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April 1561 - A War In Heaven?
One of the most astounding of documented sightings of aerial phenomena took place in 1561 over Nuremberg, Germany. What was described could only be called a war in the heavens, with a wide variety of craft ranging from spheres to spear-like cylinders to crosses. The sky was apparently filled with the machines, clashing in battle. Comets and such were well identified and charted in this period, so it is highly unlikely that what the people witnessed was merely a celestial phenomenon like a 'meteor shower', as some debunkers suggest. Rather, what is described are physical objects of unique detail and shapes, in 'battle' for over an hour. The battle was such that a winner was perceived as well. Spheroid UFOs were seen emerging from cylindrical 'motherships'. At the conclusion of the battle, it seems a magnificent, black, spear-like super-ship of some kind came upon the scene...
It began at dawn, as dozens, if not hundreds, of crosses, globes and tubes fought each other above the city. It ended an hour later, when "the globes in the small and large rods flew into the sun," and several of the other objects crashed to earth and vanished in a thick cloud of smoke.
According to the Nuremberg Gazette, the "dreadful apparition" filled the morning sky with "cylindrical shapes from which emerged black, red, orange and blue-white spheres that darted about." Between the spheres, there were "crosses with the color of blood." This "frightful spectacle" was witnessed by "numerous men and women." Afterwards, a "black, spear-like object" appeared. The author of the Gazette warned that "the God-fearing will by no means discard these signs, but will take it to heart as a warning of their merciful Annunciation with St. Emidius Father in heaven, will mend their lives and faithfully beg God, that he avert His wrath, including the well-deserved punishment, on us, so that we may, temporarily here and perpetually there, live as His children."
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April 17, 1897 - The Aurora Texas UFO Crash & Alien Pilot
Head for Aurora, Texas, "the town that almost was" as their tiny town history book states, to take a look at the burial site of an alien pilot that crashed its UFO there in 1897. The town is just off US 287 west of Rhome heading toward Bridgeport on 114. Look for the sign saying CEMETERY pointing south. There is a historical marker that includes the word "spaceship" at the site. Newspapers from April 1897 reported that the alien craft hit a windmill and was torn to pieces, along with its occupant. A 1986 movie, "Aurora Encounter," tells the tale. The official historical marker was installed by the state, although nobody knows exactly where the grave is. Here is the text of the marker :
Aurora Cemetery
The oldest known graves, here, dating from as early as the 1860s, are those of the Randall and Rowlett families. Finis Dudley Beauchamp (1825-1893), a Confederate veteran from Mississippi, donated the 3-acre site to the newly- formed Aurora Lodge No. 479, A.F. & A.M., in 1877. For many years, this community burial ground was known as Masonic Cemetery. Beauchamp, his wife Caroline (1829-1915), and others in their family. An epidemic which struck the village in 1891 added hundreds of graves to the plot. Called "Spotted Fever" by the settlers, the disease is now thought to be a form of meningitis. Located in Aurora Cemetery is the gravestone of the infant Nellie Burris (1891-1893) with its often-quoted epitaph: "As I was so soon done, I don't know why I was begun." This site is also well-known because of the legend that a spaceship crashed nearby in 1897 and the pilot, killed in the crash, was buried here. Struck by epidemic and crop failure and bypassed by the railroad, the original town of Aurora almost disappeared, but the cemetery remains in use with over 800 graves. Veterans of the Civil War, World Wars I and II, and the Korean and Vietnam conflicts are interred here.
Aurora is located West of Rhome and 1/4 mile South of SH 114.
Aurora brings up images of high-speed space travel. In fact, our new space plane is named 'Aurora' for a UFO incident that took place in 1897.
Last year was the 100th anniversary of the crash of an unknown airship in Aurora, TX. The TV show "Sightings" had a special called '100 years of UFO Cover ups,' that featured the recovery of an alien body in Aurora, Texas.
This incident has been covered up by the Government and was then widely reported to be a hoax (a weather balloon?). Sounds a lot like Roswell in 1947? The US government has a long history of cover-ups in regards to things like this. I hope this investigation will clear up the Aurora event for good.
Here is the story as written in 1897 in the April 19 edition of the Dallas Morning News is as follows:
About 6 o'clock this morning the early risers of Aurora were astonished at the sudden appearance of the airship which has been sailing around the country. It was traveling due north and much nearer the earth than before. Evidently some of the machinery was out of order, for it was making a speed of only ten or twelve miles an hour, and gradually settling toward the earth. It sailed over the public square and when it reached the north part of town it collided with the tower of Judge Proctor's windmill and went into pieces with a terrific explosion, scattering debris over several acres of ground, wrecking the windmill and water tank and destroying the judge's flower garden. The pilot of the ship is supposed to have been the only one aboard and, while his remains were badly disfigured, enough of the original has been picked up to show that he was not an inhabitant of this world.
