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By R. David Anderson
c.2010 - All Rights Reserved
Many people have experienced an event that involves an apparition or creature entering or leaving a vortex/portal. Consider these two accounts:
" I woke up from a dream one night back in April ( year deleted ) and I saw a tall, shadowy being standing near my bed. As I screamed the being moved without walking toward the wall as though it were in a vortex. As the being moved away from me it became smaller in size as it neared the eye of the vortex. At this point, the being suddenly disappeared. Then I fell back to sleep, but I remembered the event the next morning and I know that I was fully conscience when this happened."
Or consider this eyewitness account:
"I was on my morning walk and as I was entering a grassy area at the park near my home when I happened to look up at the sky just above the tree line to the west. I saw a sliver disk-like craft hovering there, and I observed it for about 20 seconds before this craft seemed to simply vanish. It did not move in any direction. It was there then it was just gone ...."
These two accounts by eyewitnesses demonstrates that something strange is going on that is perplexing and enshrouded in mystery. Objects or beings that simply vanish into thin air is presently beyond the explanation of conventional science...... But this is indeed what seems to be going on in the realm of UFOs and otherworldly beings.
There is a published report that the U.S. military has experimental craft that employs MFD technology ( Magnetic Field Disruptor ) This" MFD " generates a magnetic vortex field that disrupts or neutralizes the effects of gravity on mass by about 89%. This effect enables the craft to outperform and outmaneuver any other aircraft." ( source: Filer's Files #22, June 5, 1998 ) This report suggests that the vortex principle is something our military and secret levels of the government are interested in and experimental programs are now at the developmental and testing phase. This may explain some of the recent rash of triangular UFOs reports. The test vehicles generally have a triangular design.
The interesting thing here is that this MFD system creates a magnetic vortex field. A vortex field may be the preferred means of transport of UFOs and other celestial beings.
What is an energy vortex field? Apparently, UFOs, spirits, and otherworldly beings utilize such a vortex as a means of travel. If there are parallel universes and worlds then perhaps these beings are crossing between their dimension into ours. The energy vortex may be a portal, like a super inter dimensional highway, where energy is transmitted almost instantly between two distant points. This may be accomplished through the warping of space/time via some form of high energy transmission, i.e. field plasmic energy.
I don't think that it explains everything to do with how other dimensions or the spirit world are established and maintained.
I believe whole heartedly in the vortex principal. where spirit beings move across the dimensional planes via vortices. I believe that these vortices are caused by energy transfer between the various dimensions, or universes. I also think that these vortices can be produced artifically, by higher technologies that we do not yet possess.
If the other-worldy beings are able to enter and leave our world through a portal or energy vortex, what might their world be like?
Will we someday be able to enter and leave this world and travel to strange and unexplored dimensions?
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