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Baltimore Bridge Collision Implicates
CDC-NIH In Dumping COVID Trash Overseas

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive To Rense

O Say Can You See Baltimore at midnight where so sneakily its bridge crash is so unseemly? Sorry for plagiarizing the patriotic poem penned during the War of 1812 by an American patriot held prisoner aboard a British ship - Francis Scott Key. The nation’s birth anthem is more precious than gold to one like me, born on the Fourth of July. Nowadays, sadly, the Star-Spangled Banner droops battered and ignored, threatened more than ever by demented monarchist fantasies, criminal corruption, rampant illegal invasion and media deceivers.

These are times that test one’s patriotism, when loyalty’s on the run as back during Key’s lifetime when the first family - James and Dolly Madison - had to flee before the British invasion, forced to rest every night in a different patriot’s home, an internal exile after the White House was torched to the cheers of ruthless invaders. Likewise, in times like these we must persist in the darkness toward the next hopeless battle until dawn shines brightly again.

President Joe Biden’s rush to promise 100 percent federal funding for a quick rebuild of the Francis Scott Key bridge is a subliminal expression of his guilt in the ill-fated Dali affair. The secretive White House plot to ship hazardous medical waste aboard the Dali cargo vessel in the dead of night (1 a.m.) on Tuesday, March 26, resulted in collapse of that span by Chesapeake Bay.

That ship’s suspicious post-midnight departure was indicative of a criminal attempt to slip out of Baltimore harbor undetected, hardly a normal daytime departure for a cargo vessel. Indeed, the suspect payload was medical waste from the CDC-NIH in 15 long containers, also 57 other steel boxes of hazardous materials, in a criminal act of state-sponsored smuggling of lethal infectious materials for secret delivery to some unfortunate foreign shore or, perhaps, down to Davy Jone’s locker on the sea floor. This scandalous midnight mission is now a highest-level official cover-up. Here, we begin the task of clawing out the hard facts and deciphering the hidden intent of the criminal Biden regime.

The sole port of call for the Dali container vessel was to be the island nation of Sri Lanka, located in the Indian Ocean southeast of the southern tip of India. Due to recent (2018) court cases by a Sri Lankan magistrate against toxic waste dumping by Chinese and British vessels, it would seem highly unlikely that these 15 NIH-CDC containers, plus 57 other hazardous waste cargoes, could even have gotten past Sri Lankan port inspectors and off-loaded at the new Port of Colombo. This legal obstacle means that Biden and the NIH-CDC cabal were involved in a highly secretive mission to scuttle those toxic container, and possibly the vessel itself with and 40-member crew on the high seas - in a plot involving mass murder. The mysterious ship owner may have been involved in this conspiracy of marine contamination for insurance purposes.(NIH is the National Institutes of Health and CDC the Center for Disease Control.)

The role of a mysterious Japanese ship owner based in Singapore, a mystery man very likely to be yakuza (don of an organized crime syndicate) member is discussed in this initial essay in the Dali series.

In this tale of a derelict freighter, so much like Joseph Conrad’s novel “Lord Jim”, the invisible factor of faith tradition - religious culture - has a hidden but crucial role. Secret loyalties are the essence of twisted tales, as in the biased foreign policy of Joe Biden, steadfast loyal to his mother’s Judaism versus his nominal appearance of being Irish Catholic. Some bent souls derive perverse sins of the heretic.

The Dali’s destination was Sri Lanka, a predominantly Buddhist society (old school Theravada monasticism) with a militant Hindu minority and smaller faction of Muslims - communities hostile to each other and sometimes engaged in brutal warfare, even in recent decades. Reactionary Buddhism has a significant, although largely hidden (or ignored) effect on the socially despicable business of hauling trash, a task traditionally assigned in the Buddhist caste system to the “sinful” outcasts at the lowest rung of the social hierarchy. (In the USA, garbage collection is likewise traditionally assigned to the impoverished Italian and Irish Catholic immigrant minority.) Being cast as a born sinner may be socially restrictive but outcast status also enables the limited freedom required for doing onerous work - and thus sinfulness can be lucrative. You get the drift, paesano? The more filthy the mess left by an uptight society in denial, the higher the bill for a hauling contract and disposal in unsuspecting faraway property. .

