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A Hurricane Of Media Disinfo
Blew Away A Key 911 Anniversary

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive to Rense

When Irma made final landfall on the Continental USA at 5 p.m. on Sunday, September 10, at Naples, Florida, “the greatest storm ever” (a big lie, if ever) was by then winding down to a Category 2. Despite a week of hysterical predictions of unprecedented damage to the Sunshine State, the first near-casualties were two manatees stuck in the mud when the waters retreated from Sarasota Bay due to low air pressure and they were soon saved. Before reaching Tampa, this media-hyped “unprecedented” storm was a listless Category 1, soon thereafter downgraded to a tropical storm.
On the following day, the major news media kept churning out horror stories from Florida with repeated coverage of a fatal road crash. That sad death fits the category of “man bites dog” news, to be relegated to page 16, since it marked the state’s lowest number of highway fatalities for a single day. According to the Florida DMW, the average daily death toll is 10 drivers, pedestrians, motorcyclists and bicyclists.
A Storm of Fake News

Headlines blared “total devastation”, even though a closer look at photos of strewn sheet metal from K-Mart tool sheds showed undamaged houses standing intact in the background. News reports of prefab cottages and mobile homes displaced by the storm surge is a no-brainer when these boxes lack a standard foundation. Online deception, some of it skillfully photoshopped, showed a shark swimming over a highway and a picture of flooded downtown Miami, which were taken actually at the Miami River. The hurricane of fake news, which included false “sightings” of tornadoes, was abetted by a massive power blackout, The outage affecting a million homes inexplicably overcame the state even before the weakening storm made landfall, preventing residents from showing or seeing the much less frightening reality on the ground.
Hurricane Irma was a classic case of “fake news”. A media-vilified Rush Limbaugh is completely exonerated for exposing Irma as a global warming inspired media hoax. The radio host deserves an apology from the mainstream corps of professional liars.
What’s even more disturbing than the climate change propaganda is the date of that Monday after Irma pooped out: September 11. This year’s remembrance was an especially important anniversary when hundreds of injury victims from the World Trade Center attack are suing the FBI for disclosure of 80,000 classified files on the Saudi role in that attack. Operation Irma was not just a media stunt, it is a sacrilege against the memory of the 911 victims and a cynical insult to their surviving kin.
Home Field of Al Qaeda Air Force
Florida is the home state of then Governor Jeb Bush, who immediately after 911 flew aboard an USAF C-130 with a 2 truckloads of files from Rudi Dekkers’ Huffman Aviation in Venice, Florida (and Naples), where 911 terror suspects Mohamed Atta and Marwan El-Shehhi received flight training. Another flight school in Venice owned by fellow Dutchman Arne Kruithof taught 6 other 911 suspects how to fly.
Venice Airfield was also the base for Britannia Aviation, which provided repair and other aircraft services for Caribe Air, a CIA propriety company used for covert operations, including drug shipments from Latin America. Instead of its scheduled rendezvous with an FBI team in Washington D.C., Jeb Bush’s plane landed in northern Virginia, to safely deliver the incriminating documents to the CIA headquarters in Langley, McLean. The CIA continues to suppress disclosure of that trove of treason.
Israeli Art Students in the Sunshine State
Aside from the funding and planning by the Saudi Royals, 911 truth advocates have also uncovered a web of Israeli connections to the demolition of the World Trade Center. Saudi-Israeli cooperation to hoodwink Americans should come as no surprise, since their bilateral alliance was a major factor during the Afghan War against Soviet occupation, starting in 1979. The cooperation between Riyadh and Tel Aviv continued in their containment of Iran and against Hezbollah-connected Lebanese diamond traders in West Africa. These joint projects involved the late Osama bin Laden and his team of Sunni radicals labeled as Al Qaeda.
Following 911, the FBI rounded up and expelled 60 Israeli “art students”, working undercover for the Mossad spy agency, in Hollywood, Florida, where Atta and Marwan had rented an apartment. Far from investigating terrorism (which might have prevented the WTC attack), the Israel spies were themselves part of the terrorist planning and logistics behind the 911 deception.
The Florida governor was, of course, the brother of President George W. Bush who stood to gain the most from the 911 events. It comes as no surprise then, that Jeb who currently resides in Miami was also vocal in exaggerating the strength of incoming Hurricane Irma. He has no excuse, not after dealing with 9 hurricanes as Florida governor, including the 1992 landfall of Andrew, a genuine Category 5 storm and fourth most powerful recorded in the U.S., as compared with the much-hyped but under-performing Irma La Douche.  
Buried at Camp David
Operation Irma also kept Donald Trump and his Cabinet hostage inside a Camp David bunker, preventing the President from public discussion of the Saudi documents needed for the current 911 victim’s legal proceedings and what he learned from the Saudi legal authorities on his state visit to Riyadh in mid-May. His disclosure of those bombshell revelations at the 911 Memorial on the 16th anniversary would have been the first high-level breach corroborating what many truthers suspect, that the demolition of the WTC was an inside job involving many and perhaps most of the same candidates that he soundly defeated in the 2016 primary and presidential election.
Science journalist Yoichi Shimatsu was the last foreign journalist in Pakistan before September 11, 2001, and one of the first back in after the destruction of the World Trade Center.