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September 12, 1271
- A priest was spared his life in Japan when a shiny, bright object appeared in the sky, causing the executioners to panic, fearing they had falsely accused the cleric of wrongdoing.

Excerpts from two medieval paintings depicting what appears to be living beings piloting similar star ships through the heavens. Notice the reverse form of the two craft. The craft to the right even bears an insignia on its hull

September 19, 1799 - a "beautiful ball blazing with white light,..." was seen at 8:30 P.M. in England. It made no sound, and red sparks flew from it. On November 12, a "large red pillar of fire" was seen in the sky going south in Hereford, England. It was preceded by "flashes of extremely vivid electrical sort". Other object were seen between 5 and 6 A.M. leaving luminous trails behind them.

September 7, 1820 - during a lunar eclipse, "strange objects were seen moving in straight lines...Their movements showed a military precision". From Biblical accounts to almost every pre-tech culture on earth, reports of aerial fleets in military-style formation have been recorded.

September 23, 1947 - UFO "Study" Is Ordered

General Nathan F. Twining, Commander of the Air Materiel Command at Wright-Patterson AFB, issues a report on the current knowledge of UFOs and recommends that a permanent project be set up to study the phenomena. Twining went on to become Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the highest military position in the U.S.
September 1947 - Birth of 'Project Sign' & Majestic-12

No doubt spawned by the Roswell crash incident and public pressure, the US Air Force organizes 'Project Sign' for the study of aerial phenomena. 'Project Sign' issues a formal Estimate of the Situation. It concludes that flying saucers are real and that they probably come from outer space. Later the group is re-named 'Project Grudge' which in 1951 under Captain Edward Rupplet became 'Project Blue Book,' headquartered at Wright-Patterson AFB, Dayton, Ohio. This marked a distinct change in attitude toward UFOs by the gov't. It is believed that the secret group Majestic-12 was established around this same time.
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September 6, 1950 - USAF Encounters With UFO Documented

"Headquarters wouldn't let us go after it and we played around a little bit. We got to watching how it made 90 degree turns at this high speed and everything. We knew it wasn't a missile of any type. So then, we confirmed it with the radar control station, and they kept following it, and they claimed that it crashed somewhere off between Texas and the Mexico border."
      Willingham, USAF, from an affidavit filed in the 1970s.  Willingham and his navigator were test flying an F-94 on Sept.6, 1950 out of San Angelo, Texas when they were alerted by radar control operators of a UFO in their area.

"Many of the reports that cannot be explained have come from intelligent and technically well-qualified individuals whose integrity cannot be doubted." 
Major General E.B. LeBaily - As USAF Director of Information, in a September 28, 1965, letter to USAF Scientific Advisory Board.
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September 10, 1951 - UFO Observed By Pilots Making 90 Degree Turn

On 10 September, Major Ballard and Lt. Rogers of the 148th Fighter Interceptor Squadron, spotted an unidentified object over Sandy Hook, New Jersey.  Their T-33 was at 20,000 feet, the object was well below, heading southwest.  Lt. Rogers was first to sight the object (1135 EDT) since Major Ballard was making a position report 
Lt. Rogers followed the object in a diving turn to the left descending to an altitude of about 16,000 fet with the object about 8,000 feet below and to the right of the aircraft.  Thereafter he tried to keep a course paralleling, but above, that of the object. 
As soon as Major Ballard completed his radio report he was notified of the strange object.  Both watched it make a 90 degree turn to the left and kept it under observation together while it covered approximately 20 miles before it disappeared out to sea.  (Refer to statements of pilots and map) 
Lt. Rogers, in control of the T-33, had the object in sight for about two minutes with the object covering a distance of about 35 miles; Major Ballard had the object in sight for less than a minute.  As to the weather and description of the object see attached statements. 
On the same date a radar station at Ft. Monmouth reported two targets that were unidentified, traveling over 700 mph, and giving returns that could not be explained as being equipment malfunction, anomalous propagation, or anything but an actual target as described in the attached report.  However, the possibility exists that the news item reporting the observation by the fighter pilots could could have caused the imaginations of the radar observers to run wild.  This is considered remote in view of the number of observers witnessing the scope returns and the fact that four such incidents are reported in two days.  However, the possibility is being investigated and results will be submitted upon receipt.
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September 1, 1952 - UFOs Sighted In Atlanta and Marietta, GA

In one of the few series of sightings that the Air Force classified as "unknown" in Project Blue Book, Georgia citizens including an Army Air Force B-25 gunner, an artillery officer, and a total of 35 other people reported seeing various UFO in the night sky. The sightings begin in Atlanta at 9:43 pm and continued northwest into Marietta until after 11:00pm.
Sept. 1, 1952; Atlanta, Georgia. 9:43 p.m. Witnesses: Mrs. William Davis and nine other persons. One light, similar to the evening star, moved up and down for a long period of time.
1952-09-01; Marietta, GA
Sept. l, 1952; Marietta, Georgia. 10:50 p.m. Witness: ex-AAF B-25 gunner. Two large white disc-shaped objects with green vapor trails flew in trail formation, merged, flew away very fast. Sept. 1, 1952; Marietta, Georgia. 10:30 p.m. Witness: one unidentified person using binoculars. Two large objects shaped like spinning tops and displaying red, blue and green colors, flew side by side, leaving a sparkling trail for 30 minutes. Sept. l, 1952; Marietta, Georgia. 10:30 p.m. Witnesses: Mr. Bowman (ex-artillery officer) and 24 others. A red, white, and blue-green object which spun and shot off sparks for 15 minutes. (Source: & Project Bluebook Unknowns)

September 11, 1952 - Flatwoods, WV - Stranger than strange...

