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Damning Observations Of The
Body Double Leaving The Apt

Jeff Rense


Note - We are following the breaking story of Hillary Clinton's Body Double.  Our source sent the following regarding the video of 'Hillary' leaving Chelsea's apt building...

"My big question is - Where is the footage of Hillary arriving at Chelsea's apartment building?  She did arrive there.  There is a sidewalk cafe just next to it and nobody got footage of Hillary arriving!? The was no entourage entering? She slipped in unnoticed?!

(It is highly doubtful Hillary, in possibly critical condition, was taken to Chelsea's apartment 'to rest.'  She was likely taken to the nearest hospital and given emergency care.  If that was the case, is she still hospitalized?  Is she still alive?  WABC-TV said she had died.  That is one of America's top stations and that would be a monumental error to make.  We don't know for certain if Hillary Clinton is alive or where she is.  - JR)

Hillary With Nurse At 9/11 Ceremony

She had a Nurse and assistant at the 9/11 ceremony plus a doctor.  The assistant was taking place of Huma.  Where was Huma???  

So, are we supposed to believe Hillary, in severe - maybe life-threatening - medical crisis, went to her daughter's apartment, unescorted by the nurse, assistant, Doctor of Secret Service? Wow.

All the woman said when she came out (higher than a kite - JR) was: "I'm feeling great!" and "It's A Beautiful Day In New York!" and got into a similar van.  She came out of the building nurse, no assistant and she knew exactly where there press was gathered across the street.   The only footage on 'Hillary's side of the street' was that footage of when she was entering the van.

My local Channel 7 WABC-TV, NYC that I watch daily broadcast Breaking News at 11pm last night news that Hillary had died!  

See The WABC-TV Newscast - Click Here

Why did she stay in that apt. for only one hour?  (How could 'Hillary' come bounding out, happy, too happy and practically jumping and clicking her heels in the air? - JR)   Why didn't Chelsea - or ANYONE - come out with her seriously ill mother to  make sure she got into van OK?

Bill and Chelsea will not stand next to this body double. They all know this woman,  'Theresa Barnwell', exists.  

Furthermore, when the body double came out of the building
she was wearing a shoulder bag on RIGHT SIDE, Hillary always uses left side! Women always have a preferred shoulder.



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