Dr. Patricia Doyle's Heroic
Fight Against Death From SARS
From Patricia Doyle, PhD

NOTE- Dr. Doyle Is Jeff's Guest Tonight, June 19th

From Patricia Doyle, PhD

I went to the doctor yesterday and found out what the excruciating pain was in my feet and legs during the second week of my illness. Clots. I am diagnosed with Thrombosis, i.e. Deep Vein Thrombosis. I notice that each time I go to the doctor, SARS or SARS like is not used in the diagnosis on my payment receipt. I am being treated with Betablockers and diuretic for bp and the bp hasn't lowered much. Yesterday it was 140/102. At the height of the illness is spiked to 170/120. In some patients SARS must cause clots. I was darned lucky that the long clots coughed up from my lungs with the bright red blood did not cut off my lungs or heart. I will never forget the past 10 weeks, EVER.

How can I EVER believe the CDC again on any issue? I notice that the latest figures show 73 SARS patients in the US from Nov. to present. Yeah right?!!! 0 deaths.

I think that the CDC was told by Bush administration to rework the numbers due to the economy. Believe me, the worst in Iraq is coming our way and that will wreck havoc on the already grim economy. West Nile and other mosquito and tick illnesses are going to hit hard this year, which will further damage the economy. Bush, therefore, after seeing what happened in Asia and China, did not want the US to have SARS, therefore, SARS criteria etc and numbers have been manuevered to show little cases and no deaths.

Look forward to speaking with you tonight. I am keeping on Dr. Ingram's protocol and am following through with heart specialist and hyperbaric oxygen. Still, it is touch and go for me.


NOTE - Patty is virtually certain she became infected with SARS from an Asian woman checkout clerk at her local market. The woman was working, obviously seriously ill, and coughing and hacking around scores of customers as they passed through her checkout counter. Patty became ill very shortly thereafter.

Here now is the progression of emails I received from Patty as her health slipped into serious, then obviously critical condition from her SARS-LIKE illness. -ed


From: Patricia Doyle, PhD
To:Jeff Rense
Subject: Health update
Date: Fri, 30 May 2003 18:09:50 -0400

Hello Jeff: I am keeping a log of the SARS-like illness. Three days ago Steve began with coldlike symptoms, thus far, he is doing OK.

Last night, the sore throat, stuffed ears, laryngitis, etc came back.

I am running a low grade temp.

I am learning a lot about the illness from my illness. It appears that it does reinfect, unless I wasn't completely over it (5 weeks) and due to my lowered resistance, I contracted it again from Steve.

My neighbor told me that all of his golf buddies are down with a flu-like illness.

I would ascertain that some of the cases in Toronto may be reinfection. I wonder if that info will be made available i.e. numbers of reinfection cases.

I noticed that my feet and legs are starting to hurt again.

Given the fact that the Chinese claim that they are going to have a vaccine available within 6 months, and given the off epidemiology, I have to look closely at SARS as a bio-engineered weapon.

I think that SARS will cause long term health effects including CANCERS, Mutiple Sclerosis and auto-immune diseases. I have heard of a case in Poughkeepsie of a woman who was found to have cancer AFTER the strange flu-like illness.

I will keep you posted. In the event I have to go to hospital I will have someone contact you via email. I intend to hold out.

I have been looking into the Ozone and also went to the UV orientation.

Will keep you posted.



From: "Patricia Doyle, PhD"
To:Jeff Rense
Subject: Health update,
Date: Sat, 31 May 2003 22:28:23 -0400

Hello Jeff and Bob: I am not doing well and will probably head for hospital in an hour. I am bleeding, both coughing up significant blood and bleeding from my nostrils.

I think it is time that people know that there are cases of SARS in the US and the CDC needs to stop covering them up.

I am going upstairs to get dressed and will go if the bleeding does not stop.

Hopefully, it will stop in an hour and I can get some long-needed rest.

Jeff, if things do not go well for me, I want to thank you, my friend, for all of the years that your shared your show with me and gave me a voice to warn people about important issues.

My ultimate warning is that the hospital/medical infrastructure is not adequate and will crumble if the US is hit with either a bio attack or a major infectious illness. I think that SARS has proven beyond a doubt that our medical infrastructure is not adequate to contain an infectious disease outbreak.