Probably the most scrambled, irritatingly strange story ever, the Flatwoods Monster/Alien/UFO/Meteor/ remains one of those inexplicable tales touting many witnesses and just as many versions of what was seen and heard. As best as can be determined, a Meteor (confirmed by the research of Major Donald Keyhoe) passed along a trajectory placing it roughly in the West Virginia mountains approximately 7pm on Sept. 11th, 1952. Residents of Flatwoods reported seeing strange lights in the skies that did not fit any description of a meteor and its known flight patterns. But here's where it gets really weird. A group of kids witnessed a fiery red ball zip across the sky and impact just beyond Bailey Fisher farm. Mrs. Kathleen May took a flash light to help the kids as they made their way into the dark woods to see where the fireball landed. With her were her two teenaged sons, Eddie and Freddie, Neil Nunley, Gene Lemon (the oldest among them, at 17), Tommy Hyer and Ronnie Shaver with his dog. The group saw a pulsing red light just beyond a hilltop and when they approached encountered some kind of being with a cornucopia of peculiar features: It was eight feet tall, had glowing red eyes, a strange drape-like clothing, claws, an enormous round, red head covered by some kind of pointed hood, was surrounded by a foul smelling mist and was making frightening hissing sounds as it approached the boys, scaring them all to death and sending them fleeing into the night.
September 19, 1952 - RAF UFO Encounter

During a NATO exercise, 2 RAF officers and 3 aircrew at RAF Topcliffe observed a strange object which appeared to be following a Meteor Jet. In a written statement Flight Lieutenant John Kilburm wrote.
"The Meteor Jet was crossing from east to west when I noticed the white object in the sky. This object was silver and circular in shape, about 10,000ft up some five miles astern of the aircraft. It appeared to be traveling at a lower speed than the Meteor but was on the same course.
I said 'What the hell's that?" and the chaps looked to where I was pointing. Somebody shouted that it might be the engine cowling of the Meteor falling out of the sky. Then we thought it might be a parachute. But as we watched the disc maintained a slow forward speed for a few seconds before starting to descend. While descending it was swinging in a pendulum fashion from left to right.
As the Meteor Jet turned to start its landing run the object appeared hung in the air rotating as if on its own axis. Then it accelerated at an incredible speed to the west, turned south-east and then disappeared.
It is difficult to estimate the objects speed. The incident happened within a matter of 15 to 20 seconds. During the few seconds that it rotated we could see it flashing in the sunshine. It appeared to be about the size of a Vampire jet aircraft at a similar height.
We are all convinced that it was some solid object. We realized very quickly that it could not be a broken cowling or parachute. There was not the slightest possibility that the object we saw was a smoke ring or was caused by the vapour trail from the Meteor or from any jet aircraft. We have, of course, seen this, and we are all quite certain that what we saw was not caused by vapour or smoke.
We are also quite certain that it was not a weather observation balloon. The speed at which it moved away discounts this altogether. It was not a small object which appeared bigger in the condition of light. Our combined opinion is that , it was something we had never seen before in a log experience of air observation."
This along with other reports during 1952 caused the RAF to officially recognize UFO's.
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September 1953 - MIBs (Men In Black) First Appear

It was in September 1953, that three agents of a silence group made their first in-person visit. Albert K. Bender, who had organized an international flying-saucer bureau, was their target. 
According to ufologist Gray Barker, Bender had received certain data which he felt provided the missing pieces for a theory concerning the origin of flying saucers. Bender wrote down his thesis and sent it off to a friend he felt he could trust. When the three men appeared at Benders door, one of them held that letter in his hand. 
The three men told Bender that among the many saucer researchers he had been the one to stumble upon the correct answer to the flying saucer enigma. Then they filled him in on the details. Bender became ill. He was unable to eat for three days. 
UFO investigators Dominik Lucchesi and August C. Roberts called on Bender and encouraged him to break his silence concerning the mysterious men in black. 
"They were pretty rough with me," Bender told them, "Two men did all the talking and the other kept watching me all the time they were here. He didn't take his eyes off me." 
Bender went on to say that when people found out the truth about flying saucers there would be dramatic changes in all things. Science, especially would suffer a major blow. Political structures would topple. Mass confusion would reign. Roberts and Lucchesi kept chipping away at Benders wall of silence, but to most of their queries they received only a noncommittal "I cannot answer that". (source: )

September 10, 1954 - France Experiences Literal Invasion By UFOs & Occupants!

