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Argentina - More About The
Jungle UFO - Vid
From Scott Corrales 
Inexplicata - The Journal Of Hispanic Ufology
Source - Periodismo en Linea ­ Peru
Perú - More About the Jungle Saucer
An alleged unidentified flying object was captured on videotape by local resident Wiler Cumpa in July 2009 in the town of Juanjuí, San Martín Region.
To judge by the images, the alleged object moves, changes colors and makes no noise. This impressed Cumpa and his daughter as they observed it.
"See the color. It's red in the middle, yellow, green...it moves. It's an unidentified flying object," say both, in the audio picked up by the camera.
The alleged contact occurred on July 29 11:30 p.m. and has caused a sensation in its community, to the extent that [the witness] has been invited to appear on various media opportunities.
Liz Cumpa, the contactee's daughter, also attests to the site and even said that they "summoned" the UFO so that it would appeared before their eyes.
See the video here -
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