Headlines 2023

Judges Rule Trial Courts Blundered In Hundreds
Of Jan 6 Sentences

American tourists getting hurt in crossfire
as drug cartels vie for control of Mexico’s
lucrative tourism industry

Preparedness and survival - Ways to communicate
after a disaster if cell phones don’t work

Trump in VA – ‘Biden’s Border Conduct is a
Conspiracy to Overthrow America’

Appeals Court Ruling that Vacates Air Force Veteran’s
Capitol Riot Sentence May Affect Dozens of Jan 6 Cases

The Suicide of the West – Video

WH Orders Fox News to Retract Reports
on Biden Bribery Allegations

Invader backlog to hit 8 million under Biden by Oct

DoD’s Progressive Agenda Cripples Military Readiness

Congress Must Investigate John Podesta's Role In
Biden's LNG Decision


MSNBC, Paul Krugman Panic Over 'White Rural Rage'

Democrat Sheriff Where Illegal Immigrant Accused
Of Murder Vowed Not To Cooperate With ICE

What's Next When Policy Makers Can No Longer
Hide Their Sins?

Another ‘spy balloon’ discovered off US

Bunkers Built by Billionaires to Survive An
Apocalypse - Costs and Features

Medicare and Social Security are both in crisis as
underfunding hits $175 TRILLION (Trillion?)

1941 - Japan Warns of Anglo-Jewish NWO Plot
Even That Japanese Could see The truth

Decadence is the abandonment of standards and the
pursuit of the common...the wallowing in the transient
- Ultimately, It is the Philosophy Of The Coward

Turdeau pledges another $3 billion to Ukraine,
including $4 million for 'gender and diversity'

Crimean Bridge attack discussion ‘a disgrace for Germany’
– Russian diplomat


Germany Confirms Leaked Audio Of Its Top Generals
Discussing Blowing Up The Crimean Bridge

Kiev lost 2,600 more soldiers & 23 tanks in the Avdeevsky
area in a week - This Is A Ritual Blood Sacrifice

Russian military destroys 2 Abrams tanks using FPV drones

Lavrov - Russia has not received serious proposals
for negotiations since 2022

Ukraine has weak defenses west of Avdiivka

Deadly Russian strikes on Ukraine as drone
hits St Petersburg

Russian political scientist - Deter the West with
new nuclear weapons tests

Ukraine’s Retreat From Avdiivka And Its Implications
on Russia-Ukraine War

Russians destroy Slovak self-propelled gun Zuzana
in the Northern Military District zone

How far the West influences Ukrainian politics


Kiev's situation deteriorating amid the conversation
about Taurus Missiles

Moscow reacts to Pentagon’s warning of direct
Russia-NATO clash

France Considering New Ground Force Deployments
to Ukraine to Stem Continued Russian Advances

Pentagon Chief Warns Of Direct Russia-NATO Conflict

Ritter - 'No Reason' To Doubt US Troops Are in Ukraine

NATO ‘in Hot Water’ Over German Military’s Crimean
Bridge Strike Talk – Experts

NATO Presence in Ukraine is 'Hardly Surprising for Anyone'

Lavrov calls recording of German military conversation
A ‘screaming revelation’

Statements by Macron, Austin show reluctance of
‘war party’ to change its course — Lavrov

Lavrov points at plenty of facts that West seeks
military solution to situation in Ukraine


World majority understands the need to return
to UN principles — Lavrov

Air-dropped food aid lost at sea, grabbed By IOF, or
unequally distributed - Only 1/500 Of Daily needs met

US begins air-dropping aid into Gaza After Paying
And Supporting The Genocide And Destruction

Sanaa holds America responsible for any pollution
resulting from sinking of British ship

Sanaa holds Washington responsible for
escalation in Red Sea, Bab al-Mandab

African Union accuses Israeli occupation
of mass killing of Palestinians

Sanaa reveals reasons behind damage to
submarine cables in Red Sea

BBC investigation reveals IOF edited aerial
footage of Flour Massacre

Hezbollah suicide drone strikes Israeli
command and control post

'Israel' knows it can't end Resistance,
resorts to killing civilians


'Israel' admits to 3 dead soldiers, as Resistance
in Gaza upscales ops

Top Ten Reasons 'Anti-Semite' Is a Compliment

Whole World Condemns New Horrendous Zionist
Carnage in Gaza

Houthis destroy British cargo ship in the Red Sea

Houthis insist on entry of aid into Gaza in
exchange for salvaging sunken British ship

Netanyahu's Boss Calls for End to All Aid into Gaza
After Food-Convoy Massacre, Praises IDF militants
who opened fire on starving Palestinians - Inhuman

O'Biden Giving weapons to Israel which is selling
them to Azerbaijan to MASSACRE CHRISTIANS

Gantz to visit DC, meet with The Kamal
on Gaza ceasefire

'Crew Evacuates’ Commercial Vessel After
Houthi Attack In Red Sea

Russia concerned about preparations for Rafah sweep
With refugees forced to go to Egypt — Lavrov


US Military Begins Airdropping Food Into Gaza

COVID-19 Viral Infections Can Cause Spontaneous Rips
In The Walls Of The Coronary Artery - Thailand Medical

Spikedemic among Injected - 83% hit by PCVS

Vaccine injuries hit prime time!

26 People who died due to COVID propaganda
and disinformation

England’s Injected population had near one million deaths
in 23 months - unvaccinated population had less than
61,000 deaths over the same period

Trudeau Virologists Had Clandestine Relationship
With Chinese Agents

Breast Implants Found to be Infected with Deadly
Flesh-Eating Fungus

How AI May allow people and ANIMALS
to talk to each other in '12 to 36 months'

AI used to decipher ancient scrolls from
2,000 years ago


New chip opens door to AI computing at light speed

OpenAI developing fully autonomous robots
powered by AI

AI decodes 500 year old art mystery

Microsoft Is Draining an Arizona Town’s
Water Supply for its AI

AI decodes 500 year old art mystery

Musk Announces New Ability His AI Will Soon
Have - Lawmakers Will Hate This One

WordPress and Tumblr Plan to Sell User Content
to AI Companies

Klarna CEO Boasts His AI Can Do Work of 700
People After Laying Off 700 People in 2022

Washington Secretary of State Caught Using AI to
Flag, Label Accurate Vote Fraud Stories as Misinfo

X Says It Will Reduce the Visibility (CENSOR) of Posts
That Purposely Ignore a Person's Preferred Pronouns


Intuitive Machines finally releases moon landing
shots as mission nears conclusion

Groundwater reserves in the United States are
being depleted at alarming rates

Arthritis Affects Thousands of Kids And One
Piece of Advice Is Crucial

How Giant Sea Spiders Come Into This World

What Turned The Lights on at The Dawn of Time

Lawsuit accuses Synagro of poisoning US farms
with PFAS-contaminated BIOSOLIDS ‘fertilizer'

Global Fertility Rate By Country - surprising
Which Countries Are Fading Away Fastest

Wigington - Eclipse - Cloud Study Has Worrying
Implications For Attempts At Climate Engineering

Federal program sends $100 million
plus to deceased Americans

Northrop Grumman could eliminate as many
as 1,000 jobs in Southern California


German healthcare system should prepare for war
Says minister

Traditional values shared by most people on Earth - Putin

Moscow Will Reciprocate If West Confiscates
Russian Assets

Russia Received No Constructive Proposals
on Ukraine Peace Talks Since 2022 – Lavrov

The Ukrainian Intel Committee Is Preparing
For The Worst-Case Scenario

Russian investigators attacked by Ukrainian drone

Ukraine’s top general announces commander reshuffle

Russia Intercepts Five Ukrainian Storm Shadow Missiles

German and French leaders ‘don’t get along’

Polish farmers begin protest at border with Lithuania


Ukrainian behind over 100 UK suicide deaths

US Air Force delivers hypersonic weapons to Guam

US general raises alarm over ‘breathtaking’ growth
in China’s space tech

US Special Forces in Taiwan for Permanent Training

Shifting deck chairs to the Titanic’s Taiwan side

WEF’s Yuval Noah Harari - AI And Incredible Tech
Will Completely Remake Homo Sapiens - Video

WEF Pushes Ban on Home-Grown Food to
‘Fight Climate Change’ - Incredible Evil

This PROVES the Super Bowl was scripted!

Don’t count Michelle out for 2024 - NY Post

Obamas Are RUNNING The US - Military Historian

Trump Will Remain On Illinois Ballot Pending Appeal
Virtue-Signaling Judge Clarifies In New Order

Blaze Journalist Arrested On 4 Charges Over
Jan 6 Presence At Capitol

Death of McConnell sister-in-law Angela Chao
now 'criminal investigation’ - (CCP Angle Here?)

Journalist Catherine Herridge Fined $800 Per Day
Until She Gives Up Confidential Source

Haley - Nominating Trump Means 'Suicide For Our Country'


Lloyd Austin's ‘Freudian slip’ reveals US war intent

U Of Florida Fires All 'Diversity, Equity & Inclusion’
Staff In Huge Win For DeSantis

Blizzard Pounding Sierra Nevada To Dump
Over 10 Feet Of Snow

Transgender Space Force Colonel Says Using
Pronouns In Emails Will Help Win Wars

Stew Peters Is Speaking Out More After The Gay
And Jew Mafia Forced Instagram To Permanently
Ban Him - Video

Biden Signs Stop-gap Spending Bill to Avert
Partial Government Shutdown

Georgia Judge To Hear New Evidence, Final
Statements In Fani Willis Disqualification Case

Biden Aides Trying to Shield US President From
Protesters at Campaign Events

Biden Defender Krugman Caught Lying About Inflation

Blaze Journalist Arrested On 4 Charges Over
Jan 6 Presence At Capitol


Journalist Catherine Herridge Fined $800 Per Day
Until She Gives Up Confidential Source

Transgender Space Force Colonel Says Using
DEI Pronouns In Emails Will Help Win Wars

The Consequences of Nuclear War - An EMP exploded
in space could have significant effects, particularly on
America’s notoriously flaky electrical grid

AZ Residents drive Maricopa Co. Board of Supervisors
out of meeting after serving them for TREASON

Painting of Nude Jesus Caressing Judas Iscariot
Hangs on Wall in ‘Pope’ Francis’ Study - Photo

Three Gentile Narcissists with One Jewish Agenda

Survivor Of Chinese Communism Says America Is In
A Full Marxist Revolution Right Now - Video

Tulsi Gabbard Throws Hat In As Trump's VP Pick

Biden Confuses Ukraine for Gaza
- Kirby Has to Clarify

Couple Purchases $2 Million Dream House Only to Find
Squatter Already Living Inside - 'Total Nightmare'


Climate Activists Charged with Felony for 'Attack on
US Constitution' at National Archives

Invader allegedly murders toddler after being released
despite ICE detainer

ICE Boston agents arrest 3 Invaders charged in death
of infant boy with 'significant bruising' on his face

Invader allegedly rapes 11 year old

Biden’s FBI arrests journalist - Video

Proposed bill would prevent California landlords
from banning pets in rentals

Experts warn that Joe Biden’s green tax credit plan is a
GIFT TO CHINA – at the expense of US manufacturing

Alex Soros Met With Biden Advisor Jake Sullivan
Days Before Billionaire Father Made Election Contribution

NYC Rents Skyrocket As City Flooded By Invaders

Epidemic of KY female prison guards romancing male
inmates, giving them drugs, getting pregnant


Las Vegas Sued for Deleting Records of Its Shady Voter Rolls

LAPD Hires Invaders as Cops amid Spate of
Recent Attacks, Safety Fears

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez endorses Trump for
president as 'only candidate who will keep country safe'

Biden’s DOJ Improperly Lengthened Some Jan 6 Defendants
Sentences, Federal Appeals Court Rules

Outrage Erupts in Oregon as Democrats Move
to Recriminalize Drugs

Kentucky Bill Charges Parents With ‘Neglect' If Trans
Kids Use ‘Wrong' Restrooms

Why War is Inevitable & the Outcome

George Galloway Blows Away Dimwitted Interviewer

Israelis kill and injure hundreds of civilians and
crush the injured under tank tracks

Death toll of Israeli aggression on Gaza rises to 30,228
(Probably 3 Times That Figure)


Jews Steal Gaza Land - Israeli 'Settlers' Race into Gaza
to Erect 'Symbolic' Outposts

Dozens More Palestinian civilians killed in Zionist
shelling of Gaza

Brazil condemns Zionist massacre against
Palestinians during aid distribution in Gaza

Australia calls for immediate ceasefire after Zionist
attack on aid convoy

Hezbollah shoots down Zionist drone
over Wadi Al-Aziya

Million March In Sanaa in support of Palestine

Galloway says people elected him for solidarity
with Gaza

French MP calls for expulsion of Israeli ambassador

Hezbollah attacks Israeli soldiers near border
via suicide drone

Cuba's President slams UNSC ‘hypocrisy’
- pledges support for Palestine


Gaza Resistance inflicts heavy losses on
Israeli troops in Khan Younis

Defunding UNRWA Makes US Complicit
in Genocide

How the Imperial Media Report on an Israeli Massacre
- Caitlin Johnstone

Head of UK armed forces SECRETLY helping
Ukraine craft battle plans against Russia

The people of Gaza are being deliberately starved

Whole World Condemns New Horrendous
Jewish Carnage in Gaza

Gaza doctor says gunfire accounted for 80% of wounds
at his hospital from aid convoy bloodshed

Biden Campaign Taking ‘Extraordinary Steps’ To
Prevent Pro-Palestinian Protests at Events

US Only Nation To Vetoe UN Resolution
Condemning Israel for Flour Massacre

NYT Panic Mode As 'Hamas Mass Rape’ LIE Implodes


Progressives Demand Biden Stop “Greenlighting the
Massacre of Palestinians”

Israel Minister calls for ‘wiping out’ month of Ramadan

To save Israel, Zionist controlled US is destroying
the international system it once constructed

Germany wanted to transfer 100 Taurus
missiles to Ukraine

German Bundeswehr officers discussed plan to
attack Crimean Bridge with Taurus missiles

NATO Teetering on Edge of Direct Conflict With Russia

Full Transcript of German Top Military Officials’ Leaked
Plot to Attack Crimean Bridge

German Top Brass Said to Implicate Brits
in Plot Targeting Crimean Bridge

Russian lawmakers call on Germany to probe into
recording on attacks on Crimean Bridge

UK Privately Pushing Germany to Send Ukraine
Missiles Capable of Reaching Russia


US Army Chief of Staff Advises Against Underestimating
Russia's Defense Capacity

Russia Test-Launches Yars ICBM From Plesetsk - MoD

How US Tank Worth Millions of Dollars Was
Defeated by Cheap Russian Drone

Russo-Ukrainian War - The Deluge

CIA Admits To Instigating War With Russia

Syrsky accuses individual commanders of miscalculations
against the backdrop of an impending military mutiny

Outcome of the fight in Ukraine will be decided
by the military-industrial complex race

Ukrainian border guards fled from mobilization
to Romania

allowing French special forces to cross the Ukrainian border
will pose a strategic dilemma for the Russian Federation

RS-28 ‘Satan-2’ ICBMs deployed - Putin warns of
imminent combat use


Putin - Unique characteristics of Burevestnik
missile are confirmed during tests

S-500 ABM system tests confirm its readiness to
intercept hypersonic target

Zelensky - The Ukrainian Armed Forces will not be able
to defend Kharkov if they do not push Russia aside

Peskov called the words of the head of the Pentagon
about the war between NATO and Russia irresponsible

Transnistria prepares to become Russian region
but Odessa will come first

Elvis’ Addiction To Pretty 14 Yr Old Girls - Video

Trudeau Govt Virologists Who Transferred Ebola To
Wuhan Had 'Clandestine Relationship' With Chinese
Agents, Bombshell Intel Reveals

All-cause Mortality by Vaccination Status from the Netherlands
... shows likely no vaccine efficacy, possible harm

Antibiotic Use in Pregnancy Linked to Childhood
Autoimmune Disease + More

More Success Stories - Fenbendazole and Ivermectin
Treatments for Cancer, Candida and Graves Disease


Pumpkin Seed Oil - Squalene Significantly Reduces
COVID Mortality - Squalene is also protective of
mitochondrial function due to its anti-oxidative effects

47x increase in severe myocarditis after Covid Injections

SEIZED - Enough Fentanyl to Kill 14 Billion

X Says It Will Reduce the Visibility (CENSOR) of Posts
That Purposely Ignore a Person's Preferred Pronouns

Musk's X Restores Ban on Misgendering.

US Deploys Project Maven In Middle East As
AI Warfare Underway

Musk Hits OpenAI With 'Breach Of Contract' Lawsuit

Elon Musk sues OpenAI and CEO Sam Altman
claiming betrayal of its goal to benefit humanity

Supreme Court to Decide 'Who Is to be Master'
Will there be free speech or unchecked censorship?

FBI Hauls Journalist Steve Baker Off in
Handcuffs for Reporting on Jan 6


Biden Regime Ratchets Up Its Authoritarianism
With Arrest Of Blaze Investigative Reporter

The blueprint to end free speech online…forever

CIA gave highly classified intelligence to journos
to fight PR war against anti-Ukraine GOP In Congress

Musk - ‘People Who Get News from Legacy TV
Live in a Fake Alternate Reality’ - Correct

MSNBC Dedicates Segment to Smearing White Rural
Voters as ‘Most Racist’ in US - ‘Threat to Democracy’

Here Come the AI Worms

Jeff Rense 1996 Story On The Varginha UFO Crash

The 1996 Varginha, Brazil UFO Crash & ET Recovery

The World Now Has Over 1 Billion
Obese People

Macy’s to close 150 underperforming stores across
the US by 2026, including flagship SF store


Gold & Bonds Soar As Fed's Waller Hints At QE
Reverse Twist

Schizophrenic world order - The West is willing to
destroy its financial system to punish Russia

Russian Economy Expected to Grow Above
2% in 2024

Japan expands Russia sanctions

US pushing G7 members on tapping frozen
Russian assets

India ‘easily’ world’s fastest-growing economy – IMF

Apparently, Vladimir Putin Is Also To ‘Blame' For
Mass Migration Of Invaders Into Europe

UK's Rwanda Deportation Scheme May Cost
London $2.3 Million Per Migrant - Reports

EU Regrets Latest Execution in Texas, Urges Abolition
of Death Penalty in US

Health Officials Concerned Over Possible RSV
Vaccine Link To Rare Neurological Condition


If Austin talks about risk of NATO-Russia conflict,
it means US has a plan for it — Lavrov

US, UK, French Military Officers Present in
Ukraine - Russian FM Lavrov

Some of Ukraine’s attacks on airfields in Russia
impossible without US specialists — Lavrov

US looks for excuses to shirk non-deployment
of weapons in space — Lavrov

Details of failed Russia-Ukraine peace deal ‘revealed’

Russia-Ukraine Peace Settlement Attempt ‘Sabotaged'
in March 2022 - Erdogan

Miss Ukraine rages at Russian beauty pageant
winner - Photos

US Sends 4 Stryker Vehicles With 50kw Laser
Weapons to Middle East for Testing

Philippines will not yield ‘one square inch’
of maritime territory, Marcos says

US MACE missile aims at China’s superior naval numbers


Communist O’Biden Multicultural Overthrow Of America
Paid For And Financed With US Tax Dollars - Rense Video

Biden Now Says No Gaza Ceasefire Soon,
Contradicting His 'By Monday' Remarks

Biden Blasted After Claiming Crime Rate
Has Fallen To 50 Year Low

Hunter Finally Admits Joe Biden Is 'The Big Guy'

Trump Rages After MSM Follows The 'McCaskill Rule’
On 'Mental Midget' Biden's Use Of False 'Melania' Story

Unconstitutional Seizure Of Trump's Private
Property Continues!

Biden Cabal - They aren't Invaders, they're 'newcomers'

Trump And 'Joke' Biden Hold Dueling Border Visits

Dem state sues meat producer over climate change

Letitia James Sues World’s Biggest Beef Producer
Over Methane Emissions


Joe Biden At The Border - You’re A Neanderthal If
You Don’t Believe In Climate Change - Video

Hiring 'most qualified person' for A job is ‘discriminatory’
claim major Communist universities

The multicultural catastrophe

Soros Backlash - Nation Has Turned Against
Soft-on-Crime Prosecutors

Trump promising to GUT ‘intelligence' agencies
infested with TRAITORS (does anybody believe this?
Four years And He did Nothing - didn't drain A drop

Trump says he'll use local police for mass deportations
if he's elected - (Sure Thing)

Poll shows more young voters are turning
away from Joe Biden in favor of Donald Trump

Biden - A Pipeline Of Criminals Into The US

Trump Claims Biden Is ‘Destroying Our Country’
During Southern Border Visit

The FBI Hates White People


Admin Colludes with UN, Flies invaders Into US
And calls them ‘Refugees'

7,300% Increase in Invaders from VZ Under Dems

‘Progressive’ (Communist) Plans Wrecking America

House GOP Rebels Push Foreign Aid (Ukraine, Israel)
Bill Before Securing US Border Or Funding US Govt

Dems Passed Biden Spending Spree Unconstitutionally!

Federal Judge Blocks Texas Law That Would Allow
Law Enforcement to Arrest Invaders

‘It’s the UN Coming Across Our Border’ - San Diego Official

Joy Reid’s ‘Slave’-ish Devotion to Racist
Conspiracy Theories

Man Accused of Abusing Young Girl Is Invader
Paroled by Biden

Over 85,000 Missing Kids May Have Been
Trafficked Under Biden’s Watch.


It’s Not Just Communist CA - Public Schools in FL
Are Dying, Too as Parents Have Finally Had Enough

Sexual Predator Opens Fire On Phoenix Police,
Face Plants After Being Shot - Video

Obama Judge Holds Catherine Herridge in Contempt

China is actively resuming its peacekeeping
mission in Ukraine

Macron said he weighed every word before
proposing to send NATO troops to Ukraine

Americans have nothing with which to intercept
Russian Avangards

Why the United States and its allies will not be able
to blockade Kaliningrad as in Transnistria

Western special forces are UNOFFICIALLY in
Ukraine to fight Russia as WW3 looms

Head of Kherson region reports the complete
liberation of the village of Krynki

there are many CIA bases on the territory of Ukraine


Ukes attack Novonikolaevka with JROF HEF missiles

Western soldiers are already fighting in Ukraine

West flirting with nuclear war - Putin

US SecDef Austin Says NATO Will be in Fight
With Russia if Ukraine Falls

Putin slams allegations that Russia plans to deploy
nuclear weapons in space as unfounded

Potential interventionists in Russia to face
more tragic consequences than in past - Putin

Russia has weapons capable of hitting targets
on territory of all adversaries - Putin

Russia's Strategic Nuclear Forces in State
of Full War Readiness - Putin

Hypersonic weapons promised six years ago
now in service - Putin

Avangard hypersonic warheads, Peresvet systems
Now on combat duty - Putin


Blood Sacrifice - Ukes Lose 600 More Soldiers
Near Donetsk in Past Day - MoD

Kiev loses over 490 troops in Avdeyevka
area in past day — Russia’s top brass

Vicky Nuland accidentally reveals the true aim
of the West in Ukraine

Pentagon’s statements about Russia-NATO direct clash insane

UK ‘directly involved’ in Ukraine conflict – Kremlin

British troops in Ukraine ensure diplomats’ security, train Ukrainian forces — PM Sunak’s office

Scholz slammed for revealing UK troop presence in Ukraine

Zelensky Travels To Rally Saudi Arabia &
Albania To Ukraine's Cause

Transnistria finds worrisome Moldovan
military's growing activity

Ukraine and Moldova Poised to Ramp Up
Pressure on Transnistria to Trigger Crisis


Poland and Ukraine in talks on border closure
- Warsaw

Almost 80% of Americans Say Negotiating
Permanent Ceasefire in Ukraine Important

Dutch Are Lone Supporters Of Macron’s
'EU Boots On The Ground In Ukraine' Plan

Germany has prepared Russia-NATO conflict scenario

No German military, NATO troops on Ukrainian
soil, says chancellor

Ukraine free to attack Russian territory - Finland

National Security Minister hails Israel soldiers
killing of over 100 civilians waiting for food in Gaza
This Is beyond Sub-Human Behavior

US-Backed IDF Blamed for 'Massacre' at Gaza Food
Convoy - Israeli forces Claim they aimed for the legs!

National Security Minister hails Israel soldiers
killing of over 100 civilians waiting for food in Gaza
This Is beyond Sub-Human Behavior

US-Backed IDF Blamed for 'Massacre' at Gaza Food
Convoy - Israeli forces Claim they aimed for the legs!


Jews Open Fire On And Kill 100+ hungry Palestinians
At A food Aid Station In Gaza

Israel 'Guns Down Starving Palestinians’ After
'Luring' Them With Food Aid

Biden Now Says No Gaza Ceasefire Soon,
Contradicting His 'By Monday'Remarks

Former American soldiers burn their military
uniforms in solidarity with Gaza

Resistance victorious in al-Zaytoun, Merkava
Tank parts seen everywhere

Fighters Turn Gaza City Into Graveyard Of Israel Tanks

Gaza Resistance detonates tunnels,
engage IOF vehicles in al-Zaytoun

Number of Houthi attacks in Red Sea increased
twofold after US strikes — expert

Number of victims of Israeli military operation in Gaza
exceeds 30,000

Gaza Health Ministry confirms 112 people killed by Israeli
strike at Al-Nablusi area


Palestine condemns Israel’s seizure of land
in West Bank

Israel deploys tanks, armored vehicles to Lebanese border

Biden intends to utilize Russia's frozen funds
for Ukraine before June

Hezbollah launches 6 ops on Israeli military today

Colombia pauses buying Israeli weapons and
president calls war in Gaza ‘genocide’

US Officials Expect Israel to Launch Ground
Invasion of Lebanon

Former American soldiers burn their military
uniforms in solidarity with Gaza

Resistance victorious in al-Zaytoun, Merkava
Tank parts seen everywhere

Fighters Turn Gaza City Into Graveyard Of Israel Tanks

Gaza Resistance detonates tunnels,
engage IOF vehicles in al-Zaytoun


Number of Houthi attacks in Red Sea increased
twofold after US strikes — expert

Israel accuses Moscow of siding with ‘forces of

There are chilling parallels between the suffering of
Julian Assange and Gaza civilians

Jews Open Fire On And Kill 100+ hungry Palestinians
At An Aid Station In Gaza

Israel 'Guns Down Starving Palestinians’ After
'Luring' Them With Food Aid

Biden Now Says No Gaza Ceasefire Soon,
Contradicting His 'By Monday'Remarks

Number of victims of Israeli military operation in Gaza
exceeds 30,000

Gaza Health Ministry confirms 112 people killed by Israeli
strike at Al-Nablusi area

Palestine condemns Israel’s seizure of land
in West Bank

Israel deploys tanks, armored vehicles to Lebanese border


Biden intends to utilize Russia's frozen funds
for Ukraine before June

Hezbollah launches 6 ops on Israeli military today

Colombia pauses buying Israeli weapons and
president calls war in Gaza ‘genocide’

US Officials Expect Israel to Launch Ground
Invasion of Lebanon

Dr. Philip McMillan And Vascular Surgeon on
White Amyloid Clots In The Vaxed - Grim Photos

CDC Says Seniors Should Get Another COVID Booster
But Public Skeptical of ‘Vaccine' Efficacy

Childhood Vaccine Schedule Led to ‘Greatest Decline
in Public Health in Human History’

Gates-Funded Gavi Takes Aim at Memes, Calls
Them ‘Disinformation Super-Spreaders’

First outbreak of deadly Candida Auris reported in WA

Comprehensive review highlights key adverse events
linked to COVID-19 vaccines


Scientists link ultra-processed foods to 32 health problems

CDC panel green lights yet another Covid mRNA shot
For the vax compliant, that's 9 doses in only 3 years

Pathologists Warn ‘Mild Myocarditis’ Causes
Sudden Deaths in Vaccinated

Medical Community Now Recognizes The Aorta
As An Independent Organ - Thailand Medical News

Meta Adds Censorship Supporter To Board
Of Directors

'I Wrote What!?’ - Matt Taibbi Unloads On
Google's 'AI-Powered Libel Machine'

SEC Investigates Whether OpenAI Deceived Investors

Dr. Phil's Video of the Border Crisis 'Shut Down’
by Social Media Platforms - He Accuses Facebook
and Others of Censorship

Google Gemini AI Creates Fake Book Reviews
To Defend Google

Are OpenAI and the White House colluding
to influence elections?


Google News has become MORE biased since 2022
63% of articles lean “left,” just 6% lean “right”

Google’s Woke Gemini AI Underscores Threat
of Big Tech Information Gatekeepers

US judge signals Musk’s X may lose case
against hate speech watchdog

Fox News Host Cuts Segment As Miranda Devine
Was Dropping Biden Crime Family Truth Bombs

The 1996 Varginha, Brazil UFO Crash & ET Recovery

idea that recycling can solve waste problem is a lie

CA ignoring the massive radioactive waste dumped into
the Pacific while spending BILLIONS on green initiatives

Second Largest Fire in State History Ravages Texas
Engulfs 850,000 Acres

Microplastics Found in Every Human Placenta Tested

Surprising Link Found Between Gut Bacteria
And Vision Loss


Sierra Nevada braces for up to 12 feet of snow
from potent California blizzard

Banks Increase Car Loan Rejections Over $1,000
Monthly Payment Concerns

Netflix Price Hike

Insurance Spike Proves Inflation Still
a Massive Problem

Shoplifting in America Is Wildly Out of Control

London Play Bans White People from Entering -
‘All-Black Audience’ Will Be ‘Free from White Stares'

52 countries saw ‘severe' declines in freedom last year

Hypersonic missile Tsirkon was used in special op

West wanted to weaken Russia like Ukraine
but failed - Putin

Russia ready for dialogue with all states on indivisibl
security in Eurasia says Putin


Putin sets task to achieve steady rise in births
in Russia within next six years

Putin names Russia people the true elite
of the country

West destroying its own financial system - Putin

Russia can enter world’s top four economies - Putin

Keep money in Russia Says Putin

BRICS overtaking G7 in economic might - Putin

BRICS Share in Global Economy at Purchasing
Power Parity to Rise to 36.6% by 2028 - Putin

Russia non-resource and non-energy exports
to grow by two thirds over six years - Putin

Russia among global leaders in state digital
services - Putin

Russia outpaces all G7 countries in terms of
economic growth rates in 2023 - Putin


Russia invites foreign companies to use
Northern Sea Route - Putin

Russia to construct financial infrastructure free of politics with friendly states — Putin

Russia to establish special fund for ecological,
environmental protection projects - Putin

New pollution-free waterside resort to be
developed on Lake Baikal - Putin

Russia needs to boost consumer goods production - Putin

Numerous CIA bases deployed in Ukraine - FSB chief

Taiwan’s SS-711 sub takes strategic dive to
‘cut’ China’s claims

Chinese Hackers Infiltrate America’s Critical Infrastructure

Singapore Announces Order For First F-35A Fighters
as US Deeply Cuts its Own Purchases

China’s robotic dog can shoot like a pro
What is the US doing?


Andrey Sushentsov - Here’s why many countries
prefer China over the US

US becomes biggest threat to space security -
China's top brass

China creating new form of human civilization,
Xi Jinping says

New Delhi urges Washington to investigate Sikh
separatists in US

Japan's Industrial Production Slumps Amid Recession

India’s Reliance inks deal with Disney to create
media giant

Mexico City only months away from totally
running out of water

Heavy rains in northwestern Brazil force
11,000 to evacuate

Military cooperation with Russia strengthens security
– African nation’s foreign minister

Several deaths in African state after attack on security agency


Ghanaian parliament moves to ban LGBTQ activities

Chadian prosecutor says country’s
opposition party leader killed — report

Communist O’Biden Multicultural Overthrow Of America
Paid For And Financed With US Tax Dollars - Rense Video

Horrific Israeli Starvation Of Over One Million Gaza
Palestinians - Another Hideous Crime - Rense Video

Ukrainian Drone Operators Film Very Large
UFO Disc Craft Flying Over The Combat Zone

Trump REVOKED His Executive Order To 'Drain The
Swamp’ Just Hours Before Leaving Office!

Mitch McConnell To Step Down In November

‘A War for Our Minds’ - Journalists Warn of Vast
Propaganda, Censorship Network Unlike Any
Before in Human History - Soviet America

Illinois Judge Orders Trump’s Name Off
GOP Primary Ballot

Ramaswamy says Democrats likely to replace
Biden with Michelle Obama

Majority Support Military-Led Deportation of Illegals

Communist PA Dept of Ag says ALL food is ‘illegal’
unless produced in govt-approved facility


J.K. Rowling 'Sick of This Sh*t’ - Denounces Media
Pretending Transgender Murderer Is a 'Woman'

The US wants to enrich its uranium in Russia

The Atlantic tells Dems to NOT certify Trump’s
expected 2024 election win

US Military vs Americans - Tucker Carlson

Something Seriously Wrong with the US Military?

Hilton proudly sponsors the invasion of America

Texas AG Ken Paxton sues Catholic NGO for
facilitating US Border Invasion

CA New $20 Minimum Wage Law Includes Odd
Exemption That Benefits Major Newsom Donor

Biden’s FBI demands journalist surrender
over Jan 6 reporting

Invader allegedly rapes child, stabs victim


Audio - Pilot Reports ‘Orange' UFO Flashing Lights
At His Plane And Doing 180 Degree Turns

Women Speaking Up About Sexual Abuse Behind
Bars Face Retaliation in CA (Liberals hate women)

CA Plots Homeownership Pathway for Illegals.

Out-of-Control Wildfires in Texas Briefly Shut Down
Pantex Nuclear Weapons Facility

Meet the First Black Woman to Lead a Disaster
Response Task Force Based at Fort Eustis
(Affirmatibve Action)

Mayor of Athens, GA where Laken Riley was
murdered by an illegal, gets curb-stomped by locals

more to the Bushnell story than you’re being told
including Intel links and high security clearance

Resistance to the WHO pandemic treaty is
growing stronger

GeoEngineering is gaining momentum worldwide
with large-scale government projects

Why Are Billionaires Selling Off Stocks And
Building Massive Survival Bunkers?


The course of the front in WW3 becomes clearer

Soviet Canada will Jail people FOR LIFE over ‘Hate’
Speech and $70,000 Fines over Conspiracy Theories
If The ‘Online Harms Act’ C-63 Is Passed

Health, Medical Freedom Leaders Convene for
International Crisis Summit 5 (ICS-5) at CPAC

Major Shot Across Biden's Bow - 100,000+ Michigan
Dems Vote ‘Uncommitted'

G. Edward Griffin Explains Why Banks Want
the System to Crash, Dollar to Plummet and
For You to be Desperate

Here Are The Stages Of Societal Collapse
Once It Begins, It’s Unstoppable

America! - You are being set up for an apocalyptic
Republic-ending collapse - Zionism Is Behind It All

Here's What Will Be Affected During Impending
Government Shutdown

Musk slams US-Mexico border security

Immigration Surges To Top Of Most Important
Problem List - Gallup


Invader Charged with Murder in the Death
of a 2 Year Old

'All Weapons Safe’ - Wildfire Temporarily Suspends
Operations At Texas Nuclear Bomb Plant

'We Don't Do That Here’ - Former NY Times Editor
Blasts The 'Gray Lady' For Bias And Activism

Putin warns of nuclear war risk if NATO troops
are sent to Ukraine

Ukraine’s frontline situation ‘catastrophic’
– Moscow

Ukrainian military command incompetent
US mercenaries tell Russian pranksters in call

Ukraine Loses Up to 230 More Dead Soldiers in
Donetsk Area in Past Day - Blood Sacrifice

Carlson - Only Putin wants to end the conflict

Germany will arm Ukraine with Indian Artillery Shells

The Russian Armed Forces successfully destroy
the artillery of the Ukrainian Armed Forces


Ukes lost about 20 German Leopard tanks

France Rejects US Call to Give Russian
Central Bank Funds to Ukraine

Russian tanks have gained a foothold in Tonenkoye
and are already storming Orlovka

NATO threatens to neutralize Kaliningrad
after Sweden joins the alliance

The German frigate F221 Hessen nearly shot down
an American MQ-9 Reaper UAV over the Red Sea
by mistake -Keystone Cops

Ukraine - a digital concentration camp
instead of a 'European paradise'

Ukes No Time For defense lines after Losing Avdeevka,
the front is rapidly moving to the west

Images of bi-caliber Russian MLRS Vozrozhdenie
have been revealed

Turning The F-35 Into An AWACS Platform
With UAV ground targeting

Russia builds military bypass railway amid
Crimea bridge risks


Belgium announced the allocation of €200 million
for shells for Ukraine

Kuleba - The US will sign a security treaty with
Ukraine after Congress allocates money

Russian Federation may recognize the SBU and the
Armed Forces of Ukraine as terrorist organizations

How CIA Secretly Helps Ukraine Fight Putin

CIA Spills the Beans About Deep Involvement in Ukraine
Part of Ploy to Undercut GOP Congressional Opp to War

The Russian Foreign Ministry demanded that the
US refuse to promote Zelensky’s ‘formula'

Palestinian Dead In Gaza 3X higher than Said

Mental illness affects thousands of Zionist
enemy soldiers due to Gaza war

Hezbollah attacks Zionist enemy positions
in Shebaa Farms

Gaza dealt severe blow to Biden in Michigan


Food blogger, Israeli film director scripted
Hamas rape story for The NYT

Israelis bomb Damascus from occupied
Syrian Golan Heights - Syrian MoD

Gallant urges passage of law to draft
ultra-Orthodox Jews into military

Hezbollah engages 3 IOF sites today in
occupied Palestine

Resistance factions fiercely engage Israeli
forces in Khan Younis

50+ UK journalists demand access to Gaza

Israeli cabinet revoke Ben-Gvir's authority
over Al-Aqsa Mosque

US Military Bases Are Being Deactivated
In The Persian Gulf

Houthis Have Knocked Out Several
Undersea Internet Cables

Israel Was Never a Legitimate State


Houthis Repeat They’ll Open the Red Sea
When Israel Stops the Slaughter

Gaza death toll nears 30,000 as aid groups
warn of ‘imminent’ famine

Arab Parliament denounces Israel for constructing
watchtower on Al-Aqsa’s western wall

Hamas strikes Israel with rocket salvo from
southern Lebanon

Israeli Airstrikes Hit Syria, Causing ‘Material Losses’

planes airdrop humanitarian aid to N Gaza

DNA Integration From Bioweapon Injections

90% of tattoo ink contains chemicals that can cause
ORGAN DAMAGE - with more than ever now ‘inked'

Over 80% of Tattoo Inks Contain 'Ingredients’
Connected to Serious Health Risks - Study

Trending Gun Control and Increased Mental
Health Treatment Set to Boost Mass Killings


‘Stunning Act of Scientific Censorship’ As Journal
Retracts Peer-Reviewed Study Critiquing BioWeapon

New Onset Auto-antibodies After Any Exposure
to the Spike Protein

Pfizer Knew Quickly that its mRNA Vaccine caused
Heart Damage In Kids...Used them as Guinea Pigs

Alzheimer's Was 'Exceptionally' Rare in Ancient
Greeks And Romans, Study Suggests

PR Scramble - Google CEO Blasts ‘Unacceptable’
AI Gemini Amid Boycott Calls

Google responds to ‘racist’ AI controversy

Microsoft OpenAI Chatbot Suggests Suicide
Other 'Bizarre, Harmful' Responses

OpenAI Accuses New York Times Of Hacking
AI Models In Copyright Lawsuit

Microsoft Says NYT Hacked ChatGPT

ChatGPT Goes 'Absolutely Nuts' For Hours
And No One Can Explain Why - Video


Ex Sr Boeing Exec Won’t Fly On A MAX Jet

CCP Pawn Biden to Give $850 Million to Chinese
Owned Battery Company.

The 1996 Varginha, Brazil UFO Crash & ET Recovery

E-Bike Injuries Skyrocket, With 1 In 10
Requiring Hospitalization

EU Considers Banning Repairs On ICE Vehicles
More Than 15 Years Old

Japan Starts 4th Round of Treated Water Release
From Fukushima Nuclear Plant

Russian Scientists In Crimea Create
Superpower ‘Nanopowder’

Fingerprints as access control are not as
secure as you might think

3 new moons discovered orbiting Uranus, Neptune

Camera Inside Varda's Space Capsule
Captured Its Wild Trip Back to Earth


New Species Discovered in Underwater Mountains

Honda to sell plug-in hydrogen vehicle in
North America and Japan

Bitcoin scorches past $64,000

Cisco plans to chop more than 700 Bay Area
jobs in latest tech layoffs

This Is What the Early Stages of a
Severe Recession Look Like

shady dealings of the late Baron Jacob Rothschild
with an estimated net worth of $5 trillion

SF Macy’s to Close amid Rampant Theft

'Your Assets Are Safe' - Bitcoin Puke Sparks
$0 Balance Coinbase Glitch

Yellen Wants Frozen Russian Bank Funds
To Be Given To Ukraine

US GDP ‘Grew' $334 Billion In Q4….
That Growth Cost $834 Billion In Debt


Rocky Road to De-dollarization

Sanctions have reached their limit
– Russian think tank

EU working to completely stop Russian
gas transit via Ukraine – official

Russia's Agricultural Exports in Numbers

Two children stabbed outside school in

Germany Floats Nuclear Arms Plan in
Anticipation of Trump Win

Compulsory vaccination in Queensland
- human rights not sufficiently taken into account

Amid budget crisis, Germany’s left-wing government gives themselves massive salary increases

Germany - Black Invader stabs two 17 yr old girls
in robbery attempt, 1 in critical condition

Berlin rows back on daycare ‘sex rooms’
for toddlers to masturbate in privacy


Austria Procures 36 Vehicle-Mounted
Rheinmetall Air Defense Systems

Rheinmetall to Deliver Boxer-Mounted Skyranger
30 Air Defense Turrets to Germany

Ukraine, Czech Company to Locally Assemble
NATO Standard Rifles

Putin sets Russia's priorities in science
and technologies for 10 years — decree

US intel tried to track Putin

Moscow responds to claims US intel
signal-targeted Putin

Why Were Russia's Yars Nukes Spotted
in Moscow's Suburbs?

