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Hillary's Body Double Controversy


Rense Discovers 3rd Hillary Double - Photos On Plane
Prove Fraud - Double Used For NC Rally & Speech

Devvy - Clinton Body Double - What Changed My Mind

Shocking Difference Between Perky 'Hillary' On 9-15,
Then In 9-17 Press Chat After NY Bomb...Near Collapse

Watch - Hillary Has A Voice Double AND Body Double?

Excellent Analysis Of Blatant Differences Between
Hillary And The New North Carolina Body Double

Analysis - No Doubt A Double Left Chelsea Apt 90 Min After 9/11

Watch - Hillary Has A Voice Double AND Body Double?

Earlobes Don't Lie - Photos Don't Lie - The Ears Give It Away

Acoustic Scientist - 'Hillary' At Chelsea's Not Hillary - (Start At 8 Min)

What Is In The New Body Double's Mouth?

Ring Finger Proves A Body Double Left The Apt Building

Hillary Has A Mole - A Body Double Won't (Unless They Put One On)

Video Of Hillary's Double Leaving Chelsea's Apartment

Body Double...Before And Afters

Hillary Body Double Story Goes Viral - With Good Reason

Clinton Lookalike Earns Big Money Impersonating Her

Damning Observations Of Body Double Leaving The Apt

WABC-TV Reported Clinton Died After 9/11 Event

Did A Hillary Body Double Walk Out Of 'Chelsea's Apt?

More Proof Of A Hillary Clinton Body Double - Photos

Did Hillary Clinton Die After Collapsing At The 9/11 Event?

Clinton Leaves Chelsea Apt - No S/S ! - Gives Child 'Pneumonia'

Kirwan - Clinton Body Double A Criminal Conspiracy



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