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February 25, 1942 - US Military Fires On UFO Over Los Angeles!
Known as the Battle of Los Angeles, the details of this remarkable UFO encounter are such that has produced extensive reporting on the subject for over 3 years, as more and more evidence and information come in from researchers and those enthralled with the event.

Caught in a drove of search lights, the distinctly saucer shaped craft, moving silently
and apparently unphased by circumstances, sustains anti-aircraft batteries firing nearly
2,000 rounds of 12 pound, high explosive shells without effect. Six persons died
as a result of the shelling.
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Further Analysis Of LA Photo

February 1948 - A Classic American 40's UFO Encounter
The following is an account described in the Circleville Herald March 1957 about his sighting which is considered a very historical event by ufologists.
After keeping his own story within his circle of friends and relatives for several years 'because nobody in those days seemed ot consider flying saucers anything but jokes', Stevenson revealed full details of his experience to the Herald in 1952. That was the year of the big wave of UFO sightings, including Washington, D.C. overflights in July. Bruce's story led to widespread discussion here on the subject of 'saucers', and also attracted a fair amount of good natured kidding.
He felt so deeply on the subject that he still offered to "...swear on the Bible that I saw what I say I did." He felt this way: "They can believe whatever they want to believe, and I know what I saw on my farm that night."
"That night" happened to be a bitterly cold one in February 1948. Glancing out a window while taking a drink of water about 2 a.m., Stevenson noted a bright glow all over the vicinity of his farm buildings and hurried outside expecting to find them afire. Instead, he relates, he saw a large "flying saucer" gliding very slowly over the vicinity of his hog house and tool barn. "It was so close to the roof of the tool house that I was afraid it was going to knock off the forge flue." Stevenson said. "From where I watched it, it moved without a sound along the roof of the tool house. I'd say I was only about 100 feet from it. The moon was very bright and the ground was covered with snow, making it seem all the brighter." Standing in the Herald's front office one day recalling his memorable night, Stevenson said it seemed as though the 'saucer' was only about as far away as the balcony on the Elk's building directly accross Court St.
Stevenson has told his story many times over since he first unfolded it for the public in the Herald. He says he remembers very clearly how:
(a) the strange disc maintained its very slow speed and low altitude until it faded from sight far off to the farmer's left, while he stood in frank amazement, too startled in the brief interval to run and awaken other members of the household.
(b) the dazzling orange-amber glow which originally attracted his attention was suddenly reduced to a dull amber glow inside the dome of the saucer just a moment after he came outside and began watching the eerie visitor.
(c) the whole object was shaped much like a broad dinner plate turned upside down, with a deep sauce dish or cup - also inverted - as its dome.
(d) the dome was of something that looked like plexiglass and the broad edge - which was pretty wide - was of shiny silver, blinking or flashing all around the edge as though a silent propeller or something was whirling.
(e) the diameter of the base of the saucer looked about 60 feet, the silver edge about 12 feet wide, and the dome about eight feet, rising pretty steep from the shiny silver part.
(f) the position of the saucer did not permit a view of the under-section.
(g) a wide silvery brim section had little holes of some kind along the edge.
(h) and lastly, how within a mile or two of the Stevenson farm, there have been apparently authentic reports or saucers or strange lights in the sky at least twice since Stevenson had the experience "I'll never forget as long as I live".
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February 13, 1948 - UFO Crash, Recovered Bodies & 'Hangar 18'
"Three radar units tracked a falling UFO. Secretary of State George C. Marshall requested a search party be dispatched from Camp Hale in Colorado. A helicopter team found a crashed 30-foot disc 12 miles northeast of Aztec, New Mexico and recovered 2-12 badly burned humanoids. The disc is stored in Hangar 18 at Wright-Patterson AFB near Dayton, Ohio." This report was confirmed by ex-CIA agent Virgil Armstrong as authentic. Interviews with Armstrong on the subject can be found in several UFO documentaries. Much of the information about this case is sketchy, at best, including the precise date, though all sources seem to agree on 1948. Armstrong is well known for his statements that US intelligence had determined that Hitler possessed flying saucer technology as well as working saucers for warfare, some equipt with laser weaponry. Had the war continued, allied forces might have encountered these advanced weapons systems and probably met defeat by the Nazis. It remains uncertain just how much saucer technology was gleaned from the 'brain drain' of Nazi scientists by the US during and after the war.
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February 18, 1950 - Saucer Crash
In Copenhagen, Denmark, farmer Christian Sandersen and his wife claimed to have seen two flying saucers over their farmhouse. One saucer stayed airborne while the other landed and disintegrated into thousands of brightly glowing sparks. Little more is known about this particular crash report.
( A History of UFO Crashes by Kevin D. Randle.)
February 18, 1952
At 6:45 a.m., just before sunup on February 18, 1952, a photographer named C. E. Redman was driving through Albuquerque, N. Mex. on his way to photograph a wedding. Stopped for a traffic light, he noticed two bright things in the sky. "They were hovering above Tijeras Canyon... The one to the north was on its edge. The other was lying horizontally. They were bright, bluish white... It was probably the most astonishing thing I've ever seen. Those things were soundless. They were not jets or vapor trails. I've seen hundreds of jets and vapor trails." Redman was questioned later the same day by a LIFE reporter and a prominent scientist, working together. From his testimony, and from the lay of the land, it was estimated that the disks were 20 miles away and four miles in the air, and that they had a diameter of about 136 feet.
Another witness saw the same objects Redman saw, and at the same time, but from the other side of town. W. S. Morris, a retired master sergeant of the Air Force who is now a newsdealer in Albuquerque, was out to drop off his morning papers when he saw two strange objects over Tijeras Canyon. "I watched them for 12 minutes. They were a blinding silver, long and thin, gleaming all over. They hovered, one kind of above the other to the right. They seemed brighter than the sun, which wasn't yet over the Sandia mountains. It just touched their bottoms and they glowed red. They didn't flutter or move. They just hung there. It must have been 20 miles away. Then they just suddenly dropped down behind the mountain, and the upper one tilted so that I could see its profile. It looked like a bell pepper-with a bump on top, that is."
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February 1961 - Cosmonauts Transmit Mysterious Message & Vanish
The Soviet Union launched a seven day orbital mission with two cosmonauts, one man and one woman. On February 24, the mission went awry when their space capsule began to malfunction, losing lights and air. Later, during their attempts to repair their craft, a curious conversation was recorded. "I'll take it and hold it with my right hand. Look out the peephole! I have it!," the female cosmonaut said. The male replied, "There is something! If we do not get out the world will never know about this!" The pair were never heard from again. (Due to Russian secrecy about early space flights, it is virtually impossible to pin down who the two Cosmonauts were, but one was likely Gennady Mikhailov; the other might have been V Zavadovskiy.
CORRECTION: Adamski died APRIL 23 or 24th of 1965
February 26, 1965 - George Adamski, Godfather Of Saucer Mania, Dies
George Adamski is a name synonimous with P.T. Barnum in the world of UFOlogy, though there still remain true-believers of his wild tales of Venusian scout ships and contacts with golden haired, human-looking, peaceful space brothers. Adamski authored several popular books on UFOs and his personal experiences, including Inside The Spaceships, Flying Saucers Have Landed and Flying Saucers Farewell. George was never lacking a following of UFOnatics who often followed him into the desert on trips to meet and greet the aliens and see the saucers first hand. Most of the outings were really just elaborate sales meetings for promoting Adamski's materials or hearing him speak. On several occasions, George took shockingly clear photographs of the Venusian 'scout ships,' as well as strange looking images of what he called a mother ship surrounded by illuminated discs. Toward the end of his life, he produced color film footage of the scout ships, which many regard as ridiculous looking, poorly done fakes.
The scout ship is very likely part of a chicken-brooder or perhaps even a little known patented anti-gravity device developed by Thomas Townsend Brown, Agnew H. Bahnson and James F. King, who teamed up to produce electrokinetic levitation. However, there is some evidence that the engineers had already seen Adamski's craft images in a book from 1954 by Leonard G. Cramp titled Space, Gravity and the Flying Saucer, which contained several technical drawings of Adamski's scout ship.

