrases On UFOs Out Of Discount Bin

UFO Chases Man On Dirt Bike

Encounter In Rendlesham Forest

'Enormous' White Light Spotted Over UK

UFO Pursued, Attacked Car - Vid

Family Recounts Horrifying UFO Encounter - Vid

UFO Sighting Over Wales Leads To FB Appeal

Montauk Mystery - UFOs, ETs, Inter-Dimensional Travel, More

NASA Flying Saucer Cools Its Jets In HI Hangar

UFO Over La Serena, Chile - Vid

UFO Spotted By Couple Looking For ISS - Vid

Hovering UFO Vanishes In Front Of Witness

Encounter Wth Egg-Shaped UFO

Veteran UFO Researcher, Ray Fowler Teaches

Mysterious, Looping UFO In UK - Vid

Strange Disc-Like Object Over Australia - Pic

'There Were Aliens In My Kitchen'

New Revelations In Socorro UFO Incident - Pt 2

Majestic 12 - A UFO Disinfo Scandal - Vid

Bright UFO Over Caracas, Venezuela

New Info On Famous Socorro UFO Case

Triangle-Shaped UFO Buzzed Car, Seemed To Land

UFO Sightings Near Knottingley UK - Pics

UFO Flies By Plane Window Over London? - Vid

Victorian UFO Action Claim Authorities Coverup

UFO Crash In Pennsylvania

UFO On FLIR Video By DHS Helicopter? - Vid

UFO Goes Inside Hovering UFO

UFO Cold War Mystery Solved

Stan Romanek's Mental State To Be Tested

UFOs In Ontario? Flashes Over Orangeville

NASA Test Looks Like UFO Landing - Vid

Strange Dark Object In MIamai Cloud Photo

Strange UFO Photographed Over Sofia, Bulgaria - Pics

AZ Man 'Freaked Out' By Strange Marks On His Body

Aliens? Yes, Please. UFOs? No Thanks

John McCain & The Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident

UFO FOIA Compliance At CIA - Deficient/Deceptive

Near UFO / Plane Collision – Perth Airport, Australia

Azerbaijan 13 Yr Old Get UFO On Cell Cam - Vid

Near Collision With Plane And UFO

Mysterious, Hovering Object Over Iceberg Mirage? -

Area 51 - We're About To Learn A Lot More ...

FL Man Sees 'Outer Space' Creature Near UFO

Rise of The Drones – Secrets Revealed - Vid

Dan Aykroyd Answers UFO Questions - Vid

B.C. Woman Shares UFO Encounter Story - Vid

ET Is Out There, Astronomers Tell Congress - Vid

Morgan Spurlock’s Take On UFOs

Vancouver UFOs...CTV News Investigates - Vid

UFO Jams Jet's Electrical Systems During Chase

US Company To Build Flying Saucers

FAA Says Crashed UFO 'NOT' From Plane - Vid

Mystery of the UFOs Found in China - Vid

Secret UFO Documents Still Withheld By MOD

USAF Denies It Has Fragments Of UFOS

Mystery of Norwegian Hessdalen Phenom Solved?

First Seeds To Be Planted Soon On Mars

World's Biggest Dino Unearthed In Argentina Desert

Ball Of Light Crashes To Earth In Queensland

The MJ-12 Disinformation Scheme Still Reverberates

Bankruptcy Of The Pseudoscience Of Anti-Ufology"

Earth Spacecraft Sanitized To Protect ET

Defense Contractors Take On ET Enemy

Rare, Brilliant Fireball Streaks Over SE US - Vid

UFO On Trail Cam Over Lincolnshire UK

Military Helicopter Chases UFO Orb

Mysterious Circles Off Coast Of Croatia

Area 51 Whistleblower, Bob Lazar, Reconfirms UFO Story - Vid

Has The Hessdalen Lights Mystery Been Solved? - Vid

Ex-AF OSI Agent Admits Hoaxing UFO Accounts - Vid

Investigators Probe Daylight UFO Sighting In Derry, NH - Vid

Oz TV Crew Captures Two UFOs - Vid

UFOs On NASA HD ISS Live Stream...Again - Vid

Strange Phenomenon Over Stockton Going Viral?

UFO Flies Past Cam On Darkened Industrial Estate - Vid

Shame On UFO Fraudsters - Vid

CNN Suggests Aliens Abducted Flt 370?

Discovery Of ‘Alien’ DNA Hailed By Scientists

Woman Plagued By UFO Abductions

Allegations Of UFO Disinformation To USAF

Soon Detect Alien 'Plant' Life On Exoplanets?

UFOs Appear Over Eagle Rock, CA - Vid

Archuleta Mesa’s Aliens Inhabit UFO Mythology

Police Dashcam Daytime Fireball Over Canada - Vid

Car Engines Stalled By UFOs - Pt 2

Why ETs Don’t Introduce Themselves To Us - Vid

Pilot Spots UFO at Springsteen Concert

UFO Video Baffles Local Astronomers

Triangle-Shaped UFO Hovering 200' Over Lake

Mystery Lights Spotted Over US Heartland - Vid

UFO Photographed Over Mars?

Shatner Writing UFOs ET Abduction Novel

Alien Planet's 'Day' Clocked for 1st Time

Brit Woman Says Repeatedly Abducted By 'Reptilian' ETs

UFO Encounters In Ancient Egypt

Is This A UFO Flying Over London?

Motorists Catch UFO On Video

UFO, Videotaped By A Netherlands Resident

Bizarre 'Rotating' UFO Pictured Over London

Has The Westall UFO Incident Been Solved?

Dark Matter Could Send Asteroids To Earth

'Silent, Low Flying, Triangle UFOs Overhead'

UFO Flies Over Argentina Stadium

UFO Photographed Hovering Over Field

Large, Triangular UFO Over Portreath, UK |

UFOs Over Carrizozo, New Mexico - Vid

Shatner Talks UFOs, Abduction On Larry King - Vid

Enormous Triangle Seen By 2 Ex-Military Men

Massive Solar Flare Causes Radio Blackout - Vid

'Occupants' Sighted Near Grounded Socorro UFO

Artist's Rendering Of Symbol On Socorro UFO

Effort To Debunk Socorro UFO Landing Crushed - Vid

UFO Lands, Takes Off, Watched By Officer Zamora

Socorro UFO Landing; 50 Years Ago Today

Keenes Boy Chased Home By 'Flying Saucer' – 1963

Enormous, Egg-Shaped UFO Near Missile Test Site

Pentagon-Shaped UFO Lights - Vid

UFO Caught On Cam By Veteran Pilot

Suspected Meteor Captured By Dash Cams - Vid

No, Nick Pope Isn't A UFO Fantasist

Why I Believe ET Landed In Suffolk – MOD Expert

Ex-MoD expert Nick Pope - ET Ianded In Rendlesham Forest

Mystery UFO Split In Two - Shoots Off

Egg-Shaped UFO Over MA Town

Mars Closest Approach To Earth In 6 Yrs

Enhancing The Study Of UFO Reports

Spacecraft, Lost For Decades, May Return

Enormous UFO Videotaped Over Colombia - Vid

First 'Exomoon' Discovered Around Alien Planet?

Home UFO Videos Made into Documentary - Vid

Is Whitstable A UFO Hotspot?

More Mystery ‘Explosions’ Baffle Experts

100% Proof - Orb In ChemTrail 'Shooting', Measuring? - Vid

UFOs Spotted Over Whitstable

Roswell, Bill Clinton And Jimmy Kimmel

Skydiver Almost Struck By Meteorite - Vid

Buzz Aldrin Talks ET, Mars & Space Colonization

UFOs Descend On Deer MS Woods - Pics

Mysterious UFOs Caught On Trail Cam - Vid

When A UFO Is Tracked On Military Radar

Bill Clinton 'Wouldn't Be Surprised' By ET Life

Photographer Narrows Texas 'Mystery Plane'

UFOs Reappear Over Lago Puelo

Dome-Shaped UFO Reported Over Cape Town

Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit - Pt 2

Clam-Shaped UFO Hits Plane, Crashes - 1947

UFOs, Giant Robots, Mutants, Tigers In UK - Vid

"Flying Saucers Are Interplanetary Devices" - Jackie Gleason

April Fools - Investigating Weird Event In Ohio Park - Pic

Finder Of 'Flying Saucer' In Seclusion - 1965

UFO Circles the Empire State Building – 1960

Uruguay's UFO Files - Vid

Multiple Anomaly Detection & Automatic Recording (MADAR)

Could 'Planet X' Still Be Lurking Out There?

Unique UFO Triangle Over Texas - Pic

UFO Followed Apollo Spacecraft 1975

Physicist Searches For Roswell Evidence

Mom, Daughter Filmed UFOs Over Their Home - CBC News Vid

Green Laser 'From Above' Scans Home, Couple

UFO As Big As 2 Stadiums Over Chile Reservoir

UFO Triangle Spotted Hovering Outside Apartment Complex

Nanton UFO Sighting - More Witnesses Come Forward

Project SNOWBIRD And The Infamous Flare Drop

Mysterious UFOs In Southern Alberta - Pics

Witness Saw 'Two Beings' In UFO Craft 1970

UFOs Over Nuclear Bases, Missile Sites 1977 - Vid

More Proof Of Flowing Water On Mars - Vid

Building Moon Base? Build Strong Walls

Eerie UFO Puts On Light Show; Police Stumped - Vid

The Real Roswell – A Lecture By Stanton T Friedman

Interplanetary Phenomenon Summary - July 22, 1947

Massive Solar Blast that Almost Ravaged Earth

Gigantic, Silent Craft Flew Right Over Our Heads

UFOs Over Edmonton, Canada - Vid

Huge, Cigar-Shaped UFO Glides Over Ukraine City

Keyhoe To USAF - End The Secrecy On UFO Sightings

Larry Bryant & UFO Group Picket Outside GAO Office

How Atomic Bombs, UFOs Created Modern America

Are UFO Experts Being Murdered?

Ex Radar Operator Tracked UFO Near Nuke AFB

Who Was Carl Sagan?

ET Abduction - Implant Researcher, Dr. Roger Leir Passes

Renowned ET Implant Researcher Dr.Roger Leir Passes - Vid

Misinformation & The Phoenix Lights Flare Videos

'Absolute Worst' H2 Documentary - 'Presidential Encounters'

New Phoenix Lights Witness Goes Public

UFO Over Virginia Mall - Vid

UFOs Above Rome - Vid

UFO Sightings Soar In Canada

Unidentified Object Plummets To Earth - Pics

MUFON Jumps The Shark - Review Of Hangar 1

The Phoenix Lights...The REAL Investigation

The Non-Investigation Of The Phoenix Lights

Ex Navy Serviceman Reports UFO Monitoring Ship

Monster Rare Yellow Hypergiant Star Discovered

The Roswell ET Slides - Once Again

Close Encounters - Arizona Objects

Motorist Spots UFO Triangle Above Hythe

UFOs Caught At Argentina Air Show? - Vid

Eyewitness To Enormous V-Shaped UFO, Pt 2

UFO Triangles Fly In The Face Of Logic - Vid

Glowing Orbs Seen During Fukushima Quake Earthquake

UFOs Photographed North Of Houston

Myrtle Beach Man Shares UFO Experience On TV - Vid

School Children Witness Saucer-Shaped UFOs

The Demise Of UFO Magazine

UFO Triangle Over Port St. Lucie, FL - Pic

Multiple 'Helicopters Chasing UFO' Reports

Astronaut Talks About His Encounter With UFO - Vid

How NASA Will Spend Your Money - Vid

NASA Eyes Europa For Life

Eyewitness To Phoenix Lights V-Shaped UFO

Snowden UFO Photos Come Under Fire

UFO Sighted Over Long Beach - F86 Jets Scrambled! 1951

UFO Followed By Helicopter Over Anaheim Hills - Vid

UFO Spotted Heading Towards Kent - Vid

UFO Mothership Over New York City – 1879

Eyewitness Account Of The Battle Of LA 1/2

Eyewitness Account Of The Battle Of LA 2/2

UFO Photos in Latest Snowden Documents - Pics

Eyewitness Accounts - UFO Battle Of LA 1942

Could Be The Biggest UFO Prank In History

UFO Over Motocross Event

Indian Air Force Scrambles Jet After UFO

White Daylight Disc UFO Over Leadville, CO 1960 - Pic

Farrakhan Asks Obama To Tell Truth Of Roswell, ET - Vid

'We'll Find ET Within Two Dozen Years'

UFO Sightings in Fyffe, 25th Anniversary

ET-Seeking Space Observatory

UPDATE - Police Report On Abductee, Romanek

Ufologist Receives Life Time Achievement Award

Red Flags in Romanek, Alien Abduction Claims

Romanek's Wife Issues Statement

Science Channel Lines Up Alien Programming

Proof Life On Mars Destroyed - Ex NASA Scientist - Vid

Out Of The Closet On UFOs

Still Unsolved - UFOs Taking Off, Landing In Denver - Vid

'Abductee' Stan Romanek Arrested For Child Porn

'Mysterious Objects' Land Near Belfast 1938

UFO Fireball Creates Sonic Boom Over FL - Vid

New Planet In Our Solar System - Vid

How The CIA Views The UFO Phenomenon

UFOs Over San Isidro, Peru - Vid

UFOs Spotted Near Ground Level

More Info On Roswell Alien Slides - Vid

The Roswell Alien Slides And The Truth

73rd Anniversary - The Battle Of LA 1942 - Pic

Podesta - Pulling Back The Curtain On UFOs

Chicago Man Uncovered Secret Alien Pics? - Vid

‘UFO’ Photographed Over Cornwall


Monster Black Hole Could Transform Galaxy

Obviously Intelligently Made 'Box' On Mars

UFO Filmed Over The Orford Hotel? - Vid

UFO Captured On Infrared Over Mexico City - Vid

Fireball Recorded Over Pittsburgh - Vid

Army High-Tech Blimp To Spy On Us? - Vid

Metal Ball Containing Bio Matter Could Be ET 'Seed'

UFOs Entered Earth Orbit Over Soviet Union

Failure To Bring Transparency To US UFO Files...

