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Father's Day To Me


To me having just one day a year set aside to celebrate Father's Day is rather rather a sin.
Because at 36 when I first held my unwanted tiny warm son in my arms, only then did my life truly begin.

As an unwanted child myself with brawling drunken non-present parents, I I did not know what kind of father I'd be.
I wanted only a shaky career . My wife Sarita wanted a child, I did that for her, with magical changes in fortunes and me.
Now I had to and wanted to live for only him and his mother. Getting me out of my mind on them every day was a total joy.

Everyday became Father's Day. And unexpected success came my way. So I could give more to my wife and Christopher, my boy.
The more I gave to them the more the Gods gave to me. Of course we're individuals...but as a family we are one.
January 29th, 1969 was the day I became that reluctant father at 36. Now at 91, it seems the Joy has just begun!!!

Happy Father's Day! ❤️