Sep. 10, 1954 Mourieras (France). A farmer, Mr. Mazaud was walking home when he was suddenly confronted with a helmeted being of average height who made friendly gestures, then went back into the brush, entered a cigar-shaped object about 4 m long, which took off toward Limoges. A few minutes later witnesses in Limoges reported a disk-shaped, red object leaving a bluish trail.
Sep. 10, 1954 Quarouble (France). A metal worker, Marius Dewilde, 34, came out of his house as a dog was barking and saw a dark object on the railroad tracks, then observed two dwarfs walking toward it. When he tried to stop them, he found himself paralyzed as a strong orange light was projected at him.The creatures were under 1 m tall, bulky, and wore dark diving suits. No face or arms were visible. Traces made by an object of estimated weight 30 tons were noted by French Air Force and police on the ballast.
Sep. 15, 1954 Feyzin (France). A white light suddenly swept the road in front of Roland M., 19, who observed that it came from a large, dark object 10 m above ground. It flew away with the noise of a wet firework, throwing magnesium-like sparks.
Sep. 17, 1954 Cenon (France). Between Cenon and Vouneuil, Yves David, 28, met a being in a diving suit who made friendly gestures. He was very small and had a voice "inhuman and incomprehensible." The witness could not move throughout the encounter. He saw the creature enter an object on the road, about 3 m by 1 m in size; it took off "like lightning," throwing a greenish light.
Sep. 19, 1954 Oberdorff (France). A bright light was seen in the east, came to the ground, lost its brightness, remained on the spot about 40 sec. It was the size of a small bus, and there was a figure in front of it. It rose and took on the appearance of a red ball.
Sep. 23, 1954 Le Jou (France). The Patient family witnessed the landing of a bright object giving off a magnesiumlike ight, a red glow, and a narrow beam of light. It took off again a moment later and followed their car until they reached Fontland. Policemen in Plombieres and several independent witnesses observed the object as it flew erratically over the area for 60 min.
Sep. 23, 1954 Lencouacq (France). Mrs. Vignolles saw a luminous bject come down rapidly, without noise, and land in a field near the church. It took off very fast a few seconds later.
Sep. 24, 1954 Becar, near Diges and "Les Michauts" or "Les Jolivets" (France). Two women (Widow Geoffroy and Miss Gisele Fin) made independent reports of a dark ray disk, 6 m in diameter, 1 m high, seen in a clearing. A man of normal height was standing close to it. He wore dark clothes and a kind of cap. Miss Fin came within 30 m of the craft and stated the man was repairing it. Traces were found on the grass.
Sep. 24, 1954 Farm Lachassagne, near Ussel (France). Mr. Cisterne, who was coming back with his tractor, saw a luminous object fly very low over him. Two other witnesses.
Sep. 26, 1954 Chabeuil (France). Mrs. Leboeuf was suddenly confronted with a creature resembling "a child in a plastic bag, with eyes larger than human eyes." This creature entered a flat, circular machine, which took off toward the northeast with a soft whistling. Traces. Witnesses in state of shock.
Sep. 27, 1954 Foussignargues (France). At "Revety," people in a bus saw a reddish light coming down. Later Mr. and Mrs. Roche noticed an object on the ground, softly glowing, a short distance from their home, but were afraid to approach it. It remained there for several hours. It was described as "a sort of glowing tomato, with antennae on top."
Sep. 27, 1954 Figeac (France). Children saw "a box" and "an unknown man" standing nearby. The object took off. (Personal) Sep. 27, 1954 Perpignan (France). A college student saw a circular object on the ground. Two beings came out of it, then reentered the craft and left. Witness in a state of shock.
Sep. 27, 1954 Premanon (France). Four children came out of their home as dog barked furiously. They found a large object on the ground and a small being they thought was a "ghost" in the yard. Raymond Romand, 12, threw stones at the intruder.
Sep. 28, 1954 Froncles (France). Mr. and Mrs. Alexis Lartillot and Georgette Mongot observed a large, bright object oscillate, then land. It changed color and was lost to sight behind some trees.
Sep. 28, 1954 Bouzais (France). At "Le Grand Tertre" Mr. Mercier observed that someone had stolen grapes from his vineyard. He decided to stay late and catch the "robbers." He was amazed when he saw a luminous mass fall from the sky about 50 m away, and found himself "paralyzed" as three figures emerged from the light and moved about. He lost consciousness. When he came to his senses, everything had vanished.
Sep. 28, 1954 Saint Nicolas de Redon (France). At "La Butte Rouge" two railroad engineers, Bernard and Potraux, who were bringing a locomotive from Nantes to Auray, saw a dark object take off with a purple glow and follow them for 15 sec before veering off. Potraux had to see a doctor.
Sep. 30, 1954 Marcilly-sur-Vienne (France). Georges Gatay and seven construction workers saw a disk at ground level, with a humanoid standing close by. Both vanished in a very strange manner. Physiological effects in all witnesses.
Sep. 30, 1954 Brest (France). At sea between Brest and Roven, the crew of the tanker "Port Lyautey" observed an object touch the surface of the sea, then take off vertically and give off a red flame before being lost to view.
Sep. 30, 1954 Grand-Couronne (France). Jean Andrieux, ferry operator, saw a large white sphere, with a smaller green sphere below, hang motionless above the Seine for 20 min. Two witnesses. It eventually flew away to the southwest.
Sep. 30, 1954 Isle of Re (France). As he was returning home near La Flotte-en-Re, Celeste Simonutti saw a bright light and, fearing a fire, rushed to the scene. There he observed a luminous sphere 12 m in diameter hovering at 1 m altitude, turning red, blue, and taking off. Two other witnesses. Note: these events continued on into October of 54 as well. (source -
September 7, 1957 - Strange Encounter In Argentina
Five schoolchildren watched what they thought was a meteor crash on the otherside of a hill nearby. The children, being led by the mother of two of the kids and a young National Guardsman, investigated the impact site. What they observed however, was a large "ball of fire," and a 15-foot tall hideous monster. The group made a hasty retreat. Several members of the group were treated for shock, and some "vomited for hours," the apparent result of a strong odor (like burning sulphur) around the site. (Barker, They Knew Too Much About Flying Saucers p.16)

