Your Days Are Numbered
By Brad Steiger
Some people who practice the ancient science of numerology believe that the totality of human experience can be reduced to the digits one through nine. These single numbers, they maintain, contain the essence of all combinations of numbers and their significance. On a number of my recent appearances on Jeff Rense's Sightings, listeners have called in to express their concern, confusion, or frustration with the repetitive manifestation of certain numbers in their lives. Jeff came up with an excellent term for such digits, Totem Numbers. Just as one may throughout his spiritual quest gain totem animals that guide him, so might one attain guiding numbers that manifest to signal psychic alerts--moments to heed, to acknowledge, to be alert on all levels of consciousness. And just as a Totem Animal relates only to specific individuals, so might these Totem Numbers have significance only to those who perceive them as important activating signals in their lives.
Determining Your Life-Path Number
Let us say that you were born on March 29, 1968.
March is the third month--3
the day 29, 2+9 totals 11
the year 1+9+6+8 totals 24 which reduces [2+4] to 6
Now add 3 with 11 [11 being a Master Number does not reduce]=14 +6=20
Drop the zero, and you have 2 as your Life-Path Number.
What does it mean to have "2 as your Lifepath Totem Number?
Let us give a capsule summary of each the nine digits and their esoteric meaning:
1--Key word: individualization The Number One personality will usually seek a certain amount of independence. It is important to this individual to feel in charge. Although cooperative in most social endeavors, the Number One person resents taking orders or having to assume a subservient role.
2--Key word: adaptability Number Two personalities are generally well-adjusted and socially cooperative. In general, people with this Lifepath number are very tranquil in nature. As opposed to the Number One personality, the Number Two types are totally contented to be interdependent upon others. A Number Two would make an excellent roommate or marriage partner, for he or she would be willing to adapt to the needs or wishes of the other. Number Two individuals are great lovers and sensitive to rhythm and music.
3--Key word: expressive People on the Lifepath of Number Three will almost always be outwardly demonstrative in expressing their emotions. Number Threes are very gregarious and love being around others. They are wonderful at throwing parties and make great hosts. Number Threes are the true social butterflies, always willing and ready to mix with others.
4--Key word: achieve Number Fours are the classic over-achievers, willing to push far beyond the limits that their fellows might find as excessive. The Number Four personality are also often found in law enforcement and in the entertainment fields. Four is also the number of the Earth Mother, so females on this Lifepath will strive always to serve other beings and to reach continually greater heights of achievement.
5--Key word: freedom People with the Lifepath number of 5 are easily bored with routine, a regular schedule, and a static environment. They love to travel, especially to faraway and exotic locations. Number Five individuals make excellent explorers, traveling salespeople, and military personnel. In another time, they would have been the mountain men, fur trappers, and trailblazers of the frontier.
6--Key word: adjust Six is the number of devotional love. The very physical presence of a Number Six person brings with it a healing balance that will adjust the most inharmonious of conditions. Those on the 6 Lifepath are true homebodies. They seem to live on the love vibration. They make excellent marriage partners and parents.
7--Key word: wisdom Seven is a cosmic number, and great benefits will be brought to those with a 7 Lifepath number. Number Seven people are "old souls that are moving upward on the evolutionary soul scale. Those with the 7 path discover early in life their telepathic and other extrasensory abilities. Number Seven individuals are inclined to the mystical and meditative lifestyle.
8--Key word: accomplishment Eight is a power number. The person with an 8 Lifepath loves to work and delights in any opportunity to display physical prowess and strength. Number Eight men and women strive for success in any endeavor in which they are engaged. Long hours and strenuous activities daunt them not in the least. For relaxation, they usually favor endurance sports.
9--Key word: universality Nine is the number of Oneness. People with this Lifepath Number are service-oriented, and they are so devoted to others that they may sometimes seem as if they have no desires of wishes of their own. Number Nine individuals favor the artistic and inspirational lifestyles and strive always to achieve new insights into the universality of all life forms.
11--A Master Number: Key word: revelation Eleven is a Master Number that cannot be broken down or added. A Number Eleven person soon gives evidence that he or she is destined to achieve some mystical or humanitarian goal. People on this vibration are generally on a higher spiritual plane than most of their fellows. Number Eleven individuals seek out others who are visionaries, dreamers, psychic-sensitives, and idealists. Together with other visionaries, the Number Eleven strives to reveal something new and uplifting to the world.
22--A Master Number: Key word: manifest Twenty-Two is also a Master Number that cannot be broken down or added. Number 22 people choose to work with other mystics, practical idealists, and spiritual practitioners to work for the improvement, expansion, and growth of the masses. Devoted to manifesting love and light, the Number Twenty-Two individuals have achieved a high-plane evolution and have come to Earth with the mission of abetting the spiritual progress of humankind.
What's in a Name?
Your name is a sound, a direct manifestation of vibration. Since each letter of the alphabet has its distinctive sound, it follows that each letter would also have its own distinctive number. Using the one-to-nine cycle, the following graph shows you how to arrive at the number vibration of your name.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
S T U V W X Y Z  
Example: B I L L S M I T H
2 9 3 3 1 4 9 2 8
17 24
8 6
Using the same esoteric digital chart that you used to determine the Lifepath Number, we see that Bill Smith has a name vibration of 5.
Determining Your Totem Number
Certain people have said that it seems wherever they move, their address contains the same numbers, telephone digits contain many of the same number, hotel rooms assigned to them bear the same numbers...on and on...the same numbers keep popping up, leading them to wonder what the significance might be.
Use the same digital reference guide as listed above. Let us say that 11:11 keeps appearing in your life in ostensibly mysterious or strange ways. Since 11 is a Master Number that cannot be broken down or added, the double-eleven signal is quite likely your angel or spirit guide giving you a wake-up call that either it is time to activate your earthly mission or you have been neglecting the deeds required of you on your soul-chosen path.
Only you can determine the true and actual significance of your Totem Number, but the material offered in this article may be of use to you in the successful accomplishment of your spiritual progress.