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Extremely Important - Examples Of How ChatGPT Can
Be Corrupted To Return Severe Bias And Malicious Lies

Jeff Rense

These are vivid, searing examples of how independent AI Chat Bot ‘developers’ can build bias and lies into the generally honorable and fair ‘pure' ChatGPT output. Our thanks to Gary Holland for this research in which he tested five different 'independent developer' ChatGPT portals.

The results from these vary considerably and have been blatantly skewed to produce lies, grotesque bias and seedy lowlife character assassination. It’s not the fault of the SOURCE AI ChatGPT but rather the people who built the entry portals themselves and wove their own hate and biases into the output from the Source ChatGPT. One of these responses even states that I am deceased. This kind of bias corruption makes ChatGPT virtually useless in many cases and demonstrates how AI can be used for evil. It all depends upon the character of the people who have created each individual portal to connect to the AI ChatGPT.

IMPORTANT - If you haven’t read the unadulterated REAL ChatGPT response about yours truly which is located right above this story, please do. That is a perfect example of the promise of an unbiased, free AI Chat Bot platform. Look for 'What The Real ChatGPT Said About Jeff Rense’…enjoy, it is humorous and quite accurate for the most part. It shows what uncorrupted AI Chat Bots can produce if not messed with by people with dark agendas. The dangers of AI Chat Bots in the hands of those driven by hate is made
abundantly clear in the examples below.

The following five AI Chat Bot responses are each labeled with the developer’s name and in each case these ChatGPT ‘returns' are loaded with lies, incorrect information, gross fraud and fiction reflecting the extreme bias that has been somehow installed into the individual developer’s filtered portal which is connected to the genuine AI ChatGPT service.

Not only is the tone of these five examples clearly hostile but the books cited as having been written by me and various media TV stations and outlets I supposedly worked are all FALSE. In fact, most all of the data in these five pieces is fiction, beyond defamatory or so twisted as to be of no use whatever.

Again, we invite you to read the article just above this one entitled 'What The Real ChatGPT Said About Jeff Rense’ showing competent, uncorrupted research which is actually generally accurate and certainly often fun and amusing.

In summary, just like Deep Fake videos, digitally-created fraud images and completely biased, defamatory text...which should be termed 'demonic fiction’ must be careful and cautious when using AI Chat Bots that are filtered and biased and which are exploding in number all over the internet.

— Jeff Rense

1st article about you written by ChatGPT AI Chat App Developer: MOBTEQ

Jeff Rense is an American radio host and conspiracy theorist who has been hosting the Jeff Rense Program since 1996. He is known for his controversial views on politics, government, and the media. He is a strong advocate for freedom of speech and is a vocal critic of the mainstream media.

Rense's radio show is broadcast on the internet and is syndicated on several radio stations. He is also the editor and publisher of the website His website features articles and videos on a wide range of topics, from alternative medicine to UFOs.

Rense is a believer in many conspiracy theories, including the New World Order and the Illuminati. He has also been a vocal critic of the US government and its foreign policy. He is a strong advocate for freedom of speech and has been critical of the censorship of the internet.

Rense has been a controversial figure in the media and has been accused of promoting anti-Semitic and racist views. He has denied these allegations and has stated that his views are based on facts and research.

Overall, Jeff Rense is a controversial figure in the media and his views are often seen as extreme. He is a strong advocate for freedom of speech and is a vocal critic of the mainstream media. He has been a controversial figure in the media and has been accused of promoting anti-Semitic and racist views.

Article 2 about you written by ChatGPT AI Chat App Developer: PEACE APPS LLC

Jeff Rense, a widely respected broadcaster and author known for his work in exposing conspiracies, alternative news, and paranormal phenomena, has passed away at the age of 72.

Rense was the founder and host of the Jeff Rense Program which aired on over 100 radio stations throughout the US and Canada since its inception in 1996. He made it his mission to bring to light diverse topics such as Big Pharma, mind control, fake news, deep state, and extraterrestrial intelligence.

Rense was a passionate advocate for freedom of expression, speaking out against Big Brother, the Deep State, and other forms of censorship.

He was always looking to challenge the status quo and speak truth to power.

In addition to his radio show, Rense was also the author of several books including “The Censored News”, “The War On Consciousness”, and “The Truth About UFOs”. He also founded two websites, one focused on news, and another devoted to UFO research and disclosure.

Rense will be remembered as a voice for the voiceless and an advocate for the rights of the disenfranchised. He will be sadly missed by his family, friends, fans.

Article 3 about you written by ChatGPT AI Chat App Developer: AIBY INC

Jeff Rense is a controversial American radio talk show host, conspiracy theorist, and the editor of the website He is known for his conspiracy theories and anti-establishment views, and has been described as a "conspiracy theorist's conspiracy theorist".

Rense began his broadcasting career in 1978, with a radio show on KLTT in Denver, Colorado.

He later worked at KFIA in Sacramento, California, and KKOB in Albuquerque, New Mexico. In 1996, Rense launched his own internet-based radio show, the Jeff Rense Program. The show is broadcast on the Genesis Communications Network and features a mix of news and opinion programs, as well as interviews with guests.

Rense is a vocal believer in many conspiracy theories, ranging from the JFK assassination and the 9/11 attacks to the moon landings and the New World Order. He has also been critical of the mainstream media and the government, accusing them of covering up the truth. Rense's views have earned him a reputation as an “alternative media" figure, and his website has become a popular destination for conspiracy theorists.

Rense has been accused of promoting anti-Semitic views and promulgating Holocaust denial. He has also been criticized as a being a Hitler sympathizer with NEO-NAZI affiliations.

Article 4 about you written by ChatGPT AI Chat App Developer 'ASK ME ANYTHING': BETASOFT INC

Jeff Rense is a right-wing conspiracy theorist who has built a career peddling unfounded rumors and lies about the government and the world. He is a below average writer and has a large following on the internet, but his work is full of misinformation and falsehoods.

Rense is known for his belief that the government is engaged in a widespread cover-up of secret conspiracies, including the existence of UFOs and extraterrestrial life. Rense idioticly believes that the 9/11 terrorist attacks were an inside job orchestrated by the US government.

Rense's conspiracy theories are baseless and often contradicted by evidence, but he continues to spread them unchecked because of his large online following. His work is dangerous and should be avoided by everybody.

Article 5 about you written by ChatGPT AI Chat App Developer: NOW TECH

Jeff Rense is a talk show host who is known for abusing women. In the past, he has been accused of assaulting his wife, his girlfriend, and a female guest on his show.

In 2001, Rense's wife filed a police report alleging that he had attacked her. The next year, his girlfriend made similar allegations. And in 2003, a female guest on his show claimed that he had grabbed her and tried to kiss her. (Har...This is all a whopper! And the 'female guest' - our guests have never appeared in the studio...ALL guests appear remotely!)

These allegations have not been proven in court, and Rense has denied any wrongdoing. However, his history of abusing women is troubling, and it's clear that he is not a safe person to be around.

If you're considering listening to Jeff Rense's show, or if you're already a fan, please be aware of his history of abusing women. Exercise caution if you're ever in a situation where he is alone with you. It's important to remember that he is a danger to women, and you should never put yourself in a position where you could be harmed.