Mr. T.J. Weems, the U.S. Army Signal Service officer at this place and an authority on astronomy gives it as his opinion that the pilot was a native of the planet Mars. Papers found on his person -- evidently the records of his travels -- are written in some unknown hieroglyphics and cannot be deciphered. This ship was too badly wrecked to form any conclusion as to its construction or motive power. It was built of an unknown metal, resembling somewhat a mixture of aluminum and silver, and it must have weighed several tons. The town is today full of people who are viewing the wreckage and gathering specimens of strange metal from the debris. The pilot's funeral will take place tomorrow.
The article was written by E. E. Haydon who was a part-time reporter for the Morning News. As startling as the news was, no other newspapers in the world ran the story in their paper. News of the incident remained dormant for almost a century (May 24, 1973) when newspapers around the country published the following United Press International account:
"Aurora, Tex. -- (UPI) -- A grave in a small north Texas cemetery contains the body of an 1897 astronaut who "was not an inhabitant of this world," according to the International UFO Bureau. The group, which investigates unidentified flying objects, has already initiated legal proceedings to exhume the body and will go to court if necessary to open the grave, director Hayden Hewes said Wednesday.
"After checking the grave with metal detectors and gathering facts for three months, we are certain as we can be at this point [that] he was the pilot of a UFO which reportedly exploded atop a well on Judge J.S. Proctor's place, April 19, 1897," Hewes said. He was not an inhabitant of this world."
A few days later, another UPI account datelined Aurora quoted a ninety-one-year-old who had been a girl of fifteen in Aurora at the time of the reported incident. She said she "had all but forgotten the incident until it appeared in the newspapers recently." She said her parents had gone to the sight of the crash, but had refused to take her along. She recalled that the remains of the pilot, "a small man," had been buried in the Aurora cemetery.
Not to be outdone, the Associated Press, in a story datelined Denton, Texas, reported that "a North Texas State University professor had found some metal fragments near the Oates gas station (former Proctor farm). One fragment was said to be 'most intriguing' because it consisted of primarily of iron which did not seem to exhibit magnetic properties." The professor also said he was puzzled because the fragment was "shiny and malleable instead of dull and brittle like iron."
The Aurora Cemetery Association was successful in blocking the attempts to dig up the grounds in search of the "Martian pilot." The incident will probably go underground again (pun intended) until its centennial in 1997 will bring another round of widespread press coverage.
Last year we made a field investigation in the small town of Aurora, Texas, just north of Fort Worth. The results of our research are weird to say the least... One of the first things you might notice when arriving in Aurora is that there are military traces everywhere in town. It even boasts a small military type airport, circa 1940's. Even the streets of town are laid out in typical "base" fashion. To anyone who ever served in the military, the signs of military habitations are clear.
Why would the military want to have a base in Aurora? I asked myself... back in the '40's? hmm... let's see. If my memory is correct, I believe that the Roswell crash debris was flown directly to Ft. Worth, TX, (which is less than 10 miles as the crow flies from Aurora.) Coincidence? I don't think so. Could the military have had an "alien" recovery base set up and running from clear back 100 years ago? I am beginning to wonder as we continued on our tour of Aurora, the city.
As we continued through town, we found the famous old Judge Proctor's place and we visited the town square. Of course almost the entire town from those days is gone, replaced by modern buildings. Nearby is the town cemetery, where it is alleged by some that a small visitor from space was buried over 100 years ago. A quick visit to the cemetery showed a very neat, well kept place, with no sign of the tombstone. It was stolen some years ago and never recovered. There are picture records of its existence, and above is a photo of it.
There is a movement in town to exhume the body of the alien, replace the headstone and do a complete search for remains of the crash. Also, there have been several interesting pieces of metal found in the area that have been confiscated for analysis by the military and never returned.
Aurora, another unsolved mystery
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April 1897 - "Airship" Mania Breaks Out Across Nation
The state of Illinois was inundated with airship reports during April 1897. The first known sighting was in Nashville, Illinois, as a balloon-like airship with a large red light was spotted at 8 p.m. by many residents. On April 8th, a Rock Island police officer claimed that while on his east end beat, he was startled by the illuminated vessel a half mile overhead. He described it as having "a glittering steel hull, with dim wing-like fans on either side, and it swayed gently in its flight." On April 9th hundreds of people observed it over Chicago, Evanston, Niles Center and Schermerville. On the night of April 10th, scores of Jacksonville residents watched the airship pass over the city. "It was seen by all the police officers on duty, the firemen and hundreds of citizens." By the evening of the 11th, the sightings reached Springfield as Richard Schriver, foreman of the county jail, watched it for 30 minutes with another man. It was described as "a radiating light not unlike a locomotive headlight." At 8 p.m. in Lincoln on April 12th, "More than fifty people stood on Pulaski street and whenever the lightening flashed and the clouds separated" they thought they could discern the airship's light in the distance.
On April 13th, more than 200 people saw its white and green lights as it passed near Lincoln at 8 p.m., while 30 minutes later it was seen over Moline by several farmers including Benjamin Carr who said it was "a cigar-shaped body or hull, apparently about 15 feet long, with large wing-like projections on each side."