Originally we had a photo of the Adamski "Scout Ship" here, side by side with a device for comparison. Only that device image is now present. Glenn S. Steckling - Director G.A.F. International / George Adamski Foundation notified us that we had no right to use the image and disapproved of the viewpoints expressed here regarding Mr. Adamski. No matter what side of the issue one falls on the question of Adamski being a genuine contactee or his photos being real, it should be realized that groups like the GAF don't want you to think for yourself. They don't want any opinion but theirs reflected. You're not allowed to scrutinize the "scout ship" for yourself. They deny the use of the image to those who do not agree with their position on Adamski. This is not credible or decent UFOlogy. When certain groups or people don't want you to be able to think for yourself, judge for yourself, something is seriously wrong. What is expressed here is an opinion. One can accept or reject it. But censorship is revolting and only serves to show that someone has something to hide. Skeptical inquiry is the key to decent, rational UFOlogical research and examination.
So, which came first, the chicken or the egg? Bill Hamilton, a well known UFO researcher, contends that Bahnson had extensive correspondence with Adamski, and so modeled his anti-gravity device after Adamski's 'scout ship.' But that's not the end of the controversy by any means. Adamski will likely forever be considered a legitimate UFO contactee and his photos real by tens of thousands who want to believe, and so it is with much of UFOlogy when strong personalities become more important than the issue or the evidences.
Townsend/Brown photos: wayback machine --
February (March?) 16/17, 1967 - Air Force Conducts UFO Photo Analysis
A photograph analysis of a UFO was ordered by Wright Patterson AFB. The result is unconclusive due to lack of precision in the data (distances not certain). No evidence of hoaxing was found. The photographs have been published in black in and white without gray levels in this publicly released document, so it is impossible to see anything valuable**. Photo analysis was provided by the National Photographic Interpretation Center (NPIC).
Nevertheless, this document proves that US military authorities were investigating UFOs as late as 1967.
** UPDATE: 2-16-04 - Photo Located And Further Info ...