The financial rewards from sin explains the 54 containers of stinking filth aboard the Dali, which includes 15 containers of hazardous medical waste left from the COVID pandemic - a precious cargo, indeed, at least in money terms and for the darker purpose of biological warfare against vulnerable Third World populations. As mentioned below, that derelict payload of COVID residues are potential a weapon of religious-motivated warfare against the Hindu majority across the channel in India, in a hidden and rather bizarre paramilitary alliance of Buddhism, Christianity and Judaism against the much more ancient polytheistic tradition of Hinduism. (As in the plight of present day Palestine, scratch the surface of modern secularism to find good old-fashioned religious intolerance.) Religious mythology, however, can be convoluted, as in the story of the battle by Sri Lanka national hero Hanuman the Monkey King against the local evil sorcerer Ravanna. The big ape was among the Hindu deities who originated, like the Yeti, in the Himalayas. The Hanuman myth is a bridge between Hindus and Buddhists, at least against the greater evil of sorcery.

Possible/probable Scenarios

At this point, early in the investigation of the tightly controlled Baltimore bridge affair, several scenarios for the criminal plot suggest themselves.

First, the destination of Colombo, Sri Lanka, was a political stunt to challenge the government and law courts of Sri Lanka, forcing that impoverished nation into adject surrender to Western demands for uncontrolled waste dumping at its outdoor storage sites, including for bio-medical waste, garbage and toxic trash.

Second, to concoct a pretext for a coup d’etat in Sri Lanka, in other to force a new government to accept U.S. military basing rights on par with the People’s Republic of China’s control over the massive new harbor and cargo terminal near Colombo, the Sri Lanka capital.

Third, secret transfer aboard barges of the toxic medical waste, in an act of biowarfare to depopulate Sri Lanka and India (the Gates Agenda) through inter-religious conflict, wars of faith waged with biological toxins.

Fourth, a purely secular financial operation with a secret stopover in southern Africa to transfer the 57 containers of toxic materials to be dumped into the Southern Sea off Antarctica - either by transfer to another ship or, darkly, by scuttling the Dali along with its entire crew in those icy waters.

Fifth, drowning the entire crew and tossing the cargo overboard, the purpose being to collect maritime insurance funds by the ship’s owner with, presumably, a kickback to Biden’s presidential campaign and top-level executives at the CDC and NIH.

Six. all of the above. The revival of colonialism based on brute exploitation and a racialist caste system sanctified by the alliance of victorious religions against Buddhism and Hinduism. Downsizing of minority faiths and elimination of diabolical secularism with the revival of old-style faith. It might be noted here, Sri Lanka in the colonial era was a bastion of Christianity and Judaism. Amen.

Trash as a Lethal Weapon

Aboard the container ship Dali, there are 57 large containers of hazardous waste materials, including 15 of toxic medical waste from the CDC- NIH (most of that left from the COVID pandemic). Apologies for being repetitive, but the numbers do matter. Possibly even more toxic chemicals or viruses are among the ship’s other 4,644 containers (which are yet to be inspected for dangerous cargo). The virus-contaminated shipment - including used face coverings, latex gloves from hospitals and labs, so-called medical waste including wipes (aka used toilet supplies), worn gowns and caps, syringes, bandages, and who knows what else might be stuffed inside those 40-foot containers, such as highly compromising laboratory equipment used to foment and promote the dubious pandemic, aka instruments of biowarfare.

The secretive Dali shipment out of the ports of New York, Newport News and Baltimore comprise a mere fraction of a massive unreported federal and state stockpiles of 2.4 million tons of lethal medical waste left by the COVID pandemic, awaiting disposal domestically or illegal transfer to foreign countries. Foreign dumping is the more practical “solution” since passing inspection at toxic waste sites across the USA is near impossible when the EPA has been trying to contain, bury and shut its dump sites for eternity.

