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Crooked Hillary, The Cheat Earbuds & More

Proof Of Hillary's Rigged Podium Mini Teleprompter - Pics

Hillary Cheated AGAIN…Read Podium Mini-Prompter & Earbud

Frankenstein w/Injector Or Laser - Drugged Hillary Skates

Is Hillary Mumbling At Someone During Debate?

How The Clintons Rigged The First Debate

Vile Clinton Caught Using Child Actor At PA Town Hall

Holt - 'Mr Trump, Have You Stopped Beating Your Wife?'

Debate Commission Admits Trump's Mic Was Defective

Blatant Revelations Of Clinton Cheating At Debate
Rigged Podium Electronics, Hand Signals & More

WATCH - Proof Hillary & Holt WORKING TOGETHER With
Hand Signals To Control & Manipulate The Debate - WOW

Clinton Caught Cheating Again With Another Ear Piece

Hillary Using Earbud To Receive Transmissions

'FOXACID' Is An NSA Spying, Computer Hacking-Infection Tool -
How Did Brock's Trolls Get It?

They Reference '18-2381' - Do A Search…18 US Code 2381 Is 'Treason'
Read FULL TRANSCRIPT Of The Alleged Plot Conversation

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