September 24, 1957 - CIA Takes Interest In UFO Cases

The CIA memorandum, the text of which is reproduced (here), was located in the 1979 microfiche set of The Declassified Documents Catalog, published by Research Publications, Inc., Woodbridge CT, available at Federal Deposit Libraries. It is an interesting document for several reasons:
*  It mentions interest in UFO at a very high level of the intelligence community, the Intelligence Advisory Committee (IAC) 
*  It mentions what is possibly electromagnetic interference with multiple radars coincident with detection of a UFO
*  It mentions action by elements of the military and intelligence communities very quickly after a UFO report
September 27, 1957 - Apparent UFO Interest In Nuclear Tests

At about 7.46 pm (local time), on September 27th, 1957, the Air Traffic Controller at Launceston airport, Tasmania, observed a strong white light to the east proceeding at DC3 speed towards Hobart. Met radar and Tower control at Hobart were alerted. At 8.23 pm, the Met radar picked up a strong echo at 9 to 10 thousand feet heading towards Hobart. The trace was held for approximately 15 seconds, where upon the source appeared to accelerate with "a terrific burst of speed" and disappear.
During September and October, 1957, nuclear weapons test series, code named ANTLER, were undertaken at Maralinga, South Australia, with kilotonne range nuclear explosions being detonated on September 25th and October 9th. The site was subject to intense security. During that period the integrity of the facility was challenged in an extraordinary fashion.
Just before dusk one evening Royal Air Force Corporal Derek Murray and some colleagues were called out of the Maralinga village canteen to witness a UFO hovering apparently silently over the airfield. The UFO was described as a "magnificent sight", being silver/blue in colour, of a metallic lustre, with a line of "windows" or "portholes" along its edge. Corporal Murray states that the object could be seen so clearly that they could make out what appeared to be plating on the objects surface. The duty air traffic controller also ostensibly witnessed the spectacle. He allegedly checked Alice Springs and Edinburgh airfields who reported they did not have anything over their areas. No photographs were taken as the top security status of the area required that all cameras be locked away. These had to be signed in and out when used. After about 15 minutes (as dusk began to fall) the aerial object left swiftly and silently. In a statement to UK researcher Jenny Randles, which he also sent to me, Murray stated, "I swear to you as a practicing Christian this was no dream, no illusion, no fairy story - but a solid craft of metallic construction".

September 7, 1959 - Radar Confirmed "Mushroom" UFO Chased By Fighters

On September 24, 1959, just before dawn, police officer Robert Dickerson was cruising the city streets in his patrol car when he noticed a bright falling object like a meteor. But instead of "burning out," the object took on a larger, ball-like appearance, stopped abruptly, and hovered about 200 feet above the ground. Its glow lit up juniper trees below it.
The patrolman watched the UFO for several minutes, then drove toward it on Prineville Highway, turning in at the airport. The UFO, meanwhile changed color from bright white to a duller reddish-orange color, and dived rapidly to a new position NE of the airport.
The object flew over Redmond Airport, situated southeast of the city of Portland and hovered over the field, where it was observed for several minutes by FAA officials.
At the FAA office, Flight Service Specialist Laverne Wertz had just completed making weather observations minutes before, and had seen nothing unusual. Now Patrolman Dickerson, Wertz, and others studied the hovering object through binoculars. The UFO was round and flat, with tongues of "flame" periodically extending from the rim.
At 1310Z (5:10 am. PST) official logs show, the UFO was reported to Seattle Air Route Control Center. Logs of the Seattle center show that the report was relayed to Hamilton AFB. The Seattle log continues:
"UFO also seen on the radar at Klamath Falls GCI [Ground Control Intercept] site. F-102's scrambled from Portland."
Six F-102 fighters were scrambled from Portland. As they took off, the Air Force radioed the pilots of a B-47 bomber and a F-89 fighter on routine flights nearby, ordering them to join the chase.
As the Redmond Observers studied the UFO, they noticed a high speed aircraft approaching from the southwest. The Redmond log continues:
"As aircraft approached, UFO took shape of mushroom, observed long yellow and red flame from lower side as UFO rose rapidly and disappeared above-clouds."
The UFO was seen again briefly, hovering about 25 miles south of the airport. Radar continued to show the UFO south of Redmond for about two hours, at various altitude changing from 5.000 feet to 52.000 feet.
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September 19, 1961 - Betty & Barney Hill's "Interrupted Journey"

Artwork by James Neff, ©2003. All Rights Reserved.