West comes up with tall tales about ‘Russian
barbarians,' top security official says

Russia closely monitoring German military
preparations against Moscow - diplomat

Attempts to rock situation from within are
brewing in Ukraine - Kremlin


Kaliningrad to always remain part of Russia,
Kremlin says, rebuking Vilnius envoy’s threat

Russia poses no danger to countries from
which it faces no threat — Kremlin

Transnistria Seeks Russia’s Help in Wake
of Economic Blockade by Moldova

EU-Created Fund Interfering in Georgia’s
Elections - Parliament Speaker

Claims about Russian calls for coup d’etat
in Armenia baseless - Foreign Ministry

Russia views Armenian call for exit of Russian
border guards from Yerevan as unfriendly

China militia presence increases in S China Sea

North Korea's first spy satellite is 'alive'

11 Chinese Naval Vessels Detected Around Taiwan

China debuts its first AI-made cartoon series


Ukrainian Drone Operators Film Very Large
UFO Disc Craft Flying Over The Combat Zone

Disney The Woke Company...Pure Evil - Rense Video

The Cloak Of Grief And Despair - Nelson

Over 3,000 Architects And Engineers Demand
A REAL 9/11 Investigation - (It Was HIGH Treason)

Biden Meets With 'Big Four’ Congressional
Leaders Over Ukraine Aid, Shutdown

FBI Chooses Stock Image Of Well-Dressed
White-Women To Depict Organized Retail-Crime

Everything You Need to Know About Late Baron
Jacob Rothschild's Colossal Wealth & Shady Deals

Federal Probe Finds 'Inadequate and Confusing’
Safety Protocols at Boeing

Wendy's To Test 'Surge Pricing' Using 'High-Tech
Menu Boards' That Change In Real Time

US Army calls Russia ‘the enemy’


Wooldridge - Give Me Your Poor Illiterate Criminals,
Drug Cartels And Anti-Western Masses Yearning To
Change America

Letter From CPAC - Dr. Naomi Wolfe

El Salvador’s President Throws Out The Globalist Elite
And Rebuilds His Country From The Ground Up

Biden’s 2024 Title IX revisions will Criminalize students
who ‘misgender' LGBTQ classmates…you will be Required
to voice support for delusional fictions or go to jail

Biden’s policies allowed mass Invasion that’s now
completely destroying America

Biden admin to Erase $1.2 Billion More in federal student
loans - essentially vote-buying using taxpayer money

Biden Gang Placed Operative in Fani Willis’s Georgia
Office to Target President Trump

24,000 US Army positions cut amid recruitment woes

Gallup Poll - O'Biden Border Invasion Is
No. 1 Worry

WaPost Runs Vile Hit Piece Smearing Aaron Bushnell
in Wake of Self-Immolation


US Refuses to Assure UK Judges That Assange
Won’t Be Executed If He’s Extradited

Macron - 'Russia Will Attack 10 More Countries'
Zero Talk of Peace at NATO Meeting

Russian diplomat points to US double standards
concerning Syria

US attacks Syrian armed forces that fight
against IS militants — Nebenzya

Red Sea security situation should be resolved
diplomatically — Lavrov

Houthis Deny Israeli Media Reports They Sabotaged
Internet Cables Under Red Sea

Houthis vow to stop attacking Israeli ships if Gaza
truce struck on Hamas’ terms

Nearly 100 people killed in Gaza in Israeli attacks
over past 24 hours

Egypt airlifts over 50 tons of aid to Gaza

Sanaa praises Jordanian airdrop of aid in Gaza Strip


Palestinian resistance repel attempts of Zionist enemy
to advance towards Zaytoun neighborhood

Russia warns NATO countries of danger of
participating in conflict against its forces

From Rachel Corrie to Aaron Bushnell
- sacrificing for Palestine

Resistance confronts IOF raid of Jenin refugee camp

Resistance flexible to change, can outperform ‘Israel'
Says Hezbollah Officer

US responsible for almost 30,000 deaths in Gaza

A quarter of Gaza one step away from famine

Hezbollah attacks headquarters of Israeli
146th Division with Grad

Desperate Gazan children scavenge for food
among potato peels amid war

Israel intentionally starving Palestinians in Gaza - UN


Rocket fire reported off Yemen in Red Sea in a new
suspected attack by Houthi rebels

Israel hits Hezbollah deeper in Lebanon
but full-scale war 'not there yet'

20,000 NATO troops gather in Romania
...close to the Ukrainain border

Only 'old people and military' remain in
Kherson, senator says

Ukraine Suffers Over 444,000 Losses in
Manpower Since Special Op’s Launch - Shoigu

Macron made a fool of himself at Ukraine meeting

Zakharova - Macron is not aware of what he says

Expert - Macron, who wanted to fight with Russia,
rushed ahead of the locomotive

Retreating Ukrainians Try to Stop Russian
Advance with Chemical Terror Attacks

Russia's FSB Foils Ukrainian Chemical Weapons
Terror Plot in Zaporozhye Region


Russian troops wipe out NATO weapons
arsenal near Avdeyevka, says DPR

Watch - Ukraine’s rare Western-supplied
hardware destroyed - Videos

Ukraine Looses 2 Tanks, 3 IFVs Near Avdeyevka,
Including Abrams and Bradley - MoD

Ukrainian troops retreat from their positions
in two villages near Avdeyevka

source says 'Western special forces' are in Ukraine

NATO has no plans to send troops to Ukraine

No plans to send Western troops to Ukraine

DC Think Tank - West Cynically Sacrifice
Ukrainian Lives in 'Pretty Good Deal'

The missing number of AWACS aircraft in the Russian
Aerospace Forces can be purchased in China

Moscow Threatens War As EU Countries Discuss
Sending Troops to Ukraine


Kurginyan explains what Trump’s ‘love’
for Israel is based on

Ukes trying to Stop the collapse of the front - Shoigu

Russia restructures military districts amid warnings
of NATO war

Russia’s ‘Killer’ New War Tool Unveiled

Patriot, NASAMS, Abrams, Archer, Paladin, CAESAR
Russians Destroying NATO’s Best Gear With Ease

India may transfer several hundred thousand
artillery ammunition to Ukraine

Russian sixth generation fighter is under development

The Russian Armed Forces launched strikes on Uke
Army facilities in the Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkov Areas

Ukes began hitting Donetsk with HIMARS systems
after the loss of Avdiivka

Russian Su-34 attacked the accumulation of manpower
and equipment of the Uke Armed Forces with FABs


Russian military received the first FPV ‘Ghoul’
drones equipped with thermal imagers

Medieval Female Genital Mutilation Is Also
A Big Euro Issue Among Muslim Invaders

More Pets Being Injured By Shedding

A 12 Sigma Event - The True Scope Of The Exploding
Public Heath Catastrophe Caused By Covid ‘Vaccines'

Fluoride Action Network Suing to stop
water fluoridation nationwide

Overdoses from unregulated 'gas station heroin’
are on the rise across the US

USDA funding 'dangerous bird flu experiments' with
Chinese scientists that some fear could spark a
whole new pandemic

Largest global COVID-19 ‘vaccine' safety study links
Injections to neurological, blood and heart conditions

Canada used to offer discounts and freebies For people
Who Took Shots - Now It Offers Euthanasia To Vax Injured

More names And Public Figures Dropped By ‘Vax'


More ‘Vax’ Horrors In The UK

COVID Cover-Up - Govt ‘Forced’ COVID Injections
to Protect Bioweapons Industry

GPT-6 Shocks Everyone With New Abilities

'I'm Done With Google’ - Wholesale Loss Of Trust
After ‘Unbelievably' Racist AI Goes Mask-Off

Google AI Claims Calling Communism ‘Evil’ Is
'Harmful And Misleading’ - Video

New Google AI Caught With Severe Leftist Bias
And Lying About It!

Toyota recalling 280,000 vehicles in US amid
'unexpected movement' concerns

Bankers will see three-quarters of the workday
transformed by AI

Apple and Tesla veterans aim to help
Japan design AI chips

The 1996 Varginha, Brazil UFO Crash & ET Recovery


FAA Finds 17 Corrective Actions For SpaceX
After Second Starship Explosion

How fast will the Boeing F-15EX Eagle II be?

UT and MS crashes ‘froze’ all US Nat Guard choppers

Russia’s S-500 system aces anti-hypersonic
trial, Russia says

Cold apocalypse kills more than 2 million animals
from starvation and exhaustion in Mongolia -
Herders devastated

Strange Metal From Beyond Our World Found
in Ancient Treasure Stash

Positronium Cooled By Laser in a World First

Ovary Appendage Dismissed as Functionless
May Act Like The Organ's 'Tongue'

Canadian Teenager Replicated Archimedes’
Death Ray For a Science Project

Allgire - Crypto Endorphins Kick In - We Feel Great


The new multipolar world system and the end of an era

Kroger-Albertsons mega-merger would cause
grocery price hikes, FTC says, in suit to block deal

Iran exports to Russia hit high of $2 Billion
as sanctions strengthen alliance

US Home Prices Rose For 11th Straight
Month In December

After 16 Years, Apple Abandons Work On
Junk Electric Car

Bitcoin Tops $57,000 As ETF Inflows Soar,
Ethereum Bigger Than ASML & Samsung

Javier Milei Ended a DC-Sized Deficit in…9 Weeks

Russia plans to offer BRICS to develop financial
system independent of politics

Brazil-Russia relations promote dialogue within BRICS

Russian security chief arrives in Nicaragua


Russia builds equality-based cooperation
with partners, unlike West — Lavrov

Tit-for-Tat Fiscal Combat - Here’s How Russia
Could Hit Back If West Seizes Assets

China Urges WTO Members to Expedite
Rules for Multilateral E-Commerce

Russia to restrict gasoline exports – RBK

Russian companies embark on massive
expansion to ‘friendly’ countries

EU’s Russia sanctions ‘massively circumvented’

Cardinals, Bishops seen kneeling before Satan
at the Masonic Summit in Italy

Germans increasingly concerned about
rise of far-right AfD party

Decision to send NATO troops to Ukraine can
be interpreted as declaration of war - senator

French PM backs Macron’s troops in Ukraine


Le Pen lays into Macron over comments that
sending troops to Ukraine not ruled out

France going to war with Russia would
be insane, French politicians say

French Civil Servants ‘Secret’ Meetings With
Le Pen Signal Macron’s Waning Influence - Report

US not to send troops to Ukraine - White House

UK doesn’t plan to send troops to Ukraine

Italy against sending troops to Ukraine

Zero talk of peace among EU, NATO officials
at Paris meeting on Ukraine — Slovak PM Fico

NATO could send training missions, not troops,
to Ukraine — Lithuanian defense minister

Lithuania’s ex-foreign minister threatens to
'neutralize' Kaliningrad amid NATO expansion

Baltic Sea will not become NATO’s as Russian
ports stay in place — Kaliningrad authorities


Depose Putin and get rich while we're at it
Nuland on why the West needs Ukraine

Majority of Germans support Scholz's decision
not to send Kiev Taurus missiles

European Parliament approves provision of
50 Billion euros to Ukraine

Ukrainian imports costing EU farmers billions

Raise taxes to fight Russia – Danish PM

Russia must be involved in Ukraine talks
– Austrian Chancellor

Greek Orthodox Bishop Excommunicates Lawmakers
Who Voted For Same-Sex Marriage

Lavrov downplays significance of EU conferences
on Ukraine in Paris

Bal and Bastion — New Coastal Missile Systems
Safeguarding Russian Borders

People in Europe disapprove of sending
weapons to Ukraine — Lavrov


Javier Milei Ended a DC-Sized Deficit in…9 Weeks

Poverty in Argentina soars to record high
despite Milei's Shock Therapy

Multipolarity is a way out of the neocolonial system
– African expert

China-built mega-mosque inaugurated in Algeria

More than half of Africans have no internet – study

Brilliant Woman Basketball SuperStar, Caitlin Clark,
Exposes Despicable MSM Racism - Their Problem
with Ms Clark is that she is White...Many Black
Players Are Jealous And Simply Can’t Stand it...

Macgregor - Allowing Invaders to vote will lead to

US Airman Who Set Himself On Fire In Front
Of Israeli Embassy Dies

He Burned Himself Alive to Turn Eyes to Gaza
- Caitlin Johnstone

MSNBC Claims Trump's Numbers In South Carolina
Are ‘Disastrous' Despite Defeating Nikki Haley

Black Professor Forced to Get Armed Security To
Protect Himself from Blacck People After Showing
Cops Do Not Kill Blacks Disproportionately

Br Nathanael - 'CBDC = One World Government'

Invader Brags About Living Off US Taxpayers
Says He's Allergic to Work And 'Came to Vacation'

California Softball Team Gets Brutal Reception
When It Kneels for National Anthem During
Game in the South

FBI raids vet’s home, forces pregnant wife, child to
stand outside in 12-degree weather - video


Serious crashes with Chicago pedestrians and cyclists
often fail to lead to ANY tickets or charges

'Assange was framed by his alleged supporters
such as The Guardian and The NYT'

The Level Of Crazy In Our Society Has Reached
Heights Never Seen Before - Video

Newsom Says Biden Presidency Is A ‘Masterclass’
(In Dictatorial America-Hating Communism)

Newsom faces another recall threat in California

The Uniparty Is Only a Few Steps Away
From Gutting the US Dollar

Italian TV Brutally Mocks Biden’s Mental Decline
- ‘They’re All Laughing at Us’

What Russia & Others Think of Biden’s America

Murder and Rape Legal for Lawless Invaders

IRS Told to Prepare to Shoot US Citizens


Trans Health Secretary Warns Climate
Change Hurts Black Americans

Adm John Kirby - Funding Abortion Is ‘Foundational
Sacred Obligation’

Top US Lawmakers Trade Barbs Over Govt Spending
in Scramble to Dodge Shutdown

Biden Operative Inserted Into Fani Team According
To Insider - Jim Jordan Reveals New Whistleblower

Why Trump's $400 Sneakers Are Selling For $1,000s

Border Invader In GA Murder Was Released From
Custody TWICE After Previous Arrests

IRS Told to Prepare to Shoot US Citizens (only the white ones)

Majority of Americans Now Support Border Wall
With Mexico as Migration Crisis Worsens

Ave Americans Are Snuffing Out 'Expert' Gaslighters

SF Hardware Store Implements One-On-One Shopping
With Employee Escort Due To 'Rampant Shoplifting'


Biometric Face ID For All NFL Teams Next Season

Yemen Assures The World ‘Your Ships Are Safe Here’
…Unless they are US, UK or Israeli Controlled Vessels

Era of West’s Maritime Hegemony Has Reached
Its End, Houthis Say

US, UK deliver series of strikes on Houthi
targets in Yemen

US admits to using AI to identify targets for
airstrikes in Middle East

New massacre committed by Zionist forces
west of Gaza City

Israeli film director receives death threats
after criticizing Gaza occupation

ICJ continues its public hearing on Israel’s
occupation of Palestine

Amnesty International - Israel defies ICJ ruling
to prevent genocide in Gaza

Islamic resistance in Lebanon targets headquarters
of Golan division


Before setting himself on fire, US pilot exposes
US complicity in genocide war on Gaza

Zionist army admits its drone was
shot down in Lebanon

Leaving Iraq may be US wisest choice

Southern Lebanon stands with Resistance despite
Israeli terrorism

Hezbollah commander unveils new weapon
on Al Mayadeen

Pro-Palestinian protesters storm NBC lobby
to disrupt Biden appearance

Hezbollah bombs Israeli Golan base with
60 Grad rockets

‘If This Isn’t Genocide, I Don’t Know What Is’
Says Lula of Israeli Attack on Gaza

Netanyahu is waging war against Palestine
with almost 100,000 dead and injured to date

Egypt Sells Out Palestinians for $10 Billion
Loan Package


Desperation grows in Gaza as infants die
from malnutrition

Saudi FM warns of ‘catastrophic consequences’ if
Israel attacks Rafah, slams intl ‘double standards’

Situation in Gaza 'catastrophic, dramatic, tragic' - Spain

EU top diplomat: 'Israel responded disproportionately
to Hamas attack'

Israel has lost the world and not even
its lies can save it

Israeli warplanes attack Hezbollah air defenses in
Lebanon to retaliate for downed drone

Palestinian government resigns

UN chief warns 'nuclear shadow' has returned
to haunt humanity

Three civilians killed, three more wounded in Belgorod
Region in Ukrainian drone attack

Ukraine’s army bombards Donetsk with HIMARS
rockets after losing Avdeyevka, says DPR


Abrams tank destroyed in Ukraine conflict (Video)

Ukraine Loses Over 420 Soldiers in Donetsk Area
in Past Day - MoD

28,000 Uke soldiers in Russian captivity

The Russian analogue of HIMARS is capable
of launching a swarm of kamikaze attack drones

The European Commission called on Kiev to
look for markets for Uke grain outside Europe

The Slovak Prime Minister spoke about the possible
sending of NATO troops to Ukraine

EU Leaders Desperate To Solve Ukraine’s
Ammo Shortage

Gripen proposal for Ukraine gains broad support

Only 51 percent of 628 US F-35s delivered
are ‘combat ready’

Burning M1A1 tank in Ukraine - loss of
FH77BW Archer stings more


Su-34s utilize guided bombs to target
Ukrainian forces near Kupyansk

Su-57’s Kh-69/59 stealth stunner eludes
Western Intelligence

'Israel' to provide Ukraine with missiles,
drone alert system - Envoy

Defeat of Russia 'indispensable' for Europe’s
security - Comrade Macron

Macron doesn’t rule out sending Western
troops to Ukraine

The Ministry of Defense reported three downed
UAVs over the Bryansk and Belgorod regions

Estonian Defense Minister called on the EU to transfer all ammunition stocks to Ukraine

After Two Years, Neocons Desperate For
More War in Ukraine

Zelensky - 'Too many pro-Putin people' in Italy

Video shows first US Abrams tank burning
in Avdiivka area


After the capture of Avdiivka, events in special
operation zone to develop rapidly

Ukrainian troops completely withdraw from
village in Donetsk region

Uke Military Intel Confirms Navalny Died from
‘Natural’ Blood Clot, as Kremlin Said - (mRNA?)

Uke plane shot down near Pavlograd

The Russian Armed Forces hit the railway station
in Konstantinovka during the transport of reserves

A large group of Ukrainian Armed Forces was
hit in Orekhovo, Zaporozhye region

In Paris, Western governments discussed
sending troops to Ukraine

Israel wants to officially send military
equipment to Ukraine for the first time

Scholz - delivery of Taurus rockets to Kiev
could drag Germany into the war

Slovakia Says Some NATO Members Are
Considering Sending Troops to Ukraine


MI6 False Flag Killed Navalny – Video

Don’t Get Mad Get Even – Medvedev

Putin agreed to release Navalny shortly before Kremlin critic’s death…

How the CIA Secretly Helps Ukraine Fight Putin

Russian Su-34 Strike Fighters Use Guided
Glide Bombs to Neutralise Ukrainian Army
Units Around Kupyansk

Deadly Virus Spreading in Brazil after Gates
‘Gene-Edited Mosquitos’ Released

In pregnant women, COVID vaccine mRNA targets
the placenta, the umbilical cord blood and the fetus

Doctor suing Mayo Clinic for ‘silencing’ him during
Covid will get jury trial - in more than a year

99% say there are TWO genders

Celebrity BioWeapon Critical Injuries Exploding


BioWeapon Death Of Younger People Covered Up
By Saying They 'died suddenly of natural causes'

BioWeapon Caused Vaxxidents Soar All Over US

Vaxxident - Huge truck veers into bike lane, plows
through busy intersection, crushes a bus kiosk,
comes to rest beside a house - Video

Woman Living Near Cell Tower Diagnosed
With 51 Strokes

Be wary of hypersensitivity reactions with repeated
annual influenza vaccination

Top Cardiologist Raises Alarm over Damage
Found in Vaxxed Patients

COVID-19 Induced Cases Of Stress Takotsubo
Cardiomyopathy Rising - Thailand Medical News

AI Revolutionizing Colorectal Cancer Screening
AI-Assisted Colonoscopy - Thailand Medical News

Musk Warns 'Google's Woke Bureaucratic
Blob’ Won't Allow Its AI To Be Fixed

AI out of control - In simulated war games it
even triggers nuclear attacks


Big Tech’s AI systems are ERASING entire
record of white people from human history

5 strategies to speed adoption of AI and
data analytics across the DOD

Microsoft to open up access to its AI models
to allow countries to build own AI economies

Destined to Die, Odysseus Moon Lander
Stoically Sends Back Its First Grainy Pics

Japan's 'Wonky' Lander Surprisingly Survives
The Lunar Night

Chinese scientists identify Milky Way origin for
ultra-high energy cosmic rays

Large-scale geoengineering projects to alter Earth’s climate,
once dubbed a conspiracy theory, are now expanding globally
right out in the open

Clouds Vanish During a Solar Eclipse And We
Finally Know Why

NTSB doesn’t want a third party to examine evidence
from East Palestine derailment disaster – what are
they trying to hide?

The Junk EV market hits the brakes
as sales hit a speed bump


Bones Reveal Bog Man's Secret Life
Before His Violent End in a Foreign Land

Treated water from Fukushima plant to be released
for the fourth time - Further Destroying The Pacific

US takes lead with 21% share in global LNG
market (Blowing NS really paid off!)

Amazon joins Dow Jones Industrial Average

Mauritius blocks US cruise ship from docking
due to potential health risk

US sanctions threaten world order – China

China’s ministry threatens London with
countermeasures over Russia-related sanctions

Major shifts happening in global economy
– Russia’s finance minister

BRICS countries to seriously influence global
energy agenda — Russian energy ministry

Some EU, NATO States Ponder Possibility of
Sending Military to Ukraine - Slovakia's Fico


West Risks 'Worst-Case Scenario' in Ukraine

NATO Troops to Cross Poland's Vistula River
as Part of Dragon-24 Drills

West fails to unite world to counter Russia

Washington’s ‘credibility at stake’ – Polish FM

Taurus supplies to Kiev risk dragging
Germany into conflict — Scholz

Hungary approves Sweden’s NATO
membership bid

Serbia rebukes Croatia over ‘Russian satellite’ claim

Tamas Sulyok elected Hungary’s new president

Lord Jacob Rothschild Dies At 87

Plummeting US Diesel Exports Bound For
Europe Send Prices Higher


EU Finance Ministers Clash as Bloc Fails
to Centralize Market Supervision

'Like A Warzone’ - Farmers Surround EU HQ Building

Polish Farmers Shut Down Warsaw-Berlin
Highway in ‘Warning’ to Brussels

Take a Look at How Polish Farmers Block
Ukrainian Border

Roughly half of Poles support banning supplies
of produce from Ukraine — survey

Sweden becomes the 32nd NATO member

Spain - Farmers Return to Madrid as Protests Continue

Eurocrats Surrounded as Farmers Block Brussels

EU Policies Have Uprooted Agriculture

Germany - Interior Minister Looks to Ban Private Gatherings of ‘Right-Wing Extremists’


Trudeau TERRIFIED of indy media winning information war, calls for aggressive new CENSORSHIP to protect MSM propagandists

The device separated from the Russian
secret satellite and entered a parallel orbit

Putin re-establishes Moscow and Leningrad
Military Districts — decree

Putin includes newly integrated regions into Russia’s
Southern Military District — decree

Putin wishes ‘dear friend’ Erdogan happy birthday

West not letting up efforts to systematically box
in Russia - Lavrov

Kremlin comments after another EU state drops
Nord Stream probe

Russian legislative commission says US embassy
meddles with upcoming presidential election

Kremlin says CIA started training people in
Ukraine to work against Russia before 2014

Russian Scientists Invented Unique 'Nanopowder'


China strengthening ties in the Middle East while
attempting to undermine British and American
influence in the region

S Korea eyes mixed fleet of manned, unmanned

Over 10,000 people arrested in Ecuador
since riots began in January

Dozens killed in attacks on mosque
church in Burkina Faso

Black lawyer wants to legalize crimes ‘because
criminal behavior is just normal black culture'

Will Dems Steal the 2024 Presidential Election
Even If Trump Wins? Count on it and Prepare

Biden Botches Lincoln Quote, Brands Xi Leader
of Russia, Gets Confused Without Handler

Democrats to Claim ‘Russian Interference’ Again to
Keep Trump From Winning – Marjorie Taylor Green

It's Over - Koch Network Pulls Plug on Bankrolling
Nikki Haley's Campaign

Watch Neocon Warmonger-in-Chief Lindsey Graham
Get Viciously Booed by MAGA Crowd in SC

Media TDS Kicks Into High Gear; Costas Says
Trump Supporters In 'Toxic Cult'

Vivek Ramaswamy, former Trump rival,
tops poll for vice president

US Cities See Their Budgets Squeezed
as Invader Flow Increases

Yale Reinstituting Standardized
Tests For Admission


Are You Ready For Neo-Collectivism?

Wooldridge - University Of Georgia Coed Laken
Riley’s Death Is On You, Joe Biden - MSM Trying
To Keep The Murder Out Of The News

President Putin Wants Foreigners With Traditional
Values To Move To Russia - Another Remarkable
Conversation With The World’s Greatest Leader

Who is really pulling the strings at the very top
of the global power structure?

Star Trek's George Takei's Twisted Response
to Invader Alleged Murder of Nurse Does in Dems

Violent Attacks Against Christian Churches
Have More Than Doubled - Media Silent

UT 'Sovereignty Act' now allows the state to ignore
And overrule unconstitutional federal actions

MO city declares itself an LGBT SANCTUARY

NYC out of control

Sprawling Illinois Cattle Barn Complex Engulfed
by Inferno, Nothing Expected to Be Salvageable


Supreme Court Amicus Brief Argues that Corrupt
DOJ Hiring of Corrupt Jack Smith Was Unconstitutional

Airport Security Versus Border Security

'I Will No Longer Be Complicit in Genocide’ - US Airman
'Self-Immolates Outside Israeli Embassy in DC'

The Untold Story of 3000 Jewish Babies
Born at Auschwitz -

Peter Hitchens - Who began this filthy war? Why didn’t
we side with democracy against the Kiev mob?

Russian forces repel seven counterattacks in
Avdeyevka area, moving to better positions

Russian forces enter southern part of Rabotino,
Ukrainian troops holding its northern part

Hospital in Donetsk comes under Uke drone attack

Russian air defense forces shoot down two
Ukrainian missiles over Black Sea

Uke army increasingly forced to ration ammunition


Rodents Disabling Combat Vehicles By Eating The
‘Green’ Wiring Insulation Made Of Corn Fiber

Ukraine on another retreat in Donbass

First Abrams tanks sighted near Avdeevka

Vicky 'Fuck the EU' Nuland Tries New Strategy
to Sell Ukraine War to Americans

Fortification of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Rabotino
Ukrainians began to bury themselves in the local cemetery

The Armed Forces of Ukraine are switching
to non-traditional relations

Kiev is relying on attacks on Russia’s rear and terror

Ukraine creates ambitious military plan for 2024

Ukrainian intel - Abetted, funded, trained And
equipped by the CIA

Russia Creates Comprehensive Defense
System Stupor to Counter Drones


OSCE violating its mandate – Moscow

Battlegroup East wipes out 17 Ukrainian stationing
points, 4 drone control centers

Zelensky asks Italy to expel ‘Putin supporters’

Half of Western arms arrive late – Uke defense chief

Ukraine doesn’t have enough trained F-16 pilots

Ukraine conflict may be decided in ‘months’

Russian Armed Forces Raise Flag Over Lastochkino

The extent to which the CIA is involved in the war
against Russia

Russian SAMs Just Shot Down a Patriot Missile
Launch Over Ukraine

Will Ukraine hit Russia with weapons from its partners: Zelenskyy has clarified all the points


what destroyed Ukrainian cities looked like before
and their current appearance - photos

Netanyahu and Biden - Priests of Satan

Rafah Attack Escalates 'Most Transparent Genocide
of All Time’ Says Scholar

Egypt sets up a second camp for displaced
Palestinians in Gaza’s Khan Younis

Israel Vows to Target Lebanon's Hezbollah Even
if Cease-Fire Reached With Hamas in Gaza

Israel Escalates Demolitions of Palestinian Homes
in Occupied East Jerusalem

Netanyahu Says Hostage Deal Will Only Delay
Attack on Rafah

Israeli DM - Ceasefire in Gaza Would Mean
Escalation in Lebanon

Israel Hinders Humanitarian Assistance in Gaza
By Delaying Visas for Aid Workers

NATO Chief Gives Ukraine Green Light for
Attacks Inside Russia


US ‘Surprised’ by Houthi Military Capabilities

Israeli report alleging ‘systematic and intentional rape’
by Hamas relies on debunked Western media reports

Al-Quds Brigades snipe Zionist soldier in Gaza

‘Eekad' reveals UAE military activities on
Abdul-Kuri Island for benefit of US, Israel

Sanaa holds US, Britain responsible for
repercussions of Red Sea militarization

15 Palestinian citizens killed in Zionist bombing
at home in Zeitoun neighborhood of Gaza

Zionist occupation troops admit death of
captured soldier in Gaza

Zionist enemy destroys Gaza City waterfront,
Hotels, And The Corniche of Gaza

'Israel' obstructed prisoner exchange
deal in Paris meeting

Hezbollah pounds Israeli sites, gatherings
releases new Video


How Germany is taking action against
Palestinians in its own country

Hidden History of How the US Was Used
to Create Israel

NYC High School Newspaper Calls Out
Genocidal Jews

Starvation in Gaza - 'If we stay like this for
another week, we will die en masse'

Observers Begin To Point Out The ELE Potential
From These Horrific Bioweapons That We First
Presented Years Ago

American Red Cross asking potential blood donors
if they’ve been ‘vaccinated' for COVID - If so, call
us first to see if you’re still eligible

WHO pandemic treaty normalizes bioweapon development
and vaccine experiments, incentivizes nations to share data
on gain-of-function research

Japan and Turkey are introducing biometric credit cards

Who is really pulling the strings at the very top of the
global power structure?

OpenAI SHOCKS Everyone - ‘GOD-Like Powers’
And ‘Magic Abilities' - New Predictions On AGI
Arrival To Be Quickly Followed By ASI - Whoever
Gets To AGI-ASI First Will Be Untouchable...


Overview Of Stunning Images From Open Source AI
From Totally Customizable Comic Books To Storyboards
Going Into Animated Movies

NVIDIA’s AGI ’Super Team’ Shakes Entire Industry

White Men Need Not Apply - In New York State,
Hollywood, or Google Gemini

Ethical Disasters for Google's Gemini AI – Misgendering
Caitlyn Jenner Equal to Starting Nuclear War

Google’s Gemini AI trying to eliminate white culture
in MASSIVE 'white purge' of past, present and future

Google's Woke Bureaucratic Blob

Google Isn’t Just Trying to Rewrite History - It’s at
the Center of a Worldwide Web of Censorship

Is IRS Using AI To Spy On our Bank Accounts

VICE Shuts Down Website And Lays Off ‘Hundreds’ Of Staff

Mark Zuckerberg’s Asia tour to focus on AI


The Odysseus Moon Lander Is Tipped Over, But Why?

Tiny Doses of LSD Boost Unique Signals in
The Human Brain

Giant 'Rivers' That Flow Through The Sky Mapped
For First Tim

Scientists Discover an Ancient Pattern Hidden
in The Feathers of Birds

Cambridge University Climate Scientist
Denounces 'Climate Emergency' As 'Noble Lie'

The UK is much closer to blackouts than
anyone dares to admit

Why California’s climate disclosure law should
doom green energy

China snapping up stranded Russian crude

Prices for Electricity, Heating, Fuel in Germany
Increase by 41% in 3 Years

German manufacturing hits four-month low


Qatar Doubles Down on LNG Production
After Sanctions Slam Europe

Russia Ready to Test Payments in Digital
Currencies With China, EAEU - Finance Minister

Oil Tanker Shortage Emerges After Red Sea Crisis
Disrupts Global Trade

Luongo - Why War Bonds Are Returning In Europe

From CIA To 'Trust & Safety’ - Silicon Valley-US Intel
Revolving Door Is Bigger Than You Thought

Nigeria blocks crypto exchanges

Why Central Bank Digital Currencies Are Unnecessary
And Dangerous

New Satoshi Emails - 120 Pgs Detailing Work On Bitcoin

How West Encourages Ukraine to Attack Russia

G7 pledges to keep bankrolling Ukraine


Berlin Caught Backing Islamist Extremist Group
in Russia That’s Banned Inside Germany

Total of 49% of Germans Say Govt Providing Too
Much Support for Ukrainian Refugees - Poll

Most Germans believe Ukrainian refugees
have failed to integrate

The Irish Should Reject New 'Hate Speech' Bill

Tory Ex-Deputy Chair Suspended Over Claim
London Run by Mayor's Islamist 'Mates'

Prison Overcrowding Forces UK to Extend
Early Release Scheme

UK Charity Admits It Was Wrong To Fire
Life-Long Volunteer Over Pronouns

Slashing migration would 'leave Britons more
than £1,100 a year better off' after Home Office
figures reached record high

Britons at risk of lower pay than migrants
under new visa salary rules

Sadiq Khan - the UK's culture warrior-in-chief


Gen Z Brits Now Demand Employers
Offer IVF as Part of Their Contract

Xi isn’t destroying China’s economy
- he’s changing it

Who’s Laughing Now? China’s Shrewd Planning
Paved Way for Manufacturing Dominance

A God-Given Right To Love Your Race - Tony Soprano
And Muhammed Ali Were 100% Correct - Rense Video

Conservatives Take Aim At Nutty Nikki After Latest
Primary Drubbing - ’No Path To Victory'

Trump Not thinking about Haley who refuses to quit

Trump Cracks Jokes - Victory Crowds Boos Top GOP

Possible Trump VP Pick Tulsi Gabbard
Is Visiting Mar-a-Lago Soon

Biden brags about his sex life – new book

Obama’s daughter reveals new name

Killing Us Softly - Part 1 - Nelson

US Tax Money Vanishing To Ukes & Jews For War

US Has a State-Approved Domestic Terrorism Problem


Comrade Obama laid Basics for US media to become
govt-controlled propaganda tool

Squatting (home theft) is a widespread problem that’s
flooding Our neighborhoods with criminal activity

Biden’s cognitive decline is now painfully obvious
to the world, yet Commucrats continue to deny it

SF FINALLY installs safety nets to prevent suicides
off the Golden Gate Bridge

Black Men Abandoning Biden in New Polling

NBC Sports Legend Bob Costas Savages
Biden, Allies On Air

Expert on Squatters Warns Nation - We're in for a 'Nightmare’
Once Illegal Immigrants Discover Housing Law Loopholes

Mass Street Release of Invaders During Live Shot
Expected to Cause 'Political Issue' for Newsom

66% of Americans think war with Iran is ahead

In Minnesota, attacks against police are on the rise
- especially in domestic assault calls


New bill redefines 'child abuse' as objecting to abortion
And sex changes!

Senior House Democrats: We May Not Certify
2024 Election Results If Trump Wins

Top Republican Warns of Invasion at Border - ‘Every
American Should Be Scared to Death’

Marine Corps F-35 Junker Nose Gear Collapses
In Hangar

US House speaker must now confront his own
party’s sabotage

Nancy Pelosi’s Husband Made Over $1.25 Million
on Stock Deal in Just Three Months

Dirtbag FBI agent charged with stealing from
Jan 6 defendant

Gun Ownership Up 28% in the US
As the Left Tries to Disarm Us

CA GOP House Candidate Buys 400’ of Razor Wire
And Uses it to Plug Border Wall Hole

Hilarious! - Ukraine ready for war with China – top MP


US warned Ukes Not to even think about a new

destruction of Ukrainian 'Malachite’ on video

Assault groups of the Russian Armed Forces broke
through to the center of Rabotino in Zaporozhye

Syrsky Says The Ukes will now fight with the Russian
Armed Forces ‘asymmetrically'

Russian Armed Forces Claims it destroyed three
Ukrainian Su-24Ms at the Kulbakino base

MiG-29 on truck On Polish hwy to Ukraine - Video

Uralvagonzavod crafts T-72 and T-90 tank parts
with US ally tools

Russia demolished a rare Abrams hybrid

S-400 or mystery system? Russia asserts first-ever
Patriot catch

Su-35 dominates with over 250 precision
bomb drops in 72 hours


Ukrainian armed units retreat from Lastochkino
west of Avdeevka

Hackers showed pro-Russian slogans on the air
of the Ukrainian TV channel ‘Direct'

Clinton's signature on the Budapest Memorandum
was worth nothing

2 Years Into SMO, the West Is Totally Paralyzed

British PM Sunak says West should be bolder
about seizing Russian assets

Ukrainian troops retreat from Stepovoye

In Ukraine, they calculated how many missiles
and drones are required to destroy the Crimean bridge

US Sen Warns Decades of Weapons Production Wasted
on Ukraine War - Readiness of US Army Way Down
This Was A Deliberate Disarming Of American Military

New Video Shows Ukraine’s US Abrams Tanks in First
Combat - Images Fuel Speculation of Battlefield Loss

The big interview by Medvedev completely translated


US-UK Launch Missile Strikes Against Houthi Targets
in Yemen After 18 Mile Oil Slick Spreads in Red Sea

Military operations by Yemen armed forces hit
several US ships

Mass demonstrations organized in world capitals, cities
to condemn Zionist aggression on Gaza

Food, medicine shortages threaten lives
of over 700,000 Palestinians

Zionist enemy renews bombarding areas
in south of Lebanon

YAF target US tanker and warships in
Gulf of Aden And in the Red Sea

US-UK strikes target Yemen's capitol of Sanaa
in renewed aggression

Hezbollah targets IOF soldiers grouping in Malikiyah
'Beit Hillel' HQ

Sanaa Minister promises surprises if aggression
on Gaza is not ended

Destruction in Gaza ‘unprecedented' Says WHO


Four Norwegian unis. cut ties with Israeli unis
over Gaza genocide

US in Middle East; a 'checklist of failures’

Sexual abuse and beatings - A Palestinian mother’s
ordeal in Jewish custody

'My unborn baby was dead before I even
knew the gender'

UN, West watching Israeli crimes in Gaza for 140 days
- Erdogan (he’s wrong, we're arming & financing them)

Farm horses, rotten food, leaves - Gaza’s hungry
get desperate…And The World Does Nothing

Gaza is turning into Mogadishu

Nasser Complex patients moved to field hospitals

UNRWA - ‘Over 400 Palestinians killed seeking
refuge in our Gaza facilities’

Jewish army arrests Palestinian child in
occupied West Bank


Israeli army arrests 22 more Palestinians in
West Bank raids

How Israeli (genocidal land thieves, aka) ‘settlers' are
exploiting Gaza to seize more Pal West Bank land

Total chaos among Israeli military ranks
in Gaza Says Former army general

80% of Jerusalem residents below poverty line
amid war on Gaza

Gaza faces famine as Israel blocks aid
breaching food rights treaties

While the CDC was urging parents to vaccinate their kids
Pfizer was studying how badly its mRNA COVID shots
damaged children's hearts - They KNEW

University Finds Cognitive Function And Physical
Performance Of Youths Who Get The Covid Virus
Are Lowered - Thailand Medical News

mRNA Injuries And Death - Young gymnasts are dying
around the world - 12 Gymnasts who died suddenly or
had careers ended - Do You SEE What’s Happening?

MORE Confirmation Of BioWeapon Injection
Gene Integration In your body’s Cellular DNA

As We’ve Told You For Over 3 YRS, Shedding Is Real
And FDA & Pfizer's Own Documents Prove it


FDA Says Informed Consent Is NOT Necessary!

HORRIBLE - 'Brain death is a lie' - Dr.Paul Byrne

Survey of embalmers shows how many are
finding rubbery clots - 'the science' will never
cover stories which threaten Big Pharma sponsors

Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Stage III, age 45, Female
No Chemo or Rad - Fenbendazole Only = Full Remission

Musk on Google’s Gemini AI's 'Insane Racist
Anti-Civilizational Programming'

Woke Gemini Is a Pedophilia Sympathizer

Hopelessly Programmed, Corrupted Google AI Says
Calling Communism ‘Evil’ Is 'Harmful And Misleading’

Free speech platform Rumble clears final
regulatory challenge by feds

White Men Need Not Apply—In New York State,
Hollywood or Google Gemini

Germany Announces ‘Pre-Crime’ Police Unit
To Target ‘Far-Right’


Taylor Lorenz Interviews Libs of TikTok, Legendary
Troll Ensues after she tries to bring up Anti-Zionism

China Making AI Breakthroughs Despite
Biden's Sanctions

Deagel Report Forecast On Americans Ability
To Buy Food In 2025 - Great Trouble Ahead...

Pregnant women should minimize EMF at all costs
unborn babies receive 20x more concentration

NASA New Horizons Found a Large Surprise
in The Kuiper Belt

Ancient Megalith Found in Peru Is One of
The Oldest in The Americas

Watch That survived Hiroshima atomic bombing
sells for over $31,000

33 Major US Cities Are Sinking on the East Coast

Rivian laying off 10% of salaried workforce
as Junk EV demand slows

Chinese scientists invent method to transform salty
soil into fertile farmland


Moon Lander 'Tipped Over' On Touchdown, Sending
Shares Of Intuitive Machines Crashing Late Friday

Argentina’s Provinces Threaten Milei With Rebellion
Amid Neoliberal Austerity Drive

Polish Farmers To Block Critical Border Road As
Tusk Government Faces First Serious Challenge

Macron to Skip G7 Summit for Paris Agricultural
Show Amid Farmers’ Protests

Crisis Can't Be Solved in Few Hours, Macron Tells
Enraged Farmers Who Stormed Agri-Fair in Paris

Farmers and police clash in Paris - Video

Longer Biden's Pause On LNG Projects Goes On
The Better It Is For Russia

The Next Financial Crisis Could Trigger A
Bitcoin Revolution

Egypt Announces $35 billion Deal With UAE
To Buy Premium Mediterranean Area

German banks preparing for wave of loan defaults
in the face of major real estate crisis


Leftist Canadian MP wants to criminalize
endorsement of fossil fuels

Australia plans naval expansion as regional
tensions mount

Australian Cars Emitting Way More CO2
Than Elsewhere

A European Pearl Harbar Event?

Korybko - Is The West Plotting A False Flag Provocation
In Poland To Blame On Russia & Belarus

Russian troops inspect abandoned NATO
weapons in Avdeevka

Russia sees no sense in contact with US on
nuclear weapons threat in space — diplomat

G7 leaders vow to take measures against those who support
Russia in Ukrainian conflict

G7 intends to force Russia to compensate
Ukraine’s expenses — statement

Kiev can export all grain harvested in 2023 via
Black Sea corridor, G7 believes


Alexei Navalny's Death And Curious Well-Timed

Navalny's Body Finally Released To Mother Amid
Controversy Over Public Moscow Funeral

China lashes out at ‘agent of trouble’ NATO

China lashes out at ‘agent of trouble’ NATO

India discovers long lost Pakistani submarine

Argentina’s Provinces Threaten Milei With Rebellion
Amid Neoliberal Austerity Drive


Former Democrat Tulsi Gabbard endorses
Trump for US president

The Elites Versus 'The Rest Of Us'

Peter Schiff - Household Debt Highest In US History

New Cell Phone Records Prove DA Willis Affair

Once Valued At $5.7 Billion - Vice Media Stops Publishing
And Nothing Of Value Was Lost

Now-Fired CBS Reporter Who Investigated Biden Laptop
Story Has PERSONAL Files Seized By Network

CBP Seizes 6.5 Tons Of Meth In Eagle Pass,
Largest Haul Ever At A Port Of Entry

Multiple Stabbings in Montana by Invaders

How FDR Destroyed Joe Louis's Life

'This Is The End Of The American Empire'


NORAD Fighter Jets Intercept High-Altitude
Balloon Over Utah

Boeing lauds 737 Max as ‘the safest airplane’

Jon Stewart Tells Tucker America's Dangerous Subway
Are 'The Literal Price Of Freedom'

Netanyahu Finally Presents Gaza Post-War Plan
To Cabinet & It's Sure To Anger Biden Admin

Netanyahu unveils ‘Day After Hamas’ plan

Number of victims of Israeli military operation
in Gaza surpasses 29,500

Ten years after Maidan - Why won’t West admit
that the coup was based on a lie?

Ukraine can deploy F-16s to attack deep inside
Russia – NATO

Russian forces hit Patriot SAM launcher And missile
reload trailer transporter

Avdeyevka Residents Receive Russian Passports


Russian Air Defenses Down Ukrainian Jets,
Choppers, Patriot and Storm Shadow Missiles

Russian Pilot Maxim Kuzminov Who Defected
To Ukraine 'Shot Dead' In Spain

Ukraine Says It Shot Down Another Large
Russian Spy Plane

Finnish Mercenary Reported Dead in Uke Conflict

Rodents damaging Western Eco-friendly
hardware in Ukraine

Zelensky promises ‘new counteroffensive’
(A New Christian Holocaust)

Zelensky ‘cannot understand’ Trump promise

Kiev’s sponsors should hold ‘discreet’ talks
with Moscow

Thousands of Ukrainians homeless in UK

Eastern Europe Questions Rutte NATO Candidacy
Despite US Endorsement


EU Seeking $1.5 Billion to Provide Ukraine With
Artillery Shells Under Czech Plan

Ukraine’s EU bid stalled ‘until summer’

French split over Ukraine’s EU bid

EU to Free Nearly $148 Billion Blocked for
Poland Next Week

Latvian federation bans hockey players for
participating in Games of the Future

Survey of embalmers shows how many are
finding rubbery clots - 'the science' will never
cover stories which threaten Big Pharma sponsors

Violent, diarrhea-inducing stomach bug spreads
in Northeast - ‘Incredibly contagious’

Musk Blasts Google's 'Insane Racist, Anti-Civilizational

Google 'Apologizes' for Gemini AI Erasing
White People - Right, sure, You Bet...