Blink-182 Co-Founder On UFOs, Govt Coverups

Mystery 'Alien' Spheres On Atlantic Seafloor

'UFO' Spotted Near Space Station - Vid

Bay Area UFO Sightings Investigated By USAF

Podesta's UFO Tweet Was No Joke

Obama Counselor 'UFO Admission' Tweet Going Viral

UFO Sighting On San Juan


Spying On The Roswell Slides

Stunning Daylight Mexico UFO, 3 TV News Cams Record - Vid

Podesta Top Regret - Not Revealing Truth About UFOs

UFO Communications Evident In Vancouver Skies

Obama Biggest Failure Is Not Disclosing UFO Files

New Evidence Aliens Seeded Life On Earth

UFO Over Lima, Halts Television Production - Vid

Fireball Lights Up New Zealand Skies - Vid

The Lost Socorro UFO Footage Found -Vid

UFO Encounter By Brazoria Sheriff Deputies -Vid

Renowned Site & Domain, Sightings.com For Sale

Driver Shocked By UFO Sighting

UFO Sighted In A Neasden Primary School

UFO Videotaped Over Outdoor Concert

UFO Filmed Over Bradford, West Yorkshire - Vid

Did Miners Unearth Ancient Flying Saucer?

UFO Formation Resembles Phoenix Lights - Vid

UFO Filmed Over Loch Lomond Area, Scotland - Vid

News Event With Roswell ET Slides Researchers - Vid

Roswell ET Pictures To Be Presented By Jaime Maussan

Astrophysicist Is Shown Roswell Alien Slides - Vid

The 1941 Cape Girardeau UFO Crash


Maussan Explains Origin Of Roswell ET Slides - Vid

Dark Flying Triangle Seen In WV - Vid

Roswell Slides - 'Evidence That Will Change History'

Witness - How Roswell ET Slides Were Found - Vid

Roswell ET Slides - Proof We're Not Alone - Vid

ET Slides - 'Most Important Event Of Our Lives - Vid

Roswell ET Slides To Be Streamed Live In May

Is This New, Legit Roswell Film? - Vid

UFO Resembling Flying Horse Next To Erupting Volcano

Volcano Cam Catches UFO During Eruption - Vid

UFOs Over Wimbledon - Vid

New Site USAF UFO Files Shut Down

Diamond-Shaped UFOs Over NY State

Terrified Motorist Chased By UFOs

UFOs Over The Atacama Region In Chile

New USAF UFO Files Site Mysteriously 'Unavailable'

Drones Reported Near Nuclear Military Site

UFOs Flirting with Helicopter Over Rendlesham Forest | VIDEO

5 Ancient Alien Planets Found


UFO Hovers Over Holloman AFB 1957

Eyewitness Steve Allen Recounts Stephenville UFO

Radar Shows Stephenville UFO Heading Toward Bush

UFOs Glide Over Three FL Towns - Vid

UFO Hunters Plan Database to Track Sightings

Record Size Asteroid Flies By Earth Today

MSM Latest Orgy Of Ineptitude Over UFOs

Pilot Reports Seeing Two Flying Saucers 1950

NASA Accused Of Cutting Live ISS Feed To Hide ET

Media Misinforms - Greenewald Sets Record Straight

Project Blue Book Declassified - Really?

Phoenix Lights (like) UFO Sighted In Oregon?

UFO, Not A Drone, Flew Over Nuke Plant

Interstellar-Style Space-Time Tunnel May Exist In Milky Way

UFO Filmed Over Memphis, TN

Resident Photographs UFO Over Vidor, TX

Do Foo Fighter Images Show 'The Real Ones?'

UFO Filmed Hovering Over NY - Vid

UFO Sightings In Tampa Bay Lead To AF Probe - Vid

Silent Cigar UFO Crosses Maine Skyline

Top 10 States with The Most UFO Sightings

130,000 Pages UFO Docs Now Online

Mystery Cosmic Burst Captured LIVE - ET?

Huge, Triangular UFO Spotted Near 202 Fwy – Tempe

Mesmerized By Large Array Of Dazzling White lights 1952

UFO Over Manhattan - Vid

UFOs Seen Over Ft Smith? - Vid

UFO Photographed Hovering Over NM Town

Power Outages, Blackouts As UFOs Passed Overhead

SpaceX Ship Crashes, Explodes On Ship - Vid

Has Mystery Of Tynemouth UFO Been Solved?

UFO Sighting Over Bundaberg - Vid

Will 'UFO Baggage' Harm Hillary's Presidential Run? - Vid

Huge UFO Releasing 5 Orbs Over West MA - Vid

UFO w/Pulsating Lights Captured On Vid Over Tyneside - Vid

USAF UFO Project Blue Book Files Online For Free

No Correlation Between…UFO Reports & U-2 Flights

Triangular Shaped UFO Reported 20 Feet Overhead

Motorist Snaps Photos Of Triangular Shaped UFO

UFO Captured on Film Above Tynemouth

Fireball Turns Night To Day Over Romania - Vid

Road To UFO Credibility Is Filled With Detours - Vid

Frightened Fishermen Photograph UFO In Santa Fe


UFO Photographed Over Huddersfield

What Will 7th Alien/ET Gov Petition Accomplish?

Origin Of 'Hoaxed Phoenix Lights Vid' Revealed?

Triangular UFOs Reported Over North Carolina

UFOs On The Tube

CIA's Real UFO Secrets Far More Interesting

CIA UFO Claim Unites Skeptics And Proponents

What’s Happening At Area 51?

Definite Daylight UFO Photographed Over MT - Pic

Similar UFO In Montana A Month Earlier - Pic

White, Glowing Object Separating From Meteorite - Vid


UFO Releasing Orb Caught On Video - Vid

UFO Hovering Over Warwickshire? - Vid

UFO At London New Year's Eve Fireworks? - Vid

UFOs At White Sands Missile Range 1957

Huge Glowing Object Over Glasgow...

UFO Sightings For 2014 Continue An Upward Trend

Near Collision Between Passenger Plane & UFO

Cigar-Shaped UFO Disappeared In White Cloud

Mysterious UFO Photographed By Colorado Motorist

Amazing UFO Filmed Over Burwell UK - Vid

Flying Saucer Photographed Over Cornwall 1966

Massive Solar Flare Causes Radio Blackouts - Vid

US Coast Guard Acushnet UFO Incident 1966

A Planetary Defense and Exploration System - Vid

Sorting Fact From Fantasy In UFO Movies

The Aztec UFO Crash Recovery

Triangle UFO Over South Carolina - Pic

Orange Disc Object Hovered Near Oz Dam

UFO Over Oxford County, Maine - Vid


Residents Regularly Report UFOs

UFO Cult Offering Women Free Surgery

UFO Reporting App Launches In iTunes

UFOs Spotted In Downtown Fort Lauderdale - Vid

Oregon UFO Captured On Night Vision - Vid

Triangle-Shaped UFO Hovering Over Home - Pic

UFO Spotted In Fort Mill - Vid

UFOs Are Back In Katherine, Australia

Final Fireball Update - 189 Sightings On 1-12-14 - Vid


Egg-Shaped Craft Spotted Over Dump Site

Oz Laser-Equipped UFO Hunters & Pilots Clash Over Safety

UFO Spotted Over Blackburn

Researching The Oz Military-Govt 'UFO Files' - Pt 2

Amazing UFO Footage Over Wiltshire - Vid

Rosetta Spacecraft's Planned Orbit Around Comet - Vid

Ten Million Dollars Offered For Proof Of Bigfoot - Vid

Skeptics And Claims Of Earthquake Lights


UFO Over Ossett, Wakefield (UK) - Vid

Germany's Top UFOs

UFO 300 Metres from Werder Bremen Stadium - Vid

UFOs Over, Virginia, Illinois - Vid

UFO Mystery Over Sacramento Solved? - Vid

Bremen Airport: UFO On RADAR - Flights Diverted

Mystery Deepens Over Barnoldswick UFO Sighting

ET Could Share More Technolody With Us, If... - Vid

Stanley Kubrick On Mars

UFO Over St Petersburg Russia - Vid

Giant UFO Over St Petersburg In Sept 2013

Cracking the 1896/97 Airships Mystery?

UFO Hotspots Of 2013

Unsealed - Alien Files....Seriously?

Best UFO Videos Of 2013 - Vid

Intelligence Fused With High-Tech Is Heart Of UFO Puzzle

UFOs Over El Cajon, CA - Vid

UFOs? Readers Shoot Down Speculation

Cigar Shape UFOI Hovers Over Brazil - Vid


UFOs Sighted Over Virginia - Vid

UFOs In Medford Oregon - Vid

‘UFO’s Attracted To Nuke Military Base - Expert - Vid

Orange 'Fireball' Report Pour Into NUFORC

UFO Reports, Sightings Expand To Oregon - Vid

NUFORC Got About 200 Reports Over New Years - Vid

UFO Sightings Over Sweden On New Year’s Day


When Orbs Leave Chemtrails? - Vid

UFO Sightings All Over CA On 12-31 - Vid

Resident Records UFOs Over San Francisco - Vid

Amazing CA Crop Circle Draws Major Attention - Vid

CA Crop Circle Mowed Down - Designed Explained - Vid

CA Crop Circle Hoaxed Grows - Vid

'Earthquake Lights' Mistaken For UFOs?

UFO Sightings Reported Across CA - Vid

California Crop Circle Sparks UFO Talk - Vid

Mysterious, Unusual UFO Sightings In Alvin TX - Vid


Mysterious Crop Circle Spotted In Salinas CA - Vid

Another Mystery Creature Washes Up Onshore - Pic

Four Alien Species Visiting Earth - Ex-Defense Minister

UK Police Calls About Aliens Revealed

Newhouse's Tremonton, Utah UFO Movie - Pt 2

UFOs Over Tokyo - Vid

Alien World Could Be One Of The Closest Ever

Mysterious UFO Almost Wrecks Plane - 1957


Multiple UFOs In Formation Over Andover, MA - Vid

UFO UpDates Fades To Black

Report Of UFO Towing Another With A Beam

Airbus Near Mid-Air Collision With UFO Investigation

Terrified Airbus Pilot Feared Collision With UFO

Former News Reporters Recall Enormous UFO

UFO Detector - There's An App For That

Astounding UFO Activity At RAF Bentwaters - Vid

What Aliens Might Look Like - Live Webcast

Former Colonel Reveals Early UFO Investigations - Vid


Will Obama's New Advisor Get UFO Files Released?

Textile Mills To UFO Abductions - Marking History In NH

Is Alien Life Surfacing Nearby?

Carl Sagan in His Last Interview Makes Dire Warning - Vid

Russian 1969 'Roswell' Badly Faked - Vid

Journalist Billy Cox Tribute To Researcher Lloyd Pye

Lloyd Pye...Starchild Skull, UFO Researcher Memorial - Vid

Newhouse's Tremonton, Utah UFO Movie Revisited

Bentwaters UFO Witness Larry Warren Tells All - Vid


Viewer Spots UFO In CBS News Story - Vid

Strange UFO Photographed Over Ellensburg, Washington

Lloyd Pye...Starchild Skull, UFO Researcher Memorial - Vid

8 Professionals Make A Strong Case For ET - Vid

Real UFO With ETs Caught On Camera in Germany? - Vid

Uncovering ETs And Crashed UFOs

Veteran Ufologists Appear In New UFO Series - Vid

UFO Advocate Podesta Named Newest Obama Advisor


New Twist In Decades Old ET Autopsy Controversy

UFOs On Night-Vision Video Cam Over Phoenix

Wanaque UFOs Explained By Seismic Theory?

Top Ten UFO Sightings In Manchester - Pics

Tremonton UFOs 'Were Large, Disc-Shaped Things'

Black Trapezoidal UFO Reported In Austria

UK Paper Seeks UFO Witnesses To Recent Incident

Driver Arrested In Police Chase After 'Dodging UFO'

Bristol Harbor 'Glowing Alien Creature' A PR Stunt


Secret KGB Alien Civilizations Project - Vid

Watch Congressional Hearing On Search For ET - Vid

Glowing, Alien-Like Creature In UK Harbor - Vid

Multiple UFOs Reported Over Oz Town - Pics

Scientists Tell Congress Alien Life Discovery Soon

Congress Session On The Search For ET Life - Vid

Gen Twining's Son And 'The Roswell Confession'


Airline Pilot Reveals UFO Encounter During Flight

Gen Twining Confession - ET Survived Roswell - Vid

UFO Photographed Over UK Wind Farm - Pic

13 Mile Long Crop Circle In The OR Desert

Why Don't Aliens Land On White House Lawn?