According to
article on what appears to be the same UFO case, this photo appears with the following caption:

This fake photo was taken by Air Force investigator Maj. Raymond Nyls in March 1967 in an attempt to duplicate a photo taken by brothers Grant and Dan Jaroslaw of Harrison Twp. The UFO is actually a block of wood hanging by a string from a children's swing set.

Additionally, the following facts come to light that...

* AF Major Nyls went to the site and re-enacted the photos to try to triangulate the object for William Powers of Northwestern University.
* Powers found that the intersecting lines of sight for the photos did not meet over the lake, and they could have met in the vertical plane of the swing set frame (there was a noticeable discrepancy, however, indicating that the measurements may have been incorrect). If this interpretation were correct, the model was 3.5" in diameter and could have swung as little as 8" in the wind to account for the measurement results.
* Nyls made a 3.5" model to duplicate the object shown in the photos and photographed it in the same location, hanging from a translucent fishing line. The line did not show and Hynek stated that this threw significant doubt on the photos.
* The boys, on the insistence of their father, submitted to a polygraph test. They were very nervous, and the examiner stated that "I could not clear them".

The Jaroslaw Brothers - March, 1967 Photo

"We showed our mother the photos and pretended they were real. But before we knew it, while we were in another room, she had called the Newspaper. Dan and I for some reason decided to let the paper have a story. We made it up as the reporter asked his questions. And said the helicopter was with the U.F.O. Also, we just didn't think the story would become as big as it did."


From the material released from the CIA via the Freedom of Information act, the following images were taken; unfortunately, they were photocopied, so there is little detail. However, the diagram shows the craft shape from one of the photos, and this photo has been seen on the net before.