Elon Musk Says Gmail Alternative Called XMail 'Coming'


Rogue AI Gets Transphobic

US introduces anti-Russian sanctions against
over 500 individuals And entities

EU imposes new sanctions on Russia

EU bans export of semiconductors and devices
based on them to Russia

EU introduces export restrictions on parts for UAVs
and electrical transformers to Russia

Canada places 10 individuals, 153 legal entities
on anti-Russian sanctions list

As US, EU Pile New Sanctions On Russia,
WSJ Declares Punitive Measures Already ‘Failed'

Russia seizes more than $1 billion of
German firm’s assets

Russia considers EU sanctions illegal, prepares
adequate response

New anti-Russian US sanctions affect companies
in China, UAE, Serbia, Germany


US rate hikes cut both ways - Why what used to
cause the classic emerging-market crisis now
seems to boomerang

Jamie Dimon Sells 822,000 Shares Of JPMorgan
For The First Time As Stock Hits All-Time High

Germany legalizes recreational cannabis

Aircraft, Tanks, Submersibles, Bikes and Even Horses
- Is There Anything Putin Can’t Handle?

Why Russia's Tu-160M Strategic Bomber is Second
to None For Nuclear Deterrence

Chinese Mock US 'Show of Force' in Western Pacific

China Accuses US of Containment Strategy Over
Taiwan Arms Sales

China promises payback for UK sanctions

India orders BrahMos cruise missiles worth $2.3 Billion

Russia is a power with ‘enormous tradition of statecraft’


Russia was ‘right’ to oppose weapons
transfer to US – Ecuador

Julian Assange to be Extradited to US
after 10 years of TORTURE

The world in the stranglehold of a small state

MI Gov Whitmer Joins MA In Asking Residents
to take invaders into their homes

Russian Report Says Total Defeat Of US Military
Would Take Just 3 Weeks

Retired generals expose O'Biden’s ‘deliberate’
destruction of US military

All Corrupt Judges in Trump Cases (Except Florida) Are
Radical Leftists – No Good American Has a Chance

Half of Republicans say California isn’t American

Trump delivers tragic message on ‘dying’ United States

Bizarre Reason Paper Gave for Delaying Publishing
Pic of BLACK KC Chiefs Parade Shooter

Censorship expert Mike Benz says 2020 election RIG
for Biden was planned at least 7 MONTHS ahead of time


Free speech coming to END in 2024 - Paul Craig Roberts

Missouri sending Natl Guard to Texas border

Drunken drivers would have to pay child support
for victims’ kids under these laws

SF Put a Noncitizen in Office - Part of the Left’s
Plan to Demolish Our Republic.

Trump Converts ENTIRE PANEL of Undecideds
During SC Town Hall

DEI increases the propensity for racism
and they’ve known this since the 1930s

Stephen Miller’s Terrifying Analysis of US Future

Huge Times Sq Billboard Depicts Invader Attack on Cops

Thousands Coming Illegally As FBI Fights
CCP Cyber Attacks

The Evil Sex Trafficking of Tiny Children
at the Border


Denver Healthcare Is Collapsing Trying to Care
for Invaders

Biden ‘too old’ for presidency – poll

Biden family dog bit Secret Service dozens of times

American Public Satisfaction Falls During Biden Regime

Why Are There 30 Edits In This 2 Minute
Biden Speech?

Judge Overseeing Trump-Georgia Case Once
Donated To Fani Willis Campaign

Lara Trump Vows Largest-Ever Legal 'Ballot Harvesting’
Operation If Elected RNC Co-Chair

VZ Blocks Flights Carrying Deported Invaders
From US And Mexico

Within 10 Years, Interest And Medicare Will
Each Cost $1.6 Trillion A Year

What The Left Has Bequeathed Us?


NYC's Non-Citizen Voting Law Struck Down
By Appeals Court

Is An X-Class Solar Flare Responsible For
Nationwide Cell Outage?

Der Spiegel - Kyiv has no chance against Moscow

Russian Geraniums hit Uke aircraft at Mirgorod airfield

The Estonian military is going to 'kill as many
Russians as possible'

Bundestag denied Kyiv the Taurus, but approved the
transfer of other long-range missiles to Ukraine

Analyst - Ukes will try to cross the Dnieper
River in the Kherson region

Russian troops master tank field repairs
to factory standard

Norway’s fleet enhanced: Block 8.1 C-130J-30 Super Hercules arrives

Su-35 dominates with over 250 precision bomb
drops in 72 hours


Russian army liberates Pobeda

Rostec’s new device helps military personnel
get a good sleep in 20 minutes

Ukes get dozens of M113 APCs

UK will supply Ukraine with 200 Brimstone missiles

G7 will refuse to recognize elections in
new regions of the Russian Federation

Ukraine Weighs Unpopular Plan to Expand Draft

Ex Russian President Reveals Why New T-14 Armata
Tanks Not Deployed - Says T-90M is ‘Best in World’

Pentagon Warns Ukraine Can’t Maintain
US-Supplied Arsenals

UK's Boris Johnson Sabotaged Russia-Ukraine
Peace Deal on US Orders

Biden Administration Wants Ukraine Conflict
to Continue, Refusing Diplomacy - US Senator


Sweden announces its largest-ever Ukraine
aid package despite lacking funds to replenish stockpiles

Give us all your heavy weapons, Kiev’s security
chief tells EU

Belarus keeps eye on potential deployment
of US nuclear arms in Poland — defense chief

Belarus not worried about Ukraine’s border buildup

West Doubles Military Presence on Belarus,
Russia Borders Since 2020 - Belarus Minister

Ukrainian military loses 410 more dead troops
near Donetsk in 24 hours — Russia

Uke military murdered mercenaries incapable of
leaving Avdeyevka on their own - Inhuman

Russian Forces Liberate Settlement of Pobeda
in Donetsk Region

Zelensky Opens Ukraine's National Guard
To Foreigners Amid Severe Manpower Crisis

Ukes Growing Discontent With Country's Outlook


Ukraine Says 'Yes' to Narcotics for Injured Troops
on Front Lines

Polish farmers want to ‘humiliate’ Ukraine
– Zelensky aide

Czech farmers join protest against EU’s
agricultural policy

UK to provide another 200 Brimstone
anti-tank missiles to Ukraine

Bundestag backs resolution calling for supplies
of ‘long-range weapons’ to Kiev

Taurus supplies to Ukraine to escalate conflict

Denmark to donate first F-16 jets to Ukraine
in summer

$14 Billion US Aid Package for Israel Crafted
to Prepare for ‘Multi-Front War,’ Not Just Gaza

Israel Intensifies Airstrikes in Rafah - Invasion Looms

Yemeni Houthis ‘seized’ US Remus 600 AUV


Iran fires ballistic missiles from launchers
disguised as standard shipping containers

Al-Qassam Brigades destroy Zionist troop transport
vehicle in Khan Yunis

Yemeni forces target American, British ships,
strike Israeli sites

Israeli occupation forces have arrested 7,170
Palestinians since start of aggression on Gaza

Hamas - Quds operation is natural response
to Israeli occupation’s massacres

Al-Houthi reveals entry of new weapon

'Israel' war against Hezbollah one way
ticket to MAD - Israeli report

5 Hezbollah operations on Israeli military sites

Lebanon mourns 6 yr old child, woman killed
in deliberate Israeli strike

Israeli strikes kill scores, UN case against West Bank
occupation, Gaza ceasefire attempts continue


‘Not a safe inch in Gaza’ - Photojournalist In Rafah

As many as 97 people killed in Gaza in last day

Another UK Ship On Fire Near Yemen As Sea
Becomes Littered With Disabled Tankers

UK, US carry out another series of strikes
on Houthi targets in Yemen

Houthis ban US, UK ships from entering Red
And Arabian Seas — agency

US prevents peace in Middle East - Medvedev

Violence spilling out of Gaza due to US stance
says Russian UN ambassador

US has no real leverage on Israel, says Russia's UN ambassador

Netanyahu Vows to Restore Security of Israel’s
Northern Border by All Means Necessary

Israeli jet attacks residential building in Damascus
killing three — Russian military


One killed, eight wounded in terror attack in Israel

Trump’s Operation Warp Speed Was a Global
Military Operation

Fenbendazole Proving to be More Valuable
in Cancer Care than Originally Thought

Johns Hopkins - Fenbendazole Slows Pancreatic
Cancer in Mice To Almost Gone

Pope Francis appoints mRNA technology co-developer
Katalin Karikó to the ‘Pontifical Academy for Life'

‘Witch' of mRNA Vaccines appointed in Pontifical
Academy of LIFE! By Fake Pope Francis

COVID-19 BioWeapons Cause Elevated Levels
Of The Cancer Biomarker CA 19-9 And Is Possibly
Triggering Autoimmune Pancreatitis - Thailand Medical

Publisher attempts to crush medical truth and
Tedros uses Disease X to push pandemic treaty

COVID jabs saved ZERO lives while killing
many, scientist warns

Study reveals the power of COFFEE against
COVID-19 infections


Study of over 99 million Vaxed people finds increased
risk of several serious adverse events

COVID-19 boosters cause irreparable damage
to human natural defense system

Doctors dying suddenly Worldwide (Oct 23 - Feb 24) - 54 deaths

Google's Gemini Blames Its Own Creators
For Anti-White Racism

Groq AI's LPU - The Breakthrough Answer To
ChatGPT's GPU Woes?

'What A Racist Douchenozzle!’ - Musk Blasts Woke
AI Gemini's Product Head As Google Halts Image
Generation Over Inaccuracies

Google Announces New Master plan to Destroy
Independent Media

Google Gemini's Creator Is, in Fact, Racist
Against White People

Tribune Publishing to lay off nearly 200
at Freedom Center printing plant

'AI is uncontrollable and has the potential to
cause an existential catastrophe'


ChatGPT is going crazy and sending alarming
messages to users

Cyberattack Takes Down Pharmacies across America

Another Aviation Near Disaster? Boeing 737 Max 8
Suffers Depressurization On Maui to SF Flight

Scientists Baffled By ‘Impossible’ Galaxy Find

Private Lander Touches Down on the Moon
but Sending Weak Signal

Canada Backs Bill Gates’ Scheme to Block the Sun

Corporate Media Calls for Bans on Public Eating
Meat to ‘Address Climate Change’

Bad loans exceed loss reserves at the top US
banks as Commercial R.E. disaster spreads

ECB Claims 'Bitcoin Has Failed' (Again), Says Recent
Post-ETF Gains Are 'Flash In The Pan'

Google Rolls Out ‘Pre-Bunking’ Censorship Regime
to Rig EU Elections


The CBO Revised The Cost Of Biden's Energy
Policies Up By $466 Billion

UK Quits Treaty Allowing Oil Firms to Sue
Governments Over Climate Policy

EU 'Totally Dependent' on China's Lithium

Aluminum Prices Soar After Biden Says ‘Major’
Sanctions Package Against Russia Is Imminent

Long View - COMEX Precious Metal Prices in 2024

ECB Claims 'Bitcoin Has Failed' (Again), Says Recent
Post-ETF Gains Are 'Flash In The Pan'

Mercedes-Benz overtakes Tesla as world’s most
valuable auto brand

IMF close to unlocking funds for Ukraine

Seize frozen Russian assets in Navalny’s name

IMF Raises Concerns Over Western Plans
to Seize Russian Assets


UK unveils new Russia sanctions

EU Commission Supports Excluding Russia’s
Agricultural Products From Sanctions

Maker of Oreo cookies staying in Russia

Biden Backs Dutch PM for Top NATO Job

Irish Referenda to Remove Women
and Redefine the Family

Germany suffers irreversible damage without Russian gas
- aftermath of Nord Stream destruction by the U.S.

Boris Johnson accuses Carlson of being ‘a Kremlin tool’
then tries to extort him for $1M

Around 25% of political donations received by
Australia’s four biggest parties are untraceable

US LNG export ban harms Germany first and foremost

Kyiv and Odessa will fall to Russia – Suck it up, NATO


Globalist EU Politicians vote in favor of replacing
Europeans with non-Europeans

Von der Leyen's Foreign Policy Fails to harm Russia

Italian foreign minister announces preparation
of security agreement with Ukraine

‘Almost nobody’ believes Ukraine will win – Hungarian PM

A Tribute to Saint Alexei Navalny, Patron Saint of
Liberal Democracy

Greece Protests Netflix's Portrayal Of Alexander
The Great As Gay

Doomsday Clock much closer to midnight
— Medvedev

Arming Ukraine with F-16s could trigger
nuclear war – Medvedev

Putin Calls Biden’s Statement About Him ‘Rude’

Biden's boorish statements about Putin only bring
shame upon US itself — Kremlin


Kremlin reacts to Biden calling Putin a ‘crazy SOB’

Putin - Moving to Russia Should be Simplified for
Anyone Embracing Traditional Values

Russia welcomes foreigners with ‘traditional views’

Land of Churches and Vast Grasslands - Why are
Westerners Moving to Russia?

Putin - Ukraine ‘Reduced to Level of Colony
With a Puppet Regime’

Putin test-flies Russian strategic bomber - Video

Lavrov Says No Serious Proposals on Strategic
Stability Dialogue From US

Russia to promote closer ties between BRICS, G20

Lavrov says West has no right to ask for Navalny probe

Many Western economies are stagnating, Lavrov says


Russia to respond to new sanctions by strengthening
its economy — Lavrov

US tries to preserve world dominance, but its power
is declining — Medvedev

US experiencing societal split of values that could
spark country’s collapse — Medvedev

Europe has ‘dim, lackluster technocrats’ instead
of strong leaders, Medvedev believes

Kiev and Odessa are ours – Medvedev

Russia does not care who is Leading US - Medvedev

Negotiations with Ukraine will be possible when Kiev
regime changes - Medvedev

US aid to Ukraine largely goes to American
military-industrial sector, says Medvedev

Russia unlikely to get its frozen assets back - Medvedev

West cannot take away Russian assets, since it’s not
officially at war - Medvedev


Russia does not prosecute people for their beliefs
— Medvedev

Russia comrades with entire non-Anglo-Saxon world
— Medvedev

West is ‘isolated’ – Moscow

Russian diplomat warns against fomenting
'atmosphere of prewar psychosis'

Western media under strong government pressure

North Korean-made missile was packed with US parts

Russian, Chinese armed forces steadily increase cooperation

US Lawmakers Arrive in Taiwan to 'Show Support’
For New Leader Despite Chinese Pushback

US OKs Possible $75M Sale of Communications Defense
Equipment to Taiwan - Pentagon

Pentagon's New Military Satellite Program Poses
Threat to Russia


Operation Warp Speed was a global military operation
that seized control over entire medical and court systems

Example Of How Remarkably Different American
Children Used To Be Before The Schools Went
Woke And Cell Phone Brainwashing Ruled - Rense Video

Vermin live amongst us and they want the children

'We Own the Truth’ - How Freedom of Speech
Has Become the West's Nemesis

US House Republicans Expect Fed Govt

Proof Americans Are Already Living Under
A Military Dictatorship

Is The US Developing A Surrender Plan?

US spies used NYT in Putin interview sabotage attempt
Says Tucker

The spy who compromised me - How Aldrich Ames
almost brought down the CIA

Jackpot - NYC Mayor To Give Migrants Pre-loaded’
Debit Cards Worth Up To $10,000


Executive Order On Border? Biden Team Freaks
Out, Mulls Desperate Pre-Election Hail Mary

Hunter Biden Says DOJ Misrepresented Sawdust
As Cocaine To Make Him Look Bad

Biden struggles to board Air Force One - Video

The Kamal says she’s ‘absolutely ready’ to become
president if Biden is unable to serve

US House Republicans Expect Federal Gov't Shutdown

'No One's Got To Me...I Ain't Scared Of Sh!t'
NYC Trucker Boycott Leader 'Chicago Ray' Quits

Service Members Speak Out Against DEI
Training In The Military

Arizona Prosecutor Refuses to Extradite Suspected
Killer to NY - Doesn't Trust Bragg to Prosecute

US seeks Arctic-ready UAVs - RQ-7 Shadows
fail cold weather test

Hochul admits NY courts Singled Out Trump for prosecution
desperately warns other real estate developers it won’t
happen to them...to prevent them from LEAVING


12 Jeffrey Epstein victims file lawsuit against FBI

Portland - Man squats in a home, gets sued by owner
and still walks away with a $10,000 check

Carbon credits, as pushed by Elon Musk, could stop
people from growing their own food

CBP reports record-high Border. Encounters
in January 2024

Washington State Election Bill Will Force All Counties
to Install and Maintain Software, Likely Opening Up
Election Data Rather Than Protecting It

DHS Mayorkas personally declined RFK Jr.’s reques
for Secret Service protection

Red state takes child away from parents over
‘improper’ pronouns

How 10 Million Illegals Are Destroying America

78 anti-corruption commission employees found guilty
of ethics breach in prison illegal levies scandal

ST Engineering unveils wheeled ground robot equipped with aerial drone


Migrant Crisis and the States Increasingly Defying the Feds

US Secretary of State Blinken: Avoids terms like “mother”, “father” and “manpower”

KC Mass Shooting Was Just Blacks Mad They
Were Getting Looked at by Other Blacks

Biden considering major new executive actions for migrant crisis

Biden will email 153,000 student loan borrowers
- I’m canceling your debt

A sitting POTUS invaded his own country, yes, Biden has
invaded America, and Obama helped him orchestrate, this
was always the plan, in fact, Obama is in his 3rd term

WaPo - Mass Invasion, Drugs and Crime Are Fine
Because Invaders Play Baseball!

For 50 years, Joe and Jim Biden have been
influence-peddling in Ukraine

Google (Kinda) Apologizes After Woke AI Gemini
Exposed As Anti-White Racist

Ex-UN Expert - If Assange is Extradited to US
No Journalist in World Will Be Safe


Pro-Assange Rally Continuing Outside High
Court in London for 2nd Day in Row

Israel Sets Timeline To Start Of Rafah Offensive
Issues Hamas An Ultimatum

China Blasts US For Giving Israel 'License To Kill’
After the UN ceasefire Veto

Russia reacts to US vetoing Gaza ceasefire

Foreign ministers of Russia, Egypt underscore
need for establishment of Palestinian state

UK Warns It Could Restrict Arms Sales To Israel
If Rafah Offensive Proceeds

Yemeni Houthis ‘seized’ US Remus 600 AUV
...sparks Iranian probe

Hezbollah targets Zionist Mitsuva settlement
by Katyusha rockets

UNRWA - Over 300,000 Palestinian students
in our schools in Gaza are deprived of education

Palestinian child killed by Jewish bullets in Azzoun


Al-Qassam Brigades announces death of 3
Zionist soldiers, Hitting Zionist tank in Gaza

US-UK fighter jets continue to attack Hodeida

Yemeni shipping source refutes Washington’s
claims about cargo of targeted American ship

New Israeli aggression targets Damascus

Dozens of civilians killed in Israeli airstrikes
And bombings on Gaza

Brave Israelis fire on UN food convoy in Gaza

Israeli raids renewed on Rafah, martyrs reported

Drone targets US base in Conoco field -
Al Mayadeen's correspondent

Israeli Knesset approves resolution rejecting
Palestinian statehood

Did Iran Just Give Drone Submarines To
Yemen’s Houthis


Arab States Are Giving Palestinians the Cold Shoulder
- Here’s Why

‘We should kill them all’ - Outrage erupts over US
congressman’s Gaza comments

The Israeli government is spreading terror
across the Middle East

Israel Intensifies Airstrikes in Rafah as
Invasion Looms

Israeli Airstrikes Kill a Woman and Child
in Southern Lebanon

Asked About Dead Palestinian Kids,
Rep. Andy Ogles Says ‘Kill Em All’

Israeli Occupiers of Palestine are again
caught faking Gaza aid

8 patients die at Gaza hospital amid Israeli raid

Israeli settlers burn Palestinian-owned
house in occupied West Bank

Behaviour of Israel soldiers in Gaza ‘crossed
criminal threshold’ - Army’s top lawyer


Palestinians will lose 2024’s olive harvest if
Israel continues blocking access to land

US Training 12 Uke Pilots on F-16s in 2024
Will Graduate This Summer (Dead Men Flying)

Up to 1,000 Ukrainian Troops Believed to Be
Captured in Retreat From Avdeyevka

Four Tu-160M strategic bombers are being
prepared for transfer to the Russian Aerospace Forces

Uke Group in Vugledar may soon find itself
in the pincers of the Russian army

Putin joins Kazan to unveil four deeply
upgraded Tu-160M bombers

400+ Tehran missiles allegedly in Kremlin hands

KAAN’s maiden flight sparks Ukrainian
optimism against Russia

Kurgan boosts Russian army with 1.5x more
BMP-3s than last year

Lukashenko urges officers to prepare for
a major war


The West demands from Kiev a list of
targets in Russia for strikes against them

Mayor of Belgorod - 1,750 residential premises damaged
By Uke shelling In Just Two months

IAEA - Zaporizhzhya NPP is disconnected
from the last backup power line

Ukrainian sociologists have recorded an increase
in supporters of negotiations with Russia to 72%

Pentagon sent weapons to Ukraine without
a long-term support plan

The US Is Developing A Ukraine Surrender Plan

Ukes continue to suffer severe losses

During the day, the Belgorod region was
attacked by at least 10 drones

Over Two Dozen North Korean Missiles Launched
By Russian Forces on Ukrainian Targets

Iran says arms exports up 40% as missiles
transfers to Russia take spotlight


Trump’s Operation Warp Speed Was a Global
Military Operation

UK goes full Orwellian - Is rebranding Excess Deaths
To further Hide them

19 yr Old Diagnosed With Alzheimer’s

Latest On US Blood Donation Rules
Vaxed And Unvaxed

Children Who Survived Abortion Tell Their Stories

It’s no longer any wonder why our foods are
being poisoned, the USDA is busy weaponizing
diseases to KILL Americans

Colon cancer on the rise in young adults - GMOs,
vaccines and synthetic folic acid all to blame
- Not a word about mRNA Spike or Jabs

Mothers of 2 Girls Who Died After Gardasil HPV
Vaccine Sue Merck

CDC-Funded Study of 99 Million COVID-Vaccinated
People Finds ‘Very Rare Adverse Events’

Fauci, Gates & Moderna are responsible for COVID
Pandemic – US DOD issued a ‘COVID-19 Research’
contract 3 Months before COVID was known to exist


Bipartisan MD Bill Would Make Gender Surgery
on a Minor Without Parental Consent Illegal

Widespread Prevalence of Banned Crop Chemical
In US Food Supply Sparks Concerns

ChatGPT Had A Public Meltdown But OpenAI
Says It's Fine Now

Google's Gemini AI Correctly Blasted For Eliminating
White People From Image Searches!

Google AI Tool Gemini Is Accused of Racism
for Refusing To Create Images of White People
- Communist Programmers At Work

Neuralink's First Human Patient Controls
Computer Mouse With Mind

Carbon Dioxide Climate Hoax - BIG Reveal

Temperatures in China drop by 50 degrees
in two days killing thousands of birds

Earth is entering a new era of Global Cooling

Microplastics Invade Ancient Rock And That’s
a Big Problem For Age Markers


Boeing nightmare continues - 757 emergency
landing after wing rips apart midair - Video

America Can't Afford Bidenomics

American Totalitarian 'Crypto Dollar' May Come
Before The Election

Central Bank Gold Rush - What It Means for You

'Germany is Doomed’ - MEP Paints Unflattering
Picture of Berlin's Economic Prospects

Germany Loses Over $216 Billion Due to Ukraine

New package of EU sanctions targets companies
from India, China and Turkey

Russian economy remaining resilient, despite sanctions

'Pure Junk Science’ - Researchers Challenge Narrative
On CO2 And Warming Correlation

Environmentalism Needs A New Playbook


World On Threshold Of Natural Hydrogen 'Gold Rush’
Geologists Say

Russia to triple LNG exports by 2030 – deputy PM

NatGas Soars After Chesapeake Cuts Production
Outlook Amid Vicious Bear Market

Exxon Threatens To Take Billions Of Dollars In
Climate Investment Out Of The EU

Dozens Of Major Companies Say 2024 Will Be
The Year Of Cost Cutting

The British Submarine US Trident II
Missile Trial Failure - Video

Failed Trident Missile Launch Casts Doubt
on US and UK Nuclear Capability

UK Navy Carries Out Unsuccessful Launch of
Trident II Ballistic Missile

US believes Russia could deploy nukes
in space this year

Why nukes in EU hands would be a nightmare


Soros-Funded Election Interference Network Uncovered in Europe

EU Staff Association Warns of Crime Wave Gripping Brussels

British AJAX conquers Lapland’s -30°C snowstorm
harsh trials

U.K. authorities have given themselves the power
to surveil, harass and jail whistleblowers under
the new British National Security Act

Only 10% of Europeans believe Ukraine can defeat
Russia - poll (and yet they keep on funding the war)

Polish farmers stage nationwide anti-Ukrainian protests
Polish farmers lose patience and ask Putin to help

British nuclear missile nearly kills British
military commanders

Australia to Double Its Naval Fleet in
Buildup Aimed at China

Swiss Epidemic Law - Emergency law threatens to be permanent

‘Gift from Russia to the world’ – Putin opens
Games of the Future


Games of the Future free from political
circumstances, double standards - Putin

Deranged US elite sees Russia as adversary, threat
regardless of situation or party labels - Lavrov

West & Ukraine unwilling to settle conflict - Lavrov

Russia should set up protective cordon to prevent
any incursions — Medvedev

‘To a dog, a dog's death,’ Medvedev said about
murder of defector Kuzminov

Munich conference shows evaporating Western
optimism on Ukraine - Russian Foreign Ministry

London openly pushes Kiev to attack facilities
deep in Russia — diplomat

Russia tears up Soviet-era fishing
agreement with UK

Putin Gifts Kim Jong A Luxury Russian Limo

US B-52H Bomber Joins Philippine Jets
for West Philipine Sea Patrol, Irks China


China Steps Up Patrols Near Taiwanese
Controlled Kinmen Islands

Indian FM responds to critics of ties with Moscow

US urges India to ‘cooperate’ on Ukraine

Tren de Aragua – VZ Gangs Infiltrate America

Zimbabwe's first vice president thanks Russia
for tech transfer

UN warns Britain against deporting migrants
to Rwanda

The Black, Satanic, Unseen Hand Of
Central Banking - Rense Video

The world hates the United States with all its soul
– and it will end with massive retribution

Watch - Pelosi Goes On Unhinged Rant About
Trump Being 'Blackmailed' By Putin

Trump Faces A Staggering Cost For Appeal

Russia adds US Senator Lindsey Graham
to list of ‘terrorists’

Haley’s Hawkish Position On War Takes
Center Stage In South Carolina Primary

Chinese Invaders Sneaking Over So Border

Mandatory IRS DEI Training Includes Article From
Trans Professor Who Called for 'Death of Whiteness'

Dr. Jill Is Driving Force Behind Joe Biden's Reelection
Run - 'She Likes Power’

NYC to House invaders in 'Luxury' Building With
Indoor Pool, Marble Bathrooms - US Has Gone Mad


Security cams redirected as bomb squad responded to
DNC pipe bomb on Jan. 6, disturbing Video Shows

MAGA Trucker Delivers Message to Liberals

Tucker - Mass immigration is completely destroying our
country - Why is no one doing anything about it?
Maybe they’re afraid of ending up like Lydia Brimelow

MO ‘Republicans' Join Communists in Voting for Bill
that Lets Invaders Vote and Foreign Govts to Spend
Money in American State Elections

99% Say Federal agencies have too much power - Poll

Majority - Biden presidency a failure, Trump’s a success

Biden admin sued by AZ rancher over land grab

VT Town Gets Firsthand Look at Border Invasion

AF knows what failed in fatal Osprey crash - but not why

Protect the First Amendment - Impeach Biden


Disney - billion-dollar victim of wokeness - So It
Plans To Remake ‘Pirates’ With Black Female!

US Gen Sounds Alarm On Chinese Border Crossers
‘They Are Coming Here To Kill Us’ - Video

Invaders Flooding Across US-Mexico border - Video

Foreign Nationals Aren’t Just Voting In SF
Elections, They’re Running Them,Too

Lockheed Martin to Increase Production of HIMARS
Rocket Launchers By 60%

Swindlers With Attitude - First prison photo of Sam
Bankman Fried emerges - it’s worse than you thought

6’ Male on Girl’s Basketball Team Injures Female Player

SCOTUS declines to hear new case on race
in school admissions

NYC to Give Invaders $10,000 Each for Free

Why Is Ridiculous Woke Ideology Being Accepted
By America’s Military?


Four US Air Force EA-37Bs to Receive
Upgraded EW Systems

Moscow reveals details on capture of Avdeevka

Ukes suffered colossal losses during attempt
to retreat from Avdiivka

Russian Forces Carried Out Operation to Take
Control of Avdeyevka With Minimal Losses

A Walk Through the Streets of Liberated Avdeyevka
- Photos

Ukraine Had Secret Torture Chambers And
Burials in Avdeyevka

Ukraine loses 30% of its economy in two years

Stockholm to give Kiev $682 mln in military, financial aid

World leaders no longer working toward peace
– Serbian president

Kiev has right to demand return of draft dodgers – UN


Ukrainian army loses 3,400 troops in Krynki area

Shoigu says Ukrainian plan to reach Sea of Azov
was developed in Poland, Baltic countries

Failure of Ukraine's counteroffensive exposes
ineffective Western strategies — Shoigu

West wants Kiev to submit targets inside Russia,
with reasons for striking them — source

Avdeevka showed how Kharkov, Zaporozhye,
Kherson and Odessa can be liberated

West records large concentration of Russian
troops in Zaporozhye

Russia has deployed up to 50,000 troops to
the Zaporozhye region

The longer the US pause on LNG projects lasts
- the better It is for Russia

The Russian Army is breaking through to a
major Uke defense center in Kurakhov

Washington is preparing Northern Europe for war
against Moscow


Russia enhances Kinzhal missiles to
outsmart air defense systems

Soviet-era Akula-class submarine
stands against Western rivals

Su-35s secure air superiority - deciphering the
Avdiivka triumph

Analyst tells how Krasnopol shells increase
survivability of howitzers

Russia Says Kiev preparing to launch ChemWeapons

Shmygal - Ukraine has lost 30% of its economy
since the beginning of the military conflict

Zelensky called the situation in the Kharkov
area extremely difficult

Sweden will transfer 90 combat boats
and 90 armored vehicles to Ukraine

Bulgarian Parliament reported delays in the
transfer of 100 APCs to Ukraine

In Robotyne, Russian forces on exploratory
attacks with assault operations coming soon


Canada transfers 800 SkyRanger R70 drones
to Ukraine

Russian unmanned bombers may begin operating

Musk agrees Ukraine conflict is a War of Lies

Ecological disaster in Crimea due to the war - photos

23,000 considered missing in Ukraine due to the war

Ecuador Reverses Plan to Send Weapons to Ukraine

US Is Lone Veto Of UN Resolution Demanding
Ceasefire In Gaza

Satanic US vetoes UN resolution demanding
ceasefire in Gaza

Hamas - The American veto is a green light
for the occupation to commit more massacres


US Central Command - Two US ships came
under attack from Yemen

Over 700,000 Palestinians are facing starvation
in northern Gaza

Terrorism is Made in Israel - Max Igan

Dozens of Palestinians killed, injured due to
Zionist enemy bombardment at homes in Gaza

Lebanese resistance targets Zionist barracks

60% of 'Israel' is without electricity - Israeli media

Cuban President backs Lula's comments
on Gaza genocide

Colombia's Petro backs Lula's comments
on Gaza genocide

Brazil FM says Israeli counterpart 'lying' in Gaza

'Israel' hindering rescue missions to
Gaza's Nasser hospital, WHO says


Heavy battles across Gaza as Resistance
continues fight against IOF

Beatings, theft and murder - The day Jewish soldiers
came to Gaza's Yarmouk Stadium

Israeli ground offensive would turn Rafah into
'graveyard', leading rights experts warn

Saudi Arabia condemns Israel’s actions in
Palestinian Territories as ‘legally indefensible’

The US Navy spent $400 million in six months
to intercept Yemeni missiles

Israel Demolishing Buildings to Construct Road
in Gaza to Cut the Strip Into Two

Iran refutes US accusations of arms deliveries
to Yemen’s Houthis

World Food Program suspends aid to
Gaza citing risks

Scientists warn against ‘miracle’ Alzheimer’s drugs

People ‘vaccinated' for Covid have increased
risk of neurological diseases – Think CJD


CWD - Zombie Deer Prion Disease Is Spreading
Through America - It Is Transmissible - Think CJD

Various Peer Reviewed Published Studies And
Case Reports Show mRNA COVID-19 ‘Vaccines'
Can Cause Lymphoma - Thailand Medical News

COVID ‘Vaccines' Linked to Heart, Brain,
Blood Disorders

COVID-19 boosters found to impair your T cells,
shutting down the body’s natural defense against
infections and cancer

Bubonic Plague, one of history’s most lethal pandemics,
was just detected in Oregon, health authorities claim

WH Lacked Plan to Compensate People Injured
by COVID Shots, as FDA Sped Up Approval

Scottish Man Who Confronted UK Prime Minister
on Live TV Shares Vaccine Injury Story

If you've been COVID Injected don’t read this

UK Government-Funded Study Found Virtually
ZERO Dental Benefit From Fluoridation

Scientists Raise Alarm About Emergence Of Novel
Human-Avian H9N2 Virus In Guangdong, China
- Thailand Medical News


Largest Vaccine Study By Research Arm Of The WHO
Finds A Variety Of Post-Vaccine Medical Conditions

33 yr old NY MD-PhD student mocked anti-vax content
then died suddenly from blood clots & cardiac arrest

Vancouver Singer/Songwriter Matt Cairns
on his COVID-19 Vaccine Injuries - Video

Green MP Efeso Collins dies after collapse at
ChildFund Water Run in central Auckland

First Neuralink patient controls computer
mouse with thoughts – Musk

Global cybercrime kingpin BUSTED in crackdown
involving multiple law enforcement agencies

Scale AI to evaluate LLMs for Pentagon

FL Bill Could Help Left-Wing Groups Sue
Conservative Media Into Oblivion

Scientists Developed A Tool To Reveal Who’s
at Risk of Burnout - And It's Free

Elon Musk’s SpaceX emerges as major
Pentagon contractor


Wigington - Nanoparticle Rain, 90 Second Alert

World's Biggest Snake! 24 Foot, 440 Pound
Anaconda Found in Amazon

US govt ‘outlawing' of financial recession GUARANTEES
an upcoming massive Collapse

Blue state pressuring residents to abandon gas stoves,
furnaces, other appliances

Temperatures in parts of Europe could fall
by up to 30 degrees Celsius

280 million year old fossil is partly a fake

Junk EV Charging Nightmares Continue
Don’t Buy An Electric Vehicle! Rense Video

Forget the National Debt - Most US Big Cities Are Broke

BlackRock on the Attack - Hybrid Economic War
with Neocolonial Debt Bondage in the Indian Ocean

70% of Largest US Cities on Verge of Bankruptcy


Gold - 'The next $200 move is likely higher’
says Citi Analyst

Ethereum Outperforms As Bitcoin Soars Goldman
Notes ETFs Dominating Flows As Liquidity Improves

Ford Slashing Prices And Increasing Incentives
On Electric Mach-E, F-150 Lightning

'How Can We Fix NATO Spending If Nobody
Understands What Drives Global Economics?'

Home Depot Sales Slide For Fifth Quarter
On Weak Housing Demand

Dutch court denies Russia’s appeal of $50
Billion Yukos award

Superstition and taboo - Germany retreats into
the Middle Ages as its economy declines

EU extends Russia sanctions

Russian oil giant reports major profit surge

Call to Boycott British Products until Assange
is Released


Assange Judge Worked For MI6 And
Defense Ministry

Assange ‘too ill’ to attend last chance
UK appeal against US extradition

Assange's Extradition Will Show Whether
'Freedom' Exists in West

Net zero movement to cause SPIKES in food
prices and drive farmers out of business

Gays welcome in Russia but children are off limits
– Putin

Russia Always Against Deployment of Nuclear Weapons
in Space - Putin

About 32,000 NATO Troops Deployed Near Russia
And Belarus Borders

Belarusian security official says West working
toward violent overthrow of government

West directly involved in terrorist attacks on Russian soil
— Belarusian security chief

Poland, US plotting false flag operation to vilify
Russia And Belarus — Lukashenko


Opposition abroad working out scenario
of coup in Belarus — Lukashenko

Global bodies have lost all credibility, Lukashenko says

Russia is going through a special time bringing it to
another level — Putin

Putin says it’s time for more sovereign Russia

Ukraine acted recklessly in Krynki, and could
do so again Putin

Europe to try to militarize itself, but too late to catch up
— Russian envoy

EU defense commissioner to become 'watchdog’
for Ukraine, Russian diplomat says

Russian spy chief comments on death
of defector pilot in Spain

Enraged N Korean workers in China beat
factory manager to death

China debuts C919 aircraft in Singapore
but can it challenge Boeing and Airbus?


China's dominance of EV metals prompts US
to revisit stockpile 'panic button'

Watch Geopolitical Strategist Peter Zeihan
Predicts China will Fall in 10 years

Beijing calls US sanctions against Chinese
companies for Russian cooperation unacceptable

US Non-Stop Military Drills With Allies Push
Asia-Pacific Toward More Dangerous Situation

S Korean Foreign Ministry calls Aurus
gifted to Kim Jong-un violation of UN sanctions

US 'in Decline' Today Due to ‘Ignorance,
Arrogance' - Pakistani Senator

Afghans who fought with Brits blocked from
UK resettlement – BBC

Milei Delivers Argentina's First Budget
Surplus in Over a Decade

Communists Arresting Christians In Nicaragua

Maduro backs Brazilian president’s comparison
of Israel’s actions to Hitler’s


Venezuela to be part of BRICS soon

Mexican Army Kills 12 Suspected Cartel
Members In Shootout Near Texas Border

Biden Is Completely Incompetent And Must Be Removed
Via The Constitution's 25th Amendment - Rense Video

Brain Dead Biden Urges Congress to Pass NATO
Funding That Isn't Even on the Table

When will Biden be removed?

Reagan’s Daughter Says Its 'A Good Idea’
to Give Cognitive Tests to Presidents

Trump Faces 'Fire Sale' of His Prized Business Assets

Junk EV Charging Nightmares Continue
Don’t Buy An Electric Vehicle! Rense Video

Lunatic Lindsey Graham Demands Russia Be
Designated as a State Sponsor of Terrorism

New Bill Would Give States the Right to Sue
Federal Government Over Illegal Alien Invasion

US Treasury Department admits it targeted MAGA
finances without due process

Mexican drug cartels fighting over control of Montana
'the last best place' to sell illicit substances in USA


General Flynn and Elon Musk Encourage You
to Watch 'The War on Children’ - video

Truckers boycott NYC after court rules against Trump

Truckers to Stop Shipments to NYC in Response to
Political Hack Judge $355 Million Ruling Against
Trump and His Sons - Video

Illegal immigration skyrockets 240%
on northern border - Video

Our Reps Plan to Reward Invaders After
Border Bill Fails

MA Gov Called on to Deploy National Guard Troops
to High School to Quell ‘Shocking Chaos and Violence’

Douglas Murray Announces New Doxing Database
to Keep Critics of Israel From Getting a Job

Get Out of NY Before It’s Too Late

US Mayhem spyplane falling from hypersonic grace (or it doesn't fly fast enough)
US Air Force withholds next phase funding of secretive hypersonic program as questions swirl about plane’s strategic value

In Leaked Video, VA Tells Providers To Promote
Abortion, Avoid Saying ‘Mother’ And ‘Baby’


Why America Will Never Overcome Its
Mountain Of Debt

Hillary Clinton Claims 'Wannabe Dictator' Trump
Will Pull US Out Of NATO, and 'Militarize American
Law Enforcement'

Biden's Lies On Top Of Lies On Top Of Lies...

GOP Efforts To Shore Up Election Security In
Swing States Face Challenges

Almost Entire Population Of California Under
Weather Alerts Amid Atmospheric River Pounding

Congress Gets Gun Control Pleas Via AI
Generated Voices of the Dead - Disgusting

Girls high school basketball team forfeits after
trans player injures 3 players in Massachusetts

What You Need to Know About the 2030

WW3 May Be Brewing While We’re Distracted With
US vs Russia - Where to Escape From World War III?

US citizenship used to be a privilege


OZ PM and US presidential candidate Kennedy
Says Persecution of Assange must be stopped

US Deceptions at the Heart of Assange Case

Vladimir Putin Destroyed Political Satanism and
the New World Order in the MidEast and Ukraine

Are policymakers oblivious to the importance of
crude oil, or are they intentionally sending us
back to the 18th century?

The Left’s Assault On Language Is An Assault
On Freedom

Entire Overview Of Uke-Russian War Frontline
And How Everything Changed After Fall Of Avdiivka
A Complete Military Summary Tactical Analysis -Video

Ukraine Used US Chemical Munitions Against Russian
Troops - (Why Won’t Russia Crush Ukraine & End War?)

Russian forces seize dozens of pieces of military
hardware in Avdeyevka — Donetsk official

Bodies of militants with US, Polish insignia found
in Avdeyevka, says DPR official

Bodies of NATO troops masquerading as
mercenaries found in Avdeyevka


DPR reports large number of Uke soldiers
captured in Avdeyevka

Kyiv lost 96 UAVs and Moscow lost Su-34/Su-35
in 24 hour blitz

Su-35s secure air superiority in the Avdiivka triumph

Medvedev - Russia Will Hit Washington, London and
Other Major Cities if Russia Loses War in Ukraine

Russia tests Partizan heavy transport drone

In Kyiv, the shutdown of Starlink in Russian-controlled
territories was considered a disaster

Tokyo passed the test of loyalty to Kyiv

Japan sent $12.1 billion in aid to Ukraine

Medvedev: Russia is defending its historical
lands in the Northeast Military District

Medvedev at a meeting with Chechen commanders
Said the fate of Russia is now being decided


20 more Zionist soldiers injured in Gaza battles

WHO team was not permitted to enter Nasser
Hospital to assess conditions

Hezbollah took control of Israeli drone in 3 minutes

Israel über Alles

Houthis suspected in attack that damaged a
Belize-flagged ship in Bab el-Mandeb Strait

Iran has banned its factions in Iraq from
attacking American bases

New US Sanctions on Houthis That Block
Yemen Peace Deal Go Into Effect

Israeli swimmer booed at world championships

The Now Ubiquitous and Fatal White Clots
- A Prion Disease of the Blood?

'Changed Suddenly’ - Unveiling the Unexpected
Personality Changes After COVID ‘Vax’ Injection


Study shows children born to mothers mRNA-Injected during
first trimester of pregnancy consistently show a greater rate of
developmental problems

Moderna Booster Paralyzes 37 yr old mother

Biden’s DOJ Wants Prostitutes to Freely Transmit
HIV - Seriously.

Pharmaceutical Companies Quietly Drop mRNA
Vaccines as Sudden Deaths Soar

Medical Staff Ordered to Euthanize ‘Covid’ Patients
Say Leaked Documents

US Battles Surging Respiratory Infections Across Half
The States - Thailand Medical News

Makis - Michelle had a hemorrhagic stroke and 2 days later
her husband actor/director Joe Kowalski had a heart attack
- 10 couples who Died Suddenly within a short time

39 yr old US Air Force Major and current UAL
pilot, died suddenly on Feb.12, 2024.