Another Rock Star Shares UFO Encounter

Brazil's UFO Files - Vid

Historic UFO Audio Archive Recovered

Probing Extraterrestrial Abduction - Vid


Calling All Shag Harbour UFO Witnesses

Reports Of UFOs Increase Over North Devon - Vid

WWII Navy Veteran ... Saw The Tremonton UFOs

Meteorite Or Space Junk Over Portland, OR? -Vid

UFO Mystery Unsolved For Years But Memories Are Clear

Scientific Evidence Of An Alien Artifact? - Vid

UFOs Captured On Cam While Driving ET Highway -Vid

Extraterrestrial Particles Found At South Pole

UFO Fireball Explodes Over Oregon? - Vid


UFO Filmed During Indiana Tornadoes - Vid

UFOs – What Does The President Know?

More UFO 'Fireball' Reports Pour Into NUFORC

DNA Proves Ancient Humans Had Sex With Mystery Species

Researching The Australian UFO Files

Photo Taken Of Flying Saucer 2004

UFOs, Aliens And The Question Of Contact - Vid


The First ETs We Discover May Be Purple

UFOs - What Does The President Know? - Part 1

UFOs - What Does The President Know? - Part 2

UFO Photo in Southern Italy Causes Debate - Pics

Multiple Videos Of UFOs Over Tomball, TX - Vid

UFO Expert Writes Latest Haynes Manual

UFO Enthusiast, Space Pioneer Wants Moon Base - Vid

Naval Ocean Surveillance Satellites - A 'UFO'

Eyewitness - Pilot Dies In Pursuit Of UFO (1948) - Vid


Alien Life May Thrive In Impact Craters

Penwith Man Spots UFO Over Rosudgeon UK

Do 1947 Slides Show Roswell ET?

Boomerang Shaped UFO Photographed Over OZ Lake - Pic

Fireball Rises From Lake; Divides Into 6 Smaller Lights 186

Boomerang-Shaped UFO And Explosion In Argentina?

'Historically Significant' UFO Records

Where Did UFO-Alien-Abduction Research Go?

O’Hare UFO Incident 7 Yrs Later - Still No Answers


'Photos' Of O'Hare UFO In Leaked News Footage - Vid

Oz Student Doctor Snaps Pic Of UFO Over Douglas

ABC Developing Alien Drama

Lubbock UFO Mystery Solved - Vid

Alleged Piece Of A UFO - Pics

Area 51 With Abductee, Travis Walton & Kardashians - Vid

Travis Walton New Theory Of His ET Abduction - Vid

MI Security Cam...Bizarre Color-Shifting UFO - Vid

UFO 'Donut' Caught On ISS Live Cam - Vid


Second Sighting Of UFO Over Scunthorpe

Art Tells Why He Left SiriusXM

Albert Einstein Secret ET Document

Kardashians On UFO Hunt At Area 51 - Vid

Did UFO Strike The Russian Meteor? - Vid


UFO Or A Stellar Prank In Vancouver? - Vid

The Echo Flight UFO Incident - James Carlson Still Wrong

Cosmonaut Tells What NASA Will Not - Vid

The Coyame UFO Crash

Drones Causing Worldwide Spike In UFO Sightings - Vid

Stan Friedman Shreds Paul Kimball's UFO Debunking

Creepy UFO Confessions

The 1973 'Autumn Of Aliens' In Middle Tennessee

Author Probes Connection Between JFK Murder, UFOs


New Area 51 Files Reveal Secret And Stealth Aircraft

Woman Recounts Being Taken Aboard Flying Saucer - Vid

Startling Daylight Footage Of Triangle Over Netherlands - Vid

Strange Triangle NASA Photo Resurfaces

1968 UFO Event At AF Base Still Unresolved

Alien Abductions Ridiculed By Oz Media Watch Dog

UFO Photographed Over Coast, Claims Saudi Woman


UFO Calls To Hertfordshire Police Department Revealed

Brig General Who Handled Roswell Debris Speaks - Vid

The Mysterious Bridgewater Triangle - Vid

Halloween UFO Is Really Flying 'Grim Reaper' - Vid

Top Secret Military UFO Sightings, Crash Reports - Vid


Huge UFO Hovered Over Terrified Motorist

Extraterrestrial & Other Life Forms - A Scientist’s Viewpoint

Mystery, Loud, Jolting Booms - Neighborhoods Shaken

Roswell Memory Metal...Secret Experiments In Space

Lt Col Philip J. Corso Describes Alien Bodies - Vid

Jeff & Dr Joseph Farrell - UFOs...Some Are Ours, Some ET - Vid

Hovering Black Disc UFOs Photographed Over Rhode Island


Evidence Of ET To Be Presented By NASA AstroBiologist

Processing Declassified UFO/ET Documents

UFO Sightings Compared To Military Bases, Population

Are We Alone? Or Strategically Placed

Hastings Shreds Debunker 'Mars' Garbage In Major UFO Case

Did Aliens Come Before Humans?

Mysterious Aerial Lights Puzzle Civilians & Police - 1915

Mystery Triangular-Shaped UFO Over UK - Pic

The Cornwall UFO Triangle - Most Sightings in UK

Mysterious Green Light Spotted Off Oz Coast

UFO? No, A Flying Snake! - Vid

NASA - 'It's Just A Rock' Reply To ET Mars Life Form Suit

Bizarre UFO Spotted On Mars - Vid

UFOS Over Okinawa Came From U.S. Marines - Vid

Ringo Starr Talks, ET, UFOs & Time Travel 1969 - Vid

Couple Convinced They've Found A Meteorites - Vid

Flying Saucer [UFO] Report 1945

Oz Encounters...UFOs In Australia - Vid


Statistical Likelihood Earth Was Visited By ET - Sagan

Demolition Planet - Awaken And Rise

Philip Corso and The Day After Roswell (Again)

Did Corso Lie About His Tenure With The NSC? (Redux)

Hovering UFOs In Arizona Skies - Vid

Mystery Object Has Newsroom Baffled - Vid

Mystifying Pillars Of Light In Ohio - Vid

Hellyer’s UFO Tales Called 'Clumsy Propaganda Stunts'


UFOs Emitting Light Beams Over Illinois - Pic

Berwyn Mountains UFO Crash, Still Mystery After 40 Yrs

Massive Airship Test May Spur UFO Reports - Vid

Bremen UFO 'Was A Model Plane' Aay Police

Alien Life May Be Common Across Universe

Georgia UFO Sightings Continue

Harvard Scientist Who Took ET Abduction Seriously

UFOs Triangulate Over Newport Beach - Vid

'One Big UFO' Over Dacula, Georgia

‘UFO’ Sighted Over KSA Thursday Night - Vid

UFOs Or Drones Over Reynosa, Mexico? - Vid

UFO Gone In A Split Second

Huge Flying Triangular Shaped Object Spotted

The Maury Island UFO & Deadly USAF Crash

Did Iranian Fighters Battle UFOs?


ETs Landed In Russian City In 1989 - Tass

Soviet Sighting Of Giant UFO In Siberia (1989)

Multiple UFOs Caught On Video Over Kernersville, NC - Vid

Strange Septembers - Hill Abduction & Exeter Encounter - Vid

UFO Was A Rocket Says Retired Astronomer

Dr. Roger Leir - Turkey UFO Clearly Shows Aliens - Vid

Fireball....Space Junk?...Falling To Earth - Vid

UFO Or Meteor? Video From Police Dash Cam - Vid

Balthaser - Metallurgist Tasked To Analyze Roswell Debris Identified

Night Vision Cam Catches UFOs Flying Over Germany - Vid

Pro Skeptic Debunks UFOs - $100k Offered For Proof

Authentic ET Images From Roswell Crash Finally Found?


UFO Fireball Lights Up Night Sky - Vid

Mysterious Lights Spur Calls To UFO Center - Vid

Mysterious Lights Above Yakima

UFOs Captured On Night Vision Over Germany - Vid

A 1790 US Colonial UFO Sighting - Fascinating

'Alien Rain' - Extraterrestrial Theories Explored - Vid

Randle Denies Link To Roswell Alien Photograph Probe

MUFON Top Ten UFO Cases For 2012 - Vid

Extraterrestrial Life - Do You Believe? - Vid

UFOs 'Split Up, Flew in Different Directions Quickly' - Vid

What Happens When We’re The Ones Flying UFOs?

New Evidence Concerning Photos Of Roswell ET Bodies

Indiana Prof Ridicules UFO Witnesses & Alien Abductees

UFO Sighting Includes Humanoid & Missing Time


Texas Ranks In Top Five For UFO Sightings

Rancher's Son Abducted By UFO - Skinwalker Movie - Vid

A 'Bizarre Horror Show' At A UFO Conference

UFOs Over Greenville, South Carolina - Vid

UFO Report Anniversary For President Jimmy Carter

UFO Quake Connection? Research Group Investigating

ET Presence The Right Way To Flag Congress

UFO 'Discs' Hovered, Then Moved North - Vid

UFO Orbs Caught On Video; Multiple Witnesses - Vid

Roswell And Beyond - An Interview Paul Davids

What Not To Do If You Have A UFO Near Encounter

UFO Hacker’s Mother Pens Book On Son's Ordeal


Huge UFO Encountered By USS Roosevel (1962) - Vid

Silent, Low Flying UFO Triangle Seen Over Washington

Two Live ETs Working With US Government - Vid

UFO Disc In Famous Publicity Photo Of B-57 Bomber - Pics

Perfect Disc UFO Photographed By MN Woman - Pic

The First China UFO Sighting In 1981

Drake Equation For Alien Life Has Been Revised - Vid

UFO Sightings Up 22 Percent In 2013

Aliens Visited Earth - Base On Moon Probable - Carl Sagan

UFO On Tower Cam During Live News Broadcast - Vid

Mystery Of Mass UFO Sighting Uncovered - Vid

UFOs - Sky Started To Rain Balls Of Light In All Directions - Vid


Virginia UFO Sighting Sparks a Family's Curiosity

'Undeniable Evidence Of Alien Intervention' - Vid

Comet ISON Offers Doomsday Deja Vu - Vid

Aircraft-Carrier Sized UFO Filmed By Two Cams - Vid

Mass UFO Sighting At Baseball Game - Vid

Baseball Game UFO - Enlarged Image - Pic

Strange Daylight Metallic UFO In Brazil - Pics

Radar Detects UFO Flying Over Mississippi

Comet ISON A UFO? Hubble's Scientists Do Reality Check

Lunar Spacecraft Hits Trouble Shortly After Launch

ET Worry Over US Nukes In 1957 Cartoon

UFO Destroys Wind Turbine - A Mystery

Military Witnesses, Govt Officials Talk UFOs - Vid

New Equation For Estimating Alien Life Across The Universe

UFO Skeptic, Klass Papers On MJ-12 & Condon Released


UFO Hovering Over NY Highway - Vid

More UFOs Sighted At Malmstrom AFB In July And August 2013

Dying CIA Agent Reveals UFO Secrets - Vid

Conflict Between Military Aircraft and UFO

Turkish News Video Of UFO Sighting & Photos Recurs

White UFO Orb Circles City - Vid

Ex AF Policeman Talks Of UFOs At Nuclear Missile Site

Friday 8-23 9:05 PM - Temecula, CA - 7 Bright Orange Lights In Sky

Friday 8-23 9:15 PM - Temecula, CA - Multicolored Triangular Shaped Lights

Friday After 9 PM - Nashville, TN - 7 Lights In A Rainbow Formation

Daytime Fireball Recorded Over Wirikuta, Mexico - Vid

UFO Caught On Video Over Bayamón, Puerto Rico - Vid


Motorists Pull Over To View Mysterious UFO Lights - Vid

Taj Mahal UFO Video Detracts From Real Thing - Vid

Large Red Light UFO Spooks Horse

NASA Solves 'UFO' Mystery- Vid

Police Give Statement On UFO Report - Radio Interference

UFOs Captured On Video Over Hendersonville TN - Vid

Cosmic 'Lighthouses' Could Reveal Alien Life

Insider Bob Lazar On Area 51 Disclosures - Vid

Mysterious UFO Seen On Indo-China Border By Army (Again)

Recent UFO Sighting Is Nothing New In Saltville

Ten UFOs Play Over Nuke Missiles At Malmstrom

Classic UFO Over New York

Is This A UFO Flying Across Texas? - Vid

Smaller Objects Emerge From UFOs Over Amozoc - Vid

Naples UFO Swimming Pool Video Case Solved


Stamford UFO-Jumping Cow Vid May Be TV Stunt - Vi

UFO Ejecting Spheres - Vid

Best UFO Sightings Of 2013

UFO Lands Near Cyclists In Brazil - Vid

UFOs Over Cow Field In Stamford, UK - Vid

Another Video Of UFO Over Stamford - Vid

Raelian UFO Sect Wants To Rehabilitate Swastika

Surveillance Cam Show UFO Visiting A FL Swimming Pool?

Curiosity Finds Duck And Second Lizard On Mars - Vid

Ex-FBI Agent - Bulgaria UFO Video Is Genuine - Vid

'We Have Seen No UFO Evidence Whatsoever' - Ex ISS Boss

Oak Harbor Woman Reports UFO Over Whidbey Island


Witness Recounts Weird Shag Harbour UFO Incident

Is Google Responsible For UFO Sightings Over Fresno?