The USA has the world’s largest stockpile of toxic medical waste (2.4 million tons, just of COVID infected materials) so an opportunity to move even a small part of this toxic legacy to other countries in an attractive proposition for U.S. health administrators and government officials. Pragmatic disposal is just one motive, since pandemics are a major part of the CIA global agenda, as seen in the U.S.-funded proliferation of toxic bio-agent labs across Ukraine prior to the Russian invasion (which largely was motivated by serious fears of American plans for biological warfare east of the NATO perimeter.) The Gates propulation-reduction agenda distributes questionable vaccines as a weapon, supposedly against contagions.

Why launch biowarfare against the Indian Subcontinent? Because high birth-rate India is very soon to surpass China as the world’s most populous country. Worst of all is that the likes of Microsoft founder Bill Gates, an advocate of extreme population reduction, remains a vociferous advocate of the abuse/misuse of “medicine” to enforce mass sterilization of children and adults, already underway at the Gates Foundation centers across India. Infection with COVID-infected medical waste is a far cheaper and indiscriminate weapon for mass extermination and sterilization (which the western feminist movement is not challenging but instead aiding with their support for walk-in abortions.) Thus the globalist mantra is: Kill your own children or we’ll do it for you! (By the way, for those innocents who haven’t heard the scuttlebutt from Seattle insiders: Melinda who recently divorced hubby Bill is rumored there to be male. No wonder they hate kids. OK, she-he is out of the picture, so who’s Bill’s new boy toy?)

For the purpose of medical ethics, there is an urgent need for relentless investigation of the CDC and NIH for anti-social ideologues and abuse of medicine for mass euthenasia. At this point, following the mass kill during the dubious COVID pandemic, Americans must fight back to save the children from heinous sexual abuse, including mass castration and forced uterine removal. The more immediate threat is the millions of tons of COVID-related biomedical waste piled up in hospitals, research labs, military bases and schools. Most of it will not be sent by ship to Sri Lanka or elsewhere, meaning the “final solution” will be here on the Homeland. Destruction of the populist resistance to mind-body control is being facilitated by open immigration of hostile foreigners in numbers that suggest a coming planned coup d’etat against democracy and patriotism.

Reduction of the American electorate through population control (pandemics, castration and abortions) is obviously a political strategy against U.S. style democracy. Joe Biden’s career-long comradely relationship with the Communist Party of China and Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen’s cozy ties with Beijing banking officials enables all sorts of heinous acts of population reduction here. That’s the larger scenario, but what if the fatal voyage of Dali and its toxic cargo had a more venal and shortsighted motivation, as a one-off job to rid the Capital region of excessive medical waste?

Open Seas Dumping

If political motivation is not the immediate factor behind the Dali shipment, a glance at a world map points to another, quite disturbing possibility. Sri Lanka sits atop a triangle of blue water - the Indian Ocean between Africa and Australia, and bounded to the south by Antarctica. This vast oceanic region, with few populated islands, is potentially the world’s biggest toxic-waste dumping site, as shown by the Japanese whaling fleet’s secret delivery of radioactive waste from the Fukushima TEPCO meltdown site, tossed into the deep cold waters of the Southern Sea. Since then 30 percent of the Pacific whale population has died off.

The precedent set by the rogue Japanese whalers has opened the way for massive dumps of industrial and medical waste into the Antarctic region. The USA has more than 2.4 million tons of COVID medical waste with nowhere to go - except the southern edge of the Indian Ocean into Antarctic waters. The only drawback is that the coronavirus is immune to extreme cold water temperatures, but can be expected to remain in a sort of suspended animation. Possibly constant exposure to the salt content in chilly seawater could incapacitate viruses (that otherwise would not rot or disassemble). Don’t expect the phony Green movement’s climate scientists to raise a fuss over deep-sea virus disposal.

What if dozens of India-born crewmen aboard the Dali were sea-drowned along with their toxic cargo? Don’t expect a lot of fuss over drunken sailors. Murder on the high seas has gone unhindered since the invention of the canoe. Water heals but it also drowns.