Trans ‘milk’ as good as the real thing

The Midazolam Murders - You stayed at home so that
Doctors And Nurses could kill your Friends And Family
with Midazolam & COVID Jabs


Analyzing England’s Shocking 1 Million Vaccinated
Deaths Compared to 61,000 Unvaxed Deaths

We Should All Be Concerned About OpenAI’s
New ‘SORA’ AI Text-To-Video Generator

AI Is Inflaming Workplace Surveillance

Susan Wojcicki's Son, 19, Dies of Suspected
Drug Overdose at UC Berkeley

BlackRock & Co withdrawing from climate alliance

Great Reset Didn't Work - The Case Of Junk EVs

Microplastic Invasion - 12 Ways to Minimize
Your Exposure

Risky scientific experiments in our air and water
are being carried out in the name of 'climate change'

Norway - 'CO2 is too weak to influence temperature'

These Birds Score as High as Primates in a
Puzzling Cognitive Test


A paper from German Interior Ministry confirms digital
euro will be programmable, making earmarking possible

Record long-term sickness (BioWeapon Injections)
bodes ill for UK economic growth - The UK Is Fading

Russian asset seizure would boomerang - Rand Paul

China's First Locally Made Airliner Shines
Internationally in Singapore Airshow

GDP, Sanctions, Two Economic Blocs
BRICS Versus G7 Performance in 2023

Germany suffering ‘irreversible’ damage
without Russian gas – Putin

Non-energy part of Russian economy growing
with higher rates than previously - Putin

Putin says Turkey turned out Russia’s
most reliable gas partner

Ukraine does not reject receiving Gazprom’s
payment for gas transit - Putin

Armenia and Azerbaijan on the brink of a
Full War following alleged provocations


Returning Invaders to 'unsafe' country is crime
Top Italian court rules - Incredible How Courts
And Entire Governments Have Fallen

Too Late for Ireland? They Welcomed Massive
Illegal Immigration

Officials try to force elderly British couple to sell
home to make room for invaders

Old sick men control US nuclear command – Moscow

Travelers to pay more for flights leaving Singapore
from 2026 to support use of greener jet fuel

US Truckers Retaliating Over Trump Civil Verdict
- Will Refuse To Take Loads To NYC (Food, etc)

Communist Hochul, Big Backer Of Israel’s Genocide,
Tells Jews Israel Should Have Annihilated Gaza

Canadian Teachers Warned They Can Be
Disciplined for Saying 'Boys and Girls'

Egypt Caves - Erects 8 Square Mile Walled Enclosure
In Sinai Desert For Rafah Refugee ‘Spillover'

Blinken Says Modern Intl System Places Countries
Either at Table or On Menu

What Are the Secret Societies that Pull
Global Strings?

Media using AI to make me fatter – Trump

Chicago Mayor Extends Contract On Anti-Crime
Program That He Campaigned Against As Racist

The 'Liberal Gap' Opening Up Between
American Men & Women

The US Housing Market - Rent-Serfs
And Artificial Scarcity


EU Passes Migration Pact To Flood Europe
With 75 Million New Migrants

Elitist one-percenters behind brewing cultural
civil war in America

The West Alliance leads the world in political

Russian Blogger Alexei Navalny was Slain
by the CIA

Chinese Co to Raze Trees to Build Michigan EV Battery
Plant, Claims Locals Spreading 'Misinformation'

CA Cops Foil School Shooting Plot, Arrest 18 Yr Old
Student 'Obsessed' by Columbine Massacre

TX Boy Killed in Hit-and-Run By 5x Deported Invader.

What are the Pentagon's immediate plans for the
militarization of space?

US granted the UN $1.3 billion in 2023 to aid
illegals invading America

Jeffrey Epstein’s “suicide” likely a cover-up
- internal prison files show


Fatally Mauled Pit Bull Breeder

Suspect in VZ Gang Attack on Times Square Cops
Out of Jail After 'Sanctuary' Church Intervenes

Democrats Believe They Can Beat President
Trump by Indicting Him on a Felony

'What I’m Describing Is Military Rule…It’s The
Inversion of Democracy' (on censoring Carlson)

Biden’s Tranny Asst Sec of Health, Rachel Levine, Says
Climate Change Affects Blacks Disproportionately - Insanity

By forcing us to feed & house invaders, the (seeming) govt
of the US is doing as the British Empire did in quartering its
soldiers in colonial homes

Collapse of US Media Accelerating Our Political Crisis

Arresting An Informant Will NOT Make The Biden
Crime Family Investigation Go Away - Here’s Why

Glenn Beck Unleashes List Of 10 Times Biden
Has Turned ‘Dictator’

Fani Willis Campaigned on ‘Not Engaging in
Sexual Misconduct’ in 2020 - Hilarious!


90 Yr Old Pushed Out of MS Society for DEI

The Democrat Party is a criminal enterprise

What are the chances we can stop World War III

Biden’s Visit to E. Palestine a Year too Late
Is a 'Train Wreck'

'Too little, too late’ - East Palestine residents SLAM Biden
for prioritizing illegal immigrants and Ukraine over suffering
'abandoned' Americans

ICE to release thousands of detained Invaders

Illegal Alien Arrested for Child Molestation after
Being Released by ‘Sanctuary City’

Crash Course 9-11 Inside Job

US Prepares New Weapons Transfer To Israel
And Is 100% Involved in the Gaza Genocide

Lowkey EXPOSES Israel’s Secret Role in Britain


Israel Carries Out Terror Attack on Iran's Gas
Pipeline in Latest Effort to Widen War

Israeli Extremist Gave Orders to Prevent Aid
Trucks from Entering Gaza as Children Starve

Vivek Ramaswamy goes all-in supporting Israeli
GENOCIDE of Gaza - repeats lies about killing
civilians for 'self-defense'

Iran tests ballistic missiles as part of war drills
designed to prepare for potential strikes on
Israeli military facilities

Kurginyan explains why West wants to destroy Iran

Kurginyan - US brought chaos to MidEast
but Iran became stronger

Kurginyan - Iran can't afford major war with Israel

8 Palestinian citizens killed, dozens injured due to
Zionist bombing at citizens homes in Gaza

US-UK warplanes hit Hodeida with 4 raids

Palestinian Red Crescent Medical Society - Israeli
occupation arrests 12 of our crews


UNRWA chief 'Israel' out to destroy UNRWA

IDF says 573 troops killed And 2918 injured since 10 -7
Multiply That by Ten - Israel Lies Constantly

Designation of Ansar Allah undermines
US credibility worldwide

Hezbollah missile power gives it advantage over Israel

A dozen pro-Palestinian Protesters arrested by
Met Police in London

British charities and companies funding the
genocidal occupation forces in Gaza

'Israel' a bull in a China shop - Who will bring it to heel?

Nasrallah - Lebanese front contingent on
Gaza...all options open

Israel blew up two major gas pipelines
in Iran this week

ICJ Hearings to Examine 57 Years of Israeli
Occupation of Palestine


Day 133 - Israel Cuts Electricity to Critical Nasser
Hospital Patients, Forces Staff to Evacuate

Israeli strikes kill 13 overnight in Rafah as
Palestinians start fleeing area

Children sleep in chicken cages in Rafah as
families grow desperate to find shelter

Palestinian state only pathway to Middle East
security, stability - Saudi FM

Netanyahu dismisses election calls as thousands
protest in Tel Aviv

African leaders condemn Israel’s offensive in Gaza

Egypt prepares for worst-case scenario as
Israeli offensive in Rafah looms

Netanyahu seeks to delay fraud trial ahead of
potentially damaging testimony

Houthis 'will not back down from supporting Gaza’

14 Jordanians killed and 50 missing in Gaza
since October 7


Russian Victorious In Avdiivka - Military Summary Video

Russian MoD - Liberation of Avdeevka
made Donetsk safer

Putin congratulates Russian soldiers on
the liberation of Avdeevka

Russian Armed Forces conducting clean-up operation
in Avdeevka, the front line has shifted to Lastochkino

Uke Army Routed - Troops abandon their weapons
as they flee

Biden Blames Republicans for Ukraine Losing
Another City - Too Funny

Zelensky explains Avdeevka retreat

Ukrainian Forces Chaotically Fleeing From
Avdeyevka - DPR

Zelensky lies about reasons behind retreat from
Avdeyevka — Russian politician

At final stage of pullout from Avdeyevka some
Ukrainian soldiers surrendered


Teachers Sue Gavin Newsom Over Policy Forcing
Them to Lie About Student’s Trans Status to Parents

Many East Palestine Residents Question
Intentions Of Biden's Visit A Year After Toxic
Train Derailment

Musk says US schools realizing Orwell’s bad dream

Biden Admin Unleashes Woke Trifecta
Trans Official Calls Climate-Change Racist

Fani Wiped From Fulton Cross-Exam After
Shower-Shi**ing Testimony

90 Yr old Life-Long Charity Volunteer Fired
For Not Understanding Pronouns

Harvard Slapped With Congressional Subpoena
Over 'Failure To Satisfy' Antisemitism Probe

California Dems Push Bill Paving Way To
Free College Tuition For Black Students
(Gosh...Let’s Just Give Them Cradle-to-Grave
Free Lives…)

Was Russian Blogger Alexei Navalny Slain by CIA?

Everything points to a strategically timed assassination of
transparent CIA asset and MI6 operative Alexei Navalny
in a Russian penitentiary BY WESTERN AGENTS


Russians have deployed elite units to Avdiivka

Uke situation in Avdiivka is close to disaster

Up to 4 thousand Ukes surrounded in avdeevka

Russian forces storm Avdiivka from all
directions as Ukrainians retreat

Ukraine withdraws troops from Avdiivka

On the verge of total loss

Russian forces built a Remarkable 3km underground
city on the Kherson front - Watch this Video

Russian soldiers build an underground town
on the Kherson front area..

Lavrov - The EU has decided to give Ukraine weapons
capable of reaching the heart of Russia

Why Russia backed down and allowed pro-Ukrainian
Ecuador to import bananas


‘Mosquitoes' or ‘dreadnoughts’ - How warships can evolve

Ukraine claims Russia acquires 770 upgraded
T-62s and T-90Ms

Kremlin - $22,000 award for capturing elusive Uke robot

Moscow questions US leadership’s health and ability
to control the U.S. nuclear chain of command

EU will have to double aid to Ukraine in the
absence of US support

Ukraine plans to buy fifth-generation KAAN
fighters from Turkey

Russia invited Hamas and Islamic Jihad
to a meeting on Palestine in Moscow

three EU countries blocked the decision
to purchase ammunition for Ukraine

MOD described how Uke soldiers were included
in a funeral march before the assault

NATO countries are concerned about the
pace of arms production in Russia


Belgorod attack a sign Syrsky will up terror methods

Putin wants Biden to stay in power to cause
US empire to fall

Ukraine's RM-70 Vampire MLRS that
struck Belgorod found and obliterated

DPR fighters raised flag on a stele in Avdeevka

A sabotage group from Ukraine detained
in Belarus

Added Armor Works - A Look at a Russian T-90M
Tank That Survived a Kamikaze Drone Strike

Russian Army Receives New Up-Armoured T-80BVM
Tanks - Why T-80 Numbers Will Keep Growing

The Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant faces new threat
The expiration date of nuclear fuel is approaching, and
no one can replace it.

ICC prosecutor threatens Israel with more
LEGAL ACTION if it does not stop killing
Palestinians in Rafah

South Africa - ‘Israel' violates decisions of
International Court of Justice - Notice there
Is basically nothing coming from Arab nations...


Jewish occupation bombs Al-Amal Hospital
in Khan Yunis

Attack on Rafah will be devastating for
1.5 million Palestinians

Nasrallah - 'Israel' to pay with blood for civilian deaths

'Israel' behind attack on Iranian gas pipelines - NYT

Gantz, Eisenkot threaten Netanyahu to dissolve
Israeli War Cabinet

'Israel' committed 2,503 massacres in Gaza since Oct. 7

Patients die at hospital as France warns Israel
against 'catastrophic' Rafah attack

Israeli army chief urges soldiers to stop looting
Palestinian homes - (Doesn’t order them, asks…)

Israeli attacks in southern Lebanon kill 6 members
of Hezbollah

Netanyahu rejects international pressure
for Palestinian state


Alarm over fate of major Gaza hospital
after Israeli raid

Top UN court rejects South Africa request
for more Gaza measures

Israel-Gaza war propels journalist killings sky high

After Call With Biden, Netanyahu Rejects ‘International Dictates’

History’s First Race-Hate Holocaust is Happening Today

Hideous Israeli Bestial Torture of Palestinians

Nasr Children's Hospital compelled to evacuate
due to Israeli attacks

JHCO dispatches 4 planes carrying medical aid to Gaza

Netanyahu Defiant After Biden Phone Call
Rejects Push For Palestinian State

Recognition of Palestinian state ‘rewards terrorists’
Says Netanyahu


Allgire - Is The Rapture Coming? - Video

Alarming Proof Our Children Are Targeted
For Elimination

Revealed - Proof US Communist Govt Is Colluding With
Chinese Scientists to Create More Deadly Bird flu

UK data shows PANDEMIC of the Vaxed from 2021-2023

Biden’s Department of Agriculture Is Conducting Bird Flu
Research with a Chinese Scientist Linked to PLA

New Zealand Government Forced To Release Gross Mortality
Data By DEATHVAX™ Dose Under Official Information Act Request

Covid Clots - How many people will die?

Cheerios & Quaker Oats may cause infertility - 80% In US
test positive for chemical causing delayed puberty

Smoking drugs now linked to more fatal
overdoses than injections

Antidepressants Impact Brain Development


UCSF Medicine Chair Dr.Bob Wachter (6x COVID-19 Injected)
collapsed in the shower And broke his neck in July 2023

Video Story of Pfizer COVID-19 mRNA Children's Vaccine Trial
(ages 12-15) victim 14 yr old Maddie de Garay and children who
died after taking mRNA jabs (Feb 2024)

Trouble at US space force as multibillion-dollar
program cancelled

SpaceX’s Move to Texas - ‘Booming Economy
Is Proof Positive That Conservatism Works’

Scientists uncover 'alien metals' from meteorites
in 3,000 year old jewel

Global Uranium Reserves By Country

Plastic industry knew recycling was a farce for
decades yet deceived the public, report reveals

Egypt will not cover Giza pyramid with granite
blocks following expert report

Ancient Viruses Millions of Years Ago Shaped
The Bodies We Have Today

The World Is Bracing For An Apocalypse


Gold at $2350 - Mitsubishi Reiterates 'Our Most
Bullish Call for 2024'

Egypt ditching US dollar – diplomats

EU bought almost €30 Billion worth of Russian
energy last year – media

Oil Prices Surge 1% Despite Bleak 2024
Global Demand Forecast

EU Passes Migration Pact to Flood Europe with 75 Million
MORE Invaders - Europe is Being Killed

Because of Ukraine, NATO has no weapons
left to confront Russia

Spanish Public TV To Air Election Result
Only if Left Wins

Border walls and strong anti-illegal immigrant policies
have seen tremendous SUCCESS in Hungary

Canadian NATO troops in Latvia get air-defense
And anti-tank upgrades

Spain and France - Farmers' protests continue


Plans progress to bring US nuclear weapons to Suffolk

UK Retail Store Sends Gender 'Identity Magazine'
With Tips For Chest-Binding Children To 70,000

5 ancient artifacts found in Russia that will
make your jaw drop! - Phtos

West will never disclose truth about its
criminal biological experiments - Lavrov

Europe is losing dignity by obediently
submitting to US — Lavrov

Abolition of veto power in UN impossible - Lavrov

Lavrov calls for ending colonial dependence
of 17 territories

Moscow hopes Bogota realizes danger posed
by Colombian mercenaries in Ukraine - Lavrov

Ukraine reduced to 'global beggar' — Lavrov

West brainwashes other countries with Zelensky
'peace formula' — Lavrov


Russia exhausts reserve of kind gestures
toward West — Lavrov

Russia against letting another Western
representative into UN Security Council - Lavrov

Lavrov - EU Bets on Long-Range Missiles to
Ukraine in Bid to Strike at Russia's Heart

UK even more hostile than US – Lavrov

West Seeking to Create Hotbed of Instability
in Central Asia - Russian Security Council

Ukraine’s intelligence behind saboteurs
infiltration into Belarus - BelTA news agency

Ukrainians detained in Belarus plotted acts
of sabotage in two countries — Lukashenko

West’s colonial past, present 'disgraceful,’ - Putin

Russia Will Expand Its Industrial Alliances - Putin

Putin highlights Russia’s self-sufficiency in
producing technologies


Sanctions propel surge in orders in Russian
industries - Putin

Putin praises domestic companies for investing
back in themselves

‘Rules-based order’ not enshrined in international
law but constantly trumpeted - Medvedev

US turns allies into unhappy pawns in
neocolonial pursuit - Medvedev

Chinese J-20 stealth fighters execute dramatic
‘Elephant Walk’

Russia interacts with Central African Republic
on grain, foods — envoy

Russia, unlike France, able to assist Chad in
enhancing its national security — expert


Putin correctly criticizes the Carlson interview
Says He Was Totally Prepared and Expecting Hard Questions
…None Came

How the CIA Destabilizes the World

WHO chief Says Critics of the pandemic treaty are ‘liars'

1940 - NY Times Admits The UK Started WW2

Global Elite Have Infiltrated The Govts Of Most Nations
And Are Now Taking The Advertising To The Streets

The Best Places To Go During An Apocalypse

Chumped - The Unfortunate Truth About
Anarchapulco and HBO’s Series - The Anarchists

Tucker Went Grocery Shopping in Russia - Take
A Look At How Russia Takes Care Of Its Citizens
See How Criminal Treason Is Destroying America

Communists Pour Red Powder On US Constitution
Protective Case

UN Agenda 2030 Is One Of The Most Hideous
Documents Ever - Global Takeover And Decimation


America Has Been Completely Sold Out

The Kamal Urged to Invoke 25th Amendment to
Remove Biden from Office And Install Herself

Doomsday Clock Update - Globalists Keep Warning
Us that an Emergency is Imminent

Russia DENIES Space-Based Weaponry Claim
Says It’s A Trick By O’Biden Regime To Get More
Money For Ukraine - Turner

Soros Prepares Takeover Of 200 Radio Stations
Ahead Of US Presidential Election

Invader Gang Rape Of Child In Italy Prompts
CNN To Worry About 'Far-Right'

Biden 'Mis-Remembered’ Again - Hur Never
Brought Up Beau's Death, Biden Did

Will GOP Witness Bobulinski's Testimony End
The Creeper's 2024 Presidential Bid?

Biden Admits US Has Had More Shootings in 2024
Than There Have Been Days in Year

Judge Denies Trump Motion To Dismiss Stormy Daniels 'Hush Money' Case, Sets March Trial Date


Epstein victims sue FBI

Fani Willis Freaks Out During Her Testimony, Starts Screaming
'You Lied!' at Defense Attorney

Willis Goes Over the Edge As She Accuses Attorney
of Trying to 'Emasculate a Black Man'

White House Confirms Russia Has 'Troubling' Emerging
Anti-Satellite Weapon

Witness expected to prove Fulton County DA Fani Willis lied
to court about relationship with special prosecutor Who she
appointed to the Trump election case

Why Did Fani Willis Threaten the Wife of Her Lover
With Prosecution?

Anti-Trump DA Fani Willis Relationship with Prosecutor
Began in 2019

House Investigators Identify Bank Account Allegedly Used to
Funnel Money to Biden Through Grandkids

Go Woke, Go Broke - Miami Book Shop That Chased Out
a Fox News Journo Is Now Closing Its Doors

Obama’s CIA recruited foreign allies to spy on Trump
and concoct the Whole Russian collusion hoax


Illegals now breaking into America through unfenced
NORTHERN border with Canada - 'Record-breaking surge'

Obama, Biden, And Clinton Committed Numerous Coups
to Cover-Up Their Many Crimes Of TREASON

O’biden's America - More Terrorists Captured at the Border
in Last Four Months Than in all Previous Years Combined

Invaders could sway elections, experts warn - (Gosh)

NYPD busts eighth suspect in Times Square attack
on police officers outside Invader shelter

Navy to establish second surface drone unit this spring

Swamp Desperately Hunting for Top-Secret CIA Binder

O'Biden Ripped For Failing to help US nationals
abducted by Israel

Egypt building buffer zone to receive Palestinian refugees
rights group says - If True Gaza will be emptied

Biden Admin Would Rather Align With Marxists
Than Pro-Western Leaders in Latin America


Denver’s Fiscal Woes Climb as Invaders Overwhelm City

Epstein Victims Sue FBI for ‘Covering Up’ Failed Probe

Candace Owens Rips into Taylor Swift - The ‘Most Toxic
Feminist That’s Ever Existed’

Biden Bizarrely Blames GOP Speaker for Border Crisis
Yet REFUSES to Meet With Him

New York City is FULL Declares Mayor Eric Adams

Biden’s DOJ is Trying to Hide Who Works for Jack Smith

How the left transformed the FBI & CIA from protectors
to weapons used against Americans

House Intel Chair Accused of Disclosing National Security ‘Threat’ to Get Ukraine Aid Passed

Ben Shapiro Reiterates That He 'Doesn't Give a
Damn About The Browning of America'

Cash shortfall threatens to shut down ICE border detention


Some elite colleges are rethinking SAT requirements
Those and similar Entrance Tests Will be Dropped and
Labeled as Racist and discriminatory, etc

Denver Cuts City Budget in Favor of Invaders

Saving Amercia’s future from the Blob - How to understand
– and rectify – the foreign policy disaster of 2024

Ukraine Attacks Russia's Belgorod With Vampire
MLRS: Six Killed, 17 Wounded, Shopping Mall Damaged

Infant among victims of deadly Ukrainian strike
on Belgorod

Syrian student killed by Ukrainian strike at Belgorod

White House Confirms Russia Has 'Troubling’
Emerging Anti-Satellite Weapon

More People killed in Belgorod after Uke terror attack
Shopping Mall Hit

In Belgorod region - Uke drone hit an oil depot at night

The Russian army is preparing to eliminate the
Achievements of the Ukrainian Army summer offensive


The Russian flag was raised over the main fortified
area of Avdeevka

Could Ukrainian BEC attacks move from the
Black Sea to the Baltic Sea?

Ukrainian sources write about panic in the Ukrainian
Armed Forces in Avdeevka - troops are leaving
their positions without permission

Putin dispatches T-90M tanks to the Army

UK-Latvia drone coalition boosts Ukraine
with thousands of UAVs

Russian army expands T-80BVM v23 tank fleet

What's behind the US government's warnings
about Russian space weapons

Russian Soyuz launch - speculations stir US over
nuke-space weapon

Russian satellite Kosmos-2570 detached two
military objects

Avdeevka is on the verge of coming under the
control of the Russian army


UK will transfer thousands of drones to Ukraine

Ukrainian soldiers “without an oven in trenches at -20°C”

Russian State testing of Stretta laser system to start this spring

NATO stands by Ukraine for 'long haul,' US defense chief

Zelensky to sign security pacts with Germany, France on Friday

Ukrainian troops may find themselves in double
encirclement in Avdiivka

Russian troops are successfully advancing in Avdeevka

Kiev is shelling civilian targets again

Romanian Orthodox Bishop Beaten and Hospitalized by Ukes
his House also Burned Down

Russian forces strike Ukrainian aircraft engine-
ammo-producing plants over past day


Russian forces extend hand of surrender to
trapped Ukrainian troops near Donetsk

Ukrainian Troops Reportedly Beginning Partial
Withdrawal From Avdeyevka

Ukraine set to lose key Donbass city Avdeevka
– Says White House

Ukrainian army resumes river crossing exercises
near ZNPP

Trust in Zelensky Down 5 Percentage Points in
Ukraine After Zaluzhny’s Dismissal - Poll

World Bank estimates over Half A Triliinon
needed to rebuild Ukraine

NATO Planning to Launch New Training Center
for Ukrainian Military -

NATO counting on Washington to arm Ukraine

Britain joins European project to provide
a million drones for Ukraine

US Navy Increasingly Reliant on Cold War-Era
Cargo Planes Following Osprey Disaster


Lindsey Graham’s About-Face on Ukraine Shows
GOP Patience With Kiev Regime Has Run Out -It Was
ALL A Total Waste Of US Money - Obviously

Zelensky Legalizes Medical Cannabis in Ukraine

US Seizure of Russian Assets Would Ax Hope
for Diplomacy, Destroy Ukraine - Rand Paul

Trump pitches Ukraine aid loan

Trump could force Ukraine to make peace

Congressman Chip Roy says rename Texas
‘Ukraine’ to get Biden to tackle border security

Kremlin Weighs in on White House's Secret Briefing to
Press Congress to Boost Kiev Funding

Blinken Says Russian ‘Threat’ Not Active Capability
But US Taking It ‘Very Seriously’

Air Force & Space Force Unveil Major Overhaul
To Prepare For War With China

Israel Kills Elite Hezbollah Commander And
Unleashes Single Deadliest Day For Lebanese Civilians


Israel reports elimination of Hamas
battalion commander in Gaza

Israeli fighter jets strike dozens of Hezbollah
military sites in Lebanon

Van Hollen Says Israel is Intentionally Starving Gaza
Children Is a 'War Crime' But Votes for $14 Billion for
Netanyahu Anyway - A Coward’s Coward

US Harrier pilot takes down seven Houthi drones

Despite ‘bloodbath' warning, Israel inches closer to
annihilating Rafah Population Of 1.3 MILLION

African Union prevents Zionist delegation from
entering its headquarters

Human chain in Jordan to protest bridge transporting
goods to Israel

UNRWA - Gaza plunges into darkness, its residents
cut off from the world due after Comms Cut

Israeli forces storm Gaza's Nasser hospital

Israeli tanks storm Nasser hospital


Jewish army destroys 2 ambulances in
Nasser Medical Complex - One Dead

Palestinian resistance shoots down Zionist
soldier in Khan Younis

Video shows Al-Qassam fighters targeting Zionist
soldiers And vehicles in Gaza

Occupied Syrian Golan residents reject
Israelization of community

In 131 days, 1038 operations by Hezbollah On 'Israel'

US-led coalition must end its missions in Iraq

Yemeni armed forces targeted British ship

Israeli media - Northern Jew settlers lose their
minds after Galant speech

Israel’s Big Game Propaganda

The Zionist Fiction of Two State Solution


Over a Million Palestinians Are About to be
Forced Into Egypt at Gunpoint

South Africa Lodges Urgent Complaint With ICJ
Over Israel’s Plan to Assault Rafah

the 'obvious genocide' in Gaza and why Hollywood is silent

Netanyahu's onslaught on Rafah is further proof
of his desperation

Energy firms face legal threat over Israeli
licences to drill for gas off Gaza

Israeli Airstrikes Killed 10 Lebanese Civilians in a
Single Day. Hezbollah Has Vowed to Retaliate

Rafah another proof of West's cynical double standards

US Conducted Cyberattack on Alleged Iranian Spy Ship

Hezbollah Fires Rockets at Northern Israel
After Deadliest Day of Strikes

House Passes Bill To Work Against Countries
Normalizing With Syria


Egypt Building Walled Camp in Sinai Desert
to Absorb Palestinian Refugees from Gaza

Iran's IRGC claims developing stealth drones
that 'can hit any vessel'

US seizes Iranian missile parts in Arabian Sea
headed to Yemen's Houthis

Talking Movies with John Barbour - Show #23 -
Special Guest Christopher Barbour - Video

France - ANY Criticism Of The mRNA DEATHVAX™
Platform Is Punishable Up To 3 Years In Prison And Big Fine

A Final Warning From The Late Dr. Luc Montaignier

The Bluetooth Debate Rages On…

TURBO Brain Cancer due to University COVID-19
Vaccine Mandates in the US - three more tragic cases

COVID mRNA BioWeapon Penetrates Fetal-Placental Barrier

The majority of side effects from hormone preparations
for 'trans people' are serious and potentially life-threatening


Depraved animals like Bourla, Bancel, Sahin, Weissman et al
are targeting your babies with the RSV vaccine - these beasts
will not stop - tell them 'to stay away from my baby!' fight

Should we ask how much donor money Malone got from Jeff
Hanson? Is this how they live high on the hog? How much, Bobby?
How much did you keep? How much went to poor people hurt by
your deadly mRNA tech? Why do people give money to this fraud?

Devastating study by Poloni et al. on spike protein from mRNA
vaccines 'causing' MYOCARDITIS heart damage...yet study is
focused on COVID virus! Why? How could I make this extrapolation?

COVID vaccine content in breast milk indicated clearly - ALL
COVID mRNA technology gene mRNA injections MUST be
STOPPED - Also see Dr. Jim Thorp - all mRNA technology
gene-based mRNA vaccines must stop, all COVID vaccines
must stop completely, for everyone! no elderly, no pregnant
women, it must be a full And complete STOP

Surgeon Who Performs Transgender Vaginoplasties -
Complications ‘Can Be Pretty Bad’

Why is my blood blinking? Intro to quantum dot bioweapons

Long Covid, Long Vax Appear To Be Causing
Permanent Brain Damage

US states where the highest and lowest shares
of LGBT adults live

CDC Finds Individuals Who Contracted COVID-19 Are
4.3 Times More Likely To Develop Chronic Fatigue -
Thailand Medical News

Open AI Video Generator Shocked EVERYONE
SORA Has Just Changed Everything - Video


Absolutely Stunning New AI Text-To-Video - Take A Look
Soon No One Will Know What’s Real - Entire Motion Pictures
Will Be Produced In A Matter Of Days - Dizzying Technology

Connor Leahy’s Warning About AI’s Potential - Video

George Soros to Take Control of Second-Largest
Chain of Radio Stations in America

250,000 VA Patients Are at Risk of Receiving
Wrong Medication Due to Electronic Health
Records Issue

Former Hollywood director Robby Starbuck fights
to save America’s youth from Communism with
new film 'War on Children'

NY gov Hochul wants to criminalize deceptive AI
‘Deceptive’ Will Mean Anything The Left Hates

Lunar Lander Deployed = SpaceX Rocket
Launches US Spacecraft Towards Moon

Pentagon reports successful launch of hypersonic
weapons tracking satellites

US Militarizes Space While Using 'Russia Threat’
as Smokescreen

Scientists Try Risky Air And Water
Experiments Hoping To Stop 'Climate Change'


JP Morgan Pulls Out Of $68 Trillion
'Climate Action 100+' Group

In the past week, CA and NV Had 945 Quakes in
post-atmospheric river shaking phenomenon

Scientists create new synthetic antibiotic effective
against drug-resistant superbugs

World First - 13Yr Old Child Cured of a
Deadly Brain Cancer

Earth's Coral Reefs Are Far Bigger Than We
Thought, Satellite Imagery Reveals

'Lost winter’ - Great Lakes ice cover sets record-low for mid-February

China expands Social Credit Score to include
Central Bank Digital Currencies

Incoming Gold Shortage Nobody Talks About

What awaits the Ukrainian gas transportation system
after the cessation of Russian gas transit to Europe?

Following BMW, Porsche is moving its production
facilities to the US


Financial dominoes tumble as commercial
real estate sector IMPLODES

Americans have $1.13 trillion in credit card debt

Defusing the Derivatives Time Bomb - Some Proposed
Solutions - Ellen Brown

Recession reality hits major economies

Poland increasing its national Gold Reserves by 20%

Communist German Media Giants Launch Massive
Campaign Against ‘Far-Right’

Mexico or Belgium? Calls To Mobilise Army
As Gang Wars Sweep Brussels

Italy gears up for Leopard 2A8IT tank production

Missile cruisers transforming Aussie Navy

Oz Legislature Votes to Release Julian Assange
from Prison and Bring Him Home to Australia


France - ANY Criticism Of The mRNA DEATHVAX™
Platform Is Punishable Up To 3 Years In Prison And Big Fine

Greek parliament approves legalisation of same-sex civil marriage

UK ‘bases of death’ in Cyprus see controversy amid Middle East conflicts

Vladimir Putin: Baerbock hostile to his own country

Spain: Sexualization of little girls in carnival parades

Canada: Corona policy has destroyed more companies than the financial panic of 2008 - and the outlook is bleak

Turkish, Greek defense chiefs sign letter of intent to join European Sky Shield Initiative

Farmers block Spanish highway leading to France in Girona

Germany’s interior minister: ‘No one who donates to a right-wing extremist party should remain undetected’

Your War so You Fight it says Pissed-off Conscripts


EU parliament committee approves migration pact labeled 'the suicide of Europe' by France’s Le Pen

Macron, Zelensky to sign security deal in Paris
on February 16

NATO members ink $10 Billion deals for
new arms deliveries to Kiev

EU Requires $5.4 Billion for Defense Spending
in 2024 - Polish Foreign Minister

EU must not develop own nuclear weapons
Says member of German Bundestag

Putin names what Russians need to survive

There will be no sympathy for Nazis in Russia, says Putin

Russia ready to build high-speed railroads - Putin

Putin to establish inventions subcommittee

Putin promises domestic defense industry
a lot of work in coming years


Erdogan commends Putin's sincere approach
to Ukraine talks

Situation in Ukraine clearly proves Crimea
residents made right choice — Lavrov

Anti-neocolonialism forum to bring together
over 50 countries — Medvedev

Australian PM backs Assange freedom bid

Coups, violence and crises threaten Africa
– AU Commission head

Niger negotiates port access after regional
bloc exit move


14 Members Of RFK’s DOA Campaign Quit Over
Charges Of Lavish Spending And More - With Del
Bigtree As Comm Director, What Could Go Wrong?!

House panel obtains texts allegedly showing
Gaetz setting up 2017 Florida Keys trip with
woman his associate paid for sex - Sources

Experts advise Biden against signing WHO ‘Pandemic
Treaty’ that enslaves the world under a dictatorship
- Such A Signing Would Be Totally UnConstitutional

BMJ report claims 'behavior interventions' are needed
to 'reduce vaccine hesitancy driven by misinformation
on social media’ - This Amounts To Execution

Wall St, Hollywood Titans Team Up To Back Biden

Biden must be removed – Says WVA AG

US Justice Department, Congress Discussing Testimony
by Author of Biden Probe Report

Inventor Of 'Gold Standard' Cognitive Test
Suggests Biden Should Take One

How The US And UN Are Funding The Border
Invasion Of America

Biden DHS May Release Thousands Of Detained
Illegals Over $700 Million Budget Shortfall


House Speaker Says Requested Meeting With
Biden About US Border Security Was Rejected

Elon Musk Is Right And The NYT Is Wrong
About Illegal Voting By Non-Citizens

Trump Almost Withdrew US From NATO in 2018
- Former National Security Adviser

How Much Do Scam Text Messages Cost Americans?

Illegal Alien Let Out on Bail in NYPD Beating
Case Arrested for Violent Crime

Trump 'almost certainly’ won 2020 election but mail-in
ballot fraud resulted in Biden ‘winning' instead

Il councilman suggests people should host invaders
in their homes to ease taxpayer burdens

Gang of illegals charging people $6,000 to smuggle
them across the northern border

Grandpa Tries to Apologize for 'Minor Fender Bender’
Gets Shot in Walmart Parking Lot By Black

Obama/Biden/Clinton Committed Numerous Coups
to Coverup Their Many Treasonous Crimes


Treason - Corrupt DOJ Covering Up for Biden - Millions
to Biden Crime Family Related to Classified Docs Biden
Stole and Had in His Possession

Corrupt WH refuses to turn over docs on Biden’s
controversial firing of Uke prosecutor investigating
Hunter’s company

Biden giving veteran healthcare resources to
illegal immigrants

Georgia governor sending Natl Guard to Texas

We Are Being Betrayed for Votes - The Regime
Quietly Makes Insane Move

Pentagon launches six satellites to boost missile
tracking capability

Marines test robotic mule that could carry
weapons, sensors

USAF radar plane’s unforeseen engineering hurdles

F-35C’s bow gear fall rocks Marine Corps

Internal Documents Shed Light on Biden Admin
Plan to Impose DEI on Pentagon-Run Schools


Federal Court Banishes Idaho Satanist Abortion suit

‘The Family Business Was Joe Biden, Period’

MTG - ‘The Democrats Are Straight-Up Communists’

Missouri’s Republican Election Chief Assaulted
by Leftists, Media Ignores it

Biden’s ‘Job Recovery’ Driven Almost ENTIRELY
By Invader Labor

National Geographic Picks a Traveler of the Year
– a Drag Queen

84% of States Have Lower Violent Crime
Than Before Concealed Carry Came In

Biden-Schumer Plan To Kill More Ukrainians

Ukraine Loses Up to 360 More Soldiers dead
Near Donetsk Area - MoD

Kiev to get four times more munitions
compared to 2023 - German top brass


The Ukrainian Armed Forces find themselves in
a difficult situation in Pervomaisky

Special military operation in Ukraine may drag on
(Zionists want To Kill Off More White Christian
Ukrainians before they fully take over)

Zelensky demanded that the command of the
Ukrainian Armed Forces ‘blind' Russian UAVs

Putin says he regrets not starting operation in
Ukraine earlier

Ukrainian Armed Forces claim that they have
prepared alternate supply routes for Avdeevka

Shoigu orders Iskander and Kinzhal missiles updated

Lavrov - there are no options to reach an agreement
on the issue of Ukraine

Ukraine military says it used sea drones to
sink Russian landing ship

Russia bolsters Northern defense with 1,000 Yurka
drone detectors

Russia reveals HIMARS wreckage in Ukraine


Russia’s Sierra II-class sub leaves US Navy in awe

Russia called the transfer of Russian military
equipment from Ecuador to Ukraine unacceptable

The command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine
announced a critical situation in Avdiivka

The Russian army cut the supply route for
Ukrainian troops in Avdiivka

The DPR announced the death of Uke personnel due
to defective Swedish grenade launchers

The radar bought by Moldova from France for 14.5
million euros couldn’t detect a drone that fell on border

Ukraine Could Have Been Flying F-18s Months Ago
It Rejected Them as ‘Flying Trash’

Should Poland be armed with nuclear weapons?

Debunking Myths - US $60 Billion Handout
Won’t Save Zelensky's Dying Regime

Maniac Netanyahu says IDF will invade Rafah 'safe zone’
despite presence of one million refugees sheltering there


Do-Nothing Saudis warn of ‘very Serious Repercussions’
If Israel Storms Rafah - And What Will They Do?

FBI director Pays homage To Jewish Masters
In Visit To Israel

Biden gave Netanyahu green light to invade Rafah

Israeli military offensive against Rafah has already
begun, and crime of genocide continues

Israel Caught Using Fake Video of 'Gaza Aid’ as
The Inhuman Biden-Backed Blockade Continues

Over a Million Palestinians Are About to be Forced
Into Egypt at Gunpoint - No One Will Stop Israel

Hezbollah rejects French initiative to
prevent war with Israel

Russia - Western strikes on Yemen violate intl law
Talk, talk, talk, talk...

10 Palestinian citizens killed due to Jewish
enemy bombing at Nuseirat camp in Gaza

Zionist army admits death of female soldier
injuring other soldiers in north of Occupied Palestine


Israeli aggression on Nabatiyeh hits
residential building, 11 Killed

US House passes bill to prohibit normalization
of ties with Syria (Following order from their
Zionist masters no doubt)

African Union bans entry of Israeli delegation
on the eve of summit

Resistance in Gaza continues to engage
Israeli forces on all axes

Pro-Palestine protesters storm Canadian
Parliament, interrupt session

The Killing Fields of Gaza

Netanyahu orders negotiators to skip ceasefire talks

Several killed, including 2 children, in Israeli raids
on southern Lebanon following Hezbollah strike

Missile strikes hit US military base in Syria

Netanyahu Unilaterally Vetoes Further
Hostage Deal Talks


Israel’s Coliseum where Prisoners are tortured
for the amusement of Israelis

A Final Warning From The Late Dr. Luc Montaignier

Zombie Apocalypse - It’s Either Plan B Or Plan C

CDC head Mandy Cohen says mask mandates could
return for toddlers despite CDC scientists finding that
masks don’t work

More COVID-19 vaccine doses means HIGHER risk
of contracting a viral infection - Experts warning

Endless List Of The Injected ‘Died Suddenly’

EPA’s Final Witnesses Concede Fluoride’s Harm
Admit to Flaws in Key Study as Trial Closes

GMO Mosquitoes Coming to Your Town Next?

Microplastics - 12 Ways to Minimize Your Exposure

NCAA Official Resigns Over Transgender Takeover of
Women’s Sports - This Is ‘Massive Authorized Cheating’


The Bluetooth Debate Rages On…

Connor Leahy’s Warning About AI’s Potential - Video

Credit card firms to implement gun purchase
tracking in California

HK adds 100s of surveillance cams in public places

Drones replacing Army helicopter program

Nation-state hackers are already using AI chatbots

States are introducing 50 AI-related bills per week

AI & The New Kind Of Propaganda

Russian AI passes medical exam

Second Launch Attempt For America's Private Moon
Lander Scheduled For Early Thursday After Initial Glitch


Screw Worms and other bioweapons may soon be
invading US ag system to degrade food supply

Chinese Study Finds Suicide Rates Spike
When Air Quality Drops

First Look at Asteroid Hints It's a Fragment
of a Lost Ocean World

Scientists Invent New Hybrid Food by
Growing Beef Inside Grains of Rice

Sakurajima volcano erupts - no reports of injuries

'Safe' Food Additive Nisin May Have
Consequences For Digestive Microbiome

Bitcoin's market cap breaks $1 Trillion
taking overall crypto market to $2T

183,000 fewer US born Americans are
working than in 2019

FedEx Founder Gives Drastic Warning About
BRICs Plan to Overthrow US Dollar

Ford can increase its profits by up to 50%
if it stops selling EV Junk


EU’s decision to use Russian assets for Ukraine
reconstruction may have long-term negative effects

Green, ESG-linked bonds issuance to hit over $1
Trillion worldwide in 2024

America's poorer counties are new investment

Only a fifth of Western firms left Russia

BRICS will overtake G7 in economic might by 2028

Sanctioning Chinese companies that cooperate
with Russia would be illegal – Beijing

India to make own tank engines as Germany
delays deliveries – media

German FM admits economy ‘unfit’

Royal Navy looks at making lying climate
change courses mandatory

German Warmongers Demanding
Nuclear Weapons


Calls Grow in Europe For Continental
Nuclear Arsenals Aimed at Russia

Several UN member states ask Security Council
to save Rafah from 'looming catastrophe'

Navy officers serving 'key roles' to be redeployed in
woke diversity and inclusion jobs - UK military

Billionaire 'controligarchs' leading world over a cliff

Gaza and the Climate Hoax

Farmer Uprising Threatens the Globalist West
with Nasty Surprise in Elections

The West is an All Lies Alliance

STDs Are On The Rise In Europe

NATO Sees No Immediate Military Threats From
Russia But Hybrid Attack Threats Persist

EU May Use Potential European Army
to Subjugate Dissenting Members


Germany to Spend $535M on Expansion
of Holzdorf Air Base - Military

Germany's Top Security Queen Pushes Govt
Dragnet To Track 'Right-Wing Extremist' Financing

UK to Pay TikTok Bloggers to Encourage Migrants
Not to Cross English Channel

Russia And Its People Put The West To Shame
TC Shorts - The Moscow Subway Station

Russia And Its People Put The West To Shame
TC Shorts - The Moscow Grocery Store

Russia And Its People Put The West To Shame
TC Shorts - Russia's Version of McDonald's

Putin Tells the World Which US Presidential Candidate
He Would Prefer to Have in White House

Ukraine Became ‘Guinea Pig for Human Tests by
Western Elites’ After 2014 Coup

US causing global unrest with strategy
of 'controlled chaos' — Lavrov

Lavrov sees Russia leading progress toward
a better global future


Russia considers development of relations
with China as most important task - Lavrov

Russia to expand diplomatic presence
in Africa - Lavrov

No Diplomatic Solution to Ukraine Conflict as
West Disregards Moscow's Interests - Lavrov

Putin willed $2bn worth of art – media

Putin approves asset confiscation for spreading
‘falsehoods’ about army

Kremlin denies report Putin offered
to freeze Ukraine conflict

Diplomat calls publications about Russia-US
contacts on Ukraine 'conspiracy and rumors'

Overseas-based foreign agents plotting to
discredit Russian presidential vote

Up to thousand international observers to
oversee Russian presidential election

Russia goes to EU court over Crimean
treasure transfer


British media’s vision of Ukrainian conflict evolves

Kremlin not surprised by Trump’s stance
on NATO defense spending

Taiwan spots, records swarm of 14 Chinese
drones approaching island

S Korea to Participate in Joint Multinational
Drills With US, Thailand

Five Minutes Of Stunning Biden Mental Vacancies

Carlson - 'Biden Is Senile, Everyone Knows It - Video

Pickaninny Karine Jean Pierre - Joe Biden 'Does More
in One Hour than Most People Do in a Day” – Watch

Texas Lt Gov - ‘Deep State’ Working to Take Down Biden
And Install Michelle ‘Big Mike' Obama

Jill Biden and several WH staffers Shielding
Brain Damaged Biden From Media

Ex-Biden Business Partner Opens Hearing By Saying
Joe Has Been Compromised by Communist China

300 Communist Chinese Invaders Entered US Yesterday
Alone - With 20,009 Since October.- Over 5 million
ChiComs Already Live In The US - This Is An ARMY

Chinese Communist Military Men Are Invading US
They could Quickly For a Million Man Army And
Take much of the country DOWN.