UFO Caught On Surveillance Cam in Naples - Vid

MUFON to Investigate Naples UFO - Vid

Top Ten UFO Sightings In Lincolnshire - Vid

Florida Rocket Launch Prompts UFO Calls

Stunning UFO Over Huntington Beach, California? - Vid

A UFO In Florida Caught On Camera? - Vid

Shocked Man Encounters UFO Parked On NZ Road

There Is Zero Doubt UFOs Exist

UFO Hovered, Then Accelerated Faster Than A Jet

Contact With Aliens? Think Before You Call

UFO Caught On Video In The Netherlands - Vid

Mystery VA Object Is 'Weather Balloon' - Firefighters (right!) - Vid


Glowing UFO Descends Onto Leeds - Vid

Blatant UFOs Photographed Over Zig Zag Hill In Dorset - Pics

Bizarre Object Falls In Norfolk VA - 'Weather Balloon' - Not

Mystery Siberian Crater - From A UFO Or Volcano?

Mutilated Horse With Bizarre Incisions In Argentina

Japan UFO Video Mysteriously Deleted From YouTube

Bob Lazar - Area 51 & Alien Craft? Don't Ask! - Vid

Randle & Ramsey Debate Aztec UFO Crash

UFOs Reported Above Lincolnshire Town

UFO Sighted Over Westcliff-On-Sea

Leading UFO 'Skeptics' Shy About Govt Connections

Curiosity Of The Roswell Incident

MUFON, Science And Deception


Resident Records UFOs Over Kansas City - Vid

UFOs Captured On Video Over Tucson - Vid

US UFO Intel Leaks? Tough Road For Government

Cigar-Shaped UFO Hovering Above Manchester, England - Vid

Amazing, Real UFO Footage By NASA - Vid

The Missing Times - MSM Complicity In UFO Coverup

Researcher Mantle Details UFO Landing In Normanton - Vid

UFOs Rattle Villagers In Zimbabwe

Strange UFO Shortly After Aircraft Accident - Pic

Film To Air Claims Of UFO Back-Engineered Tech - Vid

UFO Being Chased/Escorted Over Oregon 7-25-13 - Vid

USAF Lt Colonel Speaks Out About UFOs

MUFON’s Best UFO Video Case Of 2012 - Vid

England's Forests - Following UFO Trail In Suffolk

Mystery of UFO Photographed Above Hertfordshire - Vid

Hunt For Alien Spacecraft Begins - NASA Scientist Funded


MUFON New Executive Director, Jan Harzan - Vid

Thousands Seek Out Artifact From 1979 UFO Incident

Passenger On Small Plane Records UFO - Vid

UFO Photographed Over East Hull UK

Another MUFON Head Steps Down - Vid

Mutilated Cattle Show Up Again In Colorado

Is There A UFO Government Control Group?

Catherine Austin Fitts Says Extraterrestrials Exist

Scenic Photo Reveals UFO Over Wyoming

South Mississippi History Of UFO Sightings

Dog Killed At Maury Is. Before Roswell & Flying Saucers - Vid

Physicist Explains Why Scientists Won't Discuss UFOs - Vid

Close Encounters With UFO Airheads


Davenport NUFORC - Flurry Of UFO Reports From South Carolina

Crop Circle Designs Becoming More Complex - Vid

Triangular Shaped UFO Spotted Over Coventry

Roswell UFO Festival 2013

Ed Mitchell - UFO Coverup Must End

Is The Cash-Landrum UFO Incident Solved?

UFO Sighting 'Confirmed' - Vid

Celebrity Alien / UFO Encounters

Locals Share Close Encounters - Vid

Video Proof Of A UFO In The Night Skies? - Vid

MUFON LA Chapter Quits National Organization

72 Yr Old Retiree Reveals Stunning UFO Encounter


Strange Things In The Sky

Alien Probes Could Be Surfing The Galaxy

Center for UFO Studies Lives On

Alien Spaceships Abducted Our Dog And Car' Says Brit

Angler Reports UFOs, Jets, Armed Men While Fishing At Lake

A Victorian UFO Tale?

Smith Memo - Saucers Exist...Matter Above Top Secret

Shape-Shifting UFO Caught On Cam Over Oz? - Vid

Veteran Aerospace Engineer Reveals Truth Of UFOs

Knicks Star Claims ET Encounter Between LA & Vegas

'I Was Abducted By Aliens' Says Ex-NBA Star - Vid

NBA Star UFO Abduction Story Hits MSM

UFOs Over North Carolina - Vid

Plett’s ‘Alien’ Puzzle Solved


Huge UFO Over LA With Police Helicopters In Pursuit

ET? Creature Puzzles Residents In South Africa - Pics

Ex-Astronaut - ET Is Real & The Govt Knows It - Vid

Mars Rover To Search for ET In 2020 - NASA

Ireland’s First UFO Sighting – 5 Days After Roswell

Film On UFO Sighting Unfolds On Maury Island

Ex Editor Of Roswell Newspaper Talks About Crash

Original Roswell Crash Photog Recounts Experience


Video Taken Of Object That Reversed Direction - Vid

Canada Official UFO Studies - Your Need To Know - Vid

Britain Launches Search For Alien Life (too funny)

Roswell UFO Incident Google Doodles Game- Vid

Roswell UFO Anniversary Noted By Google Doodle

Roswell - 66 Years Of Unanswered Questions - Vid

UFO Captured On Video Over Chicago - Vid

Sky Lanterns Create UFO Buzz Over Portland - Vid

Nick Pope Says No Abduction...'Never Even Seen A UFO'

Pope Feels He Was Abducted By ETs In 1991

UFO Hovering Over Empire Bay is Caught On Cam - Vid

Alleged Financial Improprieties By Greer Hurt UFO Mission

How Intel Deliberately Sabotaged UFO Research - Vid

Edgar Mitchell - UFOs, Aliens & The Government Coverup - Vid


UFOs Are Real And Pose A Threat - Vid

Chinese Lanterns (Often 'UFOs') Blamed For Huge Brit Fire

MoD X-Files Release Of UFOs, Aliens – A Rebuttal

Another Side Of The Roswell Flying Saucer Incident

1800s Airships - 19th C. Secret Society Of Flight Enthusiasts

UK UFO Files Show MoD Monitors Anti-Gravity Research

Did MoD Release ALL Of Its UFO Files?

MoD - UFO Desk Served 'No Defence Purpose' - Vid

UFO Over Stonehenge? MoD Releases Last Batch - Vid

Top 10 UFO Sightings - From Roswell To A Berkshire Pub

The Man Who Lived With An Alien, UFOs Over Parliament...

Alien Nation - MoD Releases Final UFO Files


UFOs Over London - Vid

UFO Hoaxes At Touch Of Finger With iPhone App - Vid

Why MoD Shut Real-Life X-Files

Strange UFO At Sunset In Pennsylvania - Photo

Stunning UFO Appears Next To Sun? - Vid

UFO Video From Shuttle Discussed By Astronaut - Vid

UFOs - Weapons Of Mass Deception - Vid

Most Interesting, Documented UFO Cases - Vid

Montana UFOs And Extraterrestrials

UK Tab Apologizes To ET For Link To Scientology (!)

Disc-Shaped UFOs Over Bracknell, UK - Photo

ET Is Real - Video Banned In UK - Vid

NSA UFO Investigations Unearthed


Chinese Authorities Arrest Hoaxer For Fake Alien

Hellyer - UFOs Are Serious & World Financial System Fraud - Vid

UFO Stops, Descends Into Mexico Volcano, Mt Popo - Vid

Best UFO Sightings Of March 2013 - Vid

Pilot Sees Stunning UFO Over Texas - Vid

Airline Pilots See 2 UFOs Over Britain's Scientology Base

2 Daylight UFO Discs In 'Close Shave' With Airliners In UK

Evidence Of Mass UFO Sighting Uncovered - Biedny Confirmed

Morphing UFO Stuns Witnesses, Caught On Video - Vid

UFO Sightings Reported On Colombian News Channels - Vid

Spectacular UFO is Described As 'Blimp On Fire'


Strange Lights In The Sky Reported In Caledon East

New Jersey Witness UFO Abduction

US Navy Caught Monitoring UFO Internet Sites

UFO Activated Nuke Missiles At Minot AFB - Launch Officer

Congressman Mocks UFO National Security Concerns

Video Shows Yet Another UFO Entering Mt Popo Volcano - Vid

Proof Of ET - The Lost UFO Archive - Vid

Clear Daylight Photo Of UFO Saucer Over SoCal Barn

UFOs Captured On Video Over Vancouver This Week - Vid

Police Investigate 100s Of UFO Reports In Sussex

UFOs (Lanterns?) Over Downtown Los Angeles - Vid

Reports Of UFOs Flood In

Alabama - Silent UFO Shining Light Beam To Ground

UFO Photographed Over Euless, Texas


It's Not a UFO - It's A Solar-Powered Plane

Mystery UFO Filmed Over Ipswich - Vid

UFO Over Santee, CA - Vid

UFO Fleet Seen From Edmond, OK After Tornado Disaster - Vid

Jesse Marcel Jr On Roswell And More - Vid

Details Of Roswell Crash Photo Evidence Leaked To The Public

NASA Scientists Discusses UFOs During Lecture

Remarkable UFO Revelations Hurt By Clear Disinformation

Ex-CIA Agent Reveals UFO/ET Reality - Vid

Physicists - Warp Drive Faster-Than-Light Travel Possible - Vid

Mystery Lighted UFOs Threaten Buenos Aires Travelers

UFO Sightings Soar In Manitoba, Across Canada - Vid

Huge Armada Of White Orb UFOs Pass Over NYC - Vid


China Says A UFO Captured On Video Was A Rocket - Vid

Strange UFO Captured On Camera Over Montenegro - Pics

Ex AF Lt Col - 'It Was A UFO & Aliens Were Aboard - Vid

Veteran Reporter - 'Have Humans Been Abducted By ET?'

Lt Col Arneson - UFOs Shut Down Nuke Missiles In MT - Vid

'UFOs Can Override US Missile Command Systems'

CIA Report Names Senator Who Saw UFO Over USSR

VT Family Records Silent Slow-Moving Disc UFO - Vid

Video Shows UFO in Sky Over Tannum Sands - Vid

Group Wants Worldwide Effort To Unveil UFO Evidence

Stunning - Dying Ex CIA Official Reveals UFO/ET Truth - Vid

Sen Gravel - 'No Doubt There's An ET Presence On Planet' - Vid


Airliner 'Had Narrow Miss With UFO' Near Glasgow Airport

UFOs ‘Roam Our Skies’ - Ex USAF Intelligence Officer

Ex Missile Launch Officer - UFOs Over Nuke Missile Sites - Vid

Ex Cdn Def Chief Paul Hellyer - 2 Living ETs Working With US - Vid

Thousands Of Airline Pilots Witness UFOs

4 ET Species Have Been Visiting Earth For 1,000s Of Years

Sen. Gravel - White House Suppressing Evidence Of ET

Ex Senator Gravel Plan To Get UN To Re-Examine UFOs

Robert Wood On Formerly Classified UFO Docs - Vid

Fedex Pilot UFO Sighting Over The Western Atlantic - Vid

UFOS Videotaped Over Shropshire - Vid


‘Aliens’ Messed With US, Soviet Nukes – US Airmen

UFO In Near Collision With A320 Airbus Over Glasgow

Family Videotapes UFO Over Tel Aviv - Vid

US MinuteMan Missiles Disabled While UFOs Hovered Above

Panel Takes On Animal Mutilations And Roswell Crash - Vid

An Exposé Of UFO Hokum

USAF First Responders At RAF Bentwaters To Sue US

Tiny Alien-Looking Skeleton Poses Medical Mystery

Presidents Reagan, Carter Reported Sightings Of UFOs

President Ford Requested A Real UFO Congressional Probe

England Close Encounter - UFOs Tamper With Nuclear Sites - Vid

UFO 'Hearing' Boosted By Former Rep And Senator

Passenger Plane 'Moments From Crashing into A UFO'


UFO Testimony At Congressional-Style Hearings Today

Former Rep - 'I Don't Want UFO Hearings To Be A Joke'

Aliens Have Been Here - Ex-Canadian Minister Of Defense

Kepler Seeks Answer - Is Anybody Out There? - Vid

Aliens Posing Risk To Irish Pilots Says UFO Expert

USAF Admits Blue Room Storage For UFO Materials Exists

UFO Memo Is FBI's 'Most Wanted' Record

Frank Warren Talks UFOs - Vid

100s UFO Pics Over Perth Claims Darlington Man

Mysterious Structure Found At Bottom Of Ancient Lake

Student Video Of UFO Causes Commotion

Sirius Film Review - 'I Wasted $10 To See Greer's UFO Film'


TN Mom, Daughter Report Odd Activity Watching Giant UFO

New Cattle Mutilation Reported 3-1-2013 Browning, MT

170 UFO Sightings Reported In Iceland

Citizen Hearing On Disclosure - Will There Be A Change? - Vid

'Burning' UFOs, Vitrified Soil, 'Drilled Holes' In Poland - Pics

UFO Researcher Jaime Mausson's Underground Home - Vid

New Mystery Lights Over Phoenix...NBC News - Vid

Man Of Steel - Is ET Disclosure The Real Message?

