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Karmic Debts Due

Dr. Giuseppe Stefano Chiappalone
MB BS (Melb.), PhD Met Sc. (Cal), PhD Theol. (Cal).
My Motto - Take It Or Leave it

Apologies for Internet delays! The delivery of Posts has been most erratic. Some would get through and then blocked at the same email address.

Could this be the cause?

Australia targeted by 'malicious' large-scale cyberattack

Further articles want to blame CHINA

Can you believe it?

China chief suspect behind cyber-attack in Australia”

I do believe we are under Cyber-attack.

Our phones, Wi-Fi and Internet are in shambles…. But, blaming China is a fraud.

China responds:

China accuses Australia of making 'baseless' cyberattack claims.

I’m sure the Southern lapdog (Oz) is following Trump’s orders to incite China (Jina as Trump calls it) to push more and more for World War 3!

Trump, as we can all see, is on his last legs.

Mental and Physical degeneration are setting in. he won’t last 3 years.

But, like I wrote in the essay about him, (which you can find on the site) knowing he will lose the coming election, he will try to start WW3 at all costs so that he can stay in power, even if he can’t stand up properly.

Shortly after that, I wrote that thinkers will have had enough of him and will let him be “suicided”! Epstein saga all over again! Barr, Barr Black Sheep, could end up with the same fate. “He who lives by the sword…….”

Beware, in Wars, even spiritual ones, variations do occur.

The activities of Aliens around the Planet are of mixed significance...

They are fighting between themselves, for there are various groups, to gain control of the planet. That is for sure.

But, they seem not to show any sign of FEAR that the Universe is going to end even though they have been told and even though they have repeated the End date to Humans in various ways!!

Most of them are AI Robots and Demons, like most of Humanity!! They will respond according to the artificial programming within them! They are part of the illusional, pseudo-creation and NOT the real thing.

Thus, they are being kept ignorant too of the Final result, inspite of the presence of Dark Matter of which they are aware.

But the DM phenomenon is there as another Divine Agenda which I will explain in detail in due course.

In the meantime, on the surface level of this Planet Earth, Confusion reigns supreme!!

In 2006, astronomers reported on the Net and in scientific magazines, that DM had destroyed 96% of the Universe.

Recently, when I started reading about the latest news on DM, I was amazed how the story has dishonestly changed!

My ‘Goodness”, they, some of the astronomers have made DM a simple participant in Matter and Energy and Gravity and Time, and Galactic Clouds and Black Holes (and according to my Alter Ego, the Jerry Attrick, part of last week’s pay and of ‘angels’ spit), etc., etc. etc.

And yet, in 1985, I got notice, from the Higher Levels which supply all my information, that DM was the Agent (Angel) of Destruction of Physical Matter and that it had already had destroyed, by then, (1985), over 80% of the Universe?

So, we have to hasten slowly about what is going on and what we are to believe.

One can only obtain, or affirm, the Truth via the Inner Nous, the Divine Pathway within each Viable Being. Remember what I had said before “The Truth is within you. The Kingdom of Heaven is within!”

But, at present, we have conflicting stories of what is happening and what is to happen, just like we would expect in a WAR.

But on sighting the presence of Dark Matter, everything will change – for the BETTER!

I will write a complete post on one of the favourite assertions by Aliens I communicated with in the 1980s and 90s: It was this: “Expect the Unexpected!”

Somehow I think we have been taken for a long ride of Ignorance and misinformation by the obnoxiousness of this Spiritual War in which we are caught.

But, isn’t that what happens in any war?

More about that later!

For now, let’s see what is going on around us:

You will most likely agree the entire World is in turmoil.

I have told you (because I was told) that THIS IS THE ENDTIME.

It is the End of Physicality as we know it.

The Fools scoff at such a notion, for they do not have the mental capacity to comprehend such an ending!

Why is it that they cannot comprehend ‘The End’?

Why is it that some have doubts even as they want to believe Viable Beings are being rescued out of this HELL?

Is it not the evil programming acting on us?

And why is it some of us, after some thinking, conclude the End really, really is real?

That realization of truth is a real blessing!

There are massive changes, for sure, that point to a very real End of Physicality.

