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How Bad Can Life Get From The 'Vaccine'?

By Ted Twietmeyer

The Covid fear campaign by artificially raising infected Covid-19 numbers as high as possible has been highly effective. Paying hospitals to assign as many deaths and infections to Covid as possible has done a highly effective brainwashing job on the unsuspecting, unaware public. Health care workers have been coerced (or blackmailed) by their employers to take "the shot."

In a matter of months or perhaps a year or so governments will be saying, "There is a problem with the mRNA vaccines. "Some" people have died from unexpected problems it causes. But we have another shot to counter it." How many millions of people will be stupid enough to roll up their sleeve again believing it?


Is there an example of a manufactured auto-immune disease which already happened? Multiple Sclerosis is one such disease. It was developed circa 1969 by government contracts with a number of universities which has made millions of people ill. After someone is infected by the mycoplasma made from ordinary bacteria, this incurable disease enters healthy human cells and forces them to churn out a toxin. It is this toxin which attacks the patient's nervous system.

While MS is classified as a autoimmune disease, its function is similar to what the Covid-19 "vaccine" does to people - permanently damaging the immune system. Don Scott, a retired University of Ottawa biologist came forward with all the above information and more back in the 90s. He had copies of NIH reports 6 and 9 (written in 1969) detailing it. I spoke with Don Scott live on the phone about 20 years ago.

Life will get far worse - health care professionals will be dropping like flies and dying - just when they are needed the most. Seeing a doctor will become a rare privilege - even though they won't be able to help you or themselves. Don't forget that people at big pharma companies, from management down to production line people will be dying, too.

Even if a drug is found that could counter the immune system damage, there won't be any companies left with enough staff to produce and distribute it. Or doctors and nurses left to prescribe it. Pharmacies won't be able to provide ordinary maintenance drugs to people for easily controllable illnesses like insulin, blood thinners and blood pressure control. The problem will become two-fold: First, no one to write the prescriptions and second, no drugs available. This will cause more deaths and shorter life spans, too.

Society could collapse with the loss of skilled people in accounting, bookkeeping, finance, engineering, technicians, mechanics, management, etc... There are hundreds of other key professions like those who work in power plants. There are businesses who build high voltage transformers, insulators, cables etc... that keep power on and the wheels of society turning. Lineman and technicians who maintain power and communication lines will be in short supply. A tree could take down your power line and there will be NO ONE will come out to fix it.

If your car quits working or needs repair, you'll be lucky to: 1) Find a healthy mechanic to fix it 2) Can obtain the parts to fix it. There will be cars parked along the sides of streets, roads and highways with no one available to tow them to a shop. Even an ordinary spark plug could become worth its weight in gold.

You may brag, "Oh' losing power is nothing. We have an automatic backup generator!" Consider the high cost of running the generator 24/7, non-stop year after year? Your propane or natural gas bill will easily exceed $1,000/month by running this. It must be shutdown and the oil changed after it runs a specified number of hours, or the engine will eventually seize up. How much of the special engine oil it requires do you have on hand? How about the oil filters, too? You probably won't be able to buy the oil anywhere with it being in short supply.

One morning you may wake up and find your backup power has failed. Going outside to check on the generator, you soon see it did not quit running. It was stolen during the night. That then? You will never get it back or find another one you can buy to replace it. They just won't be available anywhere.

There will be a shortage of skilled people to keep telephones and cell phones functioning. Including internet server systems. Everyone's previous facebook, Twitter another websites will disappear. Even email and web surfing will end. Everyone will be sick and dying. There will be a tremendous shortage of police officers, firemen and many other skilled people who are sick or have died. Have a fire? Even if you could reach 911, NO ONE will be available to come put the fire out. You'll have to stand and watch your home or business burn to the ground.

Have you been robbed? That will become a common crime. Criminals will quickly learn short-handed police will not bother with small crimes. Banks will get priority. Riots and looting will start with no police to control it or stop it. Last year showed the country the damage from police action withheld over the short-term. Could this have been a test? Imagine if this never ended. Living in a city will become a living hell. By the time you start thinking about arming yourself, it will be too late. Every gun store will already have been cleaned out of weapons and ammunition by looters.

There is the issue of food. Today, there is no real storage in the distribution pipeline. Food like all consumable products is moved by tractor trailers from factories directly to stores. This is known as "Just In Time" (JIT) manufacturing. As we saw last year, JIT is true even for toilet paper - which will become just one of your smaller problems. With a huge shortage of refrigeration technicians, when a grocery store's refrigeration system goes down there may be no one to fix it. If the store needs a new compressor to fix it, none may be available. Refrigeration today is a skilled, licensed and regulated job requiring specialized training, instruments and tools. Did your heat pump or central A/C quit? No way to fix that either.

Have you considered the price of gasoline and diesel, without enough truck drivers to deliver it to gas stations? Remember all these men and women have rolled up their sleeves and taken the "vaccine", too.

All of this soon brings to mind jobs. Despite the shortage of people at skilled jobs, the money to pay them will be gone when the economic collapse hits. It could reach a critical point where the country and the vaccinated world will not recover and society will collapse.

To emphasize - rule of law society is based on could collapse, if what experts and the worldwide-famous virologist say is true about people dropping dead like flies. Covid is a H1N1 virus - THE SAME STRAIN as the 1917-1919 Spanish Flu. Coincidence?

What are the odds Covid STARTED EXACTLY 100 YEARS AFTER THE SPANISH FLU ENDS? Spanish Flu burned itself out in 1919 - WITHOUT ANYONE INJECTED WITH A DEADLY, IMMUNE-MODULATOR "VACCINE." Something to think about.