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More Proof Of A Hillary Clinton Body Double - Photos

Jeff Rense


Note - I received the following information early this morning.  I am posting it as a matter of national public interest.  It has been edited for clarity and easier reading...

"That was most defiantly a body double leaving the apartment building yesterday in NYC and it was not Hillary. The impersonator's name is Theresa Bamwell from NC.

I checked the door of the building and she (Barnwell) is about 5 feet tall…about 6.5 inches shorter than Hillary.   Also, she has hazel eyes and Hillary has blue…see the photos below.

Notice the Barnwell body frame.  Hillary has big hips, big stomach, big butt. This women is 15-20 lbs lighter and has skinny legs where Hillary has fat legs.  Hillary has jowls under her chin. Appears this woman has had facial surgery but they did not do the same to Hillary.

I also found photos her standing next to famous people and tracked her height from that Giuliani, John Voight, Jay Leno, Geraldo Rivera.  She, 'Barnwell' is about 5 feet tall. Which means any clothes she is wearing especially pants have to be adjusted!  This woman's nose is very pointy and her teeth are very pronounced while Hillary's look uncapped and uneven.

This 'Barnwell' woman is short.  The two are together in the first photo a clear 5-6 " difference!  There is a 7 year difference in age and about a 15 - 20 lb difference in their weight.

Hillary and her alleged double, one 'Theresa Barnwell' of North Carolina

Body Double Lett, Hillary Right

A Group Of Body Doubles Around Barnwell

Barnwell And Actor Jon Voight

Barnwell And Jay Leno



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