Tennessee a Hot Bed for UFO Activity to be discussed on RENSE Radio
this Friday, Jan. 22, 2010
  Media Alert                                 origin.ih.constantcon/3B08C120  MUFON in Tennessee to be featured this Friday night on RENSE Radio   Mockingbirds aren't the only things being seen in the sky in Tennessee!   origin.ih.constantcon/3FC1C980  
   On  Friday, January 22nd, 2010 at 7pm Pacific Time Mr. Eddie Middleton, MUFON's Tennessee State Director will appear as the featured guest on the RENSE Radio Program.      Eddie Middleton is a writer and editor of the Memphis UFO Examiner, and host of the paranormal radio broadcast "Night Search". He is also a MUFON Field Investigator and member of the STAR Impact Project (Strike Team for Area Research.) 
   Tennessee is known as the "Volunteer State" and MUFON HQ is proud of the volunteer work done by Eddie and his dedicated crew in the state that is home to the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.   origin.ih.constantcon/4933DA40   Oak Ridge was built as part of the Manhattan Project. It was at ORNL that fissible material was enriched for the nuclear weapons used at the end of World War II.
     The planned community of Oak Ridge was built from scratch to provide accommodations for the facilities and workers. These sites are now Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the Y-12 National Security Complex, and the East Tennessee Technology Park.

   There has been a long history of UFO sightings in Tennessee over and around these facilities and the sightings continue to this day. Are UFO's interested in our nuclear weapons research and development? Tune in to this Friday's RENSE Radio Show and get the facts from MUFON's State Director in Tennessee.

   Eddie Middleton will be joined byorigin.ih.constantcon/57BAEF8BMr.
Max Mitchell, who is the Chief MUFON Field Investigator in the state of Tennessee. All Tennessee UFO reports
submitted to MUFON are routed through Max to the appropriate Field Investigator.

   In addition to handling all the usual Tennessee UFO reports, Max is one of two Tennessee members of the MUFON STAR Team. Max will have compelling cases to present to Jeff Rense and his listening audience this coming Friday night.


   MUFON Tennessee will also present UFO witnesses who have reported their sightings to MUFON's
On-Line UFO Report Form and are willing to tell their incredible accounts of seeing unexplainable things in the sky over Tennessee.

   This is an artist's depiction of a large, black, triangular object that was reported by an employee of the Y-12 nuclear weapons production facility in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

   The witness reports that the object skimmed directly over his head while working in a strict no-fly zone at the Oak Ridge plant.

This Friday, January 22nd, 2010 at 7pm Pacific Time on the RENSE Radio Program. This is time well spent getting the facts about UFO sightings in Tennessee and the investigations that are being done by the MUFON organization in Tennessee.                    About MUFON
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