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Chicago 'Journalist' Again Fails To
Credit Peter Davenport, NUFORC

From: Peter Davenport
Date: October 17, 2011 
To:  André Skondras
Subject:  An Estimate Of The Media Situation! ;)))
Andre,Thank you for the link to the Glenn Beck interview of Richard Dolan and John Hilkevitch.I watched the video, and noted that, once again, Mr. Hilkevitch skirted the question of whence he had first received the O'Hare story. He has done the same thing since December 2006, when I did virtually everything in my power to get him to even look into the case. Hence, I write, in attempt to set the record straight as to the origin of the O'Hare sighting case.
I suspect that the National UFO Reporting Center was the first UFO-related organization to receive a communication about the O'Hare sighting. Information was shared with NUFORC very shortly after it had occurred, a communication for which I have an audio recording, including a record of the time and date, of that telephone conversation on Tuesday, November 07, 2006.
Within minutes of having first learned some of the preliminary facts about the case, I shared the case with Dr. Richard Haines of NARCAP, who specializes in aviation-related sightings of UFOswhat his organization prefers to label, "UAPs." 
Dr. Haines and I quickly agreed that, while we were arranging to quietly recover hard-copy documentation about the incident, we would initially not reveal publicly any facts about the case. In speaking with one of the witnesses to the sighting, I had learned that internal memos, and other written documents, had been generated in response to the sighting, and I thought it better to have personnel attempt to secure copies of those documents, before any "clamp down" on that information might be applied. Given the dramatic nature of the alleged incidentnamely, the appearance of a seemingly unauthorized, metallic-looking, disc inside Class "B" airspaceI thought any indication that a UFO organization had taken interest in the event would cause company or agency personnel to attempt to conceal the facts about, or documentation of, the case.  
After copies of those documents had been secured by NUFORC, and after a written report had been submitted to NUFORC, I contacted Dr. Haines again and proposed that both he and I appear on the Jeff Rense Radio Program, in order to take the case public. Dr. Haines declined interest in making that public appearance, but I did appear on Jeff's program in mid-November 2006, which was, I believe, the first public announcement about the O'Hare sighting incident, some six weeks before the January 1st, 2007, article by Mr. Hilkevitch. 
When no article had appeared in the Chicago Tribune by the first week of December 2006, I telephoned that paper's newsroom, and inquired why they had published no article about it. Apparently, the information I shared was passed along to Mr. Hilkevitch, who made some inquiries among his aviation-related sources. However, he reported to me that personnel from both United Airlines, and the FAA, had assured him that no such incident had occurred, so he quickly lost interest. 
At that point, I secured permission from a first-hand witness to have Mr. Hilkevitch contact him, after which Mr. Hilkevitch changed his attitude on the incident dramatically. My long-distance telephone bills clearly show the several calls I made to both the Chicago Tribune, and to Mr. Hilkevitch, in late November, and early December, 2006. 
Mr. Hilkevitch did write an article for the Chicago Tribune, which published on January 1st, 2007, and in which he did not mention the source of his storywhich was the National UFO Reporting Center. For months, he claimed to have "broken" the story, which he did not. It "broke" on the home-page of the National UFO Reporting Center, and on the Rense Radio Program, both on the same day in mid-November 2006.  
Mr. Hilkevitch apparently did later publish a retraction about the history and origin of the case, but I note in the video you forwarded that he still claims to have "broken" the story. That is not an accurate statement on his part, but one which he actively has promoted now for five years. He is misleading the public on this point, I believe.  
Please feel free to share this with your distribution list, if it seems appropriate to do so. I believe that it is useful to have the facts surrounding the story be set straight.
If you would like confirmation about any of the assertions I make above, please feel free to contact Dr. Haines, Jeff Rense, or Mr. Hilkevitch. I would be happy to share my telephone long-distance records, in support of everything I represent above. They should indicate long-distance calls to Dr. Haines, Mr. Rense, the Chicago Tribune, and Mr. Hilkevitch, in chronological order, to whom those calls were made.
Thank you very much for your attention on the matter!
Peter Davenport, Director
National UFO Reporting Center 
From: André Skondras 
Sent: Monday, October 17, 2011 9:58 AM
To: stanton friedman; paola harris; rutkows@cc.umanitoba.ca; J Ritzmann; nick pope; terry hansen; john greenewald; Bruce Maccabee; ryan wood; john hilkevitch; richard dolan; jerome clark; tom carey; philip mantle; leslie kean; Giuliano Marinkovic; peter davenport; donald schmitt; james carrion; john schuessler; george knapp
Subject: An Estimate Of The Media Situation! ;)))
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