Viables had been trapped in this illicit and very Evil Celestial Error?

Now, in the closing years of this Abomination, most of the Ones of Light have noted greater and more frequent psychic attacks.

This tends to suggest that Evil is irritated to the Max!? It is an artificial Essence that knows it is doomed!!

I warned my readers that:

  • Our lives would get harder and harder. I can vouch for that!!

  • I would be here for the Last Day.

I do not expect this Solar System or Galaxy to last beyond 2022!

One of our biggest problems to solve is the fact that Evil disguises as Good.

That may be one reason why deceiving ‘Scientists’ have changed their tune, such that before they wrote Dark Matter destroys galaxies, but now they say it is part of the Gravitational Force needed for survival of Galaxies, etc.? They want to continue to fool us!

What a turn-around, hey?

But, Confusion does reign supreme.

Inspite of the entire BS about DM in the Internet, articles such as this one still persist:

Dark Matter Could Be Destroying Distant Galaxies

Taking EVERYTHING into consideration, there is no doubt that we of Light ARE ending this PHYSICAL DIMENSION!

  • Most Human entities are A.I. Machines. (92%)

  • A machine can only do or think what its programming tells it to do or think...

  • Do you notice how inflexible and recalcitrant many are in their thinking?

  • Repeatedly I have written that “In the Endtime, all Evil will be exposed and destroyed”.

That is exactly what is happening, especially to the USA, which, as I have written often, I had labelled the ‘Kingdom of Zion’!

But, the question for the sleeping ones remains: “Is this really, really the END of Physicality?

Surely you see how Evil is being exposed everywhere?

It IS the Endtime! Make no mistake about that assertion I make.

How can I so firmly assert that statement? Ha Ha Ha. You will just have to wait a little longer.

But Evil is trying to tell us otherwise. It wants to keep us all ignorant and abused.

If it was NOT the Endtime, would the Evil Essence bother us with so many attacks to say it is not the End?


Let’s review a little and identify where the Karmic Debts are due:


America” is falling apart for this very reason of FINAL CHANGE, as I now begin to review the situation...

It is time to see it is being destroyed.

It had destroyed many others.”

Is KARMA extracting its dues? Indeed it is!


It cannot, for THIS IS THE ENDTIME.

If you glance through History, the USA (like many other CULTURES, COUNTRIES, RACES AND CIVILIZATIONS) has been a nightmare for True Beings.

It has slaughtered millions upon millions.

It has engaged in wars through LIES in order to gain monetarily.

Who was to gain and what?

Apart from wealth, the Demonic Leaders gained the energy released by suffering of the masses.

Specifically they were after the True Beings who had and HAVE the real Divine Energy.

It was the Rulers behind the scenes, of course, who orchestrated these abominable horrors.

The little idiots (the military personnel) who were conned to be good children and die for their country and were thus sacrificed and slaughtered, just like the other victims, fell for the traps again and again and again...

And those that survived were hardly looked after properly.

For example: The suicide rate of Veterans is almost unbelievable!

A little Metaphysics for you: Many murderers, including so-called innocent soldiers in wars, are attacked psychically, and mentally, and sometimes physically by the Etheric beings they destroyed in battle without any reason.

We know well the massacre of women and children such as in the bombing of Japan with Atomic weapons, murders in Vietnam, in Iraq, etc. These are the cause of mental illness and suicide. These acts of murder are Evil personified. And those attacks, of course, cause the vulnerable ones to go insane as we see often!

My Lai Massacre:

The Rulers of this Kingdom of Zion did not need lies to murder 50-80 million American natives. They just went ahead and did it under the name of their God “Jehovah”, which I have explained previously, was the Chief Demon of the Evil Kingdom.

All other Wars the US started were done so by deceit and lies.

I am exemplifying the USA, but many other Demonically-controlled countries have the same Karmic Debts!!

Examples of recent History:

  • Unforgivable crimes against the Spaniards, the Mexicans, Cuba, Central and South America, etc.

  • The fraudulent Lusitania incident which was cited as the excuse for engaging in WW1 on behalf of the Zionists.