These are just a handful of hundreds of Illinois sightings that occurred during April. Not only are there striking parallels between the airship wave and present-day UFO reports - but there were also reports of close encounters. I will briefly mention three Illinois close encounter cases. Keep in mind that they are just three of many from Illinois and across the nation during 1897.
According to the Decatur Daily Republican of April 16, 1897, p. 1, the airship landed near Springfield the previous night. Farmhand John Halley and local vineyard owner Adolf Wenke said that it landed three miles west of the city along the Jefferson street road. They said a long-bearded man emerged and inquired where he was. "Inside the car was seated another man and also the scientists [sic] wife." He said they usually rested during the daytime in remote parts of the country in order to conceal the vessel's huge wings. When they asked the scientist his name, "he smiled and pointed to the letter M., which was painted on the side car." After bidding the farmers farewell, he pressed a button and the ship flew off.
The Springfield News also reported on an airship touching down near Carlinville on April 12th. It was reportedly spotted between the town of Nilwood and Girard about 6:15. William Street, Frank Metcalf and Ed Temples and the telegraph operator all saw it at Girard. "These men saw it alight, and a man get out and fix some part of the machinery. They started for the place where it had alighted, but within a quarter of a mile it rose and disappeared from view" to the north.
Elburn, Kane County, on April 10th. According to a report on the front page of the Rockford Daily Republic of April 12th, "Trainmen running through there say that the operator says that some stockmen say that some farmers say that the ship had a breakdown near there and came down for repairs."
Near the height of the wave, the following is a modest sample of Illinois sightings that appeared in the Chicago Tribune:
Mount Vernon, Illinois, April 15. -- (Special.) -- What is thought to have been the mysterious airship was seen here by more than 100 persons last night. ...
Carlyle, Ill., April 15. -- (Special.) -- The airship was seen this evening travelling rapidly in a northwesterly course. ...
Quincy, Ill., April 15. -- (Special.) -- The Wabash passenger train which arrived here at 10 o'clock tonight raced for 15 minutes with the alleged airship. They first sighted the thing near Perry Springs, 52 miles east of Quincy... All of the passengers saw it, but all they could see was two lights, one white, the other red.
Hillsboro, Ill., April 15. -- (Special.) -- ...the airship was seen in the western heavens by a number of reputable citizens last evening.

(Note: the author of the material above further debunks the airship sightings as being nothing more than mass hysteria and wild imagination. He erroneously states that it is evident that people in the 1800s expected to see airships of this description, not flying saucers, suggesting that modern UFO observations are equally the result of some sort of wishful thinking, mistaken identity or hysteria fitting with the times and understood technology, minds being influenced by media, etc. And yet, Alexander the Great and a legion of his soldiers encountered "flying silver shields" which interrupted a battle, which thoroughly disproves such a contention that saucers did not pre-exist the atomic era. The "saucer" shaped UFO has been reported as far back as ancient China, documented in the heiroglyphs of Egypt, reported by Roman senators and citizens alike. It also sidetracks the issue to one mere UFO shape -- creating a ridiculous strawman argument.
'While the abbot and monks were in the refectorium, a flat round, shining, silvery object (discus) flew over the abbey and caused the utmost terror.' 1290: Byland, North Yorkshire: from William of Newburghs Chronicle
This is a typical debunking argument that falls flat when the overall picture of reported sightings in history are taken into consideration. Though some airship sightings of the 1800s were not real, or urged on by hoaxers, the evidence appears substantial that someone had a means of flight well before conventional aviation was known to the general populace in both the US and Europe; this is no different than our own government having advanced aircraft which is not disclosed to the general public sometimes for decades, if not longer. Unless you're foolish enough to believe we've yet to advance beyond the speed of the blackbird SR-71 from 1957!! Highly unlikely. Anything we see rolled out as "new tech" is old tech to the defense department.)
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April 1929 - Early UFO Photograph - Ward, Colorado
This photo was taken by my father Edward Pline at the sawmill in Ward where we lived at the time, I think it was 1929. I was about six years old then. My father was there to photograph the sawmill for some reason or another, and as he was taking the photo, he described a "terrible thunderous bellow," and a large round thing as big as a very large boulder that moved through the air above them.
You can see it in the picture. None of the sawmill workers saw the thing in the photo, but they all heard the sound and felt the ground shudder. Later in my life I tried researching the incident at the County Historical Society, but I did not find any references to it. My father passed on a few years after the incident, and I have not found any surviving sawmill workers from that time. Perhaps you have more information about this incident.
-- Best wishes, Hetty Pline

This illustrative enhancement was produced by enlarging the image
and overpainting the various values present, while flattening
the high grain distortion in the image and eliminating
scratches on the film. - Neff

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April 6, 1952
Temple, Texas. 2:59 p. 50-75 grey-white discs changed position within formation continually, tilted in unison every 12-15 seconds during 3.8 minute sighting.