Edward R. Murrow Interviews Kenneth Arnold On Flying Saucers

Stunning Flying Saucer Caught Over Russia 2013 - Vid

Brazil Ministry Of Defense Talks UFOs With Ufologists

Roswell Witness - Deadly Force Authorized While Guarding Hangar

Applicants Wanted For A One-Way Ticket To Mars

Man Sees UFO Making Strange Maneuvers...Twice


Vivid, Daylight UFOs In Formation Over Ireland - Vid

$20,000 Payday For Ex-Rep's Fake UFO/ET Hearing - Vid

Mock Congressional Hearing On ET, Alien Life

Silver Disc UFO Hovering Over Rural OK Community

Major 'Design Flaw' In Upcoming Citizen UFO Hearings

Unidentified Flying Threats (UFOs)

AZ Desert UFO Seen Traveling Up Near Kingman

Online OHare Airport Exhibit Includes UFO Sighting - Vid

Citizen Hearing On UFO Disclosure Coming - Vid

Greer's Dead ET Actually An 'Immature Spider Monkey' - Report

Media Coverage Of UFO Phenomena Seriously Lacking

Hoover's FBI X Files Revealed


Jackie Gleason's Amazing UFO House, Nixon, ETs - Vid

Is An Alien Message Embedded In Our Genetic Code?

UFO Panel Includes Former Utah Congressman

Roseville CA Man Photographs UFO Over His Home (1967)

UFO Blocks Road In South Hill, Virginia

Visitors Voice Their Opinions At FL UFO Exhibit - Vid

Legendary Author Frank Scully Argues For UFOs - Audio

1964 UFO Contactee George Adamski Interview - Vid

Highway Patrolman Chases UFO Near Nuke Missile Sites

Ohio Police Chase UFO 86 Miles

Ex-Rep Admits Being Paid To Hold Mock Hearings On UFOs


UFO Sightings Are Flying High

Gradual UFO Disclosure Is Taking Place - Vid

Scientists Tracked UFO Over New Mexico In 1950

UFO Caught On Camera Over Morehouse Parish - Vid

US Troops Ordered To Watch For UFOs - 1948

UFO Film Reveals 'Humanoid Of Unknown Classification'

Former US Congress Members To Attend UFO Hearings

NASA Tweets UFO Photos From ISS - April Fools Joke

US UFO Reports Down 36% After 2012 Spike

'The UFO Moved Silently Above A Local Pond At Tree Level'

Mystery UFO Cluster Photographed Over Cairns - Pics

New Film On Mysterious Puget Sound UFO Sighting - Vid

20 Years Since The Cosford UFO Mystery


FBI Historian Demonstrates Ignorance Of FBI UFO Cases - Vid

RAND Think Tank UFO Doc...UFOs - What To Do? - Vid

Remembering The Maury Island UFO Incident - Vid

Famous FBI UFO Memo Fails To Resolve 'Saucer' Mystery

Aztec UFO Incident Given Major New Attention

'True' Mag Asked To Probe NM Town Mass UFO Sighting

Do Abandoned NM Radar Sites Hold UFO Secret?

Perfectly-Formed Pond Circles In NY - Work Of UFOs?

Oz MSM Backs USAF Vet's Stunning UFO Story - Vid

The Man From Mars - Ray Palmer's Amazing Pulp Journey


Navy Cmdr Recounts Huge Craft Buzzing His Plane

Fox Offers $100k Reward For Proof Of An Alien Spacecraft

The Irrefutable Guy Hottel FBI UFO Memo

UFOs Spotted Over Liberty County

Navajo Task Force Investigates UFOs, Paranormal - Vid

Multiple UFOs The Day Before Phoenix Mass Sightings - Vid

Marysville Woman Confirms South Whidbey UFO Sighting

Witness Describes 12 Large UFOs Near Whiteman AFB

Pilot Captures Stunning UFO Over Texas 2013 - Vid

Ufologist Stanton Friedman Gets Lifetime Achievement Award - Vid

UFO Filmed From Airline Window - Vid

ATC Says Many UFOs Over Edwards AFB, Jets Scrambled - Vid

63 Yrs Ago - The Mass UFO Display Over Farmington, NM

Is There An Underground ET Base In Alaska?

Hastings - UFO Sightings By Air Police At Loring AFB 1960s


After Chinese, Russian UFO Sightings Indian Troops Saw Them

FAA Div Chief Details GIANT UFO Chasing 1986 JAL 747 - Vid

Plugging The Holes In UFO Radar Coverage

Victoria Being 'Invaded' - UFO Sightings Soar

'World-Renowned Astronomer' Baffled By UFO Photo

UFOs Seen By Pilots, Reps, Govs, Presidents, Military - Vid

2013 Sees Heightened UFO Activity In South Africa

Frances Barwood Recounts The Phoenix Lights - Vid


Fortson & Maccabee Distinguish Flares From The Phoenix UFO - Vid

Florida Residents Report Mysterious UFO Formation

Giant UFO Near ISS Video Is A Hoax - Vid

Phoenix Lights - Interviews With Ley, Fortson, Barwood, Motzer - Vid

Hastings In Washington Post - UFOs Over US ICBM Sites

Yemeni Photographer Snaps Pic Of UFO

On The Hunt For Aliens In The Valley Of UFOs -Vid

Canadian Government No Longer Investigating UFOs

UFOs In the Desert, Pt 3 - UFO Congress 2013

UFO Sightings Rising In South Africa

Alleged O'Hare UFO Witness Story Proves False


Russell Crowe Catches UFO On Camera

Crowe Panned For ‘Embarrassing’ UFO Video

Aztec UFO Crash Incident Authors Return To The Area

UFOs Over RAF Welford - March 1967

Tasmania - Mysterious Light Beam Blamed For Circle Of Fire

6 Yrs Ago - The Non-Investigation Of The Phoenix Lights

'Flying Saucers From Outside Earth' July 8, 1947 Story

UFO Sighting Sparks Internet Storm

UFO X-Files Of Soviet Defense Ministry Exposed

Resident Snaps Picture Of UFO Near Keighley, UK


Mass Daylight UFO Cluster Sighting Over Mexico - Vid

Retired McGill Univ Prof - ET Exists Beyond A Reasonable Doubt'

The Battle Of LA 71st Anniversary...Eyewitness - Pt 1 - Vid

The Battle Of LA 71st Anniversary...Eyewitness - Pt 2 - Vid

Stunning UFO Cluster Sighting In Santiago Chile - Vid

UFO Over Grants Pass, Oregon - Vid

$100,000 Reward For Best UFO/ET-Related Evidence - Vid

Disclosure Of Giant UFO Discovered In Greenland - Vid

NARCAP Does Real Science Research On UFOs...

Evidence Mounts Famed '51 Movie Was CIA UFO Acclimation Project


Russian Film On Nazi UFOs, Byrd's Expedition - Vid

Robert Gates Declined To Challenge The Roswell Story

Black Egg-Shaped UFO With Lights In SoCal

More UFO Sightings Along Eagle Ford

Zappa On UFOs And Intelligent ETs - Vid

Child Abducted By Beam Of Light In 1937 India

Mystery - Translucent Purple Spheres Found In Desert - Vid

Hynek Explains His Participation in USAF UFO Coverup

Silent, Translucent Craft Sighted Near Brisbane

Silent, Tear-Drop Shaped UFO Cruises Near Radio Tower

Stanton Friedman Reveals UFO MJ-12 Secrets - Vid

Ex Penn State President Tied To Roswell UFO Crash Recovery

More Readers Witness UFO Over York

The Allagash Abduction, Pt 1 - Vid

The Allagash Abduction, Pt 2 - Vid

December 1998 Very Close Encounter With Landed UFO In TX

Pilot Captures UFO On Video In Costa Rica - Vid

UFOs Spotted In Cape Coral? - Vid

Amazing UFO Formation In Santiago Chile (Dec 2012) - Vid


Veterans Urged To Report UFOs At Nuke Weapons Sites

The Cuba UFO Files - An Interview with Orestes Girbau

Elderly Woman Reveals UFO Landing In Cornfield - Vid

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin Mum On Seeing A UFO

UFO Caught On Video By Fox News

Are Archons Greys?

UFO Over MA Not Easy For USAF To Explain - Vid

'86 Shuttle Photo - Huge Black Triangle UFO In Space - Vid

RAF Radar Chief - I Saw A UFO Fleet

Top UFO Stories Of 2012 - Vid

Huge, Glowing UFO In 1897 Over Wisconsin


UFO Pioneer George Fawcett Passes At 83

Are We Being Visited? Oz UFO Recorded, Many Sightings

Incredible UFO Footage 2013 Remote Fishing Village - Vid

FAA Offers Explanation For Amherst UFO

Russian Scientists Confirmed ET Spacecraft At Phobos - Vid

CDB Bryan Discusses UFO Conference With Tom Snyder - Vid

Journalist Howard Blum Says Govt Lies About UFOs

Did NASA Delete Evidence Of UFOs From Its Photo Archive?

Powerful Gamma-Ray Burst 'Hit Earth In 8th Century'

Amaury Rivera Toro's Abduction

Puerto Rican Claims Abducted By ETs, Has Photos - Vid


UFO Debunker, Philip Klass And The FBI

UFO Blamed For Mass Of Dead Fish Off Okinawa

Does Bigelow Aerospace Have UFO/ET Technology? - Vid

Another Nuke Missleer Discloses UFO Experience

UFO Soaring Over Moon Surface In Online Video

Giant, Black Triangle, 4' Tall Figures Inside Over Texas

UFOs On Moon - Scientists, Astronauts See Strange Things - Vid

Only Known US Saucer Project (Avrocar) Declassified

UFO Triangle Over Phoenix, AZ Seen Enroute To Work - Vid

UFOs Over South Texas Oil And Fracking Fields - Photo

South TX Landed UFO Photo Passes Two Authenticity Tests


Residents Baffled By Mysterious Lights Over Detroit - Vid

Hastings - UFO Sightings During US Pacific Nuclear Tests

Real UFO Footage 2013 From Space - Vid

UFO Sightings Increase Around Intl Space Station

UFO Sightings During Nuclear Testing In The Pacific

Italy's Fascist UFO Files - Vid

Mysterious Object Has Town Folk Baffled - Vid

TX Mom & Son Terrified as UFO Hovers Over SUV

The Maury Island Incident To Be Made Into A Movie

New Report Phoenix Lights Eyewitness Report

Daylight UFO Photograph Over Muskogee, OK 1955

Very Strange Pulsating Light Over Atlanta GA - Vid

Sacramento 'UFO Explosion' Mystery Revealed - Photos


UFO Group Releases Transparent Alien Photo - Vid

Remembering Capt. Mantell Who Died While Chasing A UFO

UFOs Over Surprise, AZ Midnight New Year's 2013, 1/2 - Vid

UFOs Over Surprise, AZ, Midnight New Year's 2013, 2/2 - Vid

Football Field Length Triangle UFO Over TX Town

Explosion In Space Called A 'Weather Balloon' - Vid

Oz - Cardwell On Full UFO Alert...Strange Lights - Vid

Man Records Strange Explosion In Space - Vid

NV Witness Captures Sphere UFO Moving Toward Area 51

Long John Nebel - The Flying Saucer Story - Vid

Long John Nebel Explores Subterranean Civilization - Vid


Gen Charles Cabell - 'I Want The Answer To The Saucers!'

Flying Saucer Over New York In 1955 - Photo

Clear UFO Photographed Over New York (1967) - Photo

From UFOs To 'Tsunami Bomb' - NZ Archive Secrets Revealed

'Alien' Skulls Found At Ancient Mexico Burial Site - Vid

Very Good UFO Video On Christmas Day - Vid

Air Passenger Records UFO - Footage To FAA - Vid

Large, Silent, UFO Reported Over Haverhill, MA

UFOs Recorded Over Laredo, TX - Vid


AEC Asked For Info On Flying Saucers In 1950

UFO 'Nothing Like I've Seen In 30 Years'

ET Abduction Evidence On Betty Hill's Dress - Vid

ET-Ike Meeting - Trade Tech For Human Experiments - Vid

McMinnville UFO Photos...A Scientific Analysis - Photos

South Mississippi Has Long History Of UFO Intrigue

Crashed UFO With 4 Bodies Recovered In NC In 1941 - Vid

Russian General Antoshkin Details UFO Encounter - Vid

RT Coverage Of UFO-Nuke Press Conference - Vid

UFOs Get Attention Of Mainstream Media In Sri Lanka

Silent, Triangle-Shaped UFO Taped Above Portland, MI - Vid

The Secret About 'Men in Black' - Vid

Portugal UFO Hunters Startled By Flying Object Above Pines

Airman Claims 'Missing Time' After UFO Encounter - Vid

Eerie UFO Lights Recorded Over Santiago, Chile - Vid

Women Suffer Radiation Burns After Close Encounter - Vid


Huge UFO Photographed Over Macungie, PA - Photo

Pilot Goes Missing During UFO Encounter - Vid

Police Officer Claims Flashing Blue Light Was UFO

The Estimate Of The UFO Situation (Secret USAF Document)

Silent, Glowing Dragonfly UFO Over Asheville, NC - Photos

UFOs May Have Been Chinese Lanterns - Vid

McKinnon Won't Face Trial For Pentagon, NASA UFO Hacks

Your Need to Know - The Cometa UFO Report - Vid

TX Dad Says Son 'Terrified' After Photographing UFO - Photos

Mystery UFO Lights Have Bakersfield Buzzing

Mass UFO Sighting In Michoacán Mexico - Vid


Sweden - Mystery Orb Crash 'Was Like Armageddon'

Black Triangular Shaped UFO Stuns UK Family

Mysterious UFOs Spotted Above San Francisco - Vid

Strange Lights Appear Over Brooklyn, New York - Vid

Multiple UFO Reports Over Salina This Past Week - Vid

Japan Govt Official Confirms Partial Recovery Of UFO

UFO Nears China's Shenzhou-9 After Launch - Vid

Roswell Officer's Taped Confession Of ET Recovery Revealed


Medvedev Strange Comments - ET Walks Among Us

Dmitry Medvedev Comments On ET Off The Record

Video Of UFO In Grand Blanc Area - Vid

UFO Briefing Document - The Best Available Evidence - Vid

The First Signs Of Ancient Life On Mars?

