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8 Yr Old Sends Cuban
Town Into UFO Hysteria

By Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo
Miami UFO Center
From Tico Morales: Agencia de Prensa Libre Avileña, APLA.
Corresponsalía in Ciego de Avila. Cuba's Miscellany: 
Unbelievable but true.
An eight year old boy caused the army and police to go on high alert in the town of Falla's town, Chamba's municipality, in the province of Ciego de Avila, Cuba.
Ramon Hernandez, or 'Little Ramon' as everybody knows him, in the early hours of the night and with all the innocence of the world, from his home balcony in his modest apartment, flew his kite with some tiny lights on it up into the sky.  Apparently, a simple lighted kit is a whole new technology to villages in the interior of this island nation.
Frightened neighbors, staring at the sky, began exclaming: "A UFO over Fallas!"  CDR gossips (government watchdog citizens on every street) called police to report the alleged paranormal phenomenon.
Shortly thereafter, several jeeps of the security army guards from the Sugar Mill "Enrique Varona" (formerly Falls) and police cars of the neighboring municipality of Chambas came racing with sirens blaring in a spectacular raid, which included calls to the army post commanders of the province, claiming that it was a satellite or a U.S. spy plane.
Little Ramon, oblivious to all the noise and motion in the district, and with the innocence of his young years, quietly reeled in his lit kite to his balcony...much to the amazement of the army and police forces...now ridiculed and humiliated by their overreaction.
Ramon's parents, must now appeared to the Provincial Delegation of the MININT (Interior Ministry), with their son to explain the story which had put the peace of the village of Fallas in danger.
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