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Jan Smith's Newest Photos
Morgellons - CDC Says
It's 'Delusional Parasitosis'


(Editor's note - Jan Smith has suffered from Morgellons for over 20 years.  She is one of the most heroic, brave women of our time. Singlehandedly, Jan began to save, index, photograph and catalog the ASTONISHING things that come out of her body.  Without Jan's dedication to exploring and researching this horrible, frightening condition of MORGELLONS, we would know far less than we do now.

Delusional Parasitosis, also known as Ekbom's Syndrome,[1][2] is a form of psychosis whose victims acquire a strong delusional belief that they are infested with parasites, whereas in reality no such parasites are present.[3] Very often the imaginary parasites are reported as being "bugs" or insects crawling on or under the skin; in these cases the experience of the sensation known as formication may provide the basis for this belief.

Danger Will Robinson !!!   Beware of Folie deux  If you see anything unusual in these photos below you will be considered delusional.

Folie deux (English pronunciation: /f??li ? ?du?/French pronunciation: ?[f?li a d?], from the French for "a madness shared by two") (or shared psychosis) is a psychiatric syndrome in which symptoms of a delusional belief are transmitted from one individual to another.[1]

What a bunch of  detestable evil reptiles run this world!Jeff, I marvel at how you can deal with this kind of news in every venue all the time.  It must get really depressing at times.
 These first four photos are results of alcohol gel mixed with fibers and biofilm.  

Fresh, today, from my left leg.   (Most of the photos below at shown at 300-400x)

Still0823 (2)

Still0787 (3)
Here is what I found just lately...

Still0819 (2)

Still0818 (2)
 Here is something new and sparkly...note the odd blue circular dot.                          
Still0775 (2)


This is an old find but a pink fiber has now appeared on the sealed slide

Still0055 (2)
Gold colored filigree from hand lesion                                                                                                          

Still0518 (2)

Silvery-blue filigree from my face

 Still0628 (2)

Here is my field of vision with my 400x microscope = 2+ grains of table salt.   
This is helpful in understanding the size of these materials in the photos

Still0759 (2)
This is an important find.  This green and black particle came out of my chin.  
It is around the size of 1 grain of salt.   

Still0069 (2) - Copy

I decided to dissect it and see what was inside.  
Photo below is what I removed...

Still0072 (2)
After removing the sheath above I discovered this small pouch of carbon colored particles which has a distict hexagon pattern reminiscent of nano assembly .  I would call this a nano-cone


I removed some most of the carbony stuff so I could get a better look at one layer of the nano material.

Still0074 b
I used two different colored lenses to see if I could get a better photo of the pattern so that is why the two photos below look so colorful.   The greenish color above is the natural color.
All I can say is that IS NOT SPIROCHETES.

Still0078 (2)

Still0079 (2) - Copy
This photo is from today.   I once again had more stuff that felt uncomfortable on my chin.   I pulled it off with great effort and found this strange material on the underside of the skin.
I decided to dye it with some malachite green to see if the details would be better.   The skin is parallel lines of tissue all packed in together in rows.  

The second photo shows where on the right side of the crust it had none of these reinforcing pieces.  This material is tough.  You can see the part on the left is whiter without the material.

Keep in mind that the Flashing piece of debris in the video as well as the nano pouch all came from the same place on my chin which is about 1/4 wide in the exact center of my chin.
I honestly wonder if all of this stuff could have been an implant.  So many things have been located in this tiny spot. This reinforcing fiber tissue was probably intentional.

Still0793 (2)          Still0795 (2)
About two years ago I had an abscessed gum.  
This same material below came out.  (natural colored)                          

Still0774 (3)

 Another Hexagon from 2 days ago...
Still0779 (2)
Take a look at the newest 'nano' fiber I found. It is pretty clear where the colorful plaques come from now. Note the multicolor material inside the big fiber. I did not burn this one but it would be the
non-burning type of fiber.

Still0830 (2)

It appears that many things are in the fibers.
If the plaques could be considered quantum dots then there are many possibilities

Still0785 (2)

Here are other similar fibers with a different payload which make the solid cobalt blue plaques. 

Still0089 (2)

Still0341 (2)

Quantum dotquantum dot is a portion of matter (e.g., semiconductor) whoseexcitons are confined in all three spatial dimensions. Consequently, such materials have electronic properties intermediate between those of bulk semiconductors and those of discrete molecules.[1][2][3] They were discovered at the beginning of the 1980s by Alexei Ekimov[4] in a glass matrix and by Louis E. Brus in colloidal solutions. The term "quantum dot" was coined by Mark Reed.[5]

Researchers have studied quantum dots in transistorssolar cellsLEDs, and diode lasers. They have also investigated quantum dots as agents for medical imaging and hope to use them asqubits in quantum computing.

Stated simply, quantum dots are semiconductors whose electronic characteristics are closely related to the size and shape of the individual crystal. Generally, the smaller the size of the crystal, the larger the band gap, the greater the difference in energy between the highest valence band and the lowest conduction band becomes, therefore more energy is needed to excite the dot, and concurrently, more energy is released when the crystal returns to its resting state. For example, in fluorescent dye applications, this equates to higher frequencies of light emitted after excitation of the dot as the crystal shrinks to smaller sizes, resulting in a color shift from red to blue in the light emitted. In addition to such tuning, a main advantage with quantum dots is that, because of the high level of control possible over the size of the crystals produced, it is possible to have very precise control over the conductive properties of the material.[6]Quantum dots of different sizes can be assembled into a gradient multi-layer nanofilm.


Slide with cover slip  of blood which developed a large fiber  while in slide.

Still0554 (2)

Motile strands 400x   5/24/13

Still0529 (2)


New formation – Morgellons pods containing crystals that grow fibers:

Morgellons crystals in pod – front Morgellons crystals in pod – back



Sharp pointed end of motile fibers that cause needle-like pain. Fiberballs each contain multicolored fibers and larger motile fiber


Clusters of twisted motile and colored fibers Gel and colored fiber matrix spawns large motile strand


Few Of Many Google Images For 'Nanotechnology'





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