Reports Of Triangle UFOs Pour In From Across Country

Ret Navy Cmdr Bethume Describes Enormous UFO - Vid

UFOs Filmed Over Kissimmee, Florida - Vid

Interview With UFO Legend Stanton Friedman - Vid

Beijing UFO Research Society Probes New Sightings

Denver UFOs Still Have The Mile-High City Abuzz

Another Stunning Sighting Of A Triangle Shaped UFO

Huge Triangle UFO Reported Hovering Over MO Home

MA Witness Describes Silent Triangle UFO Encounter

Flickering Stars = Could ET Be Sending Us Signals?


UFO SW FL Mystery Solved? - Vid

2 Ex-USAF Security Police Discuss UFOs At Nuke Sites

ET Mummy Found In Egypt? - Photos

NZ Man Films Strange Aerial Phenomena - Vid

UFO Witnesses In 3 Separate FL Locations Speak Up - Vid

Obama, UFOs And His Second First 100 Days

Did UFOs Help Denver Fox TV Ratings?

Denver UFOs Get World Attention - Dozens On Site With Cams - Vid

More Witnesses, Photos Surface For PA UFO Sightings

UFOs Seen At 5 Nuke ICBM Launch Sites Within 2 Hours


UFO, ET Proof - Eyewitness To Crash, Disc Retrieval Talks

Did Kentucky Town Fight Off Aliens In 1955? - Vid

Ufologist Jim Moseley, Still Supreme Commander - Vid

Best UFO Sightings Of May, 2012 - Vid

USAF Coverup At Malstrom? Four Sick, No Cause? - Vid

Jim Moseley & John Keel Talk CIA, UFOs & Aliens - Audio

Indiana Sightings - Smaller Objects Separated From Main Object

UFO Hovers Around The International Space Station - Photos

Oz Man Films Strange UFOs With Infrared Cam - Vid

FOX TV Asks Peter Davenport About Recent UFOs - Vid

UFOs Filmed Over Cape Coral, FL - Vid

Tribute - James Moseley, 1931-2012 - UFOlogist

UFOs & Aliens In the Media

Driver Pics Of 3 UFOs Converging Into Triangular - Photos

Stunning Daylight UFOs Over Denver Draw World Attn - Vid

Orange Fireball Sightings On November 17, 2012

Two New Reports On Chilean 'UFO' Sightings - Vid

Unexplained Leak, 'Abnormal Readings' Close Hwy Near Malmstrom

Multiple Witnesses Spot UFOs Over Indianapolis

UFOs Over Longmont, Colorado - Vid

'Eerie UFO' Identified - Vid

UFOs Over Westlake Village CA - Vid

Family Captures UFOs On Video

UFOs Over Orlando, FL Neighborhood - Vid

NASA Hidden UFO Imagery Hacked

Stunning Increase In Orange Light UFO Sightings Nationwide

Man Says He Saw UFO Fly Over Carrboro

Skeptical Means Honest Skepticism, Not To Following A Party Line

Some UK Students Called To 'UFO Crash' Simulation

UFOs Landing, Taking Off From Downtown Denver - Vid

UFO Sightings Recorded In Sky Over Denver - Vid

UFOs Disabled American ICBMs

Breaking Security Oath About UFOs At Nuke Missile Sites


100s Of UFOs Reported Over Lake On Indo-Chinese Border

Mystery Fiery Object Still A Mystery, No Show On Radar - Vid

UFOs Sightings Across Kashmir Areas - Military Stumped

Swamp Gas? UFOs? Ball Lightning? Brown Mt Lights Puzzle

UFOs, The Government & Faking An ET Invasion - Norio Hayakawa

Hastings - UFOs Over Malmstrom AFB Nuke Missiles Sept 2012

'UFO Lights' Spur Many Phone Calls To Local Police - Photo

2 Big UFOs Over Malmstrom AFB Nuke Missiles Sept 2012

Disc-Shaped UFO Photographed By FL Driver

Black UFO Captured On Video Over Georgia, Pt 2 - Vid

Black UFO Captured On Video Over Georgia, Pt 3 - Vid

Black UFO Captured On Video Over Georgia, Pt 1 - Vid


More Cylinder UFO Entering Popocatépetl Volcano In Mexico - Vid

JoeTalk - On UFOs And ETs - Vid

UFO Dives Into Mt Popo Volcano, Big Mex Media Coverage - Vid

UFO Hangs For 2.5 Hrs Over KY - USAF Won't Comment - Vid

Driver Records UFOs Over Dallas - Vid

UFO Resembling Fluorescent Bulbs Spotted In KY - Vid

UFO Sighting Stuns Town - Witnesses Still Coming Forth - Vid

UFO Over Illinois, Witnesses Include Police Officers - Photos

Astronomer Mystified By UFO, Object Seen In 3 States - Vid

USAF Cmdr Who Confirmed Missiles Affected By UFO Event Passes

Hovering Water Droplets Zip Around Like UFOs - Vid

Paul Kurtz, UFO Debunker, Dies At 86

Daylight Appalachian Mountain Cylinder UFO - Vid

Cigar Shaped UFO Recorded Over Arlington, Texas - Vid

Campy UFO Film Gets Serious As Group Strays Into A-51 - Vid


Minuteman Nuke Launch Crews Provide Sketches Of UFOs

UFO Sightings Pose Danger To Aviation

Man Photographs 'UFO' Floating In The Clouds

Reporter Reiterates McKInnon Claims Of ET, Non-Terrestrial Officers- Vid

WVA Residents Watch Jets Circling UFO - Photo

Terrified Family Records UFO Hovering Over Their Home - Vid

UK Poll - More Believe In ETs Than God

Family Member Recounts UFO Landing In A Montana Valley

Mystery Fireball Captured On Video Over NoCal - Vid

Officials Suppress UFO, Nuclear (Missile) Site Ties

Chris Rutkowskis Queries Stanton Friedman On Roswell UFOs - Vid


Witness Snaps Daytime Photo Of UFO Over Staten Island

UK Blocks 'UFO-Hacker' McKinnon Extradition To US - Vid

Britain Blocks McKinnon Extradition To US

Gary McKinnon Wins - Will Not Be Extradited To The US!

Is Obama Hiding UFO Secrets?

1950 USAF Report - Actor Had Magnetic Radio From Crashed UFO

Cop Reports UFO Abductions, MIB, Gets Fired

Will Prime Minister David Cameron Confirm UFOs And ETs?

Bill Clinton On Area 51 - 'There WAS An Alien Artifact There'

BBC Film Crew Arrested At Gunpoint In Top Secret Area 51

UFO Activity Results In Nuclear Missiles Being Put On Alert

Flap Over Hastings Article About UFOs At ICBM Sites

UFOs Worldwide...Interesting Collection

Politicians Talking About UFOs And Aliens

UFO Activity At Nuclear Weapons Sites - An Overview

Declassified - Air Force Supersonic Flying Saucer Schematics

YouTubers Solve Cincinnati UFO Mystery - Vid

UFO Reports & Night Skydiving - Vid

NC Kids Report UFOs Appear Every Thursday Night

Footnote To The UFO Crash At Roswell - The Nun's Story

Large UFO Flies Over Tokyo In Broad Daylight - Vid

Daylight UFO, Out Of Control, Falling To Earth In China - Vid

HD Close-Ups Examination Of UFO Crashing In China - Vid

Best UFO Videos From June 2012 - Vid

UFOs Appearing, Disappearing On Two Separate Cams - Vid

2 Identical UFOs 1,000 Mi Apart On Google Street View - Vid

Congressional Investigation Of The UFO Program

Fascinating - UFOs Flying Up From Moon Base? Watch HD - Vid

UFO Disclosure Meeting Turned Out To Be As Predicted

Triangle UFO Over Gilbert Arizona - Vid

UFO Disclosure - Why Hollywood Matters

J Allen Hynek Report On UFO Landing Near Nuke ICBMs

UFO Hunters - They Are Still Watching 

'UFO War' Story Still Circulating - Chinese, US Navies Off SF?

Former USAF Col Accuses Govt Of UFO Coverup

Locals Capture UFOs Over Phoenix On Tape - Vid


Breaking 40 Years Of UFO Silence

Silver UFO Changes Direction Over Austria - Vid

UFOs Taped Over Otway, North Carolina

Hastings - UFO Over ICBM Launch Control, Missiles Affected

New TV Show Will Explore ‘Unsealed’ Alien/UFO files

Shirley MacLaine - ET Told Reagan To Enter Politics

UFO Near Missile Launch Control Center At Minot AFB

Shirley MacLaine - Reagan Had A Close Encounter With An Alien

Daylight Photographs Revealed of UFO Over Vancouver Island

Col William Coleman (Ret) Says He Has 'Blockbuster' UFO Data


Stunning Daylight UFO Outside Jetliner Over Beirut - Vid

Explosions, Crash Reports At Time Of Rocket Launch - Vid

Missile Engineer Sees UFO

Remarkable Photos Of 'Cigar' Shaped UFOs - Vid

Best UFO Videos Of June 2012 - Vid

UFO Nearly Collides With Automobile

Man Shoots At UFO, Hears 'Bullets Bounce Off Of It'

Giving The Public Information About 1947 Roswell UFO Crash

CIA Director Reported On UFO Coverup In New York Times

Self-Proclaimed Alien Abductees Speak In Maine

Night QuadCopter Mass Drone Flight Looks Like UFO Fleet - Vid

Stunning Legit Daylight UFO Footage - Vid

Daylight UFO Over Bolton Lancashire, UK - Vid


New UFOs Over Italy - Vid

UFO Hacker Gary McKinnon Will Learn His Fate October 16

Are UFO Secrets About To Be Revealed?

Stunning Daylight UFOs Over Cambridge, England - Vid

Stanton Friedman On Flying Saucers And Science - Vid

Did Socorro UFO Also Land In Montana?

UFO Secrets To Be Revealed In September

Exclusive Photo Of Triangle UFO Over Bristol, TN

Stunning Paintings Of UFOs 200-15,000 Years Ago - Vid

Area 51 UFO 'Secrets' To Be Revealed By Las Vegas Smithsonian

There Are Many Habitable Planets For Humans To Colonize

UFO FOIA Flash - CIA Opts For Compliance Over Resistance 

Socorro UFO Event - Wind Data Quashes Balloon Hoax

Randle & Warren Deconstruct Socorro UFO Hoax Theory - Vid

UFO Crash Retrieval Team Update On Location - Vid

Military UFO Files Secrets To Be Revealed - Vid

Top US Military Officials To Disclose UFO Info


2 UFO box UFO Photographed Over Osaka, Japan

Swedish Team Launches UFO Retrieval Mission

Braxton Country 'Monster' - Strange Alien Machine Or Barn Owl?

Veteran UFO Researcher Richard Motzer Passes

UFO Investigator Raymond Fowler Honored For Tireless Efforts

Orbs Flying In Near Perfect Triangle Formation Over Brooklyn NY - Vid

UFOs Gets Weatherman Attention During Live Broadcast - Vid

UFOs - The Stanton Friedman Story


The Disclosure Project...Part 1 - Vid

50 Years Of UFO Denial - Vid

New Witnesses To 1974 UFO Incident Near Presidio, TX

The 1989 Waves Of UFO Sightings In The Soviet Union

Family Catches UFO Emitting Light Beam - Vid

UFOs...Hastings Asks - Is A TV Network Working With The CIA?

Mexico Daylight UFO - Vid

Four UFOs In Mars Sky Caught By Curiosity? - Vid


Britain Version Of Area 51 Won't Be Investigating UFOs

1896-97 Roberts Electric Car - Photos

NatGeo UFO Special - Incompetence Or Disinfo?

Larry King Now...Full Program On UFOs - Vid

Britain - One UFO Visit A Month But MoD Says No Threat

UFO Sighting Over Leighton Buzzard Stops Traffic

UFO Ghost Rockets Over Scandanavia - The Investigation - Vid

ET Disclosure? - King & Williams 1995 Recovered Interview - Vid

CIA Retirees Say They've Seen Roswell UFO Evidence

Amazing Trumbull County 911 Police UFO Chase Recordings


Air Force Newsletter Talks Of UFO Sightings At ICBM Sites

Orbs Dropping From UFO On Night Vision Cam? - Vid

UFO Recorded Near Sacramento, CA - Vid

The Eisenhower Brief - Do We Have A Treaty With ET?

