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John Barbour - A Holiday Encounter
...And A #7 Turkey Sub

By John Barbour in Las Vegas

After a rather miserable morning I went to Jersey Mike's on the Strip to get my #7 turkey sub, the best sandwich in the city.

While I was waiting by the cashier after paying, a rather attractive rather short woman with a very long ugly tattoo on her whole right arm, but accompanied by two beautifully behaved beautiful children a boy and a girl around 12 or 13 just walked over to me and said, 'Hello, how are you today?'

I was so surprised, I said I'm not quite sure!'

She smiled a beautiful smile, saying, 'Maybe I read your mind, and maybe you need somebody to talk to!'

I smiled..' No I do not need anyone to talk to. But, if you had read my mind, you:d know I was thinking how could a beautiful young woman have such beautiful children and such an ugly tattoo!'

She laughed, a very musical laugh. ' I have another beautiful 11 year old at home, and the tattoo was a weak moment during covid!'
I said, was the 11-year-old another weak moment during covid?'

Her lovely laugh was even louder. 'God, are you always this funny. And honest? I have six children all together. The other three are out and in their twenties!"

I was stunned. 'Wow, I will just be honest this time and say you barely look out of your twenties yourself!'

She said very quickly. I had these three after colon cancer. And it seems having children keeps me young while my husband is prematurely grey in his early forties. I am 52!

‘Oh, my God…Oh my God' was all I could utter until I said, 'It seems semen is a greater cancer cure than chemotherapy!’

Her infectious laughter now filled the store bringing smiles to everyone's face and all work to a halt as her children rushed over to hug her, smiling also.

She said, ‘You know why I spoke to you?'

'I'm not the mind reader,' I said. 'You are. I have no idea!’

'When I was looking at your kind face, a face I had the feeling I had seen before, God told me to say hello...because you might cheer me up a little…which, indeed, I needed. And you did. God bless you!'

The children gathered up the large to go order and took her mother by each hand.

I said, ‘Ma’am, it was my pleasure, believe me. And as Clint Eastwood said in the movie called Dirty Harry...'You made my day!'

She smiled that engaging smile. 'We can't afford to go to a matter of fact the last one I saw was ‘Superman.'

'Maybe that's another reason I spoke to you. I don't understand why a grown man would wear a Superman sweater but I must say you are, indeed, a super man. Thank you. Have a great day and a great life.’ The children even said a sweet goodbye.

It amazes me how often a total stranger has popped up and made my day...or even my life a lot better. Just amazing!!!