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 Spain - The Galician UFO ­ Truth Or Theatrics?
From Scott Corrales
Inexplicata - The Journal Of Hispanic Ufology
Despite the fact that detailed analyses of the controversial "Trawler UFO Video" have gone to show that even the sound of the approaching jet fighters was added by the skillful use of a software program called "After Effects" (according to Argentinean photographic analyst Jorge Figueras), no one has quite succeeded to drive a stake through this video's pixilated heart.
Spanish researcher Ricardo Campos now calls the attention of everyone following this unfolding saga to a new video, allegedly submitted to Terra Noticas regarding not just the Galician Trawler UFO Video, but also others (Ribadeo, the Asturian shore video, etc.) depicting the presence of strange objects over Spanish airspace.
The new video captures bizarre activities on the Asturian beach of Sablón, recorded by a young man known only as E.V.G.
This cellphone video shows four people dressed in chemical-bacterial-radioactive suits engaged in lifting a silvery capsule into the back of a black pickup truck. The following is the translation of the young witness's comments as they appeared in Terra Noticias:
"My buddy and me saw this. We had no idea what it was. A metallic object, like a big metallic shell. Before we had a chance to phone the police, we realized that an all wheel drive vehicle was approaching, and were out of our minds over this thing. When they got there, some guys wearing those radiations suits gestured us to stay away. They loaded it into the car (sic) without saying a word, and they left. After that, a guy ran up with a camcorder. He had been videotaping the surf and he showed us everything he'd captured. He told us that he would upload it to YouTube. Surfers, some girls with dogs, and a dude running on the beach all said the same thing...what the heck was that?!"
The footage was taken at El Sablón on October 1st and in fact show a group of four people concealing a silver capsule of unknown origin under a black canvas and deposit it in a black pickup truck. More importantly, the footage suggests the presence of other witnesses to the event aside from E.V.G and his companion.
The news item from Terra Noticias, as forwarded by Ricardo Campos, mentions that there are theories currently circulating that the putative "UFO" expelled three capsules, one recovered by the "helicopter", another on the beach, and there is still a third capsule remaining to be found.
Since this appears to be a game in which anyone can play, INEXPLICATA would like to put forth its own theory: could the patently fake video be a means of concealing very real military activity involving the recovery of lost warheads, or perhaps something even more sinister, involving stolen nukes by parties unknown? While we look at the skies and keep hoping for space aliens, some truly frightening things could be taking place around us.
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