Homeland security needs to get money to the front lines and stop funneling it to the bureaucracy. Our hospitals are not able to manage infectious disease and we do need to set up isolation and bio-secure hospitals across the country. We also need to properly equip our first responders.

I will keep you posted and get a message to either you or Bob Lee if I am hospitalized. I pray that the next hour will see the end of the hemorrhages. ....and I always thought it would be the HCV that killed me. I never thought that someone as reclusive as myself could contract SARS or 'SARS-like' illness. That is a mystery. If I can get it, then, I KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt that other folks can contract it. I very seldom go out in public.

I am extremely weak and tired, and am going to lay down for an hour and check out the bleeding then.

Again, Jeff, I thank you for so many years of friendship and help with regard to publicizing the information about emerging infectious diseases. I really believe that SARS is a bioweapon and China had been manipulating the Coronavirus for some time. If they do develop and vaccine and have it available to the public in 6 months, then you can rest assured that China had been working on SARS for some time.

Again, my sincere and humble thanks.

Patricia A. Doyle, PhD


From: "Patricia Doyle, PhD"
To:Jeff Rense
Subject: Re: Health update,
Date: Sun, 01 Jun 2003 08:49:42 -0400

Hello Jeff... I made it through the night. I got a little sleep in my "stuffed" rocking chair down stairs.

Poor Steve has been without sleep for a couple of nights, so he was able to get some sleep upstairs last night. I am not comfortable laying down so, the rocking chair seemed to be the best way for me to get some rest.

Dr. Cass Ingram called again and told me what to do naturally to get some of the bleeding to slow down. It did work. I am having some bleeding this morning but not as bad as last night.

I did have some large black clots coming up (lungs) but am getting ready for an oil of oregano rub and my onion juice. The onion juice is gross, but Ingram said it would help and as I am still here and not hospitalized, I would conclude it helped. Dr. Ingram is sending me some homeopathic products via special delivery that should arrive tomorrow. One more night to get through. I am so exhausted.

I am wondering about SARS strain in the US. I hear from many folks in my area that they either had been ill with a strange flu or they know someone with it. China claims that SARS is in the animal population. Well, I am wondering if we shouldn't be monitoring various animals here in areas that are heavily infected with this new flu. I think that the spread in China was from human to animal (I could be wrong) but if so, then it is also possible that pets and animals could become infected in the infected "strange" flu areas.

If the spread in China was from animal to human, how did the animals get the disease? We still go back to the initial question of "where did the virus originate." Given the pathogenesis of the disease, and the epidemiology, I believe it was a lab. Add to this the fact that China claims to have developed a vaccine and will have it available in months... a dead giveaway to the fact that they have been working with the agent.

I was a bit disturbed to learn that Ft. Detrick is going to be studying SARS agent but using BSL 3.

I am not sure that BSL 3 is adequate. There is no vaccine (at this time) and the disease has no cure, so, in my opinion, given the contamination factor and the 8.5 % to 9+ % death rate, the virus should be BSL 4. I guess when lab workers take ill and spread the virus throughout the Washington DC and Maryland areas including Virginia, etc then we will know that SARS should be a BSL 4. In any event, if it does escape Ft. Detrick, they will probably cover that fact up. Very disheartening. Sometimes, I feel so overwhelmed.

I will keep you informed and if we have to go to hospital, it will probably be Putnam Hospital Center in Carmel New York. Hopefully. The hospital that is taking SARS cases is St. Francis Hospital in Poughkeepsie. I sure hope that they don't send me there. I had several bad experiences with that hospital.

Jeff, I believe that the 'California flu' is nothing more than a US strain of SARS. The CDC is doing a MAJOR cover-up by stating that there are no SARS deaths in the US. You can bet your bottom dollar that the CDC is doing a two-step with SARS criteria and probably playing with terminology and semantics when it comes to "cause of death." I guess we will have to wait for a sufficient number of people to get angry and demand some answers. That will only happen when enough family members and friends demand answers when it comes to illness and deaths of loved ones.

I am going to close down shop and try to get a little rest in my rocking chair. Later on I will try to go upstairs and sleep. I truly understand the fear and apprehension of people during Ebola outbreaks. I can really sympathize. There is so much panic when one sees blood coming from their noses, lungs etc. It is one of the most scary things to happen. I KNOW.