On Route 3, New Hampshire, traveling home from a vacation in Canada at around 10:15pm, Betty and Barney Hill -- a couple most likely not to desire any special attention drawn to themselves as they were interracial in the early 60s -- spotted a bright star which seemed to be keeping pace with their vehicle. After losing sight of it for a time, it reappeared in front of them and Barney stopped the car at Indian Head to get a look at it through binoculars. It was no star... and not an airplane playing tricks. Barney said he saw a flat, pancake-like craft ported around its rim with many windows and occupants in those windows. Frightened, Barney got back in their car and they sped away. What happened on that road to the Hill's slipped into "missing time;" Roughly two hours, and would not be revealed until later, after a spate of troubling nightmares from Betty, a confirmation of the mysterious object on radar confirmed by Major Paul W. Henderson at Pease Air Force base and then through a series of intense hypnotherapy sessions with Boston psychiatrist/neurologist, Dr. Benjamin Simon. The resulting data has become the cornerstone for 'abuction' phenomena in contemporary UFOlogical study and research and is still considered one of the most reliable abduction cases in the annals of UFO history. For more information about the Hill abduction: Read... "The Interrupted Journey" (This book by John G Fuller is out of print, but you can get it as part of a two volume set at Amazon titled "The Interrupted Journey/Incident at Exeter") Also, A must-have is The Interrupted Journey Continues - Betty Hill Interview, newly released on DVD by RRAR Productions with very recent interviews with Betty Hill in her home that are an absolute rarity and excellent contemporary analysis from Betty's own recollection and current views on the whole UFO issue, as well as her recollections of the famous event itself. For more info on the DVD, email Avis Ruffu. This will likey be the very last material of Betty Hill as she is the lone survivor among all those involved in her case and is in her late seventies. Also see Ufocasebook for a very detailed report on the Hill experience.

September 16, 1964 - UFO Attempts To Intercept Atlas Missle Test

1964, Air Force 1st Lt. Robert Jacobs, Photo-optical Instrument Officer for the 1369th Photo Squadron, at Vandenburg AFB, CA (missile base on the coast). He was in charge of photo-optical instrumentation at a tracking site in Big Sur, CA (the coast) 124 miles away. His mission was to film an Atlas rocket go through all three stages of powered flight. This particular mission was part of the Nike-Zeus objective for the development of an anti-missile missile at the height of the Cold War. "What we photographed up there affected me for the rest of my life. We were looking down S-SW and the missile popped up through the fog, and it was just beautiful. And our guys on our M45 tracking mount with 180 inch lenses on it got it, and sure enough we could see all three stages of powered flight as they burned up and dropped away. And then of course to the naked eye all we saw was a kind of a smoke trail going off into sub-space. So we whoopied and shouted and heard the film wrap off in the BU telescope, and figured well that was our first big deal, and we got it." He took the cans of film to Vandenburg that night.

The next day, he was ordered to go immediately to the office of Major Florence J. Mansman - the ranking optical instrumentation officer in charge. He continues, "I walked into his office and he had a screen and a 16mm projector set up, and there was a couch, and Major Mansman said to sit down. As I recall there were two guys in gray suits, civilian clothes. Mansman turned on the film projector and said to watch this. So I watched the screen and there was the launch, from the day before at Big Sur. As the Atlas missile entered the frame, we could see the whole third stage, which has the two rocket motors fill in our frame, from about 160 miles, it was pretty exciting optics. And then on that telescope, we could see the dummy warhead." At the time, the rocket was traveling between 11,000 and 14,000 MPH when a saucer-shaped craft entered the frame. He continues, "It flew into the frame like this, then shot a beam of light at the warhead, now remember all this stuff was flying at several thousand miles an hour, so this thing fires a beam of light at the warhead, hit it, fires another another beam of light, and then flies out the way it came in, and the warhead tumbles into outer space. When the lights came on, Major Mansman turned around and said, "Were you guys screwing around up there?" And I said, no sir, and he said, "What was that?", and I said, "it looks to me like we got a UFO."

Nearly two decades later, several letters written by Major Mansman were obtained. In one dated 8 March 1983, Mansman corroborated Lt. Jacobs story, "In the film, the assumption was at that time extraterrestrial. Details would be sketchy and from memory, the shape was classic disc, the center seemed to be a raised bubble." Jacobs continues, "Now Major Mansman said to me, after some discussion about it, he said you are never to speak of this again. As far as you're concerned this never happened."
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September 3, 1965 - Incident At Exeter