Carlson says US intel prevented his Putin
interview for three years

House votes to impeach DHS Boss Mayorkas,
By ONE Vote, accusing him of failing to deal with
the Invaders And Securing The Border -This Is An
Issue Of HIGHEST TREASON - Not ‘impeachment'


How Can A Dementia Patient Be The President
Of A Country

Trump Is Being Made the Scapegoat but the Kennedys
Initiated Today’s Invader Crisis

The Best Places In America to Go
During An Apocalypse

Boston to house Invaders, homeless adults
at new overflow shelter

Mysteries behind the US Navy’s fading
Tomahawk missile stockpile

explanation for the out-of-control border

Putin and the Sheriff of Butler County, OH,
are clear - Americans are on their own

Ukraine 'foreign aid' bills are taxpayer-funded
stimulus packages for Beltway parasites

CIA Started Russia Collusion Hoax By Asking
Foreign Governments To Spy On Trump Campaign


Let’s Talk About The Gender-Poisoned Mass Shooter
Trend The Media Are Trying To Hide

Bidens And Their Associates were Paid Millions
Shortly After Joe Met With CCP-Linked Energy
Company Chairman

Dispatch From Eagle Pass - Biden Officials Won’t
Enforce Laws - ‘Don’t Want Anyone Else To’ Either

Carlson pained to see how much better things
were in Moscow than in the US

Every Day, 90,000 Packages Stolen in NYC Alone

The Lakewood Church Killer Was in the US Illegally

Sen. Paul Calls Out the Criminal Conduct of
McConnell, Schumer, Biden

Unsealed Docs Expose Secret 2020 Election Meeting
Between CISA, Dominion, Democrat Groups, Federal
And State Officials

Train Carrying Toxic Materials Derails in WVA

Hunter Whistleblower Testifies Biden ‘Enabled’ Family
to Sell Access to the ‘Most Dangerous Adversaries’


Senate Passes $95 Billion Aid Package for Israel,
Ukraine and Taiwan With Nothing for US Border
The Tactics To Destroy America Are Clear

10 yo Boy Killed in Hit-and-Run by Mexican
Invader Kicked Out of US 6 Times

DEI Strikes Again? S Military Facing 'Worst-Ever’
Recruiting Crisis, Notably Among White Recruits

FL Teen Charged With a Felony After
Damaging LGBT Mural

NYC locking up more teenagers, holding them
longer amid surge in felony busts

'Whites Are Psychopathic’ - UC Speaker Uses
Black History Month To Launch Into Racist Attacks

Wooldridge - Deadly Trojan Horse - Ilhan Omar
Somalia First, America Last

Br Nathanael - Got Hate? Anti-Semitism
Used To Mean...

Is researcher 'Miles Mathis’ Actually Brit Intel? - Pt 1

Matt Gaetz - Denizen Of The Deep State


A New Report Says the World Faces a ‘Dangerous
Decade' as Instability and Military Spending Rise

Israeli Servant US Gives Israel Green Light
to Kill Civilians in Rafah

Israeli Servant US softens objections to Israeli
offensive in Rafah

Israeli Jewish Monsters - Open Debates On MSM About
Which Form Of Genocide To Use!

While Americans were distracted by the Super Bowl,
Israel Mass-Bombed Rafah in southern Gaza

Humanitarian catastrophe looms as Israel wages mass
assault on Rafah - tens of thousands of casualties due
Cowardly Arab Nations Do NOTHING To Stop Israel
(Because they’ve been Told They will Be nuked)

Rafah ground invasion raises fears of aid collapse
and ethnic cleansing

‘Netanyahu wants all hostages dead’ - Israeli reporter
suspended after criticizing PM

chaos in the MidEast caused by the US, not Iran.

US-British aggression coalition launches airstrikes
on Hodeida


Saudi Arabia threatens to bomb camps of
UAE-backed factions in Mukalla

Al-Houthi reassures countries of world about
navigation and submarine cables

South Africa submits urgent request to ICJ regarding
attack on Rafah

12 soldiers of 2 Zionist forces killed, injured by
Al-Qassam Brigades in Khan Younis

IAEA warns of upcoming nuclear war in MidEast

Nasrallah - Lebanese front contingent on Gaza
...all options open

'Israel' seeking to displace Palestinians In Gaza
PIJ Deputy Chief to Al Mayadeen

IRGC fires ballistic missiles camouflaged in
containers from warship

What are you eating, Gaza?

Israeli minister blocking flour Bibi promised
Biden would be allowed into Gaza


Israeli Minister Blocks US Flour Shipments to Gaza

In 130 days, 'Israel' detained 7,000+ Pals in West Bank

South Africa Calls on ICJ to Stop Israel’s
Rafah Assault

Journalists wounded in air strike as
al-Nasser Hospital attacked By Jews

US, UK carry out fresh strikes on Houthi-controlled
Hodeidah province in Yemen

Ritter - View from the Frontlines

German MP wants to 'move the war to Russia'

Iskanders with cluster warheads hit a large
concentration of Ukes

destruction of a Uke Mi-24 on video

Moscow has finally decided to take on the
Baltic Russophobes


Speed and pressure are in force - why statements
about the ‘obsolescence' of tanks are again premature

Medical research lab in Mariupol found to contain
Clear and Compelling Evidence Of BioWeapon
Experiments On Civilians By Western Pharma

Ukraine continues to violate fundamental
principles of international law, CWC

Syrsky announced the transition of Uke Army
from offensive to defensive - (Only One Million
Ukes Have Died so Far…)

Trump demanded that NATO countries increase
aid to Ukraine to the level of the United States

Russian minesweepers navigate Black Sea
amid Ukrainian mine threats

Ukraine is the battlefield of NATO war on Russia

Macron is not going to Kyiv as Mirage
aircraft promised to Ukraine stay in France

Over 1,500 MORE Uke soldiers believed to be
killed as Russian strikes Hit Everywhere

Russia to set up special economic zone in
Belgorod, near border with Ukraine


Kyiv sharply increasing the production of long-range
drones Which Can Hit Moscow, St. Petersburg

The Debate Continues - Are The Vaxed Giving
Off Bluetooth Signals? - Video

Global eugenicists pick ‘the vax’ as the ‘hill they’ll die on’
New round of butchering humanity launched to appease
The genocidal psychopaths in WHO, WEF, CDC, 'Pharma’

WHO Exhibiting Signs of ‘Desperation’ as NZ, Iran
Reject Amendments to Intl Health Regulations

NIH in Early 2022 Abruptly Stopped Responding
to People Injured by COVID Shots

EPA Paid Expert Witness $137,000 to Testify
in Landmark Fluoride Trial

HCQ Use MIGHT have Prevented over 420,000 COVID
Deaths in the US only (Could Be Millions)

Lunatic CDC Boss Mandy Cohen continues to show why
she is a raving imbecile, an inept stupid, moronic dolt,
like most medical doctors & scientists across COVID,
she makes Rochelle blush, if that were even possible

World First - 13 Year Old Child Cured of a
Deadly Brain Cancer

Google has Usurped Democracy - How Do You Think
Google Will Program Its AI? - Across the globe,
fair elections no longer exist


How government contractors can harness AI

AI Quick to Opt for Nuclear War in Simulations.

WEF Announces AI-Led ‘Humanocracy’

ChatGPT will create a digital memory to help
personalize its responses

New AI polyglot launched to help fill
massive language gap in field

'Societal misalignments' could pose AI dangers, OpenAI CEO says

Tyranny - 'Online Safety Act' explicitly allows
media to publish LIES as facts

Audio - Plane door falls off mid-flight

‘Autonomous transport is definitely coming’

Water Detected on The Surface of Asteroids
For The First Time Ever


You Will Live In Tiny Homes, Drive Electric Vehicles
And Be Happy – This Is The Future Planned For Us

Gates Launches Scheme to ‘Save Planet’ from ‘Climate
Change’ by Chopping Down Millions of Trees - Which
Create OXYGEN - ‘Green’ Is Now Forest Annihilation

Confirmed - Major Atlantic Ocean Current Is
Verging on Collapse.

One of The World's Most Mysterious Whales
Shows Signs of Holding Traditions

Meet the company turning used chopsticks
into eco-friendly furniture

Thanks to CO2, Plants Are Growing Slightly
Despite Drought

Revolutionizing Memory Recall with
Neural Prosthetics

Rothschild Deep State Cabal Is Imploding - (Is It?)

Commercial real estate COLLAPSE threatens
to trigger a wave of bank failures

adults lost a record $10 billion to fraud in 2023


2 million people dropped from Medicaid in Texas

Polish farmers block border crossings with Ukraine
as they protest the EU’s 'Green Deal' policies

What threatens the appearance of US National
Guard in N Europe, the Arctic and Greenland

Polish court probes Caracal helicopters contract abandonment

Bulgarian farmers continue protest against
cheap imports from Ukraine

German energy prices continue steep rise with
no end in sight

Hungarian President Resigns after Backlash
Caused by Pardoning of Child Rapist

Arctic sentinel - Russia unleashes Tu-142 Bears
in hunt for nuke subs

Russia shows groundbreaking 2S40 Phlox mortar
Fires 10 mines a minute

Russia preparing for WW3, plans to double troops
on NATO border, claims Estonian intelligence chief


India - 'It literally rained tear gas shells all day’
on protesting farmers

O'Biden Rejects Putin's Offer For Negotiations
On Ukraine Issued In Tucker Carlson Interview

Senate BETRAYS America – BILLIONS for Ukraine
and Israel but not a single dollar to secure the border

Republican senators call on Mitch McConnell to step
down from GOP leadership over failure to secure
US border - (Why Isn’t He Charged With Treason?)

Invader Criminals who beat NYC cops seem to face
ZERO Consequences and get free bus rides

DOJ special counsel report describes Biden as having
'diminished faculties' and 'faulty memory' – proving
he's in Cognitive Decline

Putin wants to end Ukraine conflict – Carlson

Kremlin Strikes Back at ‘Emotional’ Reaction
of Scholz and Sunak to Putin-Carlson Interview

Musk decries 'insane censorship' over attempts to
restrict Putin interview online

Serbia's PM labels Putin's interview with
Tucker as being 'phenomenal'

Putin’s interview with Carlson ‘mind-blowing’
- South African researcher


Trump wants his daughter-in-law Lara in
A senior position at RNC - report says

Squatters-Invaders Taking Over Homes All Over
The US On An Industrial Scale And Turning Them
Into Dens Of Crime

‘I’m ready to serve’ As President Says The Kamal

The northern invasion - New York, New Hampshire
and Vermont see highest EVER border crossings

Most Americans believe Biden and Trump too old
to be president – survey

Over 80% of US Citizens Deem Biden Too Old for
Another Presidential Term - Poll

40 IQ Sub-Ape Invaders Attack White Man
Out Walking His Dogs - Video

The Entities and Actions Behind the Border Invasion
Are Part of the GREAT RESET – Excellent Video

Rudy Giuliani claims Trump campaign still Owes Him
$2M in legal fees

Tucker’s Interview with Russian President Putin Has
Received More Views Than a SUPER BOWL


Take a flight in a US Air Force B-52 bomber

'Trump probably won the 2020 election after all'

‘Biden Has Opened The Floodgates Of Hell’

Chaos Reigns In The Streets Of America As
An Epic Crime Wave Terrorizes The Nation

Mayorkas Tells NBC, ‘We Don’t Bear Responsibility’
For Our Open Border

Pakistani Invader on Terror Watchlist Released
Before Being Caught Again

Leaker of Trump Tax Returns and Thousands More,
Gets a Slap on Wrist From Biden Admin

Conservatives Tell Nikki Haley to End Race
and Back Trump - ‘Your Candidacy Is Over’

Almost 90% of Americans Believe Biden Isn’t Fit
To Serve

NYPD Says ‘Well Over 5,000’ Cops Injured
In Invader Crisis.


WH Refuses Biden Cognitive Test as Part
of Upcoming Physical

Biden’s Classified Docs Provide More Evidence
Hunter’s Pay-To-Play Was A Family Affair

Journalist shows evidence that Big Fani’s campaign
was one massive money-laundering scheme

Tucker - Moscow is “much cleaner and safer”
than any major US city

Trump crosses NATO's red line with threat to ‘encourage’
Russian attack

'Peak TV’ reaches its end as scripted shows fall
for first time since 2020

Blackwater founder calls on US to colonize
Africa and Latin America

Woke West Point Curriculum Denounces
‘Toxic Masculinity

Egypt is moving SAMS, Heavy Armaments
to the Rafah, Gaza border - Video

See How The Jews Bombed A ’Safe Zone’ Full Of
Homeless Palestinians - Look Carefully - Who Does
This Kind Of Thing? - Video


Aftermath of Missile Hits on Gaza's Rafah - Photos

Displaced Palestinians in Rafah shot in their tents
as Israeli strikes kill scores of civilians

Palestinians forced to walk miles for
contaminated water

Over 100 killed in Israeli attacks on Rafah
city in southern Gaza

Israeli forces rescue 2 hostages in Rafah
and hammer the crowded city

How Jewish Children Are Brainwashed Into
Supremacy And Limitless Arrogance - Video

'Zionist' Biden Calls Netanyahu an 'Asshole' in Private
But Continues Full Support of Israeli Genocide

Egypt threatens Israel with retaliation if IDF
troops enter Rafah

Netanyahu Doubles Down on Plans to Attack
Rafah Despite Growing Criticism
It's estimated 1.5 million Palestinians are packed into Rafah, which had a pre-war population of 275,000

Israel Massacres Civilians in Gaza 'Safe Zone' While
Advertising Their Own Victimhood During Super Bowl!


Israel's offensive on Rafah city violates world court
order on Gaza, says Pakistan

Israel's Buffer Zone in Gaza a War Crime
Says UN Rights Chief

Zionist settlers attack Huwara village in Nablus
And burn vehicles

Hezbollah carries out seven operations targeting
Jewish occupation sites near Lebanon border

Abu Obaida announces death of 3 Jewish
detainees due to raids of Zionist army

Zionist enemy admits injuring of 9 soldiers in its
Own ranks in Gaza

Al-Qassam attacks 10 Zionist soldiers from
'zero distance' east of Khan Yunis

Dozens of Israeli soldiers come under
direct fire of Gaza Resistance

Isreaeli Sexual violence, abuse rampant
in Israeli evacuee hotels

All 2.2 million people in Gaza are in top 3
hunger categories


EU’s Borrell - Cut Off Weapons to Israel

Dutch Court Blocks Weapons Parts
for Israel

Court orders Netherlands to stop exporting
fighter jet parts to Israel over Gaza war

June 8, 1967, Another Date That Lives in Infamy
Ex US Navy Pilot - The Day Israel Attacked the US

US red line on Rafah blurs as Israeli offensive
and hostage negotiations collide

Dear white liberals, genocide isn't complicated

Indian-made Israeli 'killer' drones set to
make their way to Gaza

Palestinians are at the end of the queue when
it comes to international law

Only Egypt can stop expected massacre in Rafah
Palestinian official says

Ben-Gvir calls on Israel army to Kill
Gaza children And women


Red Sea Ship Resorts To Broadcasting 'All Muslim
Crew’ onboard In Effort To Avoid Houthi Attacks

Civilian vessel attacked off Yemeni coast

Yemen’s Houthis attack US ship in Red Sea

US agrees to sell F-16 fighters to Turkey - Erdogan

Egypt supplied at least 100,000 tons
of humanitarian aid to Gaza

Not Just The UNRWA...Shut Down The UN

EU has approved a procedure for the seizure of
income from Russian assets in favor of Ukraine

Ukes Don’t know what to do with the 30-km
'Tsar Train' between Mariupol and Donetsk

Russia has integrated a neural network into kamikaze
drones to effectively select a target to hit.

Why Western audiences are delighted with the
interview with the Russian president


Former Russian President Medvedev warns of
nuclear ‘apocalypse' if NATO attacks

New defense system against drones presented in Russia

Scientists manage to quickly create unique tactical
vests for Russia’s special military operation

Why does the UK voice idea of NATO troops
invading Ukraine?

Mariupol residents have become test subjects
of Western pharmaceutical companies

Ukrainian energy holding DTEK reported damage to thermal power plants

Zelensky to visit France and Germany this week

What Has the Putin Interview Achieved?

Russia poised to seize upper hand in Ukraine

Kyiv forensics say Russia used sea-based
hypersonic missile ‘Zircon'


Russian Federation deploys its new missiles
in Ukraine conflict

Carlson - Putin ready for compromises on Ukraine

Russia Launches 45 Drones in Mass Barrage

Explosions occurred in the Ukrainian city of Pavlograd
and a blackout ensued.

Western Defence Industrial Experts Killed in
Russian Strike on Ukrainian Arms Factory

What Russia would demand (from US) in negotiations

'Scholz knows the truth about the Nord Streams
but is not allowed to tell it'

Russia has integrated a neural network into
kamikaze drones to effectively select a target to hit.

5 Global powers fighting to take over the world
– Who Will Win?

West prepares to appoint 'viceroy' in Ukraine
Says Russian intelligence director


Russian intelligence reports cases of Ukrainian
elites switching over to Russian side

Starlink terminals not officially supplied
to or used in Russia - Kremlin

Accusing Russia of meddling in 'democratic processes’
of EU absurd — MFA

US Bioweapon Research In Ukraine In
Concert With Big Pharma and The Military

World not ready for new pandemic - WHO Boss

‘Vax' Injured Man Confronts Brit PM on GB News
'Hi, Rishi Sunak. I've got so much to say but such
little time. My name is John Watt, and I'm one of
the COVID vaccine injured in this country...'

Employers that mandated COVID-19 injections for
workers can be held LIABLE for vaccine injuries,
Australian court rules

Excess deaths among patients in elderly care homes
skyrocketed following COVID-19 vaccine rollout

Moderna launches trials for new mRNA
cancer injections

Vaccine Companies Conducted Drug Testing On
Mariupol’s Psychiatric Patients For Years


NY Proposed Minor Consent Law ‘Dangerous’
and ‘Misleading,’ Critics Say

Moderna Vaccine Patented 9 Months
Before ‘Pandemic' - Expert Reveals

Dangerous Effects of 5G Micro-Waves by British
Micro-Wave Weapons Experts

Explosive Link Between COVID Vaccines and Increased
Cancer Rates in Children & Young Adults

Rare Human Case of Bubonic Plague in Oregon
Confirmed by Authorities

Cardiac arrest due to Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection
- a tear in an artery: Case of 39 yo COVID-19 Vaccinated Alberta
nurse who had a cardiac arrest while driving

‘Better than a real man’ - Young Chinese women
turn to AI boyfriends

Can AI Be Controlled?

How Walmart, Delta, Chevron and Starbucks are
using AI to monitor employee messages

Microsoft CEO hints that upcoming AI ‘misinformation’
censorship tools might DISABLE your Windows PC for
questioning establishment narratives about the election


NYPD ditches subway police robot after
only 4 months

AI may help to predict how patients respond
to antidepressant treatment

CNN’s Israel Bias Has Been Laid Bare...
But CNN Is the Norm, Not the Exception

Any book worth banning is a book worth reading
Said Isaac Asimov

SoftBank shares climb again with Arm’s explosive AI rally

WEF Proposes Ban on Gardening

Economist - Green agenda has nothing to do
with saving nature

CNN Op-Ed Has a Big Idea – Carbon Passports
for the Peasants

Video - Major earthquake rocks Hawaii

Mysterious Ancient Megastructure Discovered
Lurking Beneath The Baltic Sea


'Pioneer' Humans Entered Europe Thousands
of Years Earlier Than Thought

Scientists Warn Europe Could Enter Ice Age
if Gulf Stream Collapses

Bitcoin Soars Above $50,000 For The First
Time Since Dec 2021, After Surge In ETF Inflows

The Catalyst That Could 'Standardize' Bitcoin

PayPal cuts off 9% of its global workforce
– roughly 2,500 jobs

World’s Richest Monarchs

Russia’s trade with key BRICS partners India
and China now almost dollar-free

Europe is finished - Young, ambitious Europeans
should go to the US

Russia jumps to sixth place in terms of
forex holdings

BRICS nations hold $45 trillion in
investable wealth


EU makes decision on frozen
Russian funds

Farmers Protests in Europe - Facts and Figures

Meet Europe Most Exclusive, Secretive
Financial Forum

Austria Seeking to Terminate Gas Supply
Contracts With Russia's Gazprom

New Canadian Bill Aims to Fine and Jail
For The 'Promotion of Fossil Fuels'

NATO Chief Shocks With Prediction Of 'Decades-Long
Confrontation' With Russia

Only A Third Of NATO Countries Are 'Paying Their
Fair Share'

Poland needs nuclear weapons to strengthen
defense capabilities — general

Finland's newly elected president to continue
support for Ukraine

Germans no longer see Russia as main threat
- Munich Conference’s report


European NATO Members Know Russia
is No Threat - Expert

Fear of Russia on decline in G7

Russia doesn’t take EU seriously – Orban

UK to Fluoridate Drinking Water of Millions of Britons.

New Law makes Whistleblowing Illegal in the UK

Russia imposes sanctions on 18 UK nationals

Russia’s non-oil and gas revenues up by
almost 25% in 2023 - Putin

Balance between economic development
and stable prices important - Putin

Russian economic activity at high level - Putin

Watch - ‘China Launched a new Generation of
Fighting Robots that Shocked the World'


Marines Transport Nearly 60,000 Pounds of
Humanitarian Relief to Disaster-Struck Philippines

China’s new microwave weapon made to zap Taiwan

Africa gets more free fertilizer from Russia

Big Mike is Coming . . .

Wooldridge - Joe Biden and Alzheimer’s Disease
Along With Jill Biden’s Coverup

Hillary Admits Biden's Age Is 'Legitimate Issue’
As Trump Urges Mandatory Cognitive Tests For
All Candidates

'Oh What A Tangled Web Biden Weaves,
When He First Practices To Deceive'

US Economy Worsened During Biden’s Presidency
(Worsened? It Is Dying…)

Speaker Johnson reveals 64 instances where Biden
sabotaged border security and encouraged Invaders
To Cross Over - If That Isn’t High Treason, There Isn’t any

'You know we are in the final stages of an invasion when
even the corporate media is reporting on the thousands
of Chinese nationals streaming across the border.'

Leaked video reveals FAA Officials discussing ways
to actively reduce the number of white males in the
aviation industry - Let’s Put ‘Homies' In the cockpit

Michael Yon - Invaders could pave the way for
Domestic sabotage (could? )

'Black National Anthem' Gets Almost Non-Existent
Applause from Super Bowl Audience


70 NYCHA supers busted in NYC corruption raid,
DOJ’s largest one-day bribery nab

More Terror Threats Now Than Before 9/11

Dearborn's mayor has a message for Biden
- Change course on Gaza or lose presidency

Popular US food brands linked to forced labor
by prisoners in AP exposé

CA Teacher Who Criticized ‘Woke Kindergarten’
Put on Leave by School District

Trump - If Biden ‘Too Mentally Incompetent to Convict’
He’s Unfit to Serve as President (Obviously)

VA communists Want to Incentivize Invaders by Giving
Invader Minors Free Healthcare

RINO Sen Roger Wicker - ‘First use nuclear’ strike is fine

Ex WH doctor - Biden has serious mental health Issues

SecDef Austin Turns Duties Over to His Deputy


Hollywood Is Off to a Bad Start (at the box office)

Mayorkas' Disgraceful Appearance on Meet the Press

Mayorkas facing second impeachment vote

Mass Food Shortages Reach Unprecedented
Levels in America

The New World Order is Satanic

Putin’s Russia - Perfect foil to the Anglo-American
Axis and their New World ‘Order’

WEF - You can only satisfy customers with CBDCs

American Allies Worry the US Is Growing
Less Dependable, Whether Trump or Biden Wins

Senator Mike Lee blasts Ukraine aid for four hours

A Tale Of Two Countries - Grover


1917 - Good for the Cabal - Bad for Us

Putin, Carlson and Elvis - Immortals of MSM Publicity

Boris Johnson Has Meltdown After Being Exposed
For Sabotaging Ukraine Peace Deal In Putin interview

Carlson's Interview: Putin and Trump Seen as 'Threat’
by Davos Globalists – Wall Street Analyst

Zelensky's Former Advisor - Tucker's Interview
Reveals An Increasingly Formidable Putin

Putin explains 2+2=4 to American Audience

Putin’s interview attains its task of being
heard in West - Kremlin spokesman

Putin’s interview with Carlson sent message
to international audiences - Kremlin

Putin plays major global role, despite Western
attempts to demonize him - Kremlin

Historical narratives in Putin’s interview with
Carlson will find their audience — Kremlin


Western media been asking for interview with
Putin for two years — Kremlin spokesman

What is the potential of the hypersonic Zircon
during the confrontation with NATO in Ukraine?

Russian Armed Forces have created unique tactical
strike, assault formations to 'break into’ Uke Defenses

Ukes in Avdeevka under threat of being cut in two

Ziolensky’s hideous Holocaust Of White Christians
codenamed ‘Syrsky' will continue the horror

Peskov - US is against communicating Putin’s
Wisdom And ideology to ordinary Americans

The US is forcing NATO to take up arms

Ukrainian digital altered F-16 emerges - Russia boosts
missile output

Russia made a 30-km defensive line crafted
from 2,100 railroad cars

Russian T-90M’s Invar-M missile destroys Bradley IFV


Ukrainians grieve Army’s decline amidst heavy losses
They are just now realizing Over 1 Million are DEAD?

UK-supplied Storm Shadow hit Russian Black Sea
radar facility bunker

Russian Su-35S picked up Uke S-300 radar beam and the ‘target disappeared’ (shot down)

Zelensky Preparing to FLEE the Country, warns Ukrainian Opposition Leader

Russia Launches 45 Drones in Mass Barrage of Ukraine

effectiveness of Uke air defense systems fell 40%

Russian troops hit Uke officers celebrating
the appointment of Syrsky

How Carlson's Putin interview is reported in Russia

US Rejects Putin’s Latest Offer for talks on Ukraine

Super Lubavitcher Jew convert and Argentine President,
Milei, calls for destruction of Al-Aqsa Mosque - ‘In order to
bring the Messiah’ - (In order to Bring WW3)


US-Israeli Annihilation Of Northern Gaza - While Israeli
Real Estate Is Already Offering Beach Front Gaza Land
For Sale To Jews - Video

Lebanese resistance targets Zionist espionage
equipment in southern Lebanon

Palestinians killed, injured in US-Zionist bombing
Of areas in Rafah and Khan Younis

Al-Qassam Brigades - 2 Zionist prisoners killed,
8 others injured due to US-Israeli bombing

Israeli occupation exploits Gaza war to
establish new settlements in Quds

Sanaa warns ‘Israel' that any escalation in
Rafah or Gaza will see Yemeni escalation

Thousands demonstrate in Tel Aviv And Haifa
against Netanyahu’s genocidal government

'Israel' may have to sell record-amount of bonds
to fund Gaza genocide - No Worries, US Will Pay

US behavior regarding Gaza to widen
area of conflict Says Syria's Assad

Pentagon's Tower 22 'logistics support base’
is secretly a drone base


Jews steal over $54 million from the
Bank of Palestine in Gaza

US promises more Mideast strikes 'while trying
to avert wider war’ - what An Obscenity

Rafah invasion warnings, alleged tunnels
under UNRWA HQ, Lebanon strikes

Trump encouraging Russia to attack puts allies
at risk - NATO leader

Bibi's Endgame - A Ghastly Humanitarian Crisis
Followed by Forced Expulsion

Families of Israeli captives are beginning to turn
on Netanyahu - No Time To lose

Women asylum seekers in Europe caught
between pushbacks and smuggler abuse

Israeli army approves plan for ground offensive
in Rafah (To Drive Starving Pals Into Sinai, Egypt

Jordan’s King Abdullah participates in Gaza airdrop

Israel strikes Rafah Civilian refugee camp, 37 killed,
local health officials say


Egypt Threatens to Suspend Key Peace Treaty
if Israel Pushes Into Gaza Border Town

US and UK strike unmanned Houthi boats

Netanyahu Doubles Down on Plans to Attack
Rafah With 1.25 million refugees

Israeli Drone Strike Kills Two Near Key Lebanon
Port of Sidon

Israeli PM orders evacuation of last Gaza safe zone

Netanyahu asks army to remobilize reserve
soldiers in preparation for ground offensive in Rafah
This is shaping Up As Another Dresden Annihilation

Israel is to evacuate civilians from Rafah before
any ground assault - evacuation to WHERE?!

MEMO unravels Hind’s rescuers’ bombardment

Palestinians in northern Gaza cannot
even find fodder to eat - Gaza govt

Israel has dropped 66,000 tons of Mostly US
explosives on Gaza since Oct. 7


NIH held meetings with Wuhan Inst of Virology
researchers about COVID experiments in 2017

‘Forever Chemicals’ in Tap Water Spread Cancer

Dr Tess Lawrie - COVID vaccines unsafe for human use

Ireland Witnesses New SARS-CoV-2 Surge As JN.1
Becomes Dominant Strain - Thailand Medical News

Single-Cell RNA Sequencing Analysis Shows That
SARS-CoV-2 Is Linked To Increased Risk Of Mania
And Epilepsy - Thailand Medical News

Thailand Medical Experts Warn Of A Dengue Crisis
As Almost 8,200 Cases And 13 Deaths Reported
In January 2024 - Thailand Medical News

Alaska confirms first fatal case of Alaskapox

Oz Company Using A Virus To Eat Cancer

CDC Is Now Retaliating Against Its Own
Scientists For 'Wrong' Mask Research

How Musk caved into Jewish lobby and
allowed Palestine censorship on X


Bill Gates Orders Govts To Blacklist Citizens
Who Share 'Non-Mainstream' Content Online

Oz Wants to Launch Digital ID This Year

Unsolved Case of Lone Pregnant Stingray
Offers Surprising Explanation

First Look at Asteroid Hints It's a Fragment
of a Lost Ocean World

Surprise Discovery Shows Blue Whales
Have Been Mating With Another Species

Scientists Reveal What The Sky Looks
Like in X-Ray Vision

Is WWE's 'THE ROCK ' Part of The Zionist Illuminati?

UK Farmers Mobilize for Blockades Over
Cheap Ukraine Imports

Farmers Bring Poland to Standstill Over
Cheap Ukraine Imports

EU Farmers Rise Against the Climate Cult


'Germany Is In Really Big Trouble’ Perfect Storm Of
Terrible Trends Paints ‘Bleak' Picture As 'Distress Is
Spreading To Other Sectors'

German industry ‘moving abroad’

Peter Schiff - We Are On The Brink of A Catastrophe

Soaring debt pushing wealthy nations to ‘fiscal death’

Moscow warns of diamond ban’s impact on Belgium

India and Russia in talks over long-term oil deals

UK to Fluoridate Drinking Water of Millions of Britons.

New Law makes Whistleblowing Illegal in the UK

German chemical giant BASF is ready for
bankruptcy in the name of tolerance

Once-bitten Europe is better prepared for
Trump’s NATO tirades


The farmers protests should be taken
seriously by Europe's leadership

Meta and TikTok are suing the EU over
the Digital Services Act

Polish Farmers Stand Up to Brussels
in Nationwide Protests

China making “dramatic advances” in development

Flying Under The Radar: China Tightens Grip On Uighurs

West Has Tried To ‘Weaponize’ Russian Oil
Says Indian Oil Minister


Breaking Down The Extensive Symbology
Of Super Bowl 58...

HOW Did Tucker And Biden Wear The Exact Same
Necktie On The Day Of The Tucker-Putin Interview?

Control the Food and You Control The World
- No Farmers, No Food, No Freedom, No Life

Putin's interview with Carlson trending on X with
over 100 million views

Fyodor Lukyanov - Here’s the real reason why
Tucker Carlson came to Moscow

Tucker Carlson denies reports about his interviews
with Ed Snowden and Tara Reade in Russia

Br Nathanael - Orthodox Twist Of Tucker-Putin Chat

TX Lt Gov Says 'Deep State Run by Barack Obama’
Has Pulled the Rug Out from Under Biden

Biden Downfall - Of Dementia and Documents

Biden forgets things in speech defending his memory


Special Counsel Determines Joe Biden Has
Freeze-Dried Giblets For Brain

Jill Biden ‘Is Shielding Her Husband’ - NYT

Biden LIES again - Says His Documents 'Were In File
Cabinets' When Pictures from DOJ Show That's Not True

Biden Defends His Mental Acuity, Says He Convinced
'President of Mexico' to Open Border With Gaza

FBI Lies and Creates New Reasons Not to Provide
Seth Rich’s Laptops Despite Court Order

ESPN host slams Democrats for prioritizing Invaders
over poor Americans

Democrat senator says Invaders are ‘people
we care about the most’

Invaders, Squatters Taking Over Homes All Over US
On Huge Scale And Turning Them Into Dens Of Crime

US pays record $20 Billion to welcome Invaders with
‘refugee and entrant assistance’ (utter Treason)

O’Keefe infiltrates Invader compound in Tucson by
posing as homeless, drunk vagrant


Texas AG Paxton - Biden federalizing Texas National
Guard would be a disastrously BAD DECISION

Hillary Gets Interrupted by Shouting Protesters

Hecklers Humiliate Hillary at Columbia - ‘America
Will Never Forgive You!’ – ‘You Will Burn!’

Police discover a Nuclear Missile in man’s
garage in Washington state

NYPD orders officers to tolerate violent gangs
whose members are Invaders to make
the police look good (Treason)

US weapons bound for Ukraine are ending up in the
hands of Mexican cartels - Profits Go To Ukes

5 TRANS Men dominate women’s collegiate
volleyball game, sparking Righteous OUTRAGE

FL Congressman defends Israel’s Massacre Of
civilians in Gaza

GOP Rep Is Drafting SCHUMER Act That Would
Force Lawmakers to Fight on Uke Front Lines

Why Doesn’t GOP in Congress Bring in Those Really
Targeted, Censored? (Like Joe Hoft & Gateway Pundit)


US Coast Guard cutter offloads $55M worth of drugs
in FL (Hunter already got his cut)

See The Grave Markers Of Long-Dead Residents
Listed On Michigan’s Voter Rolls - Video

Repeat Offender Threatens ‘Chemical Warfare’ after
Vegas Arrest Is Released Next Day for More Deja’ Vu

Homeland Security’s Mayorkas says drones
banned from Super Bowl

Russian pressure forces US to give up Raider X
and Bell’s 360

Rand Paul - ‘McConnell Working with Biden to Funnel
Money to Ukraine’ – Watch

CIA Terminates Whistle Who Prompted Flood
of Sexual Misconduct Complaints

US School Shooting Targeting Christians Thwarted

How CRT made its way into military academies

Did Mossad connected Hollywood Jews set up
Vince McMahon to steal the WWE From Him?


West’s Not So Subtle Message To Russia - Photo
Of F-16 With ’Trainer’ Nuke Bomb Under Wing

Jurors, Not Voters, Could Give Biden A Second Term

Ukraine’s new Top General,Syrsky, is an
unpopular ‘butcher’

Syrsky holds an emergency meeting due to
the critical situation in Avdeevka

Syrsky began transferring Ukrainian Armed Forces
reserves to Avdeevka - The Holocaust Continues

Zelensky’s new army boss is an ethnic Russian

‘The Front is Cracking, The Front is Crumbling’ - Uke
Officers Lament Army’s Gradual Collapse After Extreme
Losses In Ziolensky’s Hideous Holocaust - 1 Million

The (Zionist) Biden-Schumer Plan to Kill More Ukes

Norway plans to send new air defense systems
to Ukraine to replace the destroyed ones

The Nazification of Ukraine has deep
Western roots


War in Ukraine is lucrative for the world

Putin speaks about the CIA miscalculation
during the 2014 coup in Ukraine

Chair of Russian State Duma explains why Swedish
prosecutor’s office decided to cover up the crime

Deputy Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation
Ukraine deprived itself of a political settlement

Zelensky discussed ATACMS and Patriot
supplies with US congressmen

Syrsky, as commander in chief, needs to
conduct an audit of 1 million mobilized

Deputy Minister of Defense Pavlyuk will be
appointed commander of the ground forces
of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

'Zelensky gets Cmdr whose loyalty he can count on’
(How much did that cost?)

Ukrainian government allowed military
registration and enlistment offices to
work around the clock

Ukrainian Drones aim for oil - A large-scale
attack by Ukraine on Russian energy facilities
has been repelled


Zaluzhny’s resignation and Syrsky’s appointment
will not change the course of the special operation

Putin - US 'needs to stop supplying weapons' to
Ukraine and urge Kyiv to hold peace talks

Ukraine's new army chief signals tougher
approach as predecessor gets top honour

Ukraine uses ‘Chloropicrin’ chemical weapons
targeting civilians and Russian forces

Zelensky Preparing to FLEE the Country
warns Ukrainian Opposition Leader

Putin Warns Americans of Biden’s Most Dangerous
Move - 'A Grave Mistake’ - Watch

Kiev Protestors Call For Ouster Of Zelensky.

In Ukrainian Zmiev, a hotel with foreign mercenaries
was attacked

Ukrainians, after Zaluzhny’s resignation, suggested
Zelensky get out of the country

Abbas says Israel plan for Rafah assault aims to
drive Palestinians from Gaza - Correct


Israel PM orders army to prepare to evacuate
civilians from Gaza’s Rafah - Never To Return

Netanyahu Orders Evacuation Plan for Densely
Packed Rafah Ahead of Expected Invasion

Zionist Neocons In The O’Biden Regime Are
Pushing The US Into Was With Iran

UN - Israel’s destruction of homes in Gaza Strip
is a war crime. - One Of MANY

Jewish forces raid Al-Amal Hospital in Khan Younis

Death toll of Israeli aggression on Gaza rises
to 27,947

Mass rallies held across Yemen in support of
Palestine people

Moody's downgrades 'Israel's' credit rating
due to war on Gaza

Iraqi Resistance strikes a vital Israeli target
on coast of Dead Sea

Iraqi Resistance calls for united front
against US occupation


Two new raids launched by the US-UK aggression
on Baqim, Yemen

Netanyahu must accept resistance proposal
or face open war - PIJ member

Hezbollah bombs Israeli sites, destroys
Merkava tank

Egypt tells (self-proclaimed Zionist) Biden ‘Israel’
Is blocking humanitarian aid into Gaza

MI5 tried to recruit British man in Gaza
by offering to help family escape

Biden and Starmer will pay a heavy price
for supporting Israel's Gaza Slaughter

Netanyahu rejects UN pleas and says Israeli
forces will enter Rafah

Moroccan hashish suppliers 'boycott Israeli dealers’
over Gaza war

'We are in Egypt, not Gaza': Port Said residents protest
forced evictions and demolitions - Port Said mayor
prepares to sell land to investors, sparking outrage

What it’s like to be a journalist in Gaza right now
Ahmed Abu Aziz transported dead bodies between reporting, slept on the ground for over 60 days and watched his home get destroyed amidst his ongoing coverage of the war on Gaza


Defunding Unrwa is another step towards
eliminating the Palestinians

David Cameron has fallen for Israel’s dodgy
dossier on Unrwa

War on Gaza - strategic blunder to hasten US decline

Israeli army prepares for ground operation
in crowded Rafah

Genocide and more - The varied forms of
destruction in Gaza

Israel will drown Washington in the MidEast Morass
- DC is drowning In Zionist Jews

As Israel Starves Gaza, 1 in 10 Children Under 5
Are Now Acutely Malnourished

As WHO Pandemic Treaty Nears Completion,
Critics Raise Red Flags for US Freedoms

N Korea must be ready to ‘occupy’ South – Kim

Deadly Prion Disease Are Rising Fast In The US


A New Test For CJD Using Nasal Brushings

Dementia Epidemic In India - 17.6 Percent Of Indians
Aged Over 60 Have Prion Dementia & Neurocognitive
Disorders - Thailand Medical News

All COVID-19 variants resist mRNA vax-induced
antibodies, study finds

Inventor of lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) used in mRNA Covid
injections KNEW they wouldn’t stay in the arm

Moderna flags viral clip of Megyn Kelly discussing the
injuries she suffered due to COVID-19 injections

CDC drafted a report warning about cardiac inflammation
caused by Covid vaccines but NEVER released it

Public school students in NJ asked to create vaccine
propaganda campaigns for a chance to win prizes

Heart Attacks declining among older people
but INCREASING in young adults

Hospital Whistleblower - Staff Members Literally Petrified
Due to Turbo Cancers, Strokes, Guillain–Barré

Kingston's substack - '2021 Recorded the Greatest Loss
of Elderly Adults in the History of America Per US
Census Data


Wolves in Chernobyl Exclusion Zone Develop
Cancer-Resilient Abilities

Bill Gates Recruiting 2 Million Strong Army
To 'Seize Control of Internet' Using AI

Microsoft patents method to 'computerize the human body’
and use it as a conduit for power transmission, data
surveillance and control

Meta reviewing use of word 'Zionist' amid Israel-Hamas war
(The Zionists at Meta Will censor it)

Ransomware gangs collected more than
$1 billion from attacks in 2023

Exploring The Frontiers Of AI-Driven Growth

Tech companies slash more than 3,900 Bay
Area jobs in 2024 as layoffs widen

Historic rains and flooding push California
fault lines toward the 'Big One'

Amazing New Photos of Saturn's Moons
Have to Be Seen to Be Believed

Big Sur UFO Film - Govt Whistle Says He Watched It


'Spring Is Canceled’ Meteorologists Warn of
'Pattern Change' Of Big Snowstorms For Northeast

Historic rains and flooding push California
fault lines toward the 'Big One'

Amazing New Photos of Saturn's Moons
Have to Be Seen to Be Believed

Household Belt-Tightening - Will The
Trickle Become A Flood?