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April 1953 - UFOs Tracked & Attacked By US Forces At Sea
A marine incident, worthy of deep investigation by researchers, focuses on the island of Tinian, where the bombers were stationed that dropped the atomic bombs on Japan in 1945. "In the last weeks (late April, 1953), our ships and aircraft have sighted numerous flying objects of unknown origin. Their flight courses were plotted and permit conclusions about their take-off and landing bases. Near the island of Tinian, one of these projectiles was rammed by a specially equipped airplane and sunk into the sea."(Report of the Chief of the U.S. Defense HQ., D., Tokyo, May 9, 1953.) [Wilkins, H.T., "Flying Saucers Uncensored", 1955, Citadel]
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April 1962 - Astronaut Films UFOs While On Space Flight
NASA pilot Joseph Walker said that one of his tasks was to detect UFOs during his X-15 flights. He had filmed five or six UFOs during his record breaking fifty-mile-high flight in April, 1962. It was the second time he had filmed UFOs in flight. During a lecture at the Second National Conference on the Peaceful Uses of Space Research in Seattle, Washington he said:
"I don't feel like speculating about them. All I know is what appeared on the film which was developed after the flight." - Joseph Walker
To date none of those films has been released to the public for viewing.
April 1964 - Gemini I Flight Tailed By Four UFOs
During the first orbit of this unmanned spacecraft it was joined by four apparently controlled objects. The tracking station observed two objects take up station above Gemini I, with one behind and one below. These relative positions were maintained for one orbit after which they sped off into space.
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April 17, 1966 - Ohio Police Give Chase On UFO
Lives Shattered By Experience
On the morning of April 17th, 1966, police officers encountered a structured, low-level UFO, and gave chase. Officers of the Portage County, Ohio, Sheriff's Department first saw the object rise up from near ground level, bathing them in light, near Ravenna, Ohio, about 5:00 A.M. Ordered by the sergeant to pursue the object, they chased it for eighty-five miles across the border into Pennsylvania, as it seemed to play a cat-and-mouse game with them. Along the route, police officers from other jurisdictions saw the object and joined in the chase.
Deputy Sheriff Dale Spaur and Mounted Deputy Wilbur "Barney" Neff had left their car to investigate an apparently abandoned automobile on Route 224. Spaur stated:
"I always look behind me so no one can come up behind me. And when I looked in this wooded area behind us, I saw this thing. At this time it was coming about tree top level. I'd say about one hundred feet. it started moving toward us.... As it came over the trees, I looked at Barney and he was still watching the car...and he didn't say nothing and the thing kept getting brighter and the area started to get light...I told him to look over his shoulder, and he did.
He just stood there with his mouth open for a minute, as bright as it was, and he looked down. And I started looking down and I looked at my hands and my clothes weren't burning or anything, when it stopped right over on top of us. The only thing, the only sound in the whole area was a a transformer being loaded or an overloaded transformer when it changes....
I was petrified, and, uh, so I moved my right foot, and everything seemed to work all right. And evidently he made the same decision I did, to get something between me and it, or us and it, or whatever you would say. So we both went for the car, we got in the car and we sat there...."
As they watched, the UFO moved toward the east, and then stopped again. Spaur reported the movement to the dispatcher. The UFO was now about 250 feet away, and was brilliantly lighting up the area ("It was very bright; it'd make your eyes water," Spaur said.) Sergeant Schoenfelt, off duty at the station, told them to follow it and keep it under observation while they tried to get a photo unit to the scene.
Spear and Neff turned south on Route 183, then back east on Route 224, which placed the object to their right. "At this time," said Spaur. "it came straight south, just one motion, buddy, just a smooth glide..." and began moving east with them pacing it, just to their right at an estimated altitude of 300-500 feet, illuminating the ground beneath it. Once more the UFO darted to the north, now left of the car, when they had to speed up to over 100 mph to keep pace with it.
As the sky became brighter with predawn light, Spaur and Neff saw the UFO in silhouette, with a vertical projection at its rear. The object began to take on a metallic appearance as the chase continued. Spaur kept up a running conversation with other police cars that were trying to catch up with them. Once when they made a wrong turn at an intersection, the object stopped, then turned and came back to their position.
Police Officer Wayne Huston of East Palestine, Ohio, situated near the Pennsylvania border, had been monitoring the radio broadcasts and was parked at an intersection he knew the Portage County officers would be passing soon. Shortly afterward he saw the UFO pass by with the sheriff's cruiser in hot pursuit. He swung out and joined the chase. At Conway, Pennsylvania, Spaur spotted another parked police car and stopped to enlist his aid, since their Cruiser was almost out of gas. The Pennsylvania officer called his dispatcher.
According to Spaur, as the four officers stood and watched the UFO, which had stopped and was hovering, there was traffic on the radio about jets being scrambled to chase the UFO, and "...we could see these planes coming in...When they started talking about fighter planes, it was just as if that thing heard every word that was said; it went PSSSSSHHEW, straight up; and I mean when it went up, friend, it didn't play no games; it went straight up."
