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Space Ships Parked In Orbit Around Earth - Photos And Video

By Jeff Rense

Extraordinary British researcher John Lenard Walson has spent the better part of 2 decades observing space and objects in earth orbit. John has been a guest on the program many, many times in years past. His work has caused him to be severely harassed and even large Chinook helicopters taking flash photos of him and his home have been sent to intimidate him...flying just a couple hundred feet over his head.

Here are just some of the large machines parked in earth orbit he has photographed with his telescope on many a cold, dark night in the English countryside. The more you look at these space craft, the more detail begins to become discernible. Keep in mind that in space, no sleek aerodynamics are necessary, so these craft might look 'different than many might expect.

The late Bill Tompkins was very impressed with these photos and told me they were entirely legitimate. Ever wonder where all this missing trillons of dollars have gone over the years? Here's at least one answer...the deep black above top secret US space program.

John's Telescope...

And here are some images he made of the craft parked in orbit...

Incredible Video Of Space Ships Parked In Orbit Above Earth