NIH-CDC global crimes

There’s been as of yet zero disclosure about the port(s) where specific loads of toxic trash were transferred onto the Dali, when it was docked at New York, Newport News and Baltimore. Notably Bethesda, Maryland (adjoining Baltimore), is the location of the Walter Reed military hospital and also site of the headquarters of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). As I learned over dinner with a CDC staffer at the start of the COVID pandemic, the Centers for Disease Control maintains offices and staff at NIH Bethesda. Inter-agency collusion is a factor in the secrecy related to the Dali cargo operation, when 16 containers aboard the Dali were packed with COVID waste under a CDC export program (probably in cooperation with the NIH). Much, very much of the factual data is yet to be disclosed, whatever the appearances of an official emergency.

The typical coronavirus-linked medical waste includes millions of face masks, glove, syringes, defecation-soiled bed sheets and patient garments along with sponges, wipes and mops from hospitals and clinics. There’s probably even more frightening stuff aboard that is still unimaginable this early in the investigation, perhaps tissue samples, packets of blood and maybe rotting cadavers. Halloween’s arrived early!

Given the enormity of the criminal conspiracy to dump the toxic mess on a vulnerable foreign populations or even the thought of dumping the COVID mess into the ocean, shows the insensitivity, the callous cruelty of the Biden regime that has armed Israeli fanatics against Palestinians and is bemoaning the shortfall in ammo for Ukrainian fascists intent on slaughtering Russian civilians, Meanwhile, Joe Biden rushed to silence critics and prevent a serious investigation into the bridge collapse with a blank check from the federal coffers to rebuild the Francis Scott Key Bridge. His “generous” offer of federal financing to pay off the bridge construction is a crude and blatant attempt at criminal bribery with taxpayer funds to entice the political leadership of Maryland and Baltimore to block an official inquiry into the toxic cargo and its threat to Chesapeake Bay. Due to the massive amount of twisted metal underwater, the U.S. Coast Guard has been reluctant to dispatch barges to unload the suspect cargo until the case is investigated and disturbing questions are answered.

Nearly as disgusting is the complicit media’s sympathy play for illegal migrants from Latin America who have been employed on the bridge pothole patrol for as long as two decades. When chronic unemployment and substandard housing for impoverished American citizens has been a chronic problem in Baltimore, how do illegals get pay, benefits and presumably schooling for their kids off the state and city budget? How do non-citizens without special skills get to own pickup trucks with local license plates where they were enjoying their late night dinners (instead of filling potholes) when the Francis Scott Key bridge collapsed? Instead of a fat check for their silence and cooperation, the illegal families should be fined for overstaying two decades prior to their upcoming deportation. Maryland is one of the original 13 states where farmers and workmen objected to taxation without representation and official favoritism to infiltrated criminal foreigners like the Hessian mercenaries. It’s high time to get back to basics, folks. Fight back for America and those Americans who came before your family or your children will be auctioned off into bondage to foreign pedophiles, criminal gangs and dope dealers.

Crime Syndicate/Yakuza Connection

Now, let’s get deeper into the criminal filth. Where’s Jimmy Hoffa? Or should that question be: At which garbage dump in the vicinity of New York City did the Italian-Irish mafia, which operates the trash disposal industry, dump the corpse of that Teamster boss? Alternatively, did the mob “feed him to the fishes” aka the sea bass and sharks feeding off Atlantic City or Long Island? In our major cities and even in some villages, the politicians, bureaucrats and crooks are in bed together to hide the graves and their hidden bank accounts.

In this illicit partnership of organized crime and government, some crooks have it worse than others. Pity the poor guys who have to handle the garbage and filth as arranged by their bosses and Mafia fixers who make the trash haul kickback deals with governors, mayors and federal regulators. Those 56 containers of toxic waste could not have been delivered to a cargo ship like the Dali (and likely many others sailing incognito) without the active cooperation of the Mafia and their allied paid-off politicians. That’s why crooks like the Irish-French Jew Joe Biden are elected to political office, to run the federal cover-up of dirty business as usual. Are we talking turkey now or underwater Maryland crabcakes? Trash disappears down a black hole, its destination unbeknownst to the American public while laundered money misappropriated from taxpayers and homeowners (aka you) slips into the pockets of politicians and regulators.