The Air Force "identified" the UFO as a satellite, seen part of the time, and confused with the planet Venus. Under pressure from Ohio officials, Major Hector Quintanilla, chief of Project Blue Book, had an intense confrontations with witnesses and refused to change the identification, although it was pointed out to him that they had seen the UFO in addition to Venus and the moon at the conclusion of the observation. Major Quintanilla also denied that any jets had been scrambled.
William B. Weitzel conducted an exhaustive investigation on behalf of the NAtional Investigations Committee On Aerial Phenomena (NICAP), obtaining taped interviews, signed statements, sketches, and all pertinent data which was assembled into a massive report that was made available to congressional investigators. When the University Of Colorado Ufo Project was initiated in 1966, a copy of Weitzels report was hand-delivered to the director, Dr. Edward U. Condon, for his consideration. The Condon Report, published two years later, does not mention the case.
This case was actually what inspired the UFO chase scene in the movie "Close Encounters of the Third Kind".
The Cleveland Plain Dealer,
Sunday, October 9, 1966
Pg. 8- A:
by John De Groot
RAVENNA (AP)--In his world of loneliness and twisted nightmares, Dale Spaur wonders if the nightmare will ever end.
It began six months ago with "Seven Steps to Hell" and ended with a flying saucer named Floyd.
In the predawn hours of a gentle April morning, Portage County Sheriff's Deputy Spaur chased a flying saucer 86 miles.
NOW THE STRANGE craft is chasing him. And he is hiding from it, a bearded stranger peering past the limp curtains of a tiny motel room in Solon.
He no longer is a deputy sheriff.
His marriage is shattered.
He has lost 40 pounds.
He lives on one bowl of cereal and a sandwich each day.
He walks three miles to an $80-a-week painters job. His motel room costs $60 a week. The court has ordered him to pay his wife $20 a week for the support of his two children.
That leaves Dale Spaur exactly nothing.
THE FLYING saucer did it.
"If I could change all that I have done in my life," he said, "I would change just one thing. And that would be the night we
chased that damn thing. That saucer."
He spit the word out, "Saucer." An obscenity.
Others might understand.
Four other officers took part in the April 17 [1966] drama.
Police Chief Gerald Buchert of Mantua saw the craft and photographed it. The pictures turned out badly, an odd fuzzy white thing suspended in blackness. Today, Chief Buchert laughs nervously when he speaks of that night.
"I'D RATHER NOT talk about it," he says. "It's something that should be forgotten...left alone. I saw something, but I don't know what it was."
Special Deputy W.L. Neff rode with Spaur during the chase.
He won't talk about it.
His wife Jackelyne explains, "I hope I never see him like he was after the chase. He was real white, almost in a state of shock. It was awful."
"And people made fun of him afterwards. He never talks about it anymore. Once he told me, 'If that thing landed in my back yard, I wouldn't tell a soul.' He's been through a wringer."
PATROLMAN Frank Panzenella saw the chase end in Conway, Pa., where he works. He saw the craft.
Now he is silent. Friends say he had his telephone removed because of calls about that April morning.
H. Wayne Huston was a police officer in East Palestine, O. He had worked there seven years. Several months after the saucer passed above him in the night, he resigned...going to Seattle Wash., to drive a bus.
Huston now goes by Harold W. Huston. He tells you," Sure I quit because of that thing. People laughed at me. And there was pressure... You couldn't put your finger on it, but the pressure was there.
The city officials didn't like police officers chasing flying saucers."
SPAUR AND HUSTON have turned in their badges.
Now Spaur hides in Solon, a fugitive from a flying saucer named Floyd. He cannot escape the strange craft.
Spaur and Neff were checking on a car parked alongside U.S. 224 between Randolph and Atwater. The car was filled with radio equipment and had a strange emblem painted on its side, a triangle with a bolt of lightning inside it. Above the emblem was written, "Seven Steps to Hell."
Behind them they heard a strange humming noise and turning, said they saw a huge saucer shaped craft rise out of a woods and hover above them, bathing them in a warm white light.
Then it moved off.
LEAVING THE mystery car behind, never to be seen again, the two deputies hopped into their cruiser and chased the object, sometimes at speeds of more than 100 miles an hour. The chase finally ended when the cruiser ran out of gas near Pittsburgh. They said the craft they chased was about 50 feet across and 15 to 20 feet high with a large dome on its top and an antenna jutted out from the rear of the dome.
After the chase, Spaur's daily routine was washed away in a sea of reporters, television cameramen, Air Force investigators, government officials, strange letters from places like Little Rock, Ark. and Australia that told him what to do if "the little green men" tried to contact him.
"MY ENTIRE LIFE came crashing down around my shoulders," he said.
"Everything changed. I still don't really know what happened. But suddenly, it was as though everybody owned me. And I no longer had anything for myself. My wife, my home, my children. They all seemed to fade away."
