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What It's Like To Live With Or Around Someone
With (DID) Dissociative Identity Disorder - Vid

From Bryan Tew
Exclusive To

A CIA-DIA Trauma-Based Mind Control Victim Who Has
No Idea She Is Even Targeted - Video HERE

The Targeted Individual's family members and friends are also in extreme danger because the CIA DIA Contractors cannot allow the Mind Control victim to engage in a pattern of random and chaotic situational and conversational scenarios. It disrupts their technology by disrupting the verification process.

So the Mind Control victim's family members and friends must either be turned into Informants (verification markers & verification triggers) or into VICTIMS OF THE TECHNOLOGY without their awareness. Just like this woman in the interview. Clueless.

A great many of those who are engaging in Organized Stalking and Gas Lighting, etc., are themselves victims of this technology, meaning their eternal soul (Will Intellect and Emotion) is hanging over Hell by a thread, or it's already too late for them.

Remember, God can depart from them - forever depart - long before the cognitive model (copy-cat parallel twin personality) is completed. You don't get a free pass from God to knowingly and deliberately target the eternal soul of another innocent human being.

Jesus Christ stated it would be "better for that man [or woman] if they had a millstone tied around their neck and they were cast into the sea" than to cause a Christian to stumble.

If you want to know what God did to those in the Bible who knowingly and deliberately targeted the human soul of another person then listen to Pastor David Wilkersons Sermon and you will get a horrifying idea:


Her symptomology proves it to be true. She is a Trauma Based Mind Control victim and has no idea. Just like the victims of Jeffrey Epstein. They don't even understand what is happening to them and why.

Epstein's victims of rape and sexual molestation are still his victims. Even though he is dead and in Hell, those women and children are mind control victims and still Targeted and don't even know it.

Listen to the woman's testimony in the television interview where she states that just before she switches to an alter personality she becomes extremely tired and disoriented.

This tiredness and disorientation is caused by modulation of the phase, frequency and amplitude of the stream of energy targeting her cerebral cortex, using Theta Waves. It is an Exascale Supercomputer which is targeting and attacking her with Remote Neural/Monitoring & Remote Neural Manipulation

She was targeted from birth at a young age from 3 to 6 years old with extreme psychological and physical trauma including rape and sexual molestation to cause her to develop dissociative identity disorder or multiple personality disorder.

in the interview she talks about the sexual molestation right by her father and his friends when she was very young from two to six years old.

Most trauma based mind control victims of the CIA and Department of Defense are just like this individual and have no idea they are even targeted with this technology.

The CIA NSA perps are using a 'fabricated or falsified stream' of Electromagnetic Low Frequency Waves to interfere with the Mind Control victims memory and thought process.

Once you become dependent (ie. you believe their impulse injections are your own) on the system's output (or they believe your responses to it are consistent) they will begin to fabricate 'subconscious responses' which they will pretend are indicators of honesty/dishonesty, positive recognition, anxiety, etc, and they will use these 'impulse injections' to convince youthat the fabricated responses are your own.

If you are unaware of this constant mental manipulation the system will begin to shape your thoughts and behavior. They will use this to [attempt to] restrict your thoughts and behavior by blocking [interfering with] your memory and thought process while these suggestions (injected impulses) are being provided - the interference is triggered and can be activated at will by the attackers.