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Hillary's Failing Health


Hillary's Eyes

More Proof Of Hillary's Severe Eye Problems

Laser Pointer! - Clinton Hiding Perkinson's Or Dementia
Bardack - Clinton Scored Perfectly…On Non-Existent Test

MDs Diagnose Hillary's Failing Health

Physicians Detail Evidence Of Hillary Parkinson's Disease

Prominent MD Shreds Bardack's Coverup Letter

General Updates

Hillary Stumbles Boarding Plane, Mumbling 10-27-16

Hillary Drinking Crisis - 'Sober Her Up!'

Visible Physical Seizures

Clinton Has Mild Bobble-Head Seizure After Debate?

Did Clinton Have A Mini-Seizure During Debate?

Ben Carson On Hannity - Hillary's 'Chicken Head Seizure'

Watch Hillary's Bizarre, Brain-Damage, Mental Problems

Hillary Brain Seizure On Stage - Handler Orders 'Keep Talking'

WATCH - Who Is Her Black Handler? No Normal S/S Agent

Hillary Parkinsons…Handlers Ready To Inject Her - Pics

Same Black Handler When Hillary Left Hospital w/Brain Clot

It's Worse Than We Thought - Her New Handler Raises Questions

Hillary's Eyes

Clinton's Eyes Point To Major Health Issues

Hillary Falling Apart - Left Eye Now Wandering - Esotropia

Watch - Why Are Clinton's Eyes Crossing?

MDs Diagnose Hillary's Failing Health

The Original Hillary Medical Records Leak

Watch - Shocker...Med School Prof - Hillary Has Vascular
Dementia, One Year To Live

WATCH - Clinton Illness By MD - She Could Die Anytime

Watch Carefully - Clinton's Devastated Health
Logically Described By Career MD

Prominent Doctor, Prof Of Medicine On Hillary Health

Top Doc - Hillary's Health Crisis Real, Not 'Conspiracy'

General Updates

Hillary Tries To Cover Parkinson's Shakes By Nodding

EMT Medics Rush Gurney Backstage Before Hillary Akron
Rally - Did Medical Event Occur? - Watch Medics Faces

AMTS & MMSE Are Cognitive Tests - A '3' On AMTS Shows
SEVERE Mental Impairment

Another Clinton Mini-Seizure During Debate...Watch Closely

Hillary Clinton's Sickness Unto Death

Hillary In Orlando Lying About Her Health, Again

Hillary's Vascular Dementia & Obama's Three Head Scars

What's That White Thing In Hillary Double's Mouth?

Agent Who Protected Hillary - 'Something Seriously Wrong'

Weak Hillary Helped Up The Stairs At Tiny Philly Rally

New Film Wallops Hillary's Mind - To Open In 1,000 Theaters

Dr Noel - Hillary Has Severe, Advanced Parkinsons

Hillary's Back - Clearly Sick, Mentally Unwell w/Press On 9-17

'Hillary' In NC - Where Are The FLAGS In Smart Phones?
Fraud!... Visible Crowd Is From ANOTHER Event!
It Was Edited In - Their Phones Show A Different Background

Watch - No Flags On Smart Phones In NC Audience

Hillary Dying Of Sepsis Encephalopathy In Secret Med Facility

Strangely More Vibrant, Younger, Smoother Hillary In NC
Just Four Days After Collapsing And Looking Nearly Dead

Huckabee - Clinton Health Coverup Will Be The End

Clinton Body Double Story In USA Today

Limbaugh On The Body Double And 'Pneumonia'

MORE Health Lies From The Clinton Campaign

Metrocare Home Svcs & Chelsea Apt - No Coincidences

Hillary Raced Right Past Hospital To Chelsea's 'Apt'

Hillary - Brain Tumor, Vascular Dementia Or Alzheimers?

Hillary's Friends Admit She Has Parkinson's Disease

CBS Fraud - Edits Out Bill's Slip About Hillary's Health

Hillary 'Pneumonia' BS - Got A Neuro Test Before Collapse

MSM Forced To Admit Clinton Health Is Major Issue

Hillary Health - NBC Asks 9 Unanswered Questions

Evidence For Hillary Having Parkinson's - Diet Coke

Clinton 9/11Collapse

What Fell Out Of Hillary's Pants? Part Of The Catheter
Equipment And Urine Bag? Strange Anomalies Here

The Evidence For Advanced Parkinson's Is Major

Video Of Collapse With Audio, Right Side View

Video Of Hillary's Collapse, Left Side View

Video Zoom Of Hillary's Foot Shows She Is Out COLD

Breitbart Story On The Collapse

Did Hillary Clinton Die After Collapsing At The 9/11 Event?

Clinton Leaves Chelsea Apt - No S/S ! - Gives Child 'Pneumonia'

WABC-TV Reported Clinton Died After 9/11 Event

Hillary's Body Double Controversy

Complete Archive Of All Body Double Stories & Videos

Devvy - Clinton Body Double - What Changed My Mind

Watch - Hillary Has A Voice Double AND Body Double?