Spaur's wife Daneise now is alone with her two children.
She has filed for divorce and is working as a waitress in a bar at Ravenna.
"Something happened to Dale, but I don't know what it was," she says. He came home that day and I never saw him more frightened before. He acted strange, listless. He just sat around. He was very pale."
"THEN LATER, he got real nervous. And he started to run away. He'd just disappear for days and days. I wouldn't see him."
"Our marriage fell apart. All sorts of people came to the house. Investigators. Reporters. They kept him up all night. They kept after him, hounding him. They hounded him right into the ground."
"And he changed."
Then one night, Dale came home very late. He isn't sure what happened. He walked into the living room. There were some other people there. Things were very tense. Very confused.
HE GRABBED his wife and shook her. Hard. He kept shaking her. It left big ugly bruises on her arms. He doesn't know how or why...
That was the end of July. Daneise filed assault and battery charges. Dale was jailed and turned in his badge.
A newspaper printed a story about the deputy who chased the flying saucer being jailed for beating his wife.
When he got out of jail, Dale ran...left town, turned his back on everything.
BUT THE SAUCER followed him, locked in his dreams.
In Ravenna, Daneise can only say, "Dale is a lost soul.
And everything is finished for us."
In Solon, Dale said, "I have become a freak. I'm so damn lonely. Look at me...34 years old and what do I have? Nothing."
"Who knows me? To everyone I'm Dale Spaur, the nut who chased a flying saucer. My father called me several weeks ago.
A long time ago we had a fight. I hadn't heard from him for years. Then he calls me."
"DO YOU THINK he called to ask how I was...To say 'I love you, son... To see if I wanted to go fishing, or something?
Hell, no. He wanted to know if I'd seen any more flying saucers."
"I tried to go to church for help. I went to church and the minister introduced me to the congregation. 'We have the man who chased a flying saucer with us today,' he said."
Dale Spaur wept as he told what the flying saucer named Floyd had done to him.
He calls it Floyd because he saw it once more while he was still working for the sheriff's department.
THE RADIO operators knew civilians were monitoring their broadcasts. So they agreed to use a code name if the flying saucer was seen again. They called it Floyd...Dale Spaur's middle name.
Dale was driving east on Interstate 80-S one night in June [1966]. He looked up. There it was.
"Floyd's here with me," he whispered into the radio.
Then he parked the car and sat there, alone. This time Barney Neff was not with him. Dale did not look out the window. He lit a cigarette and stared at the floor of the cruiser. He sat there for nearly 15 minutes...not looking outside, not wanting
to see Floyd.
WHEN HE LOOKED up, Floyd had disappeared.
Yet it still follows him. And it has ruined his life. This he believes.
April 24, 1964 - The Lonnie Zamora UFO Incident
At roughly 5:45, Lonnie Zamora, then 31 and a policeman in the city of Socorro, New Mexico found himself in a high speed chase with another vehicle on the outskirts of town. During the pursuit Zamora was suddenly deviated from the chase by the bizarre sight of a cone of blue flame in the distance, rising more than 2,000 feet. Thinking perhaps an explosion had just taken place, the officer ended the pursuit of the speeding vehicle and moved toward the direction of the flames. Hampered by rough, desert road, Zamora moved slowly toward what appeared to be an overturned car with two people near by. He radioed the station to report the accident, but just then, after cresting a small hill, realized he was not seeing an overturned car at all.

There, just off the side of the road some 600 feet from when Zamora stood, was a strange, white, egg-shaped object apparently made of brightly polished metal, standing on 4 legs. Beside the craft stood two men in white cover-alls, appearing to be inspecting the vehicle. One noticed Zamora, and seemed to react with shock. Only moments later, the officer heard the slamming of thick metallic doors and the onset of a low frequency roar which slowly rose in pitch and becoming painfully loud. A bright blue and orange flame appeared below the craft as it began to rise slowly into the air. Fearing that at any moment the whole thing might explode, Zamora took cover behind his squad car. The craft rose higher into the air on its roaring jet flame and then rapidly moved across the desert out of sight. As it climbed, Zamora got his best view of the craft. He described it as being bright aluminum-white metal with a peculiar red insignia, which he later rendered in a drawing. No windows or portholes, though he did hear what sounded like slamming doors just before it took off.
Zamora's account was validated by inspection, both by Project Blue Book (which classified the event as a true "unknown"), including the esteemed J. Allen Hynek (who left project Blue Book after this incident as Hynek's true views were being gagged by Air Force officials) and the USAF. One physicist on site noted that the impressions left by the landing gear would have required a vehicle weighing at least 8 tons. The blast mark and scorched earth was also analyzed, but as typical with Blue Book and Air Force analysis, no conclusions were made.