Well, the USA is not alone among dumpster societies, as revealed in the Dali fraud. So who is running this black economy trade in internationalized toxic waste disposal? The captain and rogue crew of the Dali are India nationals with a Singapore-based navigational outfit called Synergy Marine Group, basically sailors steering garbage loads on the high seas, mere go-fers, keep-your-mouth-shut small fry.

Cloaked in Darkness - the Ship of Ninja

The Dali is owned, however, by Grace Ocean Private Ltd. based in Singapore, a small island nation that puts a premium on business confidentiality since so much trade in Southeast Asia is done with rogue nations and dubious partners. The little-known ship operator is headed by a mysterious Japanese national named Abe (probably not a direct relative of the assassinated prime minister Shinzo Abe). In this quest of the underside of garbage, permit to break some eggshells and crack a few nuts on the way down under the manhole cover into the sewers.

The deliberate absence of a given name, which normally appears on a business card, indicates this particular Mr. or Miss Abe operates in what the Japanese call the “yami” (the darkness or fog, an outcast status of the lowest caste in Old Japan and that silently continues in ultra-modern Postwar Japan). Considered under the Buddhist-Hindu caste system to be low-lifes in the social pecking order, the “Buraku-min” (village aka slum - people), formerly disparaged as the Eta (filthy outcasts), these lowest-ranked humans, supposedly condemned by heinous crimes and mortal sin from their past lives, are assigned to the bottom of the job ladder as rag pickers, trash collectors, butchers and purveyors of rotted dead animals for soup ingested by low-end laborers in Japan and its former colonies.

Oddly, many of the most talented gardeners also are hereditary members of this sub-class, probably due to contact with rotted natural fertilizers aka animal and human dung. In my interaction in Japan with members of the subclass, both Burakumin and Koreans, I’ve never seen any rational reasons for disparagement or disdain, but usually enjoy a good joke over sake and charcoal-broiled meat of uncertain origin. Then again, however, I’m an investigative journalist and therefore socially considered more of an despised deviant outcast than con artists, criminals or madmen, despite my rather outdated samurai lineage. All men are equal is my belief, if only because all men are guilty or wish they are; whereas there are a few innocent women, although not many nowadays.

Whatever the postwar trappings of economic equality and social mobility through education and mass literacy, the fact remains that equal opportunity in the job market is still not widely practiced in Japan. Despite the best efforts during the postwar U.S. Occupation of Japan, Gen. Douglas MacArthur’s attempts to suppress class prejudice failed miserably in social practice. The ancient prejudices survived underground in birth-record files and secret police archives - to this very day and hour - and throughout the foreseeable future. Being born to the wrong parents can be a lifelong curse passed on to one’s own children. (As compared with the absolute social ostracism against Japan’s underclass, I cannot comprehend why American blacks take to complaining and moaning about their plight from slavery more than a century ago, at least not considering the undeservedly high salaries for basketball players, hip-hop singers, actors and incompetent affirmative action hires, especially those employed in the federal and local government offices.)

From this thinly veiled social code of “to Hell with Democracy and Equality!”, it can be bluntly asked: How can a Yak (Yakuza gangster) own a garbage-transport shipping company in the former British colony of high-class Singapore? First, such overt business by an inbred undesirable cannot be done in Japan without attracting police notice and a reaction of horror from the cleanliness-obsessed mainstream public.

Murder on the High Seas

Here’s the conundrum: The toxic mess aboard the Dali out of New York via Baltimore was heading to Colombo, Sri Lanka. Meanwhile, Those cases therefore indicate the payload of Coronavirus filth was probably scheduled to be deep-sixed en route into Davy Jone’s locker, as discussed a bit farther along.