Shocking Difference Between Perky 'Hillary' On 9-15,
Then In 9-17 Press Chat After NY Bomb...Near Collapse

Revealing Comparisons Of Pre-9/11 & 9/14 'Hillary'

No Doubt A Double Left Chelsea Apt 90 Min After 9/11

Excellent Analysis Of Blatant Differences Between
Hillary And The New North Carolina Body Double

Rense Discovers 2nd Hillary Double - Photos On Plane
Prove Fraud - Double Used For NC Rally & Speech

Earlobes Don't Lie - Photos Don't Lie - The Ears Give It Away

Acoustic Scientist - 'Hillary' At Chelsea's Not Hillary - (Start At 8 Min)

Hillary Has A Mole - A Body Double Won't (Unless They Put One On)

Video Of Hillary's Double (?) Leaving Chelsea's Apartment

Body Double...Before And Afters

Hillary Body Double Story Goes Viral - With Good Reason

Ring Finger Proves A Body Double Left The Apt Building

Earlobes Don't Lie - More Body Double Evidence

Clinton Lookalike Earns Big Money Impersonating Her

Damning Observations Of Body Double Leaving The Apt

WABC-TV Reported Clinton Died After 9/11 Event

Did A Hillary Body Double Walk Out Of 'Chelsea's Apt?

More Proof Of A Hillary Clinton Body Double - Photos

Did Hillary Clinton Die After Collapsing At The 9/11 Event?

Clinton Leaves Chelsea Apt - No S/S ! - Gives Child 'Pneumonia'

Kirwan - Clinton Body Double A Criminal Conspiracy

Clinton Struck By Massive Face & Neck Rash

Shocking Rash On Hillary's Face, Neck As She Draws
Dismally Tiny Crowd In Huge KC Convention Center

Clinton Disappears From Her Schedule For 5 Days

Hillary’s Failing Health Top Story In National Enquirer

GOP Rep Says Clinton Clearly Mentally Impaired

Hillary Now Has Wheel Chair Lift In Her Travel Van

Watch - New Overview Of Clinton's Failing Health
Emails Show Hillary Severely Ill, 'Always Exhausted'

Watch - Hillary Health Coverup Falling Apart

The Truth About Hillary's Bizarre Behavior

Apparent Catheter Tube

Hillary’s Left Pantleg Shows Apparently Catheter Tube

Hillary's Extremely Long Bathroom Break During Debate

Can't Walk Stairs

Hillary Has Serious Physical Problems With Stairs - Photos

Sick Hillary Needs Footstool To Get In Car

Tongue Hole - Oral Cancer Removed

Big Hole In Hillary's Tongue - Syphilis? Mouth Cancer? - Pics

Before & After Pics Of Hillary's Tongue Show Large Hole - Pics

Before & After Of Hillary's Tongue - Oral Cancer Removed?

Bizarre Balloon Behavior At DNC

Hillary's Bizarre Reaction To Balloons At DNC

Being Held Up To Speak

Look - Hillary Has To Be Held Up To Speak

Strange Coughing Fits

Watch - Hillary 2nd Coughing Fit This One On Jet

Watch - Four Minute Coughing Fit - The Woman Is Very Ill

Hillary Has TWO BIG Coughing Fits - On Plane & Rally

Hillary's Severe Coughing Attacks

Railing Installed & Leaning On Table
At Joe Biden's Childhood Home

Sidewalk Handrails For Hillary At Biden Home

Sick Hillary Has To Hold Chair, Table In Biden Home

Hillary Catheterized?

Hillary’s Left Pantleg Shows Apparent Catheter Tube

Hillary Dodges Kimmel's Health Question

Hillary On Kimmel Does NOT Answer Health Issue

Media, Doctors & Hillary's Health Records

WikiLeaks Documents Say Hillary Is Seriously Ill

Hillary's Apparent Medical Handler Vanished?

Email Shows Info To Hillary On 'Upper' Drug

Email - Hillary Looked At 'Upper' Drug For Parkinsons

Hillary Asked NFL Comm For Help With ‘Cracked Head’

New Email - Huma Talks Concern For Hillary Health

NYT Writer - Google Should Hide Hillary's Health Trouble

MSM Won't Cover Hillary's Extremely Bizarre Behavior

Media Lie About Hillary’s Severe Health Condition

Media Lying About Hilary's Severe Health Conditions

Giuliani - Hillary's Media Empire Is Hiding Her Failing Health

Hillary Hides Something Under Heavy Wool Coat In August

Hillary Vanishes Until Sunday - Health Fail

Dr. Drew - Hillary Has 'Brain Damage' CENSORED

MD 'Gravely Concerned' About Hillary's Health

Hillary & MSM Can't Hide Her Health Any Longer

Million Dollar Bounty For Hillary's 'True' Health Records

More Hillary Medical Records Leaked

Hillary Med Records? X-Ray - Brain Cancer Or Clot Rot?

Another Clinton Brain Malfunction - Something Wrong

Reverse Speech Showed Hillary Fears About Health

Hillary Has Dementia Says Ex-Employee Of Her Physician

Another Hillary Brain Blackout And Dizzy Spell

Hillary Taking Coumadin aka Warfarin - A Rat Poison

Clinton's Health In Rapid Decline - Time For The Truth

Trump Rightly Questions Hillary's Mental Health

Hillary Is Unfit - Breakdown, Stroke, Brain Damage, Drugs?

Clinton Gets CONFUSED Trying To Answer Email Question

Hillary Said 'Often Confused' - Top Aide Huma Abedin


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