Norman Muscarello, in an almost classic 60s sci-fi role of hysterical 18 year old who sees something unearthly and contacts the small-town police department of Exeter, New Hampshire, thankfully didn't suffer the frustrations of Steve McQueen in The Blob or Frank Gorshin in Invasion Of The Saucer Men. This time the local cops would be treated to a full blown UFO experience themselves!
" the Exeter Police Station, Officer Eugene Bertrand received a call from a frightened woman, who stated that a large, silent object with flashing lights had followed her car for twelve miles from the city of Epping to a spot on the road where she pulled off in fear. After she stopped her automobile, the strange object had disappeared into the night. Bertrand did not make an official report on the woman's call, believing it to be untrue or a trick.
Arriving at the scene, the two men scan the area, and at first see nothing out of the ordinary. By the road, there is a large open field, the house that Muscarello had visited, and a horse corral. They begin to walk out into the open field in the direction of the horse corral. The horses seemed to be a little edgy, and suddenly dogs began to bark. From behind two pine trees, an object begins to rise, lighting the whole area with a reddish hue. Muscarello screams, "I see it! I see it!" The next moment, Bertrand says, "My God, I see the damn thing myself!" It is important to note that Bertrand had been in the Air Force for four years, and knew military aircraft. He would later insist "this wasn't like anything I had seen before." Like a leaf floating, the object slowly moved toward the two men. They scurried back to the police car. The object is now hovering about one hundred feet above the ground, some fifty yards from the police car.
The object's light is so intense, that it is difficult to make out its shape. The lights emanating from the craft dim and then brighten, from left to right, and then right to left. The object now begins to slowly move away from the men, in the direction of the city of Hampton. At this very moment, another Policeman, David Hunt, arrives at the scene to witness the craft in the sky, as it fades out of sight. In a matter of minutes, the craft is sighted in Hampton, and a report made to Pease Air Force Base. Mrs. Virginia Hale, a reporter for the Haverhill Gazette, also sees the unknown craft from her kitchen window as it hovers over a neighbor's house for about 4 minutes. There were many other reported sightings of a similarly described craft over the next several weeks, but it is uncertain if they were all legitimate or not."
(Source - - also see
"The Interrupted Journey/Incident at Exeter")

September 3, 1965 - Same Night As Exeter, Cops Encounter UFO In Texas

About 11:00 p.m. on the night of Friday September 3, Deputy Sheriff Bob Goode, 50, was driving his patrol car south out of Damon in Texas toward West Columbia on Highway 36. Since he had suffered a bite on his left index finger earlier that day from a baby alligator, he had asked Chief D event the pain flared up and interfered with his driving. It was a sparkling clear moonlit Texas night, and Goode rested his arm in the open window of the door as they drove through the prairie. Suddenly McCoy spotted a bright purple light on the horizon to the southwest which appeared to be about five to six miles distant. At first they thought it might be something in the nearby oil fields, perhaps an oil-drilling rig. But then a blue light, smaller in diameter than the purple light, emerged from it and moved to the right before stopping. Both lights remained in this orientation for a while before beginning to drift upward. This upward floating motion continued until the objects reached an elevation of 5-10 degrees above the horizon.
Goode then studied the lights through a pair of binoculars, but could not make out any additional features. As their curiosity mounted, the officers began to look for back roads that might take them closer to the lights. They stopped again, and this time the lights suddenly swooped toward them, covering the intervening distance in 1-2 seconds, abruptly stopping practically overhead. Their patrol car and the surrounding terrain were brightly illuminated in purple light. They could now see that the purple and blue lights were attached to opposite ends of an enormous object, hovering about 150 feet from them at about a 100-foot altitude.
In his later statement to the Air Force, McCoy described what he saw:
"The bulk of the object was plainly visible at this time and appeared to be triangular shaped with a bright purple light on the left end and the smaller, less bright, blue light on the right end. The bulk of the object appeared to be dark gray in color with no other distinguishing features. It appeared to be about 200 feet wide and 40-50 feet thick in the middle, tapering off toward both ends. There was no noise or any trail. The bright purple light illuminated the ground directly underneath it and the area in front of it, including the highway and the interior of our patrol car. The tall grass under the object did not appear to be disturbed. There was a bright moon out and it cast a shadow of the object on the ground immediately below it in the grass."
To both men, the object seemed to be "as big as a football field." Goode could feel strong heat emanating from the object onto his left arm, through his shirt-sleeve.
After a few seconds, with the strange object hovering almost directly overhead, they fled the scene and headed toward Damon "as fast as we could go," making speeds of up to 110 miles per hour. McCoy kept watching the object out the rear window of the car. For 10 to 15 seconds, the UFO continued to hover above the pasture. Then it abruptly shot back in the direction from which it had come. "After arriving at approximately its original position," McCoy reported,"it went straight up in the air and disappeared at 25-30 degrees above the horizon."
Back at Damon, the shaken officers calmed themselves, and then decided to go back and investigate again. This time they drove down the Damon-West Columbia road, but saw nothing. Finally they returned to the area where they had first seen the lights, and once again spied the purple light on the horizon, and again saw the smaller blue light emerge with a strange two-step motion and float upward. Fearing another close encounter, they again fled the area.
Goode and McCoy continued on their shift until three or four in the morning, then stopped for breakfast at a cafe. Goode noted that his alligator bite was no longer sore, and when he unwrapped the bandage he discovered that the swelling had gone down and that the wound was nearly healed. Next day, the wound showed virtually no scarring.
The deputies reported the sighting to Ellington Air Force Base, and Major Laurence Leach, Jr., arrived on September 8, 1965, to interview McCoy and Goode and take a statement. Leach's report to Project Blue Book headquarters at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base reflected his puzzlement. "There is no doubt in my mind," he said, "that they definitely saw some unusual object or phenomenon... Both officers appeared to be intelligent, mature, level-headed persons capable of sound judgment and reasoning."
US Air Force put this case in the "unknown" category. (Source - - also reported in The TRUE Report On Flying Saucers, 1967 with Major Donald E. Keyhoe as one of the chief investigators)

