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Gays, Fake News, & Man Made AIDS

By Alan Cantwell, M.D.
Did the AIDS epidemic originate as a man made disease? Aaron Hicklin, editor-in-chief of OUT magazine, a popular LGBT monthly, raises the issue in, ‘How the Soviet Union hijacked a virus,’ Feb 2018, p 41. He reminds us of “the dangerous campaign of misinformation” when the Russians accused   U.S. scientists of developing the AIDS virus and seeding it into the human population. This Cold War propaganda program continued from 1983 until 1988 when the Soviet Academy of Sciences disbanded the theory entirely. Hicklin claims misinformation campaigns “undermine scientists and the media by planting fake news stories.” He concludes, “As the death toll rose in the 1990s, AIDS conspiracies would continue to undermine public health efforts by sowing doubt in effected communities. The consequences of that are too horrible to contemplate.”

The editor does not mention current theories about the origin of AIDS, nor does he refer to more than 30 years of research into man made AIDS that followed the Russian accusations. This is not surprising as the scientific experts and major media have totally avoided any serious discussion of man made AIDS, except to dismiss it entirely as “conspiracy theory.” (See the Wikipedia page, ‘Discredited HIV/AIDS origins theory’)

The current widely accepted scientific view is that the epidemic began when a hunter in the African jungle cut himself while butchering monkey meat, infecting himself with an immunosuppressive monkey retrovirus. Over the years the non-human primate viruses thought to be most closely related to HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) first included African Green monkeys, then chimpanzees, then back to monkeys and more recently gorillas. It is essential to realize that the “cut hunter theory” remains a non proven theory. It is an imagined scenario, not based on fact. Nevertheless, the theory is widely accepted as fact; and alternative theories such as man made AIDS have been discredited without serious study and discussion.   

There are important facts supporting the man made theory ignored by the major media. Support for the man made theory is the result of the combined efforts of  health professionals Robert Strecker, Alan Cantwell, Leonard B Horowitz, and others who have been writing books and posting internet evidence about man-made AIDS for more than a third of a century. They do not give credence to Russian propaganda. However, this research does implicate U.S scientists, the genetic manipulation of viruses, and vaccine experiments.

There is no evidence that the epidemic in the U.S originated in Africa; or vice versa. The AIDS epidemic originated in 1979 in Manhattan, New York City. The AIDS epidemic in Africa was first uncovered in the Autumn of 1982, as noted by Nobel Prize winner Luc Montagnier, the co-discoverer of HIV.

Robert Strecker was the first physician to claim the new disease in homosexual men was directly connected to an experimental  hepatitis B vaccine program conducted by the New York Blood Center in Manhattan. The experiment,    utilizing gay and bisexual men exclusively, was conducted during the years 1978-1981. Over 1,000 young, previously healthy, mostly white gay men were inoculated with  a series of injections. The year the experiment ended was the year the “gay plague” epidemic became official.

The first proven AIDS cases, all gay men,  reported to the CDC occurred during the same time period (1978-1981) as the gay vaccine experiments. The first sprinkling of cases were recorded in 1979, all were young, previously healthy, mostly white gay men in Manhattan, New York City. The same demographic who volunteered for the experiment.

By 1982, one year after the official onset of the epidemic, thirty percent (30%) of the men in the experiment were HIV-positive, making this demographic the most infected group ever to be recorded anywhere in the world, even to this day.  This was a year when the African epidemic was still largely unknown. At present, Swaziland, Africa has the highest HIV infection rate of 26%.

During the decade before AIDS, numerous genetic experiments involved manipulating dangerous animal viruses and adapting them to human cells and tissue.  The most likely place on the planet for an animal virus to “jump species” was not in the African jungle, but in these laboratories. (See, the Special Virus Cancer Program) In addition, research physicians, without consent of their patients,   deliberately and unethically injected them with hepatitis viruses in order to prove a connection.  (Google: The Middlebrook hepatitis experiments)  One of the research physicians conducting these horrific experiments, mainly in institutionalized children, later became a “safety officer”  for the gay experiment at the Blood Center.

Despite the given name “human immunodeficiency virus, ” the AIDS virus is not a natural human virus. The virus is most closely related to retroviruses found normally in some non-human primates (monkeys, chimps, or gorillas).  We are told the virus “jumped species” in the African jungle.  It is extremely important not to confuse the origin of the AIDS virus (HIV, the primate-derived retrovirus) with the origin of the AIDS epidemic. The primate immunodeficiency virus is thousands  of years old, but the epidemic is 40 years old.

How could a sexually transmitted virus found in black African heterosexualsl transform itself into a white homosexual male disease in Manhattan (and at a time  when the epidemic was unknown in Africa).  Even though most adults know little about viruses,  most know something about sex. The scientific experts and AIDS educators and the major media all tell us that the epidemic originated in Africa, which is a tremendous distortion of the truth, if not “fake news.” It is inconceivable to me how there could be any sexual connection between the outbreak of AIDS in the U.S. and in Africa, irrespective of which epidemic came first.

So where did the epidemic come from? If we can get past the scientific and media disinformation, misinformation, and fake news, perhaps we can better explain why 35 million people have already died of this dread disease. We have spent almost 40 years blaming blacks, gays, monkeys, chimps, gorillas, promiscuity, God’s will,  etc. for this horrendous virus. Isn’t it time we took another look at conspiracy theory and even Russian propaganda as containing some kernels of truth pointing to the entirely rational man made theory of AIDS.


Alan Cantwell is the author of AIDS & the Doctors of Death: An Inquiry into the Origin of the AIDS Epidemic, and Queer Blood: The Secret AIDS Genocide Plot, both available through