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"The Thing" Explained?
From John Havard

For several years I have noticed several reports of UFOs such as those found at http://rense.com/1.mpicons/thing.htm. The first time I saw one of these photos I was fairly certain about the source. After noticing all the images were from film, the culprit was obvious. On 35mm film canisters, there's a light trap, typically made with felt or some other thick but soft fabric. Occasionally a fiber from the fabric will break loose, riding along with the film as it's exposed leaving a spot on the negative and ultimately the print. Additionally some 35mm cameras have the same fabric in various locations for both light blocking and dust control reasons. Same goes for all the equipment in photo labs.
Dark spots are caused by something blocking light that would otherwise hit the film. If it's visible on the film it would have to be visible when the photo was taken if it were actually a ship floating in the sky. That the apparently massive UFOs are noticed only after someone receives prints should make it clear that the source is within camera.
Thanks John, we're going to post this as an update on the Thing page. Yours is a reasonable explanation, for sure. The only thing that sticks in my craw is how the "fiber" looks exactly the same from photo to photo, camera to camera. I suppose that is possible, but it makes me still wonder. I've seen plenty of fibers and even hairs on film that wound up part of the exposure and they are rarely uniform in shape, length, angle, etc. - ed


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