UFOs Sighted Over Jackson

Vivid Night UFO Over Spain - Vid

Vivid UFO Sightings In SE Missouri - Vid

CIA Docs Prove Intense Interest in UFOs In Other Parts Of World

UFO Toys With Helicopter Above Belfast - Vid

Ret USAF Lt Col Talks About Debunking UFO Sightings - Vid

New Video Claims To Be Of Stephenville UFO - Vid

Rense & Peter Davenport - Man Tells Of 1936 Alaska UFO - Vid

New Evidence On 1953 Kingman, AZ UFO Crash


There Were 2 Crashes, Not 1, Says Ex-Air Force Official

Daylight UFO Flits In And Out Of South Carolina Clouds - Vid

UFO Crash Investigator Leonard Stringfield's Research Now Public

Australia Releases Secret UFO X-Files After 30 Years

Australia Releases UFO Files

Second Witness Reports Disc UFO Over Kansas City

Pilot's UFO Sighting On Approach To Kansas City International

N.S. Town Marks 45 Yrs Since Possible UFO Sighting

'Odd Lights' Over Columbia River Reported To NUFORC

Underwater Hunt For UFOs In Russia


'Aztec UFO Incident' Book...25 Years Of Laborious Research - Vid

Commercial Pilot Landing At KS Intl Has UFO Close Encounter

Unsolved Mysteries...The Phoenix Lights - Vid

Overflight Drone Tests Often Mistaken As UFOs

UFOs Over Stockton, CA - Residents Watch in Aw - Vid

Rense And Col. John Alexander On UFOs - Vid

Horseshoe-Shaped UFO Flying Over Busan, S Korea - Vid

Shag Harbour UFO Festival This Weekend

John Lennon Recounts His UFO Sighting - Vid


Goodyear Blimp Mistaken For UFO Over Olympic Fireworks - Vid

Possible ET Skeletal Remains Found

DNA Testing For Peru 'Conehead' ET Hybrid? - Vid

Red-Lighted Triangle Flies Over Bristol, England - Vid

Fireballs Entering Atmosphere Over Russia - Vid

UFO Over South Geelong Station I?

Very Odd Object Over Kentucky - Vid

Chasing UFOs Stars Blast Their Own Show

Mysterious UFO Spotted In Xiamen Sky


Westall 1966 - A Suburban UFO Mystery - Vid

'It Was ET' - CIA Agent Speaks On 65th Roswell Anniversary

Helicopter Circles One Of Several UFOs Over Hollywood, CA - Vid

The UFO-Nukes Connection Relevant Declassified Documents

The Great Alien Hoax And The UFO Community

General's Widow Reveals Roswell UFO Crash Was ET

65th Anniversary Of Roswell UFO Crash

UFO Orbs Spotted Worldwide, Appearing Almost Simultaneously

Gary McKinnon Given 'Last Chance' Before Extradition Decision

CIA Veteran Claims Knowledge Of Roswell-Alien Coverup

UFOs Sweep The Skies - Orbs Spotted Worldwide - Vid


What If ET Is Out There? - Vid

Media Censorship Of The Subject Of UFOs

UFO Sighting Baffles Western Labrador Woman - Audio

Stephenville, TX UFO Sightings

Alan Alda Is Trying To Find The Next Carl Sagan 

Two Midstate UFO Reports Defy Explanation 

The UFO Incident At Freckley Hollow

Most Paranoid, Absurd Non-Fiction TV Ever?

Argentina - Four Alien Abductions Occurred In Rosario


Rense & Bill Puckett - More Eyewitness UFO Accounts Pt 1 - Vid

Rense & Bill Puckett - More Eyewitness UFO Accounts Pt 2 - Vid

Reviews Of Nat Geo's 'Chasing UFOs'

Second Review Of Nat Geo's 'Chasing UFOs'

Top UFO Book Available At Much Lower Price Than Amazon

Is The Baltic Sea 'Sunken UFO' An Elaborate Scam?

UFO Crash Outside Aztec, NM - The Quarter-Century Obsession

UFO Behind Wildfire-Fighting Helicopter - Vid

Witness Tells Of UFOs After Titan II (Nuclear) Missile Explosion


Demands On UFO Researchers By The Media & Groups

Rense & Bill Puckett - UFO Hovers Over Gas Stn, Pt 1 - Vid

Rense & Bill Puckett - UFO Hovers Over Gas Stn, Pt 2 - Vid

Electronics Go Dead Near Baltic Sea Object - Vid

Maury Island Puget Sound UFO Incident - Vid

Chile Aeronautical Administration Launches UFO Website

The Great Alien Hoax And The UFO Community

Mysterious Baltic Sea Object Raises More Questions - Vid

Infrared Cam See Two UFOs Near Shenzhou-9 Spacecraft 

Castro Was Shown A Captured UFO And Dead Pilot In Russia


Mystery UFO Shaped Object In The Baltic Sea - Photos

Ocean X Team Press Release On Baltic Sea UFO

RAF Pilot's Close Encounter With UFO

Something Unique in New Dive On Baltic Sea Mystery Object

Filer's # 24Drone Mistaken For ‘UFO’ On DC Highway

UFO Photographed Over Oneida, New York

'The Blue Room' - Where UFO Debris is Hidden 

Nick Pope - 'Watch Skies For UFOs During Olympics'

Did The Canadians Analyze The Roswell Metal?

The Aztec Incident - Recovery At Hart Canyon - Vid 

UFO Or Missile? Mystery Lights Raise Havoc In Israel 


Luminous UFOs Over Lebanon, Jordan, Turkish-Syrian Border   

Watch Rothschild Olympic Skies for UFOs Says Nick Pope

UFOs Recorded Near NORAD In SW Colorado Springs, CO  - Vid

30 UFOs Over McKinney, TX  - Vid

Brad Steiger Tells Of Capt Mantell's Fatal UFO Encounter - Vid

The Aztec Incident - Alien Spacecraft Recovery At Hart Canyon

Photograph Shows Four UFOs Hovering Over Oz Marina

UFO Captured On Video Over Denver - Vid

Plymouth Residents Witness Orbs Darting Across Sky - Vid

UFO In Baltic Sea? Swedish Scientists To Investigate

UFO Caught On Camera Over Acacia Hills, Australia

UFO Sighting That Convinced A Government Minister

Jacques Vallé On MIB Imagery


UFOs Recorded Near NORAD In SW Colorado Springs, CO  - Vid

30 UFOs Over McKinney, TX  - Vid

Brad Steiger Tells Of Capt Mantell's Fatal UFO Encounter - Vid

The Aztec Incident - Alien Spacecraft Recovery At Hart Canyon

Photograph Shows Four UFOs Hovering Over Oz Marina

UFO Captured On Video Over Denver - Vid

Plymouth Residents Witness Orbs Darting Across Sky - Vid

UFO In Baltic Sea? Swedish Scientists To Investigate

UFO Caught On Camera Over Acacia Hills, Australia

UFO Sighting That Convinced A Government Minister

Jacques Vallé On MIB Imagery


Ongoing UFO Sightings Over Blue Springs Spurs Investigation - Vid

A Pair Of UFOs Cruise Over Stouffville, Ontario Canada - Vid

Unusual Flashing Lights In The Night Sky Over Basingstoke

Crop Circles - Aspects Of The Argentina Las Perdices Incident

UFOs Over Nuclear Weapons Storage Area In March, 1949

Wanted - Flying Saucer Journalist...Pay Great, Benefits Better 

Mystery Object Nearly Causes Mid-Air Collision Over Denver

Col Alexander Seeks Amnesty For Military UFO Eyewitnesses 

UFOs Recorded Over Scottsdale Arizona - Vid

UFO Crash Retrievals In Chile


UFO Crash Retrievals

40 Killed In Hour-Long Hailstorm In China

Mystery Solved - Sun UFOs Have Been Identified - Vid

Argentina: What Happened at La Aurora?

Local Media Takes Interest In UFOs Cruising Over Fresno

UFO Filmed Over US Nuclear Weapons Storage Facility

Five To Eight UFOs In Israel Skies  - Vid 

Witness To The Travis Walton Alien Abduction Speaks Out - Vid

Did NASA Edit Footage Of Spaceship Near Sun - Vid

UFOs Captured On Video Over France


Weird - ET Light Entity Captured On Cam - Vid

Did UFO Land On Cannock Chase In Roswell Style Incident?

Search For ET Centers On Earth-Like Planets

Frank Statements On UFOs By Dan Akyroyd - Vid

The UFO Bestiary - A Rebuttal By Stanton Friedman

UFO Dangers Examined By US News & World Report 

Radar Shows Stephenville UFO Went Toward The Bush Ranch

Native American UFO Sightings


The True Story Of Flying Saucers - Vid

US Double Standards Over Gary Mckinnon Extradition

UFO Enters Restricted Airpsace Over Nuke Weapons Storage

Spain - Possible Abduction Or Teleportation (1986)

Brazil - The Barroso UFO Case (1976)

Two Women Recount Alien Abduction To Anderson Cooper - Vid

The Bantam Lake Mystery of the "UFO" or Meteorite?

John Ventre Of MUFON UFO Coverup On CNN - Vid

Woman Captures UFO On Video In NV Mountains - Vid

Hastings - Science And UFOs, Pt 4 - Uniformed Skeptics Duped

UFO Skeptics Or Debunkers?

1,000 Villagers Sees UFOs, Reporters Rush To The Scene

UFO Fleet Seen At Freckley Hollow

UFO Sighting Near Korean Demilitarized Zone - Vid


Stephenville, Texas UFO Incident Radar Data Plotted

UFOs & Popocatépetl Volcano

UFOs Over St Petersburg Were A 'Huge Spaceship'

UFO Fireball Gives Arizona News Team Jitters - Vid

Week 2 In Bantam Lake UFO - 'Smoking Gun' Investigating 

Deep UFO Denial Disguised As Rational Skepticism

Rendlesham Forest UFO Debated On UK TV - Vid

Travis Walton & Witnesses Talk Famous ET Abduction - Vid

Reporter Duped By UFO Debunkers

A Green, Glowing Object Falls in Bantam Lake, CT


Daylight Disc Over And Through Downtown Dallas - Vid

Uruguay - Campers Witness UFO On Good Friday

New Videos Surface Of UFOs Over St. Petersburg - Vid

UFOs Over St. Petersburg, Russia - Vid

UFO Over Iranian Mosque - Vid

UFO Coverup On Last Shuttle Mission? - Vid

Chile - Regarding 'Military Secrecy'

Pentagon Planning To Fight An ET Invasion - Vid

Astronauts Reported 'Metallic' UFO Near Orbiter 


Rense & Simon Parkes - Assorted Alien Contacts Pt 1 - Vid

Rense & Simon Parkes - Assorted Alien Contacts Pt 2 - Vid

Rense & Simon Parkes - Assorted Alien Contacts Pt 3 - Vid

Rense & Simon Parkes - Assorted Alien Contacts Pt 4 - Vid

Maj Keyhoe Talks UFOs To Mike Wallace (1958) - Vid

UFO Over The Chile-Argentina Border - Photos

UFO Flies Right Near Oz Airlner In Daylight - Vid

Have UFOs Shut Down Our Defense Systems? - Vid

UK City Councilman Claims ET Upbringing, Pt 1 - Vid

London - UFO Hovering Over Thames Estuary


NASA UFO Files Revealed On Science Channel Special

Mexico - A Strange Entity In Michoacán (1936)

UFO Debunkers - Irrational, Uninformed And Ignorant

Massive Object Drawing Energy From The Sun? - Vid

Inexplicata - More Maritime Mysteries: The Haunted Seas

Argentina - Close Encounters in Antarctica

Travis Walton Details Alien Abduction - Early Interview - Vid 

Real UFO Videos By Amateurs - .Vid

Best UFO Videos In February - .Vid

Best NASA UFO Footage- .Vid

Rense & Peter Davenport - Phoenix Lights + 15 Yrs, Pt 3 - Vid

Rense & Peter Davenport - Phoenix Lights + 15 Yrs, Pt 2 - Vid

Rense & Peter Davenport - Phoenix Lights + 15 Yrs, Pt 1- .Vid


Chile - UFO At 4,000 mph - Vid

UFO Found In Baltic Sea?