The Dali sailed from Southeast Asia to the USA via the Panama Canal, where a severe water shortage has limited the level of its locks. The cause is a drought in Central America. The midsize container vessel was not carrying a load in its canal passage. Thus, the much heavier return voyage to Asia cannot clear a shallower Panama Canal without scraping bottom or damaging the canal,

That leaves only two possible oceanic passages from the USA to Sri Lanka. The less likely route is through the Drake Passage between Tierra del Fuego (the tip of Argentina) and the South Shetland islands of Antarctica. The problem there is that the Southern Sea current moves eastward, against the direction of a returning Dali, plus that route is speckled with icebergs. In event of a storm, containers could be broken away at great risk to the crew.

Therefore, the likelier voyage would have been past South Africa’s Cape of Good Hope. The added incentive of that eastward route would have been to sink the Dali in that strait in a CIA covert operation to punish South Africa for its leadership on the World Court case against Israel for its Gaza atrocities. Again, it must be stressed by me again that the Biden family is Jewish via the French-Jew bloodline of the president’s mother and that his administration remains a war ally of the State of Israel against the Palestinian resistance. The fanatic Israeli warmongers inflict vengeful lethal violence against perceived foes, and so the sinking the Dali to warn the South Africans is a perfect fit for Israeli diplomacy. (Kosher garbage disposal may well be a simmering scandal, that is once thousands of Palestinian bodies are cleared from Gaza.)

Why was the Dali selected for this fatal voyage? Just last year the ship was inspected in the port of San Antonio, Chile, where defects were spotted and cited in the report to be suffering “deficiencies”. Thus a sinking midway between the African coast and Antarctica would eliminate all potential problems related to getting rid of COVID trash. The Singapore-based Japanese-owned shipping company could then cash in on the insurance payout. Meanwhile, the 40-man crew of India nationals were negligible expendables. Garbage disposal is a dirty business, indeed, just ask Jimmy Hoffa.

The COVID Scandal Refuses to Die

It’s likely that the complicit Biden admin will squelch the truth behind the Dali. Certainly the corrupted commercialized news media are not touching on the filthy cargo revelations, or gangland connections and payoffs to the Biden campaign’s war-chest. The gangsters are spared hostile news coverage in Japan due to the Fukushima cover-up by Japanese political establishment, especially TEPCO’s secret dumping thousands of tons of nuclear waste into the Philippine Trench and the Antarctic Sea, while sending a toxic flows of radioactive wastewater along the Pacific Current to North America.

The self-proclaimed Green Movement and the Clean Energy fakers dare not squeak a peep about this sort of environmental threat, focusing on the fantasy of “climate change”, those sold-out gutter rats! Significantly, EPA chief Pete Buttigegg rushed to Baltimore to pledge his support for the official cover-up of the bridge crises, as he’s done earlier in the East Palestine train crash involving toxic chemicals related to illegal chemical warfare weaponry.

Against the best laid plans of mice and men, the Good Ship Dali remains intact with its lethal cargo listing precariously on a pylon not far from the Biden family’s 8-bedroom luxury home on the Delaware shore, a time bomb ready to go off with the next spring storm. As for residents along Chesapeake Bay, try not to dine on soft-shell crabs and don’t swim in Chesapeake Bay. The America of fearless soldiers at Fort McHenry taking the world’s powerful navy is fading, partly due to the COVID legacy of caution and cowardice which enables the attendant fraud and corruption.

Therefore, my personal recommendation for the anxious Yankee is: Try taking a long vacation in Sri Lanka to taste the coconut curry and wading in thr river where that memorable movie “The Bridge over the River Kwai” was filmed. As true in the case of most societies bound by religiosity, Theravada Buddhism has its beauty and also restrained beastliness, brutal intolerance. Meanwhile, you might want to search the Internet for a short video on my visit to the Thailand-Burma (Myanmar) border where I stepped along the railway tracks over the actual historical river of brutality and deprivation. Then you can hum that classic Brit anthem “Colonel Boogie” because it surely takes balls to confront the ugly truth about our social betters who lack the cojones aka testicles to face up to their own cowardly sins, lies and treason. Proven time and again, from Fort McHenry to Joe Stillwell’s impossible victory in Burma, courage is the sole guide toward eventual victory. Stand tall, be brave. (Investigative efforts To Be Continued)