September 13, 1966 - Gemini 11

Astronaut/Commander Pete Conrad Jr. while aboard NASA docking and orbital flight of Gemini 11, photographed this mysterious cluster of lights from his port window, the first of several Astronaut sightings and photos of UFOs outside of earth's atmosphere. As Commander of the Apollo 12 mission in 1969, Conrad earned the distinction of being the third man to walk on the moon. Along with astronaut Alan Bean, Conrad spent seven hours and 45 minutes on the lunar surface. The photo has been widely debunked as being nothing more than a satellite in a decaying orbit, glowing brightly from re-entry and there are no comments regarding the image from Conrad himself, now deceased.


September 4, 1971 - UFO Photographed at 10,000 feet

An unusual image was photographically recorded by an official mapping aircraft of the Costa Rican government at 08:25 am (EDT) on September 4, 1971 while flying at 10,000 feet altitude over a body of water known as Lago de Cote. None of the flight crew or photographers saw the object.  The various analyses failed to identify the image.


Sept. 19, 1976 - Iranian Jets Scrambled To Intercept Massive Mothership

Attempt To Fire On UFO Fails
Shortly after midnight on September 19, 1976, the Iranian Air Force command post in Tehran, Iran started receiving calls from local citizens reporting a strange object in the sky. The object was variously described as, "Bird-like," "A bright light," and "A helicopter with a shining light." The command post duty officer, knowing there were no helicopters in the area, called B.G. Yousefit, Assistant Deputy Commander of Operations for instructions. Yousefit told the citizens that they were observing a star. However, after talking with control tower personnel, he decided that possibly something unusual was being observed and that he should see for himself.
The object he saw was like a star but much bigger and brighter. So much so that he made the decision to scramble a F-4 jet from Shahrokhi Air force Base to investigate.
F-4 Interception With UFO
At 1:30 AM the F-4 sped down the Shahrokhi runway for a take off to intercept the UFO. The crew headed north of Tehran toward the brilliant light 70 miles ahead of them. The flight proceeded uneventfully for about 40 miles, but as the F-4 continued its intercept path all communications and instrumentation (Intercommunication and UHF) were suddenly lost. The pilot immediately changed course, breaking off the intercept and headed back for Shahrokhi. After the F-4 turned away from the UFO the jet regained all communications and instrumentation. Was the F-4 no longer a threat?
Second Interception Attempt Made
A second F-4 took off at 1:40 AM in an attempt to accomplish what the first jet had failed to do . . . identify the UFO. As this F-4 neared the UFO, radar contact was made by the crew. The size of the radar return was about the same as a return from a 707 jet aircraft. The size of the UFO was difficult to determine visually because of its brilliance. The relative speeds of the F-4 and the UFO were such that the jet was drawing closer at a rate of 150 nautical MPH.
As the F-4, flying at a speed greater than Mach 1, reached the same distance from the UFO that the prior communication loss occurred, the UFO increased its speed. This acceleration of the UFO was confirmed visually and by the aircraft's instrument board radar. The pilot (Lt. Fafari) was unable to close the distance and paced the UFO through Iran's clear night sky. The crew followed the intensely brilliant UFO and noted its light was like flashing strobe lights arranged in a rectangular pattern. The lights were alternating blue, green, red and orange in color. The flashing of the lights was so rapid that all colors could be seen at the same time.
The UFO and the pursuing F-4 were on a course taking them south of Tehran when suddenly another smaller brilliant object came out of the UFO.
F-4 Missile Fails To Fire
This second object came directly toward the pursuing F-4 traveling at a very high rate of speed. The pilot started to fire an AIM-9 missile at the rapidly approaching object, but at the moment his weapons control panel went off and simultaneously he lost all communications.
With no other defense left, the pilot turned sharply and put the F-4 into a dive in an attempt to evade the projectile from the UFO. The maneuver was not successful since as the F-4 continued its diving turn, the object changed course and trailed the jet briefly at a distance estimated to be 3 to 4 miles. It then increased its speed, went to the inside of the jet's turn, and climbed back to rejoin the "Mother ship."
Part Of UFO Appears To Crash
After the projectile returned to the "Mother ship," the crew of the F-4 terminated the evasive maneuvers and again followed the object. The weapon control panel and communications aboard the F-4 were again operative. (source - NICAP UFO Investigations, )

