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Chances For Discovery Of Alien
Life Greater Than Ever

By Lord Rees
The chance of discovering life on other worlds is greater than ever, according to Lord Rees, Britain's leading astronomer.
Lord Rees is the president of the Royal Society and Astronomer Royal. He said discovering alient life would be a moment which would change humanity.
Lord Rees said: "Technology has advanced so that for the very first time we can actually have the realistic hope of detecting planets no bigger than the earth orbiting other stars. Although it is a long shot to be able to learn more about any life of them, it's tremendous progress to be able to get some sort of image of another planet, rather like the earth orbiting another star."
State of Washington August 2009
Edinburgh Texas January 20th. 2010
Pigeon Forge TN. January 9th. 2010
New Zealand January 19th. 2010
Hungary June 1st. 2009
Italy January 20, 2009 (this is one of the craft we are now getting better pictures of).
January 10, 2010 (These are the notorious Rods that have been filmed both very small and enormous in size). Italy
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