Battle Of LA UFO: Stunning
New Photo Enhancements

Story and picture enhancements
by Steven Lacey
An alien craft flew over Los Angeles County in 1942, and the picture below proves it. Something very odd happened in the early mourning hours of February 25, 1942. An aircraft flew over LA County that sparked an air raid alert. Searchlights and Guns were locked onto the aircraft for about a an hour. That alert was unlike any other. We,ve all seen the images of the military action in Iraq. Pictures of batteries of antiaircraft guns firing in what look like random patterns are familiar to most of us. The picture below appeared in the LA Times in a story about the Battle of LA It clearly shows a night time defensive response to an air raid, but the situation is very different than that in Iraq. The men firing the guns weren't desperately searching the sky trying to find a target. They clearly had a focus for their efforts. This picture is the most convincing piece of evidence I,ve seen of an alien craft.
With a little effort using Adobe Photoshop I was able to clear up the image into something that clearly shows a classic saucer shaped craft right in the center of where all those searchlights are aimed. I enlarged the picture and I adjusted the brightness & contrast using the levels tool.
Check out the photo's below.
The picture clearly shows a saucer shaped craft in the area I've highlighted. The area outside of my highlight appears to be clouds of smoke from several large explosions that is being illuminated by the lights.
Look closely at the explosions. They don't look like they are actually coming in contact with the craft. Witnesses told LA Times reporters that the bombs exploded in rings around the craft. Could it be that the craft had SHIELDS that are very similar to the shields used by the imaginary craft of Star Trek? I added the red highlight to clarify what I was looking at. Coincidentally, it seems to mark the place where those shields seem to be having an effect.
The Battle of LA makes a very convincing argument for the presence of alien craft in our skies. The fact that something not of this Earth flew slowly over LA County is very clear. There were hundreds of thousands of witnesses to the craft as it traveled apparently without being in any hurry while our military tried very hard to knock it out of the sky. Once the craft had slowly traveled out of range of our guns the battle was over. Since Pearl Harbor had happened only a few months before it was easy to believe that the Japanese had made the flight. Now that theory simply doesn't make any sense. If the Japanese had aircraft that were immune to our antiaircraft guns then the war would have taken a very different path. Even 60 years later no country on Earth have aircraft that can continue to fly without any apparent damage after being hit with even opne antiaircraft shell. The aircraft that flew over LA County that night had to have been an alien craft.
The aircraft wasn't hostile. If the pilots of the craft had wanted to hurt someone they certainly had the chance. I can't say whether that craft was armed, but if humans had designed a craft that could take such punishment they would have designed it to be able to carry weapons. There wasn't any mention about the craft doing anything hostile in any of the news stories I,ve read. It didn't drop any bombs and it didn't fire back at the gun emplacements.
WHY would anyone human or alien make such a flight?
I see this flight as a kind of a show of force without using force. The craft flew very slowly along without taking any evasive action as our military threw everything it could at it. If this was an INTELLIGENTLY controlled vehicle then there is NO WAY that the pilots didn't notice the barrage of shells that were being directed at their craft. It's obvious that they weren't concerned that their craft would be harmed. The craft withstood the best we could do to it without showing any damage. It clearly says that the technology used to manufacture this craft is far superior to ours.
What happened suggests intent. They ignored the provocation of our attempt to destroy them. It might have been done to make a statement. I think the pilots of that craft were trying to say that we couldn't hurt them and that we shouldn't be afraid of them.
I don't believe the craft was designed with antiaircraft gunfire in mind. I think that it was built so strong because of another concern. Let's say that they have a way to propel a craft very fast in open space. There's a lot of room in space, but it isn't exactly empty. Space is filled with objects large and small. There are Billions of asteroids in our solar system. Most of them are orbiting the sun just like the planets. If this fast moving craft hit a piece of rock or metal the size of a dime it might destroy it. The energies involved would be tremendous. I think that this type of impact is what the craft was designed to withstand.
The Battle of LA happened long before the idea that an Unidentified Flying Object might be an alien craft was widespread. The Government simply said that the craft they were shooting at was unidentified. They let the public ASSUME that the craft had been Japanese. I wonder how many people even questioned the idea that the craft MUST have been Japanese.
I wonder what would have happened if they had brought that ship down? The Government has had enough trouble covering up what happened at Roswell. I don't think they would have been able to cover up a crashed alien craft the size of an apartment building in the middle of the city of LA
I wonder what would happen if our Government started shooting at an UNIDENTIFIED craft over a city today? What if it happened exactly the same way? The craft flies slowly over a city without firing a shot while we throw everything we have at it. Can you imagine seeing LIVE news coverage of the event being broadcast around the world? I wonder how many people would immediately conclude that the unidentified craft was an aircraft manufactured by beings NOT OF THIS EARTH? Can you imagine how fast the lid of secrecy would TRY TO come down on the story?
Alien craft are flying in our skies.
There is no doubt in my mind that one flew over LA County on a clear and cold night 60 years ago.



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