  • The falsehood of Pearl Harbour, after the US had tried to destroy Japan’s livelihood, for many, many years, was its lying reason to enter WW2.

  • You know the Gulf of Tonkin lies for starting the Vietnam War and the right to kill millions,

  • Recall the false story of Nuclear Weapons for invading Iraq, killing millions and stealing its oil.

  • Recall the lies about Libya to destroy it.

.the lies about Afghanistan,

. About Iran ….Yugoslavia …..Venezuela……

About China now, with the supposed accusations of implanted Coved 19 …..

And so, on and on it goes.

I am citing America as an extreme example. As I said above, many Nations are condemned for their crimes.

It is not the populace so much, for the majority are AI Robots and Demons who are programmed to follow the orders of their Demonic rulers who are invariably Reptilian Class 5 creations.

Who gained from all this Evil I have exemplified above?

Certainly not the American citizens!

The Nation became extremely wealthy, so much so that it can afford to have over 200 Military Bases around the World to control virtually everybody.

But, wait a minute, 40% of the population of the USA is living below the poverty line or just on it.

The majority of households are one pay packet away from bankruptcy, and from losing their homes.

Especially now, with lockdown, many, many people will lose their homes for they cannot afford to pay the house loans.

Here is another tragic example: Medical Insurance in the USA is unbelievably expensive, – approaching $20,000 per adult per annum.

In places like Oz, $1500 p.a. covers the most ill of the elderly patients.

And I can vouch for the fact that the quality of care in most Western Countries, and places such as Australia, NZ, etc., is far superior to that of the USA where the citizens are forced to pay through the nose for the simplest of medications. Many make trips to Canada just to buy medicines.

Something is terribly wrong. Would you not agree?

The populace of the USA is trapped and made to suffer all the more, especially the Blacks and Hispanics.

Does that sound like the wealthy Kingdom, the Greatest Democracy?

Of course not!

The Wealth went to the EVIL rulers of this EVIL kingdom.

But…but…in a Democracy such wealth, even if it is obtained illegally by murdering many, many people and stealing their resources, should be shared with the victories citizens, should it not?

The answer is: “Yes it should” …but it isn’t.”

Why is that?

Because America is NOT a Democracy!

It is a Covert Dictatorship - hidden in Plain Sight!!

How do you think it could execute 9/11 so easily?

A must-watch video for you: 911, IN PLANE SITE –THE DIRECTOR’S CUT.

Do you think the people vote in the POTUS at the ballot boxes?

Are you joking?

The candidate for POTUS is trained (BRAIN-WASHED REALLY) for 10-15 years before the elections and then elected inspite of who the populace votes for.

Go back and examine this for yourselves.

  • Drug-runner Clinton?

  • Daffy Bush Jnr? He won in Court, remember? The Court was owned by Bush Snr.

  • Obama was nursed for some 15 years for the job. He IS a Kenyan.

  • The same goes for the present Idiot, Trump!

So, who controls the Dictatorship?

Did I not say it was the Kingdom of Zion?

So, extrapolate from that. The Vulturite Class 5 Reptilian Demons are in control.

Let’s look further afield:


With scams such as Heart Surgery for atheroma and Statins for Cholesterol, who do you think profits?

It is the ones who hold the power – The Drug Industries, the Hospitals, and the programmed University teachers.

It is all a money-making bluff.

Cancer treatment – especially Prostate Cancer in males and Breast Cancer in females - is all a hoax.

I will give details in another Post about these things.


The Lies destroyed and continue to destroy lives and entire countries.

We now have citable examples of this principle of LYING everywhere we look.

Trump is not the only one. There are too many to write about.

What you must remember is that none of them will get away with their Evil!

We have them all pegged.

They will not escape that which is due to them!! That I promise.


We can’t go past the Holo-hoax in which Jews were victims of Zionism, not Hitler.

Being the Endtime, this horrible, horrible trick MUST be exposed once and for all, before the End.

I strongly recommend that you read this short book:

The Holocaust Hoax Exposed” by Victor Thorn.

You will find this book must-read-book at:


If the “Light” has the Power to Terminate the Planet, then it has the Power, and Right, to expose the absolute Truth.