Everything App - Musk Will 'Discontinue His Phone
Number And Only Use X For Text & Calls'

Musk Calls US Decision Weaponizing Dollar A
'Dumb Move'

Bitcoin Soars To Post-ETF-Launch Highs
As Net Inflows Explode

World Gold Council - 'Blistering Central Bank Buying’
Fuels Strong Gold Demand

$2.7 Trillion Buys ‘Spectacular' GDP

Luckless Carlsberg forfeits $5.9 billion after
leaving Russia


US sanctions UAE entities for allegedly
violating Russian oil price cap

Japan's Debt Hits Record High of $8.6B in 2023

US Consumer Price Index Revision Rattles
Wall Street and Washington Amid Rising Debt

Germany's Economic Woes Deepen as Corporate
Distress Grips Companies

German FM Baerbock’s grandfather was ‘ardent Nazi’

Farmer Protests in Europe Being Kept Off News

UK military would exhaust supplies after just 2
months of war - Down The Uke Toilet

Witness joins France's protesting farmers

Renowned scholar slams German academic censorship
after being fired for criticizing Israel

Boris Johnson Calls Tucker Carlson a ‘Slack-Jawed
Traitor to Journalism’ for Putin Interview


UK Man Arrested For Carrying British Flag

UK Wildlife Charities Say Countryside is Racist
Because It's Dominated by Britons

French Man ‘Rael' Pretended to be Alien Prophet to
Sleep with 1,000s of Women in the 90s

Over 80% of Russians Approve Putin’s

Putin meets Russian Jewish leaders to discuss
conflict in Gaza

Being Jewish ‘is fashionable’ in Russia - community leader

Russia rebukes treaty ally Armenia

New BRICS member Ethiopia describes first
meeting in Moscow as ‘diplomatic victory’

Putin's interview with Tucker Carlson 'hit a nerve in
the West’ — Chinese expert

US sends first batch of Abrams tanks to Taiwan


Philippines gunning for fast and massive
military build-up

West has tried to ‘weaponize’ Russian oil

India doesn’t trust Washington – Nikki Haley

VZ Deploys Tanks, Armored Carriers To
Guyana Border

Visualizing Africa’s Population Density Patterns

300 days since conflict began, Sudan has ‘world’s
largest’ number of displaced children - UN

In historic handover, US museum returns looted
artifacts to Ghana

Fresh fighting displaces 78,000 children in eastern
Democratic Republic of Congo


Corrupt DOJ Blames Biden’s FAILING MEMORY as
Reason Not to Indict Him with Multiple Crimes for
Having Possession of Classified Docs - (Disgusting)

Biden ‘willfully’ kept classified info would come off
as ‘elderly man with poor memory’ In Court - Special
Counsel Recommends No Charges Be Filed

Pro-Trump PAC says Biden unfit to lead after
memory issues revealed

TRUMP - 'Biden Docs Case Is 100 Times Different and
More Severe than Mine. I Did Nothing Wrong…What
Biden Did Is Outrageously Criminal…'

Trump statement on Biden docs - ‘two-tiered system of justice’

Chronology of President Biden & Co classified
document saga

Special Counsel - Biden unlawful removal of classified
documents A-OK under criminal law

Hillary says Netanyahu 'absolutely needs to go’
Arguably The Best Political Statement She’s Made

Senate advances $95 BILLION 'foreign aid’
bill without border security funding

Nutty Nikki Haley Claims Trump ‘Rigged’
The NV Primary


The United States Has Zero National Security

US shifts toward possible use of nuclear weapons

Medvedev - West should tell its citizens the
'bitter truth” about what would happen if the
Western bloc clashes with Moscow

Medvedev describes scenario of NATO-Russia war
As 'The end of everything'

Biden Admits Senate Border Bill Is Precursor
to Amnesty for All Illegal Aliens

The WHO is Putting Radical Trans Activists
in Charge of Gender Guidelines

Takeaways from Supreme Court oral arguments
on the Trump 14th Amendment case

Supreme Court poised to side with Trump (?)
putting him back on Colorado ballot

Trump praises his Teams ‘very strong’ SCOTUS
Arguments In CO Ballot Case

Atty for CO argues Trump is threat to democracy
and voters need to be protected from him


Trump Civil Fraud Trial Judge Demands Answers
On Rumors Of Perjury Plea Deal

Trump Pleased After SCOTUS Ballot-Ban Hearing Ends

Rep. Matt Gaetz Introduces Resolution Saying
Trump Didn’t Engage In 'Insurrection'

Biden vs Trump has profound implications
for the world order

Bidenomics Failing Farmers As Expected
Incomes Crash The Most Since 2006

Calling Biden's Bluff - Threats Of Open Border Chaos
Turn Into Rumors Of 'Executive Action'

NYC Mayor Adams Defends $53 Million
Cash For Invaders Program

Battle Lines Are Forming As Populist
Revolt Spreading Across the West

TRUE WOKE INSANITY - Disney Considering
Replacing Johnny Depp with Black Woman in 'Pirates'

US Women Have Become More Liberal,
Men Remain Stable - Gallup


Tucker's Interview with Putin Released - Watch Here

Putin's interview with US journalist Carlson
bound to enjoy worldwide readership — Kremlin

Kremlin expects Putin’s interview with Carlson
to be subject to lengthy, in-depth analysis

Russian ambassador calls US criticism
targeting Tucker Carlson ‘baseless’

EU rules out Tucker Carlson sanctions - TASS

Days of Wrath, Days of Mourning - a Second US Civil
War's Likely Outcome

American Civil War - The elite may miss trouble
in their own country

Biden issues threat over border bill which
will let more Invaders stay in US

Biden to offer $1.2 billion in college-preparatory aid
to INVADERS in yet another handout incentive to
flood the country with America-Hating invaders

ANTI-WHITE FAA accused of giving black aviation
students code words to put in their resumes to skip
to the front of the hiring line


Test scores plunge despite CA school throwing $250,000
on 'Woke Kindergarten' program

Woke school in the US - Student test scores reach new lows

New 'border security bill' secures every
border except ours

Harvard DEI officer apparently plagiarized
husband’s academic work

Lawmakers demand explanation from Biden’s DOJ
regarding the proliferation of ILLEGAL CCP-linked
marijuana farms

Molly Hemmingway’s Book ‘Rigged' Covers Only a
Small Portion of the 2020 Election Steal

Hawaii defies US Supreme Court, rules against
Second Amendment

US Army spent billions on a new helicopter
that now will never fly

‘Let Us Work’: Fired New York City Workers Rally
in Support of Bill Requiring City to Reinstate Jobs
With Back Pay

Biden administration had Amazon censored
books that are critical of 'Covid vaccines'


Biden FORGETS The Name Of Hamas!

Train Derailments Up 13% Under Creepy
Transportation Secy Pete Buttigieg.

Six Years in the Slammer for Stealing a Fag Flag

Senator demands clarity on Pentagon
drag show policy

Ukrainian army was placed in conditions in which
it is impossible to fight

Serious GPS disruptions are observed in the
western part of the Black Sea

Uke army commanded by Syrsky Starting Today

Putin - Ukraine refused negotiations with Russia
at the direction of the United States

100s of Colombians join the ranks of the Uke army
amid losses of the regular Uke Military

Russian troops use Starlink licensed and imported from Dubai


Pentagon Spreads anti-Russian Fear Trying to
Resume Support for Kiev

Rand Paul - ‘Mitch McConnell Is Working with Biden
to Funnel Money to Ukraine’ – Watch

Putin Confirms Globalist BoJo Ruined Peace Talks.

Russia is developing the TOS-3 ‘Dragon’
flamethrower system

Medvedev says Russia will unleash
Nuclear Apocalypse on NATO if Attacked

Jewish Dictator Zelensky - Ban Elections, Remove
The General Who is his Greatest Rival

Ukrainian Female POW Reveals Extraordinary
Story of Her Rescue by Russia's Military

Zelensky’s Hideous Holocaust Of White Christian
Conscripts - Another 310 troops Die In Donetsk
area in just 24 hours - This Is Pure Butchery and
Zionist Blood Sacrifice

Russian Strike Hit Foreign Specialists at Ukrainian
Military Drone Factory in Nikolayev

Russian Troops Destroyed Over 12,000
Ukrainian Drones Since Start of Special Op - MoD


Shelling damages nearly 20 houses, 57 vehicles
in Belgorod Region in one day

Russia, Ukraine Conduct 100-for-100 Prisoner
Swap With UAE Mediation

EU unable to offset Russia’s munitions
advantage – Kiev

Uke Armed Forces Experience Acute Shortage
of Infantry, Morale is Falling

‘Unacceptable’ - Hungarian FM Szijjarto Hits Out at
Nord Stream Blasts Not Being Investigated

‘Hungary Not 51st State’ - Budapest’s Top Diplomat
Fires Back at US About Sweden's NATO Bid

Contacts Between Russian Intel and CIA Planned
- Date Not Set Yet

US Officials Privately Confirm Patriot Missile Shot Down Russian Il-76 Plane - Reports

US, EU to resist attempts to drag NATO into Ukraine
conflict — Scholz

‘You don’t need help with drones’ – EU’s top diplomat to Kiev


Trump will keep Ukraine promise – Polish president

Deep Roots Of Current Gaza Slaughter

Israel killing too many civilians – US

Israel's Destruction of Buildings in Gaza Along Border
Equals Military Crime - UN Human Rights Chief

EU agrees on military operation in Red Sea
to safeguard shipping

Red Sea situation deteriorates despite
West's efforts - media

Unacceptable to involve Lebanon in Palestinian-Israeli
conflict, Lavrov says

America no longer has the capability or credibility to
embark on an amphibious war with the Yemeni Houthis

Israeli Knesset approves bill to IMPRISON those who ‘deny’
Or ‘downplay’ Israel’s version of what happened on October 7

US-British aggression again targets Hodeida
with two raids


ICC is actively investigating war crimes in Gaza

New US aggression targets Iraqi capital Baghdad

Hezbollah bombs Israeli 'Meron' airbase
in response to drone strike

Hezbollah Hits 2nd Infantry Brigade HQ in 'Ein Zeitim'

(Zionist) Corporate Media’s Push for US War in Yemen

Israeli operation in Gaza's Rafah risks being
a 'disaster', US warns (‘risks'?)

The Hidden History of How the US
Was Used to Create Israel

(Zionist-Run) US and Europe Are Hell Bent
on Sparking World War III

How US mainstream media incites hate
of Arabs and Muslims

Iran draws own Red Line, daring West to cross it


US warns Israel of ‘disaster’ if it sends troops
into Gaza’s Rafah

Navy Now Forgiving Recruits Prior Marijuana Use
as It Looks to Cut More Losses at Boot Camp

Hezbollah, Israel Trade Strikes Along Lebanon Border

Iraq Repeats Call for US Forces to Withdraw
After Baghdad Drone Strike
The Iraqi military says the US is jeopardizing peace

US Launches More Rounds of Strikes
Against Houthis in Yemen

Israel’s 'convoluted' inspections are hindering
Gaza aid

Red Cross warns hunger in Gaza ‘beyond catastrophic’

Syria Accuses US Forces of Stealing More Oil

Unethical, hypocritical and cruel - Western aid cut
will cause more pain for starving Gaza civilians

Arab states call for Israel football ban
(That’ll teach ‘em!)


US Base at Oil Field in Eastern Syria Comes
Under Missile Attack

Iraqi Militias Vow ‘Steadfast’ Holy War Against
US Occupation After Commander’s Killing

New scientific paper released showing Miraculous
Cancer Cures With Ivermectin - MSM 100% MUM

Pfizer’s frankenstein Proteins were injected
into billions of people

Classified documents prove SARS-CoV-2 came from lab
– and the FBI has known about this since March 2020

U.S. taxpayers funded $2M worth of gain-of-function research in Wuhan

Amazon CENSORED books critical of COVID-19
injection at Biden admin’s behest

America 2.0 - Taxation Without Representation

There are still Covid vaccination requirements
at 68 US universities

Billions of genetically modified mosquitoes are
set to be released on Maui


AI could be self-aware ‘within a decade’
(There is strong evidence that It already is)

Google unveils subscription for AI chatbot Bard,
renames it Gemini

Vanguard quietly embraces AI in $13 billion
of quant stock funds

An artificial intelligence is running in EU elections

Musk claims Neuralink chip can be used
to 'save your brain like a game'

US govt to probe Tesla after receiving 2,400 complaints

Tesla to expand battery plant in Nevada using
equipment and tech from CCP-linked company

Astonishing Predictions from Dr Richard Day - 1969
Part 1 – Plans Much Bigger Than Communism

Australia To Introduce National Digital ID In July -
The Death Of A Nation - Britain Planning The Same

Astonishing Predictions of Dr. Richard Day, 1969
Part 2 – 'If Population Growth Didn’t Slow Down,
Food Shortages Could be Created in a Hurry'


Astonishing Predictions from Dr. Richard Day, 1969
Part 3 – They Planned to Announce ‘The New World
Order Was Now the System For The World’

Govts wasting TRILLIONS on 'climate change'
using faulty temperature data, experts warn

Billion-dollar NASA satellite launches to gather
data on earth and BS climate change

TEPCO Says Contaminated Water Leak
From Fukushima NPP Poses No Risks - IAEA
Hahaha…criminal lying, as always

Russian Scientists Reveal Breakthrough in
Hydrogen Energy Fuel

Most Important Meds You’ll Need When SHTF

90% Of The World Population Would Die If
All Electricity Stopped

Luongo - The Great Reset Is Dead...
Long Live The Great Reset

Red Sea Trouble Threatens US Freight Recovery

Red Sea Crisis Sends Maersk Shares Crashing
As Outlook Darkens, Buybacks Suspended


Bitcoin Surges Over $45,000 As Rising ETFs
Inflows Confirm Accelerating Investor Interest

Hershey CEO Warns 'Earnings Limited' As
Cocoa Prices Hyperinflate

Are Bank Runs Back On The Menu?

EU Fears Trade War With Trump Despite Biden’s
Greater Role in Wrecking Bloc's Economy

Local currencies dominate Russia-China trade

Russia, Iran almost fully switch to settlements in
national currencies — Russian Deputy PM

India-China trade hits record high

Russia sanctions aren’t working – Slovenia’s FM

Kremlin warns Germany over ‘expropriation’
of Russian assets

Russian Assets Worth Over $711M Frozen
in Netherlands as of January 11


Russia-Finland Trade Has Fallen 83%
in Two Years - Russian Ambassador

Swedish prosecutors have not found suspects
in sabotage at Nord Stream

Chairman of Russian State Duma explains why Swedish
prosecutor’s office decided to cover up the crime

German government-funded fact checkers
launch smear campaign against protesting farmers

Return of US nuclear weapons to the UK
‘Makes Britain a guaranteed target'

The English Have Lost Their Minds, And Perhaps
Soon Their Nation - Take Note, America

Von Der Leyen vows to strike €210 million
migration deal with Mauritania

AUKUS ground robots pass hot electronic war test

What Russia was like in 1914 - Photos

Russian MFA sends strong message against Western
meddling in election


Senator warns about plots to incite mass protests
after Russian presidential election

West to use online platforms to influence
Russian presidential elections — diplomat

Russian envoy had ‘serious meetings’ in WH,
Department of State on Il-76 tragedy

Moscow banning sex parties say event organizers

Russia, China Not Accepting Political,
Military Pressure From United States

Russia, China Must Cooperate Closely to Ensure
Security, Oppose External Interference - Xi

Putin, Xi discuss joint energy projects between
Russia, China

Putin, Xi emphasize strong relations between
Russia, China in phone call

Another PROXY WAR in the works? US approves
$4 billion sale of drones, missiles and bombs to India

India’s Tejas MK1A fighter takes first flight


China is putting high-energy weapons on its
Type 057 warship

China Is ‘World’s Sole Manufacturing Superpower’
With 35% of Global Output

US uses approach toward Taiwan that it tested
out in Ukraine - senior Russian diplomat

China Urges Philippines to Avoid Crossing
'Red Lines' on Taiwan

Over 35 Killed In Pakistan Election Mayhem,
Cell Service Suspended, As Imran Khan
Languishes In Prison

Insane Australia COMPLETELY Outlaws All
Third Reich Memorabilia

Rebel attacks force thousands to flee
in DR Congo

Russia and West ‘fundamentally different’ in
approaches to Africa – Moscow

The myth of overpopulation - More people in Africa
are the solution, not the problem


The United States Has Zero National Security

US shifts toward possible use of nuclear weapons

Medvedev - West should tell its citizens the
'bitter truth” about what would happen if the
Western bloc clashes with Moscow

Medvedev describes scenario of NATO-Russia war
As 'The end of everything'

Biden Admits Senate Border Bill Is Precursor
to Amnesty for All Illegal Aliens

Biden's Disgusting Pandering As He Messes Up
The Kamal’s Name - Jill Plays Handler Again

Trump After The Queer Vote! Says Bud Light Isn’t Woke
...And Deserves A Second

How Dual Citizen Jewish Traitors Have Betrayed
America To Its Core - Facts Are Facts - Rense Video

Biden Is Well Past His Expiration Date - Rense Video

Inside a New York Invader Shelter…Say Hello
to your new Neighbors America


Trump Calls For 'Immediate Debates' Against Biden

Nikki Haley Just Lost A GOP Primary To
'None Of These Candidates'

Biden’s ‘Ukraine ties’ outrageous – Ramaswamy

Kristi Noem - 'Somebody's Running The White House
And I Don't Believe It's Joe Biden’ (Wake Up, It’s Obama)

Yuval Noah Harari - Trump to Deliver
‘Death Blow’ to ‘Global Order’

Tucker Madness is Good for America - Ritter

Communists/Globalists Melt Down Over Tucker’s
Putin Interview

Kremlin - Why Putin Chose Tucker for Interview

White House denies ‘ridiculous’ Tucker Carlson claims

EU may sanction Tucker Carlson over Putin interview


Musk Calls EU's Proposed Sanctions, Travel Ban
Against Tucker Carlson 'Disturbing'

Marine Corps Helicopter Flying From Nevada
Crashed in CA, Search for 5 Aircrew Underway
DEI striking again?

NYC Invaders who attacked cops go PARTYING in
FL then return to NYC soft-on-crime leftist policies

28 Attorneys general BLAST NY AG’s call to end
ammunition manufacture & sales at Missouri plant

America-Hating WA State directed $340M in COVID
relief funds to Invaders

Deep State Committed Treasonous Acts In 2020 Election

Thomas Jefferson Still Supported Secession 40 Years
After the Declaration of Independence

Biden To Send Troops To STOP Texas From
Protecting The Border

CO Communists Want State Wide Pet Tax On
ALL pets, even fish

CBP Logs ONE MILLION Invader Encounters
Since October


Maricopa County SUED For Ignoring Election Laws

SCOTUS supports the new racism that is
killing academia in America

Corporations & Colleges are Rebranding Their DEI
Programs to Avoid Legal Risk

O’Keefe Exposes the Lucrative Business of
Betraying the US

Maine Invader Office Wants Illegals to Come
Before US Veterans

Hunter’s Ex-Business Partner to Blow Whistle on Biden
Bribery Scheme during Impeachment Inquiry Testimony

Biden Admin Classifies Martha's Vineyard And
Other Elite Enclaves 'Low-Income' To Push EV
Charger Subsidies - (Terminal Corruption)

'Major Differences From Trump Case’ - WaPo
Front-Runs DoJ Decision Not To Charge Biden
Over Mishandled Classified Docs

Biden Brags About Defying Supreme Court On Student
Debt Cancellation, Claims No Cost To Taxpayers

Treason Everywhere - House Fails To Impeach
Mayorkas After Four Republicans Join Democrats


New York's Invader Compounds Exposed…
Stabbings, Drugs And Deaths

US House Lawmakers Demand Documents From
Austin Over Failure to Track Ukraine Military Aid

US credibility ‘hanging in balance’

Sky News Journalist Admits Biden's Garbled Speech
Shows Why Americans Are Concerned About His
Cognitive Health

US soldiers arrested for gay pride flag thefts

WA State state moves to ban ‘hog-tying’ by police

Japanese Shipping Giant Warns ‘Historic' Red Sea
Crisis Could Last 'Six Months Or One Year'

Drone Strike Kills Iranian-Backed Militia Commander
Involved in Attack That Killed 3 US Troops

Israel BOMBS Belgian agency in Gaza as punishment
for funding UN relief efforts for Palestinian refugees

10,000 cancer patients in Gaza are deprived of
medicines, treatment


Palestinian Health Ministry announces new toll
of victims of genocide war in Gaza

Israeli occupation killed 340 doctors, health workers

1,593 attacks carried out by Israeli occupation,
& settlers last month in West Bank

Israeli occupation rejected 22 requests to facilitate
entry of aid into Gaza - UN

Al-Quds Brigades kill seven Zionist soldiers in Gaza

Lebanese resistance targets 2 military sites of
Israeli enemy

Netanyahu says IOF readying for Rafah attack
- vows war 'till the end'

Resistance targets more than 18 Israeli soldiers
in Gaza (Video)

Israel Kills Civilians in Syria - Rejects Gaza Peace

Leading humanitarian and civic institutions, including
major medical institutions, refuse to denounce Israel’s
genocide in Gaza Showing their hypocrisy & complicity


Intel officials warned well before Tower 22 attack
of increased risks from drones - The Pentagon
reinforced the base’s defense but drone got through

Israeli military’s destruction of Gaza’s schools
and universities is creating a lost generation

Palestinian journalist Zakaria Abu Ghali killed
in Israeli airstrike on Rafah

Notoriously Unreliable British Type 45 Destroyer
Withdrawn From Yemen Ops Due to Technical Issues

Tlaib Slams House Israel Aid Bill as 'Blank Check
to Netanyahu’s Genocide'

Poroshenko invited Zelensky to start reshuffles
in power with himself and not with Zaluzhny

Ukrainian media claim that the Russian Armed
Forces used the Zircon missile for the first time

NATO recon aircraft are showing increased activity
near the borders of the Russian Federation

MTs-572 sniper rifle will strengthen Russian units

Russian Armed Forces strike on Ukrainian president’s
1st brigade - MoD


A court in the DPR sentenced 33 Ukrainian servicemen
to 27 to 29 years in prison.

Seven Ukrainian RM-70 Vampire MLRS shells
were shot down over the Belgorod region

Russia aggressively offers its cutting-edge S-400
in the Mideast

Zaluzhny calls on neo-Nazis to support him
against Zelensky

Explosions occurred in Kyiv and several other regions of Ukraine

Australian academic lawyer Dr. John Woodward heaped
abuse on the uninfected (including Novak Djokovic) and
cheered mandates is now dying of Turbo Brain Cancer

‘Long Vax’ injury compilation of information and
resources related to lingering or emerging new
illnesses suffered by people following Covid Shots

Surge in syphilis cases leads some providers to
ration penicillin

As with the Heart, How the Spike Protein May Induce a
Fibrosis Feedback Loop in the Liver - evidence of how
repeated Covid infections and Spike destroy major organs

mRNA-based ‘vaccine’ technology - The game is over!
Is published


Former Marine Put on Hospice Care After 3 Years of
Unsuccessful Chemo Beats His Stage 4 Colon Cancer
in a Few Months Using...Ivermectin

Common Plastic Chemicals Linked to 10% of
Premature Births in US - Major Study

Harvard student mandates for flu and C19 will remain
in effect for fall 2024 - Study And Die...

Moderna Scientists Admit mRNA Shots
Carry Toxicity Risks

Florida Grand Jury Releases First Report on Criminal
Investigation into Covid Shots

Brazil Mandates Covid Jabs For Children
As Young As 6 Months

Australia says COVID-19 is back, Tells Citizens
to Get more Vaccine Doses

Pfizer Sues Poland For Bailing On COVID-19
Vaccine, Citing Shady EU Mega-Deal

Romanian prosecutors seek to arrest ex-PM over
conspiring with Pfizer and Moderna during
COVID-19 pandemic

Study - Innate Immune Response To SARS-CoV-2
Contributes To Neuronal Damage - Thailand Medical


More Than One Third Of Children Who Had Post
COVID-19 Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome
Developed Acute Kidney Injury - Thailand Medical

Tech Giants Roll Out Labels for AI-Generated
Content to Combat Disinformation

Biden WH Developing AI to Censor Americans

Everybody wants to audit AI but nobody knows how

Our Moon Is Shrinking And Could Be Problem

Human footprints 100,000 years old found
in Morocco

Rare 3D Fossil of Trees Older Than Dinosaurs
Reveals Bizarre Alien-Like Ancient Forest

JWST Reveals a Surprise Twist in Black Hole
And Galaxy Formation

Bizarre Prehistoric Predator Fish Breathed Air,
Had Fangs And Four 'Limbs'

Ford Announces Billions of Dollars in Losses on
Junk Electric Vehicle Range - Worse Than Expected


Are YOU a Domestic Terrorist? Banks Tracking
Conservative Purchases

Toyota shares soar as gas-hybrid bet pays off

Toyota Did Not Go Green With Junk EVs
Now They Are Going Green in Earnings

If Conservatives give Bud Light Another Chance
Their Money Would Go to Bill Gates - Here's How

Boeing’s next crisis - aerospace workers demanding
40% pay raise

Oil companies Exxon and Chevron distribute
$59 billion to shareholders

Nippon Steel on track to close US Steel deal by Sept

Shedlock - True Costs Of Net-Zero Are Becoming
Impossible To Hide

Mr Bean actor Rowan Atkinson blamed
for slow electric car sales

The Future Of American Energy Production
Must Include Nuclear


ESG Bubble Further Deflates As CEOs Ditch
Green Lingo On Earnings Calls

EU states buying Russian energy ‘on the sly’ - Moscow

Russian pipeline gas supplies to EU rise 41% year on year

Russian seaborne oil shipments rebound

Russia to resume buying foreign currency

NTSB Finds Alaska Air Boeing 737 Max Jet
Had Missing Door Bolts

Austin Fitts Warns 'We're Going To Lose
All Our Freedoms'

The United States and Europe Are Hell Bent
on Sparking World War III

EU Sneaks 'Road Police Agenda' Into New
Driving Licences Law

German Court Brands AfD Youth Wing
'Certified Right Wing Extremist'


Germany to Reduce Prison Sentences for
Distributing Child Sexual Abuse Images

Germany - New poll shocker shows left-liberal political
establishment wiped out in the East

700 Finns leave military in just a few days after
defense minister proposes controversial plan

Irish step dancing org allows trans-identified
males to compete against females

Australian trans TikToker pleads guilty after
sexually abusing and stalking 2 children

Sweden Halts Nord Stream Investigation, Hands Off
To Germany, As Hersh Fills In More Blanks

Hersh - West's Hesitance to Conclude Nord
Stream Probe Implicates Culprits

Suez Canal Shipping Revenues Cut Nearly in Half

US Military Advisors Deployed to Taiwan-Controlled
Islands on China’s Coast

China grabs spotlight with major presence
at Saudi weapons show


Here’s why the result of Taiwan’s election
is bad news for the US

Contaminated Water Leak Uncovered at
Fukushima Nuclear Plant

Pakistani firm shows off new drone
during Saudi defense show

Royal Saudi sailors have taken a liking
to a Turkish robot warship

Saudi Arabia Railways transport 11 million passengers,
25 million tonnes of cargo in 2023

Blistering Saudi Statement Slams Door On
Normalization With Israel

World entering ‘age of chaos’ – UN chief

Pro-Palestine Lebanese Judge Nawaf Salam
elected to lead ICJ

Syria's Air Defenses Repelling Israeli Missile
Attack on Homs

Another Explosion Occurs in Pakistan's Balochistan
Province Bringing Death Toll Up to 25


Jewish-Run Argentina To Recognize Jerusalem
as Israel’s Capitol

A Model for the Region? How El Salvador’s
President Tackled Crime

Former Chilean President Pinera Dead
And Three Wounded in Helicopter Crash

Watch: Chile Debuts All-Female SWAT Team
At UAE Competition With Humiliating Results

Africa’s reliance on wheat imports rising

African leader assures there’ll be no war with
neighbor over port deal

Kenyan doomsday cult leader charged with
mass murder

West African bloc orders Senegal to reverse
election delay


How Dual Citizen Jewish Traitors Have Betrayed
America To Its Core - Facts Are Facts - Rense Video

Biden Is Well Past His Expiration Date - Rense Video

Tucker's Exclusive Interview with Vladimir Putin
in Moscow – Full Transcript Released

Millions Of Americans Prepare For Apocalypse As
Global Food Crisis Reaches Unprecedented Levels

12 Absolutely Insane Examples That Show Just
How Far The US Has Fallen - Facts

Flood Watch For 38 Million In California
Governor Declares Emergency

CA Mudslides Are Back, Big Time
Mud-Filled Streets, At Least 3 Dead

Over A Foot Of Rain Pounds CA, LA River Could
Burst Its Banks - 120 Mudslides Already

Heartland Inst Releases Report – Based on Rasmussen
Results – Trump Won The 2020 Election

Articles of Impeachment for Mayorkas Fail
to Pass the House


These 4 RINOs voted against impeaching DHS
Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, sinking GOP efforts

US to run out of armaments in two weeks if it embarks
on a multi-faceted war with Iran, Russia, Yemen and
possibly the 'Republic of Texas’ - former Navy SEAL

Bernie Sanders - Biden's Economy Is Great
Even If Most Americans Are Poor

NYPD Chief laments “total breakdown” of justice after
illegals assault police officer, then get RELEASED
from jail without bail

US State Dept supports death squads, war crimes and
soldiers dressed as medics executing hospital patients

TREASON - Majority of House Democrats voted
against the deportation of CRIMINAL INVADERS

Jewish nonprofit HIAS accused of using $105 million
in taxpayer money to import huge numbers of non-White
immigrants to America

Communist CA plans to give unemployment benefits to
INVADERS while their own citizens foot the bill

Trump leads Haley by 35 pts in her own backyard

NO CHARGES for Dem Senate staffer who filmed
porn video in hearing room - The Moral Death Of US


US medical schools defy Supreme Court ruling
say they’ll continue to teach anti-white HATE to
the next generation of doctors - Astonishing

Aspiring foster parents could be prohibited from
adopting children if they don’t push gender
ideology at home

Speaker (Jewish Shill) Johnson Breaks his word
introduces bill to send $17.6 BILLION to Israel

Corrupt J6 Select Committee Knew Secret
Service Deleted Text Messages from J6
But Did Nothing - Video

Michigan Former Senate Majority Leader Mike
Shirkey Says About Jan 6 – 'It Was All Staged
– I Think They Wanted a Mess'

US foreign policy amounts to bombing, regime changing,
starving and destabilizing any population anywhere on
Earth who dares to insist on its own sovereignty.

Joe Biden is being linked to corruption, terror attacks
and political assassinations in Ukraine

Biden Stays In Hiding When Trump Challenges
Him To Immediate Debate

Americans Demand Border Wall, Say Biden
Pushing US Into ‘Civil War’

Biden, Romney, Kerry, Pelosi, all had children ‘working'
for Ukrainian gas companies...do you understand this?
how many GOP & Dem children & grandchildren’s
names appear on Ukraine, bogus contracts?


Biden State Department Funds Program to Create
Army of 2,500 ‘LGBTQI+ Allies’

Schumer - If Border Bill Isn’t Passed It Could Mean
WAR with RUSSIA – Watch

Dr. Phil Reveals What He Found during Visit
to US-Mexico Border - It’s Just Insane - Video

68 US colleges still have Covid vaccine mandates in place

While Biden Claimed GOP Were Banning Books
HE Was Banning Books

Biden Admin Pressured Amazon to Suppress
Anti-Vax ‘Propaganda’

Biden DOJ Won't Charge Biden for Mishandling
Classified Documents - America Is DEAD

Banks warned by Biden Admin that Christians
who Buy Bibles are Extremists - DEAD

America Is Undergoing Genocide - Absolutely

Imbecile Biden recalls recent meeting with
long-dead French leader


The Most Popular Shotguns In America

Another Delightful Day At WalMart - Video

US carries out AIRSTRIKES in Syria and Iraq
but Iran remains untouched for now

Jews Seal Off 300 people, including elderly,
inside Al-Amal Hospital in Gaza

84% of Gaza health facilities impacted
by Israeli attacks

Sayyed Abdulmalik vows to escalate against US,
UK, Israel if aggression against Gaza continues

Washington allocates $2.4 BILLION for its
operations in Red Sea - Run Up That Debt!

Iraqi resistance launches drone attacks
on targets insde Zionist entity

‘Israel' blocked 56% of humanitarian aid
to northern Gaza in January

Yemeni forces target 'US and British’
vessels in Red Sea


US renewed aggression on Yemen threatens
regional stability and global peace

Approximately 300 US and British airstrikes
were waged on Yemen

Israeli army admits It killed 32 captives in Gaza

Houthis promise ‘escalation’ after US, UK strikes

Ben-Gvir's Son's Post About Biden Won’t
Sit Well With the White House

'Germans know much more about Gaza
than we Israelis do'

ICJ Failed The Palestinians

Israeli forces 'tighten siege' of main Khan
Younis hospital

Palestinian women forced to shave their
heads due to water shortage

Saudi Arabia - No diplomatic relations with Israel
without Palestinian state, Israel’s aggression
against Gaza must end


Suspected Drones Used by Yemen's Houthi
Rebels Attack 2 More Ships in Mideast Waters

Britain’s Famously Unreliable Aircraft Carrier Missing
Major NATO Drills Due to New Issue with Propellers

US Blocks Yemen-Saudi Peace Deal

Iran plans joint naval exercise with Russia
And China as Red Sea tensions soar

Israeli Lawmakers Move to Punish 'Denying’ or
'Downplaying' October 7th With 5 Years in Prison

McDonald’s and Starbucks say Gaza
conflict is hurting business

Medvedev in 'Born to be Wild’ Mode - Turner

Medvedev - Lvov May Become New Uke Capital

F-16 to be used from Romania through Moldova
...A legitimate target for Russia to strike

Ukrainian Armed Forces attacked Donetsk
with drones


The commander of the Ukrainian Navy made
threats against the Crimean Bridge

Russian troops reached the outskirts of Ternov

59% of the weapons supplied by the US to Kiev
are untraceable - Sold For Profit On Black Market

Kiev is trying to push Georgia into war with Russia

Russia suspected of disrupting GPS signals over
Poland and Baltic Sea

The Pentagon is expanding its military
presence in Scandinavia

Avdiivka is increasingly reminiscent of Artemovsk

Ecuador is trying to urgently solve the problem
of 'banana sanctions' of Russia

Egypt threatens to break peace treaty with Israel
if Palestinians are expelled from Gaza to Sinai

A completely new kind of war waged in Ukraine


Radar field for UAV control is expanding over Russia

Zelensky declares leadership ‘reset'
confirms Zaluzhny to be replaced

Turkish Baykar began construction of a UAV production
plant in Ukraine

Wthout EU help, Ukraine will have to fight with
water pistols - head of EU Council

'The era of unconditional support for Zelensky is ending'

Borrell visits Ukraine as Zelenskyy asks court to
extend martial law

Western Weapons sent to Kiev found in Possession
of Mexican Drug Cartels

Synergistic pairing of ivermectin
and fenbendazole found HIGHLY EFFECTIVE at preventing
and treating cancer

The Covid Lab Origin Case Is Even Stronger Now

FBI was aware of coronavirus engineering and
potential lab leak for SARS-CoV-2 in March 2020


mRNA Sudden Death Basketball - 7 deaths past 2 weeks

Portland declares fentanyl state of emergency
as overdose deaths skyrocket

COVID-19 Virus was genetically engineered in lab as
a bioweapon, new smoking gun evidence shows

Study links micro-and nanoplastics to Parkinson’s
and dementia

‘Rare’ Health Woes Of Celebrities, Athletes

Maui ‘Ground Zero’ for Release of Billions of
Biopesticide Lab-Altered Mosquitoes

Pregnant Women Should Take Drastic Steps
to Lower EMF Exposure During Pregnancy

DEA - ‘Everything We Seize’ Is Contaminated
with Fentanyl

STDs are skyrocketing among the elderly

Whistleblower Exposes Cause of Sudden
Deaths Among Vaxxed Young People


The Military’s Radical Imposition of Mandatory
COVID-19 Vaccinations

Musk Had Twins With His Top Neuralink Exec
...But They Never Dated

Boeing finds more misdrilled holes on 737
in latest setback

House Weaponization Committee Uncovers Biden’s
Plan To Use AI To Censor YOU

Caffeine in Your Blood Might Lower Body Fat
And Diabetes Risk, Study Finds

How competition between big and small AI will
shape the tech's future

NASA Just Dropped Stunning Close-Up Pics
of Volcanic Eruptions on Jupiter's Moon Io

90,000 Years Ago, Humans Walked on a
Moroccan Beach. We Just Found Their Footprints.

A pod of at least 10 killer whales trapped by
sea ice off the coast of Hokkaido in Japan

Fatty Acids in Brain Key in Memory Formation


How Odors Influence Brain’s Decision
Making Mechanism

Major health insurance companies alter policies to
EXCLUDE coverage for injuries or sickness during
WAR, riot or insurrection

Volvo CUTS FUNDING to subsidiary Polestar
which produces electric vehicles

Tech layoffs continue to roil industry with 32,000 jobs cut

Biden Makes Coal Great Again As Exports
Soar To India

Bank Of America Is Breaking Its Promise
To Not Finance New Coal Projects

UK bypassing own ban on Russian oil

Strategic gush - Why India’s investment in
Russian hydrocarbons is win-win

South Korea EV Sales Held Back by
Driver Fears Of Big Battery Fires

Major European Banks At Center Of Complex
Iran Sanctions Evasion Scandal


Turkiye, Russia to Discuss Trade in National
Currencies During Putin's Visit

EU can’t ban Russian aluminum

EU’s Michel Admits Getting Hands on Frozen
Russian Assets ‘Not Going to Be Easy’

Boeing’s standards ‘progressively declining’

Lack of growth making Germany poorer

Mad Sunak - Britain is ready for conflict with Moscow

Poland birth rate drops by 11%, country’s
population falls by 137,000 in 2023

Joseph Rowntree Foundation report reveals
that escaping poverty far more difficult in UK

German manufacturing giant Miele cuts thousands
of jobs, relocates production to Poland

Polish farmers announce nationwide strike in
protest against EU agricultural policies, all
Ukraine border crossings targeted


Mass immigration to Germany will cost taxpayers
up to €19.2 trillion, warns top academic expert

Russia Looking Forward to Sweden Announcing
Verdicts on Nord Stream Explosions - Kremlin

Sweden's investigation into Nord Stream sabotage
leads to nowhere

German lawmaker believes Europe doesn’t want
to investigate Nord Stream explosions

German government not briefed about probe
into Nord Stream explosions — MP

Russia slams France’s ‘dangerous’
Ukraine stance

Envoys of Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia summoned
to Russian Foreign Ministry

Ukrainian authorities still seek to open
'second front' in Georgia

Presidential chief of staff appointed Kazakhstan’s
new prime minister

Taiwan records approach of 25 Chinese aircraft


US firm to deliver 50 air-launched missiles
to Taiwan by 2028 (Hilarious)

37,000 Chinese nationals arrested at US-Mex
border in 2023

Japan Denies Labeling China ‘Hypothetical
Enemy' During Drills - Chinese Embassy

UNRWA shutdown poses threat to Middle East

Six wounded in Istanbul shooting (VIDEO)

Iran Announces Start Of Work At
New Nuclear Plant Site

Modi vows to make India world’s third-largest economy

Argentina Lubavitcher Jewish president Javier Milei
says plans to move embassy to Jerusalem

Argentina President Javier Milei Visits Wailing
Wall in Jerusalem, Starts Bawling

Sudanese army refutes media reports
about plotted state coup


Several Sudanese army officers detained on
charges of attempting to stage coup

Lawmakers scuffle as Senegal delays election

Why African students decide to connect
their lives with Russia

Charity raises alarm over child deaths
in war-torn African nation

Biden has the single most Jewish government
in American history...by a WIDE Margin

Trump Facing ‘Long’ Prison Sentence – Dem Attorney

Border Bill Is a Total America-Destroying Disaster
– Why Would Anyone Agree to This?

Another record-breaking month for Invaders In January
Third World Diseased Scum Is Everywhere

NYC giving $53 million to Invaders in prepaid debit cards

Treason - Senate 'Deal' Allows 1.5 Million
Invaders Per Year - Slides Up To $2.3 Billion To
NGOs Importing Them - & Gives $60B To Ukraine

'Don't Be STUPID!!!’ - Trump Slams Senate Border Bill
Demands 'Separate' Package 'Not Tied To Foreign Aid'

Non-Starter - Why Senate's Border Security and Foreign
Aid Bill 'Won't Even Receive a Vote' in House

Trump doubles down on mass deportation plans

Musk Reveals Biden’s Treasonous Intentional Border
Invasion To Create 'One-Party State'


Treason Against The Constitution - US federal govt has entirely
Betrayed its duty to defend The states against INVASION

The number of people pouring over the southern border
each year now EXCEEDS the US birth count

Giraldi - Who is the Antiwar Candidate in the US? (Zionist)
Neocons have come to control the foreign policies of both
major parties which means that Israel will always come first

Lockheed Martin signs military contracts with Saudi companies
War Is Fabulous For The Military Industrial Complex

'This Devil, Scum, Snake Thinks He’s Commander in Chief
of the United States' – Ted Nugent at Trucker Convoy

I CALL BULL$HIT - DOJ Says Hacker ‘ElSwapo' Stole
$477 Million from FTX the Day FTX Declared Bankruptcy

Vigilante Justice - TX Man Poses as Child to Lure
Registered Sex Offender, Then Killed Him

The American Elite Want to Ration Food, Power
and Gas for the Rest of Us

Even Al Sharpton Calls it a Border Invasion
(Blacks don't want the competition)

Under The Senate’s Treasonous Border Bill
Everybody Gets Asylum


65 Times Biden Gutted Border Security Since
Taking The White House

Americans Flee the Diversity of their Crime Ridden Cities

US Included in World’s 10 Most Murderous Cities

Woke Kindergarten Causes Grades to Crater

Biden’s Support from Black Voters Plummets
...Democrats Blame ‘Disinformation’

Invaders Involved in NYPD Attack Commit Crimes
in US to Fund Lavish Lifestyles Back Home

Investigators Urge Reopening of Kurt Cobain
Murder Case Amid New Evidence

The Overthrow of Men

'The Risks of Progressive Ideologies in the US Military'

Br Nathanael - Mayorkas Does Jewish Treason


Denver Starts Booting Migrants From Shelters
As City Nears 'Breaking Point'

Speaker Johnson Defends Standalone Israel Bill

Biden’s leaked comments bashing Trump
point to wiretapping — Russian diplomat

WW3 may begin before Biden's term up - Trump

Machete-Wielding Professor Fired Again

Federal Appeals Court Halts FL Ban On Property
Buying By Chinese - Yeah, Let The Commies In!

Wooldridge - Deadly Trojan Horse - Ilhan Omar...
Somalia First...America Last

How Much Emergency Food Should You Have
In Your Long Term Food Cache?

Mumford, Maine UFO Photos

Britain’s King Charles diagnosed with cancer
Says Buckingham Palace


King Charles Diagnosed With Cancer

Kremlin to alert media if Putin to grant interview
to visiting US journalist Carlson

Tucker Carlson coy on rumored Putin interview

Tucker Carlson’s Popularity in Russia on Increase

Musk condemns idea of banning Carlson from
coming back to US if he interviews Putin

American media celebrity Tucker Carlson says
Russia 'doing very well' on visit to Moscow

UN Food Convoy in Gaza Comes Under Fire
From Israeli Forces - UNRWA Head

Flashpoints for War - Where will WW3’s
Archduke Ferdinand moment happen?

PsyOp-19 and the One World Government

Global Shadow Government’s Secret Control Over
‘Elected' Governments & Public Health Bodies
Forging a Global Vaccine Regime


US ‘Defensive’ Bombing of Yemen Is About
Imperial Domination of the Seas

Israeli occupation forces committ 13 massacres
in past 24 hours - And The World Yawns

Al-Qassam Brigades announce killing and
wounding of several Israeli soldiers

Hamas insists on comprehensive ceasefire
And Israel’s withdrawal from all of Gaza

IOF success against Hamas Is extremely limited

Gaza is a surplus medicine dump under guise of aid

Syria ups salaries for public sector workers by 50%

US State Dept Deputy reveals US didn’t
warn Iraq before striking

White House Walks Back False Claim That It
Notified Iraq Before Launching Airstrikes
The Iraqi government declared three days of mourning after the strikes
Egypt, US, Qatar acts show no signs of 'ending Hamas'

Egypt to cut ties with 'Israel' if it forces
Palestinians into Sinai


Pentagon official - US forces attacked 169 times In
Syria, Iraq and Jordan - Bring All US Troops Home

US won’t rule out attacking Iran -
Natl Security Advisor Jake Sullivan

US, UK hit dozens of Houthi sites in bid to
end ship attacks

Israeli airstrikes Slaughter dozens More in Gaza

Gazacaust - Placing the Blame Where It Belongs

US sanctions should target all settlers
and the Israeli state

Zionism is an extension of Western imperialism
in the Holy Land - Historian

100,000 people displaced by Israeli attacks
in southern Lebanon

Minor damage to ship hit by projectile off
Yemen’s Hodeidah coast

After New US Strikes Hitting Yemen, Iran Issues
Warning About Suspected Spy Ships in the Mideast


Amnesty verifies 'shocking spike' in Israel’s use of
lethal force against Palestinians in West Bank

Israeli Lapid to support any effort to topple Netanyahu

Jewish assaults against Christians climb - Pal Bishop

Syria Accuses US of Stealing Oil After
Biden's Airstrikes

Ukraine’s military loses up to 290 troops,
four tanks in Donetsk area over past day

London prepares plan for NATO forces to enter
Ukraine - The hour is near...

