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Earlobes Don't Lie - Photos Don't Lie
The Ears Give It Away

Jeff Rense


These earlobe photos were both taken on 9/11. Both Hillary and the Body Double are wearing the same outfits but have different ear rings.

Hillary is on the right in the two sets of enlarged photos below.  The photos (video frames) were taken at the 9/11 Memorial event at Ground Zero.  Shortly after this photo of Hillary was taken, she suffered the massive seizure and complete collapse while leaving the event earlier than curbside waiting for the Secret Service van to collect her.

As we have seen, Secret Service agents and aides tried to get Hillary to step down off the curb and up into the van.  As the videos of that event clearly show, Hillary collapsed and almost pulled three adults holding her up down to the ground with her.  The agents dragged her limp body into the van and it sped away, leaving one of her shoes behind at curbside

The woman in the photo below is the Body Double who…JUST 90 MINUTES LATER…came bounding out of Chelsea's condominiium building acting far more like Mary Poppins than a woman who had just suffered a massive health criss, losing all motor control of her body and probably her consciousness.  This woman we will call Body Double Two.

Teresa Barnwell, the known professional Clinton impersonator, can be labeled Body Double One. Barnwell was in California at the time.


In the photos above, Body Double Two appears to be shorter and about 30 pounds lighter than Hillary Clinton. Everyone has seen the comparison shots so we will focus on the earlobes.

So, here we have earlobe photos of both women on the same day...9-11-16.  

It is exceedingly clear that these two sets of earlobes are entirely different and confirming that the woman who came out of Chelsea's building was, indeed, a Body Double.  We believe the real Hillary was upstairs in the same building at the time, in a secret medical clinic located in the rear of the fourth floor that Chelsea owns ...and that Hillary may be been using as her 'secret hospital' for years.

Body Double
Hillary Clinton


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