Of course as we move along in these Posts I write, I will give more details of all these subjects so that there is no doubt as to what Truth really is.

6 How do the Reptiles get away with such EVIL?


That is why such Truths that I reveal make no sense to them.

The True Beings, with Inner Divine Nous, are temporarily blocked off from their Truth by the Filtering Mechanism I have mentioned before.

Once they awaken, even a little, they realize that:

  • Physical Existence is based on LIES and Falsehood.

  • History is re-written RUBBISH!

Jewish TALMUD EXPOSED! Jesus in HELL Boiling in Feces


  • In the best examples I include the Sumerian Texts vs other mendacious Hebrew Texts.

Historical List of Ancient Texts That Predate the Bible

True Religions, although initiated by the philosophies of one Divine Identity called various names in each of his incarnations throughout History – Zoroaster, Jesus, Buddha, Manichaeus, Muhammed, etc., (it was always the SAME BEING) were distorted into nonsense based on VIOLENCE AND HATE AND GREED.


They are based on Hate and Violence to conquer and murder others.

That is how evil gets the energy to exist!!

The pattern repeats again and again and again.

For example, by the mid-19th Century, Zionism had entrapped much of Central Europe.

Hitler was born to help release the Viables from such bondage.

His work was hindered, as you would guess, by the Demons.

If you are really, really interested in TRUTH, it is imperative that you view the DVDs of “The Greatest Story Never Told!”

The Greatest Story NEVER Told | The Untold Story of Adolf...

Adolf Hitler, The Greatest Story Never Told is a 6-hour Documentary by TruthWillOut Films. This ground-breaking documentary chronicles the rise of Germany from defeat in World War I, to communist attempts to take over Germany; hyperinflation during the Weimar Republic, widespread unemployment and misery, and Adolf Hitler’s rise to power.

1 Adolf Hitler’s Childhood 2 The Early Years· 3 Origins · 6 Battle of Britain

And so, with the overwhelming Evil against him, a greater Plan was prescribed by the end of WW2 to terminate the Evil Essence and this Planet once and for all.

I hinted at that in earlier writings.

For the first time ever, I am going to release the identity of Hitler.

He was, and is, a Member of Light of the Highest Order.

And he is here for the final curtain!!

Would the True Godforce promote IDIOCY as do the false Religions?

What are these false mechanisms?

They are torture mechanisms to extract ENERGY from the trapped True Beings.

Zionism of Central Europe flourished as the “Hollywood” of the Modern World.

If you are astute, you will note that anything it produces is anti-Truth, and pro-Zionism, and an evil indoctrination of the rabble in many, many ways.

For example, if you watch the production of Ancient Aliens, it is as much to do with defaming Hitler, as it is to do with fraudulent History.

That is not by accident.

The show promotes HATE!

Once you realize that, you have one of the KEYS of the Pseudo-Reality on this level and the very real reason why this Dimension MUST BE TOTALLY DESTROYED.



This is based largely on the utterings of a thief and liar – Einstein!

Had he not been a Zionist he would have been rubbished to death!


Just to divert a little:


I have described the Metaphysical Anatomy of Beings many times.

For Humans and Class 5 Beings, the anatomy is this:

A Physical Body,

An Etheric Body

An Astral Body – and that’s it for the creations of the Evil Empire.

These structures will be pulverized by Dark Matter when it comes.

I will give more details as the End approaches.

Apart from these PHYSICAL structures, we, the Children of Light, have a DIVINE structure within these temporary and evil structures which I just mentioned.

The Divine Structure is made of 7 Units of Consciousness as I have explained in my books.

They are eternal Units of Consciousness which the fraudulent creations do not have.

These Units will survive the Dark Matter Mist.

They will instantly reappear as the Divine Beings they always were.

And they are the ones I will take HOME!

The AI Robots that chose the Light will be fitted out with such Units of Consciousness which will be pristine.

They will then commence their journey to the Light in a Nursery of sorts. What a grand reward for them, hey?

The Light is nothing if not fair in its dealings.

On this level we often despair in our misery and want more and more help.

But, rest assured, all is well.

It is only the Physical, Evil-created structures that are forced to panic.