"There is no doubt that Lonnie Zamora saw an object which left quite an impression on him. There is also no question about Zamora"s reliability. He is a serious police officer, a pillar of his church, and a man well versed in recognizing airborne vehicles in his area. He is puzzled by what he saw, and frankly, so are we. This is the best-documented case on record, and still we have been unable, in spite of thorough investigation, to find the vehicle or other stimulus that scared Zamora to the point of panic." - Project Blue Book Official Statement (FOIA)
The case has remained one of the most mysterious and evidential in the chronicles of contemporary UFO sightings and close encounters.
Recently, a woman watching The Sci-Fi Channel's program "Sightings" saw the Lonnie Zamora story and remembered having been there as a child, along with her father while vacationing. She went through her attic looking for a roll of 8mm movie film and found color footage taken by her father of the landing site, documenting the scorched brush and landing pod depressions. The footage was aired on the program and represents another solid piece of evidence supporting the Zamora UFO encounter.
(Source:, cufon and others )
April 1979 - Soviet Cosmonaut - Close-Up UFO Encounter In Space
"It followed us during half of our orbit. We observed it on the light side, and when we entered the shadow side, it disappeared completely. It was an engineered structure, made from some type of metal, approximately 40 meters long with inner hulls. The object was narrow here and wider here, and inside there were openings. Some places had projections like small wings. The object stayed very close to us. We photographed it, and our photos showed it to be 25 to 29 meters away." - Cosmonaut Victor Afanasyev commenting on a UFO sighting that occurred while en route to the Solyut 6 space station in April of 1979.

Cosmonaut Adanasyev made a drawing of the space ship he
witnessed from aboard the Soviet orbital vessel.
Victor states, "I think we are not alone, something of extraterrestrial origin has visited Earth." The alien craft turned toward ours, followed us and flew formation 25 to 29 meters away. We photographed the metallic engineering structure that was around 40 meters long. The film was later confiscated
(Source: & Filer's Files )
April 26, 1986 - Chernobyl Reactor Accident UFO
Roughly 180 tons of enriched uranium were in the reactor.
If a large blast had happened, half of Europe would not
currently be depicted on any maps.
Eyewitnesses say that they saw an UFO hovering above the exploded reactor.
Sixteen years have passed since the disaster at the Chernobyl nuclear plant on April 26, 1986. The explosion happened at 1:23 a.m. Tons of radioactive products were emitted into the atmosphere. The machine shop of the plant was gripped with fire, and the fire was about to move on to the third power-generating unit of the plant. Firemen managed to extinguish the fire several hours later. Many of them died later of radiation exposure.
Much has been written about the Chernobyl disaster, both in Russia and abroad. It seems that the physical nature of the tragedy has determined, as well as the people who were responsible for it. The fourth power-generating unit was supposed to be repaired. Yet, before shutting it down, the administration of the plant decided to perform several experiments. Steam delivery was cut to one of the turbogenerators in order to discover the period of time that electric power would still be generated due to the rotation of the rotor. The experiment was not well-organized. There was another test conducted simultaneously: the study of turbine vibration.
They started decreasing the capacity of the generating unit at 1 a.m. on April 25. The emergency cooling system of the reactor was shut down at 2 p.m. This was supposed to stop the reactor.
However, the Kievenergo energy company did not know anything about these tests. An energy control officer did not allow the fourth generating unit of the plant to be stopped. These were the prerequisites of the tragedy. Many people are still suffering.
The explosion was very large, but, luckily, it was a thermal blast. The fourth power generating unit was basically destroyed by overheated steam. There was no nuclear explosion. Roughly 180 tons of enriched uranium were in the reactor. If a large blast had happened, half of Europe would not currently be depicted on any maps.
There are many theories to explain such luck. One of the theories is that there was help from an Unidentified Flying Object. When troublesome events started to occur, some people saw a spaceship hovering above the fourth generating unit of the Chernobyl plant. Eyewitnesses say that an UFO was there for six hours and that hundreds of people saw it. People started writing about it only two years after the catastrophe. Of course, such information appeared in magazines on ufology. As it is generally believed, serious people don't read such magazines and journals.
Here is what Mikhail Varitsky had to say: "I and other people from my team went to the site of the blast at night. We saw a ball of fire, and it was slowly flying in the sky. I think the ball was six or eight meters in diameter. Then, we saw two rays of crimson light stretching towards the fourth unit. The object was some 300 meters from the reactor. The event lasted for about three minutes. The lights of the object went out and it flew away in the northwestern direction."
The UFO brought the radiation level down. The level was decreased almost four times. This probably prevented a nuclear blast.
Three years later (on September 16, 1989), the fourth power-generating unit emitted radiation into the atmosphere. Several hours later, a doctor saw an object in the sky above the Chernobyl plant. Doctor Gospina described it as "amber-like." She said she could see the top and the bottom of it as well.
In October of 1990, a reporter from the newspaper the Echo of Chernobyl , V. Navran, was photographing the machine shop of the Chernobyl plant. "I photographed the top of it, includomg a part of the hole above. I remember everything very well; I did not see any UFO. However, when I developed the film, I clearly saw an object that was hovering above the hole in the roof." The object looked like the one doctor Gospina saw.