UFO Buzzes ICBM Launch Capsule at Minot AFB

UFO Tracked on Radar at Minot AFB

Filer's Files #4, 2012

UFOs At US Nuclear MIssile Site - Witnesses Speak - Vid

UFO Spotted Over England

High Strangeness - Forgotten Humanoid Encounters

Argentina - A Strange UFO Encounter At Tres Lagos

Electromagnetic Effects Of CE IIs

Argentina - UFO Over Tres Arroyos - Pic

Argentina - A UFO Over Buenos Aires


High Strangeness - Earth's Shadow Denizens

'I Know What I Saw' UFO Documentary - Vid

Mutilated Cow Found Near Kansas City 

Argentina :UFOs Caught By the Camera, Not Seen Visually 

Filers Files #1, 2012

Argentina - A Landmark 1972 UFO Case Disclosed

New UFO Activity Near F.E. Warren AFB Nulke Missile Sites

UFOs As Mind Control

Filer's Files #53 - Tom Reed Abduction - 'UFOs Above The Law"

Spain - Strange UFO Phenomena At Bobadilla Army Base

Victoria, Argentina - UFOs, Bridges, The Unexplained


Chinese Government Official - ETs Walk Among Us

Filer's Files #50, 2011

November 2011 Florida Panhandle UFO Video Enhanced - Vid

Hard Scientific UFO Evidence Out Of Norway - Vid

Jacques Vallée - A Theory of Everything (else)... - Vid


Filer's Files  #48, 2011

Stunning - Spain Fishing Boat, Jets, UFO Dives Into Sea - Vid

The Italian UFO/ET 'Friendship Case' - Vid

Stunning Tijuana UFOs - At Start And At 4:50 - Vid

USAF UFO Rules Vanish After Huffington Post Inquiry 

Obvious, Unquestionable Tracks On Mars - Object On Track? - Pics

Chicago 'Journalist' Again Fails To Credit Peter Davenport, NUFORC

UFO Shoots Beam Of Light Onto Ellsworth AFB Missile Silo

UFO Activity In Reno Area - Other Sightings NV-UT

Rense & Robert Hastings - UFOs Controlled Our Nukes - Vid


First Hard Science Proof Of Crop Circle Burning - Photos


UFO Sightings Revealed In UK Archive Files From 1990s


An Extremely Bad Abduction Experience

Daylight Photo Of Large Disc UFO Over England

Strange UFO In Japanese Sky - Photos

UK UFO Skeptic Has Amazing Close Encounter

Inexplicata - This Week's Mexican UFO Incidents

Brazil Army Capt Suicided After 1977 Amazon UFO Probe - Vid

What Is The Chupacabras? - Ten Year Study Results

Hubble Studies Spectacular Deep Space UFO


UFOs Join STS 80 Shuttle - Form Amazing Circle - Vid

High Strangeness At Punta Indio

Chances For Discovery Of Alien Life Greater Than Ever

No Evidence UFO Was Rocket Says Canada PM Office

Triangle UFO Caught On Video Over Dublin

NZ MOD To Release UFO Files

CBC News - UFO Sighting Puzzles N.L. Residents

Argentina - UFO In The Ravine - The Omar Gonza Case

ETs Visiting Earth Will Be Just Like Humans

Royal Society Meets To Discuss If ETs Are On Earth

Close Encounters Of The Suburban Kind

Aliens Might Not Be Frienddly, Warns Astronomer (Gosh)


Oops, That Was a Bad Call, Earth

NZ Newspaper Readers Send In UFO Photos

Latin American UFOlogy Report

Tennessee A Hot Bed For UFO Activity - Friday

Three UFOs Over Moscow - Vid

Dome Over Moon Crater Aristarcus?

Gary McKinnon Wins Extradition Review

MSM Inaccuracies About The 2010 Denver ET Vote

First Latin American UFO Reports Of The Year

Massive UFO Photographed On Back Of Moon By Apollo 10

Latest Latin American UFO Sightings

Huge UFO Orb Over Fort Collins, Loveland CO - Vid

MUFON Witness Describes NV Cigar Shaped UFO - Vid


UK - Strange Triangle UFO, Pulsing Lights - Vid

UK Flame-Shooting UFO Spotted Near Hwy A47

Latest Red Square Pyramid UFO Analysis - Vid

UFO Landing At Holloman AFB - Vid

Stunning Spectacle - UFO Fleet Over Chile - Vid

Woman Walking Dog Encounters Strange Man, UFO

British Officer See ETs In Middle Of Crop Circle

More On Russian Pyramid UFO

UFOs Filmed By NASA - Vid

Strange Events Continue Over Hessdalen, Norway

CBS News - Norway Spiral Explained - Vid

Norway Spiral Explained - By Math - Vid

Gary McKinnon's Mum Pleads With The Queen

Gordon Cooper - Saucer Filmed Landing In CA Desert - Vid

Pyramid Over UK - Vid


Jeff On The Importance Of The UFO/ET Question - Vid

Latest Red Square Pyramid UFO Analysis - Vid

FOX News Picks Up Kremlin/Pyramid UFO Story

More On Russian Pyramid UFO

Huge Pyramid Shape Over Red Square Moscow? - Vid

Another Amazing Pyramid UFO Sighting

Pyramid Over UK - Vid

Jeff On The Importance Of The UFO/ET Question - Vid

Latest Red Square Pyramid UFO Analysis - Vid

FOX News Picks Up Kremlin/Pyramid UFO Story

More On Russian Pyramid UFO

Huge Pyramid Shape Over Red Square Moscow? - Vid

Another Amazing Pyramid UFO Sighting

Winkleigh UFO Mystery

Filer's Files #50, 2009 - Why Are The Aliens Here?

MUFON State Director To Reveal UFO Flap On RenseRadio


Filer's Files #49 2009 - Life On Mars

George Van Tassel's Amazing Integratron

Unidentified Falling Object Seen Near South Miami

UFO Above Dealey Plaza 11-22-63 Shortly After JFK Shot

Colorado Mutilations Likely ET Experiments

Huge UFO 'Mothership' Causes Blackout In Argentina

Argentina - Giant UFO Causes Huge Commotion

McKinnon Extradition - Suicide Said 'Almost Inevitable' 

Fox News On Cattle Mutilations In Colorado

Bizarre Calf Mutilations On Colorado Ranch

UFO Spotted In Kuwait

Nine UFO Mystery Lights Pass Over Witnesses In NZ

China Physicist Interviewed About UFOs


British Govt May Stop McKinnon Extradition

UFOs Filmed By NASA - Vid

No NASA Records Regarding Kecksburg UFO Crash

Peru Ufologists Say Planet Is 'Monitored' By ETs

Chile - A History Of Chilean Ufology

UK City Councilman Demands US/UK Admit ET Presence

Brit Tapes UFOs Beaming Up Water Buffalo - Vid

Legendary UFO Figure Officer Lonnie Zamora Passes

Four True Stories Of Alien Abduction

UFO Plunges Sicilian Town Into Darkness - Photos

Wiltshire Police Officer Sees ETs At Crop Circle

Amazing UFO Videos

Europe's UFO Files Remain Mostly Hidden


Spain - Galician Trawler UFO Video Admitted A Hoax

Spain - The Galician UFO ­ Truth Or Theatrics?

Argentina - Woman Visited By 14 'Extraterrestrials'

Tribute To Lonnie Zamora

Loch Ness Monster Hunter Robert Rines Passes

Ontario 'Morphing' UFO - Photo At Close Range

8 Yr Old Sends Cuban Town Into UFO Hysteria

Spain: UFO VIdeotaped Over Ribadeo, Spain

Crop Circles Created By Orbs Of Light - Vid

Four UFOs Over Arizona - Aired On CNN - Vid

UFO Photographed Over Devon

Mystery Aircraft Slimes Cars

Alien Abduction In Italy - A Sad Story

UFOs Over Argentina - Vid

Cryptozoo Museum Opens In Downtown Portland, Maine

It's An Unidentified Object - But Not A UFO (?)

Photos Of Odd UFO In Argentina

UFO Taped By China Scientists For 40 Minutes

Why We Are Captivated By UFOs

UFOs Over China - May Officially Disclose Soon

UFO Craft Taped During Solar Eclipse

Alien Baby Or Elaborate Hoax?


Linus Pauling's Flying Saucer Secret

More Cows Found Mutilated In Colorado

Deep Secrets Of A UFO Thinktank Exposed

Stunning UFO Hovers Over China City For Nearly An Hour

Filer's Files #35 - 2009

UFO Ascends Off NJ Coast - Vid

Newly Released UFO Files From MoD

600 UFOs Visited UK In One Year - MoD Files

Secret MoD Files Reveal UFOs Went To The Top

Belgian Fighters Scrambled To Chase UFOs

MoD's Latest UFO Files Reveal Wealth Of Data

UK UFO 'Fired Laser-Like Beams At Ground'

1300+ Pages Of Secret UFO Docs Surface In Brazil


Thousands Witness Hour Long UFO Display In Peru

Newsweek Looks At Extraterrestrial Research

Landing Airplane Snatched By UFO Or CGI? - Vid

UFO Mystery Lights Over East Anglia

Argentina - More About The Jungle UFO - Vid

Argentina - School Teachers See, Photograph UFO - Pic

UFO Fly-By During Live News Bulletin

Strange 'Rock' UFO Photographed In China

Oak Island Visitors Report UFO Sighting

Interesting CA UFO Eyewitness Vids

Secret Documents Show Canada UFO Coverup

Five UFOs Fly In Formation Over England


Filer's Files #35 - 2009

Filer's Files #34 - 2009

Filer's Files #33 - 2009

Filer's Files #32 - 2009

Filer's Files #31 - 2009

Filer's Files #30 - 2009

Filer's Files #29 - 2009

Filer's Files #28 - 2009

Turkey - Stunning UFO Video - The Best Ever?

UFO Tracked RAF Hercules - Photo

UFOs Flying Around Shuttle - NASA Plays Dumb - Vid

McKinnon Loses Appeal To Stop US Extradition 

UFO Expert Finds Ottowa River Crash Strange

US Accused Of 'Insulting' Gary McKinnon

Soviet Cosmonauts Conceal Truth About UFOs

Major Event - UFO Crashes Into Ottowa River

Hacker McKinnon's Moral Crusade Over UFO Secrecy

Deep Secrets Of A Rand UFO Think Tank Exposed

More Vivid Declassified Russian UFO Reports

MP Quits Over McKinnon's Extradition

UFOs Photographed By Apollo

Conservatives Force Vote On Gary McKinnon

US Presidents Murdered By Rothschild Banksters

UFO Over Silverthorne, CO


Numerous UFOs On Many Shuttle Missions - Vid

Amazing - Mexico Spheres Released By UFO - Vid

Unexplained Phenomena Alert Level 10 Red (High)

UFO Spotted Over Theme Park In Virginia

Disc UFO Just 500 Ft Over Michigan City, IN Highway

Halt Endorses Rendlesham Forest UFO Film Script

Cylinder UFO Reported Over UK - Photo

Spain - UFO Cases In New Book

Filer's Files #26 - 2009

June 1947 - UFOs Visit Elsewhere In The World

UFO Found In 1961 War Movie Footage - Vid

Filer's Files #25 - 2009

Campers See UFO Light Show

UFO Reports - HBCC UFO Research & UFOINFO

Filer's Files #24 - 2009

UFOs Spotted Over The UK Again

20 UFOs Spotted In Formation Over England


Royal Navy Warship Almost Fires On UFOs

Filer's Files #23 - 2009

Filer's Files #22 - 2009

Filer's Files #21 - 2009

Filer's Files #20 - 2009

Filer's Files #19 - 2009

Mike Wallace Interviews Maj Donald Keyhoe - 1958

Pilot's Sighting Upgraded To Official UFO Report

The TRUE Report On Flying Saucers - 1967

Sightings From HBCC UFO Research & UFOINFO

The Truth About NASA's UFO Videos

Color-Changing Orb Over OR Ejects Triangle Craft

Roswell Debris Confirmed As ET - Lab, Scientists Named

New Tunguska Theory - UFO Intervention

Memphis UFOs - Jetliners Stacked Up On Airport Approach?

UFO Reports From HBCC UFO Research/UFOINFO

New Effort To End Govt UFO Coverup

Stunning UFO Photographed Over The Thames


Are UFOs Real? Famous People Who Believed

Filer's Files #19 - 2009

Ring-Shaped UFO - Entensive Video - Vid

Are UFOs Real? Famous People Who Believed

Filer's Files #17 - 2009

Second Witness Reports IL Triangle

Four Chase IL UFO Into Indiana

Reporting UFO Sightings In WA - Vid

V Formation UFOs Fly Over Hattiesburg MS

Oz UFO Filmed In Bendigo, Victoria - Vid

Triangle Shaped UFOs Reported In Several States

UFO Reports HBCC UFO Research & UFOINFO 

Filer's Files #16, 2009 - UFOs Are Real

Insiders Debunk UFO Reports At Area 51

The Road To Area 51

UFO Reports From HBCC UFO Research & UFOINFO

Operation Bird Droppings - The MJ-12 Saga Continues

Operation Bird Droppings -Update 1

Operation Bird Droppings - Update 2

New Jersey UFO Hoax Was A GOOD Thing?

Vid Confirms Barky Didn't Refer To ETs In Prague

UFO Over London 

Artillery Destroys Landed UFO At Da Nang

Morristown Hoax

O'Hare Video Hoax

UFOs Captured On UK Google Street View

UFO Reports - HBCC UFO Research & UFOINFO

UFOs Over Long Beach, California

O'Hare UFO Video Surfaces On YouTube - Vid
This Month In UFO History - April

Triangular UFO Spotted By Two SA Pilots (1996)

Is Indiana Field A UFO Landing Site? - (Pics)

Rura Motorcyclist See Massive Triangle UFO (1986)

Fleet Of UFOs In Formation On Google - (Pic)

UFO Fleet Menaces East London

UFO Chased On Highway - Vid

Latest UFO Sightings Compilation - Vid

Clinton Ducks Extraterrestrial/UFO Disclosure

UFO Reports From HBCC UFO Research & UFOINFO

School Bus Sized UFO Hovering In TN Backyard

Good Footage From New MOD Files - Vid

New MOD UFO Files - Fascinating Stories

Woman Reports Meeting ET In Park

New UFO Secrets Revealed In MoD Files

Military Jets Chase Huge Triangle UFO Over AZ Town

Argentina - A Horse Mutilation From 2007

UFO Reports From HBCC UFO Research & UFOINFO

German HO-229 Stealth Jet Fighter

UFO Seen By Many Chinese Officials On Flight

UFO Over Monroe County? (Vid & Pic)

Elusive O'Hare Photos Discussed In Leaked
News Footage - Vid (Redux)

Henry Kissinger's Strange ET Earth Invasion Quote

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