September 30, 1980 - Cattle Rancher Encounters Bizarre UFO
In the early morning of September 30, 1980, near Rosedale, Victoria, Australia cattle rancher was awoken by the sound of his frightened cattle. When he went outside, he was astonished to see a domed disc with orange and blue lights gliding about ten feet above the ground. It rose slightly in the air, hovered briefly above an open 10,000 gallon water tank, and then landed fifty feet away.
The rancher jumped on his motorbike and sped towards the object, which was making a "whistling" sound. Suddenly an "awful scream" sounded as a black tube extended from the UFO's base. With an ear-splitting bang, the strange craft rose into the air. A blast of air knocked the rancher down.
The sounds ceased as the object slowly moved to a position about 30 feet away and 8 feet above the ground. Hovering briefly, it dropped debris - stones, weeds, cow dung - from underneath it, then flew away disappearing in the east.
A ring of black flattened grass 30 feet in diameter marked the place where the disc had landed. When he examined it in the daylight, the witness discovered that all the yellow flowers within the circle had been removed. Only green grass remained. But even more bizarre, the water tank was empty, with no evidence of spillage. Only the muddy residue at the bottom of the tank was left - and it had been pulled into a two foot high cone shape. The witness was sick with headaches and nausea for more than a week afterward.
A similar ring was found the following December at Bundalaguah, not far from Rosedale. The water in a nearby reservoir was also mysteriously missing.

September 17, 1987 - President Reagan's UN Speech Mentions Alien Invasion

While hawking his SDI (Strategic Defense Initiative) plan for space platforms capable of knocking out intercontinental ballistic missles, President Ronald Reagan shocked the world by suggesting, in rather blunt terms, that such space-based defenses would also assist in repelling an attack from aliens from another world. "Our differences, worldwide, would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world." ( Click Here to hear AUDIO of this statement, 48k WAV file -- Opening of the 42nd session of the United Nations). Addressing officials in Russia on February 16, 1987, Mikhail Gorbachev disclosed that Reagan had raised the issue of a possible extraterrestrial invasion of Earth during the Geneva Summit on November 18-20. "I shall not dispute the hypothesis," said Gorbachev, "though I think it's early yet to worry about such an intrusion." Similar attributed quotes from Reagan at other times confirmed this notion he had of a threat from "outside this world." Film director Steven Spielberg even previewed his movie "E.T." for the Reagan's at the White House movie-room, where the President commented to Steven privately during the film, "There are probably only a handful of people in this room that really understand how true this really is." Reagan also had a UFO experience of his own, which he blathered to one reporter in a moment of typically Reaganesque absentminded candor, but during the story his face was overtaken by a look of horror, realizing he was speaking to a reporter. He never mentioned it again. He probably had a sudden flash of Jimmy Carter in a boat being attacked by a giant, swimming rabbit and Carter exiting the White House! (Carter also admitted having seen a UFO).
September 15, 1991 - STS Footage Begins Blocked NASA Shuttle Transmissions

With this footage and the controversy surrounding it, NASA ceased broadcasting its Shuttle video transmissions to the general public, forcing UFO hunters to seek secret transmissions for their proof. In this footage from STS-48, Space Shuttle Discovery, various UFOs are seen in motion above the earth, then at one point one UFO speeds up, makes a 90 degree turn and sppeds into the blackness of space to avoid what appears to be a 'spear' of energy or laser light shot at it from the earth below. You can view the video by clicking here (Quicktime Movie).
(Source: )

September 26, 2002 - Jets Scrambled After Blue UFO Near DC

For Renny Rogers, it was strange enough that military jets were flying low over his home in Waldorf in the middle of the night. It was what he thinks he saw when he headed outside to look early yesterday that floored him. 
"It was this object, this light-blue object, traveling at a phenomenal rate of speed," Rogers said. "This Air Force jet was right behind it, chasing it, but the object was just leaving him in the dust. I told my neighbor, 'I think those jets are chasing a UFO.' " 
Military officials confirm that two F-16 jets from Andrews Air Force Base were scrambled early yesterday after radar detected an unknown aircraft in area airspace. But they scoff at the idea that the jets were chasing a strange and speedy, blue unidentified flying object. 
"We had a track of interest, so we sent up some aircraft," said Maj. Douglas Martin, a spokesman for the North American Aerospace Defense Command in Colorado, which has responsibility for defending U.S. airspace. "Everything was fine in the sky, so they returned home." 
At the same time, military officials say they do not know just what the jets were chasing, because whatever it was disappeared. "There are any number of scenarios, but we don't know what it was," said Maj. Barry Venable, another spokesman for NORAD. 
Radar detected a low, slow-flying aircraft about 1 a.m. yesterday, according to a military official. Controllers were unable to establish radio communication with the unidentified aircraft, and NORAD was notified. When the F-16s carrying air-to-air missiles were launched from Andrews, the unidentified aircraft's track faded from the radar, the military official said, speaking on condition of anonymity. 
Pilots with the D.C. Air National Guard's 113th Air Wing, which flew the F-16s from Andrews, reported nothing out of the ordinary, NORAD officials said. 
"It was a routine launch," [Yeah, we do this all the time - Editor] said Lt. Col. Steve Chase, a senior officer with the wing, which keeps pilots and armed jets on 24-hour alert at Andrews to respond to incidents as part of an air defense system protecting Washington after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. 
Rogers remains convinced that what he saw was not routine. "It looked like a shooting star with no trailing mist," he said. "I've never seen anything like it." 
(Source - )



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