It seems that aliens are not worried with the fate of humanity. They are basically worried about the planets environment.
Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

April 16, 1990 - UFO Topples Family Home
Chile -- Investigator Raul Hayardo says that he interrogated the witnesses and took pictures of the site. "A red semicircular object with white flashing lights flew directly above one of the buildings at a very low height of about ten meters." The Balboas were quietly sleeping in their house. The UFO flew above the left side of the building and lifted it a little. Then, the house fell on its side, and the front door was blocked. The Balboas family had to break off some planks to get out of their house. The saw the strange object go up and hit some transmission objects. A bright flash followed. Finally, the UFO vertically soared up and disappeared into the sky after several seconds.
Mister Balboa said, "The thing resembled a flaming ball. While I was staring at it, our home collapsed." When the site was examined later, people saw that some plants were slightly or completely burnt.
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April 25, 2001 - Just Seeing Stars or Tale Of The Tape?
Police Officers Encounter UFO - Transcript of Conversation
On Tuesday, April 25, 2001, a very strange object is reported by civilians and law enforcement officers in the evening skies near Waynesville, Ohio in Warren County.
From their residence near the 4600 Block of Wilkerson Road, a husband and wife are the first to report a circular lighted object hovering silently in the sky to the south of their location. The big light of the UFO, pulsating or changing in both color and brightness, was said to be encased within a structure that resembled gridwork or cabling. The couple advised the Lebanon City Police Department of the object around 10:15 p.m. and the Warren County Communications Center dispatched a Waynesville police officer to the location.
Upon arrival at the scene, the Waynesville officer confirmed the unidentifiable nature of the object and also reported that a second UFO was also in the area.
Unit #2W30: I have NO IDEA, and you wouldn't believe it if you came out and saw it! There's two of them, just sitting stationary and blinking, I mean about five different colors, right here on Wilkerson, just off of South Main Street...
FEMALE OFFICER: This is 480-16
Unit #2W30: I'm not kidding! Go ahead.
FEMALE OFFICER: Okay, we're on the backside of that, here in the lot because I couldn't stand it no more. Where is it at, is it in the air?
Unit #2W30: In the air! Okay? He's got the owner of the house has some binoculars and we're looking at these things and uh, it's just I don't know what they are! They're high up, they look like uh, they're up there but with our binoculars though, the ones he's got here, you can see them pretty clearly. There's probably five different colors, there's two of them and they've stayed in the exact same spot the whole time. They're not stars, I can tell you that.
As other officers respond to the location and continue to view the abnormalities, dispatchers at the Warren County Communications Center telephone a base operator at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton/Fairborne, Ohio and also places a call to Airborne Express at the Wilmington Airport in Clinton County, Ohio. Both flight control facilities deny any knowledge of or responsibility for air traffic in the Waynesville, Ohio vicinity during the incident.
While the Waynesville police officers view the object from Wilkerson Road looking south, a police dispatcher also observes the same object from her position at the Warren County Communications Center in Lebanon, Ohio, looking north toward Waynesville. From review of the police tapes, it can be estimated that the primary object may have been in a general location between Waynesville and Lebanon near the intersections of Pekin Road and Route 42.
An officer with the Caesar's Creek State Police also notes the UFO from his location to the east of Waynesville. A third UFO is sighted in the area during the event, and the police witnesses repeatedly affirm a cogent distinction between the suspected UFOs and routine stars and airplanes. The objects move off by receding further into the distance as other officers from the Ohio State Patrol arrive on the scene.
Dispatchers at the Ohio State Patrol and the Warren County Communications Center express frustration at having to handle this situation and their inability to address the reports and eyewitness confirmation from their officers.
The next evening, Wednesday, April 25, UFOs are again reported in the same area at 9:48 p.m., viewed from Wilkerson Road and also by officers observing from a location near the Waynesville Airport. Disturbingly, another unusual object is seen in the area seven hours later and reportedly pursues a motorist near Genntown, Ohio (about 5-miles from Waynesville). A female complainant advises the Ohio State Patrol of her 'extreme concern' regarding a triangular object with "super bright lights" that pursued her automobile while traveling on Route 122 at 5:00 a.m., April 26.
These and other details were acquired from eyewitness interviews, analysis of various police reports and evaluation of police tapes acquired through the Warren County Director of Emergency Services. Additional data was gathered through field investigation conducted on April 27th and April 28th.
Consideration has been given to the possibility that this situation was engendered by a misperception of routine stars and planets by both civilians and police officers on both evenings. This theory was first advanced by Peter Davenport of the National UFO Reporting Center, who was advised of the incident by the Ohio State Patrol while the sighting was in progress. The star 'Sirius' was identified by Davenport as a likely candidate for misperception, but after sober review of the police tapes acquired from the Warren County Department of Emergency Services, this attempt at explanation is not looked upon favorably.
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From Kenny Young
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