Exercise Steadfast Defender 2024 could be
used to send NATO troops into Ukraine

Ukrainian Armed Forces have completely ceded
the advantage and initiative to Russia

The Zionist West plans to destroy Russia as its
historiosophic competitor

Weapons from Western aid to Ukraine found
with Hamas and cartels in Mexico


7 drones shot down over Belgorod region at night

French PM announced his intention to increase
military assistance to Ukraine

The commander of the Ukrainian Navy made
new threats to the Crimean Bridge

The UN Secretary General condemned the shelling
of Lysichansk and attacks on civilians

The Netherlands promised Ukraine six more F-16s

Two municipal deputies were killed in the attack on Lisichansk

US M1 Abrams is already ‘involved in hostilities’ in Avdiivka

40 F-35s cost as much as four Soviet S-300 air defenses

British plan to station NATO troops in Ukraine
London prepares plan for NATO forces to enter Ukraine. The hour is near

Poland announced the possibility of ‘unplanned military
actions' on the border of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine


Armed Forces of Ukraine are trying to interfere
with mortars on the Artyomovsky front with smoke shells

The Ukrainian Armed Forces are sent to storm the left
bank of the Dnieper with blocked radios

Russian troops destroyed a fuel depot of the
Uke forces in the Dnepropetrovsk region

How US Acquired the Soviet Union’s Top Fighter
Through Ukraine

Washington Acts Fast to Prevent Ukraine Coup
(We only like coups we are running)

Candace Owens Calls for Addressing NATO
Eastward Expansion When Talking Ukraine

Dr. Omar Morales Of The Lyme Mexico Clinic - Intvw

Study Suggests COVID Jabs Caused 14 Deaths
for Every Life They ‘Saved’ (If ANY)

Dr David Cartland - UK Horror Vax Injury Update

CDC FORGOT to warn the public that COVID-19
vaccines cause DEMENTIA (Prion Brain Death)


COVID-19 masks provided NO PROTECTION
during ‘pandemic' British govt Says - We Don’t Agree
- That Globalist Govt WANTS The Virus To Spread

US health agency awards $9.27 million contract
to bio-tech firm to test a Covid vaccine in pill form

More BioWeapon Injection Damages

1 NY County Pays $750,000 to Families Whose Uninjected
Kids Were Barred From School During Measles Outbreak

EPA Seeks to Discredit Testimony of Expert Witness
Who Says Studies Prove Fluoride Is a Neurotoxin

'Groundbreaking victory for vaccine victims in
Australian court'

Oz moving to vaccinate via AEROSOLIZED means?

it was the DENIAL of antibiotics that killed so
many in the initial wave of deaths

After 3 years, COVID-19 'vax campaign' declared failure

Intl Study Warns Pfizer’s mRNA Vaccines Could Be
Causing Pandemic Of Liver Injury - Thailand Medical


Scientists Unveil Mechanisms Underlying SARS-CoV-2
Hepatotropism And Liver Damage - Thailand Medical

Study Shows That Literally All The Different Structural
Proteins Of SARS-CoV-2 Play A Role In Causing Lung
Injury - Thailand Medical News

World Is Oblivious Of How JN.2.5 Variant Is Wreaking
Havoc In Mato Grosso-Brazil! - Thailand Medical News

Contrary To Claims COVID mRNA Jabs Protect The
Vulnerable, Cedars-Sinai Study Finds They Trigger POTS
In Many With Underlying Conditions - Thailand Medical

Naringin And Naringenin From Various Fruits Can Help
With Many Long COVID Manifestations - Thailand Medical News

Musk Supports WEF Absurd Carbon Tax -
More Proof It’s A Zionist-run world

Tesla owner is pulled over for driving down highway
wearing new Apple Vision computer glasses

IBM tops list of AI-related patent applications

US, China Team Up But ‘Nobody Wants To See
AI Nuclear Weapons’

'City Killer' Asteroid Is About to Pass By Earth
Here's How to Get a Look at It


Raytheon microwave weapon closer to killing
kamikaze drones

Southern California under state of emergency
as 'atmospheric river' pounds region

Heavier EVs tearing up California roadways
but paying nothing for road maintenance

Europe's largest underwater telescope reveals
what is really going on in the sea...and the universe

New CERN particle accelerator set to run under
Lake Geneva

World's First 3D-Printed Neural Tissue Grows
And Functions Like a Human Brain

15,000 Year Old Viruses Seen in Melting
Tibetan Glaciers

90 million year old fossils found in China
belong to new dinosaur

Proposal To add 'Category 6' as hurricanes get stronger

The US was forced to increase oil purchases
from Venezuela


Venture capitalists made a big mistake on
electric vehicles

Snap is latest tech company to slash jobs,
laying off 10% of workforce

The S&P’s top stocks haven’t been this concentrated
in 50 years

Biden’s LNG ban dangerous for industry’s future

Banking Analyst Predicts Dollar Implosion
Endorses Crypto

Boeing Discovers 'Mis-drilled' Holes On 50
Undelivered 737 Max Jets

Kremlin warns West against ‘deeply illegal’
asset seizure

Kremlin hails repatriation of tech giant

Italian Deputy PM Calls For Chemical Castration After
Seven Egyptian Migrants Gang Rape Girl Aged 13

UK - Total attack on freedom of expression
and alternative media


Italian Farmers Driving 200 Tractors Towards
Rome to Hold Protest Rally Outside City

German Farmers Block Entrances to NDR
Broadcasting Center in Hanover

Polish Farmers Plan General Strike,
Blockade Of Ukraine Border

Russia should get security guarantees
– ex-Italian PM Conte

EU’s Borrell says will travel to Ukraine
after event in Poland

German fears grow that NATO won’t survive Trump

The Switzerland-Ukraine Peace Conference

France's National Assembly rejects vote of
non-confidence in new government

New Northern Irish leader predicts vote on leaving UK

UK has world’s highest rate of acid attacks


Dikson sees first sunrise after the winter polar night!
In the northernmost settlement of Russia, the polar
night lasts almost three months

The fastest aircraft in the world - SU-57

Georgia intercepts cargo of explosives going
from Ukraine to Russia

Tbilisi awaits information from Kiev on
attempted smuggling of explosives to Russia

Georgia was faced with risk of terror attack

Smuggling of explosives to Russia is attempt
to drag Tbilisi in conflict — lawmaker

Russian Arms Exporter's Order Portfolio Hits
23 Year High of More Than $55B - CEO

Russian drone production soaring – deputy PM

Russia puts Ukrainian army’s US-born
transgender ex-spokesperson on terrorist list

Ex-Russian MP accused of treason


Russia to give appropriate response if US
deploys nuclear weapons in Britain

French citizens’ deaths to stir reflection on
Paris’ risky Ukraine line - Russian diplomat

CCP attempts to suppress freedom of speech
outside of China

New Chinese J-20 Stealth Fighter Brigade Optimally
Positioned to Guard Hong Kong, Shenzhen and
Nuclear Submarine Base

Raytheon Awarded $68 Million Contract to Supply
Taiwan With Glide Bombs - In 2028!

China’s Nuclear Forces Continue To Expand

US Establishes New Stockpile In Australia
To Prepare For War Over Taiwan

Pentagon to deliver 50 AGM-154 glide bombs
to Taiwan

Maldives leader lashes out at India

South Korea to Take Part in GS24 Space
Training in California - Reports


Eye on Taiwan, US readying drone ship attack fleet

India sends attack sub to Sri Lanka to
counter China

African country’s flag helping Russia skirt

Russian university strikes deal to train
hundreds of African students

Interim president appointed in Namibia

Election delay heightens tensions in
African state

Huge Atmospheric River Slams Into CA Causing
Flash Flood Warning And Heavy Rains - Videos

Did You Know Gov Greg Abbott Is A WEF Member?

The Treasonous Evil Of The O’Biden Plan To Destroy
America Is So Incomprehensible, Most Do NOTHING

Senate ‘Border Bill’ Has MASSIVE Handouts for
Ukraine & Israel, Little for Border Security, and
Authorizes MORE Invaders

1100 Crossed Illegally in San Diego Saturday
850+ Single Male Invaders Came In

Los Angeles moves to recycle sewage water for
drinking water in latest environmental initiative
This is absolutely Beyond foul and filthy

Canada begins total food control - The
Control And Regulation Of Backyard Chickens

Globalists will use carbon controls to stop
you from growing your own food

Agenda 2030 - A power-mad document

Senate Releases (borrows) $118 BILLION
plan for 'foreign aid’ And The border

Tucker Carlson Spotted In Moscow As Neocons
Melt Down Over Potential Putin Interview


Biden wins first primary amid stupendously Low turnout

The Dissatisfaction Of Young Voters

David Icke Names Names of the Musk-Worshipping
Players in the MAM - These people are constantly
Pushing Musk as some kind of super-Patriot types
Unfortunately, they are anything but

WHO’s Tedros Blasts ‘Fake News, Lies, Conspiracy
Theories’ About The (Hideous) Pandemic Treaty

How The Satanic WEF Propaganda Network Uses AI To
Brainwash And Control The People Through Dystopian
Dark Psychology Where Demonic Deceptions Are ‘Truth'

Dearborn, MI on edge as WSJ article brands it
'America's jihad capital’ - with cops deployed to
guard mosques and locals fearing Muslim attacks

The Ninth Circuit - Enemy Of Cities Trying
To Shut Down Homeless Camps

Allgire - War With Russia?

Learn How The Jews Con You With Words And Phrases
Israel Projects 2009 Global Language Dictionary - A Must
Look - Understand Jewish Mass Mind Control Techniques

Former Trump admin official Mike Gill has died
after being shot during DC carjacking


What Powerful Force Is Preventing America from
Defending its Borders? - Clearly the O’Biden Regime
is in a conspiracy with the NGOs To replace whites

Jewish supremacist organization receives $105
million of United States taxpayer dollars to import
large amounts of non-White invaders

A ‘Well-Funded Cabal’ Influenced The 2020 Election
...What Lies Ahead In 2024?

Elderly Chinese Man’s Violent Encounter Says
Everything About the Condition of San Francisco

Read this to your Democrat friends and family
before you vote for Biden in 2024

Rabbi buys Pornhub! So what?

Kurt Cobain’s Coroner Boasted He Was ‘Intimate’
Courtney Love & ‘Unqualified’ to Carry Out Autopsy
Author Says Murder Was Quite Possible

El Paso to require police officers to ask preferred
pronouns of every person they encounter

John Podhoretz Says Rep. Massie is 'Anti-Semitic Filth’
for Opposing $14.3 Billion in US Aid to Israel

New Hampshire Spa Caters to 'Diaper-Wearing
Individuals Who Seek Acceptance, Respite and Care'


Father in NY Loses Legal Fight to Prevent His 8 Yr Old
Son From Receiving 'Transgender Care’ - Hideous

Hezbollah reveals extraordinary statistics of military
operations And Israeli losses during 120 days of war
Over 2,000 Jewish Soldiers Killed Or Wounded

Hezbollah pounds Israeli positions, barracks

Hamas - 15 more Zionist soldiers killed, 43 more
military vehicles destroyed

Gaza Resistance inflicts major losses on invading
Israeli forces

Israeli occupation forces destroy largest water
desalination plant in Gaza City

UNRWA - Palestinians 'dying before eyes of world'

Israeli occupation army blows up residential
Block in Gaza

Iran - If US strikes Iranian soil, Iran will strike numerous
American targets throughout Middle East

Israel’s war on Gaza turning Republicans
into pro-censorship zealots


Billionaire owner of OnlyFans is biggest donor of pro
Israel lobbying group AIPAC, which Bribes hundreds
of lawmakers in America to do the bidding of Israel

US aggressively pushing ESCALATION in its
ongoing SHADOW WAR with Iran

Expert reveals new regions where Washington
will attempt to confront Russia after Ukraine

Hamas is re-deploying where Israelis have
withdrawn, pays salaries

30 Palestinians martyred in new Jewish Army
massacre in Deir al-Balah in Gaza

US-British aggression targets Hodeidah, Saana
governorates in Yemen

Houthis threaten revenge attacks on US,
UK following fresh strikes

US warns of further retaliation if Iran-backed
militias continue their attacks

After New US Strikes Hitting Yemen, Iran Issues a
Warning About Suspected Spy Ships in the Mideast

Pro-Iranian groups launched 13 strikes on US base
in response to overnight bombing


Jake Sullivan Refuses to Rule Out US Airstrikes In Iran
claims US doesn't seek war as it bombs Iraq, Syria, Yemen

Destruction of Gaza’s Health System Isn’t a Byproduct
It’s an Aim of Genocide

58 Palestinian structures demolished in West Bank
in January

Israel establishes land route for trade through cooperative
Arab states, bypassing Houthi Red Sea blockade

Israel claims extermination Of 17 out of 24 Hamas
battalions in Gaza - (Does Israel Lie And fabricate?)

UK Aircraft Carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth to Skip
NATO's Steadfast Defender Exercise Due to Technical
Issue - OR Fear Of Having It SUNK!

Hitler Speech - Why They Hate Germany

‘A Country Has The Jews It Deserves’ - A Quote

Deaths in Uke strike with US Himars Missiles
on Lysychansk bakery Hits 28

Why the entry of NATO troops into Ukraine will
require mobilization in the Russian Armed Forces


Why does Britain want to send a NATO
expeditionary force to Ukraine?

UK Wants NATO to Send Peacekeeping Troops
to Ukraine and Impose No-Fly Zone

In Odessa, partisans became more active - a warehouse
with aid for the Ukrainian Armed Forces was burned

The Poles are massing troops to the eastern border
and closing the airspace

Uke soldiers sometimes share a trench with the dead
Only 20 out of 100 survive - An 80% Death Rate

What is the rationale behind US promises to supply
Greece and Turkey with the latest fighter jets?

Netherlands, Germany, Poland Ink Deal To
Create Military Corridor

Is Zaluzhny Getting Ready To Take Down Zelensky?

Estonia handed over to the Ukrainian Armed Forces
a large batch of American Javelin anti-tank missiles

The EU is sinking another 50 billion into Ukraine
...Ziolensky wants even more, of course


The EU Has Already Provided $96 Billion
In Aid To Ukraine

Amazing Polly Rips The Wellness Company - Video
‘First Half Is Pretty Bad, Second Half Is Beyond Words'

Megyn Kelly Reacts to Moderna Surveilling
Her Vaccine Criticism

Psychopathic Behavior On The Rise As Society Descends
Into Freefall Collapse - (This Is Probably Burgeoning Prion
Brain Disease Caused By Spike)

Los Angeles moves to recycle sewage water for
drinking water in latest environmental initiative

CHD Bus - J&J Covid BioWeapon Destroys Woman’s
Health - Gives Her Dementia And Brain Of An 80 Yr Old

COVID injections confirmed to weaken immunity
cause 'brain disorders’ (Fatal CJD) and cancer

Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center Warns That COVID-19
mRNA Vaccines Elevate PD-L1 Levels, Disrupting Lung
Cancer Treatments, Progressing Other Cancers - Thailand Medical

American hospitals and doctors methodically murdered
Huge numbers Of COVID patients

Indiana influencer goes viral battling cancer - young mom enters
hospice in final days of cancer - pregnant mom dying of breast ‘
Cancer - MO asst coach has cancer - OK high school coach has
cancer - East Peoria teacher faces cancer again


As if this stealth BioWeapon Holocaust isn't bad enough
Why Are So Many Invaders MILITARY AGE Males?

'Medical emergencies' at Honolulu City Council hearing, high schools
in No and So Carolina, a middle school in Texas - Iowa state senator
diagnosed with pancreatic cancer

Study Confirms Covid Shots Caused Spikes in VAIDS, Cancer

Health Authorities Around The World Are Deliberately Hiding
COVID-19 Data And Even Changing Their Websites Despite
A Global Surge - Thailand Medical News

Warning Issued After Researchers Link Energy Drinks
To Suicidal Thoughts In Children

Unprecedented Surge In COVID-19 Cases
Sweeps Across Japan. Pediatric Infections
Raise Concerns - Thailand Medical News

US Woman Receives Revolutionary Brain Implant
For OCD And Epilepsy

Antifungal Creams Could Be Triggering a Wave
of Superfungal Skin Infections

Get the Zuck out of here - 20 years later, the once
revolutionary Facebook is a hotbed of unreliability,
Censorship and misinformation

Musk did drugs with Tesla and SpaceX execs


Musk's image crumbling - In his 'Neuralink laboratory, 1,500
animals were exposed to extreme suffering and killed'

Microsoft wants to stop ‘disinformation' before the
2024 elections

How AI is quietly changing everyday life

China's First AI Commercial Satellite in the World
- What Do We Know About It?

UK 'Online Safety Act' Officially Grants MSM
Permission To Publish Lies - Like MSM needed it

China Kids Practice Shooting In Augmented Reality

$10 Trillion in US Treasuries On Market in 2024
Who wants US Debt? Maybe Only The Fed

41 Bank Closings During One Week In January

Meta posts record one-day jump in market value

It's now - the people vs the banks


Red Sea crisis spurring demand for rail freight
via Russia

Russia restricts banana imports from Ecuador

Germany’s $1B Raw Materials Investment Project
to Defy China is Totally Unrealistic

France Caves To Farmers As Ireland 'Solidarity’
Protests Kick Off - Can Americans Learn?

Canada delays euthanasia for the mentally ill

Italian schoolgirl gang-raped by Egyptian Invaders
While walking through public gardens with boyfriend

Majority of Invaders on Mallorca are committing
crimes but cannot be deported, reveals police
immigration chief

Ethnic Cleansing - EU Latvia deports Ethnic Russians

Germans reluctant to again war with Russia

28 yr old Dutch woman granted state-sponsored
suicide for 'chronic fatigue syndrome'


Senior BBC Employee Branded White People
A 'Parasitic Deviant Breed'

Northern Ireland elects first nationalist leader

Is a China Invasion of Taiwan Imminent?

Bali to collect tourism tax from Feb 14
tourists encouraged to pay online before arrival

Dozens killed in Chile as forest fires rage in densely
populated central areas

Suspected Chinese spy pigeon freed in India

Indian police arrest embassy staffer accused
of spying for Pakistan

Swarm of locusts fill the skies of Mexico
Residents fear the end of the World

David Icke Names Names of the Musk-Worshipping
Players in the MAM - These people are constantly
Pushing Musk as some kind of super-Patriot types
Unfortunateiy, they are anything but

Bizarre SATANIC tapestry displayed at the World
Economic Forum summit in Davos goes viral

They don’t want a nation of critical thinkers

8 Signs That Demonstrate How Truly Bizarre
Our Society Is Becoming

California Bill Would Give Unemployment Benefits
To all INVADERS - And Citizens Do NOTHING

Washington State Communists - Using Ammo
Is A 'Privilege' That Needs To Be Taxed

House GOP Propose $17.6 Billion For Israel, With No
Offsetting Cuts To The IRS - America Again Groveling
To Its Zionist Masters

East Palestine, Ohio Water Still Contaminated
As Biden Prepares Victory Lap

Trump Election Case Now On Hold For 50 Days
Amid Immunity Appeal

'The Longest Pause in Human History’ - RFK Jr Freezes
Up When Asked About Israel's Influence on America


Brain Demented Biden Curses Trump in Private
Calls Him a 'Sick F*ck'

Biden Hasn’t Won A Single Primary Yet?
Is This How Michelle ‘Big Mike' Comes In?

Tucker Carlson on X - Bret Weinstein traveled to the
Darien Gap to understand who's behind the invasion
of our country - His conclusion - 'it's not a friendly
Migration’ - (As If Weinstein Doesn’t Understand…)

Invaders to Be Given Tens of Millions in Free Money
Structured Like Food Stamps - What Third World
Sewer Rat Wouldn’t Try To Invade The US For That?
America Is Being INTENTIONALLY Destroyed!

US Senators Seal Deal on Bold Border Policy
but Passage Challenge Looms in Congress

Globalists Will Use Carbon Controls To Stop
You From Growing Your Own Food

SF Glassbrook Elementary paying $250,000
to Woke Kindergarten to 'confront white supremacy'

Kristi Noem - Mex Drug Cartels Taking Over S Dakota

Abbott says state is ‘prepared’ to handle potential
Biden federalization of state national guard

Black History Month Product Pulled from Shelves
After Massive History Error Goes Viral


Musk Warns Public About What's Happening
with Immigration - Biden's Strategy Is Very Simple

Migrants to Be Given Tens of Millions in Free
Money Structured Like Food Stamps

Violence is spiking in The Bahamas, Jamaica,
triggering travel warning to US citizens

Law Enforcement Analyst Explains Why Invaders
Commit Crimes in Blue States but Not Red - Video

AZ Nation-Leading School Choice Means
Nation-Leading Academic Success

Supreme Court Allows West Point to Continue
Using Race as a Factor in Admissions

Gay Dad puts kids on TikTok and encourages
them to discuss homo sex accessories…

Female pool player turns down pro contract
due to trans inclusion in women's league

Collapse of the Rule of Law

Israel’s Agent in Congress Mike Johnson Wants
$17.6 Billion of Tax Money to Continue Funding
The US-Israel Genocide in Gaza


US Strikes Killed At Least 39, Including ‘Many
Civilians’ As Iraq Warns Stability Is At The Brink
Of The Abyss

O'Biden promises more US airstrikes

US-UK aggression fighter jets wage over
40 air strikes on Yemen

Dozens of civilians killed in Jewish
airstrikes on homes in Rafah

Jews Plan to attack Rafah - humanitarian
catastrophe in the making

Zionist occupation forces intensify Rafah attacks

Hamas - US aggression against Syria, Iraq is
dangerous escalation threatening stability of region

Iraq’s Armed Forces - US strikes constitute a
violation of Iraqi sovereignty and threat to region

Malaysian PM - the navigation issue in the Red Sea
caused by the aggression on Gaza

Casualties reported as US airstrikes
hit sites on Syrian-Iraqi border


US-UK hit targets In Sanaa, and a
number of governorates - Yemen

US-UK aggression against Yemen
is an open war - Ansar Allah

Russia calls for UNSC meeting following
US aggression on Iraq, Syria

Iraqi Resistance drone strikes US
occupation base in Syria

The Whole Region Wants the US Out

Gaza children try to stay warm during
harsh winter amid Israeli attacks

Jewish strikes hit Gaza residential areas - Video

Danger for Sailors Grows as Houthi Missile
Gets Within 1 Mile of Destroyer USS Gravely

US Strikes in Iraq and Syria Kill About 40
Including Civilians

Israel jubilant as America becomes
embroiled in Israel’s War


Israel’s human shields are Its own people

Uke Drone Reaches Deep Into Russian Territory
Damaging One Of Its Largest Refineries

Ukraine plans to produce a million FPV drones in 2024

Russia informed the IAEA about the installation of mines
to protect the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant

Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council
Ukraine threatened to push demilitarized zone to Moscow

Canada is considering transferring 83 thousand
decommissioned aircraft missiles to Ukraine

Russian tank production ramps up five-fold - Putin

Russia finishes construction of another nuclear
submarine for navy

A Russian fighter Knocks Down Uke Drone With Stick
Another Dodges Under one And Survives - Videos

Bradley infantry fighting vehicle torn to pieces
after the arrival of a Russian shell


How optimal is the use of Tor and Gibka air defense
systems against Uke FPV drones?

Russia has increased the range of destruction
of targets by Soviet air bombs by 7 times

Uke and US experts confirmed successes of
Russian troops in the Avdiivka area

The list of drones with which Ukraine is attacking
Russian territory has become known

Bunkers are being erected throughout Ukraine
passing them off as shelters for schoolchildren

US supplies Ukraine with new, cheaper long
nonerange bomb that can hit civilian targets in Russia

Ukrainian MoD Umerov tells EU counterparts
Ukraine is OUTGUNNED 3-to-1 by Russia
...And yet Russia Can’t Win The War

Ex-Ukrainian PM warns Zelensky about
‘repressive’ draft

Ukes lose up to 1,825 more Ziolensky-Slaughtered
servicemen and six tanks in Krasny Liman area

Ukrainian Military Slam Western Tanks,
Munitions Shortage


Crimea is historically Russian - Polish president

Canada to Hand Over 80s Designed CRV7
Missiles to Ukraine

Ukes Kill At least 20 in attack on bakery in Russian
city - Why Won’t Putin And Shoigu END this war? The
Line Of Conflict is nearly UNCHANGED in 600 days

Canada may give 1970s rockets to Ukraine instead
of disposing them

Psychopathic Behavior On The Rise As Society Descends
Into Freefall Collapse - (Is This Burgeoning Prion Brain
Disease Caused By Spike)

CHD Bus - J&J Covid BioWeapon Destroys Woman’s
Health - Gives Her Dementia And Brain Of An 80 Yr Old

Unprecedented Surge In COVID-19 Cases
Sweeps Across Japan. Pediatric Infections
Raise Concerns - Thailand Medical News

COVID injections confirmed to weaken immunity
cause brain disorders and cancer

Dr. Pierre Kory - Smear Campaign On Ivermectin
Caused Millions to Die Around the World

Humans consume over 1,000 microplastic
particles every year through TABLE SALT


All lies, all COVID 'PCR-induced' false-positive
fake pandemic lies, many more

Surge in Syphilis Amongst Women and Babies.

AI-Powered, Robotic Restaurant

Senior BBC employee branded White people a
'parasitical deviant breed’ - He Has It BACKWARD

Meta Oversight Board Member Says 202l
Election Meddling Was Not Enough...More In 2024.

Crash Course On The Moon - Remote Viewing
A Failed Moonlanding - FutureForecastingGroup

Wigington - Manipulated Atmospheric River Promises To
Drown Parts Of SoCal

Driverless Bus in Seoul, S Korea - Video

More And More Hermit Crabs Are Wearing
Trash as a Home Instead of Shells

'Sudden Death' Discovery Defies Our
Understanding of Superconductivity

Fun Cat Videos


Russian central bank governor claims BRICS
group has now surpassed G7 in aggregate GDP

Sanctions were intended to destroy
Europe’s economy, not Russia’s

How monopolist China is forcing EU to play by own rules

Egypt's Suez Canal revenues plunge by 46% in January 2024

The West plans to issue debt using Russian assets

Netherlands police arrest hundreds of climate
activists demanding fossil fuel ban

Dozens of farmers stage protest in Geneva

Poland’s New Globalist Govt Submits to EU
Climate Diktats Contested by Conservative Predecessors

No one needs a war with Russia except
Western globalists

Suicidal Germany to introduce ‘payment cards’
for 65 IQ invaders


Protesting French Farmers Lift Blockade after
Government Announced New Measures

Done With Orban

Strikes Against Anti-ISIS Militias in Syria and Iraq
Prove US War on Terror is a Sham

RFK Jr slams American attacks on Syria and Iraq

UK backs US right to respond to attacks

UK economy has been hit hardest among its Euro
peers by shipping disruptions in the Red Sea

US airstrikes on Iraq, Syria aimed at escalating
conflict further - Russian MFA

Iraqi government confirms 16 deaths in US strikes

US strikes in MidEast are ‘strategic mistake’ - Iran

Kremlin comments on Nuland’s latest Kiev trip


Foreign tourism in Russia soars – FSB data

‘I just wanted to die’ - How US-style school shootings
took hold in Russia and what Moscow is doing about it

Russia’s strategic nuclear forces are
95% upgraded - Putin

Russia delivered 37 strikes on military facilities
in Ukraine in a week

NATO is not prepared for a conflict with Russia

If Nazi salute is allowed in Italy, then why not in Germany?

US ally Taiwan helping to arm Moscow

China Kids Practice Shooting In Augmented Reality

China and US start working group to
combat flood of fentanyl

North Korea fires cruise missiles again
after just 2 days


All Taiwan parties sought defense boosts

DOJ charges Chinese nationals for supplying
Iran with parts for drones

Does China’s 131st Air Brigade Now Deploy J-20
Fifth Gen Fighters? New Unit Optimal For South
China Sea Operations

US Forward Deploys Three Nuclear Supercarriers and
B-52 Strategic Bombers, to Confront China and North Korea

Noto quake exceeded projections of nuclear plant operator

Nuclear emergency guidelines to be reviewed
after Noto quake

Biotech is the new focus in US-China tech rivalry

India and Maldives reach agreement
on troop withdrawal

Egypt pyramid restoration plans under review
following outcry


O’Biden Communists Go To War Against Syria, Iraq
Pentagram confirms strikes against 85 targets in
Iraq and Syria

Israel’s Starvation Strategy In Gaza

Late US ‘retribution' won't stop Iranians

Al-Qassam Brigades kill 15 Zionist soldiers from point
blank range in Gaza - Israeli Hiding 1,000s Of Dead?

Yemeni forces launch missile strikes against
Israeli targets in Eilat

Hezbollah launches missile strikes on Zionist
occupation sites near Lebanon border

Wicked Israel Bombs Belgian Agency in Gaza After
Belgium Refuses to Cut Funding to UNRWA

Belgium summons Israeli ambassador after its
building in Gaza is bombed

Israeli aggression targets points south of Damascus

Iran unveils tens of Mossad spies in 28 countries


Death toll from Zionist Genocide on Gaza
climbs to 27,131

Most Iraqi targeted sites completely evacuated
before US aggression

Israeli Military Planes Have Been Landing
in UK Since 10/7

Israel Keeps Killing Civilians and Rejects
Any Sovereignty for Palestinians

US Court Concludes Israel’s Assault on Gaza
Is Plausible Case of Genocide

Why is West falling for Israel’s plan to destroy UNRWA?

Fate of ambulance team sent to rescue five yr old girl
Remains unknown

Iraq condemns US strikes as ‘violation of sovereignty’

Israel says It Will Attack Gaza Border City of Rafah
1.5 million Palestinians have fled N Gaza to Rafah

Israeli defence minister pledged to attack Rafah
an area once described as a 'safe zone’ In Plan
To Stampede Palestinians Over Border Into Egypt


US Is 100% Underwriting Israel’s Crimes
Americans Can't Claim Ignorance

Palestinian detainees released by Israel show
signs of severe aggravated torture

Al-Aqsa Mosque almost empty for 17th Friday
in row due to Israel restrictions

Ziolensky’s Hideous Holocaust - Slaughters Another 23,000
Christian Uke Troops In Just January! - Russia Reports

Zaluzhny Is Told He Will Be Fired - No One
Knows Who His Successor Will Be

US P-8 Said Involved In Uke Drone Swarm Attack Which
Reportedly Sank Russian Missile Boat And 44 Crewmen

US servicemen crewed the Patriot that mass-murdered
65 Ukrainian POWs

Pentagon conducted research on anthrax in Ukraine

The West does not want an investigation into the
shooting down of the Il-76

Ukes secretly receive long-range drones from Switzerland
produced by a native of the Russian Federation


Ukes try to compensate for shortage of shells with drones

Assault detachments of the Russian Armed Forces will be
covered from drone attacks by separate air defense units

Ukrainian parliament is trying to find additional funds for
mass conscription And More Mass Death

UK raises issue of sending NATO troops to Ukraine

Ukrainian attack on Il-76 was planned

Zaluzhny reported to Zelensky about the
particularly difficult situation in Avdiivka

Putin - it hurts to say what happened in the Kharkov
Area after the withdrawal of the Russian Armed Forces

Putin - The Russian Federation would have turned into a
decrepit country if it had not protected Crimea, Donbass

Putin - Ukes have turned into a terrorist organization

WP revealed details of the dispute between Zaluzhny
and Zelensky about conscripting 500 thousand people
into the Armed Forces of Ukraine


Russian North Fleet received a whisper-quiet
‘677’ submarine

Demographic picture for Ukraine looks bleak

Mysterious Richness of Ukrainian 'Anti-Corruption’
Chief...Even a Beautiful House in Sicily

Rikers Rape Case Shows Female Prisoners
Are Voiceless Victims of Gender Ideology

Rip Curl Wiped Itself Out With Stupid ProTrans Ad
Customers And Fans Crushed The Brand

Schumer And McConnell Want Senators To Pass Their
$106 Billion Border Bill Without Reading It? Hell, No

$53 Million in Pre-Paid Credit Cards for Invaders NYC

Hero Faces Manslaughter, Invaders Beat Cops
And Then Go to California

Invaders assault cops, flip off cameras

Criminals Who Beat Cops Flee to California
Using Fake Names


Biden's generals in Pakistan

How Sad It It Is to Watch America’s Abandonment
of Morality and its Degeneration into Pure Evil

Condi Rice Puzzled Guests By Playing Ukraine
National Anthem at Secretive DC Club Dinner.

black 16 yr old girl showed no remorse after stabbing
Black friend to death over McDonald's sweet-sour sauce
Many Urban Teens, Especially Minorities, Are Psychopaths

TX Lt governor discusses possibility of civil war
breaking out over migration crisis

Biden turns to Taylor Swift for PR boost
amid record low rating

DeSantis sending up to 1,000 National Guard
troops to Texas

Idaho House passes bill to allow concealed carry
guns in school

Leader of notorious Haiti gang 400 Mawozo
decides to plead guilty in middle of DC trial

Students destroy tampon dispenser in boys
bathroom 20 minutes after it was installed


SCOTUS Was Wrong, Very Wrong - Federal Govt Cannot
Disregard and Abdicate an Enumerated Constitutional Duty

Communist Coup Official - Ivy League Elite
Overwhelmingly Thinks Americans Have Too Much Freedom

Trucker Convoy Headed to TX, AZ & CA
While The Media is Spinning Lies

Democrat Judges In Oregon Throw Republican
Candidates Off Ballot!

100% Deadly Molecule In mRNA BioWeapons Causes
Mad Cow Style Prion Disease In The Brain - These 100%
Fatal Prion Proteins Cause CJD And Brain-Eating Amoebas
As We’ve Said, These BioWeapon Prions Are Absolute Death
And, POTENTIALLY, All The Vaxed And Those Shed Upon May
End Up With Prion Brain Death - ’Turbo’ Forms NOW Reported

New paper - first reported case of new-onset mania
and psychosis post bivalent mRNA COVID-19 booster
Injection (4th dose) (Dec 2023 from Singapore)
16 cases in the literature

Criminal FDA declares 'informed consent’
To Now Be 'null and void'

Warning! Hospital Murders By Covid Protocols Continuing
Patients still being killed every day in hospitals across US

Japanese Scientists Warn Of Imminent Heart Failure
Pandemic - Millions Predicted To Die Due To Rampant
SARS-CoV-2 VIRAL Persistence In Heart - Thailand Medical


Dr David Martin - ’The Great Setup - How And Who
Pulled Off The Covid Scamdemic And 5G - Video

38,000 Kids Had to Be Jabbed to Stop One
COVID Hospitalization

Kids in NJ Schools Can Win Cash Prizes
by Shilling for Vaccine Makers

Gene Study Reveals How COVID-19 mRNA Injections
Leads To High Risk Of IgA Nephropathy, Eventual Kidney
Failure And Possible Cancers! - Thailand Medical News

‘Obelisks’ - Unknown Viroids Found In Digestive
Tract Generated by Deadly mRNA Vaccines?

EU law on AI could increase mass surveillance

Police Departments Turning To AI To Sift Through
Millions Of Hours Of Unreviewed Body Cam Footage

Crash Course On The Moon - Remote Viewing
A Failed Moonlanding - FutureForecastingGroup

Spain’s drought-stricken villages have been in crisis
mode for months - Bringing water in Tankers

Giant Space Umbrellas or Hydrogen Bombs
to Solve ‘Warming'


US Cattle Herd Shrinks to 73 Year Low in
Blow for Beef Lovers

Why Bullion Has Outperformed Gold Stocks

Who will win and who will lose from
the closure of US LNG terminals?

Biden LNG export ban 'outrageous attack on US energy’
says House Majority Leader Steve Scalise

Warning - More establishments are no longer
taking cash in America

Northern Sea Route - Alternative to the Suez Canal
on the way from Europe to Asia

Commercial Real Estate Market In Terrible Shape
– A Trillion in Losses Embedded in Numbers

How student loan forgiveness factors
into your tax bill

Tensions and Criticism Begins to Rise
About Biden's Gas Export Ban

Iraqi Parliament Is Calling To Ditch US Dollar
For Oil Trade


Swiss City Of Lugano Embraces Diverse
Digital Currency Future

Germany’s economy is dying - Here’s why
and what happens next

Russian economy outperforming European peers

UK Hinckley Point C The World's Most-Expensive
And Most-Delayed Power-Project?

World's Largest Uranium Producer Warns
Of Production Woes

US Lags Behind Russia in Next-Gen Nuclear Energy

Exxon, Chevron Beat Estimates, Report Second-Biggest
Annual Profits In Past Decade

Asia's Oil Imports Hit An 8-Month High In January

Exxon CFO Calls Biden's LNG Export License
Halt A Big Mistake

British Zennials Panic Over Talk Of Potential Military
Conscription For War With Russia


Von der Leyen celebrates ‘a great day for Europe’
as farmers trash Brussels

Polish farmers announce Ukrainian
border blockade

Feeding Africa Sanctions make it worse,
imports don’t help, what’s the solution?

Bundestag Says Passed 2024 Budget With
Cutbacks in Subsidies for Farmers

German Public Transport Workers Strike Over
Working Conditions - Reports

Several EU states opposed agricultural imports from
Ukraine at summit in Brussels — Orban

Spanish Navy considering acquiring six more
S-80 submarines

5 trans men at women's college volleyball game in Toronto
This is the beginning of the end of women’s sports

Europe was sentenced to death by its
third-rate ruling elite

NATO to establish network of military
corridors across Europe


Romania urges Preparation for World War 3
with Russia 'in the immediate future'

Clashes Between Farmers and Police
Intensify Outside EU Parliament In Brussels

Russia's Newest Arms Clearly Better Than
NATO's - Putin

Ukrainian forces turned into A terrorist organization
They fire at civilians And medics - Putin

Achieving self-sufficiency crucial for sovereignty - Putin

Production of tanks in Russia grew fivefold - Putin

Putin, General Staff discuss drones
and related problems

Production volumes in Russian defense sector
growing steadily - Putin

Russia to sign new defense contracts to
replenish stocks - Putin

Putin sees amazing national unity among
Russian citizens as guarantee of country’s victory


Almost 79% of Russians Trust Putin,
76.2% Approve of His Work – Poll

Medvedev says NATO 'playing with fire’
with latest military exercises

‘Anglo-Saxons’ pressuring Türkiye to
cut ties with Russia – Kremlin

Moscow slams South Ecuador for caving in
to US pressure on weapons

China issues ‘war sponsor’ list demand to Ukraine

Russia, China discussed approaches to military
application of AI - Foreign Ministry

Sudan - Civilians dying of starvation due to
warring sides limiting aid access, says WFP

Five more African countries join Proliferation
Security Initiative

Cocoa Prices Hit 46 Year High As Drought Concerns
Threaten West African Crops


Shimatsu - DHS Boss Mayorkas Punishes
Border Patrol Officers For Enforcing US Law

New Major Poll Has O'Biden Over Trump 50-44 !!!
If This Is Remotely True, America Is Dead And GONE

Biden gets a major boost from female voters – poll
Jimmy Kimmel Suggests Joe Biden Having Dementia
Is A 'Crazy Conspiracy Theory'

Much-Thinner SecDef Lloyd Austin Admits He Hid
Cancer Diagnosis From Biden And The Public

According To The Constitution, The O’Biden Regime Is Guilty
Of Highest Treason In Taking Down Our Borders And Aiding
And Abetting The INVASION And Occupation Of America
Pay Attention And Listen Very Carefully - Rense Video

X Factor Singing Winner Exposes How Hidden Religion Of
World Freemasonry Controls Proud Satanist Entertainers,
Etc, Who’ve Sworn Oaths To Satan Under Penalty Of Death
For Power, Fame - 'Darkness Is Light, Good is Evil' - Video

Think Your Mind And Your ‘Reality’ Are Your Own?
You Had Better Think Again - Watch And Read

Watch The TRUTH About The Border Crisis - It’s ALL Lies!
The Border Wall Is WIDE OPEN - TX And The Feds Are
Equally Involved - The Border Wall Is A Political FRAUD

Rep Massie Hints At Impeachment If
Biden Starts A War With Iran


DeSantis Says Florida Sending State, National Guard
Troops to Assist Texas Border Defense

Biden's Clueless Energy Policies May Cost
Him Reelection

Butler - West Looks Panicky Over Africa’s Shift Eastward

American Pravda - The Leo Frank Case
and the Origins of the ADL

WEF Totalitarians Seek to Euthanize the West

Elites are driven by a 'genocidal spirit' - Tucker

Italy - Green light for insect meals

The CDC just accidentally proved 'The Great
Replacement Theory' is 100% real

Charity Says Egypt Intelligence-Linked Firm
Charging $5,000 Per Truck To Get Aid Into Gaza

Is Netanyahu Main Obstacle to Gaza Conflict
Resolution and Regional Peace? Is Grass Green?

Death toll from Jewish strikes on Gaza pass 27,000


Israeli military demolishing Palestinian
buildings to create ‘buffer zone’ — NYT

UN official warns of ‘inevitable' famine with
countries pausing UNRWA funding

Yemeni armed forces target British merchant
ship in Red Sea

‘Israel' deliberately kills journalists in Gaza
to silence them - UN experts

ICJ forms tripartite committee to monitor Zionist
entity’s compliance with its decision

South Africa calls on world to take urgent action
following Israel’s disregard for ICJ’s decisions

Israeli sites, soldier groupings come under
Hezbollah missile fire

US occupation base in al-Omar oil field
comes under drone attack

'Israel' not making as much headway in Gaza as hoped
Says US official

About 40 Arizona National Guardsmen wounded, one
critically, in drone attack in Jordan - What Are They
DOING in Jordan? They should be ON The US Border


For Western Media, Only Israeli Lives Matter

Jewish Supremacy And Racism - Palestinians are ‘animals
who do not deserve to live' - Rabbi in Israeli Knesset

Austin - 'We Don’t Know’ If Iran Was Involved in Jordan
Drone Attack - Plans to bomb Iranian personnel in Iraq and
Syria have been approved anyway

Palestinian Babies Killed in Gaza Are Not ‘Innocent Civilians’
Says Jewish US Rep. Mast, Ex IDF Soldier - Incredible Hate

Iraqi Government, Iran Pressured Kataib Hezbollah
to Stop Attacking US

Israel Will Fight Iran to the Last American Soldier

US War with Yemen Houthis Intensifies in the Red Sea

Over 20,000 Gazan children orphaned amid
Israel’s Genocide on Gaza

We will be very lucky to escape a US attack on Iran

Putin - We're Going to Take More Land in Ukraine
Because of Western Weapons


West is preparing for all-out war - What about Russia?

