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An Extremely Bad Abduction Experience
By Ted Twietmeyer

I recently received word from a friend of mine living in the southwest USA about his wife having a recent, extremely awful abduction experience. With his written permission, I am posting his story here. This is being done to enlighten those who ignorantly think all aliens are here to help us. My friend refers to the aliens as bugs, since we know that some of them are insect based life-forms. These ruthless entities treat human beings worse than zoo animals. But as you'll soon read a recent abduction took a toll on his wife, far worse than the way we handle animals in our worst zoos.

Steve and Mary will be used to protect their identities and professions.

If you are faint of heart or scare easily, click your back button now and do not read further.

You've been warned.

Steve's email statement starts here, which is unedited except for the names.


[We] had a major bug blow out here last Friday night. Mary was seriously hurt requiring medical and dental attention.

Bugs went her after late Friday night. Saturday she discovered in the morning that she had holes drilled in her lower right side gum and molar. Fluid discharge emanated from her tooth and jaw. She became seriously ill as a result with fever dizziness. Took her to the emergency dentist and they drained the area saying there was infection. They wanted to know about the holes in her tooth and jaw. She said she didn't know. I was asked to make a report as well and that we both would sign documents saying the dentist who treated her hadn't done it as well. We complied.

Mary will need a root canal, three tooth bridge, they give it a 95% chance it will work, otherwise an extraction must be done. Sunday she had already taken 2000 mgs of penicillin and she said she was afraid it had moved into her ear.

Medical appointment stated she has a severe infection and they are now trying to prevent it from becoming systemic. Give her another 24 hours and if she doesn't look better, and confirm with blood work she will be admitted to the hospital for intensive treatment.

We are going to move her some place else. Probably out of state to avoid further problems after she recovers.




I have advised Steve that Mary almost certainly has a tracking implant, and that moving will change nothing. Some of the more recent implants being used cannot be detected with X-rays.

Ted Twietmeyer.

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