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Many are wondering how much more can the planet take before it says 'no more' and fights this 'sentient caretaker' species back.  The avalanche of news...fake, contrived and real...has never been more difficult to filter and distill into the REAL information you need to make the best decisions possible.  We continue to bring you the most thorough panorama of facts, data and opinion we can assemble in order to keep you informed and up to speed 24 hours a day.  

As you can well imagine, the site is constantly watched by all the 'players' and wannabes and remains the most plagiarized and carefully looted site of its kind on the net.  Like so many other essential services, our costs are rocketing and we are hoping you will be able to support us so we can continue to help you to the very best of our ability.

THANK YOU, most kindly, for your contribution...whatever it may are the reason we exist.

- Jeff Rense

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