EU takes swing at US, approves $54 Billion in new aid
for Ukraine

Zaluzhny wanted to withdraw troops from
Avdiivka but Zelensky refused

ICJ Rules Against Ukraine on Terrorism, MH17

Ukraine Set To Receive Bomb So New It Hasn’t
Reached US Arsenal Yet

Nudelman arrives in Kiev to look into Zelensky-Zaluzhny
conflict - Russian diplomat

Ukraine's attacks on Russian medics in Donbass,
Novorossiya intensifying - health ministry

LPR in Donbass braces for wave of Ukrainian
refugees fleeing Kiev’s draconian mobilization

About 45 Ukrainian attacks on Belgorod Region
recorded in 24 hour span, governor says

Russian forces advance west of Verboroye
in Zaporozhye area, politician says


Zelensky to fire top general this week – CNN

Zelensky’s generals refuse to accept firing top commander

Evidence of Organ Harvesting in Ukrainian Army
Found in Severodonetsk - LPR Authorities

Kiev's Bill on Mobilization: Throwing More Ukrainians
Into Meat-Grinder

Ukrainian army recruiters break into houses,
use drones to entrap evaders - eyewitnesses

Kiev wants to get as much as $1 trillion at
Russia’s expense

Zelensky demands more money after EU
approves funding for Kiev

It's Getting Crazy…On Planet Zion - Watch

Mexico demands US investigate how American military
grade weapons are being smuggled to drug cartels

Dem-Controlled Oregon Supreme Court Blocks
10 Pro-Life Senators from Running for Re-Election


US service member guards Invaders
at major airport - Video

GA State Senator Discovers Invaders in ‘Hidden Room’
Inside Atlanta Airport - Forced Out When Trying to Film

Watch Invaders beating two NYPD cops in Times Square

Black National Anthem at the Super Bowl
Time for Non-Black People to Take a Knee

Five Bizarre Traits Of Modern Leftists

America’s Wide-Open Northern Border

WH Names John Podesta as US Climate Envoy

‘Elite One Percent’ in US Hold Radical,
Anti-American Values

US Establishes New Stockpile in Australia to Prepare
for War Over Taiwan

NYC Mayor Adams Wants ‘Criminal' Invaders Deported


Amazing Polly - Another Zionist Connection! Managing Partner
Of (Zev) Zelenko Labs Is The SAME Jewish Person Who Set Up
The Wellness Company! Get the Picture?

Amazing Polly Lays Out The Truth - Bret Weinstein (Jew) Is
Being Pushed To Higher Visibility - He’s Back On Tucker

Amazing Polly - The Wellness Company and their shills
have all the sincerity of the Home Shopping Network

Murder By ‘Covid’ Warning - Medical Testimony Via
Multiple Affidavits Proves Ongoing Intentional Genocide
By US ‘Healthcare’ System

UKHSA Says COVID-19 Decreasing In UK But NHS
Warns Hospitalizations Still Rising! - Thailand Medical

Researchers Identify A New BA.2 Variant With More Than
100 Mutations In South Africa - Thailand Medical

US Is Dealing With an 'Out-of-Control' STD Epidemic

Measles Cases Soaring Worldwide as WHO Reports
Alarming 45-Fold Rise in Europe

Monsanto Loses Court Case, Will Pay Man who
Developed Cancer $2.25 BILLION

More than 10 policemen have died suddenly in Italy
since January 1


In memory of those who died suddenly in the US, world

Moderna’s online censorship agenda detailed
in newly released documents

Massive (arson) fire engulfs TX chicken plant as global
elite ramp up calls for world to stop eating meat

AI poses ‘threat’ to 2024 election, experts warn

Humanoid robot startup Figure AI in funding
talks with Microsoft, OpenAI

EU law on AI could increase mass surveillance

US replacement of Chinese IT equipment will
cost billions of dollars more, analysts say

Revolutionary 3D-Printed Brain Tissue Mimics Human Function

Fascinating Letters About Roswell Crash Debris
Supposedly Given To Art Bell…aka ‘Art’s Parts'

Unhealthy F-35 noise ‘spends’ millions of USD to
insulate homes


USAF lost three F-16 ‘Viper’ fighters in
270 days in the ROK

Lack of IRST puts F-22 Raptor at disadvantage
compared to the Su-35

Could graphene coolant increase engine power by 100 bhp?

Nuclear secret - India’s space program uses plutonium
pellets to power missions

Potentially Dangerous Asteroid to Pass Within
2 Million Miles From Earth on Friday - NASA

Barcelona declares drought emergency
with big fines for breaking water rules

We Finally Know How Ancient Roman
Concrete Was Able to Last Thousands of Years

Move to go cashless by McDonald’s greeted
with calls for BOYCOTT

UPS cuts 12,000 jobs due to decreased shipping
volume, tense union negotiations

Home Depot cuts unspecified number of jobs in
undisclosed locations


Boeing defense biz reports $139 Million loss
across three major programs

Blackstone CEO Says 'US Isn’t Prepared For
4 More Years Of Joe Biden'

China’s ‘financially unhealthy’ small firms have a serious
cash-flow problem that threatens to topple more of them

2024 Will See Wave of Minimum Wage Hikes

The Globalists Want CBDCs In 2024…
What Really Comes Next Will Surprise Them

'Natural Evolution’ - Volvo Shares Soar On Plans
To Stop Funding Cash-Burning Polestar

How EU's Ukraine and Climate Change Adventurism
Kills EU Bloc's Farming

Portuguese Farmers Block Highways Near Spanish Border

Farmers Setting Protest Fires in Brussels to Demand
Measures From EU Leaders

Chaos Erupts In Brussels As Rubber Bullets Fired
At Farmers Protesting Outside EU Parliament


BRICS will try to remove financial cooperation
from Western influence — Russia's Sherpa

Deutsche Bank Reveals Bold Cost-Savings Plan
Amid Job Cuts

EU approves €50 billion in Ukraine aid

EC promises Kiev new tanks, helicopters
And 1 Million artillery shells by year-end

EU leaders urge to speed up delivery of shells,
missiles to Ukraine - statement

EU funds for Hungary to remain frozen

Majority of Poles want NATO air defenses to
protect Ukraine's border areas, poll reveals

French farmer unions suspend protests after
government offer

US moves nuclear weapons to Great Britain

Portuguese President Vetoes ‘Gender Self-Determination’


The EU is on the path to self-destruction

Flames, barricades and fuming protestors rage
outside EU parliament

Italy angry Antifa attacker is facing 'harsh’
prison conditions in Hungary

Su-57’s new AL-51F1 engine (2024) allows
it to cruise at Mach 2

Men must work, women must give birth – Russian mayor

Moscow court reduces suspended sentence of US investor

Russia Has No Plan to Place Nuclear Weapons
on Territory of Other States

Those supporting Kiev regime ‘should not be
persecuted, but tried’ - Russian MFA

EU in its former incarnation no longer exists and
will never exist again - Russian envoy

All victims of Ukrainian POW plane crash identified


West reluctant to investigate Il-76 crash for fear of
being implicated — Kremlin spokesman

Russian Investigators Find Fragments of MIM-104A
Patriot Missiles at Il-76 Crash Site

US supplied missile shot down plane carrying Ukrainian POWs
– investigators (VIDEO)

Biden has made Americans complicit in Ukrainian
POW deaths – Moscow

DoD Insider Details Ukrainian Patriot Training
as Russia Confirms Missile’s Use to Down Il-76

Berlin Would Never Admit Culpability if Il-76 Was
Downed by German-Delivered Patriot - Lawmaker

Russia is building seventeen international
level campuses

Germany is destroying its automobile industry

World not getting rid of dependence on oil and gas any
time soon - Putin

Kremlin expects US to try and lay financial
burden of supporting Kiev on EU


EU countries exploit anti-Russia rhetoric
to bleed taxpayers dry - Kremlin

US Deploys B-52 Bombers to Guam for
'Strategic Deterrence'

US Navy Deploys 3 of 11 Aircraft Carriers
in Western Pacific - Reports

Japan, US Conduct Joint Maritime Drills
With 2 US Aircraft Carriers

US Has Failed to Create Forces to Deter
Future War With China in Pacific - Senator

Russia, China discuss prevention of arms race in space

Russia, China discuss US military-biological activities,
bolstering BTWC

Korean Air begins producing reconnaissance
drone for South’s military

Third American F-16 Fighter Crashes in
South Korea in Under Nine Months

13 Chinese Brigades Are Now Reported to Deploy J-20
Stealth Fighters - Fleet Grows Faster as Production Expands


US undercover operatives conduct anti-drug
operation in Venezuela targeting Maduro

Pope using LGBT to divide African church
– Ugandan pastor

Russian influence causing dilemma in Africa’s Sahel
- EU foreign policy chief

Rwanda discovers more mass graves 30 yrs
after genocide

Think Your Mind And Your ‘Reality’ Are Your Own?
You Had Better Think Again - Watch And Read

Watch The TRUTH About The Border Crisis - It’s ALL Lies!
The Border Wall Is WIDE OPEN - TX And The Feds Are
Equally Involved - The Border Wall Is A Political FRAUD

Republicans are trying to sneak in a $155 billion bill
that combines welfare for INVADERS with crony
corp tax cuts Disguised as 'tax relief for families

Br Nathanael - Israel Is NOT Our Friend Or Ally

Ben Shapiro donated up to $500,000 to migrant trafficking
organization in 2022 - The Jewish HIAS Organization

The Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS) is
actively helping these invaders into United States

Musk-Yaccarino Censor Br Nathanael For This Post

Br Nathanael’s JEWCEE Tweets on X

The Genuine Third Secret Of Fatima
Provided By Fr Paul Kramer

Yemen Armed Forces (YAF) Claims hits On US destroyer
And cargo ship in Red Sea - US Denies Destroyer Hit

WH confirms US Troops Have Invaded Yemen
...following Pentagon denial


Yemeni forces target American USS Greeley
Destroyer in Red Sea

20+ killed after Israeli tanks FIRE On Palestinians
waiting for aid - Who Will Stop The Slaughter?

Vicky Nudelman - US Is Not Leaving Illegal American
Base in Syria Despite Attacks

Palestine demands formation of international
team to probe Zionist enemy’s Gaza massacres

New Israeli war crime uncovered - 30 decomposed
bodies found in Gaza school

Discovery of 30 bodies, handcuffed, blindfolded
found in school besieged by Jewish occupation

11 civilians killed in Zionist shelling of Deir al-Balah

Iraqi resistance suspends its operations
against US forces

Video shows Hezbollah Hitting Branit barracks
with Burkan missiles - Major Damage

Gaza Resistance confronting IOF incursions
into Khan Younis, al-Bureij


Israeli special forces platoon commander
killed in northern Gaza Strip

By Hurting UN Agency, West Sides With Genocide

Zionist Holocaust in Gaza can GO ON! World Court subservient
to Israel - No Immediate Ceasefire to avoid Genocide Of Pals

Israel 'most likely' dropped 1,000 pound bomb on
UK doctors in Gaza

Netanyahu says UNRWA mission 'must be terminated'

EU to Launch a Red Sea Naval Mission Within 3 Weeks
to Protect Ships from Continued Houthi Attacks

US Plans Weeks-Long Bombing Campaign Against Iran

US Troops Put on Standby for Potential US Ground
Involvement in Gaza - memo sent to Air Force personnel

US troops told to prepare for war in Gaza

US troops are still in the MidEast because there's a
'neocon imperative' to 'remove the Assad government'


Hospitals have run out of food as Israeli siege
of the Khan Younis medical centres continues

British activist calls for urgent food aid for Gaza
amid crisis

Putin wants to move Nukes to Cuba after
US moves nukes to UK - Tit For Tat

US, Germany Reject Eastern European Push for
Immediate NATO Membership for Ukraine - Russia
Says It Will Go To War To Prevent It From Happening

Massive attack on Sevastopol repulsed - more than
six missiles shot down

Il-76 with Ukrainian POWs shot down by US Patriot

Ukrainians will have to answer the call - The Verkhovna
Rada will consider softened version of mobilization bill

EU will supply Ukraine with 500 thousand ammunition
out of the promised 1 million by March

Scholz - Germany will not be able to provide
support for Ukraine alone

effectiveness of the APU's HIMARS has decreased
due to Russian electronic warfare systems


Ukrainian kamikaze drone hit a communications
facility in the Belgorod region

China MoD promised Shoigu not to weaken the
support of the Russian Federation on Ukraine

18 Leopard 2 tanks traveling to Germany by rail
...another 7 by road

Sweden supplied Ukraine a DMR 1 deep-digging
demining system

Kiev strikes St Petersburg oil refinery as prisoner
swap concludes

Putin - We will enlarge demilitarized zone in Ukraine

Putin Vows to Make Military Gains in Ukraine
as He Meets With His Campaign Staff

ICJ found most of the points in Ukraine’s
claim against Russia groundless

UN court dismisses most of Ukraine's lawsuits
against Russia

West has increased supplies to Kiev of equipment
for crossing water barriers


Putin wants to move Nukes to Cuba after
US moves nukes to UK - Tit For Tat

US, Germany Reject Eastern European Push for
Immediate NATO Membership for Ukraine - Russia
Says It Will Go To War To Prevent It From Happening

Massive attack on Sevastopol repulsed - more than
six missiles shot down

Il-76 with Ukrainian POWs shot down by US Patriot

Ukrainians will have to answer the call - The Verkhovna
Rada will consider softened version of mobilization bill

EU will supply Ukraine with 500 thousand ammunition
out of the promised 1 million by March

Scholz - Germany will not be able to provide
support for Ukraine alone

effectiveness of the APU's HIMARS has decreased
due to Russian electronic warfare systems

Donetsk People's Republic Shelled by
Ukraine 60 Times in Past Day

Ukrainian kamikaze drone hit a communications
facility in the Belgorod region


China MoD promised Shoigu not to weaken the
support of the Russian Federation on Ukraine

18 Leopard 2 tanks traveling to Germany by rail
...another 7 by road

Sweden supplied Ukraine a DMR 1 deep-digging
demining system

Kiev strikes St Petersburg oil refinery as prisoner
swap concludes

Putin - We will enlarge demilitarized zone in Ukraine

Putin Vows to Make Military Gains in Ukraine
as He Meets With His Campaign Staff

ICJ found most of the points in Ukraine’s
claim against Russia groundless

UN court dismisses most of Ukraine's lawsuits
against Russia

West has increased supplies to Kiev of equipment
for crossing water barriers

UN Gives $372 million for US bound Invaders in 2024
The Overthrown US Continues To Fund The UN


Twelve states sound the alarm - Globalist banks are conspiring
with the UN to WIPE OUT US farms and food production

The UN's Annual $8 Billion Budget to Support Global
Migration - Another reason to stop funding the UN

TSA Plans Expansion of Facial Recognition
to Over 400 Airports.

How White House Staffers View Biden and Harris

Biden ‘has no intention to close border, and even
if he did, it’s too late’ – Analyst

Illegal migrants camp at US airports - MA Governor
Healey pleads for WH and Congress to act on crisis

US businesses, big-box stores increasingly rejecting
CASH as forced shift to cashless society accelerates

Gang of Invaders Brutally Beats NYPD Officers
...Gets Democrat-Style 'Justice'

Racist Oakland School Dist sued for allegedly racist
back-to-school event only available to 'Black, Brown and API'

Former Trump official shot in DC


Biden admin convicts pro-lifers over
peaceful protest

Navy vet who destroyed Satanic statue
charged with hate crime!

House Republicans Approve Two Articles of
Impeachment against Alejandro Mayorkas

Idaho AG Says State is ‘Held Hostage’ by
Biden’s Border ‘Inaction.’

Mexican army reinforcements arrive at Texas border

Rep. Massie Hints at Impeachment if Biden Starts
War With Iran

Damning New Details in Jan 6 Pipe Bomb Coverup

Mark Cuban slips up in Twitter post, admits to possible
illegal DEI hiring, opening himself up endless lawsuits

Fani Willis faces 22 articles of impeachment for 'malfeasance,
oppression and tyrannical partiality'

Fani Willis Axed Employee Who Blew Whistle
on Misuse of Federal Funds


Israeli Diplomat's Son Claims Diplomatic Immunity
After 'Intentionally Running Over Cop' in Florida

Western Oregon University Will No Longer Give
'D-' Or 'F' Grades

85% of US colleges limit free speech

Harvard's Chief Diversity Officer Plagiarized At
Least 40 Times According To Complaint

Atmospheric rivers - first of two potent events hits CA

mRNA Injury stories - Injected Star Trek actress dies
after 1 year battle with ALS - New 'Turbo ALS' caused
by COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines?

Biogen's Controversial Alzheimer's Drug
Withdrawn From Market

CDC knowingly labeled accurate news stories about
the dangers of COVID-19 vaccines ‘misinformation'

EPA monitoring a new class of toxic PFAS in municipal
water supplies – GenX chemicals

NIH-run biolab in MT with ties to the Wuhan Institute
of Virology deliberately infects animals with deadly
pathogens for 'Wuhan-like experiments'


2021 Report reveals growing cases of 'gender detransitioners’
receiving near zero support from 'healthcare practitioners'

Pharmaceutical front group American Academy of
Pediatrics condemns natural breastfeeding, calling it
'ethically problematic'

Landmark Fluoride Trial - 'Fluoridation Violates
Informed Consent’

‘Epidemic of Heart Disease Deaths’ in England

Autistic Spectrum Disorder Claims Are Up 284%

Major Australian legal win on mRNA vaccine

Italian Police Unions sound alarm over surge
in Officer deaths after COVID-19 vaccination

A Cure For Cancer Hidden In Plain Site

Amazing Polly On Covid 'Dream Team' Frauds

Dr Pierre Kory - Proof CDC Knowingly Lied When Claiming
mRNA Vaccines 'Reduce Hospitalizations And Deaths'


FDA Finds Safety Signals For Updated COVID-19

One by one, the lockdown myths are crumbling

UK Wasted £1.2 Billion on Unused Covid Antivirals
With Zero Evidence They Work

Google is controlling, censoring, warping vital information

CO lawmakers lead push on artificial intelligence, warn
of ‘disastrous’ consequences if tech is left alone

Commercializing patient data into AI-powered healthcare

Critically-Endangered North Atlantic Right Whale
Found Dead, Tangled in Rope

Electric buses are sitting unused in cities across the US

Media Company 'The Messenger’ Folds Less Than a
Year In, As News Bloodbath Continues

Boeing drops request for a 737 Max 7 safety exemption


UPS to cut 12,000 jobs as revenue, profit drop in 2023

Big Box Bill Will Seriously Harm Small Businesses
And Credit Unions

UK homebuying struggle - Deposits hit 105%
of average annual income

Turkey FM Says the straits will not be opened
to NATO warships.

Farmers Bring Their Fight (and Tractors) to Brussels
as EU Leaders Jet In for Crunch Talks

FRENCH famers using tractors to tear up the raods
leading to PARIS

Dozens of French farmers arrested, tractors
confiscated amid economic protests near Paris

UK Population Forecasted to Surge to Near
75 Million by 2036 - Deagel anyone?

The Germans finally wake to the threat of the
Sinister Communist Left

Spanish soldier who identifies as a woman but will
keep male appearance upset after he is prevented
from using female changing rooms


Canada May Extend its Eugenics Program...
Considers Euthanasia for 'Mentally Ill'

J-20 fleet is growing – 13 Chinese brigades
have the Mighty Dragon

US calls Chinese EVs a posssible security threat

Trump is going to sharply escalate the 'trade war’
against China after his election

China seized Japan's crown for vehicle exports
in 2023, data shows

'No to blackmail, no to the North Am empire’ - Maduro

Patagonia Is Spending MILLIONS of Firm Profits
on Far-Left Causes.

German minister defends spending millions in foreign
aid on cycle paths in Peru to fight climate change


Think Your Mind And Your ‘Reality’ Are Your Own?
You Had Better Think Again - Watch And Read

Eight Nation States That Pose Highest Risks
Of A Nuclear Missile Strike On The US

Watch The TRUTH About The Border Crisis - It’s ALL Lies!
The Border Wall Is WIDE OPEN - TX And The Feds Are
Equally Involved - The Border Wall Is A Political FRAUD

Biden's Trojan Horse Immigration Deal Would
Allow Another 1.8 Million Invaders IN

US Speaker Johnson on 5,000 Invader Crossings Rule
in Senate Bill - 'Why Would We Do That?'

Elon Musk Blasts Biden's Push For Border Deal
'No Laws Need To Be Passed'

Could TX Survive As An Independent Nation?

Air Force electric aircraft test ends with
simulated casualty evac

FDA Makes It Official: Informed Consent
Not Required for ‘Minimal Risk’ Studies

Russia strongly warns US not to bring its nukes back to UK


Illinois HS Basketball Player, 14 Dies Suddenly during Game

Dopey Joe could be forced by Israel to fight in the Middle East

Deep sea explorer says may have found Amelia Earhart's plane

FAA created “secret code words” for blacks so they could one-up whites and Asians…

Bizarre Satanic Tapestry Displayed at WEF Davos Summit

MT Communist Governor Defends Stealing Teenager
From Parents Over Not Conforming to Trans Agenda

Montana CPS 'medically kidnapped’ 14 yr old from
her parents so they could ‘transition' her

More Bad News for Harvard As Its Finances
Take Another Massive Hit

Texas AG Paxton DENIES O'Biden regime request
to leave the border wide open in Eagle Pass

Biden holds US HOSTAGE demanding ransom in form
of BILLIONS more in ‘aid' for Ukraine And Israel


Ben Shapiro donated up to $500,000 to Invader
trafficking organization in 2022

Terrorist arrested after being released by
Biden border agents

Blue City Denver to Evict Invaders From Shelters

Pro-Lifers Targeted by Biden DOJ Found Guilty

Massive Fire Breaks Out at Texas Chicken Farm

SF Toy Store Closes after 85 Yrs Due to High Crime

Biden, Mayorkas’s perversion of DHS threatens us all

FAA created secret code words for blacks so they
could one-up whites and Asians

US Arms Sales Are Hitting Record Highs

White Liberals Are Destroying White America


Biden wants Taylor Swift to sing for him

Hunter Biden Partner Says Payments From China
Were Delayed Until Joe Biden Leaves Office

Christian Persecution Skyrocketed in 2023 as Nearly
5,000 Were Killed for Their Faith Worldwide

Tyranny by Stealth has you and your family
in its crosshairs

DHS Plans to Steal Biometric Data at All
Federal Airports

European Union adopts resolution that criminalizes
'hate speech' which can mean almost anything

Are Music Performers Selling Their
Souls to Satan?

Transgender runner breaks two women's records
for New York college - The Outrage continues

Day 116 - Brave Israeli forces carry out assassination
raid inside Jenin hospital disguised as doctors

ICJ finds plausible genocide case against Israel,
suggests military operation in Gaza is not 'self-defense’


Ansarullah official reveals relationship between Iran
And military operations in Red Sea

Al-Houthi reveals threats sent by Washington
to Sanaa through Oman

Hezbollah targets Zionist army gatherings,
espionage targets

Zionist Minister - Halting the war in Gaza means
losing the Israeli army’s achievements there

'Israel' wholly destroyed 3 Palestinian Quarters

Hezbollah deploys sniper units, launches
Burkan rocket at Israeli site

'Israel' shells Syria's countryside, following
rocket launch

Three additional Israeli troops killed in
Gaza battles - Israeli media (understated)

US threats via Omani backchannels will
not deter Yemen

PSC says 'Israel' forcibly disappearing prisoners
from Gaza


Amnesty Int'l urges donors to reverse decision
on halting UNRWA funds

Gaza's education system is being torn to shreds
in Israel's never-ending assault on infrastructure

Genocide as a political weapon

Hezbollah unleashes Falaq-1 Rocket - battle-tests
new capabilities

Yemen strikes UK ship for first time

More US-Driven Escalations Toward War
In The Middle East

Macgregor - 'Hezbollah has extensive facilities
and groups in Mexico'

The most compelling reason for the US not
to start a war with Iran has been named

Hamas Reasserting Control Over Areas of Northern Gaza
Israel struggling to destroy Hamas's vast tunnel network

Troops Will Go Into Action ‘Very Soon’ in Lebanon


Dopey Joe could be forced by Israel to fight
in the Middle East

US says ‘fundamental changes’ needed before
UNRWA funding resumes

Hundreds of Palestinians killed in West Bank
more to follow Says Netanyahu

UK ready to formally recognise ‘irreversible’
Palestine statehood, Cameron says

German reporter impressed by the pace
of Mariupol restoration By Russia

Ukraine may receive GLSDB missiles
from the US on January 31

Orban called Trump the only one who can stop
the conflict between Russia and Ukraine

Russia produces a minimum of three
tanks a day for the frontline

Lavrov - That Russia will attack NATO is ‘absurd'

How Ukrainians really feel about the war


Russia strongly warns US not to bring its
nukes back to UK

Doctors record a sharp increase in complex
injuries and amputations in Ukraine

Russian military shot down 86 Uke drones in one day

Russians improve positions in Donetsk Area

Russia Has Taken Out the Majority of Ukraine’s
German Leopard 2 Tanks - Abrams Tanks Kept
Far From Any Combat

Bizarre - 3 Young KC Chiefs Fans Found Dead
In Friend’s Yard - Suspicions Grow

Alzheimer's Can Be Spread BETWEEN Humans
This Means Brain-Destroying Prions Made By
Spike Proteins Are Being Spread Person-To-Person

More Evidence Alzheimer’s Prions Being Spread
Between Humans In Medical Procedures

Even More Evidence Alzheimer’s Prion Death
Was Being Spread by Now-Banned Injections

Another Aviation Vaccident Averted?


Japan..All 3 Leeches Died 3 Days After
Sucking A VAXXED Person’s Blood

Study Finds That SARS-CoV-2 Nsp3 Proteins Bind
To Host Fragile X Mental Retardation Proteins FMR1
And FXR1-2 - Thailand Medical News

World Economic Forum on Gene Editing Technology
using mRNA to Encode in Genome and rewrite it

A Legitimate Cure For Many Cancers
...Hidden In Plain Sight

SARS-CoV-2 Uses Receptors Like TLR-4, KIM-1/TIM-1
And CD147 To Cause Kidney Damage - Thailand Medical

CDC Expands Deadly ‘Vaccine' Schedules for Kids,
Pregnant Women and Most Adults

Landmark Covid vaccine injury win - Employers on
notice as Tribunal decides employer is liable

SARS-2 Fingerprint Found In 2018 Proposal
Synthetic assembly method posited in 2022
paper found in DEFUSE draft.

HS Basketball Player, 14, Dies Suddenly during Game

Former soccer star dies suddenly


Increasing teen suicide, fungus in cough syrup
and FDA news on cancer

Bribing Doctors to Give Deadly ‘Vax' To Patients

Something Not Right About Exponential Outbreak
Of Viral Conjunctivitis Aka ‘Red Eyes’ In Tanzania
Now Spreading Across Parts Of Africa! - Thailand Medical

Childhood vaccines destroyed twin boys - video

Dr Makis On Deluge Of Amyloid Clots

First Musk Neuralink Implant Said Successful

What is Neo? Our in-house Large Language Model
(LLM) trained on REALITY content, not wokeism
or corporate media propaganda

Dem-aligned super-PAC drops $1M on Instagram
and TikTok influencers to boost Biden’s appeal
to young voters

Global Warming Strikes Again - Anchorage
Sees 'Pandemic of Snow'

Deep-sea mining of polymetallic nodules
needed for national security


Bill introduced in New Hampshire State to
halt geoengineering

Weather warnings in Saudi Arabia amid forecasts
of snow and freezing temperatures

‘Obelisks' - Entirely New Class of Life Has Been
Found in The Human Digestive System

2,000 Year Old Bones Undermine Myth
About Columbus And Syphilis

Stunning, Extraordinary Webb telescope images
Present 19 spiral galaxies

The Fed Prepares For A Bank Crisis While
Telling Americans The Economy Is Strong

Biden's Bumbling LNG 'Ban' Profits Putin,
Vexes Texas And Unsettles Europe

In Shocking Reversal, Saudi State Unexpectedly
Orders Aramco To Drop Oil Capacity Expansion Plans

UPS Announces 12,000 Job Cuts Worldwide Amid
Steady Decline in Revenue

Russia’s non-dollar settlements within BRICS skyrocketing
– central bank chief


More countries doubting SWIFT

EU to seize profits from Russian assets

IMF revises upward outlook for Russian GDP

US to Deploy Nukes in the UK for the First Time in 15 Yrs
Russia has said it would view deployment as an escalation

US moving nuclear weapons to UK

Is Italy taking a sharp turn to the right?

France orders unmanned submarine demonstrator
from Naval Group

France's government prepares new measures
to calm farmers' protests

EU budget cuts threaten the union's global leadership

EU Official Brags About Using Law Enforcement
To Target 'Conspiracy Theories' Online


German Antifa Extremist Jailed for Brutal Attacks
in Budapest

Serbia to Introduce a Mandatory Military Draft
amid WW3 Tensions

Germany sues for bankruptcy

Ukraine’s accession to EU would be catastrophe
for European economy - Orban

Hungarian PM accuses EU of waging ideological
war against his country

Orban reveals condition for backing new
EU Ukraine aid

France's Toulouse Airport Says Main Driveway
Blocked by Protesting Farmers for Whole Day

German Farmers Block Road to Stuttgart With
Some 200 Tractors on Way to Rally

'Diversity' Exhibition Laughably Claims Original
Brits Were Black!

UK Cop Orders Christian Singer To Stop
Singing 'Church Songs' In Public


Lavrov blasts NATO attack ‘absurd’ claims

Russia working to trace origin of weapons
Kiev used to down Il-76 - Lavrov

Western-provided weapons sent to Ukraine now
turning up in Northern Europe, Gaza - Lavrov

West asking countries to secretly send Russian
weapons to Ukraine – Lavrov

West Starts to Understand That Ukraine
Project ‘Failing’ - Lavrov

Moscow ‘doesn’t give a damn’ that Japan is upset
over islands – Medvedev

Russia’s Medvedev announces plans to deploy new
weapons on Kuril Islands

Russia Hit With Widespread Internet Outage Nationwide

China's weapons can reach any US base in Asia

New Delhi to hold tech giants accountable
for deepfakes


Fifteen Indians handed death sentences over
political killing

Indian Navy rescues Pakistani crew from pirates

Russia favors strengthening trade, economic
ties with Gambia - Lavrov

Russia and Gambia hold security talks

Namibia becomes top oyster supplier to Russia

Nigeria criticizes move by neighbors to
leave regional bloc

Treason - SCOTUS Kills states’ rights to protect own
borders as three Ex-presidents fund flights
to bring More Invaders

Treason Is Treason - Gov. Abbott Boasts TX Transported
Over 102,000 Invaders Deeper Into The US

Greg Abbott and the Invasion of
the Border Snatchers - Jeffries

Poll Shows Majority of Dem Voters Would Support
'Open Border' Candidates

Constitutionally speaking, Texas is legally allowed to wage
war against the federal government to protect itself from
imminent, open-border invasions

Communist Montana Govt Kidnaps Child From Parents
Who Reject 'Gender-Affirming Care'

18,000+ Border Patrol agents support Texas, blast Biden admin

Record 300,000+ Invader encounters in One month

Forget Elections As Border Crisis is Disintegrating America

Pelosi Loses It as Protesters Storm Her Property
And Tells Them to 'Go Back to China'


US Marines rush crummy amphibious vehicles to Pacific

Biden Education Dept Met With SPLC Before Center
Put Parental Rights Groups on Its ‘Hate Map

Pentagon To Pay For Soldiers To Manufacture
Motherless And Fatherless Babies

US laser weapons program stalled

Pentagon Admits It Has No Evidence Iran Was
Behind Drone Attack That Killed 3 US Troops in Jordan

FAA Colludes with National Black Coalition
to Get Them Hired Over Whites

Gov. Abbott Boasts Texas Helped 'Transport Over 102,000 Migrants' Deeper Into The U.S.

Chicago Wants to Ban Natural Gas to Fight Climate Change

After Ending Gas imports from Russia, Biden Halts
Gas Exports to Europe because of 'Climate Change'

The Biden Regime’s Coup Against Constitutional
America Is Leading to Civil War


Pakistan deports half a million Afghans in 4 months
The US Govt Does Not Represent The People...

Putin - The New World Order Worships Satan
"The suppression of freedom itself has taken on the features of a religion: outright Satanism."--Vladimir Putin

Meryl Nass explains The bio-fascist plan For the world

A multipolar world will require Russia to militarize

Red Sea Crisis Is Opportunity for US To Weaken
Europe & China

Russian diplomat quips that Biden should
‘form an international coalition’ to free Texans

US Senator Cruz Says Negotiators Refusing to
Provide Lawmakers With Border Deal Text

The Spooky Blackout Of Border News

The Fake First Daughters of Obama
and the Gay-Tranny First Family

Russia, Russia, Russia! Pelosi Proclaims
Pro-Palestine Protesters Are Puppets Of Putin


Trump Lawyer Says 'Experts Were Denied’
By New York Judge

Trump Slams UAW President After Union Endorses Biden

Democrat Hypocrisy Exposed After
'Trump-Vermin’ Freakout

Industry Insiders 'Hopeful' Biden's Attack
On Texas LNG Will Be Short-Term

Iran's Army: Military Might Formidable Enough
to Take on Any Threat

Yemen’s Houthis claim responsibility for missile attack
on US Navy USS Lewis B. Puller

Several Civilians Killed, Injured in Israeli Strikes
on Damascus - Syrian Defense Ministry

A Radically Different World Since Assange’s Indictment

collapse of higher education and its impact on society

Kirby's New Remark on Iran-Backed Attack
Is Maddening - The ‘Feckless' Biden Team


The Palestinian Authority’s role has become
to delegitimize Palestinian resistance

Egyptian officials are charging Palestinians a
massive ransom to escape the Gaza genocide

The ICJ just took the Holocaust monopoly away
from Israel

Day 115 - Israel pushes Pals further south
And US threatens further regional violence

Missile attack targets American forces
at 'Al-Omar' oil field base in Syria

Hadramout tribes make fuel tankers legitimate
targets for their armed operations

Israel unleashing Hannibal Directive on entire
Gaza Strip Intentionally Killing Israeli hostages

Zionist soldier killed in martyrdom operation in Haifa

Hezbollah launches 13 attacks, shuts
down Israeli claims

The Tower-22 Strike in Jordan Triggers US
And Israel Into All-Front War


Drone attack on Tower 22 escaped detection
by trailing behind US drone

Israeli forces raid West Bank carry out
arrests campaign

'Pushed to the brink of starvation’ - WFP says
Gaza Citizens need more food aid

Carnivalesque atmosphere at conference
on Jewish settlement in destroyed Gaza

Prof John Beaty and the True Origin of the Jews

Pharmacies in Gaza forced to shut because
of lack of medicines

US vows 'consequential' response to Jordan attack
as Iran denies responsibility

Israel troops to ‘go into action’ soon at
Lebanon border says minister

US Forces Take 37+ Casualties in Drone Strike
on Frontier Mideast Base - What’s Next?

Latest On Ziolensky-Zaluzhny War - Reports Zaluzhny Has
Refused Ziolensky’s Order To Resign - Military Summary Video


Ukraine lost after it attempted to make a show
out of its counteroffensive

Patrushev - West Won’t stop the proxy war against Russia
after the 'hot phase' of the Northern Military District

Borrell - EU does not see light at end of the Uke tunnel

Ritter - Ukraine on verge of running out of ammo

Ukrainian Demand for UK Retired Ships a
Sign of Desperation

Russian Armed Forces have broken through Uke
defenses in the Kupyansk Area

Russians destroy promising German anti-aircraft
system Skynex

West needs 2 years to catch up with Russia in
terms of shell production

Ukes experiencing big problems with Leopard 2 tanks
and Bradley infantry fighting vehicles.

Swedish Ministry of Defense is not against the
deployment of nuclear weapons in the country


Germany will build a new ammunition production
facility to ensure continuous supplies to Ukraine

Ukrainian troops execute their wounded to
prevent capture — Russian commander

Ukes funneled $18 Billion Out Of Ukraine In 2023

Several killed in new Ukrainian
shelling of Donetsk

Drone attack prevented at Russian oil plant

Ukrainian army recruiters use coercion in mobilizing
fresh troops, Zelensky acknowledges

Zelensky claims huge increase in size of
Kiev’s forces

Violations Worth $1.3M Discovered in One of
Ukraine's Military Units - Defense Minister

Put nuclear weapons in Cuba – Russian MP

Genocidal Jews Napalmed Civilian Refugees


Two Million Human Beings may die in Gaza without
world's help - Turkish foreign minister

200 Palestinians killed in Gaza Strip in past day

Ten people killed in Israeli strike on UNRWA
school in Gaza Strip — TV

Scientists Call for Global Moratorium on mRNA Vaccines
Immediate Removal From Childhood Schedule

mRNA Vaccines Contain Prion Region, May Be (ARE)
Linked To Death Prion Diseases Like CJD And Mad Cow
(We Have Warned About This For Over Two Years)

Devastating Shedding Story - Video

Grim Photos Of BioWeapon Amyloid Clots

Dr Makis On Deluge Of Amyloid Clots

Japan, Malaysia, Philippines Rule ‘Vaccination' must be
withdrawn from the market immediately!

How over-amplified PCR process was used with deceit
of asymptomatic spread to drive creation of a fake fraud
non-COVID pandemic - COVID was never a pandemic


COVID-19 Ravages OK - State Suffers Second-Highest
Death Rate In The US - Thailand Medical News

Study Alarmingly Finds That SARS-CoV-2 Is Causing
Destructive Tissue Damage In The Appendixes Of
Infected Children - Thailand Medical News

JN.1 Variant Drives Argentina Infections Up By 38%
8,072 New Cases And 15 Deaths In The Last Week
- Thailand Medical News

Woman receives lifelong compensation for BioWeapon
'vaccine' side effects

Surge in deaths poses a conundrum for British insurers

X goes 'full Zionist' after Elon Musk’s
recent groveling And visit to Auschwitz

Censorship-Industrial Complex Enlists UK ‘Misinformation’
Group Logically.AI To Meddle In US 2024 Election

Quantum AI - Merging End Times Technologies

New tires every 7,000 miles? Electric cars save
gas but tire wear shocks some Florida drivers

Spain’s Andalusia region approves 4th drought
decree amid 'extreme situation'


Report Suggests Boeing 737 Max Left Factory
Without Door Plug Bolts

BRICS leaves behind the G7 in terms
of share in the global economy

Iran's currency tumbles as MidEast tensions Soar

Western Europe’s energy supply ‘vulnerable’

EU Ambassadors Agree on Preliminary Plan to
Use Russian Frozen Assets - Belgian Presidency

Share of BRICS Exceeds G7 in Global Economy
by End of 2023 - Russian Central Bank Head

Debt-ridden China developer Evergrande liquidated

Russia's Trade With Northeastern Chinese
Provinces Up by Over 50% in 2023

EU Wages War on ‘Gendered’ Language And
Phrases Like ‘Workmanship’ and ‘Joe Public.’

'Largest Ever' NATO Exercise To Rehearse
Russian Attack On Europe


Czech Govt Announces Biggest Single
Purchase Ever - Fleet Of F-35 Stealth Jets

Why NATO's 'Military Schengen' Evokes Memories
of Nazi Germany's Anti-Russia Past

Ukes fueling increase in Poland’s crime rate

UK - Negro Who Stabbed Whites Will Spend
Rest of His Life Building Legos

German Farmers Partly Block Access to
Major Port With Tractors

French Farmers Stage Protest Blocking Roads to Paris

Paris transport workers to stage strike during
summer Olympics

Hungary demands Ukraine reinstate pre-2015
rights for Hungarians in Transcarpathia

Borrell admits EU’s investment in Central
Asia targeted against Russia

Plot to Sabotage Hungary For Opposing Ukraine
Funding Proves EU is Non-Democratic - Analyst


Prince Harry-linked charity faces crime claims

English church urged to drop trans guidance
for schools

Move nukes closer to US – Russian MP

Belarus now a ‘nuclear power’ – Putin

Russia, Belarus to Work Together to Ensure Equal,
Indivisible Security - Putin

Russian court issues arrest warrants for Navalny allies

Cracks Starting to Show in Western Control Over
International Sports - Russian Intel Chief

Biden discussed military response to attack
on US base in Middle East, Axios reports

US Vows Response to Deadly Attack on
Mideast Base, Seeks to Avoid Wider Conflict

Direct US Attack on Iran Would Open Pandora's Box


Pentagon Offers Unusual Reason Why Anti-Air
Defenses Failed At Jordan Border Base

Bipartisan Lawmakers Accuse Biden Of Violating
The Constitution With Unauthorized MidEast Strikes

Rockets Fall Near US Base in Syria’s Oil-Rich
Town of Ash Shaddadi - Source

India to make dozens of cities ‘beggar free’

Burkina Faso receives free Russian wheat

Western World RIP - Whites Now Too Stupid & Brainwashed
To Stop Their Own Destruction - Roberts

Jews behind smuggling Many invaders into the US
Ben Shapiro Is Accused Of Helping Fund The Op

Trump wanted RFK Jr as running mate – NY Post

RFK Jr Formally Names The Shooter Who Killed
His Father - Video

RFK Jr. Campaign Collects Enough Signatures
To Get On New Hampshire Ballot

Musk Caves To Jewish Supremacist Big Zionist Money
X to Ramp up Censorship of 'Antisemitism & Hate Speech’
in Wake of Musk Visit to Auschwitz Says CEO Yaccarino
In Classic Doubletalk Statement

Articles Of Impeachment Introduced Against
Jewish DHS Boss Alejandro Mayorkas

Biden - The VIP Criminal Whose Never-Ending Crime
Spree Forever Enriches His Crime Family And Bankster
Run International Crime Syndicate

Biden Announces Deaths of American Soldiers
Then Chuckles About Having to Leave - Video

Biden’s voters say it’s genocide, by 50-20
but Biden can’t


Soros Dumping a Fortune Into Texas,
Funding Operatives with One Goal in Mind

Creepy Judge Kaplan Dismissed Epstein Victim’s Case
Against Prince Andrew – Pushes E. Jean Carroll BS Case
Against President Trump

A record 250 homeless people died in Sacramento
in 2022 - The trend will likely continue

Fifteen Facts E. Jean Carroll’s Allegations Against
Trump the Media Will Not Report

Adam Schiff Destroyed by New GOP Contender
—Hammered for Lying 'to 300 Million People'

Black Voters Torch Joe Biden Ahead of Dem Primary

US On The Brink Of Civil War - 25 States Have Activated
The Constitution And Deployed The National Guard...
Preparing For Battles With Biden Forces

Nothing is more clownish than NYC law enforcement
It’s not the police’s fault - it’s the leadership

Former ICE Chief Discusses Radicals Coming
to Destroy Us

FBI is considering overweight and illiterate
candidates for DEI initiatives - report


Child Labor Could Solve Alabama’s 'Labor Shortage'

Border Patrol Says Agents Will Not Remove
Texas Razor Wire Barriers

Doomsday Clock Update – Globalists Keep Warning
Us that an Emergency is Imminent

What are they trying to tell us? Internal Pentagon
report warns US is unequipped For An ET invasion

Biden Blackmail Intensifies - Won't Shut Border Until
Congress Coughs Up Ukraine, Israel Taxpayer Money

Did Joe Biden Just Refer To President Trump As
The 'Sitting President'?

More Senate Republicans Embrace Trump
As He Marches Toward GOP Nomination

European Leaders Are Anxious About A Possible
Trump Win

University Of California Ditches Plan To Hire
Invader Students, Enraging communist Protesters

Chicago Democrat Demands Officials Nix ‘Sanctuary
City' Status As Invader Crisis Overwhelms


CA Bill Would Electronically Restrict Cars With
'Speed Governors’ - Communism Rules

Nikki Haley targeted in ‘swatting’ incident

Bill Maher Attacks 'October 7 Deniers' Says Everyone
Saw Hamas Commit Mass Rape and Behead Babies
- Utter And Total Lies, Maher Should Be Boycotted

WWE chief McMahon steps down amid sexual
misconduct claims

We Can't Ban Our Way To A Better World

Another Ukrainian death list with names of Western
politicians and journalists exposed

Director Russian Foreign Intelligence - Sad fate
awaits the regime that rules Ukraine