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Dick Allgire

Knights Templar And Friday The 13th

Dick Allgire's Remote Viewing Election Call

Another Dick Allgire Remote Viewing Hit...
The Big Coffee Trouble In Hawaii

Richard Allgire Remote Viewed Fatal Rain,
Floods In France And Italy - See

Another Allgire Hit - Remote Viewed Huge
Pittsburgh Fireball That Was Seen In 15 States

Allgire Remote Viewed President Trump
Becoming Infected - Published 120 Days Ago

Allgire Remote Viewed Helen Reddy's Passing

Another Remote Viewing Hit By Dick Allgire
Immense CA Fire Smoke covering The Skies

Allgire Remote Viewed Michael Reinoehl Weeks
Before He Was 'Removed' By Federal Marshalls

Allgire Continues Sensational Remote Viewing
Hits Made In June And July For Month Of August
From Record Heat To Millions Of Acres Of Crops

Allgire Remote Viewed The Scorching Heat
Wave Across The Southwest And West Back
In June

Hawaii About To Lockdown Again? The Ghost
Town Of Waikiki - Cryptos Are Making A Big Run

Allgire Remote Viewed Coming Asteroid Impact
On Earth

Allgire Remote Viewed The Beirut Blast In June
He Also Sensed Radiation Involvement

Astonishing - Remote Viewers Predicted
The Beirut Blast - Watch This!

Richard Allgire Remote Viewed A 'Harbinger'
Look And Now We Have The Movie Greenland
Coming Out

Allgire Remote Viewed A Coming 'Event'
Between China And The US In The South China
Sea - Look

Another Remote Viewing Hit For Allgire
...The Israelis Are Pounding Iran

Allgire Remote Viewed Trump's Ramp Trouble
And Pence's Staircase Fall - See Drawings,

Allgire's Stunning Remote Viewing Of Current
Chaos - Look At The Session Work Images...

Allgire Remote Viewed Anarchist
Shootings A Month Ago

Your New Digital ID...Coming Soon

Dick Allgire Predicted The Riots

Kundalini Serpent

The Best Of Times - The Worst Of Times

Barry Schmelling Comments -
What Happened To America? - Vid

Correction! How It Started Out - Watch

Are ETs Involved In At Least Watching The CV Pandemic...Or Worse?

Allgire - It's The Economy Stupid - Watch

Allgire's Coronavirus Escape To A Land
With Armed Soldiers On Streets!

Listen - Jeff And Dick Allgire On Feb 17, 2020

Remote Viewer Dick Allgire 'Saw' The Elite
Going Underground ...While Mass Graves
Were Being Dug On The Surface Above

Dick Allgire Digital Nomad Report - Vid

Three Top Remote Viewers 'Saw'
The Coronavirus Clearly And One Of Them
Saw It back in 2017 - Look At This...

Allgire Remote Viewed Chiefs Super Bowl Win
Three Weeks Ago

Allgire - Germany Has Just Adopted Universal
Basic Income For All Invaders - Sheer Communist Evil - Vid

Blockchain & Climate Change...
A Shocking Report - Vid

Remote Viewer Dick Allgire HIT On Baghdad
US Embassy Siege - He Foresaw It In November

Remote Viewer Edward Riordan Foresaw The
Soleimani Murder Back On 12-30-19 - Shows
Four Missiles Coming Down On Several Targets

Why Barry Schmelling Hates Apple - Vid

What Dick Allgire Saw
While Exercising Today

More Remote Viewing Hits

Special Linux Bell Labs And AT&T Video

What Is The DeFi Network

Remote Viewer Allgire Nails Big Year In UFO Sightings

Remote Viewer Richard Allgire
Hits UFO Weeks Before

Remote Viewer Dick Allgire Scores
Another (Icy) Hit

Get Ready For Global Tax...
Via Cryptocurrency - Vid

Remote Viewer Dick Allgire
Just Back From Trip To Thailand

Remote Viewer Dick Allgire
A Different Kind Of Hit

Remote Viewer Dick Allgire
Hits Two More News Events

Bitcoin Song - 'Hold On Slow!' - Vid

Allgire Remote Views Protests Around
The World ...Last August

Allgire Remote Views Bojo Brexit Crisis
...Back In August

Allgire Remote Viewed The Passing Of Cokie Roberts

Stunning Vegan Food
On Richard's Alaskan Cruise

Allgire With The Creators Of The
Cryptocurrency 'Exodus Wallet' -Vid

Allgire Remote Views Saudi Oil Field Attacks
In September Headline Forecast Session - Anther ‘Hit’

What Do Banks Know About Cryptocurrency? -Video

Love Letter From The IRS - CryptoViewing

Allgire On The Beach In Honolulu Flying His
Drone ...Don't Worry, Be Happy! - Beautiful Video

Another Remote Viewing Hit -
The NYC Blackout!

Allgire's Remote Viewing crypto Forecast
for June Is A Huge 'HIT'

Allgire Remote Viewed Daylight Group Of UFOs
Flying Right Over LA Weeks BEFORE The Big
Event Occurred

Allgire - 'Let This Bastard Launch!' CryptoViewing #372

The FB 'Libra' Crypto? There's Room For Everyone - Vid

Dick Allgire's Stunning Remote Viewing Hits
Look And Be Amazed

Allgire - Bitcoin Rockets! Barry Schmelling Pissed - Vid

How Will The Cryptocurrency Rollout Happen?

The Same Woman Goddess Of War
Figure Throughout History

Remote Viewed Notre Dame Fire In Feb!

Allgire - Stunning Remote Viewing Session Hits

The Ala Moana Duck - Vid

Global Financial System At Risk From
Blockchain - Wall St

Allgire - Comments On The Kavanaugh Circus - Vid

Allgire - The Curious Case Of Seth Tanner
Mystery In The Grand Canyon - Vid

What's Up With Blockchain? Report From San Jose - Vid (187)

Remote Viewing For Crypto Currencies
And World Events With Dick Allgire

Allgire On The Hawaii Volcano And Lava Report - Vid

Trip To Thailand - Photos

Jeff & Dick Allgire, Yoichi Shimatsu - What Really
Happened To Amelia Earhart!

Allgire - Hokulea Returns To Hawaii

Area 51 High Strangeness - Vid

Remote Viewing Of Nice Attack Location 8 Weeks Ago!

Nip At My Heels - Vid

Great Veggie Pizza - Vid

Dick Allgire's Amazing Vegan HEALTHY Bread Pudding - Vid

Coconut Milk Bread Pudding - Vid

Pea Sprout Salad With Vinaigrette - Vid

Security Surrounds Us - Vid


Gee Whiz - Best Low-Fat Vegan 'Cheese' Spread - Vid

Don't Eat Store Salsa, Make Your Own! - Vid

Pak Boong Fai Daeng - Vid

Vegan Clam Linguine - Vid

Spinach Rice (Stealth Spinach) - Vid

Garlic Pasta...Vegan Spaghetti - Vid

Don'tBuy Salad Dressing...Make Your Own - Vid

BasilUdon Noodles - Vid


S Korea Wisely Bans US Beef Over Mad Cow - Vid

Mimi Veggie Sausage - Vid

Mimi Energy Bars - Vid

Stir Fry Waianae - Vid

Flying To Molokai - Vid


Whales In Honolulu Harbor - Vid

Thai Fried Rice - Vid

Thailand Fruit Market - Vid

Mushroom Spaghetti With Moani - Vid

Vietnamese Sandwich - Vid

Vegetable Miso Ramen - Vid

Cook Healthy Fast - Vegan Cashew Cheese - Vid

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