Update: These images are now recognized to be photocopies of photos of, or by, Major Nyls in an attempt to recreate the Jaroslaw UFO photo hoax and included in the official investigation by the USAF and NPIC.
In February 1967, Brig. Gen. Edward Giller, USAF contacted Arthur C. Lundahl, Director of CIA's National Photographic Interpretation Center (NPIC), and proposed an informal liaison through which NPIC could provide the Condon Committee with technical advice and services in examining photographs of alleged UFOs. Lundahl and DDI R. Jack Smith approved the arrangement as a way of "preserving a window" on the new effort. They wanted the CIA and NPIC to maintain a low profile, however, and to take no part in writing any conclusions for the committee. No work done for the committee by NPIC was to be formally acknowledged.
Ratchford next requested that Condon and his committee be allowed to visit NPIC to discuss the technical aspects of the problem and to view the special equipment NPIC had for photoanalysis. On 20 February 1967, Condon and four members of his committee visited NPIC. Lundahl emphasized to the group that any NPIC work to assist the committee must not be identified as CIA work. Moreover, work performed by NPIC would be strictly of a technical nature. After receiving these guidelines, the group heard a series of briefings on the services and equipment not available elsewhere that CIA had used in its analysis of some UFO photography furnished by Ratchford. Condon and his committee were impressed.
Condon and the same group met again in May 1967 at NPIC to hear an analysis of UFO photographs taken at Zanesville, Ohio. The analysis debunked that sighting. The committee was again impressed with the technical work performed, and Condon remarked that for the first time a scientific analysis of a UFO would stand up to investigation. The group also discussed the committee's plans to call on US citizens for additional photographs and to issue guidelines for taking useful UFO photographs. In addition, CIA officials agreed that the Condon Committee could release the full Durant report with only minor deletions.
February 1974 - French Minister Of Defense Reveals UFO Reality
"I must say that if listeners could see for themselves the mass of reports coming in from the airborne gendarmerie, from the mobile gendarmerie, and from the gendarmerie charged with the job of conducting investigations, all of which reports are forwarded by us to the National Center for Space Studies, then they would see that it is all pretty disturbing."
M. Robert Galley, French Minister of Defense, interviewed on radio by Jean-Claude Bourret, February 21, 1974.
February 1977 - Multiple Witnesses of UK UFOs
Broad Haven, UK was the scene of a UFO flap during the late 1970's. There were several reported sightings; the most widely publicised was the strange visitation to a field near to Broad Haven Primary School in February 1977.
14 primary children witnessed a silvery yellow cigar shaped UFO, and a few also witnessed a humanoid figure in a silver suit. Following this report there were adult witnesses to a dome shaped UFO in the same vicinity. There were several more sightings over the following months, which levelled off considerably after 1977.
(Source:'s/ufolist7.html )
February 4, 1978 - Saucer Photographed In Miki-Cho, Kagawa, Japan
At 3:00pm on February 4, 1978, Mr. Hirobumi Matsushita was taking snapshots with a friend when they noticed a shiny golden metallic colored object flying high above them in the clear blue sky. There were no clouds and a slight breeze was blowing, but not enough to raise debris that high in the air. The object seemed to be moving purposefully, obviously under intelligent control. Mr. Matsushita adjusted his camera and took several pictures of the strange object before it disappeared.
(Source: )
February 19, 1996 - Daylight Saucer Photographed In Turkey
Karagol near Izmir, Turkey. Two young amateur mountaineers, Cem Arat and Mehmet Safak, both 20 at that time, were hiking at the Yamanlar Mountain Peak near Karagol. They had finished school and expected to go to the army soon, so they had taken a camera to take each other's picture as a memoir of that good old days. All of a sudden a UFO appeared and was floating in the air, making no sound; they were so astonished that they didn't know what to do first. "We have never seen anything like that before", they told Michael Hesemann, when he interviewed them on the Istanbul international UFO Congress in December 2001, "it was definitely nothing built on Earth. It could hover on the spot and increase to tremendous speed, shot up and down, rotated around its axis, all very fast and completely soundless." Eventually they remembered their camera and shot some pictures, before the object disappeared in a blink of an eye. The sighting lasted for about two minutes. In the following days and weeks the two youngsters returned again and again to the site, hoping that they would see the object again.
February 2000 - Strangely Shaped UFO Photographed
Stinson Lake, proximate to a U.S. army training area, may be an alien or government UFO base, or a focus of investigation or travel by aliens, one reason being possible mining as the area is rich in precious minerals. A Mirror ship was photographed directing a beam of light at the hillside. Two questions that come to mind are: What was it? And Why was it at an army operations area?
I was given a photo last night of an object above the snow covered evergreens in the soupy late afternoon February sky of 2000 at Stinson Lake. It is not a painted object such as blue underneath and white on top, or black, or part metal and paint...
It is like a mirror reflecting the milky white sky above and the forest below color for color, tone for tone, hue for hue with intensity above surrounding fields at nearest equator and diminishing below surrounding fields (slightly faded at outer or left and right edges) undeniably displaying a round or roundish shape.
There are no wings and no engines noise according to the photographer. There is a shadow outlining its shape in a clearing below it and the same shadow is on the underside reflection. There's more.
After closely examining the object utilizing digital enhancement techniques, globes are seen underneath with hints of green and white lights, a possible dome on top which almost completely blends in with the sky and globular energy field where there are color shifts in the pixel spectrum where there are no added colors but a reorganization of existing colors suggesting a mirage effect also seen with the Mexico videos. The shifted field forms a perfect globe around the object exactly touching is outer edge no matter the attitude of the craft.
Sitting back a little from a 600% enlargement on the monitor screen, a field 'net' effect is obvious. The field appears webbed like a fish net formed into a globe and transparent white. Further, there is evidence of a beam of light pointing at a dark round spot also in a clearing on a nearby hill.
Above the object is a mushroom shape distortion similar to the globular energy field but larger, which raises the question of the portal of origin or a second ship. It was so sudden, the photographer never had any indication of what was about to transpire as he shot landscape photographs in the otherwise peaceful environs around him.
The photographer happened to be at the site near where the U.S. Army has historically conducted paratrooper and other training. The Army's conventional presence may well have been replaced by something extremely advanced. But the sightings have not diminished in that remote and tranquil location unlikely to be stumbled upon by any tourist.
Copyright J. Foss 2001 All Rights Reserved
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February 2003 - Wisconsin - Disc With Lights Photographed Above Trees
My son and I were visiting a friend of mine in Weyauwega. I am reluctant to reveal the exact location out of concern for my friend's privacy as well as my own. However the general location is just North of Main street on the East side of 110 and South of the train tracks. My boy was sledding in the snow and I was taking pictures.
It was in the evening and was starting to get dark pretty quickly. My son pointed up to the sky and we noticed some lights coming in from what I believe is the south west. At that point I just pointed the camera up and took the shots. The object really gave me the impression of a balloon - except for the lights. They seemed to cycle all different patterns. The object passed almost directly overhead (picture 1) and then headed south towards the train tracks (picture 2). As the object passed I could make out more of a disk shape than a balloon shape. I just remember my son asking me over and over what it was and I didn't have a clue.



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