The US had better do something about fixing the hospital and medical infrastructure. We are going to lose almost ALL of our doctors, nurses and medical people if we do not do something about true isolation. Quarantine of folks is the only answer the government has? Where the hell is Homeland Security? Where is the money going? Rhetorical! I know where. Bureaucracy and the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex. What a sham!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, people, like myself are getting infected and then infecting others when they go to hospital. In many hospitals now, personnel are coughing, etc. We are going to lose these people and HSA doesn't do a thing.

IF I am allowed by God to live, I sure as hell intend to do something about the isolation situation and the inadequate infection control situation.

Time to rest. I will email you later today. Lord Willing.

Please pray for me.



From: Patricia Doyle, PhD
To:Jeff Rense
Subject: health update
Date: Mon, 02 Jun 2003 06:02:05 -0400

Hello Jeff: I did manage to sleep a bit last night. I finally have had some bleeding subside. I have been following Dr. Cass Ingram's advice. He asked about the bleeding and after I described that the blood from my lungs contained black clots he said that he was sure I actually have SARS.

I can say, I have never experienced anything like this. The shortness of breath has become worse since the blood clots and bleeding.

I am going to see my doctor about my blood pressure (which I am told, SARS also causes blood pressure spikes.)

I am heading back to bed and will email you later today or early evening. (after doctor visit) (I sure wish doctors came to the house like the old days.)

Thank you for being here for me.

God Bless you



From Patricia Doyle, PhD
To:Jeff Rense
Subject: Re: health update
Date: Tue, 03 Jun 2003 12:02:45 -0400

Hello Jeff... Yes, I found out that Westchester County Medical Center has hyperbaric oxygen. Steve's sister-in-law worked as a hematologist at WCMC for many years and is trying to find a respiratory specialist for me.

I went to the doctor and YOU WON'T BELIEVE what occurred. I will briefly outline the circumstance for you now, and when I am more cohesive and can think cogently, I will go into more detail.

I thought that my doctor and I had a good understanding of medical matters. Well, yesterday, he did not want to see me. I was told that he was too busy and that someone else would see me. They sent in a young lady, looked to be about 20, but of course, must have been at least 30.

I proceeded to explain that I believe I was initially infected with SARS and that I am now experiencing secondary infections as well as hypoxia of lungs causing surfactin to erode causing the lungs to simply wither away.

Well, I was promptly told that there ARE NO SARS cases in my area.

I was asked if I had visited China. When I replied no, I was told that I do NOT have SARS.

Just like that, no SARS.

In any event, it was discovered that I now have a secondary infection of acute bronchitis as well as sustained damage to not only my lungs, but also my heart. I had several tests including EKG. I have extreme exhaustion and find my self nodding out constantly. My eyes simply close.

I asked the doctor about the SARS cases at St. Francis and was told they don't have any. I remember even reading about a patient who was diagnosed with SARS and who contracted SARS by visit to Singapore. But, again, we have 'no SARS' in my area.

I believe that doctors have received memos from the CDC and are told (probably under threat of losing their license) that they should diagnose SARS cases as anything BUT SARS: atypical pneumonia, bronchitis, etc, etc. I will wager that death certificates probably state that victim died of complications of pneumonia, etc, etc. That is why the CDC can state there are NO DEATHS from SARS in the US. I remember doing a Canadian show and the host asked me why are there no deaths in the US from SARS? The answer: Statistics and Epidemiologist two-step!

The doctor did not answer me when I said that coughing up blood and black clots from lungs, have a sore throat, stiff neck, low grade temp (99.5-100.5,) chest pain and tightness, dry cough which does alternate between dry and productive, a spike in BP, rapid heart beat, extreme exhaustion and confusion, and muscle pain and spasms, etc. which are ALL classic SARS symptoms.

I have them all, including polio-like symptoms. I am now on heart medication (beta blocker) taken with (doubled strength) blood pressure medication. I am not very happy with the beta blockers as I have read a lot about them and much data was bad. My BP is still between 170/110 and 160/110. I am also very apprehensive about the damage to my lungs. I wont know for a week, how much damage. I also do not know how much damage was done to my heart by this illness.

Just thought that you would be so reassured to know that we 'do not have SARS' here.

NO SARS in New York, and very little (now controlled) in the entire US.

How about that, NO SARS in the US.

It's all a figment of my imagination.

I am going to head upstairs to bed. I am totally exhausted. I was hoping to be able to finish my article. It doesn't look like I will be able to make deadline.

I am so tired and suffering confusion.

I will keep you updated.




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