In Essence, all is well for us of Eternal Viability.

Just bunker down and be patient!


My identity has already been revealed in the Astral World, so the End must be close.

Of greatest importance for you now is to realize that there will be local Physical, Mental and Emotional destruction everywhere on Earth and then total dissolution of Matter in the entire Galaxy. Indeed, total destruction before total annihilation of this filthy, evil dimension.

As things stand today, there will be no 2023!!

Whether any believe what I say and write is of no consequence!

What shall be shall be!


Search for Knowledge

With half-lit mind in Primal Thought,
To seek the Angel's knowledge did I aspire,
and find the Truth from some Source Higher,
Of who it was that would conspire
To trap us thus in a burning,
darkened, deceitful mire,
A funeral pyre of spirits true,
and in entrapping bodies with hungers that destroy,
and try to dispatch souls to Hell without adieu.

Must Ignorance, and her sister, Fear, forever be
the bane of men with clout
whom Evil they do not cheer?
Or can one break this deadly lock
Of sorrow, and its nefarious mock,
Of he who'd want to keep us somnambulant
in terrors solidified, so that in fear
we would not dare to ask for liberty,
or dare to scale the branches
of the Knowledge Tree?

What price did pay our Adam and Eve,
As through the Evil Garden they did weave
A path to find the reason why
Some would live and some would die?
What purpose did Darkness serve,
with Ignorance as its mate,
When Primal Thought of old, thrust there with elan,
and awakened, all too late,
To the treachery of the demiurgal plan?

Now, with half-lit mind in Primal thought,
I plod a path for knowledge to be wrought,
And bring upon this plane ideas, conceived to be
Those sought often by many men in history.
The Sage of Sages from enthroned
majestic height dictates to me,
all that I write and share with you,
His Name forever Sacred for Infinity!

No brain, no mind in fields racked,
or in college laboratories,
Can bring forth knowledge with
which to dispel this illusion, these vagaries.
For such a task, connection to Echelons High Above
Must be made with a heart that's pure,
a heart of love.

Philosophers, scholars, sacerdotes of proud mind
Find not answers that we seek in kind,
But rather of falsehood's rotting fruit
and of deceitful thoughts they find the rind.
Valueless such knowledge be to men
And women who truly free want to be,
Of this infernal plan on Earth by which all suffer,
all grieve, all are reduced to ashes,
as seen throughout history.

Can this be truly called a Godly Plan
When hate, abuse and terror rule in every class,
Where institutions founded by men to lighten up the path
of Truth do push a future with no worth, only wrath?
That plan must be from the demonic realm,
Where truly Satan and his minions are at the helm.

My mind now more than half-lit in Primal Thought,
Has brought forth knowledge which I sought.
Jehovah's lot it was who pinned us down,
And promised to us mendaciously,
while wearing a false crown,
That he is the one and only to be worshipped
When, in fact, for all the pain and sorrow
he has given, he shall be whipped.
Hence, this knowledge I give to you,
must you know well.
To stop the knowing of Good and Evil,
Yahweh locked us in this Hell.
But the power of Righteousness allows us to rebel
And assist the Light's Correction,
So that Satan and his legions in Hades will soon dwell.

The Flame of Love Divine it is that lightens minds
Whereas Yaldabaoth in Darkness and evil
binds the very ones who do not fight.
It's them that suffer most,
exploited maximally with delight,
By venomous vipers, demons in disguise,
who pose as friends around us day and night.

Already with these few lines your mind
lit and alive could be,
So from evil's entrapment and nefarious,
destructive ignorance you'd be free.
No thanks or words of gratitude from you
on this level do I require,
I am but performing my solemn role,
As I promised my twin that I would perform,
Guarding Children of the Light,
making the Family whole.
Smile, it's time for us as a unit to leave all this behind.
I'm sure that if you truly have understood all that
I've written, you certainly will not mind.
With enlightened mind the vision forward now is cast
And once we are away from here
Every aspect of Evil, every trace,
will be destroyed to the last.
All that is left is for rescued ones to cheer.
Final Victory so near, so sweet,
The beauty of such thought cannot be beat.


Copyright J S Chiappalone

June 26, 2020