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Dave Haynie and Jim Wyrick
Ghost Voice Recordings
October 16, 2015

(MP3 files)

Are You Over ­ Recorded in a cemetery in Virginia City Nevada at a local family plot.

Bugle Sound followed by the words I'm Dead ­ Recorded in Gettysburg near Triangular Field

Daddy ­ Recorded in the hilltop cemetery of Harper's Ferry WV around 1AM. No children were present and this may be my favorite and most heart wrenching EVP we have ever gotten.

Fine now all mine ­ This was captured in the root cellar of a private residence near our hometown of Chambersburg, PA. The original part of this home dates back to the civil war period.

Help me get down ­ Captured on Sach's covered bridge in Gettysburg. Perhaps a plea from one of the soldiers hung for treason from that bridge?

Help...get back there ­ captured in the same root cellar as Fine now all mine. There was a hard to reach area behind some plumbing and the main well to the house.

I'm trying for the light...BRANWYN ­ Captured in the upstairs bathroom of the private residence near Chambersburg. Jim and his nephew Sean were recording in there and you can hear the child's voice come in and drown them out. After this you can hear the boy mumble something else. The creepy thing is that the owners have a young son but he was downstairs on the ground level standing right next to me as his parents were getting me some Ibuprofen to quell a headache I had just gotten after spending a few minutes in the upstairs bathroom. I can vouch that the boy said nothing when this was recorded and even creepier still is that my oldest daughter's name is Branwyn but she was not there and I had not talked about her at all that evening. The owners also reported that after we left that evening the spirit of the boy was heard by all running up and down the hallway and the stairs. After we had some remote viewing performed he was urged toward the light and we have not had any reports of him since.

Is this death? - Captured in Mansfield Reformatory on an overnight lockdown

Justful God, Why won't they die?
- Also captured in Mansfield in the East prison cells

Go ahead Sean ­ Captured in the root cellar of the private residence near Chambersburg, PA by Jim's nephew Sean.

George, George...are you terrified - captured by an investigator George who was in a group of cells with Janet who is a medium that Jim and I have consulted with on several investigations. Afterwards you can hear Janet remark that “he” is just trying to scare you.

OVILUS ­ Sold to most white men ­ This was an OVILUS session performed by some novice investigators that Jim and I had trained on the use of the OVILUS. They were on main st. Antietam in Sharpsburg at a gas station. On the corner of this gas station is a small cement block that has a plaque affixed to it that explains the block is one of only 3 remaining block sites in the U.S. where slaves were sold on a regular basis.

Picture ­ Captured at a private residence in Orrstown, PA by some missionaries that had been trained by Jim and I on how to perform an initial investigation to see if a full investigation was warranted. You hear the voice say “picture” immediately after the missionary snaps a picture.

Queen Mary pool ­ While you can not make out any actual words you can definitely make out what sounds to be the voice of a young female child giggling and speaking to someone. There were no children present at the time of the recording and while there were no reported deaths by drowning at the pool on the Queen Mary while it was in use as a passenger ship, this area was used to store bodies during WWII.

Not here!
- While performing an investigation at Rolling Hills asylum in East Bethany NY Jim was seated in the children's nursery and I was located in the adjacent hallway. Jim had set his divining rods down on the edge of the pack and play to start an EVP session and I was in the hallway filming down the hallway with the nursery on my left and also recording EVPs. After what sounds to be some kind of malicious growl you here the voice say “not here” as if to tell us not to record audio or video in the nursery. Immediately after that Jim's divining rods were thrown completely out of the nursery and he jumps and screams what was that. He captured the voice saying not here after the growl and on my audio and video I captured his rods as they were thrown out of the nursery and landed in the hallway about 3 feet from where was sitting as well as Jim exclaiming what was that.

Take some pictures ­ Captured by two novice investigators that Jim and I were training at Triangular field in Gettysburg, PA. There have long been reports of equipment malfunctioning and brand new batteries going dead as soon as you enter this location. This was the case here as the new batteries Jim and I had installed in the camera went completely dead. As you hear the two females investigators ask permission to take some pictures the camera comes back on and the voice tells them to take some pictures.

There talking the dog ­ Captured by Jim and Janet in the Bliss mansion in Carson city Nevada. Having gotten permission to investigate the mansion by the owners while they were out of town Jim and Janet entered and immediately Janet calls for the family dog to see if they had taken it with them or if she would need to chain it outside while they investigated. The strange thing is a voice is captured saying “there talking the dog” or to the dog or something to that effect PRIOR to Janet calling the dog. Jim was the only male there and he did not know they owned a dog so it would not make sense for him to say this so it had to be a voice from beyond. Might this be an example of precognition?

You will like death ­ Captured by Jim in Gettysburg, PA on Culp's hill


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