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Br Nathanael - 'Real Jew News' Is Coming Back!

From Brother Nathaniel

I'm raising the bar.
I have elevated even my own already thorough grasp  of Jewish power, massive control, astonishing global domination and crushing influence.

I have the inside track as no one else could.   Only someone raised in Jewry as I was can explain  to others the layers of Jewish influence and how they c ontrol virtually all centers and junctures of power in the Western World and elsewhere.

If you play their game, like creating your content on Youtube, ...and they see you're successful in what's  not  their agenda... they gnash their teeth and say, 'Not in MY neighborhood!'

Just like they're 'love' for schwartzas...blacks

'Oh,' they say outloud to every goyisha dupe, 'we love the blacks!'

But to each other they say, ' But not in MY neighborhood!'  Note how Israel has deported vast numbers of blacks who claim Jewish heritage. They loathe blacks.

I tried to play by their didn't work...and YouTube banned me.

'What rule did I break?' I asked...when JewTube banned my 'Bible With Brother' videos  for 'Violating Community Guidelines'...

All I received was a 'form letter' repeat: 'You Violated Community Guidlines'

If they had enough time they would've simply  made up a NEW rule , added it to their 'Community Guidelines,' and said, 'THIS ONE!'

Real Jew News is returning to shine a light on how they think, how they bribe and blackmail and coerce their way to such monumental global control.

Help Me Launch the return of 'Real Jew News'. It is, and always has been, the only inside look at how the Beast operates.

I KNOW because I was raised a Jew.   Donate  Here!
US Mail - Brother Nathanael Foundation, PO Box 547, Priest River ID 83856.
God Bless Us All! +Brother Nathanael Kapner