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MSM Inaccuracies About The 2010 Denver ET Vote
By Alfred Lambremont Webre
Seattle Exopolitics Examiner

USAF: U.K. MOD files: Lt. Milton Torres was ordered to fire on UFO over U.K.

The Sacramento Bee, a mainstream politically oriented newspaper serving California's capital city, has begun publishing inaccurate and distorted information regarding Denver's August 2010 vote to establish an Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission. The 2010 Denver ET Initiative vote was approved on November 27, 2009 after organizers submitted over 10,000 signatures under a local initiative law. Denver mayor John W. Hickenlooper has been quoted as public supporting the ET Initiative process.

Starting in 1953, the CIA Robertson panel functionally set a series of "rules of the road" regarding the extraterrestrial presence directing that any mention of the extraterrestrial presence in American journalism, science, education, and government be accompanied by ridicule. The result of the 1953 CIA Robertson panel has been two generations of U.S. professional journalists, scientists, educators, and civilian government officials who are virtually ignorant of any extraterrestrial presence and how to foster a public discourse around it.

The upcoming Denver August 2010 vote on an Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission ­ the first such election held in Earth's history - mandates clear, accurate and impartial voter communication and education on the issue involved in the public policy implications of the extraterrestrial presence. There is no more room for yellow journalism about little green men.

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