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Alleged Piece Of A UFO

By George Filer
Filer's Files #45


I was notified that a friend of a George Ikua Wolkind was in possession of an alleged piece of a UFO that crashed in 1947. When George held the relic in his hand he felt a warm welcoming message. I met the present owner of the relic who had it examined at the University of Delaware Laboratory. It was determined that the relic was very similar to palladium, but exceptionally light for this type of metal. Additionally the sample was manufactured in a weightless environment or in space. The red colour on the relic is red reflection off nearby red leaves. People who hold the relic often claim to receive a message.

After I held the object and pondered its significance and remembered ... “The Alien Abduction Files” by Kathleen Marden and Denise Stoner stated, “That this craft is operated mainly biologically.” It is controlled by thought.  The message that came into my thoughts were when humans ventured into space they should use the Ten Commandments to guide their actions. The metal like a computer chip may have been programmed to carry this message into space.



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