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Two Biden Body Doubles
Note Old Age Disintegration Of Real Biden's Chin

By Jeff Rense

The real, enfeebled, withering Joe Biden, 'President Of The (Formerly) United States'
The chin is fading rapidly. Thinning hair. Earlobes remain attached at the bottom.

This is also the real Biden...earlobes attached and chin failing

This is Body Double Number 1

Unattached earlobes and firm, broad chin. Left side eyebrow is
much closer to the upper eyelash than the above
photos of the real Biden. Differences in hair and more.
Fraud and deceit are everywhere.

This is also Body Double Number 1

Unattached earlobes, large smooth firm (biggest) chin, more hair,
left side eyebrow closer to eyelid lash

This is Body Double Number 2

Not as good as Number 1 above. Unattached ear lobes, hair plugs...much more hair,
smooth chin, small brown MOLE under right side eye bag

This is also Body Double Number 2

Hair plugs, MOLE under right side eye, unattached earlobes

These are Real Biden - attached earlobe, fading chin, forehead skin stack

Real Biden - attached earlobe...fading chin, etc

Real Biden - Attached ear lobe, etc, etc