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Nixon Wanted To End The UFO-ET Coverup & Left
A Secret Letter Hidden Deep Beneath The White House

From Anon

During a late night meeting deep beneath the White House, President Richard Nixon instructed Robert Merritt to deliver a secret letter to Henry Kissinger.
Nixon reportedly taped a package containing the letter to Merritt's stomach and asked him to act as a covert messenger to deliver it to National Security Adviser Kissinger.  

Nixon told Merritt that only he and Kissinger knew of the letter's existence and it should not fall into the hands of the FBI or the CIA. Nixon was clearly aware of the Deep State and the threats it posed to him.  

Nixon developed a great trust with Merritt whom he had assigned as an undercover operative to the Ultra Secret Huston Plan Program, a covert Intelligence Unit run right out of the White House to perform Black Ops and Surveillance against Nixon's Political enemies.

During his long history of clandestine work for Intelligence agencies, Merritt was developed as a covert Agent and a ‘sex operative' to get compromising material for control files to blackmail Senators and Congressmen.

Merritt had been used by the CIA, FBI and the ATF as a Deep Undercover Informant and found himself under the spotlight during the Watergate Hearings and was later featured in the New York Times. Eventually, Merritt was forced to go underground and to keep silent in order to stay alive.


In a special twist on behalf of Merritt, former Watergate Lawyer Douglas Caddy has sent a letter to the National Archives with the promise of directions to President Nixon's ET Time Capsule that Merritt is convinced is still where Nixon placed it in 1972.

The conditions laid out in the letter instruct the National Archives it can take possession of the letter when it is found…AS LONG AS IT IS READ ALOUD (in the media) when it is discovered and